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Rouse, Ye Women

By Neil Gore and John Kirkpatrick

Wed 17 Apr • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £12

• Professional Theatre

Mary Macarthur and the Women Chainmakers – a folk

opera by Neil Gore and John Kirkpatrick

In 1910 the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath

focussed the world’s attention on the plight of

Britain’s low-paid women workers involved in the

‘home-working sweated industries’, hammering out

chain-links in sheds in the backyards of their homes

with their babies and children for 5 shillings (25p) for a

50-hour week.

Led by the charismatic union organiser and

campaigner, Mary Reid Macarthur, hundreds of

women laid down their tools to strike for a living wage.

The success of the ten-week strike more than doubled

their earnings and helped to make the principle of a

national minimum wage a reality.

Through rousing traditional songs and moving ballads, Townsend Theatre Productions reveals

the horrors of sweated labour, Mary Macarthur’s stunning national campaign to expose the

perpetrators of this appalling employment, the universal sympathy for the workers, the flood of

donations, and the events that led to a final victory.

“A powerful story, powerfully told.” Clare Brennan, The Observer

Guardian Readers’ Top Favourite Shows 2017

Alfie Brown: Lunatic

Thu 18 Apr • 8pm • Full £10 • Comedy

Fresh from a complete sell out run at the Edinburgh

Festival, Alfie Brown is going on his first UK Tour and

he remains charming and disgusting.

His new show is about identity politics, trying to be a

good father in a horrible world and being responsibly

horny in the wake of wide-spread male sex crimes.

He provides no answers, only questions. Society’s

new-found fondness for moral certainty is the subject

of a search and destroy mission by Brown.

They were wrong all along: it turns out if you believe

in something, you’ll fall for anything.

“It is tricky to write 350 sensible words when you

come out a show simply thinking “Wow! F**k! Wow!”

The Scotsman

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The Long Walk Back

By Dougie Blaxland

Fri 19 April • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £12 • Professional Theatre

Based on real live events, The Long Walk Back tells the

epic story of an international sporting star’s catastrophic

fall from grace.

England cricketing all-rounder Chris Lewis enjoyed a

meteoric rise to fame and fortune in the 1990s. Playing 85

Tests and One Day Internationals for England he seemed

on the verge of greatness when he was named England’s

International Cricketer of The Year in 1994.

Within months of his cricketing career ending, however, his

life lay in ruins when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison

for smuggling cocaine into the UK.

Beginning with his arrest at Gatwick Airport in 2008 and an

attempted suicide on his first night in custody, The Long Walk

Back charts the extraordinary journey that took Lewis from

the brink of despair to a profound moral awakening.

There will be a post-show Q&A session with Chris Lewis and

RoughHouse Theatre Director Shane Morgan.

“Brimming with charisma and honesty” The Stage on When The Eye Has Gone

“A real tour de force” Deep Extra Cover on When The Eye Has Gone


Be Happy, Harry Hippo!

Sat 20 Apr • 2pm • Full £9 Concs £7

Children’s Theatre

Harry Hippo has lost his smile and can’t

seem to get it back. No matter what he tries

or where he looks, Harry can’t find his smile

anywhere. What will he do?

Join Hodgepodge Theatre on their quest to

deliver the ultimate pick-me-up to one of the

world’s most massive mammals. We’ll need

all the help we can get as we take Harry on

a journey to remember all of the things that

make him smile and what makes him truly


Winner of the Best Kids Show award at the

Swindon Fringe Festival, 2018.

Box office 0333 666 3366

Eleanor Conway:

Walk of Shame 2

(Reality Bites)

By Eleanor Conway

Sat 20 Apr • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £12 • Comedy

Fresh off the back of a one hundred date, ten

country tour, Eleanor Conway returns with her hotly

anticipated sequel Walk of Shame 2 (Reality Bites).

…Conway’s last blackout was 4 years ago and

she’s missing her old friend. What happens when

you wake up and realise the party is over? She’s

living life in real time now and reality is harsh when

you don’t have something to take the ‘edge’ off.

This award nominee returns with her hotly

anticipated sequel to her hit 2016 smash, about

what happens when you stop chasing the ‘perfect’

version of you and realise she’s been right there

all along.



Paul Mayhew-Archer:

Incurable Optimist

Wed 1 May • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £12 • Comedy

The debut stand-up show from the multi award-winning

co-writer of The Vicar of Dibley.

