2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Helmet Mounted Multi-Function LED Dual-Light<br />

Flashlight, NightStick<br />

The most versatile choice for helmet-mounted hands-free lighting. Fits<br />

on any Fire Helmet (or side-brim hard hat) regardless of whether it<br />

has an up-turned or down-turned brim. Multi-angle adjustment feature<br />

allows the user to fine tune the exact position and angle of the light.<br />

This feature makes it possible to not only avoid goggles, face shields<br />

and other helmet-worn gear, but also place the light exactly where it’s<br />

needed. Located just below the Flashlight and perfectly angled at 45<br />

degrees to the flashlight, is a user-selectable brightness Floodlight.<br />

Rated water proof and meets the requirement for NFPA-1971-8.6<br />

(2013). Powered by 2 CR-123 batteries included. (0.550 lbs)<br />

810-85008. ................$85.95<br />

A<br />

B All In Flashlight Helmet Mount, BlackJack<br />

All In BlackJack Flashlight Holder for fire helmets was designed to fit<br />

the new Pelican 3315, 3310, lights and will also accommodate the<br />

Pelican 2400 Stealthlight Series lights. The All In fire helmet flashlight<br />

mount will also fit 3AA and 4AA UK Series lights. Made from 6061<br />

Aluminum, this BlackJack Flashlight Holder has the exact same<br />

characteristics as our other fire helmet flashlight mounts, including the<br />

Patented “Under the Brim” mounting position, Stainless Steel hardware,<br />

and embedded allen tool. Inner dimensions are approx 1.7”x1”.<br />

Flashlight not included. (0.20 lbs)<br />

200-25919. ................$28.95<br />

C<br />

B<br />

C Full House Flashlight Helmet Mount, BlackJack<br />

The Full House FlashLight Holder by BlackJack is for mounting helmet<br />

flashlights and is designed to fit 3/4AA size lights from Pelican (2400<br />

series), Streamlight (Propolymer 4AA, Haz-Lo 3/4AA), UK 3/4AA. Inner<br />

dimensions are approx 1.5”x1.1” Flashlight not included. (0.20 lbs)<br />

200-25819. ................$28.95<br />

Pelican flashlights<br />

on page 38.<br />

D Hard Hat Sweatband, Sweathawg<br />

Revolutionary absorbency is sewn into aggressively wicking fabrics that<br />

disperse, evaporate and cool. Durable and easily washable. Double<br />

layer of ultra-absorbent fabric absorbs ten times its weight in water!<br />

OSHA Compliant. Made in the USA. Specify Charcoal Grey or Camo.<br />

(0.050 lbs)<br />

200-18007. ................$19.00<br />

E Sof-Ban Helmet Brow Pad Set<br />

Quality, sheepskin brow pad that makes the pad both comfortable and<br />

absorbent. Pack of 2. Fits most helmet suspensions. (0.050 lbs)<br />

200-10071. ................$9.49<br />

D<br />

F Replacement Rear Leather Pad Ratchet-Suspension<br />

Real leather, fits on the back strap of ratchet suspensions. (0.050 lbs)<br />

204-20251. ............... $20.95<br />

G Nomex ® Chin Strap with QR Buckle<br />

Nomex ® , helmet chin strap with Quick Release Buckle and metal<br />

hangers. (0.050 lbs)<br />

204-20181. ................$20.95<br />

H Elastic Chin Strap<br />

Elastic strap with slide fastener and plastic hooks. (0.010 lbs)<br />

204-20141. ................$4.09<br />

I Nomex ® Chin Strap with Postman’s Slide<br />

Heavy duty Nomex ® strap with Postman slide adjustment, Velcro ®<br />

fastener and metal hangers. This is a replacement chin strap for the<br />

straps that come standard with all Bullard ® helmets. (0.070 lbs)<br />

204-<strong>2019</strong>1. ................$20.95<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

G H I<br />

supplycache.com<br />

E<br />

F<br />


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