2018 Annual Report


Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity's 2018 Annual Report

annual report



from the executive director

Dear Friends,

Maybe I am naïve, but

I never stop believing

that we can change the

world. You must share

that belief since you are

taking the time to read

this annual report. We

crave assurance that

we make the lives of our neighbors better:

that our lives have impact. In 2018, I saw

first hand the impact you made through

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity.

Impact requires vision and action. We

started 2018 by committing to a bold

vision to empower 1,000 more families

with healthy, stable homes in the next

decade. Throughout the year, we built the

strategies to achieve this audacious goal.

We designed compact neighborhoods

around two-story townhomes. We

expanded home repair, keeping people in

the homes and neighborhoods they love

as they age.

We supported Habitat of Madison County

in completing their first new home in over

a decade. We were able to accomplish all

of this because you gave your time, voice

and financial support with world-changing

generosity. Thank you!

Hopefully the stories in this report

remind you of your positive impact on

this community and inspire you for the

challenges to come. Far too many of our

neighbors lack adequate housing. With

your partnership, clear vision and effective

action, we will grow the impact we have in

Buncombe County and beyond.

In Gratitude,

Andy Barnett

Rendering by Steve and

Valeria Wyda

As the Asheville area prospers, many of our neighbors are being left behind. 1 in 8

households pay more than half of their income for housing, leaving too little for other

basic needs. The social, economic, and health impacts that result affect us all.

Over the next decade, with your help, we will work to empower 1,000 families

in the Asheville region to improve their housing and build strong, stable futures.

We’ve just begun building townhomes for the first time in order to serve more families.

Later this year, we will open a 2nd ReStore. Next, we’ll break ground on our largest

neighborhood (nearly 100 homes), serving the widest range of incomes. Then we’ll

celebrate the milestone of 500 families served through our home repair program. And

that’s just some of what we’ll accomplish in the next five years.

Thank you for your support! By using your time, financial resources, and voice

you help build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We build strength, stability and self-reliance.

volunteer donate advocate apply



of safe, stable housing

Habitat homeownership brings both

excitement about what’s to come--

and relief from what’s left behind.

For LaQuila and her daughter, “time to go

home” was drawn out

and delayed every day.

They spent a lot of

time at local libraries,

parks, and fast food

restaurants avoiding

the place where they

stayed but never really

considered home.

Now, they look forward

to the haven of home

after work and school.

Many families are

excited to host gatherings because

they now have the space – and kitchen

appliances that function. Never again will the

oven be used as a heat source.

For others, laundry is no longer a dreaded

chore. Gone are the days of dragging kids to

the laundromat.

The sight and sounds of kids running around

playing, laughing, even screaming-- never

gets old. Kids and their parents relish that

they can frolic in the neighborhood without

the threat of violence and drugs.


moves, unsafe


long days away,

fretting over how

to pay rent, buy

groceries and take

care of the medical

bills. Habitat


removes these

barriers and

empowers families.

When the daily struggle to survive ends,

families thrive.

With your support and through personal

determination and perseverance, families

are empowered to build better futures with

Habitat. Thank you donors and sponsors,

volunteers and advocates, for your role in

this empowering work.

Fast fact:

More than 75%

of our repair clients are

older adults (age 62+).

Home Repair

At age 93, Ms. Emma Aiken (pictured

R) is a mother, a grandmother, a great

grandmother, a great great grandmother

and a great great great grandmother. With

165 family members — hers is one of the

largest African American families in the

area. Family reunions are outdoor affairs

as no one’s home is large enough to host

the entire family! While Asheville is her

home, Emma’s family extends from the

mid-west up into the northeast, down to

Hendersonville and beyond.

Emma moves around well for her age, but

the stairs leading down from the front door

of her West Chapel Road home proved

to be tricky. Our team, accompanied

by Spectrum volunteers, built a 70′

accessibility ramp and did some other

repairs to help ensure Emma can continue

to live safely in the home that holds all of

her family memories.

Twenty Spectrum volunteers spent a

Saturday in the mud building sections of the

ramp, landscaping, and digging holes for

the ramp posts; becoming the largest group

we’ve had on a Home Repair project to date.

Spectrum generously donated their time

and money through the Spectrum Housing

Assist program. Despite the wet weather,

volunteers were eager to work and help


“Since my husband passed I don’t have a lot

of people out here,” Emma said. “So it was

just amazing to see all the volunteers out

here- they came out here to help me.”

89 families served locally and globally in 2018

16 houses built and sold & 47homes repaired

impact of your giving

We are grateful to all who have heeded

the call to personally and actively address our

region’s affordable housing crisis by supporting

Asheville Habitat.

As an organization that transcends politics,

race, gender and other things that often divide

us, we unite in the shared vision of a world

where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat donors include individuals and families,

varied faith communities, private foundations,

schools, government entities, and a growing list

of local businesses.

Our donors want to do more than write a check.

They also volunteer alongside homeowners,

host events, and participate in celebrations

such as wall raisings and dedications. And they

inspire others to engage in our work by sharing

their experience with family, friends, church

members, and colleagues.

You can view the complete list of 2018

donors and sponsors at ashevillehabitat.org/


Thank you!

1,229 donors gave generously

Everyone can make a meaningful gift and

each gift, regardless of size, helps us buy

and develop land, build houses and repair

homes. And with a 4-star Charity Navigator

rating, you can trust that we will effectively

steward your gift.

I love Habitat because it’s so infectious. You

get to see the tangible impact of their work

as houses go up. Then something really

special happens when you get to know the

families and houses transform into homes.

At that moment you feel called to help others

get involved.

~ George Groome

Photo: Rick Guthy (L) of Wicked Weed, a

Full House Sponsor, looks on as LaQuila

reviews her mortgage documents with

attorney Marc Rudow.

Join the #build828 movement

today to become part of

the solution to our region’s

affordable housing crisis!

For the cost of just a few

lattes you will help provide

more neighbors - including

servers, health care

providers, and teachers - a

safe, affordable place to call

home. With a recurring gift,

you become part of a diverse

group of people committed

to the idea that everyone

deserves a decent place to


We’ll thank you with an

annual 40% off coupon to the

ReStore, a special #build828

jobsite volunteer day and

lunch with our executive

director, a #build828 tote bag

(with $10 minimum monthly

gift), and more! Join today at


impact of your volunteerism

Nearly 2,000 volunteers built or repaired

homes with us last year. So it’s no wonder

that when people think of volunteering with

Habitat, they think of hammering, sawing,

painting, installing

cabinets and

laying sod.

In the ReStore,

volunteers ring

up purchases at

registers, process


load customer

purchases, and



cabinets. In the


office, the person

greeting you,

answering phones,

and entering data is usually a volunteer. And

many behind-the-scenes committee members

work on policies and procedures and provide

strategic advice.

The value of the 70,000+ volunteer hours

logged at Asheville Habitat last year is

$1,746,101. Impressive! But there is also

intrinsic value in what our volunteers do

outside of their volunteer shift.

Away from the table saws, ReStore registers,

and desktop computers, volunteers are brand

ambassadors, sharing the work of Habitat

with the community.

They routinely recruit

friends to volunteer

and suggest Habitat’s

programs to those in

need of housing. They

write a check when

an appeal arrives in

their mailbox, and

text or email elected

officials when urgent

advocacy action

is needed. This is

because Habitat

volunteers know the

profound impact of a

safe, affordable home

from their first-hand

experience of working alongside families

building better futures with Asheville Habitat.

We are grateful to all who allocate one of life’s

most treasured assets – time – to help build

homes, communities and hope. Whether one

day or one day each week, your gift of time is


Photo: Homeowner Amara and her two children on their porch

Volunteering with Habitat

is still the most rewarding

volunteer experience I

have ever had.

~ Linda, Homeowner Selection

Committee volunteer


volunteers contributed


hours of service

3,847 Sweat Equity hours

completed by Habitat homebuyers

and home repair clients

To see the list of 2018 Core Volunteers

(those who make an ongoing

commitment), view the online report at


~Global Village Trip participant


Melissa Banks (pictured above) first

came to Asheville in 2016 when she

brought a team of volunteers here

to work on our Women Build House.

She has since relocated to Asheville

and is now a Core Volunteer!

