ECA Review 2019-04-17


ECA Review 2019-04-17

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April 18, 2019

Volume 108

No. 16

24 pt

Stettler Trade Show had

18 pt

something for everyone


The 39th annual Stettler Regional

Board of Trade and Community

Development’s Trade Show April 12 -

14 had 2,700 visitors.

The three day show at the Stettler

Recreation Centre showcased the products

and services of over 140 exhibitors

and entertainers.

“The new Artisans Market brought

to us a variety of handcrafted and

handmade items from graphic novels

and wooden farm sets to pottery and

artwork,” said Donna Morris, project


Visitors from near and far travelled

to see what the Stettler Trade Show

and Artisans Market had to offer and

just over 2,700 people took in the show

over the weekend.

This is a slight decrease over 2018



“Weather plays a major factor in our

show attendance. When it is nice and

sunny outside, people like to be out in

their yards and gardens and not


“Regardless, vendors seemed to be

pleased with the results of the show

and many are excited for the prospect

of future sales as well.”

The annual Stettler Trade Show

offers one stop shopping with family

fun for a reasonable price and helps

vendors showcase their products and

services to a variety of potential


“This year’s show boasted a 56 per

cent increase in new vendors. Part of

that can be attributed to the new

Artisans Market however I think the

lower economy is playing a factor as

well and businesses want to get their

names out there,” Morris said.

Four-year-old Isaac Tymchuk, alongside Stettler Regional Firefighter Dan Atterbury, learns how

to roll up a hose during the Stettler Regional Fire Services presentation at the Stettler Trade

Show on Sat. April 13. The local department created a timed relay race to give children a better

idea of what being a firefighter is all about.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Derelict vehicle concerns quashed after amendment

K. Scheffield

ECA Review

Keeping the Town of Coronation

clean and safe is an ongoing priority

for town council.

Council passed a motion put forth by

Coun. Jackie Brigley, at the regular

April 8 council meeting to amend the

current bylaw regarding derelict and

abandoned vehicles.

The amendment was changed from,

‘no derelict vehicles allowed in excess

of two ’, to “no” unregistered or uninsured


It goes on to clarify ‘but would be

allowed stored in private buildings or

storage facilities’.

Street light replacement

ATCO Electric has notified the town

that 10 street light poles with lights are

in need of replacement.

The project will cost a total of $20,224

with ATCO paying $17,032 and the

town for the pole replacement will be

$31,192 with the work to be completed

by June 2020.

ATCO will be replacing them with 88

watt LEDs white lights compared to

the 150 watt high pressure sodium

heads which produce a yellow tinge.

Rodeo Grounds

overflow camping approved

Deryk Bossert was given approval by

council to open up the lot next to the

rodeo arena for overflow camping

during the next rodeo weekend.

Every year, there are concerns when

the public campground reaches its

maximum capacity during that time.

Bossert had suggested it would also

help ensure rodeo participants and visitors

going to the beer gardens avoid

driving or biking home after the consumption

of alcohol.

The camping space will be allowed

there during the rodeo only when the

main campground becomes full and

that those over seeing the rodeo

grounds would be responsible for the

upkeep including cleanup of that area.

There was also some discussion

about the decline in attendance during

the once popular rodeo weekend so

some suggestions were made to

encourage new spectators and


One of the projects being tackled this

year is improvements to the grounds

including the replacement of the old

fence in exchange for a new one.

Financial Statements accepted

Endeavor Chartered Accountants

found no issues with the town’s 2019

annual audit report.

Revenue increased by three per cent

while expenses increased by 3.5 per

cent with a shortfall of $18,307 in 2018.

Turn to Accumulated, Pg 7


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Theresetta School news .............. 9


Fact or


Page 2




main priority

Page 5


Paying attention

when you drive


Page 12


Island Barbed Wire



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The opinions expressed are not necessarily

the opinions of this newspaper.


Fact or opinion






Published by




Brenda Schimke

ECA Review

Last week I was asked to speak to a

couple of Grade 7 Language Arts

classes about my work in journalism.

It was a pleasant surprise that students

were being taught how to write opinion

pieces and news stories and learn the

difference between writing fact versus

writing opinion. Thank goodness,

alternate facts were not an option!

We talked about getting ideas and

content and the pitfalls of not doing our

due diligence to gather facts and

ensure our opinion writing was

informed and fact-based.

Interacting with

people of different

backgrounds, religions,

viewpoints and economic

status, and travel outside

the North American bubble

were also important to

keep us away from

silo thinking.

Specifically, I encouraged the students

to seek facts from published

newspaper articles, magazines, journals

and books or watch

documentaries and podcasts which

have independent oversight and rules

governing their accuracy.

For this newspaper, our check on

facts and slander is the National

NewsMedia Council.

Interacting with people of different

backgrounds, religions, viewpoints

and economic status, and travel outside

the North American bubble were

also important to keep us away from

silo thinking.

Then I emphasized the two areas

that do not shape my opinion—social

media and the opinion of others —

which include antidotal stories from

friends and acquaintances and talking

heads on radio, TV or online.

An antidotal story going around

this election season and was told to me

by a dearly loved person. She said,

“Her friend’s daughter in Lacombe had

been forced by her teacher to join a

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).”

My follow-up questions included.

“What did the parent do?” “Did the

principal handle the situation to her

satisfaction?” “Did she have to take it

higher up to the School Board or

Minister of Education?” Alas, this

friend-of-a-friend did not have an

answer for any of my questions.

Even though I love and admire this

person, I put absolutely no credence in

the story, nor did I pass it on to others

as fact.

When the outcome is left to our

imagination, it should set off warning

bells. I personally don’t believe there is

a principal, school board or Minister of

Education who wouldn’t have taken

this complaint seriously and acted


It’s human nature to accept a ‘story’

from a friend and pass it on. It is also in

our human nature to assume things

we hear over and over again are most

important, when in fact they could be a

distraction from what is truly important.

Like the teeny-tiny little bit of

time or participation that GSAs make

up in a publicly-funded school has been

blown out of proportion. Instead it

helped distract the electorate from the

real issues in Alberta schools—the

much-needed approval of the new K-4

curriculum which has significant

improvements to both math and language

arts curricula, and the

underfunding of educational assistants

and classroom teachers.

Independent thought is being eroded

when we are force-fed by mathematical

algorithms on social media or follow

the opinion of others without reading

and thinking for ourselves.

We threaten rational debate and civil

society when we pass on unverified

antidotal stories as fact.

Accepting opinions as facts or antidotal

stories as truth leaves us under

the power of someone else’s opinion

which history has shown to be very


ECA Review prize giveaways

Congratulations to all of our winners

and thank you to everyone that

stopped by our booth this past

weekend! Bill Kieser of Castor was the

winner at the East Central Alberta

(ECA) Review booth at the Stettler

Trade Show April 12 - 13, 2019.

Kieser won the barbecue co-sponsored

by Stettler Home Hardware.

Other winners of donated prizes

included Jess Wagner of Leduc taking

home the Stettler Flooring Giani

Granite Paint kit, Wells Furniture

stool with train design, Tracey Brost of


The Fountain Tire $50 gift certificate

went to Donna Chapman of Stettler;

Auto Trust three oil changes for the

price of two was won by John Bruce

and Crystal Bardwell, both from


ECA Review hoodies went to Tammy

Blum, Camrose; Kathy Klasssen,

Stettler; Peter Brodie Stettler; Audra

Lotoski, Stettler and Bill Hallet, Big


The Kids Guessing game was won by

Deacon Sutton, the Uncle Tim’s Treats

Blanket for guessing closest to the 524

gold nuggets in the pot and the Dairy

Queen two kids meal coupons went to

Sidney Simon.

72 pt

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Hope for the future?

by Lois Perepelitz

I think we all know someone who is

always talking about how much better

things used to be.

How things are so much more expensive

now, how young people don’t do

this or that nowadays, or families don’t

do this or that anymore.

I have found myself having

conversations like this more

often lately, but usually with

people in my own age group.

When my granddaughter

gets bored she phones

someone, usually her parents

or me. She phoned the other

day and when I mentioned

something about Easter her

reaction stunned me.

She started with families

losing family traditions, fewer

and fewer families doing things like

Easter egg hunts and decorating with

homemade decorations.

They don’t make a special day of it

with new outfits for Easter Sunday at

church and big family suppers.

The Easter basket of chocolate

goodies has to be bigger and fancier

every year.

Colouring boiled eggs and a chocolate

bunny is not good enough


I had to keep reminding myself that

this was a 23-year-old talking.

When she started talking about the

reasons this is happening, I realized

that this girl had been doing some

heavy duty thinking about this.

She believes that families just don’t

have the time or money to do a lot of




Circulation Manager



Editorial Writer


Reporter 587-321-0030

these things.

She blames this on society.

Society has people believing that

they need the biggest and best of everything.

You need the biggest TV, the

newest cell phone, the brand name

shoes and jeans.

All this costs money so you have to

work more to get all these

things, then you have neither

the time nor the energy

to do anything so you just go

and grab whatever is the


Stores take advantage of

this by putting up big fancy

displays that make the kids

want that so even if you have

the time to make up a nice

basket at home you don’t

because you don’t want your

child to be the only one without a big

fancy store bought basket.

She wishes people would just stop

and see that they really do not need all

that stuff, society just makes you think

you need it.

She thinks if people could just ‘see’

then maybe they would stop worrying

about what others have and bring back

some old family traditions or even

make some nice new ones.

Does this mean that young people

are starting to figure out what has real

value and what does not?

That maybe, just maybe, some of the

things their parents and even grandparents

grew up with, might have


That conversation sure gave me

hope for the future.




Marketing 403-578-4111


Graphic Artist


Marketing 403-740-2492


18 pt


Intermunicipal Development Plans postponed

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The provincial government has

mandated that each municipality must

have an Intermunicipal Development

Plan (IDP) with each of their surrounding


County of Stettler council were presented

with two, holding a public

hearing at their regular monthly

meeting held on Wed. April 10.

