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April 14, 2019

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Health Fixes

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On The Health

Benefits of Cannabis

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Editor’s Letter

Like king David getting honey from the carcass

of a lion, so is the fascinating discovery of the

tremendous health benefits of Indian hemp,

cannabis, or igbo as we call it in Lagos.

From a plant to which men succumb their soul,

and lose themselves, comes a healing tincture, and

the world is in a frenzy! But, in Nigeria where the

plant grows in abundance, like ewedu, silence!

Princess lami’ah Momoh first introduced me to

the tincture last year, and with her; I am

peddling the message.’ one needs not to suffer;

whence one needs not’

Princess Lami’ah Momoh, a woman who wears

many hats: lawyer, former SSA to Ex-Governor

Adams Oshiomole, on the MDGs,consultant to

several blue-chip companies, leading network

marketer and businesswoman extraordinaire, is our

cover personality today; she sheds more light on

the Cannabinoid Oil. See pp 8-10

On fashion, Yemisi Suleiman does a clinical

assay on the appropriate dress code for every

age. Style rules, but feel free to

break all- at your peril. see


Finally, Tope Ojo compiles the

health issues to look out for as

we inch into middle age. A

wellness guide for the wise. Pp


Have a great week!















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Remmy Diagbare

@ RemiD














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Fashion For Every Age


11 Sexmatics: Easter

Sex Spark

12 Health Fixes For

Women In The 40s+


14 • Ex Fadan President Marks 50

With Excellence Awards

• Kate Henshaw, Waje, Linda

Ejiofor, Grace Premiere Of 4Th






“Love conquers all things -

except poverty and


- Mae West

“We are afraid to care too

much, for fear that the other

person does not care at all.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

“In your pursuit of your

passions, always be young. In

your relationship with others,

always be grown-up.”

- Tom Brokaw











A Flattering Little

Black Dress

A little black dress is

a must-have in any

woman’s wardrobe.

An LBD will have all

your bases covered

whether you’re

heading to the

club, a trendy

restaurant, or

girl’s night.

Find one that

hugs you in

all the right



By - Yemisi Suleiman

We all want to look

fashionable no matter our

age. Clothing can be used

to express the life stage

and attitude to life in a way

that will say something to

the world. For those who

are afraid of looking age

appropriate whether that

be “too young” or “too

old”, never fear as

there are a few tips

to looking fashionably

fabulous at every age.

Explore Your Wild Side

Dressing up in your 20s can be fun and

tricky at the same time. It is time to be

spontaneous, and it is also the time you

can get away with almost anything. Invest in

classic go-to pieces that will form the foundation

of your wardrobe for many years to come, and

make you feel great every time you slip

them on. The 20s are a time when you are

finally becoming your person. Your sense

of fashion should reflect that. Here is all

you need.

A Statement Bag

You should have one statement bag in

your closet. Go for neutral colours, and you

will get the most use out of it.

A Classic

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are an

incredibly versatile

wardrobe staple you’ll

reach for time and

time again.

Tops That Bare

Just Enough

Every 20-something

needs a handful of

flattering, go-to tops

they can throw on

with their favourite


The Classic

Skinny Jeans

It is time to embrace bright

looking skinny jeans. Wear

them to parties or wear

them to the movies, the

possibilities are endless.

A Party Shoe

Your 20s will likely be full of

celebratory occasions; birthday

parties, weddings and so find

yourself a killer pair of party shoes,

and you’ll be ready for any invite

headed your way. Opt for a bright

colour, a funky animal print or

even a metallic pump.

April 14, 2019 /





Ditch fake jewellery

Get rid of that phoney jewellery you

have been getting away with all

this time and only splurge for the


real stuff.

Buy blouses, not shirts

When shopping for tops, you should be

exclusively looking at gowns, not t-shirts.

Opt For Ladylike Pieces

And Luxe Extras

Your 30s are your closet’s coming of age, so

use it to shape your next story. At this stage,

you should know your style and understand

that it is a reflection of your brand and identity. The

first stage is to clean out your closet as cleaning

out your closet is a good habit of starting and of

continuing for the rest of your life.

Spend some cash

for your bag

Consider picking up a

genuine leather tote from

any of the best brands out


Swap low-rise

for high-waisted


It’s a more mature look,

and high-waisted jeans

are just more flattering for


Quality Jeans

If jeans are still going to

be part of your wardrobe

through your 30s, only

wear the best of the best.

