Belle Inspiration Magazine March-April 2019 FINAL COPY


n 2017, you launched your travel business, Paris Personally.

Your specialty is small group trips with no single supplement.

Tell us more.

Since moving here, I’ve loved showing people around this enchanting

city, so when I got the opportunity to turn that into a business, I

jumped on it. Paris Personally offers both customized tours of a halfday

or a full-day and week long small group trips.

These days, so many people are traveling on their own, but many

prefer not to be completely alone and like some structured time with

a group and the feeling of connectedness without having all their time

planned out. We’re here to help them figure things out, and everyone

stays in the same hotel, so they’re part of a group but not with the

group all day long. Another thing that solo travelers love about our

trips is that there’s no single supplement, and everyone has a private


Can you give us a peek into one of your upcoming small group

trips? What do travelers have to look forward to?

One of the trips that I’m most excited about is new this year. It’s

our “A Week with the French” trip, and it’s a unique opportunity for

travelers to go further in their understanding of French culture. Our

group activities include cooking with a French chef in her beautiful

Parisian apartment, taking photographs with a French photographer

somewhere in Paris, a Champagne tasting led by a charming Frenchman,

a visit to the Paris flea market with our favorite flea market

expert, and a few other surprises including art, perfume, and who

knows what else! All with a French touch, of course.

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