Western News: April 16, 2019

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Connecting Your Community



Former Riccarton Knights

Rugby League Club

president Jim Barclay will

see the club’s changing

room’s upgrade come into



• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

JIM BARCLAY’S life changed

dramatically when he was told

he had little time before he

would succumb to terminal

brain cancer.

Oak trees

saved from

the chop

Page 3 Page 5

But 18 months on the former

Riccarton Knights Rugby

League Club president has

outlived the prognosis and has

a fighting chance of going into


In September 2017, Mr Barclay,

60, was diagnosed with a

brain tumour and was given

about 12-18 months to live.

But 17 rounds of chemotherapy

later, Mr Barclay said

he is feeling fine with the only

side effects from his treatment



benefit concert

Hopes high to see project finished after health scare

being tiredness.

He will be going into his

18th round of chemotherapy

today before having a magnetic

resonance imaging scan to

check if cancer had spread.

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New Dentures > Relines > Repairs >

6 Brynley Street, Hornby,






mooted for


• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding


been created in a bid to save

Hornby’s infrastructure from

having to undergo major changes

for a proposed cycleway.

Greater Hornby Residents’ Association

treasurer Ross Houliston

has presented a new route to

the city council which he believes

will be safer for cyclists to use.

His solution is to have the

Hornby section of the cycleway

run alongside the old Little River

branch railway line to meet up

with the Christchurch Southern


Mr Houliston has suggested the

cycleway runs from Carmen Rd to

one side of Branston St – depending

on where easements could be


The cycleway would then join

onto the Springs Halswell Reserve

on the corner of Springs Rd and

Halswell Junction Rd before

joining up to the Christchurch

Southern Motorway.

His reasoning was the cycleway

would be safer, cheaper and could

link up to Halswell, Prebbleton

and Wigram.

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2 Tuesday April 16 2019

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from the editor’s desk

A BIG moment in Hornby’s history looms

over Easter – the bowls club’s 100th


On page 8 today, we go over the club’s

history (supplied by the bowls club – many

thanks), which originally started in 1919 as

the Paparua Bowling Club.

And the club’s first president had a very interesting name:

Julius Caesar. He was a local farmer.

By 1928, the club needed a name change. Bowlers from the

city mistook the club for a prison club and would head out to

the jail. So it became the Hornby Bowling Club. In 1990 it was

renamed Hornby Domain Bowling Club to avoid confusion

with the Hornby Working Mens Bowling Club.

In 2006, the club was given its current name Bowls Hornby.

Have a great celebration!

– Barry Clarke



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Footloose on stage

Villa Maria College has combined with St Thomas of

Canterbury College to present a musical extravaganza.

Page 6

community events

Easter egg hunt

Have some Easter-themed fun on Thursday, 2-3.30pm, at the Te

Hapua: Halswell Centre. ​

Page 10

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Tuesday April 16 2019 3


Oak trees saved from axe

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A STAND of contentious oak

trees in Upper Riccarton have

been saved from the axe.

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

Community Board has

declined a request from Villa

Grove residents to have 22 oak

trees removed from their street.

The decision was delayed for

about six months as a result

of board members wanting to

inspect the streets themselves

and not all

residents previously


aware of the



News reported



in September

a 24-signature

petition was

presented to

the community board calling

for the trees to be removed.

Residents had complained

in the past the trees were a

nuisance because of an excess

of leaves, some of which were lit

by party-goers. Anxiety in high

winds was also a problem.

They had asked the trees be

replaced with smaller and more

suitable trees for the area.

Instead, city council staff

will remove the tree leaves

once a month during May and

June, and greater frequency if

required in exceptional circumstances,

such as bad weather.

Community board deputy

chairwoman Helen Broughton

said the city council will continue

to remove the tree leaves

monthly but over the winter

months the trees are barren.

Because the majority of the

trees were in healthy condition, it

was recommended they remain.

They were also taller than

6m meaning they are protected

under the city council district

plan and would need resource

consent to fell.

Riccarton Road is

for business


Mrs Broughton also told the

board at a public meeting on

Tuesday petition creator Paula

Stevens had accepted the decision.

Ms Stevens has also told Mrs

Broughton that she could no

longer lead the petition. This

was due to several of the people

who had signed the petition

having died or have moved.

Western News was unable to

contact Ms Stevens.

Mrs Broughton said if

residents were concerned by the

decision, they could come back

to the community board in six

to 12 months.



trees at Villa

Grove will not

be removed.

She said one of the problems

residents on front sections faced

were issues with acorns dropping

onto their properties.

“The whole front lawn gets

tangled up with acorns and then

if you are not very good at bending,

picking them up it becomes

difficult,” she said.

But chairman Mike Mora said

it becomes a complex issue when

a resource consent is required

for removing every tree over a

certain height.

“If they are really concerned

about the leaves they can always

rake them up and put them in

the green bin,” he said.




In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


The front counter at the Hornby

Police Station re-opened to the

public on Wednesday. All front

counter services other than the

Christchurch Central Police

Station’s were closed as a result of

the terror attacks.


The green light has been given for

a new car park to be installed at

the south side of Halswell Domain.

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

Community Board approved for

the car park to go ahead at its

meeting on Tuesday. It would be

located along the Edward Stafford

Ave frontage. The park would

help alleviate parking pressure as

a result of the Halswell Domain

having high use, especially on

Saturday during winter.


Tree mulch will be removed

from Denton Park following

concerns raised by the Greater

Hornby Residents’ Association

treasurer Ross Houliston. He was

concerned the tree mulch behind

Denton Oval was an “extremely

high fire risk”. City council

community parks manager Al

Hardy said while an exact date

had not been finalised the mulch

will be removed and utilised at

other garden beds throughout the

city for weed suppression.

Thank you for your patience while

we upgrade the road and waste

water pipes. Please drive carefully.

Rimu St

Riccarton Rd

Straven Rd

There’s FREE parking

via Straven Rd or

Rimu St

Rotherham St

Clarence St

Buses are running

as usual

For details visit ccc.govt.nz/RiccartonRoad

4 Tuesday April 16 2019

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McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

Bilateral anal Gland SurGery

Anal gland issues are

common problems

we see in our canine

patients today. The

anal gland has no

real function except

it’s the dogs “special

scent” or parfum.

This secretion has a

distinctive fish smell

to it making it very

unpleasant for us,

plus its heaving with

bacteria! Not a good

look or smell on the

new sofa.

Dogs present

because of pain and anal irritation leading

to scooting, licking or biting of the area.

Often it’s too painful for these dogs to toilet

so they become constipated. Severe cases

become infected and the anal sacs swell and

can eventually burst, discharging pus either

outwardly or inwardly around the perineum.

Occasionally anal sac fistulas develop which

persist for ages. Impaction of anal sacs can

lead to toxaemia and dermatitis. Some dogs

present because they leak anal gland fluid

constantly which becomes very difficult to live

with if your dog is an indoor pet.

No one really knows why anal glands become

a problem. Some cases present due to

diarrhoea, constipation or anal sphincter

laxity. Some cases are related to anal duct

obstruction which leads to infection,

abscessation and sometimes rupture of the

sac. Other cases are due to hypersecretion

which can happen with food allergies, thyroid

diseases and infectious skin disease.

Whatever the cause, my job is to rectally

express them which isn’t particularly nice for

the patient as often by this stage they are

painful. It is a procedure mostly I can perform


If the anal sacs are infected I either prescribe

antibiotics systemically or I instill an antibiotic/

anti-inflammatory ointment into the sacs for

2-3 treatments. Sometimes a prescription food

is recommended ( either for food allergies or

a diet high in fiber) and revisits are advised to

check the sacs.

In chronic, recurring and difficult cases that

don’t respond to

medical therapy,

often the best

option is bilateral

surgical removal.

This option can

completely eliminate

the disease and

make the owners

and dogs’ life far

more bearable. Dogs

can live without

these anal sacs – it’s

just a fiddley surgery

and great care has

to be taken when

working around the

anus to avoid incontinence issues.

I have had lots of practice removing anal

glands over the past 30 years – so much so

that I get referrals from other clinics.

Juno, a young Labrador cross is having

bilateral anal gland surgery. Juno presents

every 2-3 months with anal glands that just

leak and wreek everywhere. They are not

infected nor painful to squeeze. She has

received various medical treatments and is on

a Royal Canin hypoallergenic diet, but nothing

seems to help.

The surgery takes roughly 60-90 minutes,

because I am very careful around this delicate

area. Juno is maintained throughout the

surgery on intravenous fluids and Megan

my surgical nurse is monitoring all her vitals

(heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, body

temperature and oxygen saturation) to ensure

a safe anaesthetic and quick recovery.

Juno was a star patient and the two anal

glands were removed. She was discharged

on antibiotics, pain medications and local

anaesthetic cream to apply to the surgical

area. I recommended an E collar to wear

initially to stop her worrying her surgical site

and a soft diet 5 days post surgery.

My advice is – don’t struggle with this

problem in your family cat or dog as it’s

not going away. These glands have no vital

function and can be removed safely and

effectively in the right surgical hands, leading

to a better quality life without the nasty


Dr Michele McMaster

IDEA: Greater Hornby Residents’ Association treasurer Ross Houliston has

presented an alternative cycleway route to the city council. ​

Alternative cycleway idea

•From page 1

He said the alternative

route would make it easy

for Hornby schools to join

up to, few pedestrians use

Branston St and it

would go through

all the industrial

areas including

past Gough CAT


In February the

city council went

out for consultation

on the cycleway

which runs from

Templeton through to the

central city, which it has

received a high volume of

submissions on.

For Hornby, the city

council is proposing the

cycleway run from the

Waterloo Rd/Gilberthorpes

Rd intersection through

Waterloo Rd and Hei Hei

Rd, Buchanans Rd and

Carmen Rd.

The route will also travel

through Sockburn, Upper

Riccarton and Riccarton.

Mr Houliston has

previously criticised the

city council’s proposal with

concerns changes

to Hei Hei Rd

could mean losing

car parking on

the east side

across from St



He was also

concerned about

the narrowing of

intersections Tirangi and

Aurora St and Keri Keri

Place with Hei Hei Rd.

City council’s transport

planning and delivery

manager Lynette Ellis

said the city council has

received Mr Houliston’s

alternative route but has

not had the chance to

determine if it is viable.

Meanwhile, Mr

Houliston has questioned

Ross Houliston

why some of the proposed

roads for the cycleway

project had been labelled

committed contractually

in the city council’s draft

annual plan.

But Ms Ellis said an

administrative error

resulted in the roads being

incorrectly classified and

will be corrected in the

final annual plan.

She confirmed the roads

had not been committed

contractually for the

cycleway project.

But Mr Houliston said:

“If that is an administrative

error, how many other

administration errors

are there in the draft

annual plan and does it

need to be completely reinvestigated?”

Former city councillor

Bob Shearing said he would

support any use of the

railway corridor for the


Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624

e. mcmasterandheap@yahoo.co.nz


McMaster & Heap

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Tuesday April 16 2019 5


Performer organises

benefit concert




Fire rages, homes at risk

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding


like millions of others left

heartbroken and wondering

what she could do to help

following the city’s deadly terror


On the day of March 15, she

was driving to teach a private

drama lesson when she first

became aware of the mosque

shootings unfolding.

She was travelling to the

Impact Dance and Stage School,

which is located just a block

away from Deans Ave on Kilmarnock

St, when she spotted

police cars circulating the area.

“I checked the news and I was

like okay there is a shooting at

the mosque, it must be hatemotivated

. . . it was very intense,

I think it was overwhelming and

that sense of earthquake mentality

and that sense of shock kind

of came back,” Leonard said.

With news outlets making

regular updates a shooter was on

the loose, Leonard and the pupil

made a decision to get in their

cars and leave the studio.

“It was so heartbreaking

because New Zealand let alone

Christchurch is not used to an

act of violence such as this,” she


Deeply saddened, the following

Saturday morning Leonard

came up with an idea to band

the city’s performing arts community

together to produce a

concert to raise funds for the

Muslim community.

We Are One - A Benefit

Concert will showcase a large

line-up of vocalists including

musical artist Ali Harper, choir

The Vocal Collective and Epic


The cast from Showbiz

Christchurch’s production of We

Will Rock You will sing along

with a performance from a band

at St Andrew’s College, who has

written an original song in light

SHINING LIGHT: Jane Leonard has organised for the city’s

performing arts community to come together for a concert

to raise funds for those impacted by the Christchurch terror



of the recent events.

Leonard said the city has one

of the biggest performing arts

communities in the country and

it only felt right to come together

and raise funds.

All ticket sales will go to the

Givealittle Victim Support Official

Page: Christchurch Shooting

Victims’ Fund.

“Music knows no boundaries,

no race, no colour of skin or religion.

It is a universal language

that brings humanity together

and in times of crisis that is exactly

what we must do,” Leonard


She said the concert is not only

about raising funds, it is about

being united, standing against

hate, reaching out to others and

continuing the conversation long

after the headlines have died


The concert also received

a “phenomenal” donation of

up to $2000 from former city

performer Craig Ogilvie to make

sure the concert goes ahead.

•We Are One - A Benefit

Concert will be held at The

Charles Luney Auditorium

at St Margaret’s College on

April 18. To book tickets go

to https://events.humanitix.