Out of town groups are becoming

an increasingly large part of our

volunteer program. Known for

outdoor adventure, music, culture,

food, and of course beer, Asheville is

an appealing destination for missioninspired

travelers. We invite you to

learn more about our inbound travel

trips. Please contact Stephanie at

swallace@ashevillehabitat.org or


Special Feature: Women Build

Women Build is much more than a Habitat house. Retired development officer and

active “WomBAT” Betsy Warren says it best. “It’s power tools, social justice, handson

activism, dancing, laughing, learning, and hundreds of Buncombe County women

coming together for

a common cause.”

Women Build is a

project of Habitat

for Humanity

International that

empowers women

to help families build

My Habitat mortgage payment

is less than half of what I was

paying in rent.

~ Ashley, owner of 2018 Women Build House

strength, stability and independence. Asheville Habitat’s first Women Build House was

completed in 1994. It has been going strong ever since thanks to a team of dedicated

volunteers affectionately known as the “WomBATs” (Women Build Advocacy Team) who

help recruit volunteers and raise funds to build the house.

Noting that women bear the brunt of our

housing crisis, executive director Andy

Barnett, notes, “I am proud that at Habitat

women lead in the solutions, as part of

Women Build and Habitat in general, and from

the construction site to the board room.”

While Women Build is not about excluding

men, it is about including women, offering an

entry point and a comfortable environment

for women to work on a construction site.

Many of our core women volunteers first

engaged with Habitat through Women Build.

Learn more at ashevillehabitat.org.


of your voice

Your voice. You won’t find

it in a tool belt, but it’s a

powerful tool!

With 12,000 Buncombe County

households (7,000 renters and 5,000

homeowners, ACS 2016) currently

paying more than 50% of income

on housing, the need for affordable

housing continues to grow. Your

voice is more important than ever!

Use your voice to speak up for

changes to policies and systems

that will help eliminate barriers to

adequate, affordable housing. It’s

another way you can help create a

world where everyone has a decent

place to live. Sign up to receive text

alerts. Text buildlouder to 51555.

2018 Highlights

Nearly 80 community

members attended our

screening of Priced

Out, a film about the

effects of gentrification

and displacement on

a historically black

community in Portland,

OR. A panel discussion

afterwards with

representatives from

Habitat, Pisgah Legal

Services and Asheville-

Buncombe Community

Land Trust addressed

gentrification, the housing

crisis, and possible

solutions for our local


Habitat staffer Maddy

Alewine and Habitat

homeowner Staci Williams

(pictured above) went to

Raleigh to participate in

Habitat for Humanity’s

Legislative Day. They

learned about affordable

housing policy and

garnered political advice,

wisdom, and knowledge

from elected officials,

lobbyists, the NC Housing

Coalition, and Habitat

International’s Government

Relations team. They also

met with Representative

Susan Fisher who

was moved by Staci’s

description of her journey

to Habitat homeownership.

27 children moved into safe, decent homes

impact beyond Buncombe


$748,910. That’s how much Asheville Habitat

has contributed to Habitat affiliates globally

since 1983. From being a long-term partner

of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to being

the single largest contributor to the newer

Orphans and Vulnerable Groups Fund

(OVG), Asheville Habitat is a leader in Tithe

for affiliates of our size, serving 210 families

internationally since 1986.

Global Village (GV)

By taking teams of volunteers to build houses

and install Healthy Home Kits, we’ve been

“following our tithe” to Guatemala for many

years now. We are one of 77 Habitat affiliates

engaged in the GV program.

Asheville Habitat volunteer and veteran Global

Village trip participant Bernie Koesters shared,

“50% of families have respiratory illnesses

because they cook in a small space with no

ventilation. In one day, a team of volunteers

builds a smokeless stove and the family’s life

is changed forever. They see a healthier future

for themselves and their children.”

26 households served globally

through our tithe program and

sale of Guatemalan coffee, tea &

handicrafts in the ReStore

In the Mountains of WNC

Not far beyond the Buncombe County border

sits the home of the Alshaer family. Located in

Mars Hill, we built this Habitat home last year

in partnership with Madison County Habitat

for Humanity. This was the third Habitat

home we built as part of the SECU-Habitat

Mountains to the Sea Challenge, a statewide

initiative to build 100 Habitat homes (1 in each

NC county).

ReStore Program

Innovation was at the heart of our newest

initiative to increase global impact. Through

a partnership with Dynamite Roasting Co. we

sell organic Guatemalan coffee in the ReStore,

as well as Guatemalan handicrafts and tea.

Proceeds from all three products go towards

Healthy Home Kits (water filters, smokeless

stoves and sanitary latrines) for Guatemala

coffee farmers. Talk about full circe!


of ReStore

From a volunteer-run Silent Auction to a book and

record “store within a store”, the ReStore is anything

but a typical retail operation. For community members

seeking discount furniture, housewares, appliances,

etc. the ReStore is a beacon of affordability. Thriftstore

aficianados often go home with treasures they

didn’t need but can’t live without; just part of “the thrill

of the hunt”. Folks interested in engaging with their

community, find myriad volunteer opportunities to

make community change -- and friends. And for those

with gently used items to donate, the ReStore makes

it easy by offering free pick-ups within Buncombe

County and a drop-off donation lane open 6 days a

week. A big thanks to all of our ReStore shoppers,

donors and volunteers! Learn more at


We had a substantial pick up

of donated furniture which

required professional handling

to avoid damage to the materials

as well as our home. Your staff

was prompt in their arrival and

extremely careful in handling the

furniture. In addition, they were

excellent ambassadors for the

Habitat mission.

~ Sharon & Paul, ReStore donors



tons of usable material

diverted from landfills



ReStore volunteers


volunteer hours


• Provides the community

with an affordable source of

building materials, furniture,

housewares, etc.



372,630 items sold

• Employs 25 people & pays

a living wage


Like most non-profits, Asheville Habitat relies

on funding from individuals, businesses, faith

communities, foundations, and government

entities. Unique to our business model are

the sustainable funding sources-- Habitat

homeowner mortgage payments, home

repair payments, and ReStore proceeds.

Our own revenue streams coupled with

generous community support enable us

to meet ambitious goals year after year.

As we move towards our goal of serving

another 1,000 families in the next decade,

both the continued support of long-existing

partnerships as well as new collaborations

will be essential. We invite you to be part of

this exciting next chapter.

Thank you!

Great internal

controls, processes,

and people...

It’s amazing how

successful Asheville

Habitat has become

and continues to be.

~ Scott Hughes,


Statement of Financial Position

June 30, 2018


Cash and Equivalents $2,323,564

Restricted Cash $239,754

Prepaid Expenses $59,197

Grants Receivable $18,296

Promises to Give, net $97,565

Investments $554,931

Inventory $1,890,997

Construction in Progress $593,744

Mortgages Receivable $8,285,001

Property and Equipment,

Net of Depreciation $8,632,466

Other Assets $78,404

Total Assets $22,773,919


Accounts Payable & Accrual Expenses $162,589

Payroll Liabilities $170,167

Homeowners’ Escrow Payable $238,900

Refundable Deposits $8,586

Notes Payable $8,970,230

Total Liabilities $9,550,472

Net Assets

Unrestricted $10,470,951

Temporarily Restricted $115,795

Permanently Restricted $2,636,721

Total Net Assets $13,223,447

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $22,773,919

Statement of Activities

For the Year Ended June 30, 2018

Support and Revenue

Contributions $1,714,645

Sale of Homes $2,049,321

Home Repair Sales $51,439

Government Grants $362,067

ReStore Income $2,793,451

Amoritization of Mortgage Discounts $802,354

Rents, Net of Related Expenses $ 2,787

Other Income $169,200

Total Public Support, Revenues and Gains $7,945,264

Total Net Assets Released from Restrictions $110,580

Total Unrestricted Public Support,

Revenues and Gains $8,055,844


Program Services $6,972,367

Management and General $188,804

Fundraising $517,151

Total Expenditures $7,687,322

Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets $377,522

Decrease in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets ($151,710)

Increase in Permanently Restricted Assets $69,961

Increase in Net Assets $295,773

Audited financial statements are available upon request.

Since 1983, Asheville Area

Habitat for Humanity, an

independent affiliate of the

ecumenical Christian housing

ministry Habitat for Humanity

International, has welcomed

people of all faiths, ethnicities,

creeds and backgrounds to its

organization and communities.








and General


Photo: Melania and her son at the closing table

$837,134 in returning homeowner mortgage

payments contributed to our homebuilding program

our volunteers

A whopping 70,721 hours of volunteer service was provided by 2,350 volunteers in 2018! We are

appreciative of everyone who shares their time and talent with us, whether it be for one shift or one

shift each week. The following lists denote our 2018 core volunteers - those who volunteered on a

regular basis. Thank you!

