Saint Ambrose Parish Easter Bulletin 2019


April 21, 2019

“On that Hallelujah Day...they’ll be

singing and shouting…and joy flows like

a fountain on that day!”

HAPPY EASTER! What a blessed day as we celebrate

the joy of the Risen Lord – the promise of new life and

greater joy in Christ!!!

Throughout the Season of Lent, we have been reflecting

on the promise of heaven – ONE DAY – when we all get

to heaven. In the Resurrection, Christ opens for all of us

the way to heaven and the promise of eternal life. We

are so blessed! May each of us use this Easter to renew

our deepest desire to walk the path of the Lord that will

lead us to heaven to be with the Lord, and our loved ones,


This Easter is also a very special day for our community

as we walk into our renewed Church. It’s a blessing for

all of us to come together as one around the Table of the

Lord. The Church is one more expression of the goodness

of our members – all of us together – for the glory of

God. Thank you to all who have made a special gift to the

Lord and our community to help make this possible. The

best comment about the renewed Church came from one

of our middle schoolers who said, ‘it makes me feel so

peaceful’. May our Church, and our community, always be

a special place of God’s peace and mercy.

Over the past months, as we renewed the Church building,

we have been inviting all of our members to renew

their commitment to BE the Church – strong, committed,

faithful in building up God’s kingdom. So many members

have responded with a strong ‘yes’ to the Lord. Please use

this Easter to reflect on Jesus’ ‘yes’ for us and how you can

say ‘yes’ to the Lord.

We need 500 sets of hands to help us on Saturday, April

27 for our annual Community Service Day. All of us

working for a few hours on a Saturday morning can do

great good throughout our region. For more details, or to

sign up to help, go to, www.StAmbrose/Service.

The Summer Festival is coming soon (so is summer).

Please mark your calendar and make plans to help out

and join us for great family fun on June 20-23.

As we celebrate the joy of Easter, our Church – our parish

– is alive and strong by God’s grace and your goodness.

I pray that you may know the blessings of God in your life.

Please let me know how I/we can be of help to you and

your loved ones.

BLESSED EASTER! This is the day the Lord has made….

let us rejoice and be glad!

Father Bob Stec

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 1



Jesus Christ Is Risen


1. Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!

Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!

Who did once upon the cross, Alleluia!

Suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!

2. Hymns of praise then let us sing,

Alleluia! Unto Christ our heavenly

King, Alleluia! Who endured the cross

and grave, Alleluia!

Sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia!

3: But the pains which he endured,

Alleluia! Our salvation have procured,

Alleluia! Now he reigns above as King,


Where the angels ever sing. Alleluia!

4. Sing we to our God above, Alleluia!

Praise eternal as his love, Alleluia!

Praise him, all ye heavenly hosts,

Alleluia! Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Text: 77 77 with alleluias; verse 1, Latin, 14th cent., para. in Lyra

Davidica, 1708. alt.; verses 2–3, The Compleat Psalmodist, ca.

1750, alt.; verse 4, Charles Wesley, 1707–1788, alt. Music: Later

form of melody fr. Lyra Davidica, 1708.

Glory to God

Glory, glory to God in the highest!

Glory, glory to God in the highest, and

on earth peace to people of goodwill.

We praise you, we bless you, we adore

you, we glorify you.

We give you thanks for your great


Lord, God heavenly King, O God,

almighty Father!

Lord, Jesus Christ, only begotten Son,

Lord, God, Lamb of God, Son of the


You take away the sins of the world

have mercy on us.

You take away the sins of the world,

receive our prayer.

You are seated at the Right Hand of

the Father.

Have mercy on us.

For you alone are the Holy One.

You alone are the Lord.

You alone are the Most High, Jesus


With the Holy Spirit, in the Glory of

God the Father!

2 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

Glory, glory to God in the highest!

Glory, glory to God in the highest, and

on earth peace to people of goodwill.

Music by Ed Bolduc. OCP Publications. All Rights

Reserved. Mass of St. Ann.


Psalm 118:

This is the Day, the Lord has made,

let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Text: Based on Psalm 118. Text and music © 1988,

1989, Christopher Walker. Published by OCP. All rights



Priest: The Lord be with you.

People: And with your spirit

Priest: A reading from the holy

Gospel according to John

People: Glory to you, O Lord.


River of Glory

River of glory, springs of our birth

Flood of God’s riches, poured on the


We are born from the darkness

And in to the light!

We are bathed in the glory of God!

Sprinkling Right “River Of Glory” Words And Music By

Dan Schutte. Ocp Publications All Rights Reserved.



In Christ Alone

1. In Christ alone, my hope is found;

He is my light, my strength, my song;

This cornerstone, this solid ground,

Firm through the fiercest drought

and storm.

What heights of love, what depths of


When fears are stilled, when

strivings cease!

My comforter, my all in all,

Here in the love of Christ I stand.

2. In Christ alone, who took on flesh,

Fullness of God in helpless babe!

This gift of love and righteousness,

Scorned by the ones He came to


Till on that cross as Jesus died,

The wrath of God was satisfied

For every sin, on Him was laid;

Here in the death of Christ I live.

3. There in the ground, His body lay,

Light of the world by darkness slain;

Then bursting forth in glorious day,

Up from the grave He rose again!

And as He stands in victory,

Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me;

For I am His and He is mine,

Bought with the precious blood of


4. No guilt in life, no fear in death,

This is the power of Christ in me;

From life’s first cry to final breath.

Jesus commands my destiny.

No power of hell, no scheme of man,

Can ever pluck me from His hand;

Till He returns or calls me home,

Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand.

In Christ Alone” Words And Music By Keith Getty & Stuart

Townend Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music(Prs) Adm

Worldwide At Capitolcmgpublishing.Com Exclusing Europe

Which Is Adm By Integritymusic.Com


Priest: The Lord be with you

People: And with your spirit

Priest: Lift up your heart

People: We lift them up to the Lord

Priest: Let give thanks to the Lord

our God.

People: It is right and just


Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.

Heaven and earth are full of your


Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is he who comes in the


the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

Hosanna in the highest.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen: From “Mass

Of St. Ambrose” Music Composed By Tom Bonezzi. Used With

Permission Of Composer.


We proclaim your death, O Lord, and

profess your Resurrection, until you

come again!


Jesus Christ You Are My


Jesus Christ, You Are My Life,

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Jesus Christ, You Are My Life, you

are my life Alleluia!

Words And Music, Marco Frisina. Ocp Publications All

Rights Reserved.


Alleluia! Alleluia! Let

The Holy Anthem Rise!

1. Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the holy

anthem rise, And the choirs of

heaven chant it In the temple

of the skies; Let the mountains

skip with gladness, And the joyful

valleys ring With hosannas in the

highest To our Savior and our King!

