2018 Annual Report Neighborhood Health Clinic

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<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

April 12, 1999<br />

June 13, 2002<br />

February 28, 2019 Ribbon Cutting celebration of Enhanced Patient Services<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>

Taking care of the community, WITH the community.<br />

Thank you to everyone who has made this mission possible for 20 years!<br />


Table of<br />

Contents<br />

4<br />

Letters from Our Leaders<br />

8<br />

Our Loyal Volunteers<br />

9<br />

Volunteers Make a<br />

Difference<br />

10<br />

Gourmet Vintner Dinner<br />

11<br />

Donor Recognition Wall<br />

12<br />

Loyal Donors and<br />

Contributors<br />

18<br />

Meal Donations<br />

19<br />

In-Kind Donations<br />

20<br />

In-Kind Patient Providers<br />

22<br />

Legacy Society<br />

Memorials and<br />

Honorariums<br />

23<br />

Financial <strong>Report</strong><br />

3<br />


So how did it all begin?<br />

Board of Directors<br />

Officers<br />

John P. Cardillo Esq.<br />

Chair<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

Chair Elect<br />

C. Michael Armstrong<br />

Treasurer<br />

Craig J. Eichler MD<br />

Secretary<br />

Katherine G. Sachs<br />

Member-At-Large<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN, BSN<br />

Co-Founder<br />

Directors<br />

Linda A. Bilodeau<br />

Thomas C. Brick DMD<br />

Barbara Ann Britten MD<br />

Adriana Buitrago<br />

Vincent Foglia<br />

Robert J. Meli MD<br />

Robert W. Payne DDS<br />

Alejandro Perez-Trepichio MD<br />

Catherine A. Perez<br />

Marti Van Veen<br />

Janet H. Vasey<br />

Kevin P. Walker<br />

David J. Wolff<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Leslie Lascheid<br />

Chief Development Officer<br />

Keith Maples<br />

Medical Director<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Chief Financial Officer<br />

Joseph Meek<br />

Nancy Lascheid, Co-Founder<br />

Nancy Lascheid: “Many think the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong><br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> was formed one morning around the kitchen table<br />

and in business a few months later. That is true but it is<br />

not the full story. The dream of the <strong>Clinic</strong> developed over<br />

several years with notes and plans from the 1970s. Bill and<br />

I researched other clinics to see what models worked,<br />

what did not and why. What we wanted did not always<br />

exist, such as protecting our volunteers from tort liability.<br />

That was the first task at hand.”<br />

John Cardillo: “For years, Bill<br />

and Nancy lobbied the Florida legislature to pass a Sovereign<br />

Immunity law, which offered protection to medical and<br />

dental volunteers from malpractice actions in settings such as<br />

the <strong>Clinic</strong>. Without the risk of liability, physicians and<br />

dentists were and have been excited about practicing pure<br />

healing arts at the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>.”<br />

Nancy Lascheid: “Once that hurdle was passed, we were<br />

honored to be joined by our founding counsel including John<br />

and Paul. We are honored to this day that John and Paul have offered their unwavering<br />

support since those first days.”<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

Chair Elect<br />

Dr. Paul Jones: “I didn’t go to medical school to deal<br />

with government forms. I went to help people, and that<br />

is what I was able to do since those early days at<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>. And the best part is that I<br />

have been able to help people who would not<br />

otherwise receive medical care.<br />

It is truly food for my professional soul. It’s incredible.”<br />

Nancy Lascheid: “I am very proud of what Bill and I<br />

have accomplished. However, without the generous<br />

support of hundreds of kind people: physicians, dentists,<br />

volunteers, donors and staff all of whom have truly worked<br />

miracles in our community, the success would not have been possible. Moreover, the<br />

working people who ask for very little know better health will improve their lives. Their<br />

dignity, their hard work and appreciation touches the hearts of all who serve and believe<br />

in the miracle of the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

John P. Cardillo, Esq.,<br />

Chair of the Board of Directors<br />

The <strong>Clinic</strong> is in good hands with Leslie at the helm, who understands the goals and<br />

mission upon which the <strong>Clinic</strong> was founded, and will continue pursuing the hope and<br />

healing the <strong>Clinic</strong> provides.”<br />


Need, Vision, Solution<br />

In the beginning, there was a need; followed by a vision, which became the solution.<br />

The need, of course, was medical care for low-income, uninsured workers. The vision of my<br />

parents was realized in the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>. The volunteer doctors and nurses brought<br />

their healing skills as the solution. In the next 20 years, the storefront clinic gave way to a new<br />

building. A dental program provided critically needed care for patients.<br />

The patient profile changed from 20-35 year old male to a 47-year-old woman with two<br />

children. Chronic diseases such as diabetes increased and education classes were offered for <strong>Health</strong>y<br />

Lifestyles and one-on-one counseling in diabetes self-management. In response to uncertain<br />

availability of some outside services, the <strong>Clinic</strong> expanded the dental program’s capacity and provided<br />

for diagnostic imaging within the “<strong>Clinic</strong> campus” envisioned by my father and mother.<br />