Photo: A team of AAHH

staff and volunteers

participated in the Jimmy

and Rosalyn Carter Work

Project in Indiana.

Core Volunteers-


Ross Akin

Dick Allen

Melissa Banks

Jim Barham

Bill Bechtold

Jess Benton

Tom Berner

Jess Bernstein

Rhea Bockhorst

Philip Bowers

Cetta Brown

Fayette Brown

Claudia Cady

Ken Clark

Kevin Click

Jan Cosman

Gilbert Curl, Jr.

Walton Curl, MD

Charles Cziczo

Carol Deal

Ken Deal

David DeCarme

Jim Drennan

Ray Ducharme

Bill Durant

Louis Dwarshuis

Phil Edgerton

Ted Faber

Lou Farquhar

Kathy Fefer

Ginny Felice

Paul Finegan

Ian Fischer

Charlie Franck

Beth Greck

Cecil Greck

Jan Griffen

John Hammond

Doug Harris

Terri Harris

Gene Horner

Ralph Johnson

Don Jones

Bill Kantonen

John Kennedy

Bernie Koesters

Tom Kopp

Alan Lang

Mike Lang

John Latham

Bob Laveck

Wally Lee

Bob Lindsey

Bill Lineberry

Jim Losse

Ron Macklem

Leslie Matthews

Bill McDowall

Kerney McNeil

Georgena Millar

Barbara Morgan

Paul Muller

Ronald Navik

CJ Obara

Brad Olson

Neil O’Sullivan

Lyle Petersen

John Petkovich

Debbie Phillips

Frank Poetzsch

Jerry Ray

Bill Reid

William Rosebrock

Ken Roth

Bill Ryan

Bob Rymer

Pete Steurer

Did you know?

Bob Swartz

Buddy Tallant

John Torres

Henry Ulrichs

Jeff Vanderlip

Garland Walker

Sharon Waugh

Jack Webb

Julie White

Bill Winkler

Jack Witzel

Tom Wolff

Jim Worley

Peggy Younger

More than 50% of our

construction staff and 20% of

our construction core volunteers

are female.

Nationally, women only make up

9% of the construction industry.

Core Volunteers-


Audit Committee

Terry Bellamy

Carol Hughes

Ken Kaplan

Building Committee

Kerney McNeil

Amy Musser

Robin Raines

Brad Rice




Melissa Banks

Brigitte Bassham

Jamie Dale

Bill Doyle

Tricia Franck

Kohl Friery

Tera Jabs

Cathy Jefferis

Cheryl Jones

Meredith Norwood

Brad Olson

Victoria Rose

Elaine Sargent

Nancy Schatz

Jim Worley

Events Committee

Leigh Ann Bridgman

Anne Dale

Jamie Dale

Alice Donnelly

Barbara Earle

Lyna Farkas

Barbara Geiser

Resa Holt

Maggie Lindsey

Lee Raymond

Elaine Sargent

J.W. Simpson

Julie Simpson

Finance Committee

Spencer Duin

Brattan Gelder

Scott Gillam

Jim Hamling

John Miles

Carol Vruwink

Kevin Watson

Fund Development


Ernest Ferguson

Rebecca Lawton

Jane McNeil

Nate Muller

David Whilden

Core Volunteers-Administration (Continued)

Global Engagement


Melissa Banks

Kevin Click

Jan Cosman

Tricia Franck

Bernie Koesters



Chris Cavanaugh

Cassie Dillon

Beth Robrecht

Elizabeth Sims

Kirby Tyndall


Selection Committee

Cassie Dillon

Heather Dickens

Brattan Gelder

Leslie Hennessee

Ron Lapointe

Wanda Lapointe

Lynne Petersen

Krista Pialet-Forgrave

Merion Presha

Linda Smathers

Rick Spoering

Home Repair


Andrea Golden

Jim Hamling

Leslie Hennessee

Carole Spainhour

Charlotte Wade

Tim Wrinn

Human Resources


Kevin Click

Lou Farquhar

Ian Fischer

Dionne Greenlee-Jones

Jim Hamling

Rebecca Lawton

Maria Roloff

Lori Thrower

Land Acquisition


Will Buie

David English

Jane McNeil

Robin Raines

Marc Rudow

Legacy Builders

Society Advisory


Spencer Duin

Brattan Gelder

Skip Helms

Rebecca Lawton

Jane McNeil

Kerney McNeil

David Whilden

Mary Bruce Woody

Office Support

Donna Bowman

Steven Casciato

Barbara Cooper

Mignon Durham

Lyna Farkas

Aaron Finkel

Linda Geer

Rhoda Groce

Laura Harrison

Tiffany Schultz

Jane Schwarz

Lee Shampang

Georgia M. Shannon

Carol Vruwink

Betsy Warren

ReStore Committee

Chris Cavanaugh

Mary Jane Grigsby

Jim Hamling

Beth Robrecht

Special Projects

Laura Casey

Strategic Planning


Terry Bellamy

Chris Cavanaugh

Tricia Franck

John Miles

Tim Wrinn

Photos this page, from L to R:

Deconstruction volunteer Tom

Weaver; Office Volunteer Jane

Schwarz; AmeriCorps members

Nora (L) and Sydney (R) working

on a home repair project

Photo, opposite page: ReStore

volunteer Rosemarie Robuck

Core Volunteers-


Ted Ahl

Bruce Ammerman

Stephen Bakes

Andrew Baltz

Melissa Banks

Christian Bellamy

Cecil Bennett

Jim Bingham

Jason Blount

Diane Bryson

Bill Bumby

Mike Burke

Katie Caron

Mark Caron

Rob Carroll

Mark Carter

Phil Casey

Gene Charleton

Jacob Cohen

Barbara Cordts

Bernhard Cordts

Stuart Cotterill

Nancy Cromer

Jamie Dale

Julie Davis

Sandra Day

LaVerna DeBenigno

Philippe Deguise

Mike Dickmann

Susan Diehn

Cassie Dillon

Susan DuPree

Sandra Dykes

Bruce Emory

Sid Finkel

Charlie Franck

Matthew Freeman

David Garver

Roger Gauthier

Barbara Geiser

Jenny Giannetto

Jesse Gingrich

Denise Goodson

Jim Goodson

Lowell Grabel

Al Gribble

Sherry Griffith

Mary Jane Grigsby

Ned Guttman

Jo Harvey

Lisa Harvey

John Harvin

Nancy Herman

Paula Hidy

Dick Hipp

Resa Holt

Fran Hutchens

Bill Isrin

Kara Jamry

Cathy Jefferis

Bob Jordan

Karen Jordan

Anne Justice

Joe Kane

Laurie Keller

Lynn Kirby

Sharon Kirkpatrick

Connie Koiner

Bill Kwochka

Dorelle Laffal

Gail Lamb

Michelle LaRocque

Karen Larson

John Latham

Allen Laws

Allen Leduc

Wally Lee

Angela Lepro

Laura Lowe

Nicholas Malgadey

Angie Manuel

Dick Manz

Peggy Manz

Marge Marsh

Susan Maveety

Carolyn McDonald

Barbara McEwen

Rhonda McKenna

Kayren McKnight

Diane McLean

Kaaren McNulty

Janice Mead

Chris Morgan

Fred Morgan

Penny Morris

Paul Muller

Meredith Norwood

Roger Parkin

Shirley Parkin

Jane Parmley

Wendy Parton

Pat Perkerson

Eric Petersen

Lawrence Pierce

Stephanie Plemmons

Richard Pollard

Richard Quartert

Tina Quinn

Sheila Ray

Lee Raymond

Betty Jo Readling

Warren Reif

Judy Ridge

Beth Robrecht

Rosemarie Robuck

Kris Ruth

Wayne Ruth

Marianne Ryall

Ron Schmid

Haydee Schulte

Karen Schwartz

Ron Schwartz

Ann Schwarz

Mae Score

Harvey Sexton

Dan Shackelford

Andrew Simons

J.W. Simpson

Martha Smith

Yvonne Smith

Charlie St. Clair

Margie Stansell

Skip Stansell

Cindy Stanton

Gary Stefan

Richard Stiles

Nona Stuck

Trina Summers

Anne Tansey

Bruce Tettemer

Raymond Tippett

Walt Tolley

Marty Toren

Lou Towson

Jan Trainor

Shelley Turf

Linda Urquhart

Rebecca Vergara

Anne Vilen

Laurie Vint

Barbara Wagner

Sheri Waters

Charlotte Watson

Tom Weaver

Dick Werling

Alegera Wilkerson

Arnold Willen

Alan Williams

Marci Windham

Bernie Wolfe

Beebe Woodside

Jan Wright

Jean York

Bill Zaferis

Edward Zaidberg

our donors

We are grateful to the 1,229 generous donors who contributed the funds needed to serve 89 families

in Buncombe County and beyond. Your gifts help individuals and families build brighter futures on the

foundation of safe, stable homes. Thank you!