KEY ROLE: Jim Barclay outside the Riccarton Knights Rugby

League Club’s changing rooms.

Clubroom upgrade

dream come true

for former president

•From page 1

At his last MRI scan in February,

Mr Barclay was told most

of the cancer was under control

and it was possible he could go

into remission.

With a brighter forecast for

the future, Mr Barclay’s dream

for the Riccarton Knights Rugby

League Club to get new changing

rooms is likely to come into


Mr Barclay said it was important

to get the new changing

rooms upgraded to cater for its

two playing fields.

“We had early games and late

games, there wasn’t enough

space for our teams and the visitors,”

he said.

Mr Barclay, who has been involved

with the club for about 33

years and president for 15 years

had a key role in the fundraising.

Over the past five years, the

rugby league club has raised

$80,000 for the upgrade, which

is estimated to cost more than


The club also received $80,000

from the New Zealand Lottery

Grants Board, $20,000 from The

Lion Foundation and $20,000

from the NZ Community Trust

to cover resource consent requirements.

It is also waiting for approval

from the city council for a

loan of $50,000 to pay off the


Mr Barclay’s long association

with the club has seen him play

in the seniors, the reserves and

the president’s division for over


But since retiring from his

role as president Mr Barclay has

been making the most of his life

travelling and watching what he


In the past year, he has

travelled to Rarotonga, visited

Melbourne for the State of

Origin series and had a trip to


In May he is planning to travel

to Brisbane to watch the NRL

Magic Round Brisbane 2019

series. ​

With the rugby league season

starting recently, Mr Barclay

said he also has more time to

enjoy watching the games rather

than worrying about the work

behind the scenes.

•The club is looking for

more volunteers to help out.

If interested email riccarton.


Riccarton’s friendly team of

hearing experts.

Understand your hearing health with a FREE Hearing Check

from Bay Audiology Riccarton! If you’re 18 years and over,

contact us today to book your appointment.

Bay Audiology Riccarton

03 348 5096

4-6 Yaldhurst Road

Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm



checks for



18 years

and over

6 Tuesday April 16 2019

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News Your Local Views

Youth are part of community



Villa Maria


and St








Villa Maria, St Thomas’

get Footloose on stage

VILLA MARIA College has

combined with St Thomas of

Canterbury College to present

the musical extravaganza –


The production will run from

May 14-17.

Villa Maria drama teacher and

Footloose director Shannon Peck

said more than 100 students have

been working hard for several

months to bring the show to life.

“The cast is incredibly talented

and particularly love the

songs that they get to perform,

including hits like Let’s Hear It

For The Boy, Holding out for a

Hero and, of course, Footloose,”

she said.

Ms Peck was so blown away

during the audition process late

last year that she has cast two sets

of lead characters who will take

turns each night. ​

The students who make up

the behind-the-scenes crew have

been developing a range of skills,

from lighting and sound to front

of house and stage management.

“We like to give the students

as many opportunities as we can

so that they can truly experience

what it is like to work within a

theatre environment,” said Ms


•Footloose will be on at

Villa Maria College. Tickets

can be purchased from the

school office during school




Care Centre

manager Linda

Turner writes

about Hornby’s

youth being an

important part

of the community’s future

It was a Monday morning and

I was driving through Hornby;

it was obvious that it had been a

busy weekend for some.

Fences, power boxes, and Denton

Park had been targeted.

As I arrived at the Hornby

Community Centre, I noticed it

hadn’t been spared either – taggers

had been hard at work.

I agree with giving individuals

the opportunity to express


I appreciate creativity, whether

it be with language, music or

art, but I draw the line (no pun

intended) at tagging.

It was hard not to be annoyed

as I cleaned off the taggers’ work,

but it gave me time to question


Maybe I am naïve but I just

don’t get it.

Is it a one-fingered salute to

society, or are some of our youth

trying to tell us something?

Frustration? Boredom? Are

they just letting the world know

that they are here? Whatever the

reasoning, our community needs

to take notice of it.

There have been many conversations

since the earthquakes

about what is lacking for Hornby.

Our youth are part of our community

who need to be involved

in those conversations, along

with many other sectors.

These conversations are

important for the future of our

community well-being.

Greater Hornby, like any other

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Care Centre

activator Satali


Christchurch suburb, has work

to do in building community


The Hornby Community Care

Trust (Centre) in collaboration

with the city council is helping

with that awareness.

We welcome Satali Auvae,

who has started in the new

position of Hornby community


Her role is to encourage those

conversations, build community

engagement and make connections;

she will look to highlight

greater Hornby’s positive aspects

and inspire a sense of belonging

and pride in the community.

Over the coming weeks, she

is looking forward to touching

base with members of our


The revolution in heat pumps is here now!

The brilliant e3 series

heat pumps from Fujitsu

e1 : efficiency

e2 : environment

e3 : economy


designer clothing

sizes 10 - 26

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Website: www.pshc.co.nz

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Accredited Heat Pump Expert

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Respiratory Foundation NZ’s

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Hoi An House Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant

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• Function area caters up to 80 people

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Tuesday April 16 2019 7


More time to save Yaldhurst hall

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

THE PRESSURE on Yaldhurst

residents to come up with a

business case to save their hall

has been lifted.

The city council has not made

a decision on the Yaldhurst

Memorial Hall’s future, so no

timeline is in place as to when

it will be demolished. Residents

were given

until this

month to come

up the business

case to save the


City council

head of


John Filsell


governance and


John Filsell said funding is still

available for the demolition if it

is required.

The city council has put aside

about $80,000 for the demolition

the 64-year-old memorial hall on

Pound Rd.

The Yaldhurst Memorial

Committee previously asked the

city council if the funding could

be used to instead strengthen the


Mr Filsell said the funding

is part of a wider programme

budget but could be repurposed

HOPE: No timeline is in place to demolish the Yaldhurst

Memorial Hall.


over time if the city council has

more pressing needs.

Committee member Michelle

Clark said it still wants to move

quickly on repairing the hall.

She said the committee has

done a substantial amount of

work on the business case but

it needs to finalise some of the

costs to determine how the

strengthening of the hall can be


The committee’s key priorities

are to repair the hall’s roof and to

bring it up to 67 per cent of the

New Building Standard.

The roof repairs are estimated

to cost about $5000, while the

cost of strengthening the hall is

still being finalised.

“We want to establish the

building is over 37 per cent (of

the New Building Standard),

which means we can get in (and)

clean it up,” Miss Clark said.

The committee’s engineer

believes the hall is above 37

per cent of the New Building


However, an agreement needs

to be established between the

city council’s engineer and the

committee’s engineer over the

building’s current rating.​

The committee has made

a funding application to the

city council draft Annual Plan

2019/2020 to make the hall

watertight and for strengthening


The next step is for the

committee to put forward a new

engineering assessment on the

hall to the city council.

Miss Clark said the most

disappointing thing was most of

the damage happened before the

earthquakes. The main damage

is to the spouting on the roof,

which was caused when the

copper was ripped off and stolen

before the February 22, 2011,


Because the roof wasn’t fixed,

part of the ceiling collapsed,

which caused the carpet and area

underneath the floorboards to

rot as a result of water damage.

The hall also sustained cosmetic

cracks in the February 22, 2011,





Fire rages, homes at risk

Students get


at Sir Peter

Blake Trust



High’s Aria Carroll, Riccarton

High’s Nathan Hyde and

Burnside High’s Piper Pengelly

are representing Canterbury at

the Blake Inspire programme.

They were selected along

with four other students from

across the city to take part in

the week-long programme

which finishes on Thursday.

Fifty-six year 11-13 students

are in the Waikato learning

about environmental issues.

They are studying climate

change, marine ecology,

freshwater health and

biodiversity decline.

The programme is run by

the Sir Peter Blake Trust.​

The students are developing

their leadership skills and

learning about environmental


They are also being exposed

to career paths in their fields

of interest and will be shown

real-world applications for

subjects they learn about in the





03 357 9392

73 Roydvale Ave,


For enquiries contact

Wayne Thompson



Making your retirement move is easy when it’s to one of these sought after locations.

Located on the site of the old Russley Hotel, The Russley Village is set within eight acres of award-winning

gardens and grounds. The centrepiece of The Russley Village is its purpose built resident community facility,

The Homestead where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space and hair salon.

The Village scooped two prestigious awards for this state-of-the-art, multi-purpose building at the recent

New Zealand Commercial Project Awards. The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility, is currently underway

and will provide residential care up to hospital level.

Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds. The village has recently

undergone a major refurbishment and has just released the first stage of new apartments with construction

planned to commence in early 2019. The Morven apartments, comprising of eight spacious two bedroom

apartments, are architecturally designed with comfort and safety in mind and offer the latest in contemporary

retirement living.


03 351 2679

123 Fendalton Rd,


For enquiries contact

Juliane Brand


Tuesday April 16 2019

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​Bowls Hornby’s 100th birthday

PIONEERS: Marc Dupree

Plato and Murray Stewart

rode their electric unicycles

over the newly-opened

Sumner Rd.




Sumner Rd

• By Louis Day


Plato has made history.

Mr Dupree Plato and his

friend Murray Stewart became

the first people to ride electric

unicycles over the newly-opened

Sumner Rd.

The electric unicycle

enthusiasts drove halfway in a

car and rode the remainder of

the road to Lyttelton on their


The two then stopped in at

Wunderbar to perform a few

stunts for the patrons.

“The owner couldn’t believe it,

he was moving furniture around

so we could do loops around the

pool table,” said Mr Stewart.

The pair then unicycled

through the supermarket.

“People were just staring and

their mouths were just hanging


Mr Stewart said he regularly

used his unicycle to run errands.

He even used it to visit his

father in hospital.

“The parking is such a

nightmare so you just jump on

the unicycle, straight through

reception to the lift and I was up

to the third floor in no time to

see my dad.”

However, Mr Stewart’s antics

saw him banned from Hornby


“The security guard told me

that skateboards and scooters

were not allowed in here so she

barred me from the mall.”


welcome in its centenary on

Friday with three days of

celebrations in the club and on

the green.

The club was established in

1919 under the name Paparua

Bowling Club and has been

through a number of name

changes and seen some of New

Zealand’s finest bowlers grace

the green over the past 100


Bowls Hornby’s first president

was Julius Caesar, who was

a local farmer rather than a

roman politician and general.

The club’s first name change

was in 1928 when bowlers

from the city went looking for

the Paparua Club within the

precinct of the prison. Out of

necessity, the name was changed

to Hornby Bowling Club.

In 1990 it was renamed

Hornby Domain Bowling Club

to avoid confusion with the

Hornby Working Mens Bowling

Club. Finally in 2006, the club

was given its current name along

with the advent of new coloured

playing shirts.

The biggest success on the

green came in 2004 when the

club’s sevens team won the

national title.

The team was made up of

Gary Lawson in the singles,

Steve Ditford (skip) and Colin

Lowery (lead) in the doubles.

The fours team was Robin

Moffat (skip), Graeme Weeds

(third), Gus Templeton (two)

and Alan Hawes (lead).

At the finals tournament in

Palmerston North, the title

decider came down to the final

singles match between Lawson

and Mike Kernaghan from

Media Council decision on Ruapuna noise complaint article

THE MEDIA Council has

upheld a complaint against

the article Noise complaints

prompt investigation into use of

burnout pad, noting that failure

to contact the event organisers

resulted in an imbalance in the


The burnout event was held at

Ruapuna Speedway on January



Dunedin club Kaikorai.

Lawson won the tense game

25-23 to give Hornby the

honours. The club is the only

one from Christchurch to win

the first division national sevens


Ladies started playing at the

club in 1928. However, it wasn’t

until the 1957 annual general

meeting that a resolution was

passed, which allowed lady


The club received a boost in

The article, published on

January 28 and January 29

online and in Western News,

reported that noise complaints

had been made to the city

council. The council was now

investigating whether the

resource consent issued to

Ruapuna Speedway was still

valid. The chair of the local

residents association was quoted,

CELEBRATIONS: Bowls Hornby will celebrate its 100th

birthday over Easter weekend.

numbers in 2013 when several

former Hornby Working Mens

Bowling Club members joined

following the closure of their

club. This season the club has

17 new members taking its total

number of members to 95.

The celebrations will kick

off on Friday afternoon with

a social meet and greet at the

club. On Saturday, social play

will happen on the green from

9am before a dinner in the

evening. The guest speaker for

the evening will be Radio Sport

as was speedway’s president.

However the organiser of

the event was not given the

opportunity to respond to the

criticism, or to advise that the

noise complaints had been


While the editor has admitted

this was an oversight on

the part of Star Media, the

Media Council has upheld

host Daniel McHardy, while

Pete Smith will be the MC.

Other guests will include Bowls

New Zealand president Janette

Sinclair and Bowls Canterbury

vice-president Tony Fielding.

On Sunday, the club will host

a fours tournament, containing

16 teams, which will be followed

by a barbecue.

