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Hello fellow artists and art lovers,

It’s sure been a busy 2019 so far. I’ve been in and out aircraft so many

times that I’m sure I will be invited to the Easijet Christmas party.

Tubes is still undergoing major changes to it’s web site, when finished it

will much improved with direct load-up facilities for artists work, a purpose

designed App that can be downloaded for your devices and much more to

come in the way of the new Tubes Artists Gallery, including a fantastic 3D

VR gallery that looks towards the new century and a global audience.

Launch date for the 3D Tubes Artists Gallery is September 2019.

I am also looking forward to opening the exhibition “After 7 Years and

Later” by Richard Fitton at the Whitaker Art Museum in Rossendale UK on

May the 11th. It promises to be great show with some super new work.

On a more serious note, I feel it’s time I stepped down as Editor of TUBES

and pass on the running of the magazine to my colleagues in Sweden

and the UK. The handing over the reigns has been arranged for

September 2019.

Whoever becomes the next appointed Editor of TUBES in the future, I’m

sure will do a great job and of course I shall be around for any advice that

they may need, well at least for a while, until I finally hang up my quill and

and remain happily creating new paintings in my studio both here at

Studio 5 in Sweden and hopefully at Studio 4 in Greece.

Many thanks to my colleagues for putting up with me for these past years

and my personal thanks to the many excellent artists I have had the

pleasure of interviewing. And the advise and support from the many high

street gallery owners... in more than one country.

All the best to you, as always,

Denis Taylor.

Artist and Writer

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