“An entertaining hour with an engaging raconteur who refuses

to take his illness too seriously” The Wee Review

Paul’s co-written or worked on many much-loved comedy

shows: I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Old Harry’s Game, Mrs

Brown’s Boys, Spitting Image and Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot starring

Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench.

Now Paul has Parkinson’s but he’s still laughing.

Following his BBC One Documentary Parkinson’s: The

Funny Side (for which he won the Grierson Award for Best

Documentary Presenter), a triumphant debut at London’s

Comedy Store, and a sold-out month at the Edinburgh Fringe,

here’s a one man show about the therapeutic power of comedy.

Paul is not contagious – but he is worth catching.

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The Ghost Train By Arnold Ridley

Wed 8 – Fri 10 May • 7.30pm • Full £12 Concs £10

Sat 11 May Centenary Gala Night • Full £13 Concs £11

Community Theatre


Those Magnificent Men By Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon

Fri 3 May • 7.30pm • Full £14 Concs £12 • Professional Theatre

One hundred years ago, British aviation heroes Alcock & Brown flew non-stop

across the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland and into the pages of history.

Their amazing story, told in this hit comedy, returns to The Rondo in this special

centenary production by award-winning company The Foundry Group, starring

David Mounfield (Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show, R4) and Brian Mitchell (The

Ornate Johnsons, BBC4), who endeavour to tell the epic tale with just cardboard,

two stools and some left-over props.

“Wonderfully entertaining – has the makings of a West End hit.” – The Times

A dark and stormy night in the waiting room of a remote Cornish

railway station in 1919, where a group of stranded passengers are

thrown into a state of terror by the tales – and appearance – of a

mysterious ghost train which kills anyone who looks at it…

This classic thriller is part of Bath Drama’s centenary season,

chosen because the author was a member of Bath Drama before

he went on to fame as Private Godfrey in ‘Dad’s Army’.


10 Things I Hate About

Taming of the Shrew By Gillian English

Wed 15 May • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £12 • Comedy

10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew will take you back to the

good old days, when we worried about Y2K, wore butterfly clips in

our hair, and became total babes the minute we took off our glasses.

Then the even older days where we worried about the plague, wore

massive wigs, and women weren’t allowed to be on stage anyway.

The show is a theatrical, comedic, listicle romp through the world

of teenage Shakespeare film adaptations, and their lasting impact

on a generation. It examines the continuous retellings of the same

stories from the original content aggregator himself, delving into our

problematic, cinematic, very recent past.

Winner of the Queensland Touring Award and Weekly Best Comedy at Fringe World 2019. Named one of the

Hottest shows to see at Adelaide Fringe 2019 and Nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe 2018.

“Eye opening and thoughtfully Hysterical” The Au Review

Gutter Culture Fringe Feed

Box office 0333 666 3366



Orphan By Russell Eccleston

Thu 16 – Sat 18 May • 7.30pm • Full £14 Concs £12

Professional Theatre

“I never had a chance. They’d made up their mind about me from the

moment they opened that door and found me bawling on the step.”

Black Dog Productions in association with Beyond The Horizon

present Orphan, a new play from “the bold, refreshing voice” of

Russell Eccleston.

A small town in Georgia: a nameless Orphan returns to the

orphanage where he was raised hoping that he can cauterise the

wound that has been festering in him since he was a child. His friend

Patience is brought along, on the grounds that she might find some

sense of closure. When they bump into their old Caretaker who

has information about their dark past, Orphan’s true motives start

to become clear and Patience begins to lose control. Are sins ever

forgiven? Or do sins simply beget more sins?

Originally produced by Black Dog Productions in 2018 to huge

audience and critical acclaim, Orphan will leave you questioning the

true meaning of ‘family’.


One Man Two Guvnors

By Richard Bean, based on The Servant to

Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni

Wed 22 – Sat 25 May • 7.30pm • Full £12

Community Theatre

Merriman Productions present Richard Bean’s

award-winning play – a glorious celebration of

British comedy: a unique, laugh-out-loud mix of

satire, songs, slapstick and glittering one-liners.

Brighton, 1963; an easily confused Francis

Henshall becomes separately employed by two

men – Roscoe, a local gangster and Stanley

Stubbers, an upper-class criminal. However,

Roscoe is really Rachel Crabbe in disguise, her

twin brother Roscoe having been killed by her

lover, none other than Stanley Stubbers.

