2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Deluxe Utensil Set w/Case, Tuffware<br />

This corrosion-resistant stainless steel utensil set features a bottle and<br />

can opener on the end of the fork and spoon. A carrying case is included<br />

for convenient storage of this high quality utensil set. (0.400 lbs)<br />

130-14006. ................$9.95<br />

A<br />

B<br />

D<br />

B Commuter Java Press, GSI<br />

Incredibly clever design removes the intrusive plunger rod from<br />

classic French Press designs and replaces it with an inner mug that<br />

creates a double wall of insulation to keep your coffee or tea hot<br />

while eliminating blow-by and grit. BPA free. Measures 3.8 x 3 x 7.8”.<br />

Includes: 15 fl oz Press Mug, Sealable Lid w/ Loop, Insulating Sleeve.<br />

Blue only. (0.900 lbs)<br />

709-23004. ................$22.95<br />

C Glacier Stainless ® Bottle Cup/Pot, GSI<br />

Round canteen cup fits onto the bottom of 32 oz round polyethylene<br />

bottles. Handles are long enough to use the cup to cook in and then<br />

they fold flat against the side for storage. (0.250 lbs)<br />

130-14031. ................$12.95<br />

C<br />

D Collapsible Water Bag (5 Gallon)<br />

Store 5 gallons water safely and securely in a fully collapsible water<br />

container made of heavyweight PVC. On/Off Spigot pours easily<br />

without leaking. Comes with handle for easy transportation. (0.650 lbs)<br />

130-15006. ................$6.00<br />

E<br />

E XMRE 1300XT Meals-case of 12<br />

The XMRE 1300XT provides 1,300 – 1,500 Calorie of US military grade,<br />

ready to eat meal components. All components are field tested and fully<br />

cooked so they can be eaten right out of the pouch.<br />

Includes: Entrée, bread item, spread, snack, dessert, beverage and<br />

an accessory kit including instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, spoon,<br />

napkin, condiment kit, and moist towelette and an optional flameless<br />

ration heater (FRH). All components are packed in high-density water<br />

and tamper proof XMRE XT Series outer bag and embossed with a lot<br />

number (pack date) on each bag and case. Additional shipping charges<br />

apply. (17.30 lbs)<br />

550-13008. ................$123.95<br />

F<br />

F MRE Case Food<br />

Military-style. Each case contains 6 different varieties of meals, 2 of<br />

each, for a total of 12 meals. The availability of MREs is subject to<br />

disasters, wars and other events out of our control. Additional shipping<br />

charges apply. (14.400 lbs)<br />

550-30001. ................$75.95<br />

• Returns and/or exchanges on food items will not be accepted.<br />

G<br />

G Day Ration/ 24 Hour Food Pack, Coyote Camp<br />

Each Day Ration/24 Hour Food Pack contains approximately 3200 calories<br />

and weighs 2.9 pounds. It is light-weight relative to the number of readyto-eat<br />

calories available. All components used in the Day Rations require<br />

zero preparation - they are ready to open and consume. However, for the<br />

dinner entrée, included is a water-activated heater to provide you with a hot<br />

meal, should you so desire. Packaged in: 14 x 10” x 6 mil zip-loc bag. Case<br />

count: 4 Packs/Case.<br />

Each pack contains:<br />

Bridgeford Cinna-Bun, Bluberry Turnover, or Apple Turnover; Dried Fruit<br />

Pack (3 oz); Kippered Snack (Werner, 1 oz); 2 Meat Stix (Maxima); Coffee<br />

Stick; Tea; Creamer; Sugar; Breakfast Biscuit; Bridgeford Pocket Sandwich<br />

(or Flatbread & PBJ); Energy Component (nuts, etc); Meat Spread<br />

(Pop-Top Tin; Cracker Pack; Cookie Sleeve; Fruit Squeezer; Electrolyte<br />

Replacement; Hotline Entrée Pouch; MRE Heater; Protein Bar (ie - Clif<br />

Builder Bar); Hot Cocoa Pack; M&M Pack (Peanut, Plain, or Special);<br />

Kleenex Tissue Pack (or Wet-Wipes); Flatware Pack; 2 Sweetened<br />

Beverage Packs; Candy (Lifesavers, Mento’s, etc); Chewing Gum Pack<br />

(14.250 lbs)<br />

550-69105. ................$127.50<br />

128 800.839.0821 fax 970.225.1051 Prices subject to change without notice.

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