Invest In

tAilored Pieces


To own your style

in your 30s, you

need to start

investing in pieces

that fit you, from

trousers to denim, to

blouses, to blazers.

Try a pencil skirt

or midi-dress for

once. Structured

clothing can make a


/ April 14, 2019

ono bello

Say goodbye to


Replace the tight-hugging

club wear with a few

chic, yet form-flattering,

cocktail dresses. Cocktail

dresses are ideal for most

every formal or semiformal

occasion, including

weddings, holiday parties

and the office.

Ditch the mini skirts

It wouldn’t be a list of how to dress in your

30s without a few things you should toss.

Now that you’re in your 30s, you have

grown, your wardrobe should improve

too. Switch out those mini skirts from

your secondary school days for a classic,

always-appropriate pencil skirt.



Avoid the matchy-matchy

look and embrace


A two-piece suit feels so

stiff on women, especially

if you’re a little bit older.

Instead, if you’re dressing

for work, try mixing blouses

and fitted shirts with skirts

or trousers instead.


Get fitted for

new bras &


It’s important to refresh

your lingerie drawer

frequently, but when it

comes to dressing well

in your 40s, it’s all about

that foundation.

Invest in a beautiful,

classic jacket

One that works

almost everywhere

is an iconic touch.

But make sure to

find the perfect

coat For you, after

all, it’s going to

be a significant


Classy travel


As you travel more in your 40s,

make your trip stylish with a set

of matching luggage.

Be Versatile

& Seasonless

In your 40s, you probably

have your signature look

and sense of style. That’s

great, because, it’s also a

powerful expression of who

you are: With the right tips

and tricks you will be well

on your way to dressing for

the woman you are right

now, will be tomorrow, the

next day and all through

your 40s.

Only purchase

clothing that makes

you feel terrific

Don’t buy anything unless

it makes you feel amazing.

Otherwise, you don’t need it.

Ditch supercheap


In your 40s, steer

clear of cheap

fabrics and gaudy

styles. It is far

classier to have

investment pieces.

Invest in quality


Great frames are the gorgeous



windows to your soul.

April 14, 2019 / 5



Denim for the 50s

Dark wash, breathable denim with an elastic

waist that does not dig into your tummy are

perfect, but drop the old versions and go with

brands that are continually innovating to cater

to women over 40 and 50.

Embrace colour

Experiment with non-classic hues like

turquoise, burnt orange, and salmon for a

modern, sophisticated edge.

Play up your waistline

Slightly shorter tops that hit between the waist

and head of your hip can create a slimming

silhouette that showcases your natural curve.

If your midsection isn’t your favourite, choose a

higher rise pant to smooth and lengthen.

Find your fit

Nothing beats great tailoring. The difference

between sophisticated and sloppy is all about

the fit. Choose items with some structure over

loose-fitting, baggy, or overly breezy styles.

Fitted tops, ankle-fit trousers, and a great

blazer should hang in every 50-something’s


Comfortable pieces

Looking great doesn’t have to be

uncomfortable, even when dressed to the

nines. Choose soft fabrics with stretch,

waistlines and silhouettes made to move.

A flattering go-to dress

Over the years, you’ve explored plenty of

trends, and no doubt purchased some onetime-only

dresses for special occasions. In

your 50s, make sure you have at least one

reliable go-anywhere, do-anything dress that

fits like a dream. With a busy social calendar

of weddings, family celebrations, and select

dates, it’s worth investing in dresses that you


A statement ring

Think of this as a gift to yourself. Whether

it’s an oversized, chunky turquoise ring or a

showstopping cocktail cluster, whatever you

choose should make you feel fabulous and


Investment shoes

Your shoes may just become the starting point

for your outfit. Dressy shoes like a brightly

coloured pump, or even some designer flats

can do wonders for an otherwise forgettable



In your 50s, embrace shimmer and subtle

embellishments over loud-and-proud sequins


gold dress

monochrome bag


Embrace ‘70S Style

At 50, your style game is important now more than ever. Attaining

the milestone of a middle-age is no reason to let style fall to the

wayside. It’s more of a reason to step up your game and dress

sleeker than ever. By the time you reach your 50s, you’re a force to be

reckoned with. You know your mind, you’ve figured out what works

for you, and it’s finally time to put yourself first, whether that means

focusing on your career, your hobbies, or learning something

entirely new. Here are a few tips on how to own your style

and dress for the fun events,


Gold Ring

Deola Bali


cocktail ring


/ April 14, 2019


Blahnik Sequin






It is a decade of distinction and self-expression,

tempered by the grace and wisdom that only a

60-something woman can possess.