Meanwhile, Pauline was originally meant to marry

Roscoe but is now set to elope with over-the-top amateur actor Alan Dangle. All Francis has to do is

stop them all from meeting each other... Simple?!

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Get F*cked

By Charlotte Hobbs, Rosie Howard, Jessica Sterling,

Maia Tassalini-Collins and Pippa Thornton

Wed 29 May • 7:30pm • Full £10 • Professional Theatre

Take a dive into the lives of a group of twenty-somethings

this summer, as Flipside Productions returns to the Rondo

with a collection of new monologues presenting the female

perspective on the one-night-stand.

Join the vibrant characters as they negotiate the pleasures

and perils of dating as young women, each with her own

story: some shocking, some moving and some hilarious, but

all with one thing in common: there’s no strings attached!

This play was created by an ensemble of women with a

passion for theatre and for working collaboratively. Some of

the stories are inspired by true events, and some are entirely

true. The audience are invited to have fun guessing which!

“faultless and arresting performances in this clever and evocative piece.

Flipside are clearly a company to watch.” Bath Echo on FRESHER


Pete Searles: Hey Gringo!

A Chile Christmas

By Pete Searles, dir. Stephen Frost

Thu 30 May • 8pm • Full £14 Concs £10 • Comedy, Spoken Word

British actor and writer Peter Searles, a veteran of stage, screen, and

BBC television and radio, gives an intensely dramatic and frequently

hilarious account of his journey from the scorching wastes of the

Atacama Desert in northern Chile to the shantytowns and smog-laden

cities of the south, to a world of forests, lakes, and volcanoes.

Accompanied by oversexed train drivers, a beautiful young

revolutionary, out-of-work actors, Marxist priests, fascist police,

Chilean Eco-warriors, and Pinochet’s neighbours, Searles recounts

a journey that turns into a quest for truth and meaning in a land torn

apart by thirteen years of military dictatorship.

Searles’ touring show has won so many rave reviews from major

newspapers that it is difficult to decide which ones to quote.

But here is a smattering:

“This wonderful and timely one-man play is delivered raconteur-style, direct to the audience. Searles

has you in the palm of his hand from the moment he opens his mouth. He is a natural storyteller and

talented comedian; everything about the show is understated and spot-on” The Scotsman

“A bloke stands on a bare stage telling us about a holiday he took in Chile, and an hour and 20 minutes

later you are yearning for more. Peter Searles is a riveting storyteller” The Guardian

Box office 0333 666 3366


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

By Stephen Adly Guirgis

Fri 31 May • 7:30pm • Full £10 Concs £8 • Community Theatre

This is a story about choices and consequences and a journey

through time and place.

A host of historical, fictional and biblical characters gather in a

makeshift courtroom in purgatory with Judas at the centre of it

all, catatonic with despair and unable to defend himself in a trial

that debates the motives of Christianity’s least popular apostle.

“If betrayal is the ultimate sin, then is forgiveness the

ultimate sign of grace?” – Michael Billington, The Guardian


Bear North By Roy Hutchins & Sue Bradley

Sat 1 Jun • 8pm • Full £10 • Music

Northern Exposure meets The Singing Ringing Tree.

Wonderfully comic and absurd – with a dancing buffalo, wolf

& singing bear. Visit a landscape filled with log cabins, forests,

mountains & magical waterfalls, sophisticatedly drawn by clever

fiddle playing, guitar and bass.

“Over time I found my mind was gently carried to a place of

freshness and tranquillity.... In the end then, the tables were turned:

it was me who danced to Bear North’s tune.” Fringeguru

“Songs of lakes, firesides and bears. An impossible odyssey.”

Highly Recommended –


Monstrous By Alexandra Ricou

Wed 5 Jun • 8pm • Full £10 • Professional Theatre

Hera is angry, but she’s been trying her best to get past it.

She has a therapist, she’s read all the mindfulness books she can

find in her local library, she goes to yoga every day and she drinks

more green tea than even Gwyneth Paltrow could stomach. Yet still

that deep-seated rage twists in her guts like a pit of vipers.

Then again, when you’re an Ancient Greek goddess, being filled

with an unquenchable wrath comes with the territory. Perhaps it’s

time to have a little vent... but is the world ready for 3000 years’

worth of anger?

