April 2019 Issue 57 features interviews with dream-pop duo Økuna and house & garage DJ MJ plus event features on Bluedot, Elrow Town London and Crate Diggers Brighton.

April 2019 Issue 57 features interviews with dream-pop duo Økuna and house & garage DJ MJ plus event features on Bluedot, Elrow Town London and Crate Diggers Brighton.


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Our music replicates a cocoon of notes and

dreamy sounds, in which you stay for hours and

just feel good.

A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e i s a g l o b a l m o n t h l y m u s i c p u b l i c a t i o n

w h i c h i s f r e e t o r e a d o n l i n e a n d a v a i l a b l e f o r o n d e m a n d

p r i n t p u r c h a s e s . W e f e a t u r e a l l s t y l e s o f m u s i c a n d v a r i o u s

l a n g u a g e s i n t h e m a g a z i n e , e a c h p i e c e i s a n e x p r e s s i o n o f

w h a t o u r w r i t e r s a n d f e a t u r e d a r t i s t s w i s h t o s h o w . W e d o

n o t h a v e s e t r u l e s a n d a l l o w t h e w o r d s t o c o m e n a t u r a l l y

w i t h f e w e d i t s . A r t i c l e s a r e n o t c o n s t r a i n e d t o s i m p l y m u s i c

- w e l i k e t o b e b r o a d i n t h e w a y w e e x p r e s s o u r p a s s i o n a n d

i n c l u d e a v a r i e t y o f t o p i c s i n c l u d i n g p o e t r y , f a s h i o n a n d

l i f e s t y l e . E a c h c h o s e n t o p i c w i l l r e fl e c t t h e t h o u g h t s o f t h e

w r i t e r a n d r e v o l v e a r o u n d m u s i c i n s o m e w a y . T h e

m a g a z i n e i s f r e e t o r e a d a s w e u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ffi c u l t y i n

w h i c h c r e a t i v e i n d i v i d u a l s f a c e w h e n t r y i n g t o g o f a r , t h u s

w e w a n t t o h e l p t h e i r t a l e n t s r e a c h a s m u c h o f t h e w o r l d a s

p o s s i b l e . W e h a v e w o n d e r f u l p a r t n e r s , V i n y l F o r A C a u s e

b r i n g t o g e t h e r t h e i r f a v o u r i t e m u s i c i a n s w i t h a p e r c e n t a g e

o f p r o c e e d s g o i n g t o c h a r i t y , a n d , R i g h t C h o r d M u s i c w h o

h e l p t o p r o m o t e a n d d e v e l o p i n t e r e s t i n g i n d e p e n d e n t

m u s i c i a n s .

W e w i s h t o i n s p i r e m i n d s , e x p r e s s c r e a t i v i t y a n d r a d i a t e

o p t i m i s m t o t h e w o r l d t h r o u g h m u s i c .

w w w . A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e . c o m

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Ruby, Editor & Owner

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Rokuro, Associate Editor

"The birth of one's child is

the only feeling that

comes close to getting

lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor

"Music is a form of art

that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer

"No matter what's

happening in life, it's

usually great music will

keep you going."

Malachi, Staff Writer

"Music is life. It's a

universal language that

has no barriers. It unifies

people around the world.

It brings people joy."

Andy, Staff Writer

"Music & love are the

same things really. If kids

grew up with music in

their lives, then their lives

would always be filled

with love."

David, Associate Editor

"The moment you feel

happy about music, that is

the very essence of it.

Being in the vibes and

understanding what music

has for your soul."

Steve, Staff Writer

"Music is the way I see the


Mary, Brand Ambassador

"It's an escape, a relaase, a

chance to write how I feel

and allow other readers to

relate. Music has saved

me many times."

Jessie, Staff Writer

"Music is love, you can

feel it. Music binds people

together, ending war and

bringing peace to the


Ashna, Creative Assistant

"Music is a material

artwork of my dreams that

inspires me to overcome

difficulties of everyday

life. I admire people who

can make it!"

Tamara, Brand Ambassador

"You know you are a

music addict when you

get a natural high when

you hear a tune you love!"

Christina, Vice President

"Music is my Truth.

Techno is my Heart. Love

the mediator that led to a

connected, liberating,

beautiful, surrender to my

inner peace."

Sharm, Staff Writer

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Bluedot photography by Robert


Elrow Town London photography

by Luke Dyson

FÄR photography by Stefaan


Paradise City Festival

photography by FILLE ROELANTS

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16 April In Dance

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25 SMILE: Aviran

26 Crate Diggers Brighton

28 DJ MJ

32 Paradise City

35 International Women’s Day

36 New Music

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Hi Guys & Dolls...

A t r i b a l v i s i o n o f m u s i c a l d u o Ø k u n a a d o r n s o u r c o v e r t h i s m o n t h , w i t h d u s k y

p i n k c l o u d s w h i c h w r a p o v e r t o t h e b a c k c o v e r . T h e r e c e n t w e e k s h a v e b e e n

c e l e b r a t o r y a c r o s s t h e w o r l d w i t h p o s i t i v e e m p o w e r m e n t t h r o u g h o u t . M a r c h 8 t h

w a s I n t e r n a t i o n a l W o m e n ’ s D a y a n d M a r c h 2 0 t h w a s t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l D a y o f

H a p p i n e s s … s o c o m b i n i n g t h e t w o , w e i m p l o r e y o u t o B e K i n d a s i n s p i r a t i o n a l

w o m e n E l l e n D e g e n e r e s s a y s a n d w e c a n a l l s h a r e a w o r l d o f h a p p i n e s s . 1 3 t h

M a r c h b e g a n o u r o w n c e l e b r a t i o n s f o r A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e a s i t m a r k s 5 y e a r s

s i n c e t h e p r o j e c t w a s c r e a t e d . T h a n k y o u a l l f o r s u p p o r t i n g u s , j o i n i n w i t h o u r

b i r t h d a y f u n a n d s t a y t u n e d f o r o u r b i r t h d a y e d i t i o n o n M a y 1 s t w h i c h w i l l m a r k 5

y e a r s s i n c e o u r v e r y fi r s t i s s u e .

I n t h i s i s s u e : W e s h i n e t h e s p o t l i g h t o n t h e c o o l a n d c a l m s o n g w h i c h i s f e a t u r e d

o n S E A T T a r r a c a ’ s n e w T V a d v e r t i s e m e n t a s w e l l a s t h e e x c i t i n g r e l e a s e o f V a n s

i n s p i r e d b y D a v i d B o w i e ! C e s s l e g i v e s u s t h e l o w d o w n o n t w o f e s t i v a l - m u s t s

c o m i n g u p t h i s s u m m e r - E l r o w T o w n L o n d o n w i t h u n e x p e c t e d g a m e s , i n fl a t a b l e s

a n d h i d d e n d e l i g h t s ; a s w e l l a s P a r a d i s e C i t y B e l g i u m w i t h a s t r o n g e f f o r t t o

m i n i m i s e t h e e c o l o g i c a l f o o t p r i n t . R e v y o u r e n g i n e . W e h a v e y o u r u l t i m a t e d r i v i n g

s o u n d t r a c k w i t h D J E J ’ s o ffi c i a l F o r m u l a E c o m p i l a t i o n s h o w c a s i n g t h e e x c i t e m e n t

o f e l e c t r i c s t r e e t r a c i n g . C e s s l e ’ s g o t y o u r A p r i l d a n c e c a l e n d a r w i t h u p c o m i n g

r e l e a s e s f r o m P a u l o M a r t i n i a n d T r o p i c a l A n i m a l s p l u s k i l l e r e v e n t s i n c l u d i n g