Beaded wrap





raw silk


Embrace the unexpected

Dressing in your 60s is all about the

details. Like a gorgeous stand-up ruffled

collar and a pair of flats with metallic

embellishment. Look for pieces that

feature a whimsical twist on a classic


Balance timeless with


Don’t let anyone tell you that you should

ignore trends in your 60s! Seasonal

colour palettes and fabrics are your

oysters, and the perfect way to keep

your wardrobe feeling current. By now,

you know what styles and cuts fit you

best, so start there and see what comes

down the runway.

Mix textures and metals

Elevate an everyday look with artful

layering. Pair soft knits with tweeds or

raw silk with wool. Layer long necklaces

or stack bangles in different metallics.

The more limited your colour story, the

more experimental you can get with your


Big patterns, bold


By the time you have reached your

60s, your outlook is refreshing; you

have learned not to take yourself or life

too seriously. The smaller and safer

the pattern, the more “granny” it can

become. Go for a print with big, bright


Eye-catching accessories

Accessories like scarves, bags, and

jewellery are your secret weapon. They

offer an instant update to any outfit and

can be a fun way to experiment with

colours and patterns you do not typically




April 14, 2019 /




/ April 14, 2019


Princess Lamiah:

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

Words By - Remmy Diagbare

Princess Lami’ah Momoh, our cover personality today, is a woman who wears many

hats. She is a lawyer, former SSA to Ex-Governor Adams Oshiomhole, on the MDGs,

consultant to several blue-chip companies, leading network marketer and

businesswoman extraordinaire. She has expertise in planning, implementation and

monitoring the provisions of the Millennium Development Goals, now known as the

Sustainable Development Goals, She is a Network Marketing professional, who has built

teams of tens of thousands of distributors across the globe.

The first child of the current King of Auchi, Etsako West, Edo state, Lami’ah has over 21

years experience in business analysis change management and training.

In 2017, she introduced Cannabis Oil as a remedy for several health challenges, including

cancer and severe pain. In this interview, she sheds more light on Cannabinoid Oil.

Would you say women are enough in decision

making positions in Nigeria, if no, how would you

advocate for more women participation in politics

and decision making positions?

Women’s right to equal participation has been

agreed internationally across a range of human rights

treaties, international resolutions, national constitutions

and laws. However, there’s a long way to go before

this right becomes a reality for women in Nigeria.

Although, following the inclusion of an indicator on

women’s representation in national legislatures in the

Millennium Development Goals, efforts were made in

Nigeria as far back as President Goodluck Jonathan’s

administration to increase the number of women in

politics and decision-making. However, The political

landscape in the country demonstrates that women

are still grossly under-represented in governance and

decision making.

Sustainable development Goal 5 Speaks on

Gender Equality and Bridging the Gap. If Nigeria is to

meet these goals, especially the part of ensuring

women’s full and active participation and equal

opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision

making in political, economic and public life; we need

to Sensitise women to understand their leadership and

decision-making roles better, and ensure that they

participate more effectively in politics and governance.

While improving the representation of women in

national and international leadership, the local level

also needs to be put into consideration, because they

make all the decisions affecting women’s lives. It is

crucial that women speak at the community and local

levels. Informal, community space and local women’s

groups are essential arenas for developing leaders,

providing skills, experience, relationships and

networks for women to become public and political

leaders themselves. Political parties should adopt

internal quotas, to ensure that women are

proportionately represented in local offices, and on

electoral rolls.

You, seem to wear many hats. You are a lawyer,

politician, business consultant to many blue chip

companies, local and international, and you are

also the leading network marketer in Nigeria. So,

which one are you most passionate about, and in

which do you excel the most?

I am a lawyer by education; I held a political

appointment; I would not call myself a politician. I

have worked professionally as a Business Consultant

to various Blue Chip Companies in the UK, and Yes I

am a business Woman, who uses the Network

Marketing platform to distribute products. I am most

passionate about Network Marketing. I love Network

Marketing. The strategy used in the Network

Marketing model is brilliant. It is a proven viral

marketing strategy that not only provides consumers

with products or services of value, it minimises the

middlemen and also provides an exceptional income

opportunity, on a level playing field, to large numbers

of people, instead of only a few at the top. The entry

level is low, so anyone who is hardworking, persistent

and coachable can make something out of network

marketing, but it takes hard work.