No written or verbal submissions

were received so the hearing closed.

Council asked administration how

far along the municipalities of Donalda

and Big Valley were in the process.

They found Big Valley has been

transitioning as there is a new CAO so

the document has yet to be seen by

their councillors.

Council determined they would pass

only second reading so Big Valley

could get caught up before they continue

on as they may bring changes in

the future which requires further


Audited 2018 Financial Statement

Peggy Weinzierl of Gitzel & Company

presented the financial statements and

independent auditors report to kick

things off at the council meeting.

Council approved the 2018 audit and


financial statement and appointed

Gitzel and Company as their auditor

for another year.

Weinzierl felt the county was in

decent financial shape. A prime

example of this was their debt limit

which they are nowhere near close to


The Municipal Government Act

(MGA) sets a limit of $27.9 million in

which a municipality can borrow but

the County of Stettler has only $1.2

million tied up with wiggle room of

another $24 million.

“The province of Alberta probably

wishes”, joked Weinzierl.

She mentioned that the county is

mostly under budget for the majority

of their essentials but the Public Works

department still takes the most financial

support with $11.5 million, 53 per

cent of the total budget.

Of that large amount, $704,000 is put

towards gravel contracting, $1.65 million

for gravel material and almost a

million in fuel costs.

Oil supplier chosen

On March 7, the County of Stettler

received proposal quotations for the

2019 Supply and Apply Calcium

Chloride Brine (32 per cent)”.

Rick Green, Director of Engineering

and Public Works, felt Kortech


Hanna financially stable

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

As required by the Municipal

Government Act, each municipality

must submit its financial information

return and the auditor’s report on the

financial information return, and its

financial statements and the auditor’s

report on the financial statements to

the Minister by May 1 of the year following

the year.

Council accepted the audit and

financial statements after a presentation

was made by Jeff Faupel with

Endeavor Chartered Accountants at

their meeting on Tues. April 9.

One of the biggest changes compared

to previous years was how the summary

and other guidelines are laid out

as their findings are now spread over

two pages instead of one.

The summary now leads the report

as well as their opinion.

Responsibilities of both parties are

outlined on the second page.

Overall, the town’s financials were

‘present fairly, in all material aspects’

according to their financial audit


Council, under the guidance of

Faupel, went over the total revenue

and expenses.

Revenue was slightly down by

approximately $200,000 as it was





Sat., April 6 th at 11 am


Terra Detrick - A Dime For Change

Angela Suntjens - Dryland Fabrications

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Open: Tues - Wed 2:00 - 7:00 pm

Thurs - Sat 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

budgeted at $7.5 million while expenses

exceeded their initial expectations by

surpassing their predictions at $6.9

million to $7.5 million.

Overall user fees and taxes have

been consistent with other years but

transportation, protective services,

and wastewater treatment and disposal

made an increase to their


They don’t budget for amortization

which was approximately $985,000.

The Town is also waiting on certain

grants that would have increased its

total revenue.

A total of $1.4 million in deferred

revenue from 2018’s budget and $1.3

million from 2017 comes from a few

important programs and grants.

The lion’s share of this came from

the Alberta Municipal Sustainability

Initiative (MSI) but the town is still

waiting on the Federal Gas Tax Fund

and the Special Areas RCSC

Recreation Advance at $141,139 and

$180,000 respectively.

The MSI is expected to go towards

town infrastructure projects while the

federal gas tax has been allocated to

certain eligible expenditures Hanna

has yet to place money.

Faupel mentioned that the town has

no real long-term debt but they have

entered a new lease for their grader.

Turn to Audit, Pg 8

Our Lady of Grace

Catholic Parish

would like to say

Thank You

to our community and the

surrounding communities who came

and supported our Roast Beef Supper.

Above all we hope you enjoyed

the time of shared fellowship

with family and friends

Calcium Services Ltd. of Edmonton

made the most sense as “We have good

luck with Kortech.”

The lowest bidder of Camrose provided

a unit $0.210/litre while Kortech

bid slightly higher at $0.215/litre.

Typically, the lowest bidder is

chosen but in some instances it can be

different as decisions are at the mercy

of council.

Green further explained that

Kortech had changed their source or

storage material from tankers to open

pond format and the company had

issues with their distributor last year

as they were not getting the right consistency.

It has been known to be a

provincial problem.

Since they changed their operations,

Green wanted to give them a helping

hand and mentioned how he had done

his homework before thinking

Kortech was the best option.

Council agreed to stick with Kortech

at $0.215/per litre with minimum load

size or 21,000 litres, minimum application

rate of 10,000 litres/hour per spray

truck, and additional spray time $150./


As for calcium, Green has been

looking at the material as an alternative

to using oil for dust control.

Before, it was more expensive to the

county as they depended upon outside

companies to apply it but this winter

they built their own application

system to avoid this.

This year will act as a trial run for

the material in case people want to

make the switch. Green mentioned it is

environmentally friendly as it is not

corrosive or harmful to environment

as well as clearances to reassure those

who may be concerned.

One of the top concerns is making

sure the calcium work well with the

oil but if all works well, they will be

able to replace the oil with calcium as

their consistent product.



Matt Stahl


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Possession for purpose of trafficking charges laid


Drumheller RCMP were called to an

altercation on April 2 at about 9:30 p.m.

between a post office worker and suspect

trying to obtain a package of

illegal drugs located in a mailbox.

Multiple witnesses identified the suspect

as Chad McCann.

A warrant has been issued for his

arrest on four counts of possession for

purpose of trafficking with more

charges pending.

Drumheller RCMP seized a package

of drugs containing methamphetamine,

cocaine and fentanyl.

McCann was on court conditions to

not possess intoxicating substances

from a previous charge at the time of

this incident.

Police are asking anyone who may

have witnessed this incident to contact

Drumheller RCMP at 403-823-7590 or

your local police detachment.

If you wish to remain anonymous,

you can contact Crime Stoppers at

1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

New data and innovation web page

As part of our commitment to community

engagement, transparency and

accountability, the Alberta RCMP has

launched the Data and Innovation web

page which will highlight key crime

statistics and information on policing


Statistics will be updated on a quarterly

basis with the first set of figures

released in April.

The released data shows changes in

key property crime indicators that is

intended to measure the overall state

and trend of property crime in Alberta

RCMP jurisdictions.

Reporting periods include January

to March 2018 and January to March

New school buses replace aging fleet


Proposals by vendors for the

purchase of school buses were

provided to the Clearview

Public Schools Board of

Trustees for approval on Wed.

March 20.

The purchasing process and

evaluation (rating) process was

done in accordance with Board

Policy and New West

Partnership Trade Agreement

(a trade partnership with the

Governments of Alberta,

British Columbia, and

Saskatchewan to ensure fair

purchasing practices).

Based on the findings, the

Board approved to replace three

52-passenger buses, and one

70-passenger school bus for

$408,211.53 including tax.

The incoming buses will

include air ride systems which

provide benefits for safety and

rider experiences for both staff

and students.

Superintendent highlights

Clearview Public Schools

Superintendent Peter Barron

provided a report on moving

their education plan forward

and creating a “first choice”

learning environment for

Clearview’s students.

Deputy Superintendent

MacDonald is organizing

learning sessions for staff on

curriculum moving to a concept

based-focus on knowledge


Early Learning and Literacy

Coordinator Coppock has been

meeting with school councils

throughout the division on balanced


Director of Inclusive

Learning Gosse is meeting with

all schools to review each student

who may be requiring

additional assistance.

Clearview supported 14

Educational Assistants to

attend the Battle River EA


Nine central office directors

and school principals staff

attended a two day Leadership

Quality Standard Training on

March 7 and 8 in Edmonton.

Clearview announced a partnership

with the Town of

Stettler and County of Stettler

to resurface the running and

walking track in Stettler.

Archery competition

Wm. E. Hay Stettler

Secondary Campus and Gus

Wetter School received final

approval from the Board of

Trustees to travel to Regina, Sk.

in May 2019 to participate in the

Archery Nationals competition.

Big Valley School was also

approved for their trip to

Kingston, Ont. June 4 - 11, 2019.

The exchange program is a

two-part exchange with

Kingston students being hosted

in Alberta in May and the Big

Valley students travelling to

Ontario in June.

Board principles and

priorities for 2019-2020

Following the strategic




Worked on the farm

alongside her husband

It is with great sadness to the family

of Joan Isabel Riley (Turnbull), that

she passed away on April 3, 2019 in

Coronation, Ab., at the age of 86.

Joan was born Dec. 21, 1932 and

grew up in Lethbridge, Ab. and after

high school she moved to Penticton,

BC. where she met Robert Riley of

Coronation, Ab.

They were married March 28, 1959

and lived on the Riley family farm

near Coronation. Joan worked on the

farm alongside Bob for most of her

life. They enjoyed the outdoors

spending lots of time camping and


After Bob’s passing, Joan moved

into Coronation and spent many years

enjoying walking, floor curling and

game nights with her friends.

Joan is survived by her daughter-inlaw

Leanne Rempel (Bullick) of Pilot

Butte, Sk., grandchildren Derek of

Regina, Sk. and Randi of Strathmore,

Ab.; grandchildren, Kelli of Hanna,

Ab., Jennifer of Stettler, Ab., Jefferey

and Travis of Whitecourt, Ab.,

Zachary of Ottawa, Ont. and Anthony

of Brighton, Ont.; children of Jim

Riley. She is pre-deceased by her husband

Bob in 1991; her sons, Jim in 1992

and Terry in 2007; brothers Don in

1989 and Bruce in 1985.

A service was held in Coronation,

Ab. at the Evangelical Church on Fri.

April 12, 2019 at 1 p.m. In lieu of

flowers, a donation can be made to the

Coronation Cemetery.

planning workshop with

Clearview leaders and school

principals on Feb. 13, 2019 and a

strategic planning workshop

with trustees on March 19 the

Board of Trustees approved the

updated Board Principles and

Priorities for 2019-20 as follows.

For principles: We believe

Clearview Public Schools is the

best education option for students

in our communities.