We hope you will accept our apologies should there be errors of omission, misspelling, or otherwise

incorrect listings. Please bring corrections to the attention of Ann Hubbard at 828.210.9378.

A&R Accounting & Tax Inc

Dena Abercrombie

Abernethy United

Methodist Church

Able Rent-A-Jon

Joseph Accardi

Marla and Joel Adams

Michael J. Adams

Advanced Business


AeroFlow Healthcare

Pam Aho

Gregory Ahrenhoerster

Daniel and Laurel



Jennifer Akers

Alachua Habitat for

Humanity Inc

Albemarle Foundation

Timothy Alberts

John Alewine

Maddy Alewine

Gale Alexander

Alice D. Hamling, Inc.

All About Plumbing

Cynthia Alleman

Bonnie and Chris Allen

Catherine and Will Allen

Dick and Judy Allen

Donita Allen

Brent and Christen Allison

Martha Jean Alvis

David and Bonnie Amaral

AmazonSmile Foundation

Burt and Donna Anderson

Magne and Elaine Anderson

Mary and Jack Anderson

Raynor Andrulewich

Anonymous Donors

Irina Antyufeyeva

Joy and Bob Appleton

Bernard and Holly Arghiere

Chad Armour

Doug and Barb Arnold

Michael Arones

Asbury Memorial United

Methodist Church

Dennis Ash and

Sarah Lashlee

Anja Ashdown

Asheville Fence

Asheville Fine Arts Theatre

Asheville Home Builders


Asheville Van Life

Asheville Yoga Center

Atlanta Bread Company

Margaret M. Averyt

AvL Technologies

Sandra Aycock

Lorelle Bacon

Jeremy and Geneve Bacon

Gary Bagnato

Kenneth and Karen Bain

Laurin Baker

Melissa Baker

Nancy Baker

Jeanette and

Thomas Baldwin

James and Kit Baley

Tom Balsanek

Joe Bange

Bank of America


Bankers Insurance

Melissa Banks

Sherwood Banner

Barbara Cassat and

Michael Francis

Keleher Fund

Fred and Susan Barbour

Jim and Julia Barham

LisaRose and Pat Barnes

Nada Barnett

Andrew Barnett and

Jennifer Folkers

Luther and Ruth Barnhardt

Mary Bartholomew

Basilica of St. Lawrence

Sylvia M. Bassett

Brigitte Bassham

Jocelyn Baumgarten


Dr. and Mrs. Tom Beardsley

The Beattie Foundation

Croom and

Meriwether Beatty

Belinda Beck

Virginia Becker

Beer Money Ventures, LLC

Rita C. Belanger

Kelly Belcher

Mary Alice Bell

Steve and Suzanne Bellich

Sylvia Bendersky

Lucy Bennett

Jess and Joy Benton

Mike and Fredreen


Michelle Bevans

The Biltmore Company

Biltmore Wines

Bishop Towing & Recovery

Sheree and Jim Bissett

Kristina Black

Black Mountain

Presbyterian Church

BlackBird Frame & Art

Brady and Bobbie


Bonnie and Bruce Blackley

Phil Blake

Blanche and Sue Carroll

Garry Bleeker

Steve and Suzanne


Blind Pig Supper Club

Eva Blinder

Heidi and Will Blozan

Blue Ridge Appraisal, LLC

Blue Ridge Orthodontics

Body Fuel Vending LLC

Judy and Mike Bohan

Bob and Irma Bond

Col. and Mrs. Gordon Booth

Delores Borreson

Henry and Jean Boulanger

Debra Bowen and

Michael Ziecheck

Rick and June Bowles

Bart and Elaine Boyer

Travis and Jennifer Boyer

David Boyles

Marian Bradley

Renee Bresler

Jeff and Leigh Ann


Faye and Irby Brinson

Bristol-Myers Squibb


Nora Brock

Isabel Brooker

Robyn Brooks

Allan and Jean Brown

Cetta Brown

Daniel and Linda Brown

Donald and Barbara Brown

Donna and Phillip Brown

Doug and Ann Brown

Fayette Brown

Janice Brown and

David Goldsmith

Muffi Brown

Stephen and Linda Brown

Jennifer Browne

Janice and Joe Brumit

Diane J. Bryson

Buchi Kombucha

Bud and Karel Buice

BuildFax Inc.

Elizabeth Bullock

William Bumby and

Sue Vogel

Glenda and Bob Burgin

Burial Beer Company

Mike Burke

Anne and Nat Burkhardt

Beverly and Terry Burt

Burt Langley

Greta Bush and Keith Silcox

Jones and Sandra Byrd

Claudia Cady and

Boone Guyton

Angela Caffaro

Larry and Maria Cain

Wayne and Mary Caldwell

Pamela Camp

Susan Canale

Angela and Brett Cannady

Tom and Katharine Cannon

Walter and Betsy Cantrell


Linda and Fred Cardina

Laura Cardwell

Thomas and Gay Carman

Carol Marin Real Estate Inc

Benitia and her son look at the floor plans of their home.

Carolina Day School

Carolina Mountain

Roofing & Construction,


Bill and Terri Carpenter

Dorothy Carpenter

Kathy and John Carpenter

Ellen and Bob Carr

Sue Carroll and

Victoria Blanche

Cynthia and David Carson

Angela Carter

Kyle Carter

Steven Casciato

Jay and Linda Casselberry

Catawba Brewing Co.

Cathedral High School

The Cathedral of All Souls

Chris and Pam Cavanaugh


Celine and Company


Central UMC Covenant


Central United Methodist


Champion Credit Union

Ian Charleton

Charter Communication


Bill Chase

Ray Chavez and Linda Zang

Anna Chiles

K. L. Chok

Christ Community

Church - Montreat

John Christiansen


Shelia Christofalos

Peter and Catherine Chu

Mary Alice Church-Steurer

and Pete Steurer

Chris Cicotello

Circle of Mercy

Cisco Pilates

City of Asheville

Tim and Eileen Clare

Barbara Clarizio

Chester Clark

Robin Clark

Taletha Clark

Ann and Samuel Clarke

Betsy and Douglas Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clarke

Classic Event Rental

Clean Environments

Charlotte Cleghorn

Karen Clerici

Kevin Click

Celia helps raise

the first wall of her

new home..

Supporters (cont.)

