Vision March 2019 final


From Here to Where?

The Vision

To be a Church growing and uniting around the gospelthat

is our vision! A community gathering as one for

worship then going as many in mission- that is our


A people experiencing God’s grace corporately and

expressing it locally in neighbourhoods like Strouden

Park and Townsend- that is our vision!

A people called to glorify God and proclaim Christ in the

power of the Spirit through the truth of the Word

- that is our vision!

A strategic, town centre church, with a big heart for

others and a big map for the nations of the world

- that is our vision!

It is towards that vision we want to pray, serve and

give, not because we are amazing but because Jesus is

Lord. Not because the church is a building but because

the people of God benefit from a place of encounter and

encouragement which they can call home.

We want to see a welcoming environment for all kinds

of people, a flexible space to host major events, a well

equipped venue for training courses, concerts and

significant public occasions. An oasis for the passer by

and the seeker, as well as an enjoyable resource for our

children, youth and students.

In what follows, you will read the heartbeat of many

different people. All of them excited at the prospect

of what this wonderful, multi -purpose centre for

Christian Mission might achieve.

It is time for us to step into all that God has for us. And

who knows what new and surprising things await a

people open to the Spirit?

We have a big vision, but we have an even bigger God

who can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

Peter Baker | Senior Minister

Glorify God Proclaim Jesus In the Spirit T

Children, Youth

and Families

Discipleship and

Pastoral Care






• In Touch

• Faithworks

• Sleepsafe

Business Community

• University

• Free School

• Council

hrough the Word




Provide Resources

and Sending

Oversees Mission

Town Centre Mission

& Church Partnerships

• City Gate

• Love Church


Strouden Park

and Townsend

In Lansdowne

for good

Children, Youth and Families

“One generation will commend your works

to another”

Psalm 145:4

We want to develop:

• An effective Children and Youth Ministry that equips the

Next-Generation to glorify God and Proclaim Jesus.

• A ministry that provides opportunities for children and

young people to know, love and serve God.

• A ministry where each child and young person is valued

and loved,

• A ministry which helps support and equip parents to raise

their children for a life of faith.

A new building will provide us with the space to come

together, uniting all our children and youth as one Church

family on a Sunday, as well as providing them with their

own areas for teaching and worship.

During the week in attractive, well appointed facilities,

we will have more space to develop relevant and creative

age- group programmes. The Café will give us an area for

welcoming, connecting and relaxing together.

“Our Mission is to be at the heart of the community. We

want to reach out and build bridges of faith, hope and

love to the many different kinds of people who live in the

locality. That will mean many exciting new initiatives

as well as continuing to developing our existing toddler

programmes and supporting gospel work among schools.

Parenting courses, family workshops, children’s clubs,

after school activities are just some of the possibilities

generated by this great resource.”

Angelina Linden | Children and Family Worker

Business Community

“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city”

Jeremiah 29:7

In this strategic part of the Town Centre there is

a vibrant community. From the many University

buildings and the offices of larger institutions, to the

small businesses and shops, Lansdowne is a great place

to be. Our building with its auditorium, meeting rooms

and multi-use sports hall, will provide a unique space in

a location where such facilities are not readily available.

“Bournemouth University are looking forward to

the opening of the new Lansdowne Church in the

near future. As a key stakeholder in the Lansdowne,

BU is proud to have a positive relationship with the

Lansdowne Church and we are excited to see the new

church develop. The university is keen to develop our

relationship further and look forward to the potential

of utilising some of the fantastic new spaces the

church will deliver.”

Stuart Laird, Director of Estates

Bournemouth University.

We aim to balance the needs of church ministries

with the local business community ensuring that the

facilities realise their full potential.

“In opening up the use of the building, we not only

raise awareness of our presence as a Church, but we

create a positive interface for lots of different people

with our message. The Café, which is planned to

provide good quality coffee and light lunches will be

a key part of that.

Our vision is that through the facilities in Lansdowne

Road, the church will actively engage with the

business community providing both practical

and spiritual support to those working in the


Doug McGinn | Director of Operations


Thousands of new students arrive in Bournemouth each

year, and many start out just a few metres away from

the new Lansdowne building at the halls of residence

which seem to be multiplying all the time!

The opportunity to reach out to them, to be a place

of rest, encouragement and challenge and, most

importantly, present the gospel to them, is huge! The

café could be a real hub for study, mission events and

more. A church plays such a pivotal role in the life of a

Christian starting at university. Here’s Ioana’s story:

Being part of Lansdowne church has made a big

difference to me. Lansdowne has great teaching and

the people really care about you in practical ways.