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Vocal Stargazing

By Cecilia Le Poer Power / Cecilia & Amadou

Thu 6 Jun • 8pm • Full £12 Concs £10 • Music

Internationally renowned singer-composer Cecilia Le Poer Power debuts

her much anticipated one-woman music experience at The Rondo.

Using loop pedal technology, Cecilia weaves exquisite layers of vocals,

creating ethereal, mesmerising and sublime landscapes and songs.

Cecilia has performed as a soloist at many of the UK’s leading concert

venues and her music has been used widely, including by BBC TV.

In the second half of the evening, Cecilia will be joined by Senegalese

kora player/singer Amadou Diagne for a set of spellbinding original

songs – music truly alive in the moment.

“A perfect marriage of sounds and cultures, plaintive and full of longing” – Saied Dai


Queue Written and performed by Connor Macleod

Fri 7 & Sat 8 Jun • 8pm • Full £10 • Professional Theatre

Queue is an epic performance poem that follows one man’s journey

from one end of a queue to the other.

This show will document the beauty of new relationships, the ache of

loneliness and the bitterness one feels for those more fortunate than

yourself... all sped up to fit into an hour-long performance.

A mixture of sharp comedy, existential dread and unconventional

poetics, Queue is the show that plays in all of our heads when we’re

trapped with our own thoughts.

This is Incunabula Collective’s second time at the Bath Fringe Festival,

following their successful debut of #Gunsh0w last year.


Into the Breach By Mark Carey

Fri 14 Jun • 7:30pm • Full £12 Concs £10 • Professional Theatre

Odd job man George Crocker wants to liven up his dull life so joins

his local Drama Club. Little does he know that their Director has

decided to tackle Shakespeare’s Henry V.

George soon finds that he has much in common with the character

of Henry V. Despite his reluctance to revisit his past as a soldier

George finds that Shakespeare’s words resonate in a way that inspire,

challenge and ultimately change him.

Set during the Second World War this nostalgic, funny and moving

story will appeal to all. It is a vivid portrait of village life with all

seventeen colourful characters played by one man (including the


Box office 0333 666 3366


Beryl’s of Mayfair

Sat 15 Jun • 7:30pm • Full £14 Concs £12

Professional Theatre

Mervyn’s going to Kidderminster. Beryl’s off for her monthly

trip to the wholesaler in Exeter (or is she?) and there’s only

Hattie, the over-zealous new junior, to keep an eye on the

salon. What could possibly go wrong?

Well… Mr. Bicknell is supposed to arrive early to repair the dry rot upstairs. He doesn’t. Susan hasn’t had her

‘hot water-tap training’ yet and now there’s a suspicious vagrant lurking in the back yard. The clients, Beryl’s

‘ladies’, with their regular appointments are coming in any minute. Oh… and Blue Rinse Monday was such

a huge success that some will have to be fitted in today, Tuesday. Well, Mervyn did offer the ‘silver’ clients

the rinse at half-price. Oh no! Here comes Mrs. Bluett. She has new gossip and she’s peeking under all the

dryers, looking for Mrs. Foster.

Here they come! All hands to the sinks!


The Holland Handkerchief

By Kerchief Theatre. Music by Violette

Thu 20 & Fri 21 Jun • 7:30pm • Full £10 Concs £8 • Professional Theatre

When a young romance is parted by the powers that be, life and death

prove to be the mysterious ultimate executors of fate. The Holland

Handkerchief resonates timelessly as a tale of love, loyalty, and

honour; as chilling and curious now as when it was first recorded in

print in 1711.

Folk music and stage work intertwine in this magical retelling from

new theatre company Kerchief Theatre, who will be joined by folk

sister duo Violette.


Cici Noir’s Summer Circus Burlesque

Sat 22 Jun • 8pm • Full £15 Concs £13 • Burlesque

By popular demand, Bath’s very own Cici Noir returns to the Rondo with a

summery circus-themed cabaret.

Cici Noir has (yet again!) joined forces with Flipside Productions to provide

a platform for emerging and established burlesque and cabaret talent

to showcase exciting and provocative work. Compered by the hilarious

Joshua Bojangles, the Summer Circus is an evening of contemporary,

empowering and sometimes provocative burlesque performances –

alongside music, comedy and even a few surprises!

