A Comprehensive Guide to Maintain Your Ducted Vacuum System


If you are planning to take a ducted vacuum system, it is vital to have a thorough knowledge of the ways to maintain it so that it works to its full potential.

A Comprehensive

Guide to Maintain

Your Ducted

Vacuum System

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If you are looking for a cleaning device that offers more than

the regular portable vacuum cleaner, opt for the ducted

vacuum system. With it, you are able to clean almost anything

- carpets, furniture, automotive interiors, residential or

commercial indoor as well as outdoor spaces like verandas

and other indoor accessories like curtains and blinds.

There are many benefits of using this ducted vacuum system

out of which one is removing pollutants such as dust and

pollen from the room or area where it is used. As the

equipment is built to be stationary, you won't be moving the

power unit as you would with the standard ones.



Subsequently, you have less weight to handle, more

about the event.

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convenience to move around and experience negligible noise.


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Even the dust collectors are located elsewhere and connected

to the main unit through PVC pipes. The inlet tubes sit at

appropriate location indoors. What you need to do is simply

attach a hose to the inlet tubes and watch the machine in


But, in order to operate to the best of its efficiency, it needs to

be maintained properly. If you find any faults, it is best to opt

for the ducted vacuum repairs at its earliest. But, in general

terms, here are some ways to ensure that your machine lasts

long and works with its potential:



Firstly, understand the warranty conditions that accompany

information about the event.

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your product. Generally, warranty applies to damage caused


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by manufacturing defects, defective materials as well as faulty


The area around the power unit motor must be kept clean.

Don't let the motor getting overheated as it can reduce motor


Don't use multiple inlets simultaneously as it reduces

cleaning efficiency. The flow of air is reduced when multiple

inlets are used at the same time.

In case of detaching the hose from the inlet after a cleaning

task, let the inlet open for some time. This will ensure that the

machine is switched off.

Avoid cleaning liquids here as the remnant liquid in the

duct can lead to serious motor damage.



If you are planning to buy one, this will surely prove to be a

about the event.

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handy guide for you. Be sure to get from a reputed


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manufacturer like .

Electron Vacuum Systems

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