Anyone who says it is easy is not telling the truth,

and that’s why a lot of people join Network Marketing

companies with the wrong perception. When they

discover that they cannot just sit at home twiddling

their thumbs and money will fall into their laps, they

quit. It is not a get rich quick scheme; you will have to

work hard at it. Working from home or being your boss

comes with discipline. No one is going to tell you when

to start or stop working, carry out specific duties or go

for breaks, etc. like a regular job. Here, you have to set

your own goals every day, create your to-do list,

prioritise your work and get it done.

Network Marketing is a journey of selfdevelopment.

Self-development skills are invaluable.

You learn mentoring, teamwork, sales skills, how to

give presentations, leadership skills, and so much

more. These skills are priceless. As a leader, I had

spent a lot of money travelling to different countries

April 14, 2019 / 9


attending various personal development training

classes, events and seminars, years before I started in

Network Marketing, and I keep learning. The money

you spend on self-development is always money well


I do well at whatever I set my mind upon, but

Network Marketing is my passion. I see it as a form of

empowerment; a way to serve, help people achieve

their goals in life, without having to resort to waiting

around for handouts. I have worked with teams of over

35,000 distributors and seen people soar to the top

position of the company. It is a very rewarding industry,

which is also why I have started my own network

marketing company in the health and wellness

industry. The enthusiasm is contagious. Our products

are the ever so popular CBD products, which I first

introduced to Nigeria in 2017. As I always say I can

only speak for my brand, which is the Sterling Herbal

brand. It is a fantastic product because it helps

address a variety of health ailments.

What kind of health benefits can one get from


CBD Oil is very popular in the western world, and

people have had the advantage of benefiting from this

precious plant for a long time, while we are still trying

to play catch up in Nigeria.

We make no medical claims. However various

testimonials on different health ailments have been

recorded from the use of the CBD Oil, ranging from

cancer, insomnia, epilepsy, autism, Parkinson’s,

diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, stroke, pain,

arthritis, fibroid.

I have several doctors who have partnered with me

and offer CBD Oil to their patients, and the

testimonials keep pouring in.

You talked about the use of cannabis for health

benefits. A lot of people see Indian hemp as igbo ,

pure and simple. And, igbo turns people ‘s head.

What is this new thinking about igbo?

There are over 23,000 studies that show the

benefits of medical cannabis for a variety of diseases

and health conditions. It has the backing of an

enormous body of scientific research, enthusiastic

public opinion, and more progressive cannabis laws,

which is giving cannabis the reputation it deserves as

a groundbreaking health solution.

Marijuana is what we refer to as “ igbo” or weed, in

Nigeria. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the content in

marijuana that gives the psychoactive effect (makes

people high or stoned) Even though some people may

misuse it, you cannot ignore the health benefits of

Medical Marijuana.

In America, some doctors prescribe Medical

Marijuana treat patients when everything else fails.

Cannabidiol known as CBD is from Cannabis or

industrial hemp, it is from the same plant with

marijuana. Cannabis does not suggest marijuana.

However, it is the genus name and general umbrella

term which all types of cannabis and hemp fall. Hemp

has no value as a recreational drug. Smoking large

amounts of hemp flowers can produce a significant

headache, but not a high.CBD is becoming

increasingly popular for having a broad scope of

medicinal benefits – due to clinical reports and

mounds of test data showing little to no side effects

and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with

marijuana products and high THC). CBD has b een

shown to help with everything from PTSD and anxiety

to MS and epilepsy — without getting you high.

People all over the world including Nigeria are

taking the plunge and experiencing the health

benefits of CBD Oil in their everyday life. When I

first started with CBD Oil in the later part of 2017,

it was still extremely new to Nigeria; now I notice

more people are becoming aware of the benefits

of CBD Oil.

I am a strong advocate of the use of CBD

(Cannabidiol )Oil because I have seen it work in

my life and the lives of others. It helped address

my chronic insomnia (sleeping condition) of over

35 years.

How is the cannabis distilled and what are the

testimonies about its efficacy?

Efficacy is proportionate to the process of

extracting the CBD Oil. My brand Sterling Herbal

CBD Oil uses the CO2 extraction method, which is

the most superior method of extraction. CO2

extraction is a process that uses pressurised

Carbon Dioxide to pull the desired phytochemicals

from a plant. In the world of cannabis, this process

I am most


about Network

Marketing. I

love Network


removes all of the essential cannabinoids, terpene

oils and waxes out of the plant material. The

extraction process creates an amber-coloured oil

(CO2 oil). The superior CO2 extraction method is a

way to produce pure, clean, quality oil, which

doesn’t involve post-processing.

