2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A<br />

B<br />

A Dozer Radio Chest Harness, Gen 2, True North ®<br />

Holds your New Generation fire shelter, radio and spare battery where it’s<br />

easily accessed yet still out of the way. The pack sits comfortably on your<br />

chest without sagging or swinging due to the unique internal suspension<br />

system. The adjustable radio pocket fits a wide range of models from<br />

larger legacy radios to smaller, modern handsets, multiple storage<br />

throughout for batteries, maps, notebooks and pens. *UL ® certified to<br />

meet current NFPA 1977 standards on protective clothing and equipment.<br />

(1.500 lbs)<br />

603-92707. ................$54.95<br />

B DR-1 Commander Dual Radio Chest Harness, Coaxsher ®<br />

Works great with or without a backpack. Features: two main adjustable<br />

radio holsters, large wide-mouth zipper-close main pocket, fold-down<br />

platform for reading/writing, spare battery shell / cell phone pocket and<br />

more. (0.700 lbs)<br />

627-33003...................$55.95<br />

C<br />

D<br />

C Operator’s Shelter Pack, The Pack Shack<br />

Velcro ® straps secure your radio for ready access. Features pad &<br />

pen pouch on top with zippered closure, clamshell pouch, 2” shoulder<br />

suspenders with heavy duty suspender clips and left and right hand D-rings<br />

to hang your gloves for quick access. Specify Black or Red. Made in the<br />

USA. (1.100 lbs)<br />

604-30251. ................$72.00<br />

F<br />

E<br />

D Harness Converter Kit, Coaxsher ®<br />

Harness converter kit allows you to attach the RP-1 Scout, RCP-1 Pro, and<br />

the DR-1 Commander radio chest harnesses to the shoulder straps of any<br />

Coaxsher ® backpack. (0.120 lbs)<br />

627-34003...................$7.95<br />

E Radio Chest Harness, Adjusta Pro II, Conterra<br />

Radio harness will fit any radio. The vertical orientation of the radio<br />

improves reception, extends antenna life, and reduces the chance<br />

of chest injury during a fall. The unique suspension system virtually<br />

guarantees that your harness will not bounce or swing. The harness<br />

features Cordura ® construction, a large bellowed cargo pocket, pen<br />

pouch, and twin elastic antenna keepers. Storage pocket measures 7.5<br />

Tall x 5 Wide x 1.5” Deep. Comes complete with an EMS rescue light<br />

that nests in a custom front pouch specifically designed for it. Made in<br />

the USA. (0.660 lbs)<br />

615-10206. ................$60.00<br />

G<br />

F Radio Chest Harness, Double Adjusta Pro, Conterra<br />

Similar design to the Adjusta-Pro, this harness features two radio<br />

pockets. This is a great harness if you have to carry two incompatible<br />

radios or a radio and a GPS unit. Center pocket can hold extra batteries,<br />

a pocket knife, etc. Storage pocket measures 7.5 Tall x 5 Wide x 2”<br />

Deep. Made in the USA. (0.640 lbs)<br />

615-10406. ................$44.00<br />

G Radio Chest Harness, Adjusta Pro Diva, Conterra<br />

Made specifically to fit women, the Diva radio harness features a<br />

free floating suspension system that will instantly adjust to fit multiple<br />

shoulder widths and slopes, as well as different body shapes. The<br />

harness features all Cordura construction, a bellows cargo pocket and<br />

an elastic antenna keeper. Center pocket can hold extra batteries, a<br />

pocket knife etc. Storage pocket measures 4.5 W x 6.5 T x 1” D. Comes<br />

complete with an EMS rescue light that nests in a custom front pouch<br />

specifically designed for it. Made in the USA. (0.700 lbs)<br />

615-10306. ................$62.00<br />


*Meets current NFPA 1977 standards on protective clothing and<br />

equipment for wildland fire fighting.<br />

56 800.839.0821 fax 970.225.1051 Prices subject to change without notice.

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