I do not typically try to predict the future. The <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> will continue to provide quality care. The care<br />

we provide will continue to be driven by the needs of our patients.<br />

My parents knew their vision would only be realized through the help and dedication of many, many people. The<br />

endeavor required many talents, perspectives, and commitment. With the same capacity and support that has been so generously<br />

shared, we can move into the future with hope and confidence.<br />

Throughout the Years<br />

Patients receiving care at the <strong>Clinic</strong> over 20 years 14,879<br />

Patient in-house visits over 20 years 107,523<br />

Volunteer Hours over 20 years 324,700<br />

Value of volunteers over 20 years $23,784,414<br />


Patient Care Drives Our Mission<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Chief Medical Officer<br />

When the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> opened in 1999, it was three rooms,<br />

treating acute medical issues. Two exam tables; three stools; an old EKG unit,<br />

one exam table lamp, manual otoscope. The equipment was certainly<br />

appropriate for the practice. The assistance of the volunteer physicians filled<br />

any void. We looked at each other sometimes and wondered if these wellintentioned<br />

initiatives would ever survive!!! We did survive and then some<br />

and then some more!! More volunteers; spectacular generosity of some<br />

people and---here we are--- twenty years later. Our patients and medical<br />

issues changed from short-term treatment for an injury or episode of illness to chronic care for<br />

constant or persistent illness, such as diabetes. Patient care drives our mission; we have an<br />

expanded clinic and equipment that can more effectively care for our patients. The <strong>Clinic</strong> and its<br />

patients are fortunate to have the caring support of physicians, dentists and other volunteers and<br />

fantastically fortunate to have supporters and a wonderful staff who have embraced the<br />

mission. Thanks to everyone!!!<br />


Dignity and Respect<br />

The <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> isn’t just a <strong>Clinic</strong> for low income, working uninsured<br />

individuals in Collier County. The <strong>Clinic</strong> is a place where those needing medical help come to<br />

be treated with dignity and respect. The <strong>Clinic</strong> is home to countless donors making a<br />

difference in the lives of many. It’s a place where our volunteer physicians and dentists treat<br />

the patient without having to be distracted by a patient’s ability to pay or how they are to bill<br />

a procedure. After 19 years, the <strong>Clinic</strong> continues to make a difference in the lives of those in<br />

need.<br />

Thank you to the donors, volunteers, staff and the community for supporting the <strong>Clinic</strong>. We<br />

wouldn’t have started without Dr. Lascheid and Nancy Lascheid in 1999 and we wouldn’t be<br />

here today, stronger than ever without all of you.<br />

Keith Maples<br />

Chief Development Officer<br />

Thank you!<br />


Our Loyal Volunteers<br />

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless,<br />

but because they’re priceless.”<br />

20+ Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Rita Biafore RN<br />

Douglas L. Boynton MD<br />

John P. Cardillo Esq.<br />

Peg Connors<br />

William D. Cribbs DO<br />

George W. Ferguson MD<br />

Perry A. Gotsis MD<br />

Robert E. Hanson MD<br />

Jesse H. Haven MD<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

Susan Jones RN<br />

E. Sean Kelley MD<br />

Richard M. Kravis MD<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

Carol Meehan RN<br />

Sandra Peterson<br />

Kathy Rapp RN<br />

Philip T. Regala MD<br />

Joseph F. Sullivan MD<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Allen S. Weiss MD<br />

15+ Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

John W. Cox MD<br />

Craig J. Eichler MD<br />

Newell R. Falkinburg MD<br />

Cate Goodin RN<br />

David Hindman<br />

Patty Jensen<br />

Lynne Nordhoff<br />

Kitty Sachs<br />

Sheila R. Sawyer MD<br />

10+ Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Jeffrey S. Allen MD<br />