Sterling Herbal CBD Oil plants are from

internationally pedigreed proprietary certified seed

stock. It is the highest quality available and grown in

the USA. It is full spectrum which means that the oil

contains all the benefits of the cannabis plant CBD,

CBC, CBG & CBN. Our CBD Oil is from Non-GMO,

organically grown, Pesticide free, CO2 extracted

hemp oil. Non-additive and no side effects and

manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

As for testimonials, we do not make any medical

claims. I speak based on my personal experience,

the testimonials I have received from doctors and

consumers. We have had testimonials on various

ailments, ranging from, High blood pressure,

insomnia, the onset of Parkinson’s, pain, asthma,

seizures, stroke, autism, diabetes, arthritis, cancer,

high cholesterol, fibroid, the testimonials keep

coming in; the list is endless.

How does one distinguish between the genuine

and the fake one?

There are a few things to be aware of, in

determining if the CBD Oil is fake or genuine

1. How is the CBD Oil extracted? The best

way is the C02 extraction method.

2. What colour is it? Should be a deep golden


3. Where is it sourced? US grown hemp is the

best, as US hemp is under stringent conditions and

US farmers are required to get certified by state

departments of agriculture.

4. Check the bottle for the ingredients. Should

not be mixed with coconut oil, olive oil or water.

Ask to see 3rd party lab tests and a certificate

of analysis; this will precisely state what is in the


What other ways or form is it prepared?

Aside from taking CBD Oil sublingually, it is also

in the tea form; tea is the second most consumed

beverage in the world after water. CBD infused tea

is excellent for digestion, pain relief and relaxation.

Another way is to vape it, through the CBD Vape

Pen. Vaping is a quicker way of experiencing the

benefits of CBD Oil.

In the western world, Coca-cola has stated that

they will be making CBD infused drinks. Marlboro

cigarette manufacturers have started manufacturing

CBD cigarettes. American farmers are moving away

from planting tobacco because the tobacco sales

are falling as everyone is bent on moving towards a

healthy lifestyle, so the cigarette manufacturers are

getting creative. There is CBD Beer, Heineken now

manufactures Hemp beer, as do so many other

major beer manufacturers. There is CBD water,

CBD milk, CBD sweets, CBD chocolates, CBD

honey. CBD roll on, CBD lip balm.

hey come to us because they need a reliable,

valid and authentic source of CBD Oil, that they can

offer to their patients with ease, and without having

to get into the nitty-gritty of doing the research,

travelling all over the world to test the various CBD

Oil sources before making a final decision on which

one to get. It saves them a lot of time and money.

Where do you see cannabis oil in another five


There are so many predictions, especially by

Forbes about where CBD Oil will be in a few years

times. However, I pray that in Nigeria, we will use

our specie of the cannabis plant (which is said to be

the best) to our advantage and become the biggest

producer and exporter of CBD Oil and Medical


10 / April 14, 2019

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Easter Sex Spark



By - Yemisi Suleiman

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

Deep feelings such as love and sex, can be

likened to the tap root that feeds a plant. , In

order to keep that active, vital energy up and

going, you have got to indulge in something

exciting and seductive.

Long after the honeymoon phase has

passed, relationships continue to develop in

different stages. You are only used to the early

stages, which include meeting, dating,

courtship and finally marriage. Extending the

honeymoon stage is what some couples

fantasizes about as ‘’happily ever after.’’

With post-honeymoon, shock can set in

when the other stages begin to unfold. A

couple faces the reality of chores, job, financial

stuff and finds that real life is not as romantic

as the courtship, wedding and honeymoon

stages. He realises that he has just just only

started the real work of developing a great


Instead of allowing your energy go weary,

you can devote more time for your sex life, so

as to improve your relationship. Spouses who

develop a sexual repertoire that include a

variety of sexual habits, attitudes and options,

and give feedbacks of feelings satisfied, can

never get bored.

Below are tips to nourish your pleasure

center back to health.

Quickies come in handy when you do not

really have time for a full, leisurely romantic

evening. One of you can decide to give oral

sex before going to work, petting to climax in

the car at a drive-in-movie, if necessary, make

use of sex toys to have orgasms with limited

foreplay late at night or take a nap and be sure

to have quickie before rushing off to that party.

