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Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

the same response as the one I was suspended for – ‘No’ but with one

amendment: anti-Semitism is not a major problem, the suspension

process is.’

Ms Walker accused the media of taking her comments out of context to

‘support their own slapdash, anti-Labour, anti the present leadership,

rhetoric’. She said there was a McCarthyite campaign – referring to

the anti-Communist witchhunt in the US in the 1950s – against the left

within Thanet Labour and suggested that the right wing of the party and

the media were collaborating with ‘Israeli propagandists’ to smear the

left. Ms Walker said: ‘The fear in my CLP [constituency Labour Party] is

palpable; McCarthyism lives and with the same purpose – the destruction

of the left’.


Following the uproar, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would

launch an inquiry into anti-Semitism within the party. He said the party

was ‘anti-racist’ and had a long history of fighting against all forms of it.

Now then, from The Independent, here is a real bit of twisted

history ...

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been criticised for sharing an

‘awful, warped piece of propaganda’ after it published a satirical video

about the history of the Jewish people.

Titled ‘Welcome to the Home of the Jewish People,’ the three-and-a-half

minute long video depics Jacob, Rachel and their child, enjoying life in

the ‘Land of Israel’.

October 2016

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