The event is expected to

attract a large number of past

and present members with some

attendees travelling from as far

away as Australia.

the complaint on grounds of


The Media Council notes

that a later article, published on

February 12, advised there had

been no breach of noise limits at

the event and that the resource

consent under which the event

was held was valid. The full

Media Council decision is at


3 issues $20

6 issues $44.50

10 issues $65



0800 77 77 10


Discover Christchurch’s

best pet


• Daycare - all breeds

• Long stay/short stay

Call now to

book in your

fur baby,






271 Dyers Road | Ph 384 1297


Home & Business Security • Cameras • Gates & Fencing

Access Control • Alarm Monitoring • Home Automation

Alarms Electrical Cameras Intercoms Auto Gates

Residential and Business Security

Tailor Made Security Solutions

All Your Electrical Needs

Custom Designed Automatic Gates

Innovative Intercom Systems

Pet Friendly Sensors

Security Cameras

Access Control Systems

Electric Fencing

Service and Maintenance

24/7 Fault Service

Locally owned and operated

All faults attended that same day


P: (03) 384 0995 24/7 E: info@actionsecurity.co.nz


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Tuesday April 16 2019 9

Don’t Miss...

Northwest Christchurch’s

14th Annual Rotary



26th - 28th April, 2019

Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 10am-3pm


YMCA: Bishopdale

50,000 books on sale

PLUS Jigsaws, Games, CDs, DVDs,

Vinyl Records

Books priced from $1.00 to $3.00



All books are donated - fresh stock every year.

Books are clean and tidy, something for everyone.

All proceeds to Rotary Community Services

Club of



$600,000 has been channelled into

community services by Rotary



Follow us on Facebook, type in BOOKARAMA Event


• Community


• Friendship

• Business


• Personal


• Fun Doing It

10 Tuesday April 16 2019

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JP Clinics

Tuesday, 10am-1pm

A justice of the peace will be

on-site to take declarations, affidavits

and affirmations, witness

signatures on documents and

certify document copies. They

can also witness citizenship

applications and rates rebate applications.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd, and Upper Riccarton

Library, 71 Main South Rd

Citizens Advice Bureau

Monday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday 11-5pm and

Tuesday 2-5pm at Papanui and

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

and Monday, 11am-5pm. Hornby

on weekdays, 9am-5pm

The Citizens Advice Bureau

provides free and confidential

advice to everyone. It takes the

time to listen to you and equip

you with information, options

and support.

The Village Presbyterian

Church and Community Centre,

cnr of Papanui Rd and Franks St,

Papanui and Hornby Library, 8

Goulding Ave

Scrabble Club

Wednesday, 1.30-3.30pm

Have a way with words? Go

along when you can and join the

library’s friendly Scrabble Club.

Email georgia.oconnor@starmedia.kiwi

by 5pm each Wednesday

Some boards provided, but feel

free to bring your own.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

UR Club

Wednesday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go and join the fun at the

library’s after-school club. Open

to all school-aged children, there

are stories, crafts, games and


Upper Riccarton Library, 71

Main South Rd

Knit ’n’ Yarn

Thursday, 10.30am-2.30pm

Go along and enjoy a chat with

others as you knit. For anyone

who loves to knit or wants to


Upper Riccarton Library, 71

Main South Rd


Thursday, 1-2pm

Connecting generations by

sharing knowledge. Do you

have questions about your iPad,

smartphone or tablet? Want

to know how to use Skype,

Facebook, or share your photos

with family or friends? What is

an app and which are the best

ones to use? Ask an ‘expert’. Riccarton

High School students will

be available every Thursday during

term time to help you find

answers to all your questions

Upper Riccarton Library, 71

Main South Rd

Free Legal Advice

Thursday, 6.15-8.15pm

Need advice with legal questions?

A lawyer is available at the

Hornby Library every Thursday

evening to provide expert help.

No bookings. First-in, first-serve

basis. Please take relevant documents.

Note that the finish time

may vary from week to week

depending on demand. If no customers

are waiting at 6.15pm, the

lawyer will wait for 15min and

then leave. The 8.15pm finish

time is a guide only.

Citizens Advice Bureau, 8

Goulding Ave

Wā Pēpi/Babytimes

Friday, 10.15-10.45am

Encourage learning through

language. WāPēpi/Babytimes is

an interactive programme including

music, movement,

rhymes and a story. Recommended

for under-twos. This is a

free session.

Hornby Library, 8 Goulding



Saturday, 1.30-3pm

Join us for some fun activities

every week at the Makerspace.

There will be a variety of activities

and fun to be had for all


Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

Drop in Chinese Art Club

Sunday, 10.30am-noon

Take your own brushes, ink,

paint and paper. Join the club

and work on calligraphy and

brush painting. For ages 10 and

up. Only during term time.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

Chinese ESOL Club for


Monday, 9.30-10.30am

This club is for Mandarin

speakers who would like to

practice English in a relaxed,

pressure-free environment. Join

the friendly group any time.

EASTER TIME: Go join the

library for some Easterthemed

fun. Hop on in

for a cracking good time

where there will be stories

shared, crafts created

and an Easter egg hunt.

The event will be held

on Thursday, April 18,

2-3.30pm at the Te Hapua:

Halswell Centre, 341

Halswell Rd. ​

Suitable for people who can

communicate in English and

would like to practice listening

and speaking. Free, no bookings


Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

Wā Kōrero/Storytimes

Monday, 10-10.30am

Encourage learning through

a love for stories. Storytimes is

an interactive programme including

stories, songs, rhymes

and play.

Upper Riccarton Library, 71

Main South Rd, Sockburn

Halswell Easter Market

Sunday April 28, 12-3pm

This will be one to remember

– we have the Remnants singing,

spring free tramps, and Adam

Allsorts the clown performing

for the young and old. With

delicious food trucks, games for

the kids, Easter egg hunt, and

fabulous stalls. Perfect way to

spend the last day of the school


St John of God, 26 Nash Rd

WESTERN NEWS Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Tuesday April 16 2019 11

Come along and see


11.30AM, 1.30PM DAILY*


*25TH APRIL 1.30PM & 3PM







by David Walliams


by Kate Davies,


Diary of an Awesome

Friendly Kid

by Jeff Kinney

What Monster

by Tom Gates

The Book of Dust

by Philip Pullman

Shop 1, Avonhead Mall

Corner of Merrin Street & Withells Road, Avonhead

Ph: 358 4835 | www.piccadillybooks.co.nz


& Lipliners

Natural long-lasting lipsticks that

provide nourishment and hydration

Now available from…

Winter ‘19 from

has arrived!

see our range at


Avonhead Mall, Withells Rd/Merrin St, Christchurch, Phone (03) 358-5449


Cnr Withells Road & Merrin Street,Christchurch 8042

Phone 03 358 3663 | Email eliza@giftsattoken.co.nz



Cnr Withells Rd and Merrin St


12 [Edition Tuesday datE] April 16 2019

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Catholic Cathedral College

To Live By Faith

Catholic Cathedral College is first and

foremost a Catholic school and for 150

years Catholic children of Christchurch

have been educated on this site. We aim

to produce graduates who are confident,

compassionate, connected citizens, willing

to make a positive contribution to our

society with a focus on faith, justice and


As the only co-ed Catholic College in

Christchurch, with a vibrant mix of

ethnicities, we offer excellent preparation

for life. We have a strong focus on our

bicultural heritage and all students from

Year 7 to 10 learn Te Reo Maori.

We encourage our students to strive

for excellence and have had sustained

excellent academic results over recent

years for all students, across all levels of

NCEA. We recently won the

highly coveted Bishop Lyons’

Shield, a public speaking and

debating competition for the

seven Catholic secondary

schools in the Diocese.

Our Vocational Pathways

programme offers individualised

programmes giving students

access to a range of tertiary


If you are looking for a Catholic

faith-based education, please

visit us on our Open Evening

on Thursday 23 May, 6.30-8pm

and experience the special

atmosphere and sense of family

that is so evident.

Open Evening Thursday 23rd May, 6.30-8.00pm

www.cathcollege.school.nz | 62 Ferry Road | Tel: 982 1690

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Tuesday April 16 2019 13


All New for Avonside

at Ōrua Paeroa

A new school, a

new location, and a

new uniform! What

a fabulous year for

Avonside Girls’ High

school as a new chapter

in the school’s 90 plus

year history is written

this year. As Avonside

Girls’ High School moves into its new

home on Travis Road at the beginning of

term 2, it will take with it its traditions,

culture, history and values and its focus

on working with every student to help

her identify her strengths and develop

her talents so that she can flourish in her


Just over 1000 girls will move onto the

new site in Travis Road and experience

learning in New Zealand’s newest

secondary school buildings. The campus

which also includes a satellite unit of

Ferndale School, is New Zealand’s first

ever co-location of a state girls’ school and

a state boys’ school sharing the same site

and some key facilities and yet delivering

teaching and learning within their own

single-sex learning environments.

One look inside the impressive entrance

foyer reveals an exciting campus with

fabulous facilities to enhance learning for


In the front section of the school lie the

shared facilities, boasting the reception

and administrative centre for both

schools, a spacious library, a cultural

space, two theatres, a cafeteria with indoor

and outdoor seating, and student kitchen

facilities alongside a commercial kitchen

for teaching senior Hospitality courses.

The design of the school then separates

into two separate schools each designed

around its own courtyard. The school

is organised by learning areas, denoting

the school’s support of subject discipline

knowledge and skills, yet with adjacencies

that provide opportunities for learning

to be connected across learning areas for


Avonside supports the development

of the whole student with a strong

ako programme delivered within a

vertical form structure and wonderful

opportunities for involvement beyond

classroom learning time. The superb

facilities in the new campus certainly

enhance those opportunities for our


Avonside Girls’ High School has

embraced this opportunity to provide this

exciting new brand of 21st century style

single-sex education – the best of both


Shirley Boys’ High School

at Ōrua Paeroa

Finally after 8 years

of unstinting effort,

Shirley Boys’ is in its

new home, one that

features state of the art

facilities for teaching

and learning in the 21st


The new

campus features a

Performing Arts Centre, full size all

weather turf, sports fields, the largest

school gymnasium in the city as well

as traditional classrooms and modern

flexible spaces designed to meet the needs

of all of its 1250 young Shirley men.

Shirley Boys’ High School,

Kiwi Soul Global Vision

At Shirley Boys’ High School, students

are encouraged to participate in a vast

array of sporting and cultural activities

and in all of these areas they are expected

to prepare themselves for action and

success on the world stage, while also

being encouraged to retain and strengthen

their own cultural roots.

Shirley Boys’ High School encourages

students to strive for personal excellence.

Learning occurs both inside and outside

the classroom, reflecting the desire of the

school to focus on teaching the whole

person to ensure a lifelong desire for

self-improvement. At Shirley Boys’ this

is known as “BTB – Better than Before”.

BTB leads to achievement, which can

be as modest as getting fit for a sport or

improving a test score or learning to sing

in a choir. BTB can also be as spectacular

as achieving a Premier New Zealand

Academic Scholar Award (awarded to the

Top 10 academic students in NZ).

14 [Edition Tuesday datE] April 16 2019

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Christchurch Girls’ High School

Te Kura o Hine Waiora

Founded in 1877, Christchurch

Girls’ High School - Te Kura o

Hine Waiora benefits greatly

from 140 years of proud

educational achievement. It is

a learning environment that

values its rich tradition while

embracing innovation and

adapting to the modern world.

It is a place where each girl is

challenged to be a discerning

thinker, who is comfortable with

the concept of hard work and is

open to possibility.

All the programmes at

Christchurch Girls’ High School

are designed with girls in mind.

We want our students to explore

the possibilities that are on offer so that

when they leave school they will have

choices and can determine their own

future and not have it predetermined by


We prepare our students by asking

them to embrace tradition, innovation

and excellence and to appreciate the

importance of each in shaping the future.

The school values, developed by the

students themselves, are an integral part

of the education we offer:

Compassion Aroha A Christchurch

Girls’ High School girl will show empathy

and concern for others. She will have an

understanding of the world and people

beyond her own circumstances, giving

service and acting with decency.

Gratitude Whai Whakaaro A Te Kura

o Hine Waiora student is thankful for the

support of her family and whanau. She is

appreciative of the opportunities she has

been able to explore at school.

Honesty Pono A Christchurch Girls’

High School girl will act with integrity.

She will be known for her honesty,

courtesy, reliability and trustworthiness.

Strength Kaha A Te Kura o Hine

Waiora girl will stand tall and proud.

She will have the have the courage and

strength of character to do what is

right, facing challenge and change with


We warmly invite you to come and see

what Christchurch Girls’ High School - Te

Kura o Hine Waiora has to offer you and

your daughter.

Catholic Cathedral College

- To Live By Faith

Catholic Cathedral College is first and

foremost a Catholic school and for 150

years Catholic children of Christchurch

have been educated on this site. We aim

to produce graduates who are confident,

compassionate, connected citizens,

willing to make a positive contribution to

our society with a focus on faith, justice

and equity.

As the only co-ed Catholic College

in Christchurch, with a vibrant mix of

ethnicities, we offer excellent preparation

for life. We have a strong focus on our

bicultural heritage and all students from

Year 7 to 10 learn Te Reo Maori.

We encourage our students to strive

for excellence and have had sustained


excellent academic results over recent

years for all students, across all levels

of NCEA. We recently won the highly

coveted Bishop Lyons’ Shield, a public

speaking and debating competition for

the seven Catholic secondary schools in

the Diocese.

Our Vocational Pathways programme

offers individualised programmes giving

students access to a range of tertiary


If you are looking for a Catholic faithbased

education, please visit us on our

Open Evening on Thursday 23 May,

6.30-8pm and experience the special

atmosphere and sense of family that is so


Christchurch Girls’

High School

Te Kura o

Hine Waiora

Embrace Tradition. Embrace Innovation. Embrace Excellence.