Pat and Charlie Clogston

David Cohen

Jeff and Nan Cole

Marvin Cole

Pat Cole

College of Charleston

Laura Collie

Esther Colliflower

Ben Collins and

Christina Ventresca

Celeste and Carleton Collins

Christina Collins

Dave and Rose Collins

Jake Collins

Tom and Yvonne Collins

Cecil Colon

Craig Comeau

Kellie and Ken Condra

April Conover

Bob and Elizabeth Cook

Debby Cooper

Russ and Heather Cooper

Lisa Copper

William Copper

Jan Cosman

County of Buncombe

Cary Courier

Kaye Cox-Andrews

Ann Coyle

Carol and Carlton Craig

Wendy A. Craig, PA

Jerad Crave

Denniston and Kay Crews

Phil Croll and

Robin van Alstyne

John Cronise

Brown Crosby

David Crossley

Eileen and Michael Crowe

Peggy Crowe

Cathy Crump

Jeanne and Charlie


Walt and Kay Curl

Katie Currier

Susan and Jeff Curtis

Judy Curtis

Jamie and Anne Dale

Stanley Dalton

Bobbie Daniel

Darchuk Law Offices

Penny and Levi Dardar

Tim Darst and

Angela Lincoln

Kathryn Daughton

Bob and Dottie Davis

Jan and Ann Davis

Joyce Davis and Alan Cutter

Madeline Davis

Terry Davis and Gail Hyde

Ann and John Day

Katherine Day

Anna Marcel De Hermanas

Molly De Mattos and

Heather Brown

Jerry Deaver

LaVerna and

Arthur DeBenigno

Anne deBuys

Patricia Deck

Donald and Michelle Decker

Ruth Decker

Deerfield Episcopal

Retirement Community

Mary DeGroot

John Delaloye

Deltec Homes

Cissy Dendy

Anna Gasque Depta

Eugene and

Virginia Derryberry

Douglas Desrosiers

William and

Penelope Dickason

Heather and

Matthew Dickens

Catherine Dickinson

Michael Dickmann

Lynne C. Diehl

Kim Diello

Leslie and Jurgen Dierks

Cassie Dillon

Paul and Chris Dismukes

Susan Dobroski

Doc Brown’s BBQ

Dorothy Donaldson

Alice and Mike Donnelly

Michelle and Eddie Dorf

Allen Doty

Doug Shuford Seamless


Mary Douglass and

Tom Jones

Richard and Melinda


Dow Chemical

Tom Doyle

Jim and Penny Drennan

Spencer and Carol Duin

Lyn Dunn

Erin and Todd Dunnuck

Robert and Cynthia Durham

Roger Durham

Robert and Elizabeth Dutnell

Jan Duwelius

Sandra and Steve Dykes

Dynamite Roasting Co.

Barbara Earnhardt

Eaton Charitable Fund

Eaton Corporation

Richard and Bridget Eckerd

Economy Services

Edward Jones

Dorothy Eggan

Rosie Eisenberg

El Rebozo Mexican


Carey Jo and Jim Elam

Sumaya El-Attar

Rev. Barbara Eldridge

Holly and Doug Elledge

Tommy and Sarah Eller

Cleone Elrod

Bruce and Day Ann Emory

Bruce and Denise Ertell

Nancy Erwin

Alan and Suzanne Escovitz

Laura Esleeck

The Eve Circle

Extreme Awards &


ExxonMobil Foundation

Ted and Donna Faber

Rachel Fagan

Vic Fahrer

Chloe Fair

Fairfield Inn

Fairfield Inn & Suites

Lou and John Farquhar

Ronda Federman

Barbara Feinberg

Wendy Lee Feinberg

Mark and Bette Feingold

Ernest and Shirley Ferguson

James G. Ferguson

Mary Ferrate

Harvey Fichtelberg

Jason and Whitney


Marshall and Heidi Fields

Theodore and Judy Figura

Bonnie Findley

Paul and Virginia Finegan

First Bank

First Baptist Church -


First Baptist Church of


First Presbyterian Church

of Asheville

Hedy Fischer

Ian and Debbie Fischer

Paul and Joan Fleisig

Edward Fleming

Barbara Flint

Peter and Debra Fontaine

Walter Fordyce

Richard Forkey

Cynthia Forrest

Janie Foster

Margaret Fouse

Amy Fowler

Chip and Annette Fox

Tricia and Charlie Franck

Linda Frankl

Jill Franklin

Franklin School of Innovation

Alice Freeman

Maureen Freeman

Michael and

Carol Anne Freeman

Deb Friedman

Linda Friedman

Sonya Friedrich

Lynne Froeba

Frugal Backpacker

The Frugal Framer

Rei and Bradley Fuller

Emelia Funnell

Suzanne Furman

Linda Furr

Judy Futch and Paul Smith

Leinis Gale

Robert and Maria Gan

Thomas and

Rosanne Gandy

Sheila Garcia

James Gardner, Jr.

Grant Garmon

Susan and Roger Gaughan

GE Foundation

Martha and Ron Geitner

Bob Gelder

Gentry Heating

Georgia Institute of


Barbara and Dan Gerber

Terry Germond

Lloyd and Abby Gerry

Mary Geter

Jean Gettys

Jenny Giannetto and

Timothy Bromley

Louise Gibbons

Cynthia Gibbs

Scott and Mary Gillam

Habitat for Humanity

Global Village Teams (5)

Andy Gmitter

Ron and Pat Godbold

Paula and Stephen Goldman

Meridy and Steven Goldstein

Dianna and Jeffrey


Denise and Jim Goodson

Ann Goosmann

Laura Gordon

Karen and William Gosnell

Jeff and Barbara Gould

Grace Covenant

Presbyterian Church

Grace Episcopal Church

Bernard Gradman

Megan Grant and

Fletcher Hodnett

Jeanne Grasperge

Dick and Susan Gray

Bruce and Rebecca Greene

John and Barbara Gregg

Clementine Gregory

Jessica Gregory

Robert Gregory

David Greiner and

James Gray

Christine Grier

Timothy and Susan Griffin

Adam Griffith and

Susan McDowell

Julie Griffith

Robertson Griffith

Mike Grillot

Paula Grillot

Larry and Barbara Griswold

Carol Groben and

Doug Lebbon

Jim and Sheri Groce

Rhoda and Bill Groce

Scott and Jennifer Groce

Signing the

trusses of the

Women Build


Trey Groce

Groce United Methodist


Sharyn McDonald Groh

Barbara and

George Groome

Julie Gros

Jacek and Pam Grosicki

Habitat for Humanity Intnl

Ann Hartzog Hall

Courtney Hall

Linda Hamilton

Michael Hamler and

Chrissy Beeghly

Jim Hamling

Pat and John Hammond

Terri and Doug Harris

Mary Jo and Tom Harrison

Ron and Pat Hart

Bruce and Kathy Harter

Terry and John Hash

Sharron and Bruce Hatfield

Lib Haubenreiser

Sam Hausfather

Christina Hausman and

Andy Rhode

Jim and Judy Havard

Barbara Havera

Shirley Havera

Scot Havera-Elmore

Dwight and Jill Healy

Frances and Richard Healy

Patricia and Tom Hearron

Donald Hefner

James and Caryl Heid

Roger Held

John Hellums

Rena and Bill Henderson

Leslie Hennessee

Rick and Barbara Herbert

Nancy Herbert and Ed Stoll

Jo Nan Hester

Paula Hidy

High Country Surveyors, Inc.

Highland Brewing Company

James Hilderbrandt

Carolyn and Ben Hill

Jane and Stephen Hill

Sara Hill

Hillman Beer

Minouche and

Matthew Holcomb

Deborah and William Holden

Bob and Linda Hollis

Stan and Sandra Holt

The Home Depot Foundation

HomeTrust Bank

Hominy Baptist Church

Michelle Honeycutt

George Hooper

Supporters (cont.)

Kitty Hoover

Ruth Hopkins

Horton Family Foundation

Ann and Sam Hubbard

Bill and Marilyn Hubbard

Elizabeth and John Hubbell

Heather and Fred Hudson

Robert Huffaker

Carol Hughes

Rayda Hughes

Nancy and Ted Humble

Jane and Jack Hunnicutt

Horace Hunt

Regina Hunter and

Nikita Norris

Hunter Douglas Fabrications


Jack and Sheila Ingersoll

Ingles Markets - Corporate

Ben Irvin

Carolyn Jackson

Deanna Jackson and

Roger White

Mary Jackson

Phillip Jackson

Susan Jackson

Sharon Jacques

JAG Construction

John and Sheila Jalutkewicz

Mary James

George and Colleen


Charles Jamison and

Carol Boone

James Jarratt

Ed and Vicki Jenest

Jennings Builder’s Supply

Marilyn Jensen

John D. Crosby, Jr. Fund

for Habitat for Humanity

David and Mary Anne


Randy and Mary Johnson

Johnson Price Sprinkle

Bob and Deb Jolley

Ben and Connie Jones

Don and Jean Jones

Elizabeth Jones and

John Ellery

Joan and Skip Jones

Maryann and Bruce Jones

Suzanne Jones

Virginia Jones

Leah Joseph

Clifford Joslin

Maria Juarez

Jubilee! Community, Inc.