Pam Becker<br />

Edwin J. Cunningham MD<br />

Thomas C. Brick DMD<br />

Kathryn Camisa RN<br />

Isabel Cutler<br />

Julieta de Palacios<br />

C. Kirk DeMartino MD<br />

Elin Derickson RN<br />

John R. Diaz MD<br />

Jolene Dunbar<br />

Asia Elsbree<br />

Sandy Fennessy<br />

Louise Friedlander<br />

Jim Greer<br />

Molly Godley<br />

Dee Dee Harris<br />

Pat Head*<br />

Susan L. Hetman MD<br />

Dottie Huddleston<br />

Geri Krout<br />

Jenneine Lambert RN<br />

Joan Leader<br />

Douglas S. Lee MD<br />

Gerardo J. Lugo MD<br />

Donna McClymont<br />

Maria Merrill<br />

Caren F. Mikesh MD<br />

Garry Moore<br />

Jeannie H. Moran DDS<br />

Annette Mullaney<br />

Mimi O'Connell<br />

Bob Olson<br />

Edward A. Palank MD<br />

Robert W. Payne DDS<br />

Laverne Perrollaz<br />

Elisabeth M. Post-Teller MD<br />

Clint J. Potter MD<br />

Mary Propper<br />

V. Keith Riley DDS<br />

Marianne Roettger RN<br />

Scott A. Ross MD<br />

Marisol Ruiz-Ogarrio<br />

Cris Ryker<br />

Joseph A. Stafford MD<br />

Anne Teders<br />

Nancy Thompson<br />

Jane Trout<br />

Robin Wagar RN<br />

Robert D. Wagar MD<br />

Kathy Walsh<br />

Sherwyn J. Wayne MD<br />

Claude Weir<br />

Yvette Weir<br />

Norma Westall RN<br />

Charlotte L. Wittekind RN<br />

Leslie Zell<br />

5+ Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Sarah Barker<br />

Christine Brick<br />

Barbara-Ann Britten MD<br />

Brian T. Cannon MD<br />

Carmine P. Errico MD<br />

Dick Hilton<br />

Craig A. Jones RN<br />

Richard Matties<br />

Carol McDermott AP<br />

James J. Meyer MD<br />

Pattye Ormsby RN<br />

Bill Perez<br />

Catherine Perez<br />

Sheila M. Petras RN<br />

Bonnie Pinto<br />

Paula Powers<br />

Kay Schaus<br />

Russell P. Seneca MD<br />

Sharon Siciliano<br />

Donald Stitt<br />

Lucinda Swingley RN<br />

James V. Talano MD<br />

Jane Vannata RN<br />

Cheryl Young<br />


Volunteers Continue to Make the<br />

Difference in <strong>2018</strong><br />

1,000+ Hours<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

500+ Hours<br />

John P. Cardillo Esq.<br />

Stephen W. Foss<br />

Susan Jones RN<br />

Sandra Peterson<br />

Kitty Sachs<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

300+ Hours<br />

Laurie A. Andrea<br />

Bonnie Pinto<br />

Jerry Pinto<br />

David Slepian<br />

Nancy Windatt<br />

200+ Hours<br />

Richard Matties<br />

Patricia Stellato<br />

Donald Stitt<br />

100+ Hours<br />

Sarah Barker<br />

Mary Benzing<br />

Claudine N. Bolsen<br />

Douglas L. Boynton MD<br />

Ann M. Callahan<br />

Thomas F. Claffey MD<br />

Isabel Cutler<br />

Bet Dewey<br />

Lorri Donovan, RN<br />

Carmine P. Errico MD<br />

Newell R. Falkinburg MD<br />

Sandy Fennessy<br />

Louise Friedlander<br />

Perry A. Gotsis MD<br />

Lorna M. Harris<br />

Pat Head*<br />

Yenlee Hernandez<br />

Mercedes Hervas Lopez<br />

Henry B. Hofbauer MD<br />

Deborah Matter<br />

Carol Meehan RN<br />

Maria Merrill<br />

Katrina L. Miller<br />

Molly Moore RN<br />

Arnold A. Morales Loyola<br />

Barbara L. Nielsen<br />

Jim Oliver<br />

Bob Olson<br />

John Passidomo<br />

Carmen A. Perez<br />

Kathy Rapp RN<br />

June Rose<br />

Cris Ryker<br />

Kathryn M. Taylor<br />

Nancy Thompson<br />

Jawaharlal M. Vachhani MD<br />

Clare F. Ventre-Carragan MD<br />

Robin Wagar RN<br />

Robert D. Wagar MD<br />

David J. Wolff<br />

Cheryl Young<br />

The <strong>Clinic</strong> is built on volunteerism and the work of the volunteers, while<br />

priceless has actually been calculated. The State of Florida Volunteer<br />

<strong>Health</strong> Care Provider Program reports that in <strong>2018</strong> alone, <strong>Clinic</strong> volunteers<br />

provided services valued at $1,648,000!<br />

Can you imagine the value of <strong>Clinic</strong> volunteers throughout the past 20<br />

years? Well, it’s an amazing $23,784,414!<br />

Be part of the Hope and Healing<br />

There is no more rewarding feeling than making a difference in the life of<br />

another person. If you are interested in volunteering for low-income, uninsured<br />

adults in our community, please contact the <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

(239)261-6600 or complete an application<br />

http://www.neighborhoodhealthclinic.org/get-involved/volunteer/<br />

9<br />


Gourmet Vintner Dinner ~ Celebrating 20 Years of Hope and Healing<br />

The <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> celebrated its 20 th anniversary with some 300 of its closest friends and supporters,<br />

who also gave their generous support to the <strong>Clinic</strong> ‘s patient care.<br />

Presenting patrons, Pat and Vince Foglia, once again hosted the festive event at the Ritz Carlton setting the scene for<br />

wine, dining, music and dancing. The upbeat evening led to open hearts and open hands that donated $1.1 million,<br />

which will provide for over 10,000 patient visits in 2019.<br />

Guests were greeted by tuxedoed stilt walkers, towering over the tallest guests. The next stop included select vintners<br />

offering a superior variety overseen by the Ritz’s own sommelier. Cahlua and Cream serenaded the crowd in the<br />

ballroom with vintners presenting at select tables, building up to a superior dining experience.<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> patients reached out to the audience in via video putting faces and testimony to the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s care and mission.<br />

They shared the common experience of coming to the <strong>Clinic</strong> for health care and finding how it changed their lives in<br />

many ways. This moving video validated the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s mantra of hope and healing and merited the out-pouring of<br />

support from the audience answering the Save-A-Life call.<br />

Auctioneer and dedicated supporter Jon Finstrom lead the live auction, offering some of everyone’s favorite things:<br />

wine, dining and getaways. The crackerjack experience, Pass the Hat made its second appearance, with an<br />

opportunity to toss cash, jewelry and other goodies in the hat and see it go up for auction.<br />