We believe positive relationships

and meaningful

connections with students and

our communities, are foundational

to our success.

We value all students and

their potential to have a positive

impact on our future.

We make decisions in the best

interests of all students.

We believe in and support our

quality staff and their passion

for learning and professional


We embrace, promote and

work to enhance our rural


Board Priorities include a

First-Choice Learning

Environment by celebrating our

learning environments which

are so engaging, welcoming and

successful that parents and students

choose Clearview over

any other education


Our other main priority is to

increase our students’ opportunities

for success by ensuring

their high performance on provincial

examinations at all

levels and meet the needs of all

students with the

provision of high

quality CTS and



Caring for you & your Smile!

Formerly Baird Denture Clinic

• Dentures • Implant Dentures

• Partials • Relines/Repairs

We offer out of office appointments to senior lodges

David Ho, DD


Over 10 Years experience

Call now for your

FREE consultation!


FRIDAY - 9 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

403.742.2351 • 5021-50 St. Stettler

*After hours available by appointment only at 587.736.0128*

• Complete Audiometric Evaluations

• Medical Referrals

• Hearing Aid Consultations

• Hearing Aid Fittings & Ongoing Support

• No Obligation Hearing Aid Trials

• Custom Ear Plugs

• All makes and models of Hearing Aids

Sold, Serviced and Repaired

• Hearing Aids for all Budgets

• Batteries and Accessories

• 32 years experience

2019, January to December 2017 and

January to December 2018, 2014 to


The Alberta RCMP will continue to

update data sets as the year progresses

and will publish additional information

on crime reductions initiatives as

it becomes available.

The website can be found under andinnovation-donnees-et-innovation/

A male and female were photographed

running through the emergency exit at the

Stettler Walmart, stealing a number of high

value items at about 9 p.m. March 17 leaving

in a dark coloured car. Call the Stettler RCMP

or Crimestoppers. ECA Review/Submitted

“Did you know, if you are

65 years or older you might

be eligible for up to

100% coverage on a

new set of dentures?”

MAXINE Williams-Herbert

Registered Hearing

Aid Practitioner,

BC HIS, Owner

413 Main Street

Three Hills, Alberta

(403) 443-2288

1 (888) 536-MAXX (6299)

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm


Hardisty chosen as Gibson Energy’s operations centre

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The people of Hardisty and

area can rest easy knowing

their town will remain viable

for years to come after Gibson’s

Energy announced it will be

positioning itself in the


Four municipalities including

Hardisty, Flagstaff County,

Sedgewick, and the MD of

Provost, have partnered

together to lobby the company

hard to keep jobs in the area.

Their hard work combined

with a feasibility study has paid

off as the company announced

on March 1 about its plans.

“We’re ecstatic,” began

Hardisty Chief Administrative

Officer (CAO) Sandy Otto,

“because their employees are a

huge catalyst in our communities.

I mean they are the ones

that lead our culture, our recreation


“They sit on our fire department

plus their families support

our community keeping our

schools viable so if we were to

all of the sudden lose 30

employees, that would be a significant

hit to not just Hardisty

but even the surrounding communities

where these people


Hardisty will be home to the

company’s control room and

operations centre while

Sedgewick will have a space for

their backup operations, totalling

$20 million.

The decision to stay and

expand has secured 30 existing

jobs and simultaneously created

40 or more positions.

The CAO views this as a huge

win for not only Hardisty and

Sedgewick but also rural

Alberta in general.

“To be known that we can

actually carry on that commercial

activity here, you know,

hopefully that kick starts

maybe some other companies

into thinking that rural Alberta

is a good place to be able to put

your corporate location,” said


Long term benefits are

expected to stretch over the

next 40 to 50 years as this

facility solidifies itself even

more in the community.

“Administration and control

rooms can always be moved but

they are going to be investing

that kind of capital I

believe that that means

they are here for the long

term which helps us as a

community for sure,” she


The sanction of 500,000

barrels of new tankage at

the Hardisty Terminal

under a long-term agreement

with an investment grade

customer will take place as well

as the closing of the divestitures

of Wholesale Propane and noncore

Environmental Services

North, and continued execution

on its infrastructure growth


“We continue to demonstrate

very strong execution on our

infrastructure growth projects,

with three new tanks totaling

1.1 million barrels at our

Hardisty Terminal as well as

Kelli Rigden gives

Lynn Choi (11) a

bunny face at the

Chateau Three

Hills first-ever

Eggstravaganza April

13. The full-morning

public event, which

engaged community

members, staff and

Chateau residents as

volunteers, included

an egg hunt with

prizes, face painting,

egg decorating

stations and tables

full of drinks and


ECA Review/

D. Nadeau

the Viking Pipeline

entering service ahead of

schedule and in-line with

budgeted capital,” said

Steve Spaulding, President

and Chief Executive Officer

of Gibson Energy Ltd.

Long term

benefits are expected

to stretch over the next

40 to 50 years.

“In addition, the

remaining tanks currently

under construction at our

Hardisty Terminal are

ahead of schedule and we

have also sanctioned the

construction of an additional

tank, underpinned by

a long-term agreement and

consistent with our outlook

of two to four tanks per year

over the medium-term.

In mid-February 2019,

Gibson Energy successfully

placed the first phase of

development at the Top of

the Hill portion of the

Hardisty Terminal into service

ahead of schedule with

capital costs in-line with


With the three tanks from

the first phase at the Top of

the Hill adding an incremental

1.1 million barrels of

storage, the Hardisty

Terminal has reached an

aggregate storage capacity

of 10 million barrels.

The company has also

sanctioned an additional

five tanks under longterm


comprising an incremental

2.5 million barrels

of storage, which are

expected to enter service

starting in late 2019 and

through 2020.

Construction of both

the second and third phases

at the Top of the Hill continue

to progress, and are

currently tracking ahead of


Gibson is a Canadianbased

oil infrastructure

company with its principal

businesses consisting of the

storage, optimization, processing

and gathering of

crude oil and refined


Headquartered in

Calgary, the company’s

operations are focused

around its core terminal

assets located at Hardisty

and Edmonton and also

include the Moose Jaw

Facility and an infrastructure

position in the U.S.


School renovations priority


The Prairie Land Regional Division

(PRLD) Board passed a motion to

approve the 2018 to 2021 Three-year

Capital Plan and concurrently the

most pressing structural needs

throughout the division within their


The Morrin School rebuild is top priority

as a result of the identified

structural issues that presents itself.

Altario School building envelope

and mechanical upgrade has been recognized

as the second priority as a

result of stucco cracks and failing


The Youngstown School building

envelope upgrade, and the J.C. Charyk

Hanna School roofing replacement

which originally was not included in

the recent school modernization

project has now been included.

Altario School of Agriculture

Principal Kevin VanLagen, Vice

Principal Jamie Roworth and community

member Jinel Ference presented

on the Altario School of Agriculture.

Altario School’s traditional identity

is embedded in its rich culture, academic

excellence, and spirited


A cornerstone of the Altario School

that is embedded in all things successful

at Altario School is its

agricultural community.

Over the past months, Altario School

has been systematically and purposefully

incorporating a love for its local

agriculture into the identity of the


The goal is to encourage a wide

variety of agricultural careers in graduating

students, to create an

appreciation for Altario’s historical

success and to build a future for

Altario School that symbolizes the

importance of agriculture to Altario,

Alberta, and Canada.

The Board approved a motion for the

request of $36,000 for the purchase of a

barn that is a crucial resource and

support of the School of Agriculture.

International student program

A committee of the Board consisting

of Shauna Davies, Lindsay Bond and

Marsha Tkach was created to investigate

the recruitment of International

students into PLRD.

The Board passed a motion to

approve $25,000 for the remainder of

the 2018-2019 school year for the development

of the program itself.

Staff and

Professional Admin



Next weeks issue


Mon. April 22.

Theresetta Catholic School

Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten



for the 2019-2020 School Year

Thursday, April 25

at Kindergarten Room at Theresetta School

• Kindergarten Registration & Information 7:00-7:30

• Junior Kindergarten Registration and Information 7:30-8:00

Please bring birth certificates and Alberta Health Care cards.

Mon - Fri 9 am-5 pm

5015 Victoria Ave., Coronation, Ab


Kindergarten students must be at least 4 on or before March 1 st , 2019.

Jr. Kindergarten welcomes all 3 year olds this year

Our registration and information evening will outline the Junior Kindergarten

and Kindergarten programs for the 2019-2020 School Year.

Orientation Day for Kindergarten Thurs., June 20

Please join us to learn about our learner centered

student/ teacher ratio and 1 to 1 tech environment.

All religious denominations welcome.

For more information please contact Roger Fetaz - 403 882 3309

Every student, Everyday, NO Exceptions

Proudly a

“Leader in Me”

school since 2012

(Based on The 7

Habits for Highly

Effective People)


Ph. 403-578-4111 CLASSIFIEDS Email:

Classified Ad Rates

$13.75 + tax for 25 words

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25 each week or 3 weeks

for $38.25 + tax (based on

25 words or less). Reach

75,000 readers with your

classified. This includes For

Sale, For Rent, Card of

Thanks, Coming Events,


Payment Necessary

All Classified Ads are on a

Cash Only basis and must

be prepaid before running.

There will be a $5.00

service charge on every

classified not paid for prior

to publication.

We accept cash, cheque,

e-transfer, VISA or MC.

It is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

the 1st week and call us if in

error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C



WHITE Spruce

trees. 5’ average:

$50. Installation: $19

includes: hole

augered, Wurzel

Dip enzyme injection,

bark mulch

application, staking.

Minimum order 25.

One-time fuel

charge: $125-150.

Crystal Springs.


Quality guaranteed.

STEEL Building

sale...”Big Blow Out

Sale - All Buildings

Priced to Clear!”.

20X23 $5,977.

23X25 $5,954.

25X27 $7,432.

30X31 $9,574.

32X31 $9,648. One

End Wall included.

