the tinley junction | April 11, 2019 |


MILE Tinley woman named

Volunteer of the Year, Page 20

New face, similar taste

Blissful Banana Cafe gets new owner, but he’s a longtime

fan with a plan to keep much the same, Page 22

TP’s Gryniewicz, affectionately called

a ‘silly human’ by a Tai Chi teacher,

generates art even after diagnosed with

Parkinson’s disease, Page 17

Tinley Park resident Dirk Spence (left), also known as Mr. D the Magician,

enjoys a story by artist/author Gene Gryniewicz, who still creates art

after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Some of Gryniewicz’s

art is inspired by Spence. LAURIE FANELLI/22ND CENTURY MEDIA

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