Kudos and accolades galore to Susan Jones for the celebratory 20 th Anniversary evening! Many thanks to Susan, the<br />

event committee, volunteers and staff, for creating a festive evening dedicated to the <strong>Clinic</strong> and twenty years of<br />

success.<br />

Sponsors and Contributors<br />

Alexanders<br />

AmeriCare Home <strong>Health</strong> Services<br />

Amore Ristorante<br />

Arthrex<br />

Barbatella<br />

Brown Family Charitable<br />

DeAngelis Diamond Co.<br />

Brian Dickerson, FisherBroyles LLP<br />

Dilly's Seafood<br />

Dorona<br />

e'Bella Magazine<br />

George W. Ferguson MD, Concierge<br />

Medical Services<br />

Finemark National Bank and Trust<br />

Jon Finstrom and Lin Geba<br />

FISH<br />

Denise and Gerald Fitzgerald, Jr.<br />

Stacy Forman<br />

Sam and Judith Friedland<br />

Michael Friedlander and Roberta Greenspan<br />

Geshay Associates<br />

Gulfshore Insurance<br />

Gulfshore Life Magazine<br />

Gumbo Limbo<br />

Henry Halle III<br />

Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club<br />

Leif and Maria Haraldsen<br />

KC American Bistro<br />

Key Private Bank<br />

Key West Harbor Marina Resort<br />

Marine Industries Association of Collier<br />

County<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Meli<br />

Millennium Physicians Group<br />

Miramare Ristorante<br />

Moorings Park<br />

Mosaic Group<br />

Norman Love Confections<br />

Ocean Prime<br />

Olde Naples Chocolate<br />

One Earth<br />

Physicians Regional <strong>Health</strong>care System<br />

Dr. Mark F. Prysi<br />

Seasalt<br />

Sullivan Family Foundation<br />

Timeless<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Tober<br />

Turtle Club<br />

USS Nemo<br />

Williams Consulting Group<br />

Don Winkler, Premier Sotheby's<br />

Woodruff Institute of Dermatology and<br />

Cosmetic Surgery<br />


Specialty <strong>Clinic</strong>s<br />

In-House<br />

Acupuncture<br />

Cardiology<br />

Colon Cancer Study<br />

Counseling<br />

Dental<br />

Dermatology<br />

Endocrinology<br />

Gastroenterology<br />

General Surgeon<br />

Gynecology<br />

Hematology<br />

Hepatology<br />

Infectious Disease<br />

Laboratory<br />

Lipids<br />

Nephrology<br />

Neurological<br />

Surgeon<br />

Neurology<br />

Orthopedic<br />

Otolaryngology<br />

(ENT)<br />

Pain Management<br />

Podiatry<br />

Rheumatology<br />

Urology<br />

11 11

<strong>Neighborhood</strong><br />

<strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

Guild<br />

The <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild<br />

energetically pursues its mission to raise<br />

awareness and funds for the <strong>Clinic</strong> and its<br />

patients. Susana Rogers, serving the first of<br />

two terms as president of the Guild, opened<br />

the Guild’s year with a Welcome Back<br />

reception at the Naples Art Association for<br />

familiar faces and new ones. The keynote<br />

speaker for the evening was Damon Burkhart,<br />

PharmD, who enthralled the guests with<br />

usable knowledge for a healthy lifestyle. With<br />

the Spring Luncheon on the horizon and the<br />

“Evening with a Purpose” <strong>Clinic</strong> tours<br />

resuming, the Guild’s service and success<br />

continues to grow.<br />

12<br />


Block Party, Physician Talent Show,<br />

and Gourmet Vintner Dinner<br />

20 years of fun supporting the <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

13<br />


Breast <strong>Health</strong><br />

Awareness in the<br />

Community<br />

The <strong>Clinic</strong> was honored by<br />

three local leaders in<br />

unique ways as we remind<br />

the women in our lives to<br />

live healthier lives.<br />

Physicians Regional<br />

<strong>Health</strong>care System hosted<br />

the Pink Party with guests<br />

greeted by entertainers,<br />

the Pink Heals firetruck and<br />

medical professionals from<br />

a variety of specialties. We<br />

were honored to be the<br />

beneficiaries.<br />

It has been said that people that give you their food, give you their heart.<br />

We have been blessed with restaurants, groups and individuals that share their food<br />

with our on-campus volunteers who are taking care of the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s patients. Thank you<br />

for sharing your heart with our volunteers as they make a difference in the lives of so<br />

many in our community.<br />

Alice Sweetwaters<br />

Arby's<br />

Barbatella<br />

Bistro 821<br />

Bistro at Waterside<br />

Brio Tuscan Grille<br />

Alicia M. Castillo<br />

Cibao<br />

Ann Crews<br />

Meal Donations<br />

Yobanna Fernandez<br />

Sharon Handler<br />

Laurie Heaver<br />

Hilton Naples<br />

Jane H. Hogan<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild<br />

Judith P. Perkins<br />

Susana Rogers<br />

Saint Matthew's House, Inc.<br />

Patricia Stellato<br />

Sweet Tomatoes<br />

Tulia Osteria<br />

Shirley T. White<br />

Wilderness C.C. Volunteers<br />

David J. Wolff<br />

Wynn's Market and Catering<br />

The Aielli Group; Dorona,<br />

Barbatella and SeaSalt<br />

sponsored a month long<br />

“Drink for Pink” event with<br />

a portion of their signature<br />

pink drinks being donated<br />

to the <strong>Clinic</strong>. Thank you!<br />

The Naples Italian<br />

American Club Foundation<br />

generously supported the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> with their own<br />

unique twist – a series of<br />

mahjong tournaments<br />

raised funds to support<br />

women’s health care. Now<br />

that puts the fun in<br />

fundraising!<br />

14<br />


In Kind Gifts<br />

Goods and services given directly to the <strong>Clinic</strong> are valuable contributions to the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s<br />

operations.<br />

From medical supplies and equipment to flowers and free advertising, such contributions benefit<br />

the patients and the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s operations. The generous gifts of the following individual and groups<br />

and greatly appreciated.<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Stats<br />

