Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016


Hunt has succeeded in uniting doctors in a

front against the government, a move few

could have predicted considering doctors’

usual reluctance to strike and historical

support for centre-right politics. He has

allowed services to be stretched beyond

breaking point. He has triggered the biggest

exodus of doctors, many of which are

from struggling specialties, and has acted

as a walking advertisement for Australia.

Contributing to a brain drain wasn’t

supposed to be part of his job description.

Even in terms of speaking to patients, our

Health Secretary has been left wanting. In

February of this year, he was criticised by a

meningitis charity for making a “serious error

of judgment” after he seemed to recommend

that parents worried about a rash their

child have should look on the internet and

compare pictures rather than visit a doctor.

It is about time politicians were held

properly accountable for their actions. As

medical professionals, if we are found to

be dangerous or personally difficult, we have

to answer to the General Medical Council,

who will review our registration. Hunt has

been dangerous and difficult. Policies that

harm patients and the medical staff who

treat them have been introduced under his

watch. He has been obstinate during contract

negotiations and is reluctant to listen to or

accept any criticism of his imposed plans.

This is a minister who has been previously

been implemented in the BskyB scandal, he

has demonstrated previous arrogance and

dishonesty. In 2012, he was caught up in

the BSkyB scandal, where many called for

him to resign and the Guardian stated that

“he appears to have blotted his copybook

beyond repair.” It took him just three years to

involve himself in a scandal of even bigger


Hunt will go down in history as a person

with astounding abilities to cling onto

power despite reaching record levels of

unpopularity. It was an unprecedented move

when 98 per cent of junior doctors voted

to go on strike last year, one followed by

marches in support that were attended by

record numbers of the general public. The

fact that Theresa May kept him in power

beggars belief. I can only think that she

wants him to sort out the mess he created.

Hunt is working on his legacy; he wants to

be known as the man who changed the NHS

for the better. But if he wants to succeed,

he needs to open his eyes and he is ears

because currently, he is failing. I fear we

needed new blood in the cabinet to achieve

this, and that nothing can save the NHS if

Hunt is allowed to continue. I hope that he

can prove me wrong.


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