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Are you planning to install a security door but unsure which one to choose? Opt for steel security doors. Read our blog to know about the several advantages offered by steel security doors and why you should consider installing one. For more information visit https://www.shieldguard.com.au/products/security-doors

ShieldGuard Security Doors and Gates

Why You Need To

Install Steel

Security Doors?

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Regardless, if you are a property owner of home or a business establishment,

security has always been a very important factor.

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your premises is by

installing – steel security doors in Melbourne. They are not only

simple to use and aesthetic appealing but also keep the premises safe

from the intruders. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the major

benefits of installing steel security doors in Melbourne.

Protection against Break-in

As the name suggest, security doors in Melbourne aids in securing

property from intruders. It is hard for the burglars to remove a steel

security doors because it is closely fitted to the window or door. It takes

a great deal of effort to pull away security doors. Apart from being a

perfect physical deterrent, a steel security doors also act as a good

visual deterrent. These protect properties from threats like vandalism

and burglary.


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Weather protection

Steel security doors protect your

premises from the weather elements.

For instance, if there’s hail, you can

simply close the doors and they will

deflect branches and other debris

that can damage the glass. They are

highly durable and thus will not

rattle during high storms. It also

helps in keeping the air warm inside

the building and prevents hot air

from entering the building during


As they are excellent insulators, they

are highly efficient and thus help

you in saving money and resources

which you otherwise would have

spent on heating and cooling the


Noise, Privacy & Light Control

Installing steel security doors in

Melbourne property can greatly aid

in reducing your stress levels by

reducing noise. Especially if your

property resides near an airport or a

busy highway, installing security

doors is highly beneficial. They can

reduce the noise by up to 50%.


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A security door in Melbourne can

help you give a significant control

over the amount of light entering

your home. They also allow

controlling airflow in a building.

As compared to traditional security

doors, steel security doors have an

increased lifespan. This reduces the

need of replacing the doors and in

turn, protects the environment by

using fewer resources. Unlike

wooden doors which tend to last for

up to 15 years, steel security doors

have a lifecycle of around 30-40

years. This longevity makes them

relatively inexpensive and easy to


Shield Guard is a leading and

reputed provider of security doors in

Melbourne. We offer an extensive

range of stylish and sturdy steel

security doors in Melbourne that it

does not only protect your property

but also complement it. We provide

made-to-measure security doors that

perfectly fit your door.


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