TOTT 25 April 2019

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Thursday, <strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

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Extreme measures<br />

NOBLE BEAST: The Cape (or African) buffalo is<br />

indigenous to the area but are considered one of the<br />

most dangerous animals because of their<br />

unpredictable behaviour. Only distantly related to<br />

cattle, they cannot be domesticated and present an<br />

issue if they escape into populated areas. Four Cape<br />

buffalo recently escaped from Oceana, threatening<br />

to wander onto the R72 and were consequently put<br />

down to protect human life<br />

Social media outcry after wandering buffalo shot<br />


Last week there was a buzz on social<br />

media when four Cape buffalo – l at e r<br />

discovered to be from the Oceana<br />

Beach and Wildlife Reserve – escaped and<br />

proceeded to move eastward along the<br />

beach and into neighbouring farms.<br />

Posts on Facebook initially made light of<br />

the situation but some expressed shock<br />

later when the animals were hunted down<br />

and shot at Riet River.<br />

“Apparently these noble beasts have<br />

decided that a certain, holiday<br />

establishment along our sunshine coast,<br />

has become boring and have staged a<br />

mass protest.,” Bev Young’s post said.<br />

“They escaped somehow, and recapture is<br />

in progress.”<br />

Maureen Wentzel Andreka was less<br />

amused and wrote out a warning. “M o st<br />

dangerous form of wild life in South<br />

Africa.”<br />

Online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia states:<br />

“The African [or Cape] buffalo is not an<br />

ancestor of domestic cattle and is only<br />

distantly related to other larger bovines.<br />

“Its unpredictable temperament means that<br />

the African buffalo has never been<br />

domesticated, unlike its Asian counterpart,<br />

the water buffalo. African Cape buffaloes<br />

have few predators aside from lions and<br />

large crocodiles.”<br />

General manager of Oceana from where<br />

the buffalo originated, Chris Roberts,<br />

confirmed that the four escaped buffalo<br />

had been killed.<br />

“At Oceana we have been in the process<br />

of removing our buffalo off the property for<br />

the last few months,” Roberts wrote in a<br />

st at e m e n t .<br />

“This is in an effort to introduce walking<br />

safaris in the property. In early <strong>April</strong> we<br />

caught the majority of the herd and<br />

managed to put a tracking collar on one of<br />

the remaining buffalo with [their] capture<br />

planned for early to mid-May.”<br />

The transportation of animals between<br />

game parks and farms occurs on a regular<br />

basis in order to protect humans, the<br />

ecology or for the animal’s own security.<br />

“During the week of <strong>April</strong> 15 we were<br />

informed that the remaining four buffalo<br />

had got out of the reserve and were on the<br />

Three Sisters Estate farm.<br />

“We tracked them on Three Sisters on<br />

Tuesday <strong>April</strong> 16 and, thinking they were<br />

contained within the farm, set up a capture<br />

team for Friday as the weather didn’t allow<br />

for helicopter flight before that.<br />

Unfortunately that evening we received a<br />

phone call that they had moved onto the<br />

Riet River road and as such there was a<br />

risk they would move onto the R72. To<br />

ensure they didn’t reach the R72 we set up<br />

a manned roadblock on the Riet River road.<br />

“After consulting with nature<br />

conservation, SAPS and our vet, we<br />

realised the risk of them getting onto the<br />

R72 over the busy Easter weekend was<br />

significant and took the decision that they<br />

needed to be dealt with immediately. A<br />

professional hunter was brought in and, in<br />

conjunction with our reserve staff and<br />

Ndlambe environmental services, all four<br />

were put down by Friday morning.<br />

“The decision to put them down was a<br />

very difficult one for us. These buffalo have<br />

been a part of the reserve for over 10 years<br />

and we consider them a large part of our<br />

conservation efforts. Our apologies to our<br />

neighbours at Riet River and the Three<br />

Sisters Estate for any inconvenience<br />

caused during this time,” Roberts said. TotT<br />

asked Port Alfred SPCA inspector Anel<br />

Slabbert for comment about the procedure<br />

when dangerous animals escape captivity.<br />

“Our job is to ensure the animals are<br />

treated humanely,” said Slabbert.<br />

“When a dangerous animal [or any other<br />

animal] escapes into populated areas we<br />

are there to observe that the animals are<br />

not mistreated either when recapturing<br />

them or if they need to be put down.”<br />

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<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Handball thrills at<br />