2. Alleluia! Alleluia! Like the sun

from out the wave, He has risen up

in triumph From the darkness of

the grave. He’s the splendor of the

nations, He’s the lamp of endless

day; He’s the very Lord of glory Who

is risen up today!

3. Alleluia! Alleluia! Blessed Jesus,

make us rise From the life of this

corruption To the life that never

dies. May your glory be our portion,

When the days of time are past,

And the dead shall be awakened By

the trumpet’s mighty blast!

Words And Music: Edward Cassal And St. Basil’s Hymnal.

Ocp Publications. All Rights Re-served.


Alleluia! Love Is Alive


Alleluia! Love is alive!

Conquered the grave and defeated

the night.

Alleluia! Live is alive!

The Son has arisen for all.

Your people sing, Alleluia!

Steve Angrisano And Sara Hart And Jesse Manibusan.

Ocp Publications All Rights Reserved.


On That Day!

On that day, on that hallelujah day,

On that day, on that hallelujah day

There’ll be singin’, there’ll be


And joy flows like a fountain on

that day.

Copyright © 2002 by GIA Publications. All rights

reserved. Excerpts from the English translation of The

Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on

English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

All songs in this worship aid are reprinted with

permission under OneLicense A-721675

How can we help?



Are you new to the area?

Have a loved one who is sick?

Know someone who is homebound?

Want to learn more about our faith?

Need a priest to call you?

Complete a quick form at

Wishing you peace, love and

happiness at Easter and always.

Call us with any questions at

330.460.7300. You can also email anytime.


Community Day

of Service

Saturday, April 27

8:30 am -12:00 pm

We need hundreds of hands to do the work of the Lord! Choose

from a wide variety of projects, including raking, mulching,

spring clean-up around the yard, or painting, just to name a few.

All of our jobs are family-friendly... we even have birdhouses

and planters to paint that the young children will love. And for

individuals who may be unable to do physical labor, you could

help with morning registration, prayer group or pizza setup.

There is literally something for everyone... and WE NEED

YOUR HELP. Signup link is online at!

Any questions? Contact Lisa at or Jane




Saturday, May 11

You make the mission possible.



All proceeds support

Mission Possible - Dominican Republic.

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 3

Th is Week




6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Divorce Care – LCMK

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Scripture Study LCLK

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm –

Catholic Works of Mercy LCMT


9:30 am – 11:30 am –

33 Days of Merciful Love – LCLK

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – Stewardship Committee


7:00 pm -8:30 pm – Ministry of Praise and

Prayer CC

7:00- 9:30 pm – Knights of Columbus LCFM


9:30 am – 11:00 am – Scripture Study LCLK

11:00 am – 1:00 pm –

Fr. Bob Senior Luncheon PLCMT

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Book Club LCFM

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm – Bible Study LCMT

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Griefshare LCFM

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm –

Parish Finance Council PLCJPII


10:30 am – 12:00 pm –

Prayer Shawl Ministry LCFM

11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Incoming Kindergarten

Meeting PLCMT

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Legion of Mary LCFM

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Jessie Weinberger

Assembly GYM

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – Stephen Ministry

Training LCFM

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm – Brownie Troop

90667 LCMT

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Men’s Fellowship LCLK

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm – Boy Scouts 513 LCJN


11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Incoming Kindergarten

Meeting PLCMT

5:00 pm – 11:00 pm – BINGO HH


7:00 am – 2:00 pm – Community Day HH

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Collin Nemet’s

Birthday Party - HH

Sacrament of Anointing

All Masses the weekend of April 27 and 28

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the infirmed and aged will take place at

all the weekend masses at Saint Ambrose. (Except 5pm Mass on Sunday, 28th).

If you are advancing in years or struggling with physical or emotional health

concerns, you will have the opportunity to experience the healing grace and

tender care of the Lord. Please bring your loved ones.

The Rat Pack, Featuring Frank T. Worley as Elvis

Sunday, May 26 - 5:30pm Doors, 7:00pm Show

The Brunswick Knights of Columbus are proud to

welcome back The Rat Pack…and more, with special

guest Frank T. Worley as Elvis!

Enjoy a chicken parmesan dinner with a side of pasta,

salad, rolls, dessert, coffee/tea, soft drinks AND a

show featuring Frank, Dean, Sammy and Elvis for only

$20/person. BYOB. Sideboards and 50/50 raffle will

be available. Tickets are on sale now and must be

purchased in advance from the Parish Office. Credit

Card orders may be made online at or

by phone by calling Marty at 216.533.7737. Proceeds to benefit local charities

supporting people with developmental disabilities.

Spring Bus Trip

Wednesday, May 29 - Thursday, May 30

Join Fr. Rob and other Saint Ambrose members on

a bus trip to Detroit and South Bend! We will visit

Sweetest Heart of Mary and Saint Anne parishes

with a stop for lunch in-between. Daily Mass will

be offered at Sweetest Heart of Mary. We will spend

the night at Waterford Estates Lodge, head to the

University of Notre Dame and have a tour of the

Basilica of the Sacred Heart. We will also visit the

Lourdes grotto, the main building (with its famous golden dome) and more!

The cost is $120 per person. Please contact Helen Sheridan (330.460.7322) or to register for what will be an amazing experience!

More details can be found at

Ladies First: Be Spirit Filled

April 30th, at 6:45 PM, in Lehner Center John

Spend an evening learning more about the Holy Spirit. Explore the Trinity,signs

of Spirit presence, divinity, symbols, Pentecost, Confirmation, Spiritual gifts, Bible

references, and more. Come for food, friendship and faith building.

Easter is the one time of year

it is safe to put all your eggs in

one basket. Jesus Christ.

4 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

April 27 Community Day of Service

April 27 Alpha Village Clean-Up

April 28 Anointing of the Sick

at All Masses (except 5pm)

May 4 Spring Tea

May 5 Confirmation

May 11 First Eucharist Masses

May 11 Mission Possible

Grand Slam Gala

May 14 May Crowning

May 18 Boy Scouts Mystery

Dinner & Play

May 19 Marc’s Healthy Breakfast

May 26 The Rat Pack Show

May 29-30 Spring Bus Trip

June 1 StAR4LIFE 5k Run and Walk

June 20-23 Saint Ambrose Summer Festival

June 25-27 “Embark” Junior High

Summer Service Camp

Saturday, May 4

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

All women of the parish are invited to the

Women’s Guild Spring Tea featuring live

entertainment from Hooked on Harmony

15 person ensemble.

This is a wonderful afternoon to

spend with Mom, Grandma, your

daughters and your best friends.