Escape with us this summer and let our incredible line-up delight you in

this evening of strictly grown-up entertainment.

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The Breach By William Shakespeare, adapted by Apricity Theatre

Fri 28 & Sat 29 Jun • 7.30pm • Full £14 Concs £10 • Professional Theatre

History is written by the victors. But what about the people whose blood those

victories were won with?

King Henry is a violent man and a threat too great for France to ignore as his armies

plunder their churches and burn their towns to the ground. Henry’s soldiers struggle

to come to terms with the blood they have shed in the name of their king, while

Princess Katherine prepares herself for the arranged marriage she knows is on its way.

With “explosive” battles (Theatre Bath) and thumping beats, this new adaptation

of Henry V explores the darker side of Shakespeare’s story through the eyes of the

people used and forgotten by history.

Praise for Between the Armies: “unlike anything we have experienced” – 365 Bristol.


Going Postal By Terry Pratchett

Wed 3 – Sat 6 Jul • 7.30pm • Full £12 Concs £10 • Community Theatre

Moist von Lipwig (and that’s just the beginning), was a con artist, a fraud, a criminal.

He was given a choice: certain death or get the Ankh-Morpork Postal Service back

in business.

It was a tough decision.

He’s not alone in his mission – he has a golem who has been in a hole in the ground

for hundreds of years, a man who knows nothing about pins (he knows everything

about pins), and Junior Postman Groat (anything but junior) to help him get the

mail through!

He’s got more than the evil chairman of the Grand Trunk company to fight and

getting a date with Adora Bell Dearheart (she hates it too) would be nice as well.


Bear Pit & Void Bear Pit: Devised by E.A.T Company.

Void: Written by William W Jesmond de Clermont

Wed 10 & Thu 11 Jul • 7.30pm • Full £11 Concs £9 • Professional Theatre

Special Edinburgh Fringe Preview

Bear Pit: What is choice? Is your life predetermined? What is the ripple effect of one

bad decision?

Elvin Acting Theatre Company’s latest creation interrogates the complexities of

choice and life’s daily twists and turns – the consequences of the decisions we take,

and we ask, does fate play a part?

Void: What happens after you die? Angels? A black hole? Perhaps... but what if you

choose to die? Enter, Grim. Shoved on suicide duty: will this shift ever end?

Void explores the choice of life or death.

Box office 0333 666 3366


Così Fan Tutte

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fri 12 & Sat 13 Jul • 7:30pm

Full £14 Concs £13 • Opera

Mozart’s engaging and hilarious tale

involving two engaged sisters is given a

new twist in the final two performances

of Bath Opera’s 2019 summer touring


Director Tom Magnone takes one of the 18th century’s greatest ensemble operas on an

emotional 1960s roller-coaster ride of love, trust, loyalty, disguise, betrayal, deception,

bewilderment, and self-realisation.


Rising Damp By Eric Chappell

Wed 17 – Sat 20 Jul • 7.30pm

2.30pm (Saturday matinee)

Full £15 • Professional Theatre

When student Alan moves into an

attic flat, he doesn’t expect to find it

already inhabited by someone else. The

mysterious Phillip claims to be the son of

an African chief with ten wives waiting for

him back home – but his presence is the

least of Alan’s worries.

He also has to contend with a hole in the

floor, water running down the walls and

sinister landlord Rigsby, who has designs

on Miss Jones downstairs, who herself

has developed a passion for Phillip.

Eric Chappell’s much-loved ITV comedy

was adapted by him for the stage and was

first performed as The Banana Box. It’s

West End production 1973 starred Leonard

Rossiter, Don Warrington and Francis de

la Tour. This version of Rising Damp was

revised by the author and toured in 2013

by Classic Comedy Production.

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Rondo Drama Club

create, develop, perform

Summer Term: Ages 7 – 14,

Tuesdays 4.45pm – 5.45pm, £60

Rondo Drama Club is a unique experience where

your children are encouraged to share their creative

ideas and work together to use the best of them

to devise a totally original play. They then get the

chance to improvise, rehearse and, finally, perform it

under the lights on the famous Rondo Stage.

The sessions are run by Paulo Baigent, an

experienced theatre director, educator and drama

workshop leader. Rondo Drama Club’s weekly

sessions take place at Newbridge Primary School,

Newbridge with a dress rehearsal and an end of

term performance at the Rondo Theatre itself. At

Rondo Drama Club we are committed to raising

confidence and self-esteem in a fun and nurturing


So if your children are into drama, love to have fun,

are full of ideas and eager to share them, then book

them in for our next term at Rondo Drama Club.

