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The Veteran 18 April 2019


Pieces Of Missing Japanese F-35

Fighter Jet Found: Pilot Still Missing

Story: Image: Ross D. Franklin/AP

Japan's military has

confirmed that one of its

F-35A jet fighters has

crashed in the Pacific Ocean

during a training exercise.

National broadcaster NHK

reports that search crews

have recovered part of the

plane's tail.

As of midday Wednesday in

Japan, the plane's pilot,

reportedly in his 40s, was still

missing. It is not clear whether

he ejected before the plane

crashed. NHK quotes Defense

Minister Takeshi Iwaya as

saying that the military is

focusing on rescuing the pilot

and investigating the cause of

the crash. He added that the

U.S. military is assisting with

the search.

The crash has raised

concerns both about the

safety of the F-35, which

Japan plans to adopt as the

mainstay of its air force, and

the possible intelligence

windfall that any foreign

government could score, in

the event that they could beat

Japanese or U.S. search

crews to the missing plane's


The plane took off from

Misawa airbase in northeast

Japan's Aomori prefecture

around 7 p.m. for a combat

training exercise with three

other jets. There were no

signs of any problem until a

half-hour later, when the pilot

communicated that he was

calling off the mission. The

plane then disappeared from

the radar, roughly 80 miles

east of Misawa.

Misawa is home to both U.S.

and Japanese air forces. It is

also reportedly a center for

the allies to collect signals

intelligence. It is home to

Japan's first squadron of F-

35A fighters, which began

operations just last month.

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War veteran 'ordered' to take down Union Jack flag

Story: Talk Radio Reporter: Samantha King

A Gulf War veteran who flew a Union

Jack flag in his garden says he has been

ordered to take it down after a neighbour


Andrew Smith installed the 5ft-tall flag in

his garden as a tribute to Great Britain,

after serving six years in the Royal Signals.

The 51-year-old says he has since received

a letter from housing developer

Harron Homes ordering him to take it

down or face legal action.

“I can’t see why a Union Jack flag is offensive.

Why would you be offended by

patriotism?" Mr Smith said.

“We have become soft and don’t want to

upset other people, whereas I have done

my bit for my country and I’m proud to be


“I went to war for my country. It’s something

close to my heart and every morning

I feel like saluting it. We are becoming

weak and spineless. Who are they to tell

me not to fly the flag?”

Project manager Mr Smith says he intermittently

switches the Union Jack with the

England flag, which he puts up during

football and rugby matches.

He added that he had the flag displayed

for 10 years in his previous property without


Harron Homes declined to comment.


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