Mr. Carl F. Alboth<br />

Alexanders<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Everett H. Alsbrook<br />

AmeriCares Foundation<br />

Amore Ristorante<br />

Anonymous<br />

Barbatella<br />

Ms. Mary J. Barry<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bilodeau<br />

Ms. Kellie Burns<br />

Cibao<br />

Dilly's Seafood<br />

Direct Relief<br />

Dorona<br />

Mr. Thomas P. Dunne, Sr.<br />

E Bella, Inc.<br />

Ms. Elizabeth Ellingson<br />

Mr. Jon Finstrom and Ms. Linda Geba<br />

FISH Restaurant<br />

Gulfshore Life<br />

Gumbo Limbo<br />

Hamilton Harbor<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Hayes<br />

Hilton Naples<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Hochman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hogan III<br />

KC American Bistro<br />

Key West Harbor Marina<br />

Ms. Nancy Lascheid<br />

Ms. Janette M. Lombardi<br />

Miramare Ristorante<br />

Myriad Genetics<br />

Naples Daily News<br />

Ocean Prime<br />

Mrs. Margaret Penker<br />

Rabbi and Mrs. James Perman<br />

Preferred Travel of Naples, Inc.<br />

The Ritz-Carlton, Naples<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rogers<br />

Sea Salt<br />

Seasons 52<br />

Stericycle<br />

Timeless<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tober<br />

Turtle Club<br />

USS Nemo<br />

Mrs. Cheryl Wallace<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Donald White<br />

Patient Visits<br />

11,048<br />

Volunteer<br />

Hours<br />

27,352<br />

$1.6 million<br />

Cost of Daily<br />

Operations<br />

$7,397<br />

15<br />


Value of In-Kind Patient<br />

$3,983,464<br />

Providers<br />

In Kind Patient Care Providers<br />

“Collaboration” or “partnership” does not describe the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s relationship with the physicians,<br />

dentists, nurses, other medical professionals and medical facilities. Their time and talent is<br />

shared so openhandedly that it embodies our shared sense of mission and the calling to<br />

provide care to our patients. Their giving frequently comes with a real cost. Whether it be<br />

surgery, hospital care, extensive laboratory services, specialized medical and dental care, or a<br />