T i m e w a r p , C o a c h e l l a a n d A b o d e . T h e r e s u l t o f o u r i m a g i n a t i o n . I c h a t w i t h d r e a m -

p o p d u o Ø k u n a a b o u t t h e i r m u s i c a n d t h e i n d u s t r y i n R é u n i o n i s l a n d . E m b a r k o n

a l u n a r a d v e n t u r e a s w e fi n d o u t a b o u t b l u e d o t s c i e n c e , m u s i c a n d a r t s f e s t i v a l

w h i c h w i l l c e l e b r a t e 5 0 y e a r s s i n c e t h e fi r s t m o o n l a n d i n g . N I C E ’ n ’ E A Z Y

i n t e r v i e w h o u s e a n d g a r a g e D J M J i n o u r c o l l a b o r a t i v e f e a t u r e , a n d s h e s h a r e s h e r

t o p i n d u s t r y f a v o u r i t e s . E n j o y f e m i n i n i t y w i t h t h e L o v e d B y E l l e n p l a y l i s t a n d

T u r n H e r U p r e l e a s e . A l s o , fi n d a f e w r a r e g e m s a n d d i s c o v e r C r a t e D i g g e r s

B r i g h t o n , t h e h a v e n f o r v i n y l j u n k i e s . W e ' v e g o t y o u r e v e n t s g u i d e , s h o w l i s t i n g s

a n d m u s i c f r o m E N I G M A D u b z , F Ä R , M a r k H i l l , E e l k e , S i s k i y o u a n d m o r e .

R u b y x

C o n n e c t w i t h u s :

F a c e b o o k / A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e

T w i t t e r @ A u d i a t i o n M a g

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Live your dreams



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Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel Endresen deliver

this lovely ambient track. A cool, calm and

collected tone oozes through the gentle piano

melody and steady beat. ‘A soft, raspy vocal

flutters delicately around the ears. The lyrics

speak of self-belief and optimism in life. Keep

on taking chances. Never give up believing.

The break throws your off somewhat, with a

sudden bold key change, though it heads back

into the main tune more smoothly.

Featured on ‘SEAT Tarraco – Ice’ advert.

Vans x David Bowie

“Stars are never far away.” This is the teasing

line shared by the popular sports shoe

manufacturer. A limited edition collection is

set to be released in honour of the great

music icon. The shoes will take inspiration

from David Bowie’s acclaimed albums with the

‘Slip-On 47 VDX’ model (Hunky Dory album);

the ‘Sk8-Hi’ (Ziggy Stardust era); the ‘Era’

model (Space Oddity); and ‘The Old School’

model (Aladdin Sane). The collection is said to

be released by th5 April and are sure to sell

out quick!

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" A v i r a n ’ s fa c e w h e n we a r e o n t o u r

b e c a u s e , w h e n h e i s n o t r e a l l y

a w a k e y e t , h e d o e s n ’ t k n o w w h a t

i s g o i n g o n , w h a t I a m s a y i n g o r

t h e j o k e s I m a k e . " S a v i n i e n



12 www.AudationMagazine.com

Elrow Town London Returns For 2019

Saturday 17th August 2019, the ever-magnificent

Elrow Town London revisits the capital, but this time

at a new home of Trent Park. Having outgrown the

Stratford Olympic park, the team heads to the North

of London bringing along their amazing concept and

fun-loving inflatables for what is set to be their

biggest event to date. One day, twice the fun.


17 AUGUST 2019


Trent Park will witness twice the fun with the biggest

Elrow show the world has ever seen by adding the

wackiest town to the London map for the third year


The vast surroundings of Trent Park, with its lush

greenery, jaw-dropping scale and picturesque

woodland, promises exactly that. A fresh location

enables more ambitious staging, bustling forest

parties, queer dance troupe, wonky races, town trains

snaking across the fields and even greater Elrow


Set to unite diehard Elrow regulars and those still

uninitiated the madness. An array of over 200

characters will lead party-goers around their new

home, with themes more immersive than ever before

and unexpected games, inflatables and hidden

delights lurking in every corner. It wouldn't be an

Elrow party without some of the biggest names in

electronic music soundtracking the day and over 50

DJs will be on hand once again to deliver the most

exciting house and techno anthems throughout,

ensuring that Elrow Town London ranks as one of the

capital's most vibrant summer highlights.




E J s t o o d a l o n g s i d e s t r e e t a r t s h o w i n g a s i l h o u e t t e o f t h e F o r m u l a E c a r .

The Sound Of Formula E

Rev your engine as DJ EJ presents ‘Formula E: The Soundtrack Vol.

1’. This is a high octane compilation of tracks to pair with the

driving competition. It is the first official soundtrack for Formula E

featuring 19 floorfillers such as ’Sanctuary’ by Protoculture; ’Noom’

by Cosmic Gate and Super8 & Tab, the Estiva remix; ‘Surrender’ by

Darude and Ashley Wallbridge featuring Foux; and ‘Call To Arms’ by

Gareth Emery featuring Evan Henzi.

“With this new soundtrack, I wanted to capture the energy and

excitement of Formula E and electric street racing - as well as

showcasing the tracks I play at circuits in cities all over the world.

Now I have the pleasure of presenting it in this mix… enjoy!” EJ

EJ has released the first-ever Formula E soundtrack - mixed by EJ in

association with Garuda - featuring a remix of electrifying anthems

capturing the energy and excitement of the closest and most

intense racing series on the planet.


14 www.AudationMagazine.com

5 Years of

Audiation Magazine

We proudly celebrate our 5th birthday! Thank you to

everyone for showing us so much love and support. Thank

you for all our team members aka the Audiation family -

spread far and wide across the world, yet united by

creative passion.

Five years ago on 13th March, the simple idea was born to

create one single platform for music lovers. It had initially

been the thought of an app fusing together all the blogs

and music work of our portfolios. Myself (Ruby) and

Christina both shared a passion for music and had

experience in assisting the industry. This idea tumbled into

the thought of an app in the style of a magazine layout,

and then onto a magazine project.

This idea developed from 13th March up until our first

issue on May 1st, therefore we will be celebrating across

these dates. We invite you to celebrate with us…

PLAY THE BALLOON HUNT: Collect 5 balloons which are

hidden around our website. Discover the mystery word and

inbox us for a treat!

JOIN THE FLASH MOB: Share a post on social media of your

well wishes to us OR express your creativity and love for

music. Hashtag: #LoveAudiation


Right, before I get stuck into what lies ahead of us this April, I firstly have to

give 3 special mentions regarding 3 superb releases. 1st mention is the longawaited

release of the debut album by Oliver Dollar released on the 22nd

March. Yes I do have a copy and yes, my god it’s bloody good (please excuse

the blasphemy). It is full of groove driven tracks that signature Oliver’s sound,

but my stand out track which I listen to as I write this is ‘Outer Drive’. My 2nd

mention is for Guti. The Year of the Conga released on The Martinez Brothers

Cuttin’ Headz Imprint, is in my own opinion a super mega LP. Every single track

on his third LP oozes rhythmic drums, deadly grooves and killer basslines. Last

but not least, I gotta give a big big shout out to Santé. His latest release on

AVOTRE entitled ‘Emotional Closure’ ft Joaquin DeKoen is an absolute gem.