Sneaky love making has always added that

‘forbidden fruit’ spark, getting quick sex behind

locked doors while the children are busy

watching television, sneaking to make love in

your childhood bedroom while at your parent’s

place, visiting your spouse at work place and

having quickie intercourse on the couch behind

locked office door could be fun and thrilling.

Romantic intercourse is the real dose as it is

a full package that is well padded; starting with

the candlelight dinner, chatting quietly,

dressing up, a romantic evening for two when

you have the time alone at home, or a night

out. This is cool during festive seasons such

as Valentine, birthdays, anniversaries,

Christmas, Easter or whenever you think your

relationship needs sexual boost.

Create a new couple sex by creating a

scene from your dating days. Begin with the

time you met and could not wait to make love,

the flowers, gifts that you used to bring home

as a surprise, or saying all the sweet

nonsense, wildly- in- love things you said back


Every couple fights after which they settle

their differences. Make sure that the make-up

sex always lasts longer than the fights,

arguments or struggles, as this love making

can be extra tender and memorable.

Here comes the comforting sex: the partner

that is caring and soothing, should help the

sad and stressed spouse to unwind, by doing

all your favourite things to comfort and relax


Relaxing sex is best for weekends especially

as you do not have any obligations. You can

laze around the house, have breakfast in bed

and make love as you want with no pressure,

no rushing and no demands on each other’s


Reassuring sex is the affection and intimacy

that is intended to reassure your lover who is

temporarily insecure, or designed to reaffirm

your mutual love and commitment to one

another. This is most times accompanied with

verbal declaration of love, and explaining over

and over again, why you are both important to

one another.

Fantasy sex is that act of all the naughty

forbidden or exciting fantasies, role playing like

your two favourite characters from a movie,

novel, soap opera or any other stuff you can

imagine. This is actually the best time for

wearing costumes, masks, sex toys or

whatever enhancement gives you pleasure

and sexual fulfillment that you take delight in.

Get to cleanse your space always so as to

remove any form of stagnant energy. Be

intentional to invite sensual, expressive energy

back into the bedroom. Love making on the

long run is a committed affair that does not

have to be boring. So, take advantage of the

comfort stage and familiarity you have with

your spouse to try new things, and experiment

together as the potential of amazing

intercourse is limitless.

“Always look at

the bright side of

life. No one says

its easy”.

Words from the

actress, Empress

Njamah to her


“Applaud yourself if

you are living and

surviving in Nigeria.

Buy yourself a drink,

e no easy.”

Actor Ik Ogbonna

is stating the obvious

about Nigeria’s

present economy.

“Yesss!!! Mistakes have been

made. Life didn’t come with


Actress Oge Okoye thinks

we should know this.

“I have found a way

of life that I love;

plus, I found the

courage to live it”.

TV personality

Derenle Edun

obviously has no

regrets about life.

April 17, 2019 / 11


Health fixes

for women

in the


By - Temitope Ojo

Growing older is a fact of life, and

how we age can largely be

controlled by the decisions we

make day-to-day, primarily, as a


As you turn 40 or more, many

women are more likely to be

“settled” in life, work and family.

However, you shouldn’t be

“settled” when it comes to your

health at this milestone. It is

because a woman’s body

undergoes some transitions

during her 40s. With the

body metabolism slowing

down and onset of

decline in estrogen, it

also brings some

particular health


Midlife is the time to begin

to listen to your bodies and

avoid the things we know to

be bad for us. It is also a

critical time to repair earlier

lifestyle mistakes and keep oneself

in the best of health.

Here are six common health fixes

at midlife, and beyond.

Cut out empty calories

One of the most significant changes

women experience in their 40s is how the

body uses and processes calories. Slowing


/ April 14, 2019


down of the metabolism is a reality, and so,

there’s need to cut out empty calories,

because they add up quickly, and don’t leave

you feeling full. Avoid wasting your nutrient

needs on empty calories items like chips, soft


Don’t ignore your heart

Heart disease is the number one killer of

women, and the risk rises as women age.

Menopause doesn’t cause cardiovascular

disease. Instead, it’s those bad habits earlier

in life, such as smoking, obesity, and lack of

exercise that can begin to take a toll on heart


Take care of your eyes

As you take care of the rest of the body,

your eyes and vision also need to be cared

for, too. If you haven’t had a comprehensive

baseline eye exam in a while, get one now, to

avoid future problems.

Get your doctor to look for issues like

glaucoma, which presents early with visual

field loss and later with central vision loss.