Open Day

Tuesday 21 May 2019, 10am - 2pm

Guided tours start with a brief information talk

Please visit our website to book a tour


Bookings open May

Open Evening Thursday 24th May, 6.30-8.00pm

www.cathcollege.school.nz | 62 Ferry Road | Tel: 982 1690


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Tuesday April 16 2019 15


Medbury School: Preparing boys for life in the 21st century

Medbury School is the only independent

boys’ school in Christchurch, offering an

education for both dayboys

and boarders from Years 1 to

8. Medbury offers a traditional

education, encompassing the

Medbury values of manners

and respect, and its vision is

to provide an education which

prepares boys for life in the

21st Century.

Whilst placing a high

value on Literacy and

Numeracy in a ‘boys-only’

learning environment, Medbury also

believes in helping boys develop as

Choosing the

right school for

your Tamariki

When choosing the right school for our

tamariki we often go by the ‘feeling’ we have

when we visit, as much as by the programmes

that schools have on offer. The world demands

fewer people who can do repetitive tasks and

more people who can think creatively and

critically. That’s why our vision, our aspiration,

as a school is to be ‘A centre of creative

excellence’ in everything that we do, whether

visual arts or chemistry, volleyball or music,

management or curriculum organisation. In

doing this we haven’t forgotten the importance

of the strong relationships that we build with

all of our students, and the importance of

individualising learning pathways so that

we come as close as we can to meeting every

individual student’s needs. Hornby High

School’s feeling is one of positive relationships

that support learning. Students often comment

that we feel like whānau, like family. This all

takes place within our amazing new facilities,

some of the most modern in the country.

These facilities are allowing us to develop a

curriculum that caters for individual needs,

that supports student passions, and helps

our students to grow their heart for their

community, while emphasising our values

and promoting the ethos of kindness, of

manaaki. We are also committed to engaging

with whānau in any and every way we can. I

personally invite you to come along and meet

with our skilled staff, and the amazing young

people who make Hornby High School such a

wonderful place to be.

Robin Sutton - Principal

confident individuals, and developing

personal attributes, such as organisation,

confidence, relationships with others,

and independence.

At Medbury, the focus is

on the ‘whole boy’, and small

class sizes enable teachers to

deliver a personalised learning

programme, ensuring that every

boy has the support, extension and

encouragement he needs to discover

and develop his particular strengths.

The learning programmes are all

focused on a boy’s way of learning,

providing them with a structured

environment, with competition,

A New Marian


for 2023

Marian College is inviting its school

community to share ideas on what the

new school in Papanui could look like.

High on the list is celebrating Marian’s

Catholic special character and heritage,

tradition of service and cultural


Marian College leadership is expecting

excellent facilities which will continue to

enable flexible and responsive teaching

and learning, catering to students’

individual learning needs, strengths,

passions and interests.

Conveniently located on main arterial

Marian College

students respond to the

wonderful news

(QEII Drive, Main North Road) and

Orbiter bus routes, the new site connects

with key cycleways and is down the road

from brother school, St Bede’s College.

New and prospective families are

invited to join the conversation – at

Marian College Open Night, Tuesday 14

May from 4-7pm (Principal’s welcome

at 4:15pm and 5:30pm), and Open Day,

Thursday 30 May from 1-3pm (starting

with Principal’s welcome).

Open Afternoon

Tuesday 14 May

1.30 - 2.30pm in the junior block

Information Evening

Wednesday 15 May

6pm in the auditorium

For details of our enrolment zone, please refer to our website.

180 Waterloo Road, Hornby - Ph 03 349 5396 www.hornby.school.nz

boundaries and an opportunity to


Medbury’s partnership with Swinburne

University of Technology is a new and

exciting initiative aimed at development

of emotional intelligence (EI) via the

Aristotle-EI programme.

Medbury’s Headmaster, Ian

Macpherson, states, “Our passion at

Medbury is to unlock the potential

of every boy. It is why we exist – to

understand each boy’s opportunities and

challenges, then personalise an education

which encourages him to strive to be the

very best he can be.

Friendships, values and a quiet selfconfidence

that comes with sound

preparation, will provide an invaluable

foundation for the

boys’ educational

journeys ahead.”

For more


please contact

the Registrar

on 03 351 6169,

email registrar@


nz or visit www.



Unlocking every

boy’s potential

You are invited to attend the Medbury

School Open Day to discover what

makes a Medbury education unique.

The Open Day is on Tuesday 7 May

2019 from 9.00am to 10.45am. The

Headmaster will speak at 10.15am.

Scholarships are available for 2020.

To register online visit Enrolment at



16 [Edition Tuesday datE] April 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



Christian Integrated Schools in

Christchurch working together

Working together for the good of students

and families has been a successful recipe

for Christian Integrated Schools in


The Christian School Network has been

in existence for over ten years. Aidanfield

Christian School, Emmanuel Christian

School, Hillview Christian School and

Middleton Grange School decided in

2005 that there was much to be gained

by working together cooperatively.

They recognised opportunities to share

successful teaching practice, curriculum

development initiatives across a wide

spectrum of school operations as well as

cooperatively strengthening their special

Christian Character. They recognised that

their ability to serve students and families

was greatly enhanced by working together

in a close and trusting relationship.

The success of the network has seen

other schools wanting to join in. Early

Middleton Grange School

Character, Excellence, Service for the Glory of God


Tuesday, 21 & Thursday, 23 May 2019

am & pm



Bookings Open

Term 2

in the piece Rangiora New Life School

became part of the network. The schools

joined together to support the genesis

of Ashburton Christian School and also

culminated in the start up of a brand new

school in Rolleston in 2015.

The schools have developed

interlocking enrolment schools which

assists in providing transparent pathways

in Christian education from new entrant

through to Year 13.

First rate general

education and

biblically based



A further strength has been a

cooperative engagement with the Ministry

of Education who have been pivotal

in assisting the networks successful


Primary School : Years 1-6

Middle School : Years 7-10

Senior College : Years 11-13

Places available particularly at Years 1, 4, 7, 9, 11-13

2020 Enrolments Close

Friday 14 June 2019 (Y7-13)

Friday 23 August 2019 (Y1-6)

If your child turns 5 and will start school in 2020, you must apply this year.

We are known for

our quality education as a compassionate community

in which the God-given gifts and talents of pupils are nurtured and celebrated

A Year 1-13 non-denominational co-educational Christian School

High quality affordable Christian education in a State Integrated School setting

Highly qualified teachers who are committed Christians

High expectations for academic achievement and behaviour

New Zealand Curriculum delivered from a Biblical perspective

Strong partnership and shared vision between home and school

for God’s calling on the life of the child

Christian values modelled and encouraged


30 Acacia Ave, Riccarton

+64 3 348 9826 www.middleton.school.nz Christchurch, New Zealand

Middleton Grange School was

established in 1964 with the aim of

providing a first rate general education

and biblically based teaching in the

Christian faith. We see learning not

as an end in itself but something that

happens alongside the development of

character and a desire to serve God by

serving others.

We look forward to seeing our young

people excelling in academic, sporting,

cultural and service activities with a

sense of personal achievement. We also

want them to identify the strengths,

skills, talents and abilities that God has

put within each one of them, not just

for their personal benefit, but for the

benefit of the communities that they

live in. Serving others with compassion

and kindness is part of the ‘DNA’ of

Middleton Grange School. We want our

young people to engage in the society

and culture that they live in, to be a

positive influence and to point others to

God by their example.

We appreciate the hard work that

staff and students put into producing

top academic results, but what we value

even more highly is wisdom, character,

integrity and a willingness to help and

encourage others.

This is summed up in our school

motto ‘Character, Excellence, Service for

the Glory of God.

Rod Thompson, Interim Principal

Hillview Christian School

Yr 1–10

Middleton Grange School

Yr 1–13

Emmanuel Christian School

Yr 1–10

Aidanfield Christian School

Yr 1–10 Yr 1–8

Open Days: 15 & 17 May



for details

p: 332 6923

e: office@hillview.school.nz

w: www.hillview.school.nz

Open Days: 22 & 24 May



for details

• High quality affordable Christian education

• Qualified teachers who are committed Christians

• High standards of academic achievement and behaviour

p: 348 9826

e: office@middleton.school.nz

w: www.middleton.school.nz

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

p: 359 3595

e: office@emmanuelchristian.school.nz

w: www.emmanuelchristian.school.nz

p: 338 8153

e: enrol@aidanfield.school.nz

w: www.aidanfield.school.nz

A network of non denominational Christian Schools offering limited places in 2019

• Co-educational and State Integrated

• New Zealand Curriculum delivered from a Biblical perspective

• Christian virtues modelled and encouraged

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

p: 550 2653

e: office@rcs.school.nz

w: www.rollestonchristian.school.nz

• Strong partnership and shared vision between home and school for God’s calling

on the life of the child

• Pathways for pupils from Aidanfield, Emmanuel, Hillview and Rolleston to

Middleton Grange School at Senior College level


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Tuesday April 16 2019 17


St Thomas believe

the best preparation

for life is an

education in a caring

diverse environment

At St Thomas’ we believe that the best

preparation for life is an education which

fosters excellence in a caring, diverse

environment. Our staff are committed

to guiding our students through a broad

range of spiritual, learning, culture,

sporting and service opportunities

in order to develop young men with

“educated hearts and educated minds”.

We are a state integrated Catholic

school for a maximum of 615 students

from Years 7 to 13. Our size enables us to

provide individual attention and develop

close relationships with our students in

order for them to develop a healthy selfimage,

relaxed but confident personal

skills, and a positive outlook on life.

We are a high performing academic

boys’ school and as such, maintain a clear

focus on boys’ needs and the pathway

from boyhood to manhood. We will

provide your son with adventure, testing

of courage and strong, good male role


We want the young men who graduate

from our College to be men of justice and

compassion, who believe they have much

to offer the world in order for it to be a

better place.

Steve Hart, Principal

St Thomas of Canterbury College

Giving boys the

opportunity to be great

St Bede’s is a Catholic College for boys

founded by the Society of Mary in 1911

and it is also the only Catholic boarding

school for boys in the South Island.

Catholic, Marist and Bedean principles

and values form the basis of a holistic

education at the College. We aim not

to make the College great but to ensure

every boy has the opportunity to be great,

and we endeavour to develop young men

of Catholic hearts and minds through the

experiences the boys have in their time

here at the College.

St Bede’s is a College for all…a place

where gospel values are practised to

help form principled men; a learning

environment where everyone achieves;

a place that teachers want to come

to because of the strength of the

community; a place also, where boys can

embrace spiritual, sporting, cultural and

community activities, which all combined

shape boys into men. That’s the priority

and that is in our DNA.

We welcome parents and boys to the

College’s Open Day on Wednesday 8 May

between 9.00am – noon, where you will

have the opportunity to tour the College

and meet staff and students.

Parents are also invited to attend the

Information Evening, commencing at

7.00pm, where Senior Management and

students will provide further information

about the College.

18 [Edition Tuesday datE] April 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



Nurturing and educating

children for 168 years

Is your child one of 15 or 50? Is their

classroom a calm, productive learning

space or a tension of noise and

movement? How much teacher attention

does your child really receive?

St Michael’s has been nurturing

and educating children for 168 years.

Our small co-ed classes and specialist

teachers ensure your child is an

individual, well known by staff and

fellow pupils alike. For at the heart of

St Michael’s are the essential values of

Christian faith and good citizenship:

respect, integrity, faith, hope and love.

St Michael’s is a prep school so

your child is assured of a traditional

foundation in English and Mathematics.

This academic rigour then underpins our

wider curriculums in Science, History,

Geography and Spanish. IT literacy

is taught, not assumed, and computer

use is measured. We like teaching and

talking to our pupils!

Cultural and sports’ programmes

develop your child’s foundation further,

as creativity and problem-solving come

in many forms. Specialist art and music

classes are enjoyed weekly; and most

pupils play at least one instrument.

There are two choirs, and drama lessons.

Our new Y7&8 Programme ranges

from financial literacy to outdoor ed,

leadership challenges to new sports, art

and technologies.

✓ Co-educational, Years 1-8

✓ Small classes

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Traditional classrooms;

academic rigour

✓ Musical excellence

✓ Christian values

✓ Before & after school care:

7.30am - 5.30pm

✓ Cental city location,

easy access

And our extended campus is

spectacular: today, the Gardens;

tomorrow, the Art Gallery; next week…

Our pupils come from city-wide,

arriving via the bus exchange only a

block away or with parents who work in

the thriving centre.

You are warmly welcome to explore

our purposeful, wholehearted and

inclusive prep school. Our next Open

Day is Tuesday 14 May or please contact

our registrar, Bec Hitchcock, for a

personal tour: 03.379.9790.

