2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong>’s Alaska VF Swatter, Vallfirest<br />

By popular demand, Vallfirest and The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong> have developed<br />

this Alaskan style swatter. No need to fabricate your own! This<br />

lightweight, flexible, and telescoping tool allows for easy carry and<br />

stowage. This design allows each individual tine to pivot, matching rough<br />

terrain. Great for dragging fuels out of brush and smoothing. Swatter<br />

end goes flat immediately with one tap on the group. Head angle allows<br />

you to work mostly upright. Extends up to 2 meters. Flap surface: 9.8 x<br />

15.75”. Comes with convenient carry sleeve. (3.75 lbs)<br />

659-35308. ................$129.95<br />

B The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong>’s Compact VF Swatter, Vallfirest<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong> is the exclusive North American distributor for the VF<br />

Swatter, which is unique to the wildland market due to several innovative<br />

features. The 78” telescoping handle is ideal for storage in areas where<br />

limited space is available. The aluminum constructed handle offers a<br />

lighter overall weight and greater impact absorption against the ground.<br />

Features a 45°, Combi style, lock and turn system to fold the swatter<br />

head over the handle, which decreases the length of the tool for storage.<br />

The slits in the swatter flap are uniquely designed for better adaptation<br />

to the irregularities of the ground where you work, which means greater<br />

efficiency on extinguishing ground fuels. Flap surface: 9.8 x 15.75”.<br />

Comes with convenient carry sleeve. (3.75 lbs)<br />

659-35096. ................$99.95<br />


A<br />

B<br />



The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong>’s Gorgui Multi Tool, Vallfirest<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong> is the exclusive North American distributor for the<br />

multifunctional, Gorgui Classic and Gorgui V2 hand tools. They were<br />

designed specifically for wildland firefighting. Their main innovative<br />

feature is versatility. In different terrain types, these tools outperform<br />

others due to the combination of the most widely used tools in wildland<br />

firefighting all in one. Ideal for any position on the fireline. Both tools<br />

feature edges used for chopping, grubbing, digging, raking, scraping,<br />

cutting grass, small brush and saplings. The head’s smooth curve<br />

and cutting angles are optimized to ease work and achieve high<br />

performance. Head size: 10.5 x 6.2”. Handle length: 48”.<br />

C Gorgui Classic Multi Tool (4.550 lbs)<br />

659-35106. ................$99.95<br />

Gorgui Classic Replacement Handle<br />

For the Gorgui Classic only. Not Pictured. (1.620 lbs)<br />

659-35116. ..............$27.95<br />

D Gorgui V2 Multi Tool (5.460 lbs)<br />

659-35001. ................$149.95<br />

Gorgui V2 Replacement Handle<br />

For the Gorgui V2 only. Not Pictured. (1.620 lbs)<br />

659-35051. ..............$27.95<br />

E Trailblazer, Fire Tool<br />

6.5” long scraping edge. Lighter and smaller than a standard McLeod<br />

allows the user to work in between rocks or difficult areas to build line.<br />

Four tines ribbed for strength to rake away any material. 50” wood<br />

handle. Made in the USA. (4.400 lbs)<br />

659-87601. ................$101.95<br />

Replacement Head- Trailblazer, Fire Tool<br />

Not Pictured (2.500 lbs)<br />

659-87613. .............$47.95<br />

F<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

F Thau Claw, Fire Tool<br />

Featuring two cutting/scraping edges, four teeth for raking, and one<br />

cutting edge. 50” wood handle. Made in the USA. (4.880 lbs)<br />

659-87501. ................$115.95<br />

Replacement Head- Thau Claw, Fire Tool<br />

Not Pictured (2.500 lbs)<br />

659-87551. .............$61.95<br />

G<br />

G Wildthing, Fire Tool<br />

Y shaped tool has a scraping edge over 8.5“ long. It has two raking tines to<br />

remove material buildup. 50” wood handle. Made in the USA. (4.260 lbs)<br />

659-87651. ................$101.95<br />

Replacement Head- Wildthing, Fire Tool<br />

Not Pictured (2.500 lbs)<br />

659-87663. .............$47.95<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

supplycache.com<br />


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