I meet with Molly regularly to study the Bible (and

enjoy tea and cakes!). She prays for me often and

sends verses to encourage me. This is such a lift and I

would never have expected that sort of commitment

- they are genuine Christians and true friends

• Over 20,000 students are currently enrolled at

Bournemouth University.

• A staggering 5,300 students will be living in halls

of residence in the area around Lansdowne Road

this September.

• In additional to this, more than 3,000 students are

enrolled at the Arts University.

• This includes 378 art students who’ll be living at the

Madeira Road Halls, just around the corner from our

new building.

• Some estimate that there are also more than 50,000

language students studying in Bournemouth at


• Our new building on Lansdowne Road will be right

at the centre of Bournemouth’s student community,

giving us an incredible context to share the gospel

with those who are studying in the town.

Homeless and Vulnerably Housed

“ I was hungry and you gave me something

to eat, a stranger and you invited me in .

I needed clothes and you clothed me.”

Matthew 25:35

In Bournemouth today an ever-increasing number of

people are surviving on the streets or living below the

poverty line. Lansdowne Church provides a lunch twice

a week from St Augustin’s church along with a foodbank

operating from Woodbury Avenue serving both the

Strouden and Townsend communities.

Our vision is to try and provide a long-term solution to

help people stabilise their lives, get off the streets, and deal

with the underlying problems (e.g. addiction, abuse), and

most importantly to give our guests real hope that comes

in a belief in Christ. This is a very complex task in which

Lansdowne Church works closely with others. Faithworks

(Wessex), Bournemouth Christians Alongside Rough

Sleepers (BCARS) are partners with us in the provision

of Sleepsafe (beds for the homeless during the winter).

Ellen McGinn, who leads the In Touch Ministry, shares

her heart: “The key part of the vision is to provide true

hope to those who are totally hopeless. Our challenge going

forward is how to develop these ministries as part of a wider

Bournemouth initiative. Our new building is right at the heart

of where the homeless are located. We want to develop our

outreach and have more trained people capable of addressing

our guests’ particular needs.”

Alistair Doxat Purser CEO of Faithworks Wessex:

“Faithworks is delighted by Lansdowne Church’s example and

commitment to addressing the needs of Rough Sleepers and

Vulnerably Housed people over a number of years. Further,

as programmes such as Sleepsafe develop, it has been hugely

encouraging to witness how the Lansdowne team have worked

in partnership with other key churches in the town - this will

lead, not only to more rough sleepers finding Hope and a

new life, but also to other innovative ideas as churches work

together. And the new building will only enhance this, given its

strategic position in the town. Faithworks are eagerly looking

forward to the opportunities this will bring to work more closely

with Lansdowne Church in the coming years to bring God’s

hope to the most needy in our town.”

Church Partnerships

“I always pray with joy for all of you because

of your partnership in the Gospel”

Philippians 1:4

The location of our new centre for Christian Mission puts

us, not only right at the heart of the town, but also brings

us into a closer relationship with a number of churches

who share our patch and our passion for the gospel.

With them we can play a strategic role and make a

distinctive contribution to the voice of the

wider Church.

Such partners are looking forward to our arrival,

believing as we do that we can accomplish far more

together than we ever could on our own.

“ I often pray for Lansdowne Church to persevere and

prosper during the completion of their building programme.

The future need and opportunity for the gospel in

Bournemouth is vast and the task is urgent. I can’t wait

to see Lansdowne Church return to their new site right in

the heart of this fast-changing town. United by Jesus and

empowered by his Spirit, we are all called to join him as he

builds his church and kingdom here today.”

Rev Dr Tim Matthews

LOVECHURCH Bournemouth

One of the Town’s longest serving Pastors, Roger

Constantine, tells his own story of faith ..

I have a picture of the original Lansdowne building in my

study. Back in 1975 I gave my life to Jesus as a 10 year old,

was discipled (hard work for many!), baptised, married

and sent out to be a minister for the gospel, all from that

building. I’m part of the countless 1000’s of people that

over the years found the grace of God there. We too have

experienced the challenges that a new build brings, but

now we are seeing the benefits that such resource brings

for us as we reach others for Jesus when we persevere. We

are praying for you and excited to see the next 1000 people

follow Christ as you use your completed building - send me

a picture for my wall!

Roger Constantine

Senior Team Pastor

Bournemouth Community Church

Internationals and Refugees

“Show your love for the foreigner, since

you yourselves were foreigners in Eygpt.”

