CPT International 01/2019



Demonstration of “Complete Connected Foundry”

Photo: Norican Group

“GIFA provides the opportunity to interact,

share latest technical thinking and discuss

emerging needs”, stresses Peter Holm Larson,

President Parts Formation, Norican Group.

Delegates attending

GIFA 2019 will, for the

first time in the show’s

history, find Norican

Group, Herlev, Denmark,

and its 4 technologies:

DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen

and Wheelabrator,

exhibiting the “Complete Connected

Foundry” powered by Norican Digital

– for both die casting and green sand


The range of innovation, technology

and expertise across Norican covers

every aspect of foundry operations,

from melting, dosing and green sand

molding, through to die casting, surface

preparation and finishing.

With a complete focus on metal

forming and preparation technologies,

and with the additional proposition of

being able to connect machinery, services

and processes using dedicated data

gathering hardware, and sophisticated

IoT software solutions – powered by

Norican Digital, Peter Holm Larson –

President, Parts Formation, Norican

Group – believes this will be an incredibly

important show for the organisation.

“GIFA provides the perfect opportunity

for our industry to interact, share

latest technical thinking and discuss

emerging needs – for example around

aluminium and new materials. We will

be displaying innovation to deliver

results addressing three fundamental

themes; how to boost foundry productivity,

optimize quality and control

resources in line with current manufacturing

demands”, commented Larson.

“As Norican these are conversations

we can have, and customer needs we

can meet, as a single provider with a

unique end-to-end knowledge of

foundry processes and deeper insight

into the market forces impacting on our

customer base. Our presence at GIFA

2019, even down to a new stand location,

is geared towards demonstrating

this capability mix and our commitment

to using that platform to deliver practical

solutions that make a real difference.”

Larson continued: “DISA, Italpresse

Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator

have successfully built long-standing,

trusted partnerships with foundry

customers based on answering needs

efficiently, innovatively and effectively.

Many of those customers will be attending

GIFA expecting to hear about the

latest ways their specific solution provider

can help tackle an individual challenge

or attain a particular production

goal. And they will.”

“But what they will also receive is

additional value that can only come

from a complete foundry picture – from

seeing how all parts of the puzzle fit

together to offer maximum benefit. In

that respect what Norican provides is a

joined-up offering that is greater than

the sum of its parts, borne of our focus

on metal forming and enhancement. To

be able to take this proposition to GIFA

for the first time is a hugely exciting


In addition to showcasing innovations

in metal casting, green sand molding,

die casting, shot blasting/peening

equipment and services – both physically

on stand and using state-of-the-art

displays - Norican will be delivering a

range of technical lectures and workshops

geared at helping customers

address challenges and maximize

opportunities at every point of their

foundry process.

Subjects to be covered during on-stand

sessions and as part of the official GIFA

lecture programme, can be summarized

under the following categories:

> Data-driven foundries – how to

acquire, monitor, analyse data from

every point in the foundry process to

boost productivity and quality now,

and capitalise on IIoT solutions in

the future as part of Industry 4.0.

> Achieving productivity, quality and

resource improvements – how

foundries of all sizes and types can

use new innovation and/or upgrade

existing solutions to be more sustainable,

energy efficient, productive

and profitable.

Hall11, stand A74 – A78



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