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Lefty online magazine: issue 18, December 2016 to issue 24, May 2017

lack, coloured, Indian, Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Tsonga and so on – intersects.

There is a deeply touching moment in the book when Noah describes

how his violent stepfather (who later shoots his mother) kicks his beloved

dog, Fufi.

‘The strange thing was that when Fufi got kicked she never whelped or

cried. When the vet diagnosed her as deaf, he also found out she had

some condition where she didn’t have a fully developed sense of touch.

She didn’t feel pain.’ Noah, too, appears not to have felt the pain or, at

least, to have turned it into humour.


The book is essential reading not only because it is a personal story

of survival, leavened with insight and wit, but because it does more to

expose apartheid – its legacy, its pettiness, its small-minded stupidity and

its damage – than any other recent history book or academic text.

That Noah has emerged miraculously unscathed, filled with

determination, grit, wisdom, a searing intelligence (cultivated through the

books he read as a loner) and an enduring mischievous glint, is inspiring.

These are all qualities that the millions who know him as a standup

comedian in South Africa have come to love.

A version of this article first appeared on the Daily Maverick.


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