2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Odyssey Wildland Goggle, Sellstrom<br />

Anti-fog coating. Foam seal. 99% UV protection, 180-380 nm. Tested to<br />

ANSI Z87.1-2010. High velocity impact resistant, Z87+. Specify Clear or<br />

Gray Lens. (0.100 lbs)<br />

800-85608 Clear. ..........$16.95<br />

Smoke. .........$16.95<br />

A<br />

B<br />

B Edge 360 Safety Glasses with Hard Case, Fire Ninja<br />

Anti-impact safety glasses have lightweight frames that feature wide<br />

lenses for lateral safety and peripheral vision. The 2mm. lens thickness<br />

provides enhanced anti-impact protection. Products comply with the ANSI<br />

Z87.1 standards. Clear Lens. (0.20 lbs)<br />

400-13219 Clear. ..........$8.99<br />

C<br />

C Ultraflex Safety Glasses With Hard Case, Fire Ninja<br />

Anti-impact safety glasses have matt black frames with red accents, made<br />

of durable nylon material. The lenses are clear, Polycarbonate shatter<br />

proof material with scratch resistant and anti-fog coating. (0.240 lbs)<br />

400-13419 Clear. ..........$24.99<br />

D<br />

D Wildcat Heat Resistant Goggles<br />

Extreme heat resistance (will not melt, drip or ignite at 350º for 5 minutes).<br />

They have adjustable side vents to ensure increased air flow. Fit naturally to<br />

the contour of your face in order to block out airborne contaminants. Meets<br />

ANSI Z87.1 standards. Specify Clear, Smoke or Amber lens. (0.100 lbs)<br />

400-25001 Clear ...........$13.95<br />

Smoke. .........$14.95<br />

Amber. .........$14.95<br />

E<br />

F<br />

E Vengeance Safety Glasses, Radian<br />

Lightweight, stylish frame provides a comfortable fit. Wide temples<br />

provide extra side coverage and protection. Polycarbonate lens provides<br />

impact resistance. Includes neck cord and microfiber bag. Provides<br />

99.9% UV Protection. Safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards.<br />

Specify lens color (0.100 lbs)<br />

400-20015 Clear. ..........$8.95<br />

Smoke. .........$9.95<br />

Mirrored. ........$10.95<br />

F Extremis Safety Glasses, Radian<br />

Foam lined frame provides extra protection against dust and debris.<br />

Soft rubber nose pads provide a comfortable fit. Full frame with<br />

polycarbonate lens offers a stylish look with impact protection. Meets<br />

ANSI Z87.1+ standards. Provides 99.9% UV protection. Specify lens<br />

color. (0.080 lbs)<br />

400-20025 Clear. ..........$9.95<br />

Mirrored. ........$11.95<br />

32 800.839.0821 fax 970.225.1051 Prices subject to change without notice.

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