St Michael’s

Your school at the heart

of the city since 1851

Open Day: Tuesday 14 May

www.saintmichaels.school.nz 249 Durham Street 379 9790


High School

- Preparing

students for

their future

“Our aim is simple... to

provide the best education

possible for every student”

Giving students the

opportunity to study from

an innovative and broad

curriculum is critical to

providing each student a

pathway that meets their

individual needs. We allow

for a greater range and

flexibility in subject choice

including the utilization

of the secondary/tertiary

interface. This reinforces the

philosophy underpinning

personalised learning and

is strongly supported by

understanding our students’

interests, passions, talents,

and ultimately their career


We understand that for effective

learning to take place, it has to be

implemented in such a way that students

will be highly engaged. The school

does this in a ‘forward thinking’ way by

creating learning environments that allow

our students to see value in what they do

and achieve. Papanui “PRIDE” is what

we represent and we demonstrate this by

having young adults leave our school as

confident learners who have gained the

appropriate qualifications and social skills

to become valued contributing members

of society.

All that we do here is reinforced by

positive relationships, an ethos of caring,


cultural responsiveness, inclusion, and

high expectations – what we call “Our

Full service Model”. The school highly

values the connectedness of curricular

and co-curricular learning. We have a

philosophical understanding that the

holistic development of the student is

critical to their individual success.

The school has worked hard to

consolidate recent initiatives to ensure

sustained and continuous improvement.

You are invited to view our website,

school charter, ERO report, and/or

contact the school for more information.

We look forward to welcoming all

prospective students and their families/

whanau to visit our school.


Our aim is simple….to provide the best education possible for every student


Tuesday 21st May 6.30pm

The evening will consist of an address from the principal and student

representatives, followed by guided tours of the school’s facilities.

Phone: 03 352 6119

30 Langdons Road

PO Box 5220


Applications for enrolment are due by

Friday 26th July

My School, My Success, My Responsibility - Tōku Kura, Tōku Tiketike, Tōku Haepapa


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Selwyn House offers a

world class education

Selwyn House School offers a world-class

education with a talented teaching staff

and small class sizes which are set within

a future-focused, nurturing environment.

An extensive range of educational,

sporting and cultural opportunities are

offered for girls in Years 1 - 8.

A supportive all-girl learning

environment encourages girls to take risks

without fear of failure and develops their

love of learning. They become confident,

compassionate, articulate and determined

young women who have the values, skills,

and attributes needed to not only achieve

their goals but to make a difference in

their communities. Our teachers ensure

girls are inspired and committed to

learning as they develop their unique

way of learning and achieving. The focus

across Years 1 - 8 is on the growth of the

developing girl encompassing intellectual,

social, physical, emotional, and cultural


Selwyn House is committed to

providing a continuum of international

education. The combination of the

International Baccalaureate Primary

Years Programme (PYP) and our futurefocused

STEAM and Mechatronics

curriculum ensures girls are equipped to

face a continually changing world with

confidence and enthusiasm.

We focus on instilling

strong foundations which

can be successfully built

upon. Core learning in

reading, writing and

mathematics is a priority.

Specialist programmes

in Art, Creative Writing,

Leadership, Mechatronics,

Music, Performing Arts,

Physical Education,

Science, Spanish and

Swimming play key roles to

further enhancing learning.

Selwyn House

provides each girl with

a personalised learning

experience. Each classroom

and specialist teacher

has the time to foster

meaningful relationships

with each student. Due

to our comprehensive

learning environment,

our girls are highly skilled, stand out

among their peers and are prepared for a

successful transition to secondary school.

Selwyn House’s nurturing environment

is apparent in all aspects of the school.

In our modern and safe, family-oriented

Boarding House, girls are supported by

dedicated staff and tutors. Girls from

across New Zealand and internationally

fondly call the Boarding House, their

‘home away from home’ and easily form a

sisterhood with others.

We believe in the strength of tradition,

the promise of the future and the power

of education. For more information on

the benefits of Selwyn House School,

scholarship information or to schedule

your personal tour, please contact

Charlotte Johnson 03 355 7299.


Open Day





phone (03) 355 7299 email office@selhouse.school.nz

122 Merivale Lane, Merivale, Christchurch 8014


Selwyn House School is a leading girls’ school for Years 1–8, with boarding

options available. We provide exceptional educational opportunities for girls,

in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Our focus is on developing globally

minded learners and leaders who will become confident and capable women.

Please join us at our Open Day on Monday 13 May and experience all that Selwyn House has to offer.

If you are unable to attend our Open Day, a personal tour can be arranged by appointment.

To register your interest for our Open Day phone: (03) 355 7299

or email: office@selhouse.school.nz

An International

Baccalaureate School



FOR 2020

20 Tuesday April 16 2019

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Transforming lives

through the

St Mark’s Story

Grounded in tradition,

enlivened by innovation and

inspired by God.

St Mark’s is an Anglican

full primary state-integrated

school – the only one in the

South Island.

We are a Christian School.

A school with strong

connections to the local

community. A school which

celebrates the gifts and

talents of everyone in the

community. And a school

that strives to live every

aspect of school life by the

values of Grace (Huatau),

Excellence (Hiranga),

Courage (Māiatanga)

and Faithfulness


A brand new campus with

excellent facilities including

science room, music rooms,

all weather turf and hall

with stage supports the delivery of a full

curriculum with specialist programs.

With the school marking it’s centennial

in 2021 tradition remains important to

us, as we partner with all whanau to bring

innovative teaching and learning to all


Even with limited spaces in 2020 you

are always welcome at St Mark’s School.

Villa Maria


education for

girls years 7-13

Villa Maria College is a state integrated

Catholic secondary school for girls

in Years 7 – 13. The foundation for

everything we do is our Catholic faith,

which we express through our Mercy

charism. Villa Maria College offers

spiritual formation and pastoral care

in the tradition of Catherine McAuley,

the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, who

established the College in 1918.

Our Mission is to: “Empower each

young woman to determine her potential,

live Gospel values, confidently embrace

life-long learning and as a Mercy woman

be inspired to make a difference”.

We have a proud academic history,

annually achieving academic results,

which are among the best in the

country. Girls are encouraged to stretch

themselves and work towards individual

goals, so they fulfil their potential. A

good education has balance, and our

strong academic programme is combined

with varied co-curricular activities,

encompassing sport, cultural and musical


We invite you to visit Villa Maria

College and experience our special

character for yourself. You will also find

a wealth of information on our website


• Grounded in tradition, enlivened by innovation

and inspired by God

• Year 0 - 8 Anglican State - Integrated

• Holistic education inspired by the Gospel through

Grace/Huatau, Excellence/Hiranga, Courage/

Maiatanga and Faithfulness/Piriponotanga.

• Caring family atmosphere

• Specialist programmes

• Exciting new campus

• Transforming lives

• Limited places available in 2020

St Mark’s School

Open Day - Wednesday 22nd May, 9am - 2pm

Cholmondeley Avenue, Christchurch | Phone: 03 332 7339

Email: office@saintmarks.school.nz | www.saintmarks.school.nz


Tuesday 21 May 2019, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Villa Maria College is a state integrated Catholic secondary school for girls in years 7 - 13.

We extend a warm invitation to prospective parents and students to join us throughout the day

and see our College in action.

Meet our staff and students and find out what makes Villa Maria College such a special place.

Principal Deborah Brosnahan and our student leaders will address visitors in the Auditorium at

the following times: 9am and 1pm for Year 9 intake, and 11am for Year 7 intake. Visitors are then

invited to take a guided tour of the College.

We look forward to seeing you.

2019 Student Leaders

21 Peer St, Christchurch • Ph: 348 4165 • www.villa.school.nz

WESTERN NEWS Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Tuesday April 16 2019 21


1 in 2 people

deficient in B12

Emerging research has shown as many as 50% of older adults and

as many as 25% of younger adults are deficient in vitamin B12.

Scientists at Rush University Medical

Center found those most deficient

in vitamin B12 to have the smallest

brain mass and the lowest scores on

tests measuring short-term memory,

concentration and brain performance.

Another study showed that older people

with higher levels of B12 in their blood

have bigger, healthier brains and score

higher on cognitive tests than those with

lower levels. Yet another recent landmark

study showed that B12 supplementation

slows the accelerated rate of brain

shrinkage and declining cognitive function.

B12 is essential for energy production, cell

health, regulation of mood and sleep cycles,

nerve health and repair, and prevention

of homocysteine a serious cardiovascular

risk factor that is known to cause damage

and plaque in the blood vessels. It can also

increase the chances of a stroke. Harvard

researchers found

a 34% decrease

risk of vision

loss in a study

of participants

aged 40+ who

supplemented with

B12. Another study

linked a higher risk of hearing loss in


Brain fog, forgetful, feeling old, low energy, mood swings,

difficulty sleeping, pins & needles, numbness in legs

Up to 1 in 2 people may have a shrinking brain due to a lack of vitamin B12. Supplementation of

methylcobalamin B12 has been shown to reduce the rate of brain shrinkage & support memory &

brain function. B12 is also known to protect against homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk

factor that can also damage the hearing, eyesight & affect the mood. B12 is essential for energy,

cell health & nerve function.


• Memory & Brain Performance

• Helps protect against brain


• Energy & Recovery

• Nerve Function

• Vegetarian’s Diet

• Helps protect blood vessels from


• Sleep & mood regulation

• Cellular Health & Repair

• Good Health

• Cardiovascular Health

• Eye sight - Study showed a 34%

decrease risk of vision loss in

those supplemented with B12

• Hearing loss - Study linked a higher

risk of hearing loss in subjects in

their 60s who were low in B12

subjects in their 60’s who were low in B12.

The reason so many people lack B12

appears to be our body’s ability to absorb

it declining with age as the digestive

system becomes less efficient. Anti-reflux

medication and other drugs further reduce

B12 absorption. The good news is B12 in

the form of Methylcobalamin sublingual

tablets that are dissolved in the mouth and

thru bypassing the digestive tract have

been shown to effectively raise B12 levels in

the body.

Further detailed information is

available from the Natural Health

Advisers at Marshall’s Health and

Natural Therapy, 101 Seaview Road, New

Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are always

happy to help!

See a


in as little as

48 hours!


Superior Methylcobalamin B12

(High Absorption Sublingual Lozenges)

100 Lozenges 200 Lozenges

Only $ 32 .90 Only $ 59 .80


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: enquiry@marshallshealthshop.co.nz




TEBONIN is the No 1 Ginkgo Biloba extract in the World with more than 8 million tablets

being consumed every day. It is also the most researched herbal extract with more than 60

controlled clinical studies & over 400 scientific studies. It has been shown to have excellent

efficacy, safety & tolerability. Millions of consumers have trusted TEBONIN for over 30

years to support blood flow, capillary health, brain health & performance.

Studies on TEBONIN Show:

- Improved Brain Performance & Function up to 30%. This includes improvement

in mental sharpness, focus, attention, concentration, understanding, memory & recall.

- Reduces errors made & mental stress.

- The only Ginkgo shown to increase activity in all areas of the brain. Can help restore

brain function after a brain injury such as from a stroke.

- Helps relieve tinnitus (ringing & noise in the ears), vertigo, dizziness & supports normal


- Improves blood flow to all areas of the body.

- Reduces plaque formation in the blood vessels.

- Protective effect against eyes damage caused by light.



Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



30 tablets only




60 tablets only




TEBONIN is a highly concentrated

proprietary herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba

leaves that has proven superior to other

brands under scientific scrutiny.



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: enquiry@marshallshealthshop.co.nz

The tree of LIFE

New research on Gingko

Biloba excites researchers!

For decades scientists believed brain

damage with age, after a stroke or injury

was irreversible and brain neurons could

not be repaired. In more recent times,

new research has shown that neurons

can grow back with the right conditions

and that a special extract of Gingko

Biloba (EGb-761 or TEBONIN) has

been clinically found to assist in this.

The implications for stroke recovery are

obvious, but researchers also know many

of us suffer from undetected “microstrokes”

that over a period of time slowly

reduce our cognitive function. TEBONIN

is prescribed worldwide as a natural

supportive agent for a healthy brain and

cognitive function. It supports healthy

mental performance, concentration, focus,

alertness, motor function and to help

with many conditions including tinnitus

(ringing and noise in the ears), vertigo

and normal balance. TEBONIN improves

micro-circulation and helps the blood

flow reach those critical places it needs to

get. It is a potent anti-oxidant and makes

the red blood cells more pliable and

capillary walls more flexible.

TEBONIN is one of the most widely

studied and researched herbal products in

the world and is the only Ginkgo biloba

extract manufactured via a patented

multi-step extraction process. Each small

tablet contains a highly concentrated

50:1 extract to give you a therapeutic

clinical dose without having to take a large

amount of the herb. Of 25 Gingko biloba

products on the market, and tested by a

major medical journal, only TEBONIN

passed all five of the test requirements.

Ten brands didn’t meet any requirements

and the rest didn’t pass more than three

out of five requirements. TEBONIN is

the only Gingko biloba extract shown

to activated all areas of the brain and is

considered the gold standard in Gingko.

TEBONIN has been trusted by millions

of consumers worldwide for over 30

years with more than 8,000,000 tablets

consumed each day.

TEBONIN and further information

is available from the Natural Health

Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural

Therapy in New Brighton. PH: 388-5757.

They are always happy to help!


Reverse the signs of aging

naturally with the newest LED Facial Machine to NZ!

Summer has come to a close, your skin, especially your

face needs hydration and rejuvenation. Coming off the heat

wave Christchurch experienced, the elasticity in your skin

will have shrivelled after being exposed to the drying, aging

outdoor elements.