TICKETS: $12 per person.


Women’s Guild


For more details or to purchase tickets please call

or visit the Parish Life Center (330.460.7300).


JUNE 20-23

Thursday - Sunday

your favorite


★ Funnel Cakes ★ Fresh Squeezed Lemonade ★ Snow Cones ★ Fresh Cut French Fries

★ Root Beer Floats ★ Italian Sausage ★ Cotton Candy ★ Homemade Stuffed Cabbage

★ Beef Kabobs ★ $1 Burgers and Dogs on Thursday! ★ NEW! *Margarita booth*


$10 ride



all ages enjoy


★ Instant Bingo ★ Casino ★ Table Games ★ Wheels ★ Games of Chance

★ Raffle Grand Drawing ★ Beer Garden ★ Fun Rides ★ Skill Games

★ Kids Area ★ Family Friendly Pricing ★ GREAT Kids Activities



LOCATION: 929 Pearl Road Brunswick, Ohio • 330.460.7300


+ Nightly Specials!

Thursday, June 20

6:00 - 10:00 P.M.



A tribute to Jimmy Buffet

Dollar Burger & Dog Night

thanks to Burger King!

Friday, June 21

5:30 - 11:00 P.M.



Beatles Tribute Band

Fish & Chips Special!

Saturday, June 22

5:30 - 11:00 P.M.



A tribute to Neil Diamond

Local dance studios

and entertainment

Sunday, June 23

5:30 - 10:00 P.M.


Eagles Tribute Band

Raffle Grand Drawing

and Fireworks Show!

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 5

Readings for the Week

Mon ACTS 2:14, 22-33; MT 28:8-15

Tues ACTS 2:36-41; JN 20:11-18

Wed ACTS 3:1-10; LK 24:13-35

Thurs ACTS 3:11-26; LK 24:35-48

Fri ACTS 4:1-12; JN 21:1-14

Sat ACTS 4:13-21; MK 16:9-15

Sun ACTS 5:12-16;JN 20:19-31

In Support of Our Parish

Week of April 14

April 14, 2019 July 1, 2018 -

April 14, 2019

July 1, 2017 -

April 15, 2018

Sunday Collection 26,416 1,368,649 1,479,024

Amount Needed (33,500) (1,407,000)

Over / (Under) (7,084) (38,351)

Building Fund $819 $41,948

ACH Collection



$3,391 (weekly) $0 (monthly)

$99 ($82 envelopes used)

Thank you for your generosity and

support which allows us to continue

the mission of Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

From the Nemet Family

‘Now Faith is confidence in what we

hope for and assurance about what

we do not see.’ - Hebrews 11:1

Our journey with Collin since his

diagnosis has been one of ups &

downs. We are so Thankful and so

Blessed to have such an amazing

Parish Family that has supported

us and loved us every step of the way. God’s love, through each

and ever one of you, has given us the strength we need to get

through each day. Thank you all for being there for us. As Father

Bob has always said, “I don’t know how people get through hard

times without Faith”...we continue to have hope and pray for a

miracle for Collin. It’s not our Faith though that will save Collin - it’s

HIS amazing Faith that shines through him everyday that lets us matter what, he will be okay. Thank You-from our family

to all of you, our Parish Family, for all you have done for us and all

you have meant to us through Collin’s journey.

God Bless, The Nemet Family

Cancer Prayer and Support Meeting

Wednesday, May 1

Living with Cancer Prayer and Support Group was started in 2009

and has become an important part of our spiritual life. Spend some

time with us at our next meeting on Wednesday, May 1 at 7:00 pm

in LEHNER CENTER-MATTHEW as we share, support and embrace

our friendship with prayer. This group is for cancer survivors,

caregivers, family members and anyone whose life had been

touched by cancer and are in need of our prayers and support.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month. Come and see if

together we can make a difference. For more information, call Terri

at 216-990-0082 or Miriam at 330-225-9005

Share your Easter photos!

Taking pictures with your family in our renewed

Church? We would love to see them! Tag Saint

Ambrose Parish on Facebook and Instagram.

6 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

healthy breakfast

holy. happy. healthy!

Sunday, may 19

All are welcome.

Fresh Food.

Helpful Information.

Good for you.

All thanks to our

friends at Marc’s!

8:00am - 12:00noon

in hilkert hall

Small Faith Group Leader

Thank you to those who opened their hearts and homes!

As our Lent 1.3 Small Faith Groups come to a close, we want to thank those

leaders who opened their hearts and homes up to more than 500 people

this year. The groups met at least three times while discussing Scripture.

The participants were able to explore their faith and come to a fuller

understanding of who Jesus is and who Jesus can be in their lives.

Thank you to the following individuals:

Jane Baldwin

Ann Behrend

Carol & Deacon Clem


Lisa & Vince Berardinelli

Linda Cebula

Lisa Cinadr

Sheila Cummings

Joe DeLuca

Holly Guzowski

Mark & Nancy Kesselem

Sue Kirchner

Dennis & Donna Koeth

Amanda & Jeff McCrary

Janet Majka

Nancy & Brent Monnin

Caitlin O’Neill

Barb Ortiz

Marsha Pappalardo

Catherine Rainey

Fr. Rob Ramser

Mary Ann Riess

Jim Rosenbaugh

Carrie Ruggiero

For more information regarding upcoming small faith groups,

contact Jane Baldwin at

Women’s Scripture Study

Friday mornings starting May 3 – June 14 at 9:30am

A 7-session Bible study held in Lehner Center,


• Gain fresh insight and encouragement

from Psalm 23.

• Explore the depths of God’s compassionate care

• Banish fear as you trust the Shepherd’s goodness

in every season of life

To register, contact Jane Baldwin, Spiritual Life

Coordinator at

April 24 Lunch with Fr. Bob - 11:00 am

RSVP to Helen: 330.460.4322

April 30 Off-Site Breakfast at Gyro George

Linda & Joe Scarcella

Michelle Schafer

Helen & Deacon Tom


Debi Stec

Dorothy Strauss

Debbie & Joe Szelenyi

Shari & Deacon Gary


Nancy VanGieson

Shari & Steve Whisler

Lyla Wooten

May 8 Lunch & Learn Safety

“How not to become a victim”


RSVP: Helen Sheridan 330-460-7322 no later than May 1st.

May 28 “A Trip back in time”

Come join Greg & Lin Crane as they take us back in time

to the days when Sleepy Hollow was a favorite resort

destination of Northeast Ohio. They operated the iconic

lake, pool and restaurant – slide show-along with a ton of

memories from them and you.

RSVP: Helen Sheridan 330-460-7322 no later than May 14th.

