Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

“He just came in one morning and gave us a haranguing about the evils

of our ways. He said a few years before we would have been shot, but

unfortunately he couldn’t do that now.” Hartmann was worried. But some

of his comrades had many years of jungle combat behind them and

were unimpressed by the brigadier and his bluster. They told him, bluntly,

that they believed Britain’s cause in the country to be unjust, and that he

should make himself scarce. The brigadier turned on his heel, and did

just that.


But there were no more letters from Saigon, there was little press

attention, and almost no comments were made in the Commons. Despite

the size of its military commitment to Indochina, this was to be a British

military operation that would be kept out of sight, and largely out of

mind. And it would not be the last such campaign.

Almost 70 years later, in September 2014, David Cameron, the British

prime minister, gave a statement in which he prepared the country for the

resumption of military action in Iraq, this time against Islamic State forces.

“We are a peaceful people,” Cameron said, standing in front of two union

jack flags. “We do not seek out confrontation, but we need to understand

we cannot ignore this threat to our security … we cannot just walk on by if

we are to keep this country safe. We have to confront this menace.”

Nobody doubted that the prime minister was under pressure to act

after Islamic State had filmed the brutal murder of a British aid worker

and threatened the slaughter of a second. Moreover, nobody disputed

his assertion that the British are “a peaceful people” who do not seek



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