Though cataracts generally present much

later in life, some individuals may have issues


“Dry eye” can be an issue for women in

their 40s, perhaps due to shifting hormones or

staring at a computer screen all day. The

doctor can help with the itchiness and redness

with prescription eye drops or other


You may have had a perfect vision all your

life. However, you may need to get reading

glasses as you clock 40 due to presbyopia, a

normal age-related change that makes it

tough to focus on nearby objects. If you don’t

fancy its use, there are other options.

You’ll have ‘the change.’

For most women, periods are regular until

their mid-40s. But then menopause may begin

and change that. Habits such as a high-fat

diet and smoking can hasten menopause as

well as a family history of early menopause or

significant health problems, such as

rheumatoid arthritis.

Your ovaries will start producing less

estrogen and progesterone, two types of

hormones because of estrogen levels, decline

causing night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal

dryness sets. As progesterone levels fall, your

periods may be irregular, more substantial

and more prolonged.

breasts feel so you can notice any changes

and then talk to your doctor about those


Sleep is important

Midlife can be one of the most stressful

phases of life, no matter if you’re single,

married, have young kids or not. Demanding

families and demanding jobs often take a toll

on sleep, but if you want to be healthy and

alert, don’t be sparing with bedtime. Lack of

sleep can cause problems.

To help improve sleep, stick to a sleep

schedule. Go to bed and wake around the

same time every day, even on weekends.

Getting a plan helps regulate the body clock.

Experts also recommend keeping your

bedroom dark, noise-free and cool. If you

continue to have trouble staying asleep or

falling asleep, see your doctor.

It is essential to focus on getting quality

sleep, as it has a long-term impact on our

physical and mental health, as well as our

weight and disorders

associated with cardiac

function and diabetes.

While we can’t slow

the ageing process, if we

develop the right

attitude, we can feel

younger and more

energetic. Now is the

time to start caring for

yourself. Remember,

midlife is not the beginning

of the end, but at the end

of the opening.

Get breast mammography

screening done

Some doctors now recommend yearly

mammograms starting at age 40. It is

because breast cancer screenings can be

confusing, which leads many women in their

forties to ignore breast health. Remember, the

best way you can treat and cure breast cancer

is by finding it earlier. Screening

mammography reduces the number of deaths

from breast cancer among women. Talk to

your doctor. He or she can help guide your

decision based on individual risk factors. Also,

get to know your breasts with self-exams.

Self-exams keep you familiar with how your

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Ex FADAN President marks 50 with

Excellence Awards

By Jemi Ekunkunbor

Former president of the Fashion Designers Association

of Nigeria (FADAN), Prince Idowu Akanni Oyefusi turned

50 recently, and the former president, recently, rolled out

the drums for a bash at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos. It was

a double celebration as the designer fondly called by his

brand name Nobel, used the opportunity presented by his

50th birthday to give back to some distinguished alumni of

his fashion school, Nobelafrik Training and Dressmaking

Academy, who are doing well in their chosen field.

All the awardees were celebrity designers with media

presence. They include; Bayo Adegbe aka Modela, Ugo

Monye, Kola Kuddus and Sola Babatunde who now runs her

own fashion school.

Others who got the award of excellence include loyal and

dedicated members of staff like Kofoworola Odeyemi and

Fehintola Odusina. A posthumous award and a minute

silence was observed in honour of Gabriel Olusola, a

dedicated model and agent who passed on last year.

Making a remark during the event, the celebrant said:

“It’s great to see people grow. It is what gives me joy”.

Prince and Princess Idowu Akanni Oyefusi


Ugo Monye, Kofoworola Odeyemi, Fehintola

Odusina & Kola Kuddus


Susan Eyo-Honesty

Precious Oseni

mai atafo

Morin Fadare

Ejiro Amos Tafiri


/ April 14, 2019

Foluyo Leye

Adelakun Gbemi




Kate Henshaw, Waje, Linda

Ejiofor, grace premiere of

4th Republic

By Oscar Ochiogu



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The Moorhouse

Celebrates Women

By Linda Orajekwe

Mercure The Moorhouse Ikoyi recently

celebrated International Women’s Day

with a Luxury Pop Up event. The beautiful

and serene hotel opened it’s doors to a

wonderful selection of organic and stylish

products all manufactured or curated

by Nigerian women entrepreneurs.

Moorhouse’s Manager, Ms Monica

Aguilar expressed her delight and pride at

the creativity of the vendors and the talent

of African women. Guests were treated to

a variety of canapes and drinks sponsored

by La Cave.

