2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A<br />

A Ultrabright 6 point Breakaway Fire Safety Vest,<br />

Fire Ninja<br />

FIRE Class 2 Public Safety Vests. Fire Ninja offers the best quality<br />

Public Safety Vest in the market. It was designed by firefighters for<br />

firefighters. The double breakaway zipper allows the vest to breakaway<br />

from both sides of the zipper, making it a 6 Point Breakaway vest. The<br />

performance cut offers max comfort and allows access to bunker gear<br />

pockets or portable radio at the waistline. The Chevron reflective pattern<br />

on the back offers max visibility. Vest can be adjusted to fit desired<br />

comfort level. Specify Small, Regular, Oversize or 3XL.<br />

630-79119. ................$39.99<br />

B<br />

C<br />

B Fold & Roll Sign 48” Non-Reflective Orange, Bone<br />

Safety<br />

Non-Reflective, 48”, Fluorescent Orange Roll-Up Signs are constructed<br />

of a reinforced UV stable vinyl. This construction will not delaminate<br />

and provides excellent durability and fluorescence stability. Suitable for<br />

maintenance and moving operations. They are intended for daytime use<br />

only. They are not intended for use during night operations or low light<br />

conditions. Stand sold separately. (6.250 lbs)<br />

Prescribed Burn<br />

660-30107. ................$64.95<br />

Smoke Ahead<br />

660-30307. ................$64.95<br />

C Fold & Roll Sign 48” Reflective Pink, Bone Safety<br />

ORALITE ® Super Bright Roll-Up Hi-Intensity Sign consists of<br />

retroreflective microprisms formed on a flexible glossy and UV-stabilized<br />

polymeric film, designed for the production of roll up traffic control signs<br />

used in work zones and emergency traffic control. This sign sheeting<br />

is designed to provide higher nighttime sign brightness. Features a<br />

protective film on the facing side and is backed with a heavy duty vinyl<br />

coated fabric. Stand sold separately. (6.250 lbs)<br />

Prescribed Burn<br />

660-30207. ................$176.95<br />

Smoke Ahead<br />

660-30407. ................$176.95<br />

D<br />

D Single Spring Sign Stand w/Universal Bracket, Bone<br />

Safety<br />

• Compact & lightweight<br />

• Single spring design<br />

• Both pull pin and kick release of legs<br />

• 3 separate height adjustments for uneven terrain<br />

• Bright orange colored legs for extra visibility on curbs and sidewalks<br />

• Powder-coated and zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance<br />

(25.55 lbs)<br />

660-30807. ................$150.95<br />

E<br />

E Sign Carry Bag, Bone Safety<br />

Protect your investment with Bone Safety’s durable, 48” sign bag. The<br />

heavy-duty bags are mildew and rot resistant and are designed to<br />

prolong the life of your sign. Features Velcro ® closure, ID card window<br />

and carry handle. (0.800 lbs)<br />

660-30907. ................$17.95<br />


106 800.839.0821 fax 970.225.1051 Prices subject to change without notice.

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