Sheep magazine Archive 3: issues 18-24


Lefty online magazine: issue 18, December 2016 to issue 24, May 2017

down a hostile and inhospitable world, Noah would not have ended up

where he is.

There were so many perks to being ‘white’ in a black family, I can’t lie. I

was having a great time

Trevor Noah


Born a Crime is an engaging, fast-paced and vivid read, traversing

Noah’s early childhood, confined by the absurdities of apartheid, where

he could not walk openly with either of his parents, where he was often

closeted inside his grandmother’s two-roomed home, where he was

mistaken for white, through to his troubled years at school, his brief

incarceration and to his budding success as a hustler selling pirated CDs

and DJing at parties.

Noah was ‘born a crime’ because his Xhosa mother had conceived a

child with a white Swiss-German, which was illegal at the time. And while

Noah was born in 1984, in the turbulent dying days of apartheid (he was

only six when Nelson Mandela was freed from prison in 1990), the world

into which he was delivered was riven with the deep scars of history.

‘The fact that I grew up in a world run by women was no accident,’ Noah

writes. ‘Apartheid kept me away from my father because he was white,

but for almost all the kids I knew in my grandmother’s neighbourhood in

Soweto, apartheid had taken away their fathers as well, just for different



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