RnB/Soul infused with quality house music. Perfect track to close a party at the

end of a night. It simply is emotional.

April is that month where we actually start spreading our wings and feel like

we can begin to start enjoying the spring time and there is, as per normal, so

much to look forward to. Music wise you are in for a few treats. Tropical Animals

release a stonker of an EP, some real grooves in the ‘Surrounding Areas EP’

package from italo disco kings Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana. Paulo Martini

steps up to the Go Deeva Platform unleashing ‘Malakua’ which is a real rolling

number with deep drums and icy hats. A real must listen. The 20th of the April

will also see Cuartero b2b Guti for the Abode party at Tobacco Docks along

with the likes of The Mambo Brothers and David Squillace. The W Hotel London

will host a party on the same night Inviting down Manchester’s Solardo along

with Kreature & Piem for their monthly mood events. London’s legendary

nightclub FABRIC continues on with FABRIC XX as they celebrate their 20th

birthday with various different hosts throughout the year. This month

Synonymous East London party Fuse will host a 12hr show on the 7th, John

Digweed goes all night on the 18th whilst The Martinez Brothers conclude their

April by going all day on the 28th. Barcelona’s magical Elrow rolls into London

for 2 shows which no doubt will be a highlight on the 26/27th. Timewarp

celebrate 25yrs at the top with a stonker of a line up that include the likes of

Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Adam Beyer, Kolsch, TiNi, Luciano… The list goes on.

It’s like a who’s who of the industry. Coachella is also on the agenda for many

a Underground Music artist as revellers will be wowed by the likes of Dusky,

Nic Fanciulli, Joseph Capriati, Charlotte De Witte, Lee Burridge and a host of


So whatever you do throughout the month, Happy Dancing!










19 – 21/4
































I first discovered this dreamy duo at the

2018 Kaz’Out festival in Mauritius,

where they put on a beautiful ambient

and melodic house set. The journey

between dream and reality, this is the

experience felt through their sounds.

From the island of Réunion, Økuna is

comprised of Savinien and Aviran who

both produce and sing, whilst Savinien

also plays the guitar and does visual


Released in the last year, their debut

album ‘Soundtrack For A Dream’ is a

delightful infusion of modern dance

music together with gentle euphoria.

12 tracks exploring the balance

between the sunset party mood

against the morning’s calm reflection.

12 tracks reflecting the beauty of


Here are some of the songs which

especially caught my attention. ‘Eye

Light’ brings a smile with charming,

intricate textural elements such as a

the beautiful oriental strings all on top

of a lively, syncopated rhythm. ‘Back

To Life’ featuring Netsiah delivers a

trendy electronic style production

with a sweet, loving vocal. ‘Chrysalide’

is an enchanting moment of passion

and reflection, the deep waves of

sound dance in the air drawing you into

a state of wonder. ‘Out Of Time’

featuring Nyx Lion & Deliwe is a

wildcard bringing a fighting spirit and

hip hop flavour from the fiery vocals

and dark atmosphere. ‘Luna’

captivates your soul with a deep,

mesmerising air flowing through with

such strong energy radiating from it

which lift you high above the clouds -


As Økuna rise in the industry, they took

a moment to speak with us…

Tell us about yourselves, how you each

started out in music and how you got

together as a duo.

Savinien: First of all, Aviran and I don’t

have the same influences. I was more

into rock music, whereas he was more

into electronic and pop music.

Everything started when Aviran made a

remix of one my old demo songs which

resulted in a pretty interesting creation.

From there, we decided to continue our

journey together and created our first

music band DELIWE in 2013 which was

more like an electro-rock music band.

In 2016 we wanted to experiment new

musical things but also to create more

visual stuff and mix it together with

music. We basically wanted to have a

more conceptual project. This led us to

the creation of ØKUNA!

Aviran: Yes and I would add that I started

music in high school, when I was 11 I

started with DJing, but I also wanted to

create my own stuff and express myself

in another way. That's why I decided to

try beatmaking and remixing songs from

other artists, like the one mentioned by

Savinien earlier. Years after years, we

kept creating new tracks in our bedroom

until we finally create DELIWE first, and

ØKUNA more recently.

You have a distinct identity with the

eye mask, what is the idea behind this

18 www.AudationMagazine.com



Savinien: When we first started the

ØKUNA project, the main theme that

inspired us the most was the imaginary,

including dreaming and the limits

between childhood and adulthood. We

wanted to include strong images via our

video clips. I have indeed been in a

cinema school so visuals matter to me.

We have thought a lot on a character

that would reflect ØKUNA’s mind so we

closed our eyes and started picturing it.

It was then the result of our imagination.

It has a naive side and at the same time

it shows the tribal community that we

are able to gather around our music. We

often see people wearing our masks

during concerts because like us, they

identify themselves to this character

and let themselves thrive in our

imaginary world.

Your debut album ‘Soundtrack For A

Dream’ is enchanting, can you talk to

us about the ideas and inspiration of

this album?

Savinien: The dream and the imaginary

was our creation “boosters”. We usually

work on music after we’ve already

discussed video clips scenarios, which

were like the trailers of our dreams.

Through our music we wanted to

replicate a sort of musical timeout, a

cocoon made out of notes and dreamy

sounds in which we can just stay for

hours and just feel good. As the world

is already so dark, we wanted to just

come out with something brighter,

happier, different...

Meeting other artists was also very

important because it allowed us to have

different featurings on this album.

That’s why we can find names like

Netsiah, KKurtis, LVXE PARIS, Twin

Brothers, Nyx Lion on our album. Other

artists helped us on this album like

Vincent Corvec and Michel Geiss.

How would you describe the music

industry in Reunion Island?

Savinien: It is pretty much local, but

electronic music is definitely a part of it

insofar as there is an electronic music

festival and it is getting bigger and

bigger. The melting pot is really

interesting and it inspires us a lot. In my

opinion, mixing cultures is the key of the


What is your advice for aspiring DJs &


Savinien: I would say that first you need

to be sincere with what you do, you got

to enjoy it even if sometimes

compromises can intervene. Music is

first of all, all about sharing, so you need

to keep your feet on the ground and

enjoy everything at 200%. Besides, you

need to listen to a lot of different kinds

of music so you can try new things you

would have never thought about before,

it might be where you get the majority

of your inspiration.

Aviran: I will answer to it according to

my own experience: YOU CAN DO IT! I'm

a big dreamer and I always choose to

create whatever I want, whenever I

want. Sometimes,, and especially when

we started, it might be just a complete

mess but after all, we need to make

horrible mistakes before creating

something great and “listenable”. It's

20 www.AudationMagazine.com

something great and “listenable”. It's

part of the process but we should not

get discouraged by this period which

can be really difficult sometimes.

What are your plans for the future?

Savinien: We are already recording a

new EP that we would like to reveal in

a short film also. And of course, lots of

concerts are in the making.

Aviran: Get rich and buy a 205 T16 for

the music band! Just kidding... as

Savinien said, a lot of new music, new

projects, new dreams and new stories!

