Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016




Dear Editor ...

Absolutely damaged by the swiftly decaying

state of the nation ... Words fail me, what is the

use of words when the person you are saying

them to is unable to grasp your, and their,


Worryingly, we have left even that irrational

road, the one where stupidity reigns, and

now follow a path where basic facts and

knowledge acquired over time are being

replaced by entrenched banal myths, hearsay

and superstition. The shit-faced fudge of

complacency and mad spouters will now be

defended to the death by a renewed Trident.

Reason cannot be relied on in the present or

near future (if ever?) and its utterly terrifying.

Just who are the terrorists? For evidence of

this I direct your (still giggling but increasingly

alarmed) attention to Donald Trump and his

campaign to become US President. As Britain’s

government is a happy lapdog of US mischief in

the world ... and a blindly loyal follower of US

foreign policy, what will our May/TweedleDum/

TweedleDee/Johnson government do if Trump

suceeds and begins his Term of Ignorance?


Whilst I remain optimistic about the future I am

absolute in my scepticism about whether the

business-arses and their sycophantic political

stooges, Blairites and Tories – or the US

presidential circus and their flunkies – will come

up with anything remotely of benefit to anyone

other than the rampantly corrupt ruling class

wankers intent on fucking us all.


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