Now there is a machine that is sweeping the globe and has

landed in Christchurch. Experience the eleven beauty and

healing treatments accomplished within one facial mask

using LED technology.

LED was invented by NASA as they were looking for a light

source to grow plants in space, from this they found that it

had amazing skin cell rejuvenation and it wasn’t long before

LED infrared was used in hospitals around the world.

Doctors then noticed patients started looking younger

whilst under a program of RED LED light treatments after

their surgery and injuries, which led them to study colour.

It was found that skin cells recognise colour and that each

colour has a job to play in the performance of the living

skin cell.

People are experiencing the full facial rejuvenating

experience with the LED light therapy with documented

results in:

• Anti-Ageing – Wrinkles, Age spots, Scaring

• Anti-Acne – Antibacterial, Reduces inflammation

• Cell Rejuvenation - Eczema

• Reduce Redness – Rosacea, Sunburn

• Even Skin Tones – Hyper-Pigmentation

• Skin Booster – Collagen Rejuvenation

• Skin Soothing – Psoriasis

• Pain Blocker – Reduce swollen capillaries



Amazing results – before and after photos supplied by

a happy client, who has been battling acne all her life

Charmaine McFarlane and Turn Back Time Beauty,

located in Somerfield are the resident experts in this Aduro

LED light therapy with tremendous benefits. She is able to

run this service parallel to her popular Sparklewhite teethwhitening


“The success stories and the testimonials we see and hear

weekly where the LED light therapy is changing people’s

lives is just incredible. The natural face lifts, new glowing

skin, no more acne or scars, is just many of the common

results I see here every day”

Experience the results for yourself, call Charmaine today to

discuss how she can plan a package of treatments just for

you. What have you got to lose but your wrinkles, broken

capillaries, acne, uneven skin tones, eczema, psoriasis or

whatever your skin concern might be.

View: www.turnbacktimebeauty.co.nz or www.

aduronewzealand.co.nz and make an appointment today,

call 339 7374 or 021 161 2349. Beauty never felt so good!

LED Light



3x LED


Packages starting

from $199

(normally $450)

Expires 20th

May 2019

The patented design offers a full facial rejuvenating experience,

for a range of skin imperfections and signs of aging.

Including Anti Wrinkle, Increases Collagen Cells, Age Spots,

Acne, Scaring, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Redness, Uneven

Skin Tone plus many more...

Call us now and experience

the difference!



Phone 339 7374 or 021 161 2349




over 10 weeks


22 [Edition Tuesday datE] April 16 2019

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continuing education



School of Music


Did you know that musical training

can change brain structure and function

for the better? It can also improve longterm

memory and lead to better brain

development, particularly for those

who start at a young age. So why wait

any longer?? Come and join us at the

Christchurch School of Music!

CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with

a strong focus on community. From ages 2

to 92 we have something for everyone. On

a Saturday morning the whole family can

find something to suit.

For the young ones there are pre-school

and junior school classes, “Take Off with

Music”, 41/2 year olds can start on Suzuki

strings and at 6 the recorder is a great

instrument to learn. In 2019 we have a

fantastic deal for beginner recorder players

– just $52 for a year of tuition and this

includes a recorder and a book!!

Older children and adults may opt for

group or individual lessons on a specific

instrument (including voice). With six

orchestras, two concert bands, a Big Band,

a jazz combo, six wind ensembles, rock

bands, two choirs, chamber groups, a

samba band and a guitar ensemble there is

an ensemble to suit all levels and all ages.

If affordability is an issue, CSM may be

able to offer a discount through funding

provided by the Rata Foundation.

Find out more about us or enrol any

time at www.csm.org.nz

Try something new

daylight saving ends

and the evenings become

longer why not take the

opportunity to take up a

new hobby, learn a new

skill, meet some new

people and have fun at

the same time then join

one of Papanui High

School’s exciting range of

Adult and Community

Education Courses for

Term 2 beginning from 6

May. We have a wide range

of courses to choose from and guarantee you

will find something to appeal regardless of

your age or interests.

One of new classes for Term 2 is a Belly

Dancing for Beginners Workshop on

Saturday 25 May between 3-4.30 pm. This

one off workshop taught by Nicola Rooney

is ideal for those who have always wanted to

try Belly Dancing and is the idea opportunity

to see if it is for you. All new dancers are

welcome as no previous dance experience is

needed. The workshop will cover a dancers’s

warm-up, posture and how to dance safely,

torso and arm movements, and common

belly-dance steps and terminology. This

class promotes creativity and self-expression,

strength, confidence and body awareness all

through the art of moving to music.

We also offer classes in Languages,

Woodwork, Dressmaking, Art, Cooking,

Cake Design, Yoga, Pilates,

Bee Keeping, Ukulele,

English for Speakers

of other languages,

Photography and more.

For further information

and enrolment in these

or any of our courses

please visit our website


or email rpb@papanui.

school.nz or telephone

our office on 3520701.




www.cwea.org.nz 59 Gloucester Street, Christchurch, 03 3660285

WESTERN NEWS Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Tuesday [Edition April 16 datE] 2019 233

COntinuing eduCAtiOn

Adult and community

education at Risingholme

Community Centre

There are exciting times ahead for

Risingholme Community Centre,

as we prepare to re occupy the

Risingholme Homestead, situated

in the Risingholme Park in Opawa.

This occasion will be marked with a

Mayoral Opening on Wednesday 5th

June and a Community Open Day

will take place on Saturday 8th June

when members of the community

are welcome to come and have a

look at the refurbished facilities.

Risingholme Community Centre

continues to offer a wide range of

exciting learning opportunities across the

city. With the start of term 2 on Monday

6th May and winter approaching why not

enrol in one of our exciting classes – www.


Risingholme’s strong focus on language

development continues with a wide range

of languages courses at a variety of levels

– ESOL, German, Italian, Russian, Sign

Language, Spanish and Te Reo Maori.

Risingholme’s traditional base of art and

craft courses continues to flourish with a

full range available at a number of venues.

They include fabrics, woodwork skills, cake

decorating, health & fitness and well-being,

Looking after each other

and ourselves

This Autumn the WEA is offering a

range of courses with the emphasis on

self and social care. We recognise that

having opportunities to listen deeply to

one another, and to come together around

a shared activity or experience are vital

parts of building a safe and connected

community. It is also true that to look after

others we must first look after ourselves. It

can be as simple as building time into our

busy lives for things that feed us: perhaps an

artistic or musical pursuit, learning a new

language, or practicing meditation. With

a range of over 40 courses from Middle

Eastern Dance to Understanding the Treaty

in 2019, Foraging to Rethinking Mental

Health and a welcoming and enthusiastic

community of learners, there is lots to gain

from a course at the WEA and we would

love to see you there.

computing, guitar and photography, as well

as many others.

For more information on classes at

Risingholme, Riccarton High School,

Christchurch Girls’ High School, Shirley

Boys’ High School, Hillmorton High

School and Hornby High School, contact

the Risingholme Community Centre at

332 7359 or e-mail info@risingholme.org.


The full programme for Term 2 is

available on our website at http://www.


Brochures are available at the Risingholme

office and public libraries.

Visit www.cwea.org.nz to find out more

or pop in and chat to us at 59 Gloucester

street (between 9.30 and 3pm week days).

Hearts created by students of

Japanese Origami

Learn business and

computing for free

Vision College’s free 20-week Certificate in

Business (Administration and Technology)

is a level 3 course that offers computer skills

within a business focus for those wanting to

retrain for modern office systems.

The course is designed for those wanting

to run the admin side of their own business,

work in an administration role, or upskill.

While covering computer applications

like Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher,

it includes business report writing,

communication skills and creating business


Vision College’s self-paced course allows

students to work through a series of

computer-based skills with tutor support,

at times that suit their lifestyle. “Classes are

held during normal working hours, but we

can be flexible with hours that best suit our

Adult and Community

Education Term 2, 2019

Come learn with us

Risingholme Community Centre

offers a wide range of short courses,

each term, at a range of venues.

Risingholme Community Centre

Art (Create with Pastels & Paints, Mixed Media, Watercolour,

Painting with Acrylics), Mindfulness, Cake Decorating,

Drawing & Sketching, Embroidery, ESOL, Fabric & Craft

Skills, Guitar, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Upholstery, Using your

Overlocker, Weekend Sewing classes, Yoga, Wood Sculpture,

Woodwork, Woodwork for Women, Zentangle, Printmaking,

Fermented Foods, Plastics Free, Waiata.

Christchurch Girls’ High School

Dressmaking, Embroidery, Te Reo Maori, Watercolour Painting,

Drawing & Sketching, Preserving Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs.

Riccarton High School

Calligraphy, ESOL Business English Intermediate, Indian

Cooking, Italian Language, NZ Sign Language, Russian

Language, Sewing Skills, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori,

Arabic, A Taste of Egyptian Cooking, Picture Framing.

student’s lifestyle.” says Gary Taylor, Vision

College Campus Manager.

“So, the learning is delivered by way of a

workbook, along with organised tutorials

where tutors are on hand to offer one-on-one

tuition when required. While some theory

is included, the course is very practical and

students are at a computer from the first

lesson.” Added Taylor.

This course is available for domestic

students aged 16+. Students do not need

their own computer, as the classroom is

fitted out with the required technology, but

may bring their own.

Vision College are enrolling now for

their April intake. For more information

call 0800 834 834, txt ‘OFFICE’ to 027 557

8839, or visit the website www.vision.ac.nz

to enrol online.

Hornby High School

Sewing Skills, Thai Cooking, Te Reo.

Shirley Boys’ High School

Painting with Acrylics, German Language, Photoshop, Reiki

Level 1, Spanish Language Level 3, Te Reo Maori, Thai

Cooking, Woodwork, Yoga (range of classes), Art of Creativity

& Expression, Sign Language.

Full details available on www.risingholme.org.nz

Risingholme office at 99 Hawford Road

Phone 332 7359 | Email info@risingholme.org.nz



Computer Skills

0800 834 834


50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

Are you looking to get back into the work force, but

don’t have up-to-date computer skills?

This FEES FREE* 20 week course will give you the skills to

work in a modern office, covering advanced use of Microsoft Word,

Excel, Publisher and other computer based business applications.

Hours of study are flexible and tutors are

available for one-on-one support.

For more info txt 'OFFICE' to 027 557 8839

*Conditions apply

24 Tuesday April 16 2019

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Tyres, rims and even

great coffee

Word of mouth is the best

recommendation for any business, and there

is a raft of customers happy to recommend

JCM Direct Tyres in Middleton. The

independent, family-owned and operated

business supplies tyres, mags and rims and

it is clear from their feedback that they

provide ‘outstanding customer service,’

‘really know what they are doing,’ and even

provide ‘tasty coffee.’

Reviews like these are hard-won, with

the emphasis being on making sure they

go the extra mile to really meet the needs

of the client. As an independent dealer,

they are not tied to a specific brand.

Instead, they will look at your vehicle,

your budget and your driving style to

provide you with what you need instead

of what the franchise wants you to have.

This can be brand new tyres such as Pirelli,

Continental, GT Radial and Nankang, or

high end, almost-new second hand tyres

in mint condition, often the same brand

names as the new options. The JCM team

wants to know their customers are leaving

them with their vehicles, from caravans to

utes, that are safe on the roads.

They will give you their honest opinion

and expertise about what you need too.

It could be more cost effective in the long

run to spend a little more a quality tyre and

reduce the risk of punctures on the Garden

City’s rebuild roads, and if you do have a

puncture, they can repair it quickly and


It is not only tyres – they supply rims

from the 1930s to the present day. If you

are lucky enough to own a classic vehicle,

you will know how difficult it can be to

find authentic parts, and the JCM team will

help you source what you need.

They also provide alloy wheels, spare

wheels plus wheel and tyre combo packages

to make their excellent products even more

affordable. They are even able to help you

with finance options.

Open six days a week, you can find

them at 8c Birmingham Drive on the

corner with Hands Road. Check them

out on Facebook.com/JCMDirect, or

visit JCMDirect.co.nz to see what their

family can do to help your family.



95 Gasson St

Your LoCAL


New & Quality Used Second-hand Tyres

Alloy Wheels

Replacement Rims

Puncture Repairs


8c Birmingham Drive,


Next to Addington Raceway

343 0099 or 027 22 63 805

The Automotive Lamp Specialists

New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks,

Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes

PH 0800 225 483 | 95 Gasson Street, CHRISTCHURCH








• Panel beating

• Spray painting






Smart repairS (NZ) Limited

automotive refinishers

272 Lichfield St (Fitzgerald Ave end)

Ph 377-0409

Free Check & Assessment




A vonhead



6 months roadside assist

with any vehicle servicing

• automatic transmission

flushing service

• Wof • tune-ups • suspension

• batteries • neW tyres • oil &

lube service • courtesy cars

• full mechanical repairs

oPen 6 days (sat until 1pm)

126 racecourse road

Ph 342 7123 or 027 495 6600



WESTERN [Edition NEWS datE]

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Tuesday April 16 2019 25




of air quality

Choosing the

right heat pump

for your home

The quality of the air we breathe

affects our health and ability to

perform. We breathe in and out

approximately 20,000 litres of

air every day. It is therefore very

important to ensure good air

quality indoors through adequate

ventilation. Ventilation is the

process of air exchange to provide

the necessary air quality that meets

the needs of the occupants for clean,

fresh air. Low oxygen with high

carbon dioxide causes stuffiness

in the room and occupants can

feel drowsy. Invisible harmful

substances like a high content of

dust and tobacco smoke are harmful

and can cause various diseases. Even

bad smells can cause discomfort

or irritate the nervous system. In

summer, it’s easy to open windows

for cross ventilation, however as

winter approaches, we start to shut

up out houses to trap in the heat and

as a result, air quality can decline.