The ØKUNA adventure isn't willing to

stop soon!

Any last words? .

Savinien: Thanks a lot for everything

and see you soon on our social medias

and at our concerts!

Aviran: Thanks Audiation! I'm trying to

figure out which word to conclude with

here. I'm hesitating since Last night,

when I was watching a beautiful

documentary on Hawaii, but my mind

was confused and my ideas hide

themselves in a sort of Chrysalide but

finally came back to life before I was

running out of Time ... Memories can be

difficult sometimes. That's why I'll try

to Focus one last time. Even if my brain

is a little bit broken inside now, I will

highlight one last word: LUNA :)





22 www.AudationMagazine.com

That’s one small step for


On 18 - 21 July, the award-winning music,

science and culture festival celebrates 50 years

since the first moon landing in 1969. Held at

the Jodrell Bank Observatory - of which

assisted the tracking of Apollo 11’s landing -

this is the perfect event to take a giant leap

into exploration with the special theme.


18 - 21 JULY 2019


Spanning across four days, bluedot proudly

presents an exciting lunar roster which

includes a talk from the UK’s first astronaut Dr

Helen Sharman, audio-visual footage from the

moon landing mission and a real-time

experience of the Lovell Telescope mapping

out the historic day of audio chatter and foot

steps. Further features include Luke Jerram’s

Museum of the Moon, Keisha Thompson’s Man

on the Moon Afrofuturism showpiece and lunar

cinema screenings.

Musically, the moon theme is carried through

with a rendition of Easy Star All-Stars’s Dub

Side of the Moon album and a reworking of Pink

Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. The lineup

also features Music Out of the Moon

performed by The Radio Science Orchestra as

well as rock band Stems providing the live

scores from a trio of George Mélies lunar-based

films. Notable acts performing at the event are

Kraftwerk, Hot Chip, New Order, Kate Tempest,

Anna Calvi, The Lucid Dream, Kayla Painter and




Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana

'Surrounding Areas EP'

Being a big, big lover of quality electronic music, I was highly

tickled by this release and ever more so being that 'it can be bought

on vinyl. Once again the team of Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana

teamed with the notion of putting together an EP that sound

stamped their style. The “Surrounding Areas EP” released on

Florence based label Tropical Animals comes as a 4 track package

that oozes clever synths dropped against some groovy basslines,

giving off that real “I got the funk” feeling.

The somewhat stripped back feel of the EP brings to life that

distinctive Italian spirit, taking you on a journey perfect for the

open dancefloor. The full force of the EP is slightly reminiscent of

sounds that could be found in the background of games on the old

school Sega Mega Drive console, infused with a jazz funk feeling.

It’s like Streets of Rage starring Nat King Cole all played in front a

deep orange sunset sky.


A1 Double Yellow Line

A2 Just The Time Of A Trip

B1 Cosmic Mood

B2 Closer To The Source

Top Track: Just The Time Of A Trip


www.danielebaldelli.com | www.soundcloud.com/dariopiana


" W h a t m a k e s m e s m i l e i s a l s o

m y d u m b f r i e n d S a v i n i e n . M o r e

s e r i o u s l y , I r e a l l y e n j o y t h e s e

m o m e n t s , w h e n w e s t a r t a

s h o w , s e e i n g t h e c r o w d s m i l i n g

a n d r a i s i n g t h e i r h a n d s ,

w a i t i n g f o r t h e i r f a v o r i t e s o n g .

I n m y o p i n i o n t h a t ' s t h e b e s t

f e e l i n g I c o u l d h a v e i n m u s i c . " A v i r a n



Crate Diggers Brighton

Presented by Discogs, the music collector’s

festival heads to Brighton UK on 11 May 2019. It is

the biggest festival of its kind, as many will know,

Discogs too is the biggest vinyl seller on the

planet. So, this event is set to be a haven for vinyl


There will be two parts to this event: a free record

fair whereby sellers across the UK can sell their

audio treasure; and there will also be ticketed live

performances as the second part to the event. The

line-up consists of Sister Sledge, David Rodigan,

General Levy, Zion Train and more.

Crate Diggers Brighton welcomes record sellers from

around the region, including Rarekind Records, Near

Mint, and Rotation Record Fair, as well as collectors

of rare finds or freshly-pressed vinyl fans looking to

build their collections. With over 100 tables

of vinyl for sale by some of the UK’s most respected

record dealers, some of the finest local DJs spinning

wax all day, a full bar, great food, and free

admission from 10 AM until close in a festival

atmosphere, Crate Diggers Brighton is the go-to

music event enthusiasts don’t want to miss.


26 www.AudationMagazine.com



From Birmingham, UK, DJ MJ is stated

to currently be the only active female

underground house & garage DJ in the

midlands. She has played guest mixes

for Flight FM, PogoHouse, The

Essential Beat 1 Show and London

House FM to name a few. Her tastes

range from oldschool UK garage to

soulful, afro & deep house and more.

NICE ’n' EAZY caught up with DJ MJ to

talk about music…

Tell us about the first house/garage

tune you heard.

I was 8 years old when I heard my first

House tune (1988). It was Royal House

(aka Todd Terry) - ‘Can You Party’ … still

an absolutely Iconic House track.

What made you decide to start DJing?

I come from a very musical family, my

brothers both DJ, produce music and

MC and my dad was a DJ for 45 years..

he still dabbles every now and again

(once a DJ always a DJ)! My mom is a die

hard Northern Souler.

Music is in my blood and DJing/music

was introduced to me from as young as

I can remember. I taught myself really

with a little help from my dad. I

remember using my dads turntables to

practice on for hours on a weekend. He

would let me use his collection of old

records to practice.

What equipment did your first set up

comprise of?

Specifically for playing out with, I used

Denon D4000 CDJ's, they were good fun

to play on tbf.

Which radio station did you debut on?

After a 4 year break from DJing as a

resident DJ, my first show was on

Birmingham based BSR where I played

an eclectic mix of House and Garage. I

only did a couple of shows on the station

to be honest and realised that the music

I was playing just wasn't keeping true to

my real passion of the music I had grown

up with and loved. I used it more as an

initial stepping stone and to test the

waters if I’m honest. It was daunting

coming from resident DJing to being an

event DJ with a long break in between.

What DJs influence you?

It goes without saying that I have to show

love and respect to the originals on the

scene who laid the path for future

generations of DJs such as myself.

Influence wise, I got to take it back to

the old skool. I love to see DJs with

energy who really feel the music that

they play. The likes of Paul Trouble, Karl

Tuff Enuff, Carl Cox.. there are so many.

I also just have to include Birminghambred

DJ, Andy Ward (Vocal Booth) as he

is the first DJ whose mixtape I heard in

1993 which introduced me to the US

Garage sound. His tape, I can safely say,

was the instigating factor of how I came

to love underground House and Garage.

There are so many good top shelf DJs

28 www.AudationMagazine.com


out there though, it’s hard and

somewhat unfair to choose a few.

Name your top 5 old skool labels?

Smack Productions, Nice n Ripe, Tamla

Motown, Strictly Rhythm and King

Street. It’s hard to pick a favourite and

this list I have given is not an exhaustive


Out of all of these (if I really had to), I

would have to choose Tamla Motown. I

was raised on Motown and Northern

Soul. The memories I have attached to

this music is priceless.

