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April 8

1. Election 2019: One Tinley Park

sweeps race for Village of Tinley Park


2. Tinley Park’s Boykin in unique postition

with NFL Draft

3. Police Reports: Two charged with DUIs

in Tinley Park

4. Tinley native pays tribute to grandma

with appearance on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

5. Election 2019: LAS 4 KSD slate wins

KSD 140 School Board race

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“We would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to

Playhouse participant, Crista, on being offered

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Michael Dolan for helping make Crista’s dream

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“As the sun comes up on the Village of Tinley

Park, let us remember the election is over. It is

time to switch from campaign to governing.

We will all walk the same streets, Sit next to

one another in our houses of worship.

Let’s build a better village together.”

@ChuckCja922, Chuck Augustyniak on

April 3

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From the Editor

Taking the next step of growing up

Jacquelyn Schlabach


actually remember

graduating high

school almost like it

was yesterday. It felt all

too surreal to believe that

in a couple of months

from that day in 2013,

I would be going to

live four hours away in

another state and having

to make new friends all


From Page 12

ing to the Will County

Clerk’s Office. That was in

2005, when 25.47 percent

placed their ballots.

In Cook, since 1999

crossing that 20 percent

threshold has only happened

in consolidated

elections in 2001, 2003,

2005 and 2009, but not

since, according to data

from Cook County.

The 12.98 percent in

Will County for this year’s

election was down 6.62

percentage points from

2017. In Cook, the 14 percent

was down from 17.7

percent in 2017.

The low turnout was unexpected,

Pelissero said,

because turnout usually

goes up when controversial

and contentious races

occur, as was the case in

several towns with referendums

on the ballot and

competitive battles for local

board seats.

Orland Park and Tinley

Park both outpaced the averages

in suburban Cook,

though. 8,814 of 49,577

registered voters in Orland

Park case ballots in the

Village trustee race for a

turnout of 17.78 percent,

while 6,367 of the 35,252

registered in Tinley Park


over again. The thought

was thrilling, no doubt,

but certainly very nerveracking.

I remember waking

up the morning of my

high school graduation,

driving to school, gathering

with all the seniors

to rehearse just one more

time, signing yearbooks

and taking pictures. Afterward,

we went home and

waited until we had to be

back at 6:30 p.m. for a 7

p.m. graduation. The ceremony

was two hours and

I remember the fireworks

going off as soon as the

last graduate’s name was

called and we were all

seated. Of course, shortly

after, caps were flying

in the air in celebration.

My advice to the graduating

seniors of Tinley

Park High School and

Andrew High School: live

in the moment. Six years

later, and I still remember

almost every detail about

my graduation. Enjoy it.

Make memories with your

childhood friends and

high school friends. Don’t

worry about the day after

graduation and how the

countdown starts to college.

That all will come

naturally, but don’t rush

your high school graduation.

Take in every second

because you only graduate

once. In this week’s

issue on Page 10, you can

read from the perspective

of our student columnist,

senior Olivia Lehnert. She

speaks on how quickly

marked a turnout of 18.06

percent there.

Citizen apathy, combined

with a lack of

knowledge of candidates

in races, could have been

a factor for the low voting

numbers, Pelissero said.

Managing Editor Bill Jones

contributed to this story.

Let your business


this season


708.326.9170 ext. 43

graduation is approaching

and thinking about a

new life after high school.

Graduating high school

is just the next step of

growing up and entering

adulthood. It may seem

daunting, but trust me, it’s

the beginning of better

things to come.

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