Ellen Kaczmarek and

Gary MacPeek

Barry Kampe

Peter and McKenzie Kanipe

Bill and Jennifer Kantonen

Vijay and Anne Kapoor

Vinod and Stasha Kapoor

Cynthia and Ken


Jim and Lynn Karegeannes

Leah Karpen

Carolyn Kastelic

Ron Katz

Shannon Kauffman

David Kaylor

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kelly

Karen Kelly

Robert and Donna Kelly

Jacqueline Kennaugh

Jeanne Kennedy

John and Jane Kennedy

Terri Kennedy

Cheri Kenyon and

Diane Paull

Lynda Kepler

Jamie Kerr

Jesse and Phyllis Key

Henri Kieffer and

Ann Batchelder

Linda and Robert Kieffer

Anne and Allan Kime

Karla and Bennett King

Lynn and Terry Kirby

Jenna Kirk

Beth Kissling

Marydanielle and Karl Kitts

Ariane and Kris Kjellquist

David and Elaine Kjellquist

Cathy Klein

Leanne Kline

Brigitte Knauf

Bernie and Susan Koesters

Stephen and Lois Kolb

Kim Kort

Thomas and Paula Kotz

Lew Kraus and Joan Cooper

Richard and Claudine Kurtz

Susan Lake

Marilyn Lalor

Land of the Sky

Association of Realtors

Rich and Suzy Landau

David Lane

Alan and Jonnie Lang

Mike and Milissa Lang

Marc Langweiler and

Candy Gallaher

Sarah Lanivich

Larsenson Land Holdings

Jean and Bruce Larson

Nancy Larson

Angela Lasher

Susan Latta

Jack and Charlotte Laughlin

Jane Lauren

Mary Lawler and

Neal Sigmon

Lawrence S. Holt, Jr. Fund

Rebecca and Trevor Lawton

Floyd and Lonie Layman

David and Susan Leader

Wilma and Michael Leary

Janet Ledder

Charles and Dorothy Lee

David L. Lee

Jay and Wendy Lee

Rachael and Anthony Lee

Lee Barnett and Sons


Rev. Fitzhugh Legerton

Lenoir-Rhyne University

Angela and Myron Lepro

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lerwick

Lesley University

Mike and Pat Levi

Lee Ann Lewis

Michael and Charlotte Lewis

Marcia Liebman

Jane Light

Donna Limperes

Andrew and Heidi Linton

Linnea and Steve Linton

Marjorie Locke

Estate of William Lee Long

Bruce and Peg Long

Doris Loomis

John and Sarah Lordeon

Les and Catherine Love

Ann Lovell

Lowe’s Charitable &

Educ. Fnd

Sandy Lundblad

Jack Lunn

Richard and Janna Lutovsky

Mrs. Edgar Lyngholm

Pat and Richard MacKinnon

Bill and Susan Macy

William and Janice Maddox

Madison County Habitat

for Humanity

Tom and Nancy Maher

Dorothy Maitland

Ron Malanga

Olga Malinoski

Chris and Rick Manheim

Gail and Ron Manheimer

David and Dillon Manly

Martin and Kathryn Mann

Dick and Peggy Manz

Maple Ridge

Construction Inc.

Mardel Holdings, LLC

Marge Marsh and

Earl Thompson

Jeanie Marshall

Anna and Langdon Martin

Arlyn and Walt Maritn

George and Nancy Martin

Mare Martin

Twila Martin and

Richard Rhea

Virginia Marvin

Don Mason and

Barbara Sheridan

Mast General Store, Inc.

Rev. and Mrs. Daniel


Lynn Maust

Jay and Susan Maveety

Patricia Maxwell

Greg Mayer

Mike and Judy Mayer

Suzy Mayer

Robert Maynard

Joseph Mayo, III

Paul Mazzola

MB Haynes Corporation

McAbee & Associates, PA

Carolyn McCall

Linda McCarson

Jo McCausland

Mark and Robin McCollough

Britni & Bryan McCollum

Hugh and Carol McCollum

Nancy and Walter


Deane H. McDaris

George McDermott

JoAnn McElrath

Judith McElroy

Verna McGaughey

Edward and Nancy


Keeley McGowan

Sarah McGrath

Rhonda and Jeff McKenna

Andrew McKenzie

Virginia McKinley

Martha and Gordon


Shanti McKinnie

Kathryn and Mark McLane

Bill and Debbie McMannis

John McManus

Jane and Kerney McNeil

Kaaren McNulty

Bruce McQuillen

John and Jil Meadows

MediationWorks of NC

Wanda Meeks

Eva and Ken Mellert

Irma Mellert

Mellow Mushroom

Paul Menges

Lewis H. Merrill

Mary Merrill and David Tarr

Metal and Thread

Margaret and Elwood Miles

Penny Miles

Dick and Linda Milholland

Milkco, Inc

Georgena Millar

Meridith Miller and

Kenneth Christensen

Steve and Debbie Miller

Frances Miller Estate

Joseph H. Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell

Lisa Montano

Supporters (cont.)

Montessori Footprints

Robert Montgmery

Diane Mooney

Michael Mooney and

Marja Warehime

Melzer Morgan

George and Judy Morosani

John and Peggy Morris

Allan Morse

Mosaic Realty

Madeline and Merritt


Christine Moses

Johnny E. Moss

Sarra Mossoff and

Justin McCalla

Marcia and John Mount


Ashley Mull

Stan Mull

Carol and Jack Mullen

Suzanne and Frank Mullen

Paul Muller

James and Deborah Mullins

Joseph Munchel

Margy Murphy

Dick and Vinton Murray

Phyllis and Donald Nagel

Jules and Anna Nagy

National Agents Alliance

National Wiper Alliance

Ronald Navik

NC Housing Finance Agency

Linda and Charles Nelms

Paul and Kate Nelson

Kay Nesbitt

Network for Good

New Belgium Brewing AVL

New Belgium Brewing


New Hope Presbyterian


New Morning Ltd.

Peggy Newell

Bill Newman

Marianne Newman

Joan Newton

Catherine Nichols

Wanda Norden

Gray and Kathy Norris

Homeowner Dianna with her two sons, at home.

North Carolina SECU


Diana Norton

Meredith Norwood

Bob Novy

Oakley United Methodist


Robert W. Oast, Jr.

Perry Olive

Brad and Laura Olson

Greg Olson and

Rosalind Willis

One Click Fix

Cal Oppenheim

Joel Osgood and

Heather Osgood-Hayes

Kieta Osteen-Cochrane

Neil and Carol O’Sullivan

Elizabeth Crisp Pagels

Margaret Palmer

Joy Pansiera

Chris and Vasiliki


John and Margie Parham

Jane Parmley

Melissa and Kevin Parris

Christina Parton

Wallace Paterson

Michael Pato

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Patrie

Frank Patton and

Susan Reiser

Amie and Graham Paul

Jeff Paul

Peachtree Presbyterian


Holt Pearce

Phil and Sandra Pearce

Ami Pearse


Elizabeth Peeler

George Peery and

Mary Stair

Jose Pena

Penland’s Furniture

Fred Pennell

Melissa Pennscott

Lynn Penny

People In Need

Ray Perrin

Lyle Petersen

Judith Peterson

John and Betty Petkovich

Paul and Marilyn Phibbs

Debbie Phillips

Dove Phillips

Kathy Phillips

Valerie Phillips

Robyn and Bruce Pichler

Mrs. Winnifred Pickering

Angela Pickett

Kelly and Lawrence Pierce

Robert and Linda Pierce

Pisgah Investments


Bob and Becky Pitts

PLI Plasticard Locktech



Pole Zero Corporation

Penelope and Ray Ponder

Kristina Pontin

Lisa Poore

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

Portfolio Metalwork

Ben and Jeanne Powell

Evangelina Powell

Angela and Patrick Powers

Kathleen Powers

Sandra Pratt

Jim and Kim Preish

Georgia S. Pressman

Edward and Patty


Linda Price

Ilene and Markus Procida

Allen and Caroline Proctor

Publix Super Markets

Charities, Inc.

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Rusty Pulliam Foundation, Inc.

Jacqueline Y Quesenberry

Frank and Dixie Quinlan

Susan J. Quinzi

Robin Raines

Kit and Cal Rains

Ramble Charitable Fund

Donnie and Ann Ramsey

David and Barbara Randall

Lauren Rash

Jaryn Ravetto

Norman Ray and

Helen Yamada

Susan Murphy Ray

Tip and Ann Ray

Ray Enterprises Foundation

Anne and Paul Raybon

Lee and Kirk Raymond

Ray Raymond

Betty Jo Readling

Carol Recca

Betty Reed

Reems Creek Nursery

and Landscaping

Reems Creek-Beech


Paul Reeves

Bill and Sandy Reid

Holly and Terry Reiling

Terry and Sarah Reincke

Rental Me This, Inc.