If you had to pick your top 3 old skool

DJs, who would they be, and why?

- Karl Tuff Enuff for his energy and style

of playing. He has been my favourite DJ

from day 1 when I first saw him play at

the Garage Events in the late 90's

- Carl Cox is also in my list. He made a

massive contribution to the UK House

music scene.

- Lastly, but not least is EZ, I think we

can all agree that his skills are second

to none.

Which are your favourite current labels

these days?

Ooooh, now THIS IS hard. I'm sure I'm

going to leave some labels out here and

unintentionally annoy some people,

but if I labelled them all I would be here

all day! It's a good job you're not asking

me about old skool labels. I will name

the ones that stick out to me.

Sub London, Pogo House, UrbanDubz.

There is a sub label to PureBeats called

Indeed Records, which has literally been

established this year, there are only a

few tracks on the label but if they are

anything to go by, then I'm really excited

to see what other productions get

released by them. The GrooveStage,

Inner City Records, Gents and Dandy's,

Dub City Trax, Hustler Trax, Dubz 4

Klubz, Moiss Music, Plastik People,

Rollin Beats, Local Talk, the list goes on

but this is by no way an exhaustive list.

There are so many talented producers

around right now, who are your current

top 5 producers?

Oh... another difficult and somewhat

Impossible one. I'm going to leave out

the obvious original badboy producers

from back in the day who are still

producing now (they know who they

are) and instead name my nu skool

producers who are fresh.. (In

comparison) on the scene.

Moony, Le Smoove (absolutely no bias

there), Janty, Leigh D'Oliver, Concinnity.

Name 3 tunes that never leave the box?

- Cloud 9, Victor Simonelli - Do You Want

Me Baby

- Tuff Jam - Key Dub

- SubLondon Records - I Love You ft

Kayleigh Gibson

If you could play a B2B set with any DJ,

who would it be and why?

Got to be Todd Terry. I will never forget

30 www.AudationMagazine.com

the first time I heard a track made by

him (the one I mentioned earlier on), I

was in the car with my dad making the

regular trip to the record shop with him

and Todd Terry being played on the

radio. I asked my dad who it was, he told

me... and from then.. I was hooked to


My dad was a massive Todd fan and the

memories attached to Todd for me,

makes him the number 1 person for a


If you had to choose 3 tracks to take to

a desert island, what would they be and


- Groove Chronicles - Hold On

- Underground Solution - Get Happy

- Sky Joose - Cant You Understand

For me, all these 3 tracks, no matter what

I'm feeling, as soon as I hear these they

instantly give me a high.

Who are your all time top 3 producers?

- Kerri Chandler for his contribution and

timeless productions.

- Eddie Perez for his unmistakeable

bouncy sound, especially with

Mentalinstrum and Smack

- Todd Terry for his contribution to the

scene. A lot of his music was at the

forefront in the paving the way for the

House Music scene way back when.

Who would you like to produce tracks

with in the future, and can we expect

any productions from yourself this


If I could choose anyone in the world it

would be Kerri.. that's never going to

happen though, haha.

All I can say is watch this space.

What has been the biggest highlight of

your DJ career so far?

As corny as it may sound, just getting to

meet all the people involved in the

House and Garage scene.

I've met some fantastic people along the

way and have the support I never

thought I would. I've played alongside

DJs, producers and MC's that I used to

listen to as a kid, remember dancing to

as a raver and knew all the lyrics to the

MC's bars.

I count my blessings everyday that I am

given the opportunity to meet, party

with, make solid relationships with and

DJ alongside all these amazing,

pioneering and down to earth people in

the Industry that have helped me, given

me advice and given me their



Listen to #MJPVS Sundays, 6pm on

Urban Dubz Facebook page

Listen to #MJGN bi-weekly Saturdays,

4pm on D3EP Radio Network




Interview by Mo - NICE ’n’ EAZY & Dean Ferguson 31

P A R A D I S E C I T Y A N N O U N C E S F U L L L I N E - U P

T h i s J u l y s e e s t h e r e t u r n o f B e l g i u m ’ s P a r a d i s e C i t y a n d a s

t h e y c e l e b r a t e t h e i r 5 t h a n n i v e r s a r y , a n n o u n c i n g a s t o m p e r

o f a l i n e - u p . T a k i n g p l a c e o v e r t h e c o u r s e o f 3 d a y s , t h e

e c o - f r i e n d l y f e s t i v a l w i l l b o a s t o f 4 s t a g e s a n d a

w o n d e r f u l l y c o l o u r f u l , d i v e r s e l i n e - u p c o v e r i n g a l l f o r m s o f

h o u s e , t e c h n o , e l e c t r o , d i s c o a n d p l e n t y i n b e t w e e n . T h e

fi f t h a n n i v e r s a r y i s s e t t o b e o n e t o r e m e m b e r w i t h

h e a d l i n e r s s u c h a s M o t o r C i t y D r u m E n s e m b l e , M i n d A g a i n s t ,

J o h n T a l a b o t , D J K o z e a n d D i x o n , 2 m a n y d j s , T o d d T e r j e ,

E g y p t i a n L o v e r , P o l o & P a n , D J P y t h o n , G e r d J a n s o n ,

A d r i a t i q u e , D a p h n i a n d m a n y m o r e s e t t o g r a c e t h e s t a g e .

32 www.AudationMagazine.com


5 - 7 J U L Y 2 0 1 9

P E R K , B E L G I U M

T h e P a r a d i s e C i t y r e c i p e h a s b e e n s i m p l e b u t e ff e c t i v e f r o m

t h e s t a r t : T a k i n g t h e b e s t e l e c t r o n i c m u s i c o n o ff e r , a n

o p e n - m i n d e d c r o w d a n d m i x i n g w i t h a s t r o n g e ff o r t t o

m i n i m i s e t h e e c o l o g i c a l f o o t p r i n t . P l a c e a l l t h i s w i t h i n t h e

b e a u t i f u l g r o u n d s o f t h e h i s t o r i c C a s t l e o f R i b a u c o u r t ,

t h r o w i n s o m e l o c a l B e l g i a n t a l e n t a n d y o u h a v e y o u r s e l f a

s t a n d i n g p o i n t f o r a f a n t a s t i c f e s t i v a l .

w w w . p a r a d i s e c i t y . b e



Step into a dream world...





34 www.AudationMagazine.com

International Women’s Day, 8 March 2019

One woman who inspires us so much is Ellen DeGeneres. An

immense amount of positivity, gratitude, generosity, passion and

love radiates from her soul. She implores us to love one another, in

all our diversities, and open our minds & hearts. She also has an

awesome taste in music, so check out a playlist of the songs Loved

By Ellen on Spotify. #BeKind


To celebrate this day of female empowerment, 29 female artists came

together to create the compilation album ’Turn Her Up’. Each inspirational

singer recorded a cover of iconic female songs in order in order to stand

strong for women in the music industry and positively support gender

equality. #TurnHerUp





A flavourful

vocal flow with smooth

depths and gorgeous highs which

take centre stage. The beat is simple

and sturdy. There are nice textural

instrument elements, most notably the

lovely cultural strings. The lyrics speak

of betrayal and ask if it was just all

about the “soldi”, the money. This

song will be Italy’s entry for

Eurovision song

Contest 2019.