diagnosis of a sore throat - it is all done in service of our patients.<br />

Jenny W. Adams DPM<br />

AFTS Labs<br />

Anurag Agarwal MD<br />

Thomas E. Albert MD<br />

John F. Alburger MD<br />

Jeffrey S. Allen MD<br />

Jeffrey A. Alper MD<br />

American Anesthesiology<br />

AmeriPath, Inc.<br />

Samanta Andisco DDS<br />

Anesthesia Associates of Naples<br />

Elizabeth Arguelles MD<br />

John H. Armstrong MD<br />

Robert R. Atkins MD<br />

Elizabeth Arguelles MD<br />

William G. Aughton DDS<br />

Joseph C. Babey III MD<br />

Robert Baily MD<br />

Arturo Balandra MD<br />

Robert E. Barden MD<br />

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute<br />

Thomas L. Bass MD<br />

Maria F. Bendeck DO<br />

Paul A. Benzing OD<br />

Aldo R. Beretta MD<br />

Stuart M. Bergman MD<br />

Jerry Best MD<br />

Richard G. Bilodeau MD<br />

Daniel Black MD<br />

Clement H. Block MD<br />

Steven A. Boe DMD<br />

Patricia E. Botero DMD<br />

Douglas L. Boynton MD<br />

Robert Bracho DDS<br />

Thomas C. Brick DMD<br />

Barbara Ann Britten MD<br />

JB Brockman MD<br />

Elizabeth Brothers MD<br />

Mark A. Brown MD<br />

James J. Buonavolonta MD<br />

William Clifford Burmeister MD<br />

Manuel F. Bustamante MD<br />

Charles Camisa MD<br />

William P. Campbell DMD<br />

Peter A. Campione MD<br />

Jose M. Campoamor MD<br />

Brian T. Cannon MD<br />

Renaldo Carneiro MD<br />

Gregory M. Casey DMD<br />

Caroline J. Cederquist MD<br />

Susan M. Cera MD<br />

Santiago H. Chahwan MD<br />

Amy S. Chappell MD<br />

Joanna K. Chon MD<br />

Natasha Choyah MD<br />

Kenneth A. Ciardello MD<br />

Thomas F. Claffey MD<br />

Collier Anesthesia, PA<br />

Collier Otolaryngology Head and<br />

Neck Surgery, PA<br />

Gary P. Colon MD<br />

John A. Contino DMD<br />

John W. Cox MD<br />

William D. Cribbs DO<br />

Chaundre K. Cross MD<br />

Christy D. Cugini MD<br />

Edwin J. Cunningham MD<br />

Grace J. Dai DDS<br />

Mouhannad Dalao MD<br />

David Lawrence Center<br />

Jeremy W. Davey DMD<br />

David Lawrence Center<br />

Timothy S. Davis DDS<br />

Richard J. de Asla MD<br />

Alberto De La Rivaherrera MD<br />

Decibels Audiology & Hearing Aid<br />

Center<br />

C. Kirk DeMartino MD<br />

Nathan C. Dewsnup DMD<br />

Diatherix Laboratories<br />

John R. Diaz MD<br />

Stephen E. D'Orazio MD<br />

George V. Dumouchel DDS<br />

Craig J. Eichler MD<br />

Carmine P. Errico MD<br />

Especially for Women<br />

F & S Radiology Radisphere<br />

Newell R. Falkinburg MD<br />

George W. Ferguson MD<br />

Florida Cancer Specialists, PL<br />

Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology<br />

Associates, PA<br />

Steven J. Fontana DDS<br />

Christine S. Forszpaniak MD<br />

Jan Forzpaniak MD<br />

Peter R. Foster MD<br />

Jennifer P. Frost DC<br />

Adam Fueredi MD<br />

Galleria Dentistry, LC<br />

Richard J. Garcia DMD<br />

Gastroenterology Group of<br />

Naples, Inc.<br />

Gastroenterology Specialists<br />

Joseph Gauta MD<br />

Mark B. Gerber MD<br />

Mark A. Godecki MD<br />

Gary Godley DDS<br />

Perry A. Gotsis MD<br />

David Greene MD<br />

Edward C. Grendys MD<br />

Joel S. Grossman MD<br />

Gulf Coast Cardiothoracic<br />

Surgeons, P.L.<br />

Gulfshore Anesthesia Services, LLC<br />

Gulfshore Endoscopy Center<br />

Gulfshore Oral Surgery, PA<br />

Marc J. Guttman DO<br />

Hanger <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

James B. Hansen DDS<br />

Robert E. Hanson MD<br />

Michael C. Hanus MD<br />

Edward J. Harshman<br />

Jesse H. Haven MD<br />

Hearing in Paradise<br />

Cheryl E. Heidelberger MD<br />

Jeffrey A. Heitmann MD<br />

Douglas D. Heldreth MD<br />

Jose Herazo-Maya MD<br />

Karen M. Henrichsen DO<br />

Susan L. Hetman MD<br />

Dennis Hidlebaugh MD<br />

Eric J. Hochman MD<br />

Henry B. Hofbauer MD<br />

Jeffrey W. Holzinger DDS<br />

Wendy S. Humphrey MD<br />

Keith P. Hussey MD<br />

Long Huynh DMD<br />

Mai Huynh-Le DMD<br />

Inpatient Medical Services, Inc.<br />

Scott F. Johnson DMD<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

JS Anesthesia<br />

Max L. Kamerman MD<br />

Patrick M. Kane MD<br />

E. Sean Kelley MD<br />

Albert L. Kerns MD<br />

Shawn J. Khan MD<br />

Melissa B. King DMD<br />

John C. Klemes DDS<br />

Lisa M. Klemes DMD<br />

Robert A. Knuppel MD<br />

Hermes O. Koop MD<br />

Catherine Kowal-Montecalvo MD<br />

Richard M. Kravis MD<br />

LabCorp - DSI<br />

David J. Lamon MD<br />

Stephen J. Laquis MD<br />

William Laskowski MD<br />

Gary A. Lawson-Boucher MD<br />

Megan Lawton DPM<br />

Gary A. Layton DDS<br />

Douglas S. Lee MD<br />

Lee Memorial Hospital<br />

Lee Physician Group<br />

Lehigh FMA Hospitalists<br />

Donald H. Lemire DDS<br />

Mark A. Liberman MD<br />

David H. Lindner DO<br />

Todd Lindquist MD<br />

Andrew J. Lipman MD<br />

Dennis R. Lucas DMD<br />

Gerardo J. Lugo MD<br />

Steven W. Luke MD<br />

Michael Lusk MD<br />

Thomas M. Magardino MD<br />

Anthony J. Malcoun DO<br />


William A. Mandour MD<br />

Alexia S. Marciano MD<br />

Phillip W. Marciano MD<br />

Christopher J. Maritato MD<br />

Michael A. Marks MD<br />

Jeffrey J. McCartney MD<br />

Christopher A. McCash DMD<br />

Carol McDermott AP<br />