Frank Reynolds


A.J. Rhodes and Alan Lipsky

Gail Rhodes and

Roger Gauthier

Stephen and Liz Riley

Jennifer Rish

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon


Russ and Cynthia Roberson

Cheryl and Dana Roberts

Don Roberts

Roberts & Stevens P.A.

Barry and Susan Robinson

Billy and Mary

Katherine Robinson

Jane and Peter Roda

Anne B. Rogers

Gail Rogers

Rogers/Slater Foundation

Maria Roloff and

Bud McNeely

Roots Organic Gourmet

Annette Roper

Judith Rose

Victoria Rose

Carol and Michael


Susan Ross

Michael Rossoff

Rotary Club of Asheville

Rowhouse Architects, Inc.

Robert and Kathleen Rude

Marc Rudow and

Deborah Miles

John and Susie Ruhl

Kirby and David Ruland

Bill and Elizabeth Rupp

James Russell

Jeffrey Russell

Robby and Michelle Russell

Beth Russo and

Todd Weatherly

Bill Ryan and Lynn Bledsoe

Clare Ryan

Lee Ryan and

Nancy Aalberg

Saginaw Valley State


Jacqueline Salabert

Dawn M. Salley

Sand Hill Kitchen

Elaine Sargent

Felix and Linda Sarubbi

Anne Sayers

Martha Schaefle

Lory Schalk

Ken and Betsy Schapira

Gerald Scheiner

Ron Scheinman

Hugh Schintzius

Alice Schmitz

Jayne Schnaars and

Donald Gavin

Cheryl Schneider

Terry and Mel Scholl

Brady Schroeder

Tiffany and Rob Schultz

Rich Schumacher and

Rebecca Clemenzi

Nancy Schuman

Thomas and Jean


Gary Schwartz

Jane Schwarz

Bob and Mae Score

John and Bonnie Scully

John and Linda Sease

Second Gear

William and Joyce


Richard and Sherry Sens

Sensibilities Day Spa

David and Laurie Serfas

Arnie and Doris Sgan

Mimi Shackelford

Lee and David Shampang

Clare Shapiro

Alfred Shapleigh and

Susan Reed

Robert Sharbaugh

Margaret Shaw

Muriel Joan Shaw Estate

Gail and Garry Sherman

Stephanie Shield

Al and Candy Shivers

Amy Shook

Gail Shulimson

Burt and Barbara Siders

Judith and Rob Sides

Joy Siekert

Albert and Judith Siemens

Signarama of Asheville

Jan and Ed Silba

Ricky and Traci Silver

Silver-Line Plastics

Edith Simpson

J.W. and Julie Simpson

Elizabeth Sims

Darcy and Kevin Sisson

Hope Skilling

Christine Skoczynski

Harold Skolnick

Skyland United Methodist


Louise Slater

Debra and Jeff Slosman

Dale and Susan Slusser

Margaret Small and

Peggy Baker

Linda Smathers and

Samuel Speciale

Everett Smith

Judith Smith

Nancy Smith

Pat and Phil Smith

Yvonne and Jack Smith

Art and Nova Smoker

Supporters (cont.)

Chris Sneeden and

Anita Gumbinger

Jerry and Jacqueline Snow

Snow Hill United

Methodist Church

Grady Snyder

Irv Snyder

Nelson and Gail Sobel

Southeastern Container

Bill Spellman

Bonnie and Tom Spradling

Pam Sroka

St. Barnabas Catholic


Charles and Sue St. Clair

St. Giles Chapel

St. James AME Church

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Brenda Staffon and

Sylvia Wright

Jack Stahlman

John and Ashley Stanier

Karen Ann Stark

Gail and Bob Stashick

State Employees

Combined Campaign

State Farm Grant -

Volunteer Gene Horner

State Farm Corporate


Rachel Stein

Karen Steinhaus

Wayne Steinmetz

Charles V. Stephenson

Scott Stetson

Cathy Stevens

Cissie and Jack Stevens

Emily Stevens

Daniel and Rebecca Steves

Lou Stewart

Marsha Stickford

Lisa Stirling

Dan and Grace Stitt

Matt Stone

Sherry Stoneman

Dana and Jana Stonestreet

Margaret Storey

John and Tina Stovall

Strada Italiano

John M. Stratton

Michael Stuart

Shirley D. Studwell

Brent and Judy Sullivan

Trina Summers

Suntrust Foundation

Mark and Lisa Sursavage

Sheila and Peter Sutherland

Joy Suttlemyre

Suzanne and Al Swahn

Bob Swartz

Kimberly Sweetland

Robbie Sweetser

Symmetry Financial Group

Stephen and Anna Szurlej

T. Rowe Price Charitable


Susan and Norman Tacktill

Steven Taksa and

Susan Connor

Leslie Talbott

Tasty Beverage Company

Martin Tatarka

Emilie Taylor Malajati

TD Charitable Foundation

Team Browne -

Keller Williams

Ginna Templeton and

Steve Plever

Terminix Service, Inc.

Mitzi Tessier

Jonathan and Sondra


Christine Teza and

Garth Witcoski

Thomas and Karen Theisen

Monica and Pete Thom

Cathy and Mike Thomas

Patrick Thompson

Rebecca Thompson

Drew and Lisa Thomson

Thrivent Builds Global

Village Teams (2)

Thrivent Financial for


Richard and Sally Tibbetts

Mark Tiberi

Laurel Tielis

Martha and Jay Tolar

John Toth

Town and Mountain Realty

Town Meat Market

Ed and Cindy Towson

TreeRock Social Cider


Kathleen and Randy Treiber

Trinity Presbyterian


Elizabeth Trively

Zoe Trout

James Trueheart

Linda Tull

Pete and Laura Turchi

Turner Landscaping


Ed and Dorothy Tuttle

Twin Hills Structures, PLLC

U. S. Cellular

Henry Ulrichs

Unitarian Universalist

Congregation of Asheville

Unitarian Universalist of

Swannanoa Valley

UpCountry Brewing

Stephanie Valeche


Bob and Jan Van Dine

Teresa and Ted Van Duyn

Margaret Van Etten

Eric and Susan Van Tassel

Jeff and Valerie Vanderlip

Betsy Vandermeer

Marleen Varner

Eleanor and James Vaughn

Larry and Claire Versteegh

Ann Vess

Marvin and Jean Vierra

Katherine Vincent

John Voykin and

Rachel Schmidt

Carol and John Vruwink

W&S Charitable Foundation

James and Charlotte Wade

Barbara and Michael Walker

Mrs. Betty Walker

Greg Walker

Laura and Dwayne Walker

Greg and Susanne

Walker Wilson

Stephanie and Adam


Estate of Barbara and

Michael Wallace

Jason Walls

Walmart Foundation

Walters and Mason

Retail, Inc.

Susan Walters Minker

Gordon and Wendy Walton

Richard and Susan Walton

Ann Ward

Daniel and Maria Ward

Heather Ward-Migner

Betsy Warren

Warren Wilson

Presbyterian Church

Richard Wasch and

Karen Ziff

Carol and Bob Waters

Sheri Waters

Mary Ann Watjen

Shannon Watkins and

Thomas Cure

Don and Anne Watrous

Charlotte Watson

Kevin and Miranda Watson

Phebe and Doug Watson

Sharon Waugh and

Bill McDowall

We and Me, Inc.