Alyosha - Gorda

#3 in Ukraine

Mahmood - Soldi

#1 in Italy

A sexy, striking

voice pierces through

setting your heart racing with

the dark beat. A rock guitar makes

its introduction adding fuel to the

fire and creating a thrilling energy.

Her vocals rise in passion and drama.

Don’t leave me, she pleads. The

lyrics tell a story of disoriented

love, hopes tainted by pain,

kisses met by cold


Zedd & Katy Perry - 365

#2 in Mauritius

An ultra

futuristic, electronic beat enters giving a

monotonous or robotic feel. This is clashed with a

slightly shrill vocal tone, baring a nervous feeling, a

guard held up. A warm air seeps in as she too

begins to embrace the love inside of her. I want to

just let go. It turns into this wonderful blossoming

romance in the chorus with an equally charming



The ‘Aika EP’ by Siskiyou is a perplexing blend of modern dnb with

influences of the orients. The title track delivers a simple focus of the cool

beat repetition, though the wobbling motions of surrounding sound and

carefully refined structure build unspoken feelings of transcendence,

understanding, truth and desire. Second track ‘Rogue’ brings together

luxury and darkness. Watery trickles, shining string notes and deep

intakes of breath are balanced against hard hits of percussion and

grinding bass.

Caseload Records returns with a stylishly ambiguous flash of brilliance

for their next release from genre bending new-comer Siskiyou.

The Aika EP is a genre defying work of art. Yes, the forward thinking DnB

crew will love it, but so will anyone that understands great, complex and

nuanced bass music. Melodic, rolling and deep. Both the title track and

the B-Side 'Rouge' will help solidify Siskiyou's burgeoning reputation as

top-notch producer and artist.

Caseload Records continues to go from strength to strength. Coming off

the back of a strong 2018 which included a 'Best New Hip Hop' shout at

Beatport for Goldfinger & BPSK 'Somebody Else', the label has releases

lined up all the way through 2019, and with Goldfingers prowess spotting

and developing talent, this year is looking good for the label.


38 www.AudationMagazine.com

Welcome to the

beautiful dark



37 39

‘Middle Of The Night’ by Annprincess has a fun and flirty

vibrancy. The retro grooves and bright pop sensation of

the production get you dancing. Her lovely voice with

notes of soul and dazzling highs, draw you in. I surrender

to the lie. The lyrics depict a troubled balance in a

relationship, yet not wanting to let go just yet.

Annprincess is a Norwegian Artist based in Drammen. Her

debut single Middle Of The Night, is about the struggle of

being in the ‘’I don’t want a relationship with you’’ zone.

And she reckons that this is something most people can

relate to.

Middle Of The Night is a mix of pop and soul/dance. This

will be the first of 4 upcoming singles before the release

of her EP. Middle Of The Night was originally a ballad, but

after meeting up with producer TOMZN, they agreed that

the song deserved more funk. The song was produced in a

day and written in 15 minutes. The single is produced by



40 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Pray To The Satellite’ by Ocean Flaws is literally out of this

world! Futuristic electronic synths sets the tone for an

adventure into space. A voice enters in a state of ruthless

rebellion dragging us into this surreal fantasy. It all seems

so strange. The psychedelic sounds amplify as the drums

grow wild and disoriented in the madness. The air that you

breathe is gone.

Alienated band hijack global radio with their new single ‘Pray To

The Satellite’. What on Earth is it about? Elon Musk's SpaceX

programme seemed a timely enterprise, against a backdrop of

looming nuclear war and frayed relations between the U.S. and

North Korea. The track centres on the notion of evacuating a dying

planet and living aboard a spaceship. The voice heard in the song is

that of the ship’s flight attendant, decades on, selling Hazmat suit

holidays back to the planet they once called home.



The ‘Moonwalk EP’ by Enigma Dubz is astounding. From mystery and

enchantment to deep and dark desires, it is a journey of the soul.

The title track featuring Ed Geater is sublime. A haze of air swirls gently

around dreamy, high masculine vocal notes which take your breath

away. The moody tone is accompanied by a dull throb. Synths and piano

tunes add an extra level of creativity.

The second track ‘All On You’ catches you off-guard with emotions of pure

need running through, and a loving heart at the very core. Completing

the trio, ‘A Night In The Forest’ is a powerful yet intricate energy which

pulls you under with a deep, moving atmosphere.

Slime Recordings is proud to welcome Enigma Dubz to the label,

presenting one of his most ambitious projects to date.

‘Moonwalk’ sees the producer combine his abilities with the vocal talents

of rising star Ed Geater. The result is a mesmeric downtempo groove

filled to the brim with emotion, Geater’s soaring tones the lullaby that

entices you deeper into the core of the song. Electronic music doesn’t get

much more spellbinding than this.

‘All On You’ expertly mutates a saccharine R&B vocal into a haunting

refrain that permeates a sublime future garage rhythm, complete with

glistening strings and soft pads. Few artists can create a club track that

suffuses melancholy into it’s DNA as expertly as Enigma Dubz, and here

he presents a masterclass in emotional dynamics for a song that will

stand the test of time.

Closing piece ‘A Night In The Forest’ sees the producer at his most

playful, fusing the atmospheric ambience with the low-slung textures of

dubstep to create a narcotic downtempo groove that beguiles the

listener into a state of floating meditation.

The EP as whole is a watermark of quality for a producer on top of his

game, flexing a high level of technical proficiency with an innate talent

for song-craft to hypnotizing effect. Enigma Dubz will return to the label

in the autumn for another equally powerful set of songs that act as a

companion piece to this EP.


42 www.AudationMagazine.com


‘So What’ by Jay Pryor is addictive. The modern house vibe appeals instantly

together with a sexy and defiant vocal. The heady beat drops - hands in the air,

you’re up and jumping. The catchy vocal hook and lively energy takes over.

You’re gonna be shouting those two words “so what”!

Dublin-born DJ and producer Jay Pryor is attracting a great deal of attention.

First finding his feet collaborating and producing with the likes of Steve Aoki

and Louis Tomlinson on their hit single ‘Just Hold On’, the musical maestro has

gone on to make waves across the dance and pop world. His recent rework of

the Room 5 classic ‘Make Luv’ has accrued huge love with over 3.5m streams

across streaming platforms and heavy support from BBC Radio 1’s Dance


With his sights firmly set on breaking through to become a new leading UK DJ

talent, Jay presents the first of his new 2019 material, with single ‘So What’,

continuing his release momentum. UK house influences can be heard

throughout this new release showing Jay’s wide-ranging production skills.

With strong builds and drops and an attitude-filled vocal, layered with garage

infused pop melodies, this release will work at the club, on the radio and in

your favourite dance playlists.


44 www.AudationMagazine.com

A beautiful and

joyous feeling.

Pull Up, full of

flavour and spice.


T h e ‘ S o m e t h i n g I n T h e N i g h t E P ’ b y E e l k e i s a v e r s a t i l e

a r r a y o f e m o t i o n s a n d m o o d s . S h o w c a s i n g a n i n t e r e s t i n g

v o c a l r a n g e w h i c h s i t s a c r o s s b o t h d a r k a n d b r i g h t

a l t e r n a t i v e r o c k s o u n d s , a l l s p a n n i n g a c r o s s 5 t r a c k s .