Please note: participants must be available for the

final rehearsal and performance on Sunday 21 July.

For more information or to book, please contact

Paulo at:

Rondo Drama Summer School

The Rondo Drama Summer School is a

unique experience where you’re encouraged

to share your creative ideas (however crazy

or bizarre!). You then get the chance to

devise a play, improvise it and perform it to

your parents and friends under the lights on

the famous Rondo Stage. The sessions are

run by Paulo Baigent, an experienced theatre

director and drama workshop leader.

Week A: Mon 29 July – Fri 2 Aug

Mon – Thurs: 10am – 4pm; Fri 10am – 7pm

Week B: Tue 27 Aug – Sat 31 Aug

Tue – Thurs: 10am – 4pm; Sat 10am – 7pm

Cost £95 per week

For more information, please email Paulo at: or book via

Box office 0333 666 3366

Become a Rondo Volunteer

Acting as a Rondo Theatre volunteer is a

great way of getting closer to the theatre,

music, comedy and other fantastic events

on offer at this fantastic venue. In return,

you get to see the shows for free, as well as

to make new friends and socialise.

Our volunteers work mainly as bar staff or on front of house

and are an essential part of the success of The Rondo.

Volunteering normally means working on two or three shows

a month. It’s great fun – and you get to see a huge variety of

performances for free!

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact the Theatre Director,

Ian McGlynn:

The RONDO Theatre


Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RT


Box Office:

Ticket Agent - TicketSource

Booking Line: 0333 666 3366

Please note: booking fees apply - but we’ve kept

these as low as we can!


Concession prices are available to children

under 18, full-time students, Equity Members,

unemployed benefit claimants, disabled people

and those whose sole source of income is a DSS

state retirement pension.

Door Sales:

Doors open 30 minutes before the show. Tickets

are available to buy on the door for all events at

The Rondo.


For security reasons, it may not be possible to

admit latecomers. So please be prompt!


The main entrance to The Rondo has excellent

disabled access. We have a disabled toilet and

the front row is available for wheelchairs.

Pre-booking recommended.

Find us on…

Charity No: 1000051

Parking: On street after 6pm.

The Rondo Theatre Company is our resident

community theatre company. If you want to get

involved in performing or backstage work, visit

Theatre Director: Ian McGlynn.


Deputy Director: Pippa Thornton.


Intern Director: Madeleine Herbert.


Associate Directors:

Hannah Drake, Alison Farina, Jazz Hazelwood,

Philippa Howard, Shane Morgan.

Programme Design: GAS Design.

Tel. 01225 852111

Box office 0333 666 3366

RONDO DIARY Web bookings:


17 Apr Rouse, Ye Women Theatre

18 Apr Alfie Brown Comedy

19 Apr The Long Walk Back Theatre

20 Apr Be Happy, Harry Hippo Children’s Theatre

20 Apr Eleanor Conway Comedy

1 May Paul Mayhew-Archer Comedy

3 May Those Magnificent Men Theatre

8 – 11 May The Ghost Train Community

15 May Aftermirth Daytime Comedy Comedy

15 May Gillian English Comedy

16 – 18 May Orphan Theatre

22 – 25 May One Man Two Guvnors Community

29 May Get F*cked Bath Fringe Festival

30 May Pete Searles Bath Fringe Festival

31 May The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Bath Fringe Festival

1 Jun Bear North Bath Fringe Festival

5 Jun Monstrous Bath Fringe Festival

6 Jun Vocal Stargazing Bath Fringe Festival

7 – 8 Jun Queue Bath Fringe Festival

12 Jun Aftermirth Daytime Comedy Comedy

14 Jun Into the Breach Theatre

15 Jun Beryl’s of Mayfair Theatre

20 – 21 Jun The Holland Handkerchief Theatre

22 Jun Cici Noir’s Summer Circus Burlesque Burlesque

28 – 29 Jun The Breach Theatre

3 – 6 Jul Going Postal Community

8 Jul Aftermirth Daytime Comedy Comedy

10 – 11 Jul Bear Pit & Void Theatre

12 – 13 Jul Così fan tutte Music

17 – 20 Rising Damp Theatre

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