Jennifer Weaver

Jack Webb and

Nancy Allen

Rebecca Webb

Harvey and Gun Wechsler

Christina Wehmeyer

Adrianne Weir and

Jose Villatoro

Jill and Jack Welch

Lynn Wells

Wells Fargo Foundation

Amanda Wernicke and

Tom Dunbar

Tom Wernicke and

Louise Cate

Gary and Vicki West

Justin West

Myrtle West

West Asheville

Presbyterian Church

Monte and Pat Westphal

Ann Whaley

Mary Ann Wharton

Skyler Wheeler

Which Wich

David and Jane Whilden

Whirlpool Corporation

Julie and Jim White

Mary White

Wicked Weed Brewing

Barbara Wilcox

Bud and Gail Wiley

William Wilkes

Alaina Williams

Alan and Rita Williams

Deborah Williams

Douglas Williams

Douglas and

Patricia Williams

Ida Jane Williams

Matthew Williams

Roston and Patricia


Donna Wilson

Fred and Wilma Wilson

Janie and Larry Wilson

Madeline Wilson

Mary Jane Winfrey

Bill Winkler

Dennis and Cathy Winner

Robert and Susan Winner

Thomas Winner

Elizabeth Wise

Jack Witzel

WNC Disc Golf Association

Nancy Wojtowicz

Tom and Tommie Wolff

Karen and Don Woodard

Catherine Woods

Beebe Woodside

Mary Bruce and

Stephen Woody

Donna Wooldridge

Michelle and Ben Wooley

Montine Wooten

Monty Wooten and

Cheryl Deyton

Rick and Toni Wooten

David and Dianne Worley

Jim and Martha Worley

Anne Wray

Charles Wright

Pat and Terry Wright

Beth Wulff

Tony Wyatt

John Laney and

Joan Yarborough

Dr. Joe Yelton

Barbara Young

Gayle and Joe Young

Peggy Younger

Edward and Harriet


Ted and Sherrill Zoller

Homeowner Kedrick (R) with his family and

reps from house sponsor Eaton

our sponsors

More than 200 building program sponsors supported our work in 2018 with funds and volunteer

service. We value your partnership in building homes, communities and hope. Thank you!

Full House Sponsors


First Bank

Habitat Student Build #4

• Asheville Christian


• Carolina Day School

• Christ School

• The Franklin School of


The Legacy Builders Society

House #2

• The estate of Frances Miller

• The estate of Muriel Joan Shaw

• The following memorial gifts:

Jack Alexander

Marilyn Bissett

Sandy Bridgman

Jerry Cowan

James Danner

Jim Dugas

Dave Ehlert

Izzy and Elly Friedman

Alice Hancy

Alex Hash

Louis Hughes

Walter Lawless

Mrs. Emmy Legerton

Tracy McFarlan

John McGuire

Donald and Doris Novy

Gin Pharr

Freddie Renick

Clarence Schmidt

Greg Stiles

Robert A Stratton

Pat Stubenrauch

Pauline Thurm

Jeanne Webb

Wicked Weed

Women Build #13

W&S Charitable Foundation

(proceeds from Warren Haynes

Presents: The Christmas Jam)

Raise the Roof Sponsors

($25,000 - $54,999):

AvL Technologies

Presbyterian and United Methodist Churches

(27th Presbyterian-United Methodist House)

• Abernethy United Methodist Church

• Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

• Black Mountain Presbyterian Church

• Christ Community Church-Montreat

• First Presbyterian Church of Asheville

• Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

• Groce United Methodist Church

• New Hope Presbyterian Church

• Oak Hill United Methodist Church

• Oakley United Methodist Church

• Reems Creek-Beech Presbyterian

• Skyland United Methodist Church

• Snow Hill United Methodist Church

• Trinity Presbyterian Church

• Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

• West Asheville Presbyterian Church

Rusty Pulliam Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Sponsors

($10,000 - $24,999):

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Cassie Dillon

Eaton Corporation

Interfaith Community

• Baha’i Faith Center

• Basilica of St. Lawrence

• Beth Israel Synagogue

• Center for Spiritual Living of Asheville

• Circle of Mercy

• Congregation Beth HaTephila

• First Baptist Church - Weaverville

• First Baptist Church of Asheville

• First Christian Church

• First Congregational United Church of Christ

• Jubilee! Community, Inc.

• St. Eugene Church

• St. Barnabas Catholic Church

• St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church

• St. Marks’s Lutheran Church

• Trinity United Methodist Church

• Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville

• Unitarian Universalist of Swannanoa Valley

Publix Supermarket Charities

The Three Marthas

Jack Webb and Nancy Allen

Wells Fargo

Photos: This page - Warren Haynes and homeowner Marquita Scott (center) are joined by friends and family for the wall raising

of the 2018 Christmas Jam House. Opposite page - homes in Habitat’s 21-home Arden neighborhood on Jon Kraus Way.

Adopt-A-Lot Sponsors


Anonymous Donor

The Click Family

Ernest and Shirley Ferguson

The Ferguson Family

Scott and Mary Gillam

The Guthy Family

Steve and Debbie Miller

The Minigowan Fund

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Jerry Sternberg

In Honor of Jerry and Lou Towson

Blueprint Sponsors


Advanced Business Equipment

Aeroflow Healthcare

Blue Ridge Orthodontics


Cathedral High School


Champion Credit Union

Curtis Wright Outfitters

Deltec Homes

Fiji Hammerheads

Hammering Hikers

HomeTrust Bank

Horton Family Foundation

JAG Construction

Land of Sky Association of


Land of Sky Association of


Lenoir-Rhyne University

Home Repair Sponsors


Buncombe County

City of Asheville through funding

provided by HUD’s Community

Development Block Grant

The Click Family

The Home Depot Foundation


MB Haynes Corporation

New Morning LTD

Peggy Crowe Realtor, Coldwell

Banker King

PLI Card Marketing Solutions

Shirley Havera’s “Am I already

60?” Family & Friends Build Day

State Farm

Symmetry Financial

Team Browne of Keller Williams


Terminix Service, Inc.

The Fool Build

The WomBATs

Town and Mountain Realty

Wild Bodema Women Drummers

WNC Disc Golf Association

WNC Health Insurance

Land of the Sky Association

of Realtors

North Carolina Home and

Community Care Block Grant

Ramble Charitable Fund

Wells Fargo

Photos: Top - Homeowner Kerri earning sweat equity at the ReStore;

Bottom - Former and current Board members working on th 35th

Anniversary House.

Housing Champions


A&R Accounting & Tax Inc.


Asheville Fine Arts Theatre

Asheville VanLife Rally

Asheville Yoga Center

Bankers Insurance

Bankers Insurance

Blue Star Hospitality

Celine and Company Catering “On


Copper Crown

Diamond Brand Outdoors


Maddy Alewine

Andy Barnett

Scott Bianchi

Jeffrey Bridgman

Carrie Burgin

Kenny Busch

Angie Carter

Robin Clark

Craig Comeau

Dougy Desrosiers*

Alice Donnelly*

Sumaya El-Attar

Michelle Ender*

Sheila Garcia

Grant Garmon

Amalia Grannis

Bob Gudites

Dylan Haynes

Susan Haynes

Brian Haynes

Doc Brown’s BBQ

Dry Ridge Family Medicine


Fairfield Inn

Fairfield Inn & Suites

Fine Arts Theatre

Frugal Backpacker

Good Yoga

Grove Stone and Sand


McAbee & Associates, PA

Milkco, Inc.

Cameron Hensley*

Ann Hubbard*

Joel Johnson

Kedric Justice

Shannon Kauffman

Jenni Kerr

Ariane Kjellquist

Michael Martinez

Paul Mazzola

Ed McGowan

John Meadows

Eva Mellert*

Cassidy Moore

Piper Parker

Jeff Paul

John Powers

Kit Rains

Justin Ramirez

Paul Reeves

Lauren Rozman

Beth Russo

One Click Fix

Portfolio Metalwork

Sand Hill Kitchen

Second Gear

Shelia Christofalos - Edward Jones

Star House

Strada Italiano

Town Mountain Builders


Twin Hills Structure PLLC

Which Wich

Pete Simmons

Marty Steinberg

Scott Stetson

Emily Stevens

Pam Stirewalt*

Eric Tamila

Zoe Trout

Heather Roberts-VanSickle*

Laura Walker

Stephanie Wallace

Charles Wright


Kaitlyn Ferdinande

Nora Gilmer

Mackenzie Hampson

Sydney Monshaw

Billy Roy


33 Meadow Road, Asheville, NC 28803

828.251.5702 | ashevillehabitat.org



U.S. Postage


Asheville, NC

Permit No. 371


Seeking to put God’s love into

action, Habitat for Humanity

brings people together to build

homes, communities and hope.


A world where everyone has a

decent place to live.

2019 Board of Directors

Cassie Dillon, President

Kevin Click, Vice President

Tricia Franck, Secretary

Kevin Watson, Treasurer

Terry Bellamy

Rebecca Brothers

David English

Brattan Gelder

Jim Hamling

Leslie Hennessee

Jane McNeil

Brad Olson

Robin Raines

Beth Robrecht

Elizabeth Sims

Joe Ward

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