’ S a t i s f a c t i o n a n d D e s i r e ’ h a s a n i n s t a n t l y a d d i c t i v e

g u i t a r r i ff t o b o p y o u r h e a d a n d m o v e y o u r b o d y , t h e

v o c a l s p u l l a t y o u w i t h a r o u g h a n d p a s s i o n a t e t o n e . ‘ L e t

Y o u D o w n E a s y ’ b r i n g s a m e l l o w h a z e t o g e t h e r w i t h a n

e q u a l l y s m o o t h a n d b l u e v o i c e . T h e t i t l e t r a c k d e l i v e r s

u p b e a t e n e r g y a n d a f e i s t y a t t i t u d e i n t h e l i v e l y p a c e

a n d d a r i n g v o c a l s .

T h e E e l k e b a n d i s c o m p r i s e d o f t h r e e m e m b e r s , w i t h

E e l k e a n d b a n d m a t e s J o o s t a n d W o u t e r . T h e D u t c h

g r o u p s h a r e n o - n o n s e n s e , p e r s o n a l r e fl e c t i o n s i n t h e i r

m u s i c . E e l k e p r o u d l y g r a d u a t e d h i g h l y a t t h e

C o n s e r v a t o r y O f A m s t e r d a m a c a d e m y a n d a l s o w o n t h e

M o o i e N o t e n d u t c h s i n g e r / s o n g w r i t e r c o m p e t i t i o n .

w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / e e l k e b a n d

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An underground world awakens. A shadow of darkness cast upon us.

Liquid pleasure spilling from glasses. A whirring mind, the rush of blood.

The streets of Rome lure me in. In this mythical realm tonight, we shall do

battle. Twisted spikes shatter into the looming night.

This is your Essential Collection for 2019 featuring the latest Annual

tracks from Insane House, Kieron Raven, TerraNation, Ashtim & DJ Wad.

The second half steps back in time with Decade, ten classic electronic

releases from the last ten years of the label.



‘Run’ by A.M. SNiPER is fire! The production oozes smooth and sexy vibes

with a hard bass and bold flares. The naughty, egocentric, suave attitude

spills from his lips and a cool lyrical flow. It’s oh so flashy and addictive.

Pull up. Say nuttin’.

With Ayo Beatz on production, the intoxicatingly melodic, instrumental

loop is doused in layers of varying bass, which A.M. SNiPER uses to

skilfully flirt with a mixture of flows as he delivers his raw, confident and

playful lyricism. The heavy bassline and rhythmic drops create an

ominous yet bouncy feel as he spits bold lyrics about success, focus and


Having built a cult Hip-Hop following, last year proved to be a whirlwind

for the rapper. From the release of single ‘SUPREME’, which saw his music

spread globally, gaining over 5 million streams to date and over 1.4

million YouTube hits, A.M SNiPER went on to hit the European tour circuit

alongside Tekashi 6ix 9ine resulting him being featured across the VICE

network. A.M SNiPER was also nominated as part of the ‘Best Duo’ at the

MAD Video Awards for track ‘Harry Houdini’ (which has topped over 8

million YouTube views to date), and to top off the year, he received a

nomination for ‘Man Of The Year’ in Cyprus MAN Magazine.

With a multi-track release in the pipeline for later this year and hints at a

number of exciting features being on the line-up alongside him, RUN

opens the doors on what is going to be another phenomenal year for A.M.



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‘David’ by Deeptrak & Emma Black is a little steamy house number. The deep

undertones of a seductive nature attract you. The desire shines through the

vocals. The groovy production is played with, a naughty bit of bass is added to

fiery break sections. The beat rises and falls in excitement. The Jay Kay mix

works with electronic sounds and twists it into a futuristic form.

Deeptrak return to Vamos for their first original release of 2019 and who

better to have on vocal duty than their long time friend and collaborator

Emma Black, who lends her sultry tone to this faithful reimagining of GusGus’s

popular track – David. We have Belfast’s finest jay Kay on remix duty who has

turned in an absolute belter of a mix.



‘Throw Them Out’ by FÄR is electrifying. The thrilling,

dark, gritty bass and synths grind in. The direct, cold and

somewhat brazen vocal attitude looms over you. Please

don’t pretend you’re not here in the end. A rigid beat

thumps violently in the ears. Syncopated interludes of

contemplation slice through creating a beautifully

twisted structure and mood. You will never be what the

gods made of me

Pummeling beats, heavy basses and vocals that could

make your spine curl. FÄR’s eclectic blend of future bass,

witch house and euro drags the listener to a club where

darkness reigns supreme.

An-Sofie De Meyer (vocals) and Tim De Gieter (synths,

beats, production) dropped their first demo in 2016 and

the band quickly gained notoriety through their relentless

live shows.

Their debut album “SALUTE” was received with rave

reviews and they continued their growth delivering

crushing performances opening for acts such as Amenra,

Wiegedood and ABRA.

In 2018 FÄR hit the studio to write and record the follow

up to their debut. The 5 track EP “HYPNOSIS” (due for

release April 2019) sees the band carve their own space

in the electronic music landscape. Equally hard hitting as

it is catchy “HYPNOSIS” is the unsettling mix of An-Sofie

laying bare her soul to the beat of Tim’s brooding rave.

“THROW THEM OUT” is the first single from the HYPNOSIS



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“The future is FÄR”


‘Happy Without Me’ by Mark Hill & Nat Slater is a lovely depiction of lost love.

The sweet, sultry vocals express heartfelt emotions and painful reflections.

The production reflects this sadness with a gentle air and pace. Are you with

her right now? Her feelings grow stronger, questioning his motives, yearning

to rewind time. The track rises too with a tangle of strings, bumpy percussion,

and bass all fighting through the darkness together with her. Maybe I’m crazy,

maybe I’m just wrong. A layered vocal effect with the modern uk garage style

create an effective balance.

Mark Hill's dramatic influence on the scene is hard to overstate. A founding

member of Artful Dodger, who dominated the turn of the millennium with

their cross-over garage sound, including a string of hits featuring soon to be

superstar Craig David.

With more flavour than ever, Hill returns at full force with prodigious vocalist

Nat Slater. The 18 year old co-wrote the neo-garage motif "Happy Without Me"

and has a connection with Hill that stretches back to before she was born.

The 2000 album "It's All About The Stragglers" contained a very special single

"Outrageous" which featured the vocals of Lynn Eden. By the time of the photo

shoot for the CD single Lynn was incidentally carrying the unborn Slater, not

knowing her daughter would grow up to collaborate with Mark Hill on a project

as special as this.

"Happy Without Me" conglomerates a heartfelt modern R&B vocal

performance with Hill's dynamic and atmospheric production. It contains a

rhythm and distinction that only comes from the UK and a quality that echoes

through the generations.

www.facebook.com/MarkHillTracks | www.instagram.com/natslater_/

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Sexy, cultural

desire amidst a

killer party.

A rumbling cloud

of darkness.


‘Love Me Harder’ by LONDYN is smooth and seductive. The theme of lost love

runs through together with the thought of making the most of the final

goodbye. A soft, sensual vocal and divine husky dips, warm your senses. The

subtle, modern beat adds to the teasing nature. A big flourish of sound sweeps

over as the chorus draws to a climax.