Wallace W. McLean MD<br />

Leon P. Mead MD<br />

Steven Meckstroth MD<br />

Medical Anesthesia and Pain<br />

Management Consultants, PA<br />

Robert J. Meli MD<br />

Jesus Mendiolaza MD<br />

Carlos Mendoza MD<br />

James J. Meyer MD<br />

Caren F. Mikesh MD<br />

Millennium Physician Group<br />

Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD<br />

Sein Moe DDS<br />

Montgomery Eye Center, Inc.<br />

Jeannie H Moran DDS<br />

Daniel J. Morris MD<br />

Bruce M. Nakfoor MD<br />

Naples Day Surgery, LLC<br />

Naples Heart Institute<br />

Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, PA<br />

Naples Interventional Cardiac<br />

Electrophysiology LLC<br />

Naples Medical Center, PA<br />

Naples Pathology Associates, PA<br />

Naples Vascular Specialists<br />

NCH <strong>Health</strong>care System, Inc.<br />

NCH Heart Institute<br />

NCH Imaging<br />

NCH Physician Group<br />

NeoGenomics Laboratories<br />

Neuroscience & Spine Assoc.<br />

Neurology Specialists<br />

Martin F. Nicolau MD<br />

Nuclear Medicine of Naples, LLC<br />

Thomas L. Okner MD<br />

David K. Ornstein MD<br />

Christopher S. Page DMD<br />

Stephen B. Page DMD<br />

Edward Palank MD<br />

Paradise Coast Hearing Care, Inc.<br />

Thomas E. Parent MD<br />

Robert D. Pascotto MD<br />

Robert W. Payne DDS<br />

Josephine Perez-Franco DMD<br />

Michael J. Petrocelli MD<br />

Mitchell L. Petusevsky MD<br />

Raymond W. Phillips MD<br />

Physician Lead Access Network of<br />

Collier County<br />

Physicians Day Surgery Center, Inc.<br />

Physicians Regional <strong>Health</strong>care<br />

System<br />

Bradley T. Piotrowski DDS<br />

Kenneth W. Plunkitt MD<br />

Elisabeth M. Post-Teller MD<br />

Clint J. Potter MD<br />

Premier Endoscopy Center, LLC<br />

Premiere Inpatient Partners, LLC<br />

ProScan Imaging<br />

Luigi G. Querusio MD<br />

Quest Diagnostics<br />

Radiology Assoc. of South Florida<br />

Radiology Regional Center<br />

Eric H. Reed DDS<br />

Philip T. Regala MD<br />

Patrick M. Reidy MD<br />

Stephanie A. Riley PT<br />

V. Keith Riley DDS<br />

David C. Ritter MD<br />

Rolando R. Rivera MD<br />

Jay K. Roberts MD<br />

Richard D. Rogers DDS<br />

Frances I. Romero MD<br />

Arthur J. Rooney III, DMD<br />

Scott A. Ross MD<br />

Bruce G. Roy MD<br />

Sheila R. Sawyer MD<br />

James M. Scanlon MD<br />

Leonard A. Schlossberg MD<br />

Douglas A. Schmid MD<br />

Hermann J. Schulze DDS<br />

Russell P. Seneca MD<br />

Michael S. Shahla MD<br />

Brian Smith MD<br />

Brian J. Solomon MD<br />

Southwest Florida Emergency Physicians<br />

SWICFT Institute<br />

Joseph G. Spano MD<br />

Gary K. Sporn MD<br />

Joseph A. Stafford MD<br />

Stand Up MRI<br />

Robert A. Statfeld MD<br />

Richard Strathman MD<br />

Katharine L. Stringer DMD<br />

Neil S. Stringer DMD<br />

Joseph F. Sullivan MD<br />

James V. Talano MD<br />

Harold Tsai MD<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Silvio C. Travalia MD<br />

Ashley L. Tunkle MD<br />

Samuel Tunkle MD<br />

US Anesthesia Partners<br />

Jawaharlal M. Vachhani MD<br />

Ravindra Vajjhala MD<br />

Maria T. Valdes MD<br />

John P. van Dongen MD<br />

The Vascular Group of Naples<br />

Joseph T. Vento MD<br />

Clare F. Ventre-Carragan MD<br />

Anthony M. Vernava III MD<br />

Robert D. Wagar MD<br />

Brian K. Walker MD<br />

Brian R. Wallace DO<br />

Joel F. Waltzer MD<br />

Jay Wang MD<br />

Justin D. Warner MD<br />

Sherwyn J. Wayne MD<br />

Allen S. Weiss MD<br />

Christopher L. Wey MD<br />

David R. Wilkinson MD<br />

Abigail Willitsford DMD<br />

Kendall L. Wise MD<br />

Womens Center - Millennium Physician Group<br />

Women's <strong>Health</strong>care Physicians of Naples<br />

Monica O. Woodward MD<br />

Andrew Yin MD<br />

Young J. Yu MD<br />

Robert J. Zehr MD<br />

21st Century Oncology, LLC<br />

Medication<br />

Dispensary<br />

In a time when the opioid crisis<br />

has devastated so many, the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> has never dispensed<br />

opioids or narcotics of any<br />

nature. The <strong>Clinic</strong> provides<br />

acupuncture and pain<br />

managements to our patients to<br />

cope with real pain.<br />

Compliance Rate<br />

92—98 %<br />

Prescriptions filled<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

21,146<br />

20 year<br />

324,700<br />

Retail Value<br />

of Prescriptions<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$5,535,743<br />

20 years<br />

Every effort has been made to accurately list each donor. We sincerely apologize for any mistake<br />

or omissions and ask to be advised of these errors.<br />

17<br />


The Legacy<br />

Society<br />

The Legacy Society recognizes those<br />

individuals who have chosen to support the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong>’s future and care for patients in years<br />

to come through a planned gift. Such<br />

philanthropy is an investment in the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s<br />

mission and the health of thousands looking<br />

for better health and a better life.<br />

Patricia and John* Adams<br />

Mike and Anne Armstrong<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Brick<br />