Pioneer Steel 1-855-



Spruce: $1.49/each

for a box of 180

($268.20). Also full

range of tree, shrub

and berry seedlings

for shelterbelts..

Free shipping.

Growth guarantee.

1-844-873-3700 or

METAL Roofing &

Siding. 37+ colours

available at over 55

Distributors. 40 year

warranty. 24-48 hour

Express Service

available at supporting

Distributors. Call


“Bikes To Big Rigs”



Bring in this ad for

50 % off

your deductible (of $500 or less)

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FOR Sale, 2003

Ford Windstar Van,

good running condition.



3 X 4 BIG Square

Bales of straw barley

and wheat

approximately 500

bales of each. Call

780-504-3170 or


FORAGE Seed for

sale: Organic & conventional:


Clover, Alfalfa, Red

Clover, Smooth

Brome, Meadow

Brome, Crested


Timothy, etc. Free

delivery! Birch Rose

Acres Ltd. 306-921-



Wheat - CDC Go,

Go Early, CDC

Landmark, CDC

Utmost, Pintail.

Oats - AC Juniper,

AC Morgan, AC

Mustang, CS

Camden, Derby,

SO1 Super Oat.

Barley - AC Rosser,

Busby, Cerveza,

CDC Austenson,

CDC Copeland,

CDC Maverick,

Sundre. Very Early

Yellow Pea. Forage

Peas. Polish

Canola. Spring




Management Opportunity

Hanna & District

Historical Society

Pioneer Museum requires a

Museum Business Manager

for a seasonal position. Successful candidate will be

accountable to our Board and work full-time June 03

to September 06, 2019.

Ideal opportunity for an outgoing person

with business or management experience and a love

of history, who enjoys working

with summer students and our visitors.

For more information on job responsibilities please

consult Hanna Museum Facebook or

Hanna Museum Web Site at www.hanna

Interested candidates should submit a written

application listing experience and qualifications to

Hanna & District Historical Society

Pioneer Museum, Box 1528, Hanna, Ab T0J 1P0


Applications close April 25, 2019


buying Green,

Heated or


Canola. Buying: oats,

barley, wheat & peas

for feed. Buying

damaged or offgrade

grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan

Feed & Grain, 1-877-


BLANKET the province

with a classified

ad. Only $269

(based on 25 words

or less). Reach over

100 weekly newspapers.

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details 403-578-4111.



for sale. Good

Selection of two year

olds and yearlings,

solid black and red,

polled. Semen

checked and guaranteed.

Selected for

performance, low

birth weight and

good temperament.

Alex and Mary-Ann

Jensen, Rocky Lane

Farms, Rumsey,

Alberta 403-368-

2114, 403-742-9835.

2 YEAR Old

Charolais Bulls.

Polled, White and

Red factors available.

Semen tested

and delivered to your

pasture. Call/text





Red Angus

Top Quality Bulls

Semen Tested

“Ready to WORK for You”


Dan 780-385-2298

cell. 780-385-5125

Killam, AB



for Tank truck and Pressure truck.

Applicant should be a good team player with a

valid Class 1 Drivers Licence, and able to provide

a satisfactory driver's abstract at time of hire

and annually thereafter

Tickets needed: WHIMIS, TDG, First Aid and H2S

Send resumes to

Call 780-384-3932 for more information.

Only qualified applicants will be contacted.

Your Community Adult Learning Program (CALP)

Kneehill Adult Learning Society, a not-for-profit organization

providing informal learning opportunities for foundational learners

has the following employment opportunity:


PASTURE wanted

for 30 to 100 + cow/

calf pairs. Will maintain

fences and

check regularly.

Cattle are quiet, handled

often and

respect fences.

Travis Page 403-



For Sale. Red and

Black Yearlings,

Hidden Stone Farm.


RED and Black

Angus yearling bulls,

easy calving, light to

moderate birth

weight, semen tested

and guaranteed.

$2800. 780-384-2354

and 780-888-7585.

Davidson Angus and

Bellshill Red Angus.

HEREFORD Bulls for

Sale-Virgin 2 yr olds,

semen tested, halter

broke, good temperament.

Same sire as

2019 East Central

Sale Champion. 403-




TROUBLE walking?

Hip or knee replacement,

or conditions

causing restrictions

in daily activities?

$2,500 tax credit.

$40,000 refund


Disability Tax Credit.




Graphic Artists,

Marketing and more.

Alberta’s weekly

newspapers are

looking for people

like you. Post your

resume online. Free.

Visit: www.awna.




Waitresses Wanted.


Restaurant & Café.

Full & part-time positions

available. Drop

off resumé and ask

for Dion.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Create a welcoming atmosphere for learners

Reception area– greeting visitors, answer telephones, take

registrations, provide information

Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office)

Maintain monthly statistics report

Organize/instruct/assist with Adult learning courses,

workshops and events as needed

Recruit, train and recognize volunteers

Participate in staff meetings and professional development

Regular Part-Time Position for 24 hours per week (off July and

August, and two weeks at Christmas). Hourly salary is dependent

on experience.

Resumes must be received no later than

Noon, Wednesday, May 1, 2018

Submit Your Resume To:

Attn: Team Coordinator

Kneehill Adult Learning Society

Box 639

Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0 Or email to:

Kneehill Adult Learning Society CALP thanks all applicants for their

interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be


County of Stettler No. 6

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277

Work with Us



The County of Stettler is seeking an experienced Part-Time Automotive Technician

to assist in the maintenance of our fleet including:

• repair and maintenance of automotive

• service and maintenance of off-road equipment, mowers, trailers

• able to perform applicable CVIP inspections.

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and/or

abilities required for this position:

• self-motivated, positive attitude, ability to comprehend and

communicate effectively with others, work well with others and openminded

to learning new tasks

• own their own toolbox including hand tools

• work independently

• grade 12 high school diploma

• class 5 driver’s license

• the ability to withstand related deadlines and pressures

• general computer skills, reading text, document use, written


For the above noted position; please submit resume, including 3 professional

(job related) references, along with current 5-year driver’s abstract. Candidates

selected will provide a criminal record check prior to commencement of work.

Resumes and supporting documents may be mailed or hand-delivered by

Thursday, May 2, 2019 to:

County of Stettler No. 6

6602-44 Avenue, PO Box 1270

STETTLER, Alberta T0C 2L0

Please respond in confidence to Rick Green, Director of Engineering & Public Works

Email: (word or PDF formats will be accepted)

We thank all for their interest in the County of Stettler No. 6, but only those selected

for interview will be contacted.

County of Stettler No. 6

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277

Public Notice


The County of Stettler is accepting bids on the following lease land:

Parcel # 1 Roll Number Legal Land Description Acres (more or less)

509200 NE 36-35-20 W4M 67.23

Bids will be accepted with the condition that the successful bidder agrees to

repair the fence to County approved standards prior to grazing.

All bids are for a three year period.

All bids are subject to County Policy available at the County Office and at

Bids must contain: name, address, and telephone number of lessee, the legal

description, Parcel Number, and annual bid amount for land desired.

Bids are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Lease Land” addressed

to: County of Stettler No. 6, c/o Quinton Beaumont, Box 1270 Stettler, Alberta

T0C 2L0.

Bids must be received by 1:30 p.m., April 30, 2019

Successful bid will be notified before May 15, 2019.

Lessee is required to pay annual taxes.

Grazing period each year is July 1 to October 1.

Highest bid not necessarily accepted.

Any further information can be obtained at the County office or by calling

Director of Agricultural Services Quinton Beaumont a 403-742-4441.


Plan RN68, Block 3, Lots 13-17 (one parcel)

This property is being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis and the County

of Stettler No. 6 makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as

to the adequacy of service, soil conditions, land use districting, building and

development conditions, absence or presence of environmental contamination,

or the development ability of the subject land.

Tenders must contain: Bid amount plus G.S.T., name, address, contact number,

legal of the parcel being bid on and intended use/plans.

The successful tender will be responsible for the transfer cost at Land Titles.

Tenders will be received up to 1:30 P.M. on April 30, 2019 at the County of Stettler

No. 6 Administration Building.

County of Stettler No. 6 reserves the right to accept/reject any or all tenders.

Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Tender -

Hamlet of Nevis Lots”.

Please submit all tenders and inquiries too:

County of Stettler No. 6 c/o Sharon Larsen

Box 1270 6602 - 44 Avenue Stettler AB T0C 2L0

Telephone 1-403-742-4441 ext 124 Email:




CASE IH Dealership

in east central

Alberta is accepting

applications for 2nd,

3rd or 4th year

apprentice or


mechanic with Ag.

experience. We offer

year-round employment,


salary, excellent

benefits and a positive,

friendly, teamoriented

work environment.

If you are

looking for a rewarding

career with a

successful organization,

then forward

your resume to

Future Ag. Inc., Attn

Les Hewitt, Box 189,

Coronation, Ab. T0C

1C0, fax 1-403-578-

4209 or email hr@



Opportunity. Are you

a student between

the ages of 15 and

30 that will be

returning to school in

the fall and looking

for a summer job?

The Big Valley

Historical Society

has summer employment


for the right

individual(s)! We

require someone

with maintenance

skills and able to run

landscaping equipment,


skills and someone

who likes talking and

helping people.

Please send your

resume to BVHS,

Box 342, Big Valley,

T0J 0G0 Attention:

Trudy Spence or

email it to


SHOP & Office - Lac

La Biche, AB.

Ritchie Bros.


Unreserved Auction,

May 1 in Edmonton.

Sentinel Industrial

Park. 2.42 +/- Title

Acres, 6500 +/- Sq

Ft Shop & Office.

Jerry Hodge: 780-


Brokerage: Ritchie

Bros. Real Estate

Services Ltd.;


Reserves - Sundre,

AB. Ritchie Bros.


Unreserved Auction,

May 1 in Edmonton.

95.02 +/- Title Acres.

