Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016



Back in the early 1970s, when getting some picture framing done, the

picture framer was chit-chatting and name dropping and I remember

him mentioning Gerald Nabarro. It seems Gerald was a very vain

man who not only had all the numberplates of his collection of cars

personalised to NAB 1, NAB 2, etc (8 in all) … but also had all cartoons

of him expensively framed, whether anti or pro, he just loved to be in the

limelight, no matter if he were portrayed as a right-wing bigot.


This kind of vanity, a blind thick-skinned subscription to a thought/act/

image without even the slightest understanding/acceptance/realisation

of its critical message is being increasingly employed by the ‘worthy

arty-farty’ crowd of Banksy applauders. As an instance, the Cheltenham

Banksy, ‘our Banksy’ as a bunch of so-called art-lovers have called it

in the local media, depicted sinister spies listening in around an actual

phonebox in Cheltenham. Cheltenham is home to super spy listening

post, GCHQ … so the political message about the wrongness of this

surveillance activity is beautifully made obvious ... job well done!

The graffiti was then vandalised (hopefully by Banksy), its message

received, its work done, lets move on … but such a hoo-hah erupted in

Cheltenham, ‘how could anyone vandalise ‘our Banksy’, estimated to be

worth a million quid, a tourist attraction even’. This kind of absorption

October 2016

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