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34 is this a real Van Gogh? André Chahil interviews one person who presents evidence that this really is an original Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh museum says it’s not. Editors note: Over the years there has been many claims made that this work or that work is a ‘Van Gogh’ - The official Van Gogh Museum, usually, denies them all as originals. The main reason for this could be this simple fact. When Van Gogh died the first person on the scene was Dr Cachet, who had been called upon by villagers to attend the mortally injured artist. He was accompanied by his Son. It is known that the good Doctor took away many paintings from the dying artists rooms in the yellow house. It is also a fact that Dr Cachet was a part time painte and apparently not a bad one at that. And his son also had been inspired to paint by the many impressionists and post impressionists that regarded Dr Cachet as both a friend and a their doctor, as did Vincent himself. It is not unreasonable to assume that Dr Cachet painted from the originals, perhaps even took some photographs for reference. Of course the technical data would have shown that these works had the correct canvas, paint and chemicals as did the ‘verified’ Van Gogh’s, that were later taken by his wife and his family, which eventually make up the bulk of the Van Gogh Museum today. So, it seems almost impossible to prove that many of the ‘claimed’ Van Gogh’s works where created by the hand of Vincent or by the Cachet or by a.n other ?

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