Mass Intentions

KEY: RS - Fr. Robert Stec, RR - Fr. Rob Ramser

Sunday, April 21 | Easter Sunday

6:00 † Patricia Barnett (Jim & Pixie Blake)

7:30 † Ray and Rita Kitsteiner (Family)

9:00 † Andrew Grdadolnik (Kim and Family)

9:00 † Joseph & Blanche Hagge (Fr. Rob Ramser)

10:30 † Carmen & Florence Ravo (The Pillatt


10:30 † Edward & Joann Andrek (Fr Rob Ramser)

12:00 † Rita & Joe Pavlick (Dave Gonsior)

5:00 † Diana Family (Dan & Cathy Wiglusz)

Monday, April 22

8:15 † Larry Lasker (Wife)

Tuesday, April 23

8:15 † Doris Haga (Family)

Wednesday, April 24

8:15 † Ron & Mary E. Abel (Chris, Irene &

Michael Abel)

5:30 † John E. Bukovsky (Evelyn Bastian)

Thursday, April 25

8:15 † Rosemary Schall (Family)

Friday, April 26

8:15 † Anna M. Cika (Rose Nemeth)

5:30 † Nell Imperatore (Family)

Saturday, April 27

8:15 † Souls in Purgatory (Kevin Marchhiso)

4:30 † Edward Kurzenberger (Daughter) RR

Sunday, April 28 | Divine Mercy

7:30 Saint Ambrose Members GH

9:00 † Kathleen Whitney (Friends at Brecksville) GH

10:30 † Kathleen Whitney (Friends at Brecksville) RS

12:00 † Kathleen Whitney (Friends at Brecksville) RS

5:00 † Mary Kompa (Ron, Ed & Rosemary) RR

2019 Mass Intentions

Intentions Can Be Taken Beginning April 2, 2019

The 2019 Mass Intention Schedule is now available.

Please stop by the Parish office to schedule your

intentions. Each person can schedule unlimited

weekday Masses per year, and up to 3 Sunday Masses

per year.

We humbly request that you please try to limit the

number of Masses scheduled per visit to the front

office. This way the Parish Office isn’t tied up too

long scheduling, so that others needing attention

don’t have long wait times.

Thank you for helping us!

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 7

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

We celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection

and renew our faith as a Catholic community

because of it. We are called to be the hands

and feet of Christ each day of our lives. At

Saint Ambrose School, we live and breathe

Jesus Christ who is Everything for us.

Lent - our “spring training” - gave us the privilege and challenge of

walking one day at a time closer toward Christ. We built a “tapestry

cross” by meditating upon those things and thoughts in our lives

that make us broken and offering them to Jesus. Students and

staff were encouraged to bring broken items or pieces of items

as symbolic offerings and place them at the foot of the wooden

cross made by Mr. Mullen, our HSP Director. He then fashioned the

pieces on the cross to be an amazing visual of our bond in Christ

and our lives offered to Him. Fifth Grade’s Spirit-filled tradition of

leading Living Stations of the Cross and our Eighth Grade students’

leadership in presenting our annual school-wide retreat during Holy

Week brought us even closer to Christ’s passion, death and suffering

toward the glory of Easter. This year’s school-wide almsgiving

benefited the Rice Bowl project via our “Al Otro Lado” project as

we worked to help our Mission Possible family and the connection

we share. We are one family of God with different experiences,

perceptions and lives - one coin, two sides - Al Otro Lado.

Be sure to visit our website,, and

follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please contact me or

Breanne Logue at for information regarding

registration for the 2019-2020 school year.

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Littlest Angels

Preschool and Saint Ambrose School, we wish you a Blessed Easter.

May the joy of our Risen Lord give you new life and hope!

May God bless you!

Lisa Cinadr | 330.460.7350

Littlest Angels Preschool

E is for Easter and Everything!

As we move in to the season of Easter,

we often reflect on the Passion of Jesus,

His sacrifice, His life and His love. Jesus

is everything for us! We share with the

preschool children two words, humble and

selfless. Humble, not thinking we are better

than someone else, and selfless, thinking of others before ourselves.

Humble and selfless are words we could use to describe Jesus.

Often we find ourselves complaining and arguing about daily tasks

or challenges in our lives. If we want the words humble and selfless

to describe us, we need to serve our family and our parish and more

importantly our God with humility and a good attitude. This is a hard

task but as we work to be more like Jesus, we remember God’s words,

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Philippians 2:14.

God bless you this Easter,

Catherine Mitchell

ROAR!... Life is Wild + God is Good

Vacation Bible School July 8-12, 2019

Morning Session 9am – 12pm

Afternoon Session 1pm – 4pm

Join us for the best week of the summer which will

be an adventure for the entire crew. At this year’s

“ROAR!” Vacation Bible School, kids will learn that

Life is Wild… and God is Good! Children will learn

through Bible stories, songs, videos, crafts, snacks

and new Bible Buddies!

Participant and Volunteer Registrations are available

in the Parish Life Center, Church vestibule and online

at Please contact the PSR

Office at 330-460-7302 with questions.

PSR News

The PSR students and their families shared so

many faith-filled opportunities this year. A new

focus on living like disciples and doing for others is

being embraced by even the youngest of students.

From coat collections to blessing bags, we have

been spreading hope and joy to others. May this

Lenten season continue to remind us of the many

blessings we are able to share with others. May God

Bless you and your family this Easter season.

Janet Majka 330-460-7321

Saint Ambrose Summer Camp

June 10 - August 7, 2019

Each week offers a different theme. Learning,

friends, fun, and field trips! Snacks provided! Hot

lunches available for purchase Mondays-Thursdays.

More information, registration and forms available

online. Questions? Please contact Dawn Hill at

8 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

Happy Easter from the Youth Ministry Office!

We’ve had a busy Lent with our teens working together to do many great things

– serving at Fish Fry’s, participating in our Food Fast retreat, FIAT nights, Living

Stations of the Cross, our Spring Retreat, and much, much more. As we head into

the Easter season, please keep our teens in your prayers, most especially our 9th

grade students as they prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation on

Sunday May 5th with Bishop Amos.

Teens & parents – keep an eye out for a full Summer Events calendar coming

out in the next few weeks! We have a lot of exciting things coming in the next

few months and look forward to having you all join us!

Wishing you and your families a blessed Easter season.

Caitlin O’Neill | 330.460.7387

Ablaze Junior High PSR Youth Ministry

Another year has gone by so quickly for our Junior High students. We have

watched them grow in their faith and continue to pray that they will continue

to live by example on their journey. We are thankful for the team of Junior High

Catechists that anchor our program week after week. They are appreciated!

