Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

An increasingly obvious truism is that most human beings of this world

will follow, obey and suck up to choice self-important chest puffers, selfpromoting

bluffers, guffers and huffers … for theirs is, and probably

always has been, truly, the kingdom of heaven!


Pity those worthy few who will not go along with the sheep … trying not

to promote, or champion, another un-checked bully to leader status in

any sphere … and who, despite an avalanche of status quo opinion,

would still favourably consider an egalitarian alternative … well, for them

and their pathetic utterances the weighty scorn, vitriol and abuse of an

establishment of conspiring greedy fuckers and their sycophantic fawners

is especially reserved.

It should be obvious by now that waiting for a lefty ‘chest-puffer’ to

come along with a mesmerising message that will spur forth a truly

fairer society capable of spreading worldwide is a nonsense. Also,

the possibility that all minions of the world will realise they have been

duped in concert, and that their poverty of choice and ambition is

being so restricted by, and in favour of, a few greedy, duplicitous and

unchallenged usurpers, that they will, en masse, agree to fight the fight

… is a fantasy of, and in, our time (although not ruled out).

A duty to future generations is speaking out against injustice, not selfishly

taking advantage of dodgy inheritance rules to provide a materialistic

legacy for only your offspring to swagger the swag. If you are one of

those egalitarian types, it may be that by placing yourself at the centre of

your understanding of this world of shite, and then undermining, however

you can, the flimsy foundations of our ‘get-rich-quick-and-fuck-the-rest’


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