Sheep magazine archive 1: issues 3-9

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Lefty online magazine, issue 3: October 2015 to issue 9: April 2016

painful. Jesus , why did I drink that stuff? Lorenzos

brother had bought it and pocketed the change.

Brad had been trying to work up some liquid

courage. Trying to to get off with Sally McFarland

at the swings but she’d been with her mates and

he just made a fool of himself as usual. Showing

off, as they had walked along the road back to

the estate. He’d keyed a few cars and smashed

some guys window. The guy had come running

out and was almost crying as he shouted at them.

Something about a baby. Fuck him and his stupid

baby. That’s what Brad had shouted back and

they had all laughed. He didn’t remember much

about getting home apart from that.

He got up slowly from the bed and dressed in

yesterdays clothes. The clean shirt had fallen onto

the floorboards and had a dusty stripe across the

back. Brad didn’t care. Since his mum died he’d

gotten used to wearing dirty clothes. He had a

piss and looked in the mirror. There were dark

rings around his eyes and his skin looked sallow.

Spots had broken out in his chin but he was more

interested in the fluff around his upper lip. There

was the beginnings of a moustache there. Brad

felt strangely thrilled at this sign of impending

adulthood. He couldn’t wait to be part of that

world and, especially, leaving school behind him.

Closing the front door he walked down the path.

The sky was a grey blanket that stretched in all

directions above him. Somewhere above him the

sun was a ghostly white disk that made his eyes

water when he tried to look at it. As he stepped

out of the gate his foot kicked something. It rolled

under the hedge and he caught a glimpse of

cellophane. He reached under and picked it up.

It was about the size of his fist. Brad stared. He

couldn’t quite believe it. He looked around but

the street was empty. Somewhere unseen a dog

began to bark. Stuffing the package into his bag

he ran along the pavement in the direction of the


The morning dragged along like a month of

sundays. Brad moved slowly from class to class in

the slow crush of the school corridors. Finally when

the bell rang for break time he ran out of the class

and down to the woods near the main gate. Spud

and Lorenzo were already there lounging with

their backs against the big oak.

“Check this out” he said and produced the

package from his bag and hid it under his jacket.

The two leaned in.

“What is it”.

“Its the biggest chunk of blow I have ever seen”.

The smell hit them as soon as he unwrapped the


“Whoa … what the fuck …” Spud shouted.

“Shhh …” said Brad waving his hands down. “Try

not to attract to much attention dummy.”

They all leaned in. The smell of hash drifted up

and over them. It was so strong Brad could almost

taste it at the back of his throat. The ball was black

and had a slight sheen over the surface.

“That’s the oil in it”, said Lorenzo. “That smells

and looks like primo gear. Where the fuck did you

get it?”



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