‘4th Republic,’ a movie directed by Ishaya Bako-an award-winning Nigerian film

director and screenwriter- had its premiere on Sunday, April 7, 2019, at IMAX, Filmhouse

Cinema in Lekki, Lagos.

The premiere played out the election theme with PVCs, ballot boxes, and election staff

as ushers. With a dress code themed ‘Your Excellency,’ the stars and guests explored the

inauguration-themed dress code in full force.

The movie plot mimics Nigeria’s current political situation; a presidential election

marred by allegations of rigging, pockets of violence across the country and an aggrieved

presidential candidate in court for his mandate.

Members of the cast and crew; Kate Henshaw, Enyinna Nwigwe, Linda Ejiofor-

Suleiman, Sani Muazu, Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju, Bimbo Manuel, Yakubu Mohammed

were joined by star guests Sola Sobowale, Waje, Tope Oshin,Chigul, Omojuwa, Kehinde

Bankole, Linda Osifo, Lilian Afegbai, Denrele Edun and many more who were in

attendance at the Sunday night premiere.

The film which is funded by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur

Foundation and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) will premiere in

Abuja, on April 11th at the Dunes Centre.

4th Republic is also expected to be out on April 12 across Nigerian cinemas nationwide.

Here are some photos from the event:

Kate Henshaw

Ummi Yakubu

Yakubu Mohammed

latasha ngwube

Ishaya Bako Enyinna Nwigwe waje Linda Ejiofor



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With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting pictures and

stories on Instagram last week.

The 2019 GTBank Food

and Drink Festival! Get

Ready For The Biggest

Food Festival in Africa

After three stellar exposés of the most significant

culinary experience in Africa, the GTBank Food

and Drink Festival is getting more significant for

the 4th edition, which will hold for four days from

Sunday, 28th April, to Wednesday 1st May 2019

at the GT centre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive,

Oniru, Lagos. Created in 2016 by leading African

financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, the

GTBank Food and Drink Festival has become the

premier culinary event in Africa, bringing together

tens of thousands of people from across the

continent and beyond to support and celebrate

Nigeria’s vibrant and burgeoning small businesses

in the food retail sector. Over the last three years,

the event has hosted more than 450,000 people,

featured dozens of entrepreneurial masterclasses

by international chefs and food business experts

and launched or propelled the businesses of

hundreds of entrepreneurs in the retail food


This year, alongside adding an extra day to the

event, the GTBank Food and Drink Festival

will offer free Retail Stalls to over 300 small

businesses, more than double the number from

the previous year. The event will also feature

a series of masterclasses and cookery classes

facilitated by renowned food and drink experts

from around the world.

Commenting on the 2019 GTBank Food and

Drink Festival, the Managing Director and Chief

Executive Office or Guaranty Trust Bank Plc,

Segun Agbaje, said; “We are delighted to bring

to our customers, small business owners and

food lovers across the continent and beyond,

another edition of an event that is second to none

in delivering the finest culinary experience in

Africa. This year, we are taking our commitment

to promote enterprise in the SME sector further

by giving small businesses more opportunities to

connect with consumers and business experts

from around the world.” He further stated that “At

GTBank, we will continue to focus on promoting

enterprise in food and fashion, because we know

that by investing in both sectors, we are propelling

local entrepreneurs to dominate two critical sectors

of our economy.”

Wema Bank supports

‘A Night Of Music And

Conversation At The

2019 ‘Songversation

With Aramide’ ‘

Afro-soul singer, Aramide

thrilled her fans to a night of

conversation and music at the

2019 ‘Songversation with Aramide’

which took place recently, at Terra


The event which was in

commemoration of the

International Women’s Day

celebrated women, who have

done exploit in their different

professional fields, and have in

one way or the other giving back

to society.

Aramide took fans and music

lovers on a journey of live music

while performing many of her

hit songs such as ‘Fall on them’,

‘Funmi Lowo’, ‘Bolaji’, ‘Bose’, ‘why

so serious,’ and many more.

Other artists who performed

at the event include, Praiz,

Ric Hassani, Sir Dauda,

GoodGirlLa, Banke, Temmie

Ovwasa, Temilayo, and made

more. Wema Bank supported

the event as part of its

International Women’s Day



stylish men

We love the swag from

these Nollywood smart men:

Desmond Elliot, Chinedu

Ikedieze and Bolanle

Ninolowo in this photo

posted by Desmond Elliot.

They all look great in their

elegant traditional outfit

as they stepped out for a

function in Lagos recently.

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