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The annual report of Regen Foundation for 2018




A Chance to Succeed

Our Vision: Empowered and independent children,

youth, women and men, who responsibly participate

and contribute to the community life.

Our Mission: To provide a context, opportunities

and resources for people to be transformed and

regenerated, through teaching Christian-moral values

and life learning skills and using education as the main

venue of achieving our vision.


8Shine Little Stars

After-School Program


4Meet our Team

Homework Clubs

Horizon of Hope




Wood Shop




Summer Camps




2018 Financial


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Table of Contents

Cosmina Bunaci was

with us as Executive

Director until

September this year.

Gabi Pîrvu

Homework Clubs & Distribution Center

Carly Sebentsfeldt

Horizon of Hope Center

Mirela Robu

Shine Little Stars After-School Program

Meet our


Petry and Kyle Groza

President & Founder

Edi and Ioana Constantinescu

Horizon of Hope Center



The purpose of our homework clubs is to

invest in the education of kids in poorer villages

and neighborhoods who may not otherwise

succeed at school.

We help the kids with their homework and give

them extra lessons in Math and Romanian. We

also play games, sing together, and teach

lessons from the Bible.

This year we were very excited to see an

increase in enrollment in the homework clubs

at all three of our locations.

Left: March 8 is Women’s Day in Romania. The

kids celebrated by thanking their mothers through

song, poetry, and giving flowers. This gave us a

chance to connect and strengthen our relationship

with several of the moms.

Several of our students have

made significant progress this

year, especially in the area of


Damian (11) was especially

excited when he learned the

numbers 10-50 and began to

see the patterns in how

numbers work!

Some of our kids showed significant potential;

however, meeting only once a week at the

homework club, we simply couldn’t invest as

much time and energy into them as we would

have liked.

So, at the beginning of 2018, we were excited

to launch Shine Little Stars. Three days a week,

we bring kids to our center for an after-school

program in which they learn Romanian,

English, math, music, practical skills, Bible

lessons, social skills, and more.

Mirela, our SLS teacher, applied for and

received a grant for the Little Einstein project,

in which our kids learned about shapes and the

solar system, and had the opportunity to make

their own inventions out of wood.

“I am so excited when I see the kids every day. Sometimes I’m tired

beforehand, but when the kids come in smiling and giving me hugs, I

am ready to give them everything I have in me. We have learned that in

order to succeed at what we do, we must have perseverance.”

~Mirela Robu, SLS teacher

Shine Little


Horizon of

Hope Center

In May we hosted a training through Lifeline Children’s

Services. We invited social workers, school staff, and

other officials from the community to come learn from a

biblical perspective, alongside our team, about how to

work with kids from hard places. It was an invaluable

learning experience for us to understand the real

struggles that our kids are going through under the


Cristian came to us in April, finding

himself in a dilemma: No one would

hire him because he didn’t have a

place to stay, and no one would rent

to him because he didn’t have a job.

Within a month, we were able to

help him get an apartment and a

job, and now he is successfully

established in the nearby city of


Horizon of Hope is a center for young adults where they can

come to grow in character and learn the skillsets they need to

not only be independent, but also to induce change in their

own lives and in the lives of their families and communities.

Since its initial kickoff at the end of 2017, Horizon of Hope has

been going through a streamlining process in order to

optimize the program to give its students the best possible

chance to succeed.

This spring, AOS (Horizon of Hope Association) officially

merged with the REGEN Foundation. This allowed our

students better access to the other resources and programs

that REGEN has to offer, such as the wood shop, clothes and

shoes distribution room, and partnerships with local


2018 saw many challenges, but also many victories. We

received 10 students this year, being the first full year of the

program being up and running. Courses and activities this

year included Computer Skills, Character-building, Cooking,

Music, and Woodworking.

Thanks to our generous

donors, in May we were able

to purchase 5 bicycles for

the center, with which we

have already had many




Creativity Workshop

In the spring, we organized a day

for our kids to come and create

something special with us. The

boys worked in the wood shop

with Petry and John, while the

girls painted on blocks of wood

with Leta, Gabi, and Mirela.

In April and May this year John and Leta Haggard

from Little Rock, Arkansas joined our team for

two months. Leta spent most of her time sharing

the gospel while tutoring English, while John

taught woodworking to the boys from the Horizon

of Hope Center.