“I like keeping my art as real and close to home as possible to maintain grit

and emotion, which is why I snuck into my ex-boyfriend’s house to film this

music video.” LONDYN

Love Me Harder brings awareness to the necessity of presence in a

relationship. In the song, LONDYN begs the question, “would we do things

differently if we knew it were the last time?”, which stems from her selfproclaimed

obsession with the impermanence of things. She also speaks of

tantra in hopes of planting a seed for people to think about what role more

consciously connected sex can play in their lives.

Her vulnerable admission in the song is that she, “took the easy way out,” of

the relationship and says, “this song isn’t about placing blame. Relationships

show us who we are. We have ideals of who we think we are, but until we’re in

the trenches, we don’t actually have to face all parts of ourselves. Sometimes

it’s uncomfortable to take that good look in the mirror, but that’s how we



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Vujaday Music Festival

3 - 7 April

Bridgetown, Barbados


4 - 7 April

Eilat, Israel

Gijon Sound Festival

5 - 7 April

Gijon, Spain

Festival Estereo Picnic

5 - 7 April

Bogota, Colombia

Sunburn Beach Festival

III - Ibiza Edition

6 April

Albion, Mauritius

Time Warp DE

6 April

Mannheim, Germany

Mama Jaz Grand Concert

7 - 28 April

Port Louis, Mauritius


8 - 13 April

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Caprices Festival

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12 April

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Spring Break Salou

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Credit Mutuel

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Bluesfest Byron Bay

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Ibiza Spring Fest

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Asteria Arts & Music


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Inner Varnika

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DGTL Amsterdam

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19 - 28 April

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ABODE Easter Saturday

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Terminal V Festival | The


20 April

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Magic Break - A New


20 - 23 April

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Glitterbox Amsterdam

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Spring Break Portugal

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Sonar Reykjavik

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New Orleans Jazz &

Heritage Festival

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Sunwaves Festival

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Les Nuits Botanique

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Springfest Fruhlingsfest

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TIKTAK Kingsnight

26 April


Groezrock Festival

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Serenity Gathering

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Kingsland Festival


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Rainbow Disco Club

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Ayia Napa House Party


27 April - 4 May

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MAYDAY Dortmund

30 April

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Annie Mac Presents: Lost

& Found Festival

2 - 5 May

St Paul’s Bay, Malta

DGTL Santiago

3 May

Santiago, Chile

Empire Music Festival

3 - 4 May


Together Festival

3 - 4 May

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DGTL Sao Paulo

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Abode In The Park

4 May

Southampton, United


Hospitality Summer BBQ

4 May

London, United Kingdom

Liverpool Sound City

4 - 5 May

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5 May

Zwolle, Netherlands

The Great Escape


9 - 11 May

Brighton, United Kingdom

Psychedelic Circus Open

Air Festival

9 - 13 May

Gohlen, Germany

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Mallorca Live Festival

10 - 11 May

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10 - 26 May

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Music On Festival

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11 - 12 May

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Transition Festival

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Jazz a Liege

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Joshua Tree Music


16 - 19 May

California, United States

The Soundcrash Funk &

Should Weekender

17 - 19 May

Brighton, United Kingdom

Electric Daisy Carnival -

EDC Las Vegas

17 - 19 May

Las Vegas, United States

Hangout Music Festival

17 - 19 May

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Great Wall Festival

18 - 19 May

Beijing, China

Dot To Do Festival -


24 May

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Elements Festival

24 - 25 May

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Le Bon Air Festival

24 - 25 May

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Dot To Dot Festival

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25 - 26 May

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Slam Dunk Festival

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24 - 26 May

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Boston Calling Festival

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Elements Lakewood

Music & Arts Festival

24 - 27 May

Pennsylvania, United


909 Festival

25 May

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Let’s Rock! - Norwich

25 May

Norwich, United Kingdom

Creamfields Presents

Steel Yard London

25 - 26 May

London, United Kingdom

South Central Festival

25 - 26 May

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29 May - 2 June

Copenhagen, Denmark

Primavera Sound

30 May - 1 June

Barcelona, Spain

Zrce Spring Break


30 May - 2 June

Novalja, Croatia

Secret Island

30 May - 2 June

Sibenik, Croatia

Earth Garden

30 May - 3 June

Attard, Malta

AVA Festival

31 May - 1 June

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Best Kept Secret

31 May - 2 June



The Acoustic Festival Of


31 May - 2 June

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Free Your Mind Festival

1 June

Anheim. Netherlands

Camden Rocks Festival

1 - 2 June

London, United Kingdom

NOS Primavera Sound

6 - 8 June

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Field Day

7 - 8 June

London, United Kingdom

Rock Fest

7 - 8 June

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Junction 2 Festival

7 - 9 June

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World Club Dome

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Frankfurt, Germany

Rock Am Ring

7 - 9 June

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Supa Dupa Fly X


7 - 11 June

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Pleinvrees Festival

8 June

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The DarkWoods Festival


8 June


Parklife Festival

8 - 9 June

Manchester, United


Ultra Singapore

8 - 9 June


Marvellous Island

8 - 9 June

Paris, France

Live At Chelsea

13 - 16 June

London, United Kingdom

Isle Of Wight Festival

13 - 16 June

Isle Of Wight, United


ABODE On The Rock

13 - 17 June

Gozo, Malta

Its The Ship China

13 - 17 June

Shanghai, China

Download Festival

14 - 16 June

Derby, United Kingdom

Disney Loves Jazz

15 June

Paris, France

Ajunadeep Presents


20 - 25 June

Dhermi, Albania

Azkena Rock Festival

21 - 22 June

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

A Summer Story

21 - 22 June

Madrid, Spain

Secret Solstice

21 - 23 June

Reykjavik, Iceland


21 - 23 June

Paris, France

Helfest Open Air

21 - 23 June

Clisson, France

Glastonbury Festival

26 - 30 June

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27 - 30 June

Marmande, France

OpenAir St.Gallen

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Download Festival


28 - 30 June

Madrid, Spain

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Lollapalooza Stockholm

28 - 30 June

Stockholm, Sweden

Rum & Reggae Festival


29 June

London,United Kingdom

Awakenings Festival

29 - 30 June



Stand out from the crowd with Fieldcandy



Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel Endresen –








Vans x David Bowie


Elrow Town London




Formula E: The Soundtrack Vol. 1 - Mixed

by EJ







Økuna - Soundtrack For A Dream










Bluedot Festival





Surrounding Areas EP









Crate Diggers Brighton








Paradise City Festival



Loved By Ellen


Turn Her Up


Mahmood - Soldi






Zedd & Katy Perry - 365







Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana –

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Alyosha - (Gorda)






Siskiyou - Aika EP






Collusion - D&B Vol.1






Evgeny Lebedev & Gordey Tsukanov -

The Roots








Annprincess - Middle of the Night






Ocean Flaws - Pray To The Satellite






ENIGMA Dubz - Moonwalk EP






Jay Pryor - So What






Abstract Vision & Ultimate - Ethereal









Timaya ft Burna Boy - Pull Up






Eelke - Something In The Night EP






Essential Collection 09




A.M. SNiPER - Run







Deeptrak & Emma Black - David












FÄR - Throw Them Out







Mark Hill X Nat Slater - Happy Without








Miss Tara ft Ashni - Heat








Circuits - Euphoria EP





LONDYN - Love Me Harder


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