During the Summer Months… we will continue to offer opportunities for

Junior High teens to gather and use their many talents to help others, while

fostering bonds between one another. On Summer Service Wednesdays, teens

will have the opportunity to lend a helping hand by doing projects at nearby

community locations. More details to follow at

Join us at

Alpha Village!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The perfect opportunity to

make a difference in our

community. People of all ages

are welcome to join us in

Cleveland to participate in the

Alpha Village Cleanup Day.

Invite your friends and family to

help do something wonderful!

Sign up online at

“Embark in the Service of God” Summer Camp… Teens will

be making a difference in the lives of others at locations such

as Saint Augustine Hunger Center and Haven of Rest Ministries.


But don’t think that we don’t have a little bit of fun planned

too… we will be visiting attractions such as the USS Cod and

the Akron Zoo. You don’t want your teen to miss out on this life-changing service

camp! Registration forms are available at

VBS Volunteers… this year’s VBS program, “ROAR!” is sure to be a big hit

with our elementary students. As in years past, we hope the many Junior High

teens that sign up to help will lead by example and enjoy the week as much as

the students. This year, “ROAR!” is taking place from July 8-12. Please be sure

to sign up to volunteer for either the morning and/or afternoon session by the

deadline date of May 15. Volunteer at

FEST Bus… Join other teens and their families to help

organize/prepare Mom’s Bags that are handed out at the FEST

each year. Transportation and Lunch will be provided at this

all-day excursion that runs from 8am – 5pm on Tuesday, July 29.

A sign up link can be found at

in the Service of God

Saint Ambrose Jr. High Summer Service Camp

Junior High Volunteer Picnic… Any teen participating and/or

volunteering in any of the Ablaze programs this summer is invited to the Teen

Volunteer Picnic! This picnic and evening of fun is our way of thanking you for

following in the footsteps of Christ by helping those around you.

Invites to follow.

Children and Teen Envelopes

Our Young People’s Incredible Gifts

Every week, our young people contribute

to Saint Ambrose–not only through

monetary gifts, but through their actions.

Here are some of the ways our kids have

been like Christ in our community:

“I prayed for my family.”

“I add money from my allowance

to my envelope.”

“I helped my cousins during break.”

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 9

Many thanks to those who have supported the Easter Flowers

God bless you for helping make sure our Church looks beautiful and inspiring for Easter.

Eugene Abramowski

Helen Abramowski

Elizabeth Abshire

Jack Accardi

Rose Ann Adams

Joey Adams

Joe Adams

The Adams Family

Robert Albright

James Alpine

Donna Alpine

Coletta Anderson

The Anderson Family

Edward Andrek

Joann Andrek

Tim Andrek

Chris Andrek

Albert Apathy

Arline Apathy

Paul Apathy

Bernard Arendash

John Armella

Rodney Armstrong

The Aust Family

Agnes & Rudy Balak

The Balluch Family

John Balogh

Viola Balogh

Gus Balogh

Millie Balogh

Robin Barlak

Ann Baron

Mike Baron

The George Baronak Sr.


Kathleen Barta

Blake Bartchak

The Bator Family

Mr. Emilio Battista

Mrs. Emilio Battista

Joseph Bawidamann

Fr. Benjamin Bayus

The Beba Family

Mr. William Beck

Mrs. William Beck

Francis L. Becker

The Becker Family

Fr. Francis Bednar

Joe Bednar

Sybilla Belter

Clement Belter

Robert Belter

The Benninger Family

The Berg Family

Mr. Jakob Berg

Mrs. Jakob Berg

Richard Berg

Emilio Bertuzzi

Rose Bertuzzi

James Bibik

Alex Bihari

Albert Bihari

Joseph Billetz

Regina Billetz

Mary Lou Billetz

The Blaha Family

The Blokstra Family

The Bobal Family

Mr. Michael Boreczky

Mrs. Michael Boreczky

Helen Boris

James Joseph Botson

Robert Bouman

The Boyert Family

John Bradley

Evelyn Bradley

Janet Bradley

James Bradley

David Bradley

The Brady Family

Anna Mae Brainard

Rose Braschwitz

John Braschwitz

Frank Brezina

Dorothy Brientenbach

Harry Brown

The Brown Family

Fannie Browslawik

Ed Browslawik

Delsie Bryson

The Bucci Family

The Bugos Family

Thomas Buit

Mark Bujac

Cherry Bujac

The Bukovsky Family

The Bulluch Family

Sheri Ann Burfield

Agnes Burke

Tom Sass

Rowe Burns

Marge Burns

John Burns

Rowe Burns

Marge Burns

The Busovicki Family

The Butas Family

Arthur Bystricky

John Calvey

Pauline Calvey

Debbie Cameron

Vittorio Canevese

James Thomas Carkido

Lex Carkido

Sarah Carkido

Frank Caro

Anne Caro

Joe Caro

Tom Caro

The Cebula Family

Ms. Victoria Centofante

John Chalfa

Lee Chesler

Joyce Chesler

The Clarence Chirdon


Carl W. Chmielewski

The Chorzelewski


The Cieslak Family

Mike Ciganko

Phoebe Ciganko

Alex Cika

John Cika

Anna Cika

Julianne Clarke

Mr. Michael Cleary

The Cockrell Family

Grace Collura

Mary Claire Conway

Anthony Costanzo

Norma Costanzo

Nancy Cottrell

Zach Cox

William Craft

Louis Crane

Anne Crane

Raymond Creadon Sr.

William Crump

Caroline Cunningham

William Cunningham

Mr. Stanley Cyborowski

Mrs. Helen Cyborowski

Janet Damm

Milan Danish

Pete Danish

Pearl Danish

Marlene Darke

Agnes David

Stanley David

Robert David

Rosemary David

The Davidson Family

Ronald Davis

The DeCaro Family

Cheryl Deighton

Beth Deighton

Mr. Alfonso DeLeon

Mrs. Alfonso DeLeon

Patricia Dembowski

Frank DiNallo

Settimio & Pacina


The Drab Family

The Dralle Family

Mary Dryfuse

The Duerr Family

Roseann Dutkofski

John & Ann Dutkofski

Jack Egan

Anna Egan

Joe Egan

Susan Egan

Jack Egan Jr.

