Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

A Basic Income will strengthen our Democracy as with a minimum level of

security guaranteed to all citizens and less time in work or worrying about

work, innovation in political, social, economic and technological terms would

be a more lively part of everyday life and its concerns.

A Basic Income is a fair redistribution of technological advancement and,

thanks to massive advancements in our technological and productive

capacities, the world of work is changing. Yet most of our wealth and

technology is as a consequence of our ‘standing on the shoulders of

giants’: We are wealthier not as a result of our own efforts and merits but

those of our ancestors. Basic income is a way to civilize and redistribute the

advantages of that on-going advancement.

A Basic Income will end extreme financial poverty. Because we now live in a

world where we have the means (and one hopes, the will) to end the kinds

of suffering we see as a supposedly constant feature of our surroundings, a

Basic income is a way to join together the means and the will.


Interfered with, and Edited from Basic Income UK

And from Courtenay Inchbald (whoever he is?): ‘The basic income will be

at the expense of the tax-payer, i.e. rich people, and it will be very costly, so

it is important to ensure that the culture created by a basic income policy is

positive to the rich as well as the poor and makes the rich willing to pay more

tax rather than to leave. [‘fuck them!’ Ed.] Basic income is the simple element

that allows the best parts of socialism and capitalism to be combined. It allows

government to concentrate on making its territory a place where everyone, rich

and poor, wants to live and where poor citizens can afford to live.’


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