Ventilation includes both the

exchange of air to the outside as

well as circulation of air within

the building. It is one of the

most important factors for maintaining

acceptable indoor air quality in buildings.

Filtered air supply for summer and filtered

and warmed air in winter creates a healthy

environment in which to live and work. In

case of poor or insufficient air intake from

outside, the oxygen content decreases,

humidity and dustiness levels increase. If

exhaust ventilation is not provided or it is

not effective, polluted air, smells, humidity

and harmful substances are not removed.

To ensure the quality of your air, contact

the experts. Smooth-Air Products can

calculate the required air exchange for

your building requirement.

Smooth-Air offers a wide range

of ventilation equipment, from

air vents to ducting for fans,

for both the commercial and

domestic markets. They have

an extensive range of fans and

ventilation components instore

but they can also provide

innovative solutions tailored to

differing requirements.

You can contact Smooth-Air on

0800 SMOOTH (0800 766684).

Are you struggling with the heat of

Summer or wanting to get organised for

Winter? With the ever changing weather

patterns, heat pumps have the flexibility

of being able to heat and cool which is an

advantage no other appliance can offer. This

represents great value for your investment

as you can use it all year round. The team

at Enviro Master Ltd can help keep you

cool this Summer either at home or work.

Enviro Master supplies, installs and services

all the leading brands including Panasonic,

Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin. This means

our team can show you which system and

brand will best suit your needs.

With new regulations coming in for

Landlords to provide heating in rentals,

now is a great time to beat the 1st of

July deadline. Inadequate heating and

ventilation can lead to mould growth and

dampness in your property, leading to

costlier maintenance and an unhealthy

living environment. Providing a fixed

heater with a higher heat output and lower

running costs, like a heat pump, will enable

your tenants to heat the area effectively.

It will also discourage them from using

unflued gas heaters which can make a

house damp and mouldy.

It is important to remember, when

selecting an installer, the manufacturer’s

warranty does not cover the installation

and consumers could be responsible for

any repair or damage caused to the system

due to poor installation. Enviro Master’s

five-star installation guarantee ensures

correct installation, and a demonstration

so customers have an understanding on

how it will best meet their needs.

For a free in home consultation, call

Enviro Master on 366 0525 or visit our

showroom at 41A Shakespeare Rd,

Waltham, Christchurch.


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers










Amazin’ Autumn Specials!!


inline fans

Axial inline fans

Axial fans Axial fans Bathroom fans

Window fans

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525


“A local team for local people”


(0800 766 684)




264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

for the



Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm



Tuesday April 16 2019


Luxury waterfront residence - one of NZ’s finest homes

Redcliffs, 145 Main Road

Price: $3,495,000

4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 4 toilets | 4 living rooms | 1 dining room | 3 car-garage | Listing Number: PI57626

Rarely are we favoured with the

opportunity to bring to the market a home

of this quality and size within a prestigious

neighbourhood, where luxury residences

are few and far between.

Epitomizing a cutting edge design,

this striking home is a commitment to

contemporary architectural language and

unparalleled luxury. Designed by Stufkens

+ Chambers Architects the home has

perfectly encapsulated an ambience of

timeless elegance while forsaking nothing

in practicality and functionality.

With a floor area of 501sqm, the home

built in 2010 is notable for the way in which

it explores the three separate buildings

joined by transparent links wrapped

around an open courtyard to create a

timeless, modern building, appropriate to

its urban location.

With precise planning and detailing it

incorporates four bedrooms, several living

areas, media room, mezzanine, gym, pool/

spa, and an air-conditioned wine cellar as

well as triple car garaging. All with water

views and effortless indoor-outdoor flow,

lighting and well thought out landscaping,

it is the perfect result.

The natural palette of materials and

colours used throughout the home delivers

on a promise of calm and clarity with oak

timber veneer, timber flooring, exposed

aggregate concrete walls, frosted glass

and simple white interior. Inspections

will reveal the full extent of the luxurious

detailing. Automated roller blinds,

localized air-conditioning, double-glazing,

extensive underfloor heating, smart

security and home automation system start

a very long list of quality specifications.

With so many amenities on your doorstep,

you will never need to leave this pinnacle

position. This price represents incredible

value and we encourage your early interest

to secure such a magnificent home.

The extravagance of this home requires

new occupants and prudent purchasers

will recognise that this is indeed a rare

opportunity for a life that excites the


Please contact agents for viewing details.

To arrange a private viewing phone

Cameron Bailey on 352 6166 or mobile

0275 557 079 or Kirstyn Hay on 027

7224 792 of Harcourts Gold Papanui

(Licensed Agent REAA 2008)

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



Book now

Don’t miss your opportunity to

showcase your business in front of

10,000+ qualified attendees

lisa.lynch@starmedia.kiwi or 021 800 809

Tuesday April 16 2019


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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100


Church Services

Advertising Feature

Easter at the

Transitional Cathedral

234 Hereford St

Latimer Square




Maundy Thursday – 18 April


Evening Eucharist of the Lord’s

Supper with Footwashing.

Music by the Cathedral Choir

Good Friday – 19 April

10:00am Children’s Good Friday Service

12:00pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

Music by the Cathedral Choir

Holy Saturday – 20 April


Tallis Lamentations sung by the men of the Choir


The Great Vigil of Easter

Easter Day – 21 April


Holy Eucharist

10:00am Festival Choral Eucharist

Music: The Cathedral Choir

Preacher: Bishop Peter Carrell


Choral Evensong

Music: The Cathedral Choir

Preacher: Dean Lawrence Kimberley

Maundy Thursday, 7pm

Good Friday, 10am

Easter Sunday, 7am (St James Park),

10am (Holy Communion)

Monday – Thursday, 12noon – 6pm:

Church will be open for a self-guided tour

through the stations of the cross.

Christchurch North

Methodist Parish

Cnr Harewood Rd & Chapel St

Easter Services



Situations Vacant

Online Editor

If you want to be part of a progressive media company,

please email your CV to:

Barry Clarke, Editor In Chief - barry@starmedia.kiwi

Star Media is a division of Allied Press.

The appointment will coincide with a

refreshed and new-look online news site

being launched to market.

You will be the champion for our site

and responsible for sourcing and loading

content to engage our target audience

each week.

The successful applicant will need to have an excellent knowledge of

Canterbury, its issues and people.

You will need to work as part of our team, making quick decisions under

pressure each day

Key duties will include:

• Assisting in the relaunch of the new website

• Co-ordinating and sourcing content and local news

• Ensuring content is up to the minute, fresh and factual for our target audience

• Co-ordinating within our business divisions promotional and paid content

• The continuous development and improvement of our digital platforms

The successful applicant will ideally have experience in growing audience to an

online news platform and must have a full New Zealand driver licence.

The position will be filled as soon as the right applicant is found.

Page 3 Page 13

Li ter library

Problem areas for li ter


Surf club move

New Brighton surf club opts

to rebuild on new site

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 www.star.kiwi

Loca ly Owned



christchurch east

Ca l to make an

a pointment

P: 384 9459


Authorised by Jo Hayes

Unit 6/950 Fe ry Road, Christchurch

• By Sophie Cornish


has b en a proached in a bid to

fina ly repair the potholes in New

Brighton’s Hawke St car park.

Coastal-Burw od Ward city

counci lor David East wants

WorkSafe to pre sure the car

park’s private owners into

repairing the potholes which are

a “trip and vehicle” hazard.

WorkSafe chief inspector

a se sment southern Da ren

Handforth said it may be able to

take action under the Health and

Safety at Work Act 2015, “as a

person conducting a busine s or


Mr Handforth said WorkSafe

is aware of the concerns raised by

Cr East abou the car park.

“WorkSafe has completed

an a se sment visi to the site

and is engaging with the owner

to advise them that it is their

responsibility to manage their

risks a propriately.”

Different parts of the car park

are owned by various people

and the Coastal-Burw od

Community Board recently

wrote to them about its concerns

around health and safety.

Cr East said the bi gest i sue

in the past has b en ge ting in

touch with the landlords and

owners and ge ting them to

agr e to anything. “The board

a preciates that multi-ownership

of the parking space may present

a difficulty in co-ordinating

repair/resurfacing but felt obliged

to pa s these concerns onto you,”

said the le ter.

One reply has b en received so

far from an owner who is wi ling

to discu s the i sue. However, a l

the owners would have to agr e

to undertake work.

Cr East said there had b en

a “number of incidences” in

the car park of people injuring

themselves which had gone


“I’ve always though that it

has b en quite amazing that we

haven’t had any serious a cidents

or senior citizens perhaps

tri ping in those potholes and

doing themselve some damage.”

He is confiden the new

a proach wi l bring results.

“I think the WorkSafe

involvement may prove to be the

lever that we are l oking for.”

New bid to fix potholes

Action looms

on Hawke St

car park

HAZARD: Coastal-Burw od Ward city counci lor David East wants WorkSafe New Zealand to put pre sure on the Hawke St car

park owners to fix the dangerous potholes. PHOTO: GILBERT WEA LEANS

Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20

per blind

www.blindcare.co.nz SCAN QR code for Info >

BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

Land size


Bedr om


Bathr om

Car pad


Boat pad


P ol


Te nis court

Shower Study






1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

Land size


Bedr om


Bathr om

Car pad


Boat pad


P ol


Te nis court

Shower Study






1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

Land size


Bedr om


Bathr om

Car pad


Boat pad


P ol


Te nis court

Shower Study






1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

Land size


Bedr om


Bathr om

Car pad


Boat pad


P ol


Te nis court

Shower Study






1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

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Cartwright steps downs

Community board chairman

stays true to his word

Pool plans for Edgeware

Designs for ind or learner’s

p ol revealed

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 www.star.kiwi

Loca ly Owned


call 332 4004 TexT 027 537 0567

230 BarringTon sTreeT




• By Sophie Cornish

THE ST Andrew’s Co lege big

band had extra incentive to

win a the National Youth Ja z

Competition – ba s player, Tom

Fastier, co lapsed and died the

day before the competition


“Tom was a ba s player from

Cashmere High Sch ol who was

playing with our big band this

year. He had a strong chance of

wi ning best ba s player a the

festival as he was a very a complished

musician,” head of music

Duncan Ferguson said.

“We were delighted to win, but

it was bi tersw et,” he said.

St Andrew’s won the most

outstanding big band title a the

competition in Tauranga.

The band dedicated it se to

Tom, who died while on his way

to Cashmere High on March 27.

His death was po sibly related to

a medical event.

•Turn to page 9

SW ET SOUNDS: St Andrew’s Co lege year 12 students Lewis Edmond and Je na We ls performing a the 41st National Youth

Ja z Competition.

Bittersweet win for St Andrew’s big band

• By Sophie Cornish and Julia Evans


Community Board has taken the

rare step of starting a petition

to figh the city council over


Signatures are being co lected

in a bid to get funding for a community

facility in Shirley.

It comes after the city council

removed funding for the centre

pla ned for Shirley Rd, near the

intersection with Hi ls Rd. This

was the site of the former community

centre, which was badly

damaged in the February 2,

20 1, earthquake.

The removal o funding

prompted community board

chairwoman Ali Jones to threaten

to stand down, citing it as her “die

in the ditch” project.

Ms Jone said the board’s role

is to represen the community,

and by gathering signatures from

residents, it was fulfi ling that


“One of the roles of a community

board is to represent and act

as advocate for the interests of its

community and this is what we

are doing. The LTP and a nual

plans are a l about lo bying the


•Turn to page 5




to get new



Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20

per blind

www.blindcare.co.nz SCAN QR code for Info >

BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

Grenadier Real Estate Ltd MREINZ is a Licensed Agent Under the Real Estate Agents Act 2 08

Alistair Hazeldine

Mobile: 027 572 1 5 | Phone: 0 384 7950

Email: alistair.hazeldine@harcourts.co.nz

w.harcourtsfe rymead.co.nz

MAgic on clifton

Mobile: 021 353 280 | Phone: 0 384 7950

Email: joy.butel@harcourts.co.nz

Joy Butel AREINZ - Dip.R.E.

Four Seasons Realty

Grenadier Fe rymead



20 Tuawera Te race, Clifton Hi l - $980, 0 3 2 2 2

Phone: 03 384 6540

183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS

W ekdays 7.30am-5pm. W ekends 8.30am-3pm


Dyers Road Landscape

& Garden Supplies

• Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we su ply the best available

• A gregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse

• Pavers & Schist products • Pungas

• Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks

• Trailer Hire first hour fr e with purchase

• Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered

David, Carol & Mike

We wi l deliver!





Page 3 Page 5

Traffic plan at The Brae

Bid to ease traffic on busy,

na row str et

New pi za joint

Fire and Slice fina ly se to

open in Sumner

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 2018 www.star.kiwi

Loca ly Owned



Alison Carter

P: 384 7950 M: 0274 318 960

E: alison.carter@harcourts.co.nz

Your local

hi l and



• By Gordon Findlater


returned from the United

Kingdom last w ek after

ge ting closer than mos to

Joseph Parker in the build up

to his world heavyweigh title

unification fight with Anthony

Joshua in Cardiff.