Deuteronomy 10:19

Mary Browse our Internationals Worker sees it this way:

“The vision of the Internationals’ Ministry at

Lansdowne is to make disciples of all nations. The

world comes to Bournemouth and thousands of

International students or working residents live in

the BH1 postcode. We long to see many of them find

the love and truth of Christ as we build relationships

with them.”

A welcoming environment in the new building with

its Café and contemporary facilities, will provide an

ideal context for our International Café , the Toddlers

programme which attracts many different nationalities

and the development of new initiatives.

Sophie Nott, Student Union Assistant Manager at

Bournemouth University Lansdowne Campus says:

“The new Church Building will have such a positive

impact on International Students as it will be an

excellent space for them to create friendships and

celebrate their culture and for many to connect with

their faith.

I believe it will be a friendly and welcoming

environment and enable students to feel comfortable

and cared for so far away from home.”

We are also keen to partner with organisations like

International Christian Network (ICN) who are

working with refugees and asylum seekers.

“People flee their homes for all kinds of reasons,

never doing so lightly or without cost. We are called

to love them and to share hope, it can be painful, but

it is a joy and a privilege to do so.”

( Nicky Thenin, ICN )


“Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Matthew 28:19

The vision of the Lord Jesus is ours.

So from our frontline networks to the nations, we want

to make disciples. Our new facility in the town centre

will serve that great and growing ambition. With

so many visitors here from unreached parts of the

world, the open welcome of our new cafe will become a

strategic door for mission to all peoples. The building

will also provide an effective base for the training

and equipping of many. Just think of the wave of new

workers the Lord will send out from amongst us as he

answers the prayers of his people.

As we gather in one place for worship, we trust that God

will lead us to win, build and send many.

“As relative newcomers to Lansdowne the

prospect of a new building fills us with a sense of

excitement for the future. State of the art facilities,

flexible layouts and an on-site cafe provide lots of

opportunities to create attractive environments to

encourage people, especially unchurched people,

into God’s house.”

Billy & Anne Davidson

Making Disciples from our

Networks to the Nations








Loving the Lost

Telling the Gospel

Strouden Park and Townsend

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares

the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm

you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

“The potential for resourcing local mission as a church

out of our central congregation in Lansdowne Road is

exciting! We want to reach the unreached communities

within the conurbation.”

Tom Davenport Community Worker

That’s already happening in Townsend and Strouden Park.

But with the opening of the new building we look forward to

resourcing our mission in such places even more effectively.

Through this, we aim to see men, women and children from

these estates reached with the gospel, becoming disciples of

Christ and growing with us in Him.

The positive impact we are already having is something

which Lorna Head, the principle at Jewell Academy,


“A sense of Belonging is part of our values at Jewell.

The children know they belong to Jewell Academy,

but by working in partnership with the church, they

have begun to understand they belong to much more

than just their families and their school. The Church

has supported us in assemblies, fund raising and

more recently, mentoring. This provides a strong

link for all stakeholders. We look forward to the links

growing stronger.”

A growing central congregation will not just support and

resource what we are doing in BH8, but help us to develop

mission in other similar areas.

Pastoral Care

“Therefore encourage each other and build

each other up.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11

In a broken world, broken people like us can find in

Christ our peace. We want to offer that hope to all those

who are already or who will become part of the growing

family of Lansdowne.

In our various Small Groups, through specific age and

stage focussed ministries, people are finding a place to

belong and believe.

So in and out of the new building, we want to model a

community that increasingly cares and loves. We will

seek to do this as now with effective every member

mutual pastoral care. But we will also aim to develop

fresh ways of understanding and addressing the many

challenges we face as people in a society facing big

challenges about identity, wellbeing and purpose.

Our vision is help each other and all those seeking faith.

For our Regeneration Project is about far more than

having a modern, multi-purpose building.

We want to create a home for the hurting and a shelter

for the weary.

That is the invitation of Christ

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will

give your rest for your soul.”

We are not the answer, the Lord Jesus is!

“We joined Lansdowne after going through a

traumatic experience within our family. While

our home life was turned upside down, coming to

Lansdowne has enabled us to refocus on God and

rebuild our family. The church has become our

extended family in Christ, and we are forever grateful

to God for leading us here.”

Jonny and Jenny Nicholls

Lansdowne Church

Woodbury Avenue



01202 297977

Registered Charity No 1158579

Lansdowne Church is a name of Lansdowne Baptist Church Bournemouth. CIO. Charity No. 1158579.

In Lansdowne

for good

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