2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A<br />

A H7809 Explorer Line Scout Lace-to-Toe Boot, White’s<br />

When you are on your feet and hard at work all day, a good pair of<br />

boots is a necessity. Hathorn’s Lace-to-Toe Logger is a hard working<br />

boot at a great value. Meets or exceeds current NFPA 1977 standards.*<br />

• 5.5 - 6.5 oz, 10” leather uppers<br />

• Goodyear all leather welt construction<br />

• Leather shank for proven durability<br />

• 9 Iron Vibram ® rubber midsole for light weight<br />

• Leather heel base for light weight<br />

• Black, smooth leather only<br />

• Resoleable for years of extended life (charges will apply)<br />

• Manufacturer: White’s Boots<br />

• Made in the USA<br />

• Specify size: Men’s whole & half sizes 7-14 and Width: D or E<br />

• Women’s sizing available by special order only (6.850 lbs)<br />

502-10005. ................$329.95<br />

B<br />

B Glacier WLF, La Sportiva ®<br />

Mountain boot performance with Wildland Firefighting features. A heat<br />

resistant sole made with a rubber compound that is resistant to 572°F<br />

and a glue that is resistant to 212°F. Heat resistant heel and toe<br />

counters for better protection in Wildland Firefighting conditions. Ideal<br />

terrain: Wildland fire mitigation, clean up, linesman and backpacking.<br />

• Double cuff to meet 8 inch height requirement and add extra<br />

protection in rugged terrain<br />

• HRO Test/ISO 20344 Vibram ® rubber compound for heat resistance<br />

and electro static protection<br />

• Upper construction: 3mm Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather/<br />

removable EZ Flex tongue with Dry-Best ® lining<br />

Available sizes: Men’s European size: 37 – 48 (half sizes)<br />

See chart online for conversion to U.S. sizes. (5.300 lbs)<br />

504-85001. ................$290.00<br />

C<br />

C Missoula Boot, Haix ®<br />

Leg height: 8”. Upper Material: Water resistant leather, hydrophobic,<br />

and breathable. Features HAIX ® Climate system uses the pumping<br />

movement, which permits air circulation with every step - moist air is<br />

released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of<br />

the boot. Micro-Dry lining at top of leg. HAIX ® Secura Liner ® will never<br />

pull out or wrinkle up with use over time. Breathable and abrasion<br />

resistant inner lining. Non-heat transferring composite midsole gives a<br />

perfect side stabilization for hiking. Sole: Uniquely Vibram ® designed<br />

rubber nitrile sole with a stable, non- slipping sole edge for uneven<br />

terrain. Heat and flame resistant rubber 573° F. Insole: softly cushioned<br />

insole for long wearing comfort. Specify men’s size: 6 - 13 & half sizes.<br />

(5.500 lbs)<br />

503-55004. ................$282.49<br />

Nomex ® Missoula Replacement Laces, Haix ®<br />

Two Nomex ® laces per set. Specify size: according to boot size (4.5-9)<br />

170 cm or boot size (9.5-16) 190 cm. Not pictured. (0.250 lbs)<br />

510-63055. ................$10.00<br />

D<br />

E<br />

D Wuru Blister Prevention, Wuru Wool<br />

Wool’s natural properties perform wonders, providing cushioning,<br />

absorbing moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, and promoting<br />

breathability. This makes Wuru perfect for hiking, running, cycling, skiing,<br />

team sports, and other active endeavors. Wuru is delicately washed and<br />

carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. Apply to blisters<br />

and hot-spots, under socks for instant relief. (0.100 lbs)<br />

252-41219. ................$10.95<br />

E Shoe Goo, Sof Sole<br />

Shoe Goo is a multi-use shoe repair product that is particularly useful for<br />

delamination of the outsole, separation of the upper from the midsole,<br />

and as a replacement for small portions of the outsole. Shoe Goo makes<br />

an excellent sealant and is generally dry in 24 hours. (0.300 lbs)<br />

510-90008. ................$5.95<br />

*UL ® certified to meet or exceed current NFPA 1977 standards on<br />

protective clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting.<br />

8 800.839.0821 fax 970.225.1051 Prices subject to change without notice.

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