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Smart televisions with amazing qualities

across Nigeria online shops

By Juliet Umeh

HAVING quality devices at

home such as a good

television set that delivers

amazing colours and brightness

is one of the ways of relaxing

Scanfrost 40-Inch Movie


With this Scanfrost 40-

inch TV, you can turn

your home into a cinema. It

provides top-notch 1080p

resolution for Full HD

movies, videogames and


Also, with its LED

backlighting, it assures a

bright high-definition

picture with outstanding

clarity and colour detail.

•Hisense TV

•Scanfrost Movie HD-LED TV

LG LED Television 39" LN5100

The LG LED Television 39

inches LN5100 has a

high quality and a very

good viewing angle. It has

been built with an IPS

Panel that gives it a crisp

clear, more consistent and

powerful screen. Also, it has

brilliant LED backlighting

that displays very clear

images, natural blacks and

the most colourful life-like

colours on a flat screen.

Hitachi 55 Inches Smart TV

There will never be a dull

moment in a home with a

Hitachi 55’’ smart TV. Its key

smart functions include full HD,

free view with screen mirroring

and DLNA.

HDR opens up one’s viewing

pleasure to real-life colour

accuracy and natural depth and


Its other smart function includes

access to Netflix, YouTube and

other apps on a super clear TV

screen with superior sound.

because such TV gives one cinema


This week, Vanguard Mobile

Market presents you smart

televisions with amazing qualities

available across Nigeria online


Hisense 40-inch LED

TV 40N2176

With its free wall bracket,

this device also

delivers theatre experience

at home. Hisens LED TVs

use LCD screens with LED

edge lights. It displays full

HD with 1920 x 1080 panel


•LG LED Television

•Hitachi 55 Inches Smart TV

By Juliet Umeh

With the objective of

depleting Nigeria’s

unemployed population,

ICT Infrastructure

Solutions Provider, Inlaks,

embarked on ATM

Academy project in 2016.

The project was its own

Corporate Social

Responsibility, CSR,

platform directed at

training young Nigerians

to acquire the skills of

ATM building and


The six-month long

programme trained


graduates; giving them a

complete knowledge of

the rudiments of an

Automated Teller

Machine, ATM service

for the purpose of

building a team of ATM

experienced engineers

who are well qualified for

recruitment within Inlaks,




The curriculum of the

programme also involves

customer management,

store and inventory

management, logistic

operation, power system

engineering and Printed

Circuit Board, PCB,


Having trained about

two sets since inception,

the third set has just

completed the course last

February and Inlaks

believes it has contributed

its own quota in building

the Nigerian army of

skilled workers.

Inlaks’ MD/CEO Africa

Operations, Mr Femi

Adeoti, expressed

pleasure that the

successful completion of

ATM Academy 3.0,

through a world-class

training process has

Samsung rolls out Galaxy A Series for

better mobile connection

By Prince Osuagwu


acting to market

forces and

strong demand for its

products, device maker,

Samsung Electronics

rolled out four new

smartphones under its

Galaxy A Series. The

new smartphones, according

to Samsung

are designed with improvements

to the essential

device features.

The key features of

the series include immersive

viewing experiences,


lasting performance

and high resolution

camera quality.

Head of Information

and Mobile Technology,

Samsung Electronics

West Africa, Adetunji

Taiwo, said:

ATM Engineers

Inlaks increases Nigeria’s skilled

workforce with ATM Academy

project, graduates 3.0 set

created a new ATM Feeder

team that can take the

world by storm.

According to Adeoti,

the Academy which is

free of charge has

graduated 57 students

with 16 trainees from

ATM Academy 3.0 being

given an intensive and

practical-based ATM

training and eventually

inducted as ATM Support

staff in this leading ICT


He added that applicants

to the Academy are

required to hold an Ordinary

National Diploma,

OND, in Engineering

or Physics as well as

ability to scale other assessment


Executive Director, Infrastructure

Business at

Inlaks, Tope Dare, also

described the significance

of the program

saying: “Unlike most

things that can be

“This is a series that

has also embraced affordability

in a big

way and is set to capture

the imagination

of more people, in

many ways. Ultimately,

the new Galaxy A

Series is designed for

the way that people

are connecting today –

sharing, capturing

and consuming live

content on-the-go.”

He said the new series

offers diverse,

powerful devices that

can keep up with

these spontaneous,

collaborative interactions.

Also, Managing Director

at Samsung

Electronics West Africa,

David Suh, said:

“We are committed to

providing meaningful

searched out on the internet,

adequate knowledge

of Automated Teller

Machine services will

require a deliberate

training to gain the status

of an ATM engineer.

It is a great opportunity

for the selected candidates

as the ATM training

comes with a job opportunity.

He said: “Inlaks, a

partner of Hyosung

TNS, a global leader in

ATM manufacturing services

is known for supplying,

installing and

maintaining over 6000

ATMs within Nigeria

and Africa. It is therefore

needful to properly

groom a well versed

team capable of handling

the ever evolving

nature of the ATM industry

and improve the

company’s capacity to

service its present and

prospective customers.

innovation to everyone

for a better mobile experience.

That innovation

starts with the all

new Galaxy A Series.

“People are changing

the way they connect,

and their smartphones

need to keep

up. Our new Galaxy A

Series offers improvements

to the essential

features that will support

these live interactions,

with diverse options

to meet their

ever-changing needs,”

he added.

He, however, noted

that with the Galaxy A

Series, consumers can

also seamlessly experience

the Galaxy ecosystem

using key services

such as Samsung

Health, Samsung

Members, and Bixby.

Suh said: “The allnew

Galaxy A Series is

filled with enhanced

features across the


The entire A series is

power-packed with innovations

and upgrades

that empower

people to do so much

more. The series will

also bring better value

to more people, effortlessly.”

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