The Ehrman Family

Max Eichman

Margaret Eichman

Johnny Elliott

Ed Elshaw

Ruth Elshaw

The Elson Family

James M. Ely

The Engelke Family

The Ensminger Family

The Erxleben Family

The Eurcho Family

Marilyn Evasovic

Ruth Exton

Georgeann Falkinburg

Jake Farkas

Jean Farkas

Joe Farren

Lottie Farren

Julie Farrenholz-Miller

Peter Fenda

Mary Fenda

Harold Ferguson

Marion Ferguson

Paul Ferguson

The Fifer Family

Darl Fifer

Bernice Fifer

Germaine Flock

The Fogliano Family

The Forester Family

The Formoso Family

Gorden Fournier

The Fox Family

Raymond Fox

Eileen Fox

Jeffrey Fox

The Franz Family

10 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

Dolores Freiberger

Nancy Frohlich

The Fuizzotti Family

Albert & Helen


Rose Marie Fundzak

Bobby Galaska

Mary Gallagher

Laura Gandolf

The Gannon Family

Jim Garcia

Mr. Marvin Gates

Mrs. Marvin Gates

Art Gedeon

Mamey Gedeon

Paul Genda

Hedwig Genda

John Gendron

Patricia Gendron

The Gerber Family &


The Gerken Family

Gloria Gezymalla

Thomas Gibbons

Tom Gibson

The Gierlach Family

Wendell Giguere

Savannah Giguere

Anthony Gill

Patricia Gill

Rita Gill

The Gilligan Family

Denise Ginley

Fran Girard

Ev Girard

The Gliebe Family

Dorothy Glodack

Ed Glodack

The Godec Family

The Goeddey Family

Ronald Good Jr.

Francis Gottschalk

Gladys Gottschalk

Andrew Grdadolnik

Joyce Greeno

Scott Greeno

Donnie Griswold

The Grondolsky Family

Kathleen J. Guarino

Mr. Alfonse Guarino

Mrs. Alfonse Guarino

Hope Gwirtz

Joe Hagge

Blanch Hagge

The Hale Family

The Halsall Family

Gene Halter

Molly Halter

George Hamer

Agatha Hamer

The Harenda Family

The Hartman Family

Jim Hartman

Sabina Hassing

Jonathan Hauserman

Arlyn Haynes

Roger Hedrick

The Heidt Family

The Hemel Family

Ellen Henderson

The Henry Family

Richard Hibler

Paul Hibler

Fr. Hilkert

Robert Hodous

The Richard Holley Sr.


Louis Hollo

Irene Hollo

Thomas Hollo

Fred Holmok

Mary Jane Holmok

Andrew Homolak

Edna Homolak

Eleanor Hoppey

The Hovanec Family

Howard O. Hovatter

Norma Lee Hovatter

Patricia Hovatter

The Huff Family

Thelma Huff

Veronica Hurajt

The Hurajt Family

Jim Hurley

Betty Hurley

Emira Iacobucci

Helena Idziak

Stanislaw Idziak

Nell Imperatore

The Ina Family

Frank Ivcic

Rose Ivcic

Aleksander Ivcic

John Ivory

Rosemary Ivory

Nevena Jablonski

Henry Jablonski

Bruno Jablonski

Gleason (Jake) Jacobs

Patricia Januszewski

Jeannette Jaracz

Gordon Jardy

Dolores Jardy

The Jarrold Family

Dorothy Jarymenko

Pearl Jaskiewicz

Robert Javurek

Margaret Javurek

Rick Johnson

Ted Johnson

Kathryn Jones

Louise Kabeller

Dorothy Kaletta

Robert Kaletta

Walter Kaltenbach

Ronald Kaminski

Pat Kaszas

Timothy Kaszas

Al Kaufmann

Mae Kaufmann

Donna Kemer

The Kennedy Family

Joseph Kerka Sr.

Frank Kesselem

Mary Kesselem

John Kierer

Rita Kierer

The Kijanski Family

The Kilroy Sr. Family

John & Helen Kiraly

Ray Kitsteiner Sr.

Ray Kitsteiner Jr.

Rita Kitsteiner

Nancy Kitsteiner

Ray A. Kitsteiner

Robert Klaehn Sr.

The Klamert Family

John Klee

Virginia Klee

Marie Klein

The Knight Family

Ed Knirnschild

Karen Knirnschild-


The Kocab Family

Miss Tillie Kochan

Thomas J. Kocon

The Kocon Family

The Kodysz Family

Koenig Family

Bill Koeth

Lucy Koeth

Roger Kolakowski

Rose Ann Koleski

George Kollar

Lillian Kollar

The Konarske Family

Florence & Bob


Dan Kopp

Mary Kopp

Mary Ellen Koras

Veronica Kossuth

Charles Kossuth

Edward Kostyack

Mike Kostyack

Ann Kostyack

Mr. Joseph Kovacic

Abbot Jerome Koval

The Koval Family

Stanley Kowalski

Clara Kowalski

Timothy Kowalski

Steve Krajcirk

Raymond J. Kralik

Evie Kriak

Marie Krupa

Henry Krysiak Sr.

Rose Marie Krysiak

Mark Kuharcik

Kenny Kukarola

Gene Kulik

John Kyovsky

Julia Kyovsky

Margaret Langa

Jacquelyn Langford

Robert & Sally


Joseph LaRocco

Lottie LaRocco

Thomas LaRocco

May LaRocco

Mr. & Mrs. Albert


Larry Lasker

Mr. John Laterola

Mrs. John Laterola

Debbie Lawler

Betty Lawler

George League

Jeannette League

Mike Lehet

Mary Lehet

Donald J. LeHotan

Ruben (Jerry) Lemons

George Lepi

Mary Lepi

Ronald Leposa

Rose Lever

Marion Lewandowski

Alfred Lewandowski

Thomas Lewis Jr.

Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them,

May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Thomas Lewis Sr.

Mary Lewis

Ronald T. Litchney

Baby Timothy Lloyd

Vera Lovko

Mary Lubecke

Clarence Lubecke

Bill Lucas

Agnes Lucas

Alfred Luiere

John Lundberg

Helen Lundberg

The Lynch Family

James Lynch

James Robert Lynch

John Lynch

Margaret Lynch

The Machor Family

Robert Machor

Richard Makoski

Tom Malinoski

Teri Malinoski

Danny Malloy

The Manning Family

Salvatore Mannino

Lena Mannino

Michael Mansfield

Vincent Marchetti

Christa Marchetti

Joseph Marinelli

Nidea Marinelli

Kimberly Marinelli

The Markowski Family,

Friends, Neighbors

Ann Martinka

Louis Martinka

Mr. John Mascardine Sr.

Mrs. John Mascardine


Allen Maurer

Catherine Maurer

Jamie McCann

Kathryn McDougal

R. J. Meade

Ann Meade

The Mehota Family

Anna Mello

Bob Mello

Louis Menendez

Violet Menendez

Mary Jane Merrick

Eugene Merrill

Dee Merrill

The Merrill Family

Edward Mickas

Rita Mickas

Lou Miklosko

Dorothy Miklosko

Woodrow Miller

Sophie Miller

Jeanne Miller

Ida Miller

Charles Miller

Mary Miller

The Mizerak Family

Mr. James Moenich

Mrs. James Moenich

Eleanor Molodec

Joseph Molodec

Michael Moluski

Ursula Moluski

Mr. Dominick Monaco

Roberto Morales

Wilson Morales

Brian Moran

William Morgan

Dorothy Morgan

Jason Morrison

The Morrow Family

Edward Moskalski

William E. Mould Sr.