2016 built 2490 +/-

sq ft home. 2.6 +/-

Million Tonnes

Proven Gravel

Reserves. Jerry

Hodge: 780-706-

6652; Brokerage:

Ritchie Bros. Real

Estate Services Ltd.;

ESTATE Farm 30th

Annual Spring



Auction Sat. April 27

@ 9am MAS Sales

Centre, Blackfalds,

AB. Selling

Machinery, Vehicles,

ATV’s, RV’s,


Trailers, Storage

Units, Livestock

Equip., Lumber,

Lawn & Garden,

Tools & More. www.



Auction. May 4,

2019 10 AM. South

of Hardisty Airport.

Full line of farm

equipment and cattle

handling; Shop

Equipment; Guns.

Full list & pictures


Auction 780-842-


TIMED Online Only.

Bankruptcy Auction.

Bidding starts

Monday, April 22 &

starts closing

9:00AM Tuesday,

May 7. GT Accu-Fab

Custom Metal Works

Ltd. 9650-136

Avenue, Grande

Prairie, AB.

Complete modern

metal working facility

including Semyx

Creative 5’X10’

waterblast cutting

system; *ASK

Accucut 6’X12’ CNC

Plasma Cutting

System; *Sheet

metal brake & shear;

*15 service & pickup

trucks; *Skidsteer &

Forklifts; *Welding

equipment. For complete

details - www.


com. Foothills


Liquidation 780-922-




Rummage Sale,

Sat., May 11, The

Brownfield Rec.

Centre. 10am-3pm.

Bag Sale 2pm,

Concession available.




Sat., May 4

10 am - 4 pm

at Coronation

Community Hall





Church Beef & Ham

Smorg Supper is

Sunday, April 28,

from 5:00-6:30p.m.

at the Coronation

Community Centre.

Silent Auction.

Everyone welcome!


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News! 63% of

Canadians can’t tell

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The Benefits

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Why suffer employment/licensing



opportunities? Be

embarrassed? Think:


Employment Opportunity

Experienced Dozer


Track Hoe Operators

TR3 Energy Inc., is looking to grow its staff with skilled

individuals that have specific experience in operating

dozers and/or track hoes on environmental projects

(specific to remediation & reclamation). Individuals that

take pride in their work, are safety conscious and enjoy

working with a team of like-minded operators will be

best suited for our company.

Steve Davies

Criminal Pardon. US Specific Qualification Requirements:

entry Steve Davies waiver. has Record returned to Vision Credit

• Min. 4 year of experience

purge. Union as File our destruction.

Commercial/Ag Free consultation

Steve 1-800-347-2540;

comes to us with more than 31 • GLOBAL Level II Ground Disturbance (In class)

Specialist • Valid Driver's License


years of experience in commercial and

• H2S Alive

agricultural lending. He has extensive

com. knowledge in both of these areas • Standard First Aid CPR

and the best part is...

GET Back on Track! • CSTS/PCST

Bad He credit? will Bills? come to you!

• Pre-Access A&D Test Required

Unemployed? We know how precious Need time is to all

business and farm operators. Steve

money? We lend! If

• Personal service truck equipped with slip tank

will bring his services right to your doorstep.

you own your own

• Must provide a Driver's Abstract (30 days current)

home He can - travel you anywhere, qualify. any time that suits


Pioneer Acceptance

Please submit your resume or inquiries via email to

Corp. Give Member Steve BBB. a call to make


an appointment for him or by fax 403-980-0430


to come and see you to discuss


your lending needs


Steve DavieS

Commercial/agricultural Specialist







17 branches to serve you


The Position:

The Branch Manager shall direct and manage all branch activities in order to achieve

specific goals and targets. Serve our members to the highest standards so that Vision

Credit Union Ltd. can increase brand equity and reputation. Invest time and money

in our organization’s personnel to ensure high retention rates, and attract qualified

applicants. This position oversees that the staff performs all operational functions while

conveying a feeling of trust, security and satisfaction to members and staff.

This is a full time permanent position.

For complete job posting details, please visit our website


The Person:

• Minimum of 5 years’ credit granting or other financial institution lending experience.

• Proven management, coaching and motivational skills including exposure to all

areas of lending, banking floor and accounting.

• Ability to analyze and interpret the needs of clients and offer the appropriate

options, solutions, and resolutions required.

• Ability to deal with people sensitively, tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally at

all times.

• Exceptional conflict resolution, negotiation, and objection handling skills.

• Superior time management skills, multitasking skills, and the ability to prioritize

tasks with minimal supervision.


• Salary range $65,000 to $81,000/annually

• Comprehensive benefits package.

CLOSING: April 19, 2019.

One Week Left!!

Deadline approaching fast

so call now for inclusion into

the 7th Annual

“Discover East Central Alberta”

community and tourist magazine


ECA Central Alberta Review


Jennifer Hormann,

Manager of Accounting and Human Resources

Vision Credit Union Ltd.

Corporate Office

5007 – 51 Street

Camrose, Alberta T4V 1S6

Fax 780-679-0569

Only those individuals invited for an interview will be contacted.



Cont’d from Pg 1

Adding in the addition of government

transfers, an excess of revenue

over expenses for 2018 was $428,971

over $419,838 in 2017.

Accumulated surplus at 2018 year

end is $11,761,197.

Taxes realized were up from

$1,478,416 to $1,538,951 and transfers

for operating from governments was

up from $566,877 in 2017 to $614,811 in


Wages had gone up almost $20,000,

transfers to individuals and organizations

went up $5,135; contracted and

general services went up $61,047, materials,

goods, supplies and utilities went

up $38,569; and interest on capital long

term debt went down $2,430.

Not including the amortization and

2017’s loss on disposal of tangible capital

assets, 2018 saw an increase of

$113,863 in consolidated expenses.

In accumulated surplus, unrestricted

surplus came in at $109.154;

restricted surplus at $2,586,68 and

equity in tangible capital assets at


The $2 million in restricted surplus

is allotted to capital projects for fire

equipment, roads, water, sewer lagoon,

recreation, airport, Recreation

Wellness Centre, administrative, and

common services as well as for general

capital contingency and physician

recruitment operating.

Memorandum of Agreement

The Coronation & District Housing

Society is working towards drafting a

new Memorandum of Agreement that

is reflective of the merging on the

interests and assets of the Coronation

& District Seniors Housing Society

with the Coronation Regional Health

Services Board (Assisted Living) as

the Town of Castor has requested

amendments to be made to a previously

approved draft agreement.

Removing Objective #1, that used

the words “Coronation and area” and

have Objective #6 replace it with the

new wording is all inclusive of the

County of Paintearth, stating “Work

cooperatively with other stakeholders

in the development of social/affordable

housing opportunities within the

Paintearth region in order that residents

may age in place”.

Council has recommended a minor

wording change to did not approve it

as presented.

Wage grid for pool employees

Sheri Wuzinski provided council

with survey results on wages for

swimming pool managers and lifeguards

from Castor, Consort, Oyen

and Provost which indicated

Coronation’s wages are lower than all

other municipalities.

Council did not make any changes

to the grid for 2019.

Campground improvements

CAO Sandra Kulyk reported her

work with town staff for planning and

designing of a new washroom/shower

house/laundry space for the


They will be obtaining an estimate

for construction costs to be included in

the 2019 budget.

Plans are to include servicing the

group area sites with sewer in addition

to the existing water and power


It also incorporates an attached

garage/shop area to store equipment

including mowers and a bobcat for

campground maintenance.

check us out online



Audit team visited town office

Cont’d from Pg 3

They have already been leasing for

years but it is now recorded in a new

fashion under the financial statement.

Despite the dips in cash flow, an

accumulated unrestricted surplus of

$4,819,153 was obtained as well as a

restricted surplus, dedicated to projects

like the spray park, of $29,200,696.

The Endeavor audit team was in the

town office from March 4 to 6.

They met with the Chief

Administrative Officer (CAO) and

Director of Corporate Services to

review the overall documents and confirm

any changes from the previous


Hanna promotional video

Brad Haugen, a new resident

to the Town of Hanna,

came to council with an

interesting proposition

regarding advertising for the


Haugen recently moved

from Fort McMurray after

finding reasonably priced

homes in Hanna.

He had fallen for the great

location as there is ‘“no

major wind like Lethbridge,

and is a reasonable distance

to the cities”.

Although he has been

involved with the oil and gas

industry for much of his life,

he is also a musician and

voiceover talent who has

owned a recording studio

since 2007.

He used his abilities to

create a two-minute video on

the benefits of living in

Hanna, hoping it will draw

traffic and possibly land new


Council thanked Haugen

for the presentation and

praised him for his initiative.

30th Annual Spring



SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2019 @ 9 AM

Montgomery Auction Sales Center 4 Miles South of Lacombe on Hwy 2A, 2 Miles East on Lakeside Sargent Road

Infrastructure Project


MPE Engineering has

begun work on the detailed

design portion of the 2019

Infrastructure Project in

anticipation of being ready to

go to tender as of April 25.

The detailed design work

with the majority of the jobs

consisting of coring and

paving is being completed on

the infrastructure priorities

such Stephens Crescent,

Winkler Drive, Pioneer Trail

– Hwy 9 to South Municipal

Road, Shacker Crescent, 12th

Avenue, Winkler Drive lane

to 3rd Street and James


The tender will not be

awarded until such time as

the 2019 MSI contributions

from the province

and the allocations

of the

Federal Gas Tax

have yet to be


CAO Kim Neill

predicts the projects


estimated to cost

more than the

funds that will

most likely be


Once the

project has been

tendered and the

bids received the

award of the contract

will be

brought back to

council for their


If the tender

results reveal

costs that exceed

the budget available


will bring recommendations


council on which

of the projects

listed are


TK Ranch

Custom Meat Processing

C4 Bobcat & Mulching

phone or text Shawn Charbonneau

403 741 6660 • Halkirk

• Mulching/brushing

of fence lines and hedges

• Fence removal/

large wire roller

• Stump grinding

• Hole augering

• Bin anchor driver

• Corral cleaning/

snow removal

3” wide version

• Landscaping/dirt work

Tired of Winterkill in your Alfalfa?

