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10 Questions

with Josh Kirnbauer

Josh Kirnbauer is a junior baseball

and football player at Andrew High


How did you get involved in


Once my dad took me to the cages

for the first time to hit. I was four years

old at the time and loved the game ever


What is your proudest moment in


It happened during baseball, when I

hit my first home run of my varsity season

in Jacksonville.

If you can face any pitcher in the

world, who would it be against?

If there was one pitcher that I would

like to face it would probably Clayton

Kershaw because he is definitely one

of the top pitchers in MLB and I would

love to see how I would do against him.

Do you have a favorite pregame

pump-up song?

Any song with a good beat to it normally

hypes me up before a game.

Do you have a hero, or someone

you look up to?

People that I look up to is my parents/

grandparents because throughout the

years that I was growing up they always

encouraged me in sports and made me a

better person.

Is there a movie you could watch

over and over without getting

bored with it?

“Remember the Titans” because I

love the football scenes in the movie

and it shows how a team really fights to

the very end.

How about a TV show that you


could watch over and over?

“Impractical Jokers” because when I

watch that show it makes me laugh almost

every time.

If you could have dinner with

anyone — living or dead — who

would it be with?

It would be with Babe Ruth. I would

just like to talk with him about his career

and how well he did back then.

Also just to talk about living during that

time period just to see how things have

change over time.

If they made a movie about your

life, who should play you?

I think the closest person that should

play me is Sylvester Stallone - the character

in “Rocky” because he never gives

up and always fights to the end. I think

this best represents me because I think

that all his characteristics fit me the best.

What would that movie be


The movie should be called “Rising


Interview conducted by Sports Editor Jeff


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