The Mullen Family

The Muniak Family

The Francis & Colletta

Murray Family

The Nemeth Family

Tom Nesad

Mary Nesad

Mr. Bernard Nickle

Mrs. Bernard Nickle

Kelly Noe

The Noel Family

Edward Nolan

Regina Nolan

Bob Noonan

Mildred Norris

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph


Frank O’Connor

Margaret O’Connor

Barney Oldfield

Mary Oldfield

Frances Olish

John Olish

Michelle Olish

Lou Oliver

Fred O’Malley

Mary O’Malley

Jim O’Malley

Bill O’Malley

Lynda O’Malley

Terry O’Malley

Stanley Osiecki

Joe Ostrowski

Helen Ostrowski

Jeffrey M. Owen

The Palange Family

Marge Palella

Vito Palella

Mark Palya

The Papajak Family

Carmen Pappalardo

Josephine Parete

Anthony Parete

Mr. Neil Parks

Mrs. Neil Parks

Salvatore Passalacqua

Giuseppe Passalacqua

Filippa Passalacqua

Chris Patrick

Brian Pattison

Louise Pattison

Anne Payne

Alan Petee

Esther Petee

Andrew Petrigac

George Petrigac

Robert F. Petrucz

Tom Phillips

Margaret Piko

Leonard Piko

Anna Piotrowski

Bernard Piotrowski

Robert J. Piotrowski

John Placko

Gene Placko

The Pleszko Family

Kathleen Plitt

The Plitt Family

The Pojman Family

Stephen J Polivka

David Smith-Polivka

Mary Poorman

Richard Porvasnik

Joe Potocsnak

Irene Potocsnak

Anna Potocsnak

Chris Poulos

Iona Poulos

The Praznik Family

Richard Prestis

Mr. Daniel Price

Larry Pringle

The Prosowski Sr.


Jack Pylick

Leo Pyzik

Henrietta Pyzik

Eugene Pyzik Sr.

The Quesea Family

Bob Rabatin

Bill Rabatin

Ursula Ramey

The Ray Family

Grace Reed

Clarence Reed

Earl Reed

Scott Reed

Arlene Reffert

Elsie Regan

The Reppa Family

Debbie Restz

The Rienerth Family

Gerald A. Riess

James Roba

Glenn Robertson

The Rockidge Family

Ramon Rodano

Mark Rodano

Ronald Rogers

RoseMarie Rogers

John Rohde

The Rohde Family

Joyceann Rollins

Jenny Romito

Aldino Romito

Walter Rooks

Cecelia Rooks

Conrad Roschival

Catherine Roschival

Judy Rowan

Don Royer

Jean Royer

Clem Rucinski

Mr. C. Rudziewski

Mrs. C. Rudziewski

Arthur Russell

Filomena Russo

The Rutherford Family

The Ryan Family

Joe Sabados

The Sabados Family

Rita Salmi

Roy Salmi

Alice Sasway

Bill Saunders Sr.

Grace Scardicchio

John Scardicchio

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph


Joseph Schall

Mary Schall

The Schiffrik Family

Dan Schigel

Jimmy Schigel

Loy Schmidt

Dorothy Schmidt

Howard Schneider

Helen Schneider

Russ Schneider

Rachel Schneider

The Schnelt Family

Carol Schramek

Connie Schramek

Louis Schreiner Sr.

Elmer Schuler

Evelyn Schuler

Jean Schuler

Dale Schuler

Thomas Scislo

George Scullin

Janet Scullin

William Seese

Natalie Seese

Sister Mary Ann Senia

Richard Senyitko

Joan Senyitko

Mary Serafin

George Shaheen

Elaine Shaheen

Baby Shannon

The Sherry Family

Joe Shimko

Bill Shimko

Walter Shoff

Olive Shoff

Richard Shultz

Igino Silvestro

Silvia Silvestro

Louis R. Simeone

Rachel Simeone

The Simione Family

The Simmons Family

Geoff Sindelar

Edward Skarupski

Joan Skarupski

Edward Skarupski

Joan Skarupski

The Skiba Family

The Skrzynski Family

Robert & Rita Sladek

Michael Slepecky

Elsie Slepecky

Agnes Smego

Paul Smego

Eddie Smego

Nick Solar

Olga Solar

Tom Solli

Palma Solli

Rita Solomon

Leonard Solomon

Margaret Soltis

Verna Soltis

Mary Spinhirn

Tony Spinhirn

Robert Spisak

Norma Spisak

The Spooner Family

Ernie Sposato

Neva Sposato

Bob Squires

Lucian St. Pierre

Stella St. Pierre

Matt Staeb

The Stankiewicz


Ralph Stark

Carolyn Stark

Mary Jane Stark

Frank Stec

Rita Stec

Bob Steinc

Regina Steinc

Sophie Stepic

Marilyn Stetka

Janessa Stover

The Strazar Family

Tony Strazar

Ann Strazar

John Strazar

Mary Alice Strazar

Anton Strazar

William Sturm

Clara Sturm

The Styka Family

Judith Summers

Pam Swift

Bill Swift

Kenneth Swink

Dolores Swink

Frank Szalay

Julie Szalay

Margaret Szekelyi

Isabelle Szelenyi

William & Rita


The Szymanski Family

Gene Taller

The Taller Family

Mr. Michael Tamber

Mrs. Michael Tamber

The Tatara Family

George C Taylor

George J Taylor

Iva Taylor

Andy Telenko

Hermine Telenko

Jim Tennant

The Tesar Family

Sylvia Tesar

Frank Tesar

Gary Tews Sr.

Gary Tews Jr.

Rev. Thomas Tews

Stanley Thayer

Evelyn Thayer

Al Thayer

Richard J Theus Sr.

The Thomas Family

The Thompson Family

Elenor Thompson

Wendy Trecek Zakovec

Donna Trevisanutto

Lee Triggiano

Mike Triggiano

Cathy Turczyk

Ignaci Twarowski

Rosemary Umberger

Melvin Umberger

Victor Urzycki

Rose Urzycki

Dominic J. Vadini

Kay Valente

Helen Valichnac

Virginia Van Bergen

The Vangieson Family

The Vanselow Family

Anna Vanselow

CJ Vanselow

Clarence Vanselow

Richard S. Varnish

Steve Varnish

Ann Varnish

William P. Vaughan

Jacob Vetrick

Frank Vinci

Theresa Vinci

Nate Vinci

Mr. Walter Vollmer

Mrs. Walter Vollmer

The Volosyn Family

Mr. William Wagner

Mrs. William Wagner

Samuel Wagner

Elizabeth Wagner

Samuel Wagner Jr.