For Sale Certified 2018 Algonquin Alfalfa Seed

99.9% purity, zero weed seeds. Inoculated, in 55 lb bags wholesale

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Farmer Direct, we grow what we sell.

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3.75” wide version

Tired of Winterkill Custom in Corral your Cleaning Alfalfa?

Located south of Coronation, AB

It’s rare to hear about a quadruple

birth among cattle but Dionne Elliott

of Brownfield, Ab. was surprised when

he went out to check on his cows in

the pasture to find that one of his

Black Angus cows had given birth to

four calves on her own. Three of the

four calves averaged 40 lbs. while one

weighed 50 lbs.

L. Strom

and Manure Spreading:

For Sale Certified 2018 Algonquin Alfalfa Seed

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Alberta south - all of Highway types of 16 skid on orders steer over service 2200 lbs.

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403 574 2222

Unreserved Public Farm Auction

Flad Farms Ltd – Lyndon Flad

Macklin, SK | April 24, 2019 · 10 am

1979 International F1924 1978 John Deere 4440 1977 John Deere 4440

AUCTION LOCATION: From MACKLIN, SK, go 1 km (0.6 miles) East on Hwy #31 to Cosine Road, 18 km (11 miles)

South, 1.6 km (1 mile) West and 0.5 km (0.3 miles) South. GPS: 52.153898, -109.95527


John Deere 8570 4WD Tractor · 1978 John Deere 4440

2WD Tractor · 1977 John Deere 4430 2WD Tractor · 2005

John Deere 9860STS Combine · 2005 John Deere 936D

36 Ft Draper Header · 1996 Case IH 8230 30 Ft Pull Type

Swather · 1993 Case IH 8230 30 Ft Pull Type Swather ·

1984 GMC Brigadier T/A Grain Truck · 1979 International

F1924 T/A Grain Truck · 1975 Ford 700 S/A Grain Truck ·

1997 Chevrolet 3500 Cheyenne Crew Cab 4x4 Flatbed

Truck · Custombuilt 22 Ft T/A Car Hauler Trailer · John Deere

1820 30 Ft Air Drill · Wil-Rich 35 Ft Deep Tillage Cultivator

Lyndon Flad: 306.753.2219 (h)

306.753.9325 (c), lyndal@sasktel.ent

Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager –

Michael Higgs: 306.481.4440 800.491.4494

Auction Company License #303043 & 309645

Selling Tractors, Farm

Machinery, Acreage

Equipment, Trucks

including 2- 2013 IHC

Transtar Tractor/Trucks,

Vehicles, ATV’s, RV’s,

Motorcycles, Vintage

Vehicles including 1929

Ford Model A Roadster &

1965 Ford Mustang,

2006 Doosan G25P-3

5000lb Forklift,



BLACKFALDS, AB. 403-885-5149 1-800-371-6963

2005 John Deere 9860STS

Equipment Trailers, Mini

Storage Units, 40’ Sea

can, Commercial Storage

Canopies & Party Tents,

20-Pallets High Impact

Rubber Shingles, Glass

Recycling Machine, Coil

Tubing Straightener,

Livestock Equipment,

Lumber & Trusses,

Landscaping & Building

Supplies, Lawn & Garden

Equipment & Supplies,

Trees, Pressure Washers,

Hardware Electrical

Dispersal, Tools &

Hardware & Much More.

Please see

website for full

listing & pictures


Consignments taken

up to April 20

Subject to Additions & Deletions

1996 John Deere 8570

· Wil-Rich 41 Ft Light Duty Cultivator · International 15 Ft

Cultivator · Kello-Bilt 176 14 Ft Tandem Offset Disc · Riteway

46 Ft Harrow Packer · Rock-O-Matic PTO Rock Picker · 1998

Melroe 3640 70 Ft Sprayer · 1700 US Gallon Poly Liquid

Cart · (19) Grain Bins · 2012 Brandt 1070XL 10 In. x 70 Ft

Mechanical Swing Grain Auger · Sakundiak HD7-1400 7 In.

x 46 Ft Grain Auger · 1997 Westfield MK130-71 13 In. x 70

Ft Mechanical Swing Grain Auger · Sakundiak HD8-1200

8 In. x 40 Ft Grain Auger · 1997 Rem 1026A Grain Vac ·


For up-to-date equipment listings, please check our website:




Badminton tournament medals

by K. Smawley

The badminton team travelled

to Wainwright on April 10

for a long day at the East

Central Catholic School

Divisional Tournament.

The group had teams entered

into 12 different categories

including girls singles, boys singles,

mixed doubles, girls

doubles and boys doubles, each

within their different grade


Throughout the day, the

Theresetta students played

hard and were able to come

home with nine gold medals and

four silver medals overall.

One interesting situation

from the day saw four

Theresetta boys singles players

as the four finalists from their


The category was so large it

started out with four separate

draws, with one Theresetta boy

in each.

After all four boys won their

respective pools and the following

quarter final game, the

Grade 7 boys singles final

games ended up being between

our four players.

Thayer Bunbury came out

with the gold medal in that


In other results these players

won the gold medal in their

respective categories: Landon

Slemp - Grade 9 boys singles,

Ashley Renschler and Kennedy

Bagshaw - Grade 9 girls doubles,



...look to us

to supply

your material

Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

4201-49 th Ave., Stettler, AB • 403-743-0684

Curtis Penner - Grade 8 boys

singles, Tierra Ulrich and

partner - Grade 8 mixed doubles,

Grace Roland - Grade 7

girls singles, Brayden Rowland

and Drew Bagshaw - Grade 7

boys doubles, Kiali Blumhagen

and Nola Fuller - Grade 7 girls

doubles and Allie Weber and

partner - Grade 7 mixed


The following teams were the

silver medal winners in their

respective pools: Sydney

Renschler - Grade 9 girls singles,

Abbigale Fuller and Alyssa

Kuefler - Grade 9 girls doubles,

Parker Slemp and Gracie

Bagshaw - Grade 8 girls doubles

and Kolby Renschler - Grade 7

boys singles.

Students in candidates forum

by K. Smawley

Students and staff at Theresetta

School, Castor are very happy to

finally be enjoying some consistent

spring weather.

The extra minutes of sunshine make

the days seem lighter and spread


Many students have started

spending the majority of their afterschool

and weekend

time outside after

being cooped up for so


Theresetta students

in Grades 5 to 9

attended the candidate’s

forum for the


constituency in

Stettler on April 1 at

the Stettler

Community Center.

Students were

invited to email questions

to the organizers

ahead of the event and

some of the questions

were used during the


Three Theresetta

students, Brayden

Rowland, Kyla

Beaumont and Kolby Renschler, even

posed their own question to the candidates

during the open mic portion.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to

see the candidates that they have been

talking about in class first-hand and

hear their responses to important

issues affecting their area.

Students felt humbled to be positively

recognized by the candidates

and the audience at the event for

coming out to such an event at their

age just to be apart of the democratic


Field Trip

The Grade 9 class travelled to

Wainwright on April 11 to present to

their school board trustees.

This is an annual event where all

schools in the division take turns presenting

to the board so the trustees

have the chance to hear about all the

happenings at the schools.

The class created a presentation

about Theresetta and highlighted all

the things they enjoy about their


The group took on a leadership role

as they wrote, produced and presented

the entire thing themselves.

As they are the graduating class of

Theresetta, they reflected on the past

10 years at the school and shared some

favourite memories.

Cookie bingo

To end the week with a bang, the

entire school came together to play

some rounds of cookie


This is one of the two lent

fundraisers happening at

the school this year.

Students purchased as

many cards as they wanted

with all proceeds going to

the Rainbow of Hope for

Children Organization.

Harlyn Bunbury, Leah Boxma and Hailey Rowland playing

bingo on Fri. April 12 trying to win themselves some


ECA Review/Submitted

The students then tested

their luck in the hunt to win

a bag of freshly baked

cookies! It was a fun way to

end the day and cap off a

very busy week!

Program visitors to the


The Junior High girls

took a short trip to the

Evangelical Missionary

Church on April 4 to learn

about, and help out with, the

Days for Girls program that

makes reusable feminine

products for school girls in

developing countries.

The program is aimed at

helping to give girls the supplies

they need to be able to

attend school which in turn

helps them build a life for


The Theresetta girls were

happy to hear about the program

Kathy Weber and the

other ladies volunteer to

help out with.

It’s a great cause

helping to empower

and provide opportunities

to girls around

the world.

On April 9,


Ministries visited

Theresetta once

again for a fun-filled

day of worship and

spiritual reflection to

help encourage students

to develop their

individual faith


The school enjoyed

an opening session

together where

everyone learned

about this year’s

retreat day focus,

“doing things on purpose”

before breaking up and

having grade centred sessions

throughout the day.

The school came together

at the end of the day to

reflect on the ideas that

each grade explored.

Students and teachers

always enjoy when

FacetoFace visits as the

retreat leaders, Ryan and

Daniel, are always amazing

at empowering, inspiring

and energizing everyone,

reminding us about to positively

affect our own faith


Prairie Christian Academy Grade 11 student, Hannah Cottrill

discusses one of her art projects on display at the school’s 11th

annual Fine Arts Gala which took place on April 12 in Three Hills with

Principal Darryl Hern. Designed and delivered by a seven-member

committee of volunteers and teachers, the event involved 124

students from Grade 5 to 11, showcasing the school’s many musical

talents and art class abilities.

ECA Review/D. Nadeau

Box 996

Castor, AB

T0C 0X0


Saturday, April 20, 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

4802 York Avenue, Coronation, Alberta

5 bedroom, 4 bath, 1639 sq ft $ 349,000 00

Landmark Realty


3” wide version


Strathmore, AB.

Two pivot irrigated quarter sections of land (NE 25 24 25 W4

and SE 30 24 24 W4) are being offered for tender. The NE 1/4

borders the annexed land of Strathmore while the SE 1/4 is one

mile east. Excellent holding or farming property.