The former New Zealand

title-holder trave led with his

father George and brother

Bryce to London ahead of the

fight where they spen time

with Parker in the build up.

Mr Calvert, 47, comes from a

boxing mad family.

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Former champ hooks

up with Parker in UK

Cave Rock



expect EQC


this week

• By Sarla Donovan

THE OWNERS of Sumner’s Cave

Rock Apartments ar expecting the

Earthquake Commi sion to sign-off

on a se tlement agr emen this w ek.

Body corporate chairman Mike

White said the group had gone

into mediation with IAG and EQC

on February 20, and signed off

on a deal with IAG on February

2 – coincidenta ly seven years

to the day after the February 2,

20 1, earthquake. However, they

are waiting for EQC to sign the

agr ement.

“Given that EQC actua ly drafted

the agr ement, there’ l be no

problem with them doing that.”

The apartment suffered damage

in the February and June, 20 1,

earthquakes and were demolished in

late 2012. In 2016, IAG’s offer of the

difference betw en indemnity value,

$10 mi lion, and the sum insured,

$16 mi lion, was rejected by the body


The mediation agr ement

prevented Mr White from disclosing

the se tlement amount, but he said it

involved the two parties paying “a bit

more money than they’d wanted to


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Page 7 Page 10

Fishin’ for w eds

Children’s event at risk if The

Groynes’ lakes not cleaned up

Pedaling acro s NZ

Stroke survivor finishes long


TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 www.star.kiwi

Loca ly Owned


ca l 32 4 04 TexT 027 537 0567

230 Ba ringTon sTr eT




A NEW 60km/h sp ed limit and

double ye low lines wi l be in

place on Dyers Pa s Rd by early


The sp ed limit change was

a proved by the city counci last

w ek.

A decision to paint double yellow

lines on the stretch betw en

Summit Rd and the Sign of the

Takahe was earlier made by the

Spreydon-Cashmere Community


Bu the Banks Peninsula Community

Board decided against

ye low lines on the Summit Rd-

Governors Bay section due to the

road’s na rowne s and general


The changes are designed to try

and reduce the crash rate.

Insta lation of the double

ye low lines, the new sp ed limit

signs and raised centre line pavement

markers wi l begin in mid


The work i scheduled to take

place betw en April 15-18, 2-26,

29 and May 2.

While the work is done, Dyers

Pa s Rd wi l be closed to traffic

from the Sign of the Takahe to

Governors Bay betw en 7pm and



Dyers Pass


limit from

early next


• By Emily O’Co ne l

A WOOLSTON butcher proved

to be a cut above the rest in an

international competition.

New World Fe ry Rd butcher

Jeremy Garth and his team, the

Pure South Sharp Blacks, recently

came second a the World

Butchers’ Cha lenge in Northern


It was the firs time Mr Garth

had competed in the cha lenge

and he was “rea ly proud” of

how the team performed.

“We produced some top quality

products and came away

with a g od result so we’re very

ha py,” he said.

The preparation for this year’s

World Butchers’ Cha lenge was

intense as the team members

met in Auckland every two

months for lengthy w ekend


Mr Garth, who has b en a

butcher for 14 years, said the

competition brought back his

pa sion for the job.

“Doing a l thi stuff and

m eting new people, s eing new

ideas, it just brings that flair

back for you,” he said.

Mr Garth hopes to own a

butcher shop of his own someday

but says for now he wi l focus

on ge ting mor experience

and on the 2020 cha lenge.

“In two years’ time, we’ l be

going back to try and win the

title,” he said.

U per Ri carton butcher Corey

Winder was part of the Pure

South Sharp Blacks team.

GLOBAL STAGE: W olston butcher Jeremy Garth back home after his team came second in the World Butchers’ Challenge.


From New World Ferry Rd

to second in the


Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


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Cyclist’s helipad bid

Serious crash gives new

perspective on ride to hospital

River working group

Rebuilding a healthy

ecosystem in the Selwyn River

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2018 www.star.kiwi

Loca ly Owned

June 29 - July 1



021 914 565

• By Georgia O’Co nor-Harding

A CRACKDOWN on mobile

traders acro s the districts could

be l oming.

However, the public has li tle

interest in having input into the

i sue.

Only eight submi sions were

received for a potential bylaw

aimed at regulating commercial

activities in public places.

The district council wi l be

holding a hearing for the Public

Places Bylaw and Policy on Commercial

Activities and Events in

Public Places.

A hearing i scheduled to be

held on Thursday.

The bylaw comes as an increasing

number of mobile traders

are s eking to operate in Selwyn,

especia ly during the summer


In the past year, the district

council has received five inquiries

about se ting up a mobile busine s

on private or public land.

A report said there are two

str et operators in Darfield, a

coff e cart is parked beside the

railway in Ro leston, and a pi za

cart visits Lincoln w ekly betw en

September-May along with a Thai

f od truck.

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Pupils learn about role of war horses


have taken a step back in time,

s eing first hand what men and

horses l oked like during war.

The New Zealand Mounted

Rifles Charitable Trust president

Mark A pleton and member

Mike Donaldson t ok their

horses to the sch ol on Monday,

in a bid to educate pupils on the

sacrifice their ancestors made in

World War 1 and World War 2.

Mr A pleton and Mr Donaldson

a rived a the sch ol dre sed

in World War 1 uniforms while

their horses Tommy and Kruze

wore 1 0-year-old sa dles donated

to the trust.

The presentation is a prelude

to the Gr endale Recreation Reserve

Management Commi t e’s

upcoming Anzac Day service.

As a tribute to those who

served, members of the trust wi l

ride horseback to the service.

Mr A pleton said it was

important children were

educated on what soldiers

wen through during World

War 1 and World War 2.

But he said the presentation

didn’t go into t o much detail

and was more of a “show and

te l” to make them aware of what

the soldiers l oked like.

Children were shown the type

of kits horses were required to

wear in the war.

•Turn to page 7

• By Georgia O’Co nor-Harding

HISTORY: Pupils have taken a step back in time learning about what

New Zealand soldiers and horses l oked like in World War 1. Abi P oler,

5, sits on Kruze, alongside Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust president


New sections

selling now

There’s no be ter place to se tle out wes than at Falcon’s Landing. Pop in to our sales and

information office, 17 Branthwaite Drive, this Thursday, Friday or Sunday from 1pm to 3pm

to find out more. Contact us on 03 741 1340 or mail enquiries@yoursection.nz anytime.

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Driver hazard?

Community board member

blasts Yaldhurst Rd island

Mega centre f edback

Denton Park a tracts more

submi sions than Cathedral

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 www.star.kiwi

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ca l 32 4 04 TexT 027 537 0567

230 Ba ringTon sTr eT




• By Emily O’Co ne l

AN U PER Ri carton butcher

has proven himself to be a cut

above his Au sie rivals at an

international competition.

Elite Meats owner Corey

Winder was named in the a l

star team a the World Butchers’

Cha lenge in Northern Ireland.

Mr Winder and his team, the

Pure South Sharp Blacks, which

includes W olston butcher

Jeremy Garth, finished second

in the competition.

He said the cha lenge started

as a “transtasman test match”

seven years ago.

The preparation for this

year’s World Butchers’ Challenge

was intense as the team

members met in Auckland

every two months for lengthy

w ekend practices. Mr Winder

said coming second against 1

other countries was a “fantastic”


“To get second behind Ireland

was a huge achievement and to

be ahead of Australia is an

even bi ger thing for us,” he


But Mr Winder admires the

Australian team.

“Those guys over there

[Australia] are on top of their

game, they do a g od job,” he


“And it just showcases that

New Zealand has got some

of the best butchers in the

world,” he said.

Mr Winder has b en a butcher

since the age of 19.

Elite butcher cut above the world

• By Emily O’Co ne l


Ri carton Community Board

has b en given the gr en ligh to

o pose the pla ned qua ry near


Mayor Lia ne Dalziel told the

board on Thursday it had the okay

from the city council to make a

submi sion if Fulton Hogan a plies

for a resource consen to create a

qua ry.

Board chairman Mike Mora

told Western News the submi sion

would likely o pose Fulton Hogan’s


“You can just about guarant e

it . because we [the community

board] don’t believe qua ries

should be so close to residential

areas,” he said.

Mr Mora said he wasn’t sure if

the city council would endorse the

board’ submi sion.

“I’d like to think so because the

city council has had their eyes

open as we l ove recent years over

the crysta line silica risk,” he said.

Mr Mora said the community

board wi l be “representing and

advocating” for the Templeton


•Turn to page 5


board get


to oppose



AWARD-WINNING: Corey Winder is back home after his team came second in the World Butchers’ Cha lenge .


Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


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18 April Maundy Thursday

Upper Riccarton

Methodist Church


19 April Good Friday

St Peter’s Church

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cross. Hot cross buns to follow.

21 April Easter Day

St Peter’s Church

8am & 9.30 Eucharist worship

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St Luke’s Church

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“Wide range of coaches and buses

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28 Tuesday April 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi


We love

what we do

Congratulations to our Top 20 Consultants

for March 2019

It’s an unquestionable truth – the success of our clients is

directly tied to the success of our people. We are inspired

every day by our clients stories and it’s why we love doing

what we do.

Congratulations to our top performers for their passion and

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Contact one of our top performers today:


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WESTERN NEWS Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Tuesday April 16 2019 29

Love the life you choose

Summerset at Avonhead

120 Hawthornden Road, Avonhead

Show home open to view!




30 Tuesday April 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi


Love the life

you choose

When you move into a Summerset retirement village, you’re not just

moving house – you’re joining a vibrant and welcoming community

where you’ll feel completely at home.

At Summerset we put you at the heart of everything

we do, so you can enjoy the freedom of living the life

you choose.

Artist impression

The perfect home is waiting for you. From villas and townhouses, to

apartments – you’ll find a place to make your own. Our homes are

accessible, high-quality, and there are no worries about maintenance or

upkeep as we do it all for you. Pets are also welcome, and you can even

go away on holiday knowing your home will be safe and secure. We’ll

also make sure you’re aware of all costs, giving you the certainty that

there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

When it comes to activities and events, there’s always something

happening to keep our Summerset community involved and

entertained, and you can choose to do as much or as little as you like.

If you need some extra care or support, our continuum of care means

we’ll be there for you as your needs change, giving you the peace of

mind to continue living life to its fullest.

Over 5,000 residents are already enjoying the Summerset life across

25 villages around New Zealand. If you’re interested in Summerset at

Avonhead for yourself or a family member, stop in at our Sales Office,

120 Hawthornden Road, Avonhead and find out more about the

Summerset life. Our Sales Office is open 7 days, so pop in at a time that

suits you.

To find out more about Summerset at Avonhead,

call 0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit summerset.co.nz

Artist impression

WESTERN NEWS Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi

Tuesday April 16 2019 31

Love the Summerset life

Love the Choice

At Summerset you’ll find a wide range of homes specifically designed

for the over 70s. Choose from one of our lovely, modern, purposebuilt

homes, then make it your own. All our homes are designed with

accessibility as a priority.

Love the Community

At Summerset you can continue to live the life you choose with the

added peace of mind of living in a warm and friendly community where

you’ll feel completely at home.

As a Summerset resident, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being part

of a thriving Summerset community including easy access to village

facilities and community spaces. And there’s support on hand should

you need it in the future.

Love the Confidence

At a Summerset village you can live fully independently or, should

you need it, you can receive support and care in your own home or

apartment, or in our fully certified care centre. So, if your needs change,

you can be confident you will the get the support you need, without

having to leave the village.

Once complete, Summerset at Avonhead will have a range

of community facilities, including;

To find out more about Summerset at Avonhead,

call 0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit summerset.co.nz

Divine Café

Exercise room

Communal vegetable


Residents’ bar

All-weather bowling green

Residents’ workshop

Hair and beauty salon

Swimming pool and/or

spa pool

Regular visits from

health practitioners


32 Tuesday April 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi



Summerset at


Nestled in the beautiful suburb of Avonhead, Summerset

at Avonhead will provide a range of homes including villas,

townhouses and serviced apartments. The village will also

offer a care centre and our award winning memory care centre;

a state of the art facility especially designed for those living

with dementia.

Our homes are specifically designed for the over 70s.

Choose from one of our brand new modern homes,

then make it your own.

To find out more about the homes we have available, get in

touch today or visit our Sales Office at 120 Hawthornden Road,

Avonhead. We’re open 7 days.

A range of living options

Our villages offer a range of homes to suit your requirements and

needs. Our warm, modern homes and care centre are built with

accessibility as a priority. And there’s no need to worry about

maintenance or upkeep. Simply choose your new home and

make it your own. You can even bring along your pet.

When our village is complete there will be a range of living


• 2 and 3 bedroom villas

• 2 bedroom townhouses

• 1 and 2 bedroom apartments

• Serviced apartments

• Rest home and hospital-level care

• Respite and short term care

To find out about the homes we will be building at Summerset at

Avonhead, or to join our waitlist, call our friendly and professional

team today.

To find out more about Summerset at Avonhead,

call us on 0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit summerset.co.nz/avonhead


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