Al Walcher

Joe Waler Sr.

The Walla Family

James Watson

Bob Waugh

Mary Waugh

Henry Weiland

Leona Weiland

Mildred Weiland

Tony Weishuhn

Judy Werner

The Whisler Family

Fr. Francis White C.S.V.

Vance Williams

Tom Wilson

Mr. H. Winkler

Mrs. H. Winkler

Philip Witt

Lola Witt

Norma Wojtowicz

Henry Wojtowicz

Thomas Wonnocott

Mr. Robert Yaple

Mrs. Robert Yaple

Kathleen Yatson

Don Yaugher

The Yingling Family

James York

The Quinones Yost


The Yungvirt Family

Joseph Zamiska

Anne Zamiska

The Zannoni Family

Zarefoss Family

Paul Zart

Walter Zavada

The Zavertnik Family

The Zbikowski Family

Robert Zechman Jr.

Joseph Zelei

Olga Zelei

Rose Zett

George Zett

Rich Zevchik

Ann Zevchik

Fred Zevchik

James Ziats

Irene Ziats

Donald Ziats

Sophie Zielinski

Stanley Zielinski

George Ziska

Doreen Ziska

Lisa Zitek

James Zitek

Stanley Zola

Katherine Zola

Robert Zola

John Zylko

Helen Zylko

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 11

Saint Ambrose Bingo

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our great volunteers and

players for the support you have given our bingo ministry this year.

We are experiencing the largest crowds in almost ten years. Your dedication and patronage will go a long way

in supporting the renovation of our church. Join us every Friday for a fun experience and friendly people. Enjoy

22 games of bingo, a $10,000 Progressive game, and over $6000 in prizes and giveaways. You will also enjoy

great food along with free coffee and popcorn.

We wish all of you a most Blessed Easter, and hope to see you on Friday night at the Friendliest Game in Town.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Mike Mascio

in our parish office at 330-460-7344 or email him at

Young Adults (20’s and 30’s)

Happy Easter from Saint Ambrose Young Adults!

This Lent, many young adults from our parish participated

in a small faith sharing group, growing closer to God and

each other. We also had an excellent Good Friday retreat,

preparing and renewing our hearts for Easter.

Saint Ambrose Parish

Athletic Boosters Meeting

April 24 from 7:00pm until 8:30pm

We need to hear from our families to help guide

our Boosters’ staff to provide the very best

programming possible. Our Boosters want to ensure

they are representing the interests of our families

as we embark on a 3 year re-envisioning of Saint

Ambrose Sports. We hope to gain feedback on parents’

experiences, opinions and ideas to help to expand

and improve our Saint Ambrose sports program. Help

us grow in the right ways to serve as a focal point for

youth sports and Christian athletes in the area.

Be sure to stay up to date on faith, service, and communitybuilding

opportunities. Visit

YoungAdults for a link to our Facebook page!

Women’s Guild

Get involved and help out!

Women's Guild would like to thank all who came out to help

with making nut rolls, especially our new young friends.

The Women's guild is looking for help in setting up for our

Spring Tea on May 4th. Please contact Laurie Z at


We are looking for help in serving funeral luncheons.

If you are interested please call Marion S. at 330-225-3987.

We are also looking anyone who would like to bake for these

lunches. If interested please call Joanie at 330-273-4229.

Please join us for an adult evening discussion in the

Mother Teresa Room. We will be using instant survey

technology and discuss important questions relating

to where we are today and where we want to grow.

Food and beverage will be provided!

12 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 13

14 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

A Celebration of Easter Sunday, 2019 ♱ 15

Campaign Update

God bless our good members!

805 families pledged $4,855,161.29 and

have been paying faithfully. To date, just

over $1.6 million has been received.

Members from every generation and from very

diverse backgrounds have made a beautiful

sacrificial gift and contributed to our Generations

of Faith Campaign…high school students, young

families, the elderly, married, single and widowed

have all given, and sacrificed, to make this Church

renovation possible. It has been humbling and

inspiring to hear the stories of generosity. Our

church is filled with such good and generous

people. Regardless of what the inside or outside of

the physical church looks like – our church was, is

and always will be beautiful because of the people

in it!

As people have ‘snuck in’ to see the church over

the past few weeks, they’ve been inspired by

what they saw, and excited to get back into

their church for Mass! Several have been so

moved that they decided to either make a

pledge or increase their current pledge.

It’s not too late to sponsor an item in

memory of a loved one, as you will see below.

For a complete list, contact Jake Bihari or 216.215.5015

Mother Mary Patio (outside the family room) $20,000

Welcome to St. Ambrose Parish Sign $12,000

Stations of the Cross (7, 8 10 & 11) $10,000

Chapel Ambo $10,000

Holy Water Fonts $7,500

Reliquary Stone (John XXIII) $5,000

Reliquary Stone (Oscar Romero) $5,000

Consecration Candles (4 available) $5,000

Vision 20/20 and

Church Renovation Update


An incredible amount of work has been done since we closed

the church on December 26th! God bless all the volunteers and

workers who labored tirelessly to make this possible! There is still

some work to be done, some final touch ups and minor things,

but overall, we are in GREAT shape!

The Chapel renovation will begin this week... We did not

complete the South vestibule so as to not damage the finishes as

we demo and work in the Chapel... Some of the doors and other

hardware have not yet arrived, so temporary ones have been

installed. The interior is pretty well ‘buttoned up’. They’ll continue

working on the exterior finishes for the next few weeks (pray

the weather cooperates!). Landscaping will be completed once

everything is said and done and all the machines are off campus!

We are hoping our actual Mary statue will be completed

in May... Our goal was to get all the essential items for Mass

ready for this week, with a few of the other items following over

the next month or two. We’re also hoping a few ‘sponsors’ step

forward to help fund the stone relief of St. Joseph.

What has been especially striking is to think of the before

- and after - of the ‘old’ church and the newly renovated

church. The lighting... the quality of the sound system... the area

around the Mary statue... the baptismal font... the area around

the tabernacle... the altar... the ambo... the stations of the cross...

the pews, etc. etc.

A complete financial summary will be presented at the

end of this project. In the meantime, thank you for your

generosity and for your continued support.

Any gift would be greatly appreciated!

16 ♱ Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish

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