For Brochure email: or For Tender Agreements contact:

Lynn Woods Law Office, Strathmore at 403-934-6333,

or email:

Sealed Tender Agreements must be accompanied by a 10% deposit and received no later than

4:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. Tenders subject to financing approval will not be considered. Deposits

of unsuccessful tenders will be returned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.


Tree Service

3.75” wide version


Strathmore, AB.

Your tree health specialist and surgeon

with over 17 years of experience

Two pivot irrigated quarter sections of land (NE 25 24 25 W4 and

SE 30 24 24 W4) are being offered for tender. The NE 1/4 borders the

annexed land of Strathmore while the SE 1/4 is one mile east. Excellent

holding or farming property.


For Brochure email: or

for all your tree care needs

For Tender Agreements contact: Lynn Woods Law Office, Strathmore at

403-934-6333, or email:



Tender Agreements

tree pruning

must be accompanied


by a 10%

is here.

deposit and received no later than

4:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. Tenders subject to financing approval will not be considered. Deposits

Regular pruning is necessary to

of unsuccessful tenders will be returned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

ward off diseases and yield better fruit.

Call to book an appointment today

Residential & Commercial

Electrical Solutions


Master Electrician


Basil Nichols


MLS Realtor



Loved sports including

chuckwagon races

Carl “Allan” Winther, beloved husband

of Darlene, passed away

peacefully with his family by his side

on April 9, 2019 at the age of 84.

He was born on Feb. 14, 1935 in

Trochu, Ab.

Allan married Darlene Stennes from

Sturgis, Sk. on July 14, 1956 and they

were happily married for almost 63


He lived and farmed on the

same quarter section west of

Huxley, Ab. all of his life.

Allan was the first president

of the Huxley 4-H Beef Club in

1953 and remained involved as

a big supporter with his children

and grandchildren.

He was a charter member of

the Huxley Fish and Game

Club and an Elks member for Winther

57 years and a Past Exalted


Allan loved his sports and he

enjoyed following the World

Professional Chuckwagon Association.

Allan is survived by his loving wife


Darlene and their eight children;

Laureen (Dan) Frere, Lorne (JoAnn

Block), Earl (Lois Pennock), Gary

(Fran Gorr), Elaine (Ian) Crawford,

Teresa (Randy) Kish, Myrna (Garnet)

Smith and Bill (Treina Yoos).

He is survived by 22 grandchildren

and 21 great-grandchildren.

He is also survived by two sisters,

Mildred Hoppins and Eva

Jensen, brother-in-law

Glenn (Mona) Stennes and

sister-in-law Myrna Boyd,

numerous nieces and

nephews, many cousins in

Canada and Denmark and a

host of friends.

He was predeceased by

his parents, Martin and

Elsie (Peterson) Winther,

father and mother-in-law

Earl and Edna (Boen)

Stennes, brother Bob and

his wife Phyllis, brothers-in-law

Norman Hoppins and Eddie Jensen.

A Memorial Tea will be held Thurs.

April 18, 2019 at 2 p.m. at the Trochu



In lieu of

flowers, memorial

tributes may

be made directly

to Alberta



Foundation at

Linden Tree Farm

Hardy Locally Grown Trees and Shrubs

Feature Trees Size Price

Colorado Spruce 3’-5’ $60-$95

Laurel Leaf Willow 5-10 gal. 4’-8’ $20-$90

Mt. Ash – American 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Poplar-4 Varieties 5-20 gal. 5’-9’ $30-$100

Royalty Flowering Crab 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Schubert Chokecherry 7 gal. 6’-7’ $75

Swedish Aspen 5-7 gal. 5’-7’ $40-$60

Weeping Birch 7-10 gal. 5’-7’ $75-$100

Feature Shrubs

Cotoneaster, Dogwood, Lilacs, Mugo Pine,

Ninbark, Potentilla, Spirea & more

Bare root Cotoneaster & Spruce also available in April

Come in April or May for best selection

Many other trees and shrubs available

Complete price list at:

email: or call/text 403-888-9178

Largest Selection of

• Carpet • Area Rugs

• Linoleum • Tile

• Laminate • Hardwood

(780) 753-2960

Provost, AB

Customer Satisfaction

is our business

Kent Hoopfer,

Insurance Broker/Owner

Auto, Farm, Home & Commercial |

Stettler AB, T0C 2L0 | (office) 403.742.4332 | (cell) 403.742.7861


Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, for the sale of the

following deeded and lease lands (which are located south of Spondin):

Parcel A


NE 15-33-12-4 - ±160 acres native pasture, dam and dugout, no gas lease

NW 15-33-12-4 - ±76 acres native pasture/grassland/slough, ±84 acres cultivated

- dam and water rights, gas lease (currently $2,345.00 annually)

SW 15-33-12-4 - ±90 acres cultivate, ±70 acres native pasture/grassland/slough

- gas lease (currently $2,780.00 annually)


NW 10-33-12-4 - ±160 acres native pasture, dugout, gas lease (currently $1,500.00 annually)

Parcel B (all deeded)

SE 10-33-12-4 - ±160 acres native pasture, large dugout, gas lease (currently $3,200.00 annually)

NE 3-33-12-4 - ±100 acres native pasture, ±60 acres cultivated

- dugout, gas lease (currently $2,595 annually)

SE 3-33-12-4 - ±160 acres hay/crested wheat/alfalfa mix, gas lease (currently $2,880.00 annually)

Parcel C (all deeded)

NE 7-33-12-4 - ±120 acres hay/crested wheat/alfalfa mix, ±40 acres native grass

- 2 gas leases (currently $5,350.00 annually)

Tenders on the above lands must be accompanied by a bank draft or certified cheque in favor of “SMITH &

HERSEY AGRIBUSINESS LAW” for FIVE (5%) PERCENT of the tender price, as a deposit. The deposit will be returned if

the tender is not accepted. If a tender is accepted and the tenderer does not proceed with the sale, the deposit of the

tenderer will be forfeited to the owner of the lands. Tenders may be for all Parcels or individual Parcels, but not partial

Parcels. The balance of the tender price will be payable on or before June 14, 2019. Early possession will be considered

if requested. Each of the owner and the successful tenderer will be responsible for their own legal fees. All registration

costs will be paid by the successful tenderer. Gas lease annual compensation with be adjusted between the parties as

of June 14, 2019. Each tenderer must understand that a tender is an unconditional offer to purchase the lands set out

in the tender. Tenderers must rely on their own research of the lands, and the undersigned and the owner make no

warranties or representations in regard to the lands.

The owner has complete discretion whether to accept the highest or any tender. Further inquiries into the

above lands can be made by contacting either Doug Elder (403.854.6550) or Donald/Norma Quast (403.854.2206) by

phone or text. Tenders shall be sealed in an envelope marked “LAND TENDER - SPONDIN” and may be faxed, delivered,

e-mailed or mailed to:

Attention: Simon J. Hersey, Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law, Barristers and Solicitors

Unit #104, Westside Common or 112B – 2nd Avenue West

2201 Box Springs Boulevard NW PO Box 220

Medicine Hat, AB T1C 0C8

Hanna, AB T0J 1P0

Fax: (403) 527-0577

(open Mondays and Tuesdays)



The following briefly described property is hereby offered for sale by tender,

subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the

existing certificate of title:

The North West Quarter and East Half of Section 16-35-13 W4 containing

480 acres more or less, excepting thereout all mines and minerals.

FEATURES of this property:

- Approx 37 acres under cultivation, 215 acres tame hay, 228 acres native

pasture and bush

- NW perimeter fenced

- E ½ perimeter fenced

- water dugout on NE-16

- slough and water well on SE-16

- power line income on SE-16, $1300.00 / year

- possible windmill site on SE-16

- land is located south of Castor, Alberta and east of Sullivan Lake

1. The sale of the Land is subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter


2. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/

measurement, condition or environmental status.

3. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender

price shall be excluding G.S.T.

4. Tenders in writing will be received by the lawyer noted below up to

but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on April 30, 2019. Tenders should be

forwarded to E. Roger Spady Law Office in a sealed envelope marked

“Gustavson Tender’’. A certified cheque equal to 5% of the purchase price

must accompany the tender.

5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or

certified funds on or before May 15, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

6. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

7. Mineral rights, if any, are not included in the sale.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Seller may reject any

or all tenders.

9. If successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after acceptance of

that tender, the deposit shall be forfeited.

For further particulars please contact Martin Gustavson at 403-741-6786.

E. Roger Spady

Barrister & Solicitor

5015 Victoria Avenue, Box 328, Coronation, Alberta, T0C 1C0



Quick to share

and help others

M.D. of Provost No. 52



The M.D. of Provost No. 52 is currently accepting tenders

to purchase the following units:

Norman Brown

January 12, 1940 – March 28, 2019

Norman Harvey Burnett Brown of

Castor, Ab. passed away surrounded

by loving family and friends on March

28, 2019 at the age of 79.

After a brief struggle with cancer, he

was called home to be with his Lord

and Saviour.

Norman was born to parents Anne

and Christopher on Jan. 12, 1940 in the

small village of Chipperfield, in

Hertfordshire, England.

He and his twin brother David were

the youngest of six children.

In his early life, Norman was known

as a clever and energetic boy with a

keen sense of humour.

With a hand-made bow or catapult

in hand, Norman made

good-hearted mischief his art

form throughout the English


He attended church regularly

and was active in the boy’s

choir. He worked at his studies

and achieved good marks at the

Durrants Secondary School in

Croxley Green, Hertfordshire,

despite some childhood health


As a young man Norman

trained as a tool and die maker, completing

his apprenticeship at the Kings

Langley Engineering Co. in 1961, the

same year he married his first wife,

Gwyneth (nee Evans) of Watford,


Norman immigrated with Gwyneth

to Edmonton, Ab. in 1965 and soon

became father to three sons: Rennie,

Lee and Dale.

The natural beauty of Canada

ignited Norman’s passion for the outdoors

and inspired family trips to the

Rocky Mountains, the west coast and

Alberta’s Lakeland for summer

camping and fishing with his boys.

He enjoyed hunting, archery,

canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing and

skiing and he was active as a leader in

the Junior Forest Wardens, sharing

his enthusiasm with youth.