Mr. William T. Burns and Ms. Jennifer<br />

P. Richardson<br />

Karen and Joe Casey<br />

Mr. Robert N. Chambers<br />

Mr. and Mrs.* C. A. Cleveland, Jr.<br />

Ms. Connie Dalis<br />

Dr. Perry A. Gotsis<br />

Dr. David H. Greider and The Honorable<br />

Christine Greider<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hagaman<br />

Joan* and Will Larson<br />

Dr. William* and Nancy Lascheid<br />

Marilyn and John McDonough<br />

Dr. Harry and Susan Scott<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Palmer<br />

Dr. Chris Papadopoulos<br />

Ms. Renate Riebel<br />

Ms. A. Lindsay Robertson<br />

Jo Ann and Ted Robinson<br />

Deb Russell and Elmer Wheeler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Taylor<br />

Dr. Robert and Gail Tober<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Vigoda<br />

A legacy gift to the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong><br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> reflects your values, wisdom and<br />

generosity to those you hope to inspire<br />

now and invest in your vision of the<br />

future.<br />

For more information to include the<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> in your estate<br />

plan, please contact Keith Maples at (239)<br />

529-2264.<br />

Memorials & Honorariums<br />

The <strong>Clinic</strong> is frequently the beneficiary of gifts that reflect the respect<br />

and love of others .We appreciatively acknowledge the people who<br />

have been so honored in <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Albert Alpern*<br />

Frank and Dorothy Antonik*<br />

Cindy Balderson*<br />

Carol H. Berglund<br />

Nicholaus Bettner*<br />

Dr. Tom Brick<br />

John Briggs*<br />

Dr. Barbara Ann Britten<br />

Dwight Brock*<br />

Marjorie C. Burberry*<br />

John P. Cardillo<br />

Bernie Carey*<br />

James Carthaus*<br />

Rose Costarengi*<br />

Dr. EJ Cunningham<br />

Doreen Davis*<br />

Joseph and Martha Davis*<br />

Robert Dee*<br />

Jeannette Derum*<br />

Patty Donnell*<br />

John C. Dresser*<br />

Martin Duncan*<br />

Antionio Faga*<br />

Judith M. Falkinburg*<br />

Joyce K. Farr*<br />

Dr. and Mrs. George Ferguson<br />

Miguel C. Fernandez III<br />

Elizabeth J. Flynn*<br />

Vince Foglia<br />

Sandra Gerry<br />

Ruth Goetz*<br />

Mary Gould*<br />

James Greer<br />

Robert R. Haglund*<br />

Faye A. Hale<br />

Nancy Hanks*<br />

Erika Hinson<br />

Thelma T. Hodges<br />

Ted Hoffman*<br />

Jack Hoopes<br />

Margaret K. Igoe*<br />

Anne Jaeger<br />

Paul Jones MD<br />

Nancy Kaplan<br />

George R. Kempton*<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohler<br />

Frank Kreske*<br />

Kimberly A. LaScala*<br />

Leslie Laschied<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN, BSN<br />

Fred Lascheid<br />

William P. Lascheid*<br />

Nicholas Lekas*<br />

Eleanor Lottes*<br />

Elizabeth Lyon*<br />

John D. Lyons*<br />

Joseph E. Madigan*<br />

David S. Madwar<br />

Jack Maritn*<br />

Carol Meehan<br />

Chris & Jennifer Meissner<br />

Maria Merrill<br />

Susan Miller*<br />

Molly Moon - Moore<br />

Mark Moots*<br />

Bob Morantz*<br />

Jim Mudd*<br />

Jackie G. Nettles*<br />

Pedro Nolasco*<br />

Thomas J. Osborn*<br />

Sanjay K. Patel*<br />

Catherine A. Perez<br />

John Peterson*<br />

Rosary Pollara*<br />

Doris Pritchard*<br />

Margaret Pruteing*<br />

Ed Roach*<br />

James Rogge*<br />

Sally Rorer<br />

Kitty Sachs<br />

Art Segal*<br />

Ruth Sheehan*<br />

Jay Silverberg*<br />

Hal L. Smith*<br />

Mary A. Smith<br />

Richard Splittorf*<br />

Barbara Stanton*<br />

Margaret G. Stewart<br />

Claire Stocking*<br />

Judy Sullivan*<br />

David & Judy Teetor<br />

Chuck Thibeault<br />

Dr. Robert Tober<br />

Jennifer Trebilcock<br />

Richard Von Maur*<br />

Glenn E. Wiggle<br />


Program Services 90%<br />

Management and General 5%<br />

Fundraising 5%<br />

Contributed Services and Supplies 63%<br />

Contributions 26%<br />

Special Events 10%<br />

Patient Contributions 1%<br />



To deliver quality medical and dental care<br />

to low-income, working but uninsured Collier County adults,<br />

using a professional volunteer staff<br />

and funded by private philanthropy.<br />

121Goodlette Road North<br />

Naples, FL 34102<br />

239.261.6600<br />

www.<strong>Neighborhood</strong><strong>Health</strong><strong>Clinic</strong>.org<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>Neighborhood</strong><strong>Health</strong><strong>Clinic</strong><br />







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