Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016


‘These are the lyrics of a song, CLOSE THE DOOR, by Pokey

LaFarge. It’s what we will have soon as the NHS is destroyed

and then privatised’, wrote Ian.

Close the Door, close the door, don’t let the doctor come in

Close the door and lock it tight

I’ve got no money for the doctor tonight


Artwork: Alan Rutherford

Three weeks I spent in the hospital

It left me with a stack of bills sky high

I’ll never be able to pay them I know

I wish I would have stayed there and died

La dee da dee da, la dee da dee dum…

Tell me why, please, tell me why

We must pay for the things that we need

While a doctor gets richer off me each day

I barely have the money to eat

So I’ll never go to the doctor no more

October 2016

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