Norman was successful in his career

and took pride in providing for his


Mid-life also brought challenges and

was, in his own words, a time when he

“turned away from the Lord.”

Norman soon came back to the Lord

and found deep love and friendship

with his beloved Carol (Henderson).

Norman met Carol on Father’s Day

golfing with his three boys.

They married the following year on

April 1, 1995.

This marked the beginning of a long

and cherished relationship with Carol

and family and a return to his country


He cherished their 25 years together,

living first in Edmonton, then Elk

Point and finally Castor.

Norman’s passions continued in his

later life.

He loved

building radiocontrolled


and boats which

he flew and sailed

Police Week





with family and friends and he loved a

good game of golf.

A highly skilled craftsman, Norm

built his own sailboat, canoe and


He and Carol drew great pleasure in

country life and being active in the

church and community.

Norm loved playing his guitar and

singing gospel music in his distinctive

baritone style.

Known as the “Jim Reeves” of the

town, he loved performing for others

and making them smile.

Above all, Norm loved his entire

family and his friends.

He is remembered as someone who

was quick to say hello to a stranger

and quick with a joke and a

smile, and equally quick to

lend a hand or help


He gave his time and

gave himself in the service

of others.

Norman was predeceased

by his parents

Anne and Christopher; sisters

Elva (Tom), Vera


(Neil), Nora (Ted); brother

Jack (Jean), twin brother

David (Jean); nieces Carol

and Carolyn and his ex-wife Gwyneth.

Norman is survived by his loving

wife Carol; children Rennie Brown of

Vancouver, Lee (Laura) Brown and

Dale Brown (Jana Mohn) of Sherwood

Park, step-children Randy (Wendy)

Henderson of Botha, Dan (Merlin)

Henderson of Edmonton, Terry

(Wanda) Henderson of Frog Lake, Ron

Henderson of Edmonton, Deb (Wes)

Jones of Endiang, Michelle Henderson

of Edmonton.

Surviving Norm are his grandchildren

and great-grandchildren Alison

(Sam), Molly (Marcus), Maria, Owen,

Brianna (JD), Liam, Madison,

Gwyneth, Christopher, Ryan (Jen),

Trinity, Joshua, Jessica, Rebecca

(Michael) and their daughter

Emmalise, Courtney (Jordan), Ethan,

George and daughter Alena, Bobbi

(Jason) and their son Samuel, Wayne

Fidler and numerous extended family

and special friends.

A funeral service will be held at the

Castor Evangelical Missionary Church

in Castor, Ab. at 11 a.m. on Sat. April

20, 2019 followed by interment in the

Castor Cemetery and a celebration of

Norman’s life at the Castor

Community Hall.

Memorial contributions in Norman’s

memory may be made to STARS. or to

Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital


Sympathies may be forwarded to the

family by signing the guestbook at

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium, 403-882-3141, has been

entrusted with the care and funeral


3” wide version

Unreserved Timed Online Receivership Auction

of Hughson Trucking Inc. as authorized by Ernst & Young Inc., Receiver

BIDDING STARTS CLOSING: April 25th, 2019 at 10:00 am (MDT)

Viewing April 23 & 24:

8:00am-5:00pm or by appt

2 Locations- Milk River and Sexsmith, AB

Selling Truck Tractors; Super B Grain, Bulker, Gravel & Deck

Trailers; Construction Equipment; Forklifts; Pickups;

Plus Much More! For more details visit

1. Pasture/Pipe Plow #46-030 • Year: 2006 • Make: PL-24C

2. Grain Bag Roller #46-062 • Year: 2015 • Make: Rainbow

Trailer with Bag Roller and Power Pak

3. Agrowplow #46-043 • Year: 2011

4. Land Roller #46-032 • Year: 1992

5. 12 Foot Cultivator #46-028 • Model: Schielke

6. Tree Sprayer #46-067 • Year: 2017 • Make: Univar

7. Wire Roller (green)

8. Wire Roller (yellow)

9. Tree Planter and Jack #46-004 • Year: 1991

10. Tree Planter #46-003

11. Fabric Mulch Machine

All of the above are available for viewing at the Provost Shop.

For more information,

please contact Brian Carter at 780-753-0184

Tenders for any or all of the above units are to be submitted

in a sealed envelope, clearly marked

“M.D. of Provost 2019 ASB Equipment Disposal Tender”

and are to be addressed to:

Tyler Lawrason, Administrator

M.D. Administration Office,

Box 300; 4504 – 53rd Avenue, Provost, Alberta T0B 3S0

M.D. of Provost No. 52

UNIT #28-T 2005 T800 KENWORTH



The M.D. of Provost No. 52 is currently accepting

tenders to purchase

Unit #28-T 2005 T800 Kenworth White Diesel Truck


Odometer: 646,414 kms • Hours: 13,493

Unit #28-T is available for viewing by appointment only.

Photos available on request.

For appointments or more information, please call

Len Fossen at 780-753-2168, Marty Biro at 780-856-3654,

or Irvin Bethge at 780-806-3553.

Tenders for any or all of the above units are to be submitted

in a sealed envelope, clearly marked

“M.D. of Provost Unit #28-T 2005 T800 Kenworth

Truck Disposal Tender”

and are to be addressed to:

Tyler Lawrason, Administrator

M.D. Administration Office,

Box 300; 4504 – 53rd Avenue, Provost, Alberta T0B 3S0

Tenders are to be submitted not later than 12:00 noon on

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: No faxes or emails accepted for tenders.

Faxed amendments will be accepted as long as the original

tender is not disclosed. The M.D. reserves the right to reject any

or all bids submitted or any part and the highest of any bid will

not necessarily be accepted. Please include G.S.T. in the quote.

A decision will be made on Thursday, April 25th, 2019.

Items purchased are sold AS IS.


Dallas Ellerby

Your Farm & Ranch Specialist


Greater Property Group


4606-40 Street

Stettler, Alberta


Matt Stahl


For All Your Carpentry Needs, You Name It We Do it!

Hanna, AB

403-857-9885 •

Ben Van Haga Trucking

Specializing in Hauling

• Grains • Fertilizer • Hay

Cell: (403) 323-0060 • Fax: (403) 742-8215

Box 1899 Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Reinbold Petroleum Ltd.

Agents: Fred & Denise Reinbold • Stettler, Hanna and Delia

Castor Branch, 5002-50 Avenue, Castor, AB

Phone 403-882-3950 Fax 403-882-3555

Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

4201 - 49th Ave Stettler, AB


Hanna, AB •403-854-3711

OK Tire - Castor

5501 - 50 Ave.,

Castor, AB

Ph: (403) 742-2869

Fax: (403) 742-2433




Coronation, AB

Box 249, T0C 1C0

Ph: (403) 578-2016

Fax: (403) 578-2076

When you consider distracted driving, cell phone use may

come to mind. Undoubtedly, texting is a major driving distraction

but it’s certainly not the only one. There are dozens

of common driving distractions—all of which put you at risk of

being in a car accident. They can be grouped into four major



These are activities in which you take your

eyes off the road. Common visual driving distractions

include reading road signs, changing

the music and turning around to deal with kids

fighting in the backseat.


This type of driving distraction involves taking

your hands off the wheel. Eating and smoking,

rummaging through a purse and programming

a route into a GPS can all be categorized as

forms of manual driving distractions.


These are mental factors or activities that

prevent you from properly concentrating when

behind the wheel. Cognitive driving distractions

include being in a highly emotional state,

daydreaming and having a conversation.


Distractions that dominate your hearing and

prevent you from noticing traffic sounds are

labelled as auditory driving distractions. Listening

to music and talking on the phone are examples

that fall under this category.

Note that almost all driving distractions distract you in more

than one way. For example, listening to the radio at full blast

distracts both your auditory and cognitive awareness. As for

texting and driving, that’s a visual, manual and cognitive distraction

— unsurprisingly, it’s one of the leading causes of traffic

accidents today.

Distracted driving accounts for about 25 per cent of all crash

fatalities. For your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers

and pedestrians, don’t let yourself become distracted when


Grain & Gravel Trucking

403-578-4196 • Brownfield, AB



Box 179

Castor, AB

T0C 0X0


fax 403-882-2349

Woody’s Automotive 403-742-6272 (NAPA) • Stettler, AB

Residential & Commercial Drafting And Design

PH 403.742.4101 • FX 866.305.5686 •

Bay 2, 4905-44 Ave, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 •

Rangeland Veterinary

Clinic (1995) Ltd.

Highway 41, Consort, AB

403-577-3509 • cell 403-575-1077

Ponoka 403.783.3310

Coronation 403.578.2584

Drumheller 403.823.9900

Provost 780.753.4700

Electrical and Instrumentation Industry Leader Since 1993

• Maintenance & Construction

• Shop & Portable Meter Proving

• Shop Repairs

• Burner Management Systems

• Modular Building Construction

and much more....

Service, Repair and Tires

4920 50 Ave, Bashaw, Ab. • 780.372.2045

Bouma Meats Ltd.


5017 50th St. Provost, AB

Ponoka 403.783.3310

Coronation 403.578.2584

Drumheller 403.823.9900

Provost 780.753.4700

• Fresh & Cured Meats

• Bar-B-Que Meats

• Wholesale & Bulk Meats

• Homemade Sausage

• Custom Curing • Sausage Making

• Cutting & Wrapping

• Custom Slaughtering

(780) 753-2092

For all your WELDING needs

cell (780) 753-0929 • shop (780) 753-4749

4444-50th Ave. Provost, AB

24 hour service • East of old Provost Arena

We want to welcome Dr. Satvik Patel to our clinic to service

Stettler and our surrounding communities.

* Accepting New Patients

* Hygiene Services * Offer Invisalign

* Child Friendly * We direct bill

* Provide nitrous and oral sedation

Mon- Fri 8 am - 4 pm

Dr. Viral Patel,

General Dentist

4906-51 Street Stettler, Ab

t:403 742 6741 • f:403-742-2391


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