John and Leta were a catalyst in getting our wood

shop up and running, even organizing much of

the fundraising themselves. Thanks to them, we

were able to begin producing a few wooden

products this year.

Under John’s instruction, the boys at the Horizon

of Hope center made novelty birdhouses and

wooden tic-tac-toe games that could be sold.

They also made furniture for our own use in the

wood shop and at the center, as well as

producing a much-needed new set of cupboards

for the kitchen at our local church.

In the future, we hope to continue to expand this

program, teaching our students woodworking

while at the same time providing a small income

for the program.

The idea for the Distribution Room program

was born out of seeing a need for more than

just clothing. Every time we brought clothing

to give out at one of our ministry locations,

people ended up fighting or being

dissatisfied. Despite our efforts to use the

best possible methods of distribution, people

would still be displeased and ungrateful.

Finding a way to share clothes and shoes

equally and to many people seemed

impossible until we had the idea of a central

distribution room, where families could come

one at a time.

With the help of a group of students from

Christ the Rock Church from Appleton

Wisconsin, we set up a distribution room

where the parents of the children we work

with can come and choose what they need.

2018 was a great first full year for the

Distribution Room. This year, over 50 bags of

clothes were donated and more than 40

families benefited from this program.



“This year I met so many women who are living in bad conditions, unhappy in

their marriages, maybe even don’t have electricity or running water. But

despite all this, they manage to stay thankful. And they never stop fighting for

their kids. They inspire me.”

~Gabi Pîrvu, Distribution Room Coordinator



After hearing the leaders’

testimonies, many kids

expressed a desire to know

more about God. Călin recently

lost his grandmother, his only

caregiver. This week at camp he

said to one of our leaders that

he wants to change the

direction his life is headed.

At camp, our kids have lots of fun playing games

and exploring God’s creation. They hear the

Gospel and experience it firsthand as they

interact with the leaders and volunteers.

Several of the girls were very touched after one

of the volunteers from America shared her

testimony. It gave them a chance to understand

the message of God’s love for them in a way they

could personally relate to.

As always, HUGE thanks to Heart of Hope

Foundation and Camp of the Good Shepherd for

providing everything for our first week of camp!

And also a huge shout out to the team that came

from America to show Christ’s love to our kids!

REGEN Educational

Camp 2018

Many of the kids we work with are very behind in

school, therefore every year we have a special

camp in order to invest in their education in a

very special way. We focus on three areas:

reading, writing, and math.

This year, Luca learned his letters and numbers

this year at camp. Ionuț learned how to count to

10. Four of our girls learned the alphabet. Many

of the other kids were given a chance to practice

skills that they had already learned in school.

Some of our older kids we see only a few times

a year once they age out of our homework

clubs. This fall we decided to invite the teenage

girls from our programs to a special “Girls’

Weekend” at the Horizon of Hope Center in


The weekend kicked off Friday night with a

movie night. After everyone arrived and got

settled in, we started the film and made

popcorn. Then Saturday was a full day of

games, crafts, and grilling out for lunch. Ioana

shared a special lesson about finding our

identity in Christ, and Mirela organized a craft in

which the girls made their own “Home Sweet

Home” signs.

All in all, this special weekend was a great

chance for us to connect with the girls and share

the love of Christ with them.

Girls weekend at Săvăstreni

Christmas Box project


170 18




Every year we pack dozens of shoeboxes for the

kids in our villages. They are filled with toys,

school supplies, winter hats and gloves, sweets,

and hygiene items. This year was no exception.

A special thanks to all our volunteers who

helped us pack and pass out the boxes, and to

those of you who gave financially to make this

project possible!

2018 Financial Report

Total expenses in 2018:

281,602 RON ($70,400 USD)

Total income in 2018:

270,913 RON ($67,728 USD)

Regen’s economic activities in the year 2018 consisted

of production and sale of wooden products, such as

cupboards and other furniture, birdhouses, and

wooden games. Income from economic activities

totaled 6,920 RON ($1,756 USD), and expenses for the

purpose of economic activities totaled 6,118 RON

($1,553 USD).





to all of our financial supporters, partners,

volunteers, and prayer warriors!

Without all of you, none of this would be




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