Amanzi Challenge<br />


For people not familiar with the<br />

sport, the SA Beach Handball<br />

Champs at West Beach were<br />

thrilling to watch.<br />

A relatively young sport in South<br />

Africa, only three provinces took part<br />

– Western Cape, Eastern Cape and<br />

North West, with both boys’ and girls’<br />

teams.<br />

In an exciting boys’ beach handball<br />

final that ended in a 26-all draw,<br />

Western Province and Eastern<br />

Province went into extra time for five<br />

minutes that saw WP clinch victory<br />

9-7 against EP on Sunday.<br />

North West came third.<br />

WP also won the girls’ final – again<br />

against EP. The WP girls team had<br />

only four members, which required<br />

three to be on the field all the time –<br />

two acting as strikers/defenders and<br />

one goalie. Other teams were able to<br />

switch strikers for defenders and vice<br />

versa after each goal in the<br />

fast-paced game.<br />

At the prize giving at the Royal St<br />

Andrews Hotel, Eastern Province<br />

Handball president Zet Mdani said:<br />

“Come 2020 we hope for a full house<br />

of all provinces taking part.”<br />

And SA Handball Federation<br />

president Ally Pole said the Amanzi<br />

Challenge would definitely be on the<br />

handball calendar.<br />

“On behalf of the SA Handball<br />

Federation, I want to say, ‘A journey<br />

of 1,000 miles starts with a single<br />

st e p ’. We started with indoor<br />

handball and saw no way of growing<br />

handball further. We resolved that<br />

beach handball is the way to go and<br />

it was a worthy investment,” Po l e<br />

said.<br />

“We appreciate the appetite that is<br />

being developed here. Rather than<br />

having a once-off championship, we<br />

want to move from one town to the<br />

next.<br />

“Thanks to the coaches, sponsors<br />

and organisers who made this event<br />

possible. Thumbs up, Port Alfred,”<br />

said Pole.<br />

He said there would be another<br />

beach handball national<br />

championship in KwaZulu-Natal in<br />

D e c e m b e r.<br />

TOP TEAM: The Western Province boys’ team which won the SA Beach Handball Champs at West Beach, part of the Royal St<br />

Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

SAND DIVE: Liam Schneider of Western Province shooting<br />

for goal in the SA Beach Handball Champs at West Beach<br />

last Saturday<br />

¿<br />

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Talk of the Town 3<br />

Pig & Whistle’s<br />

music gift drive<br />

boosts school<br />

BUDDING ARCHITECTS: Port Alfred High<br />

Pre-Primary pupils, AJ Mayo and Bulumko<br />

Maqondwana, had great fun building a<br />

skyscraper hotel in class last week<br />

THANK YOU BUCO: The Port Alfred High School<br />

U13 netball girls are delighted recipients of new<br />

team apparel kindly sponsored by BUCO Albany<br />

Road. Back row, from left, are Emihle Funde,<br />

Micke Samuels, Siya Coto, Zozbini Xaka and in<br />

front, Cathlene-Ann Wolmarans, Jade de Lange,<br />

coach Nicole Muller, Kendra Schuman and<br />

Linray Ruiters<br />

Once again the<br />

Pigs for People<br />

initiative run by<br />

the Historic Pig and<br />

Whistle Inn, and<br />

facilitated by front of<br />

house manager Natalie<br />

Brighton, was proud to<br />

be able to assist with a<br />

community upliftment<br />

project in the village.<br />

This time the<br />

beneficiary was<br />

Qhayiya Primary School<br />

in Nolukhanyo<br />

township in Bathurst,<br />

which received a<br />

donation of various<br />

musical instruments to<br />

kick off their musical<br />

programme and<br />

depar tment.<br />

This donation was<br />

made possible through<br />

the kind support of<br />

guests, visitors and<br />

patrons that arrive at<br />

the inn and purchase a<br />

wooden pig plaque. The<br />

pig plaques are then<br />

inscribed with the<br />

purchaser’s name and<br />

are placed on the<br />

beams in the oldest<br />

continuously licensed<br />

pub in South Africa.<br />

Brighton said:<br />

“Recently , at the end<br />

of 2018, we were able<br />

to assist in upgrading<br />

the schools<br />

assembly-quad area<br />

and transform it into a<br />

multi-faceted space<br />

where the kids could<br />

play netball and various<br />

other activities. We<br />

believe in sport and<br />

musical development<br />

as a form of personal<br />

growth in the children<br />

and are so excited to<br />

see how the kids love<br />

staying after school<br />

and are getting<br />

involved in<br />

ext ra-curricular<br />

activities instead of<br />

going home after<br />

school and roaming the<br />

st reets.<br />

“We would like to<br />

thank Anthony Caplan<br />

who assisted us in<br />

obtaining various<br />

musical instruments<br />

that will enable a<br />

number of school kids<br />

to play, create some<br />

harmony and have fun<br />

doing it. Anthony very<br />

kindly gave up his time<br />

to do a workshop with<br />

the teachers to show<br />

them how exciting it<br />

can be when everyone<br />

plays musical<br />

instruments together.<br />

“Among the<br />

instruments purchased<br />

were a xylophone, an<br />

electronic keyboard, an<br />

African drum, shakers<br />

and rattles, individual<br />

bass bars, mouth harps<br />

and reed pipes,” she<br />

said.<br />

HELP US FILL UP THE BOX: Port Alfred High<br />

grade 2 pupil Santosha Oosthuizen appeals to<br />

the community on behalf of the school’s Early<br />

Act Club to collect plastic bottle caps for their<br />

wheelchair campaign. The club is aiming to<br />

collect 450kg of lids which will be exchanged<br />

for a wheelchair for a Ndlambe person in need.<br />

Send what you can to school or drop off at the<br />

front office<br />

Trading Hours Superspar: Mon– Sat: 8am – 7pm Sun 8am - 5pm<br />

Valid: <strong>25</strong> - 28 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong> | E&OE | Tel: 046 624 3542 | www.rosehillsuperspar.co.za |<br />

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<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />



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75 Bathurst Street, Port Alfred<br />

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For all your steelwork requirements,<br />

including burglar bars, balustrades,<br />

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We also offer a powder coating &<br />

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Shop 19, Heritage Mall<br />

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2 BEDROOM<br />



Two spacious carpeted<br />

bedrooms and one full<br />

bathroom on the upper<br />

level, with open plan<br />

kitchen/dining and<br />

lounge area downstairs.<br />

Built-in cupboards<br />

all-round. Paved outside<br />

patio leading from two<br />

sliding doors and a<br />

generous garden portion.<br />

Tucked safely within the<br />

2 Bedrooms | 1.5 Bathrooms estate’s secure perimeter<br />

2 Open Parkings<br />

and lovely nature views.<br />

Communal pool and braai facilities.<br />

Call us to view this magnificent property.<br />

Natascha Pienaar<br />

Cell: 072 010 2<strong>25</strong>0<br />

Email: natascha.p@everitt.co.za<br />

Distinctive<br />


Kitchens<br />

Ŗ<br />

<br />

Ŗ<br />

Ŗ<br />

Ŗ<br />

Ŗ<br />

<br />

<br />

Scenes from the<br />

opening weekend<br />

of the week-long<br />

Royal St Andrews<br />

Hotel Amanzi<br />

Challenge, which<br />

featured an 8km<br />

Trail Run, the SA<br />

Bodyboarding<br />

Champs at West<br />

Beach, the SA<br />

Handball Champs,<br />

the Marina Mile<br />

open water swim,<br />

Anything that<br />

Floats and the<br />

opening ceremony<br />

at the Royal St<br />

Andrews Hotel.<br />

JON HOUZET took<br />

the pictures.<br />


T: 046 604 2300 (o) 072 3766 523 (m)<br />

E: warrick@oldmutualpfa.com<br />

30 Campbell Street, Port Alfred<br />

27 Lyon Road, Kenton on Sea<br />

Cnr African & Allen Streets, Grahamstown<br />


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Talk of the Town 5<br />


... vox pops on the street<br />

‘How has the<br />

rain affected<br />

your life?’<br />

DISCUSSING HEALTHCARE: Speakers and stakeholders recently gathered for World TB Day at Marjorie Parish TB Hospital to<br />

discuss ways of fighting the disease<br />


personally think we<br />

have been blessed<br />

to have the rain; it<br />

has been dry for a<br />

very long time.<br />


It has affected me a<br />

lot. It has done some<br />

damages in my<br />

house in Station Hill.<br />


me it has been a<br />

blessing. We have<br />

been suffering from<br />

drought for a very<br />

long time. I am sure<br />

even the farmers are<br />

h a p p y.<br />


MACINGWANE: We are<br />

supposed to be<br />

travelling to Engcobo<br />

for a funeral. We are<br />

afraid to do so<br />

because we heard that<br />

the roads are terrible.<br />


am a person who<br />

normally walks from<br />

job to job, so it<br />

hasn’t been easy<br />

doing that for the<br />

past few days.<br />


think we are very<br />

lucky to have these<br />

rains. It has been<br />

dry and our gardens<br />

have been<br />

s u f fe r i n g .<br />

Leading the fight against TB<br />

Marjorie Parish TB Hospital and Ndlambe<br />

primary healthcare providers, with<br />

support from the USAID TB South Africa<br />

Project, invited all stakeholders and civil<br />

society to meet and discuss ways of<br />

fighting TB in Ndlambe for <strong>2019</strong> World TB<br />

Day recently.<br />

The theme was “It’s time for religious<br />

leaders and politicians to lead the fight<br />

against TB”.<br />

“Tuberculosis remains the leading killer<br />

disease in South Africa despite the fact<br />

that it is curable and effective treatment<br />

is available free of charge from<br />

government clinics,” USAID TB South<br />

Africa Project’s Simphiwe Mayaphi said.<br />

He said the purpose of the get-together<br />

on World TB Day was to discuss<br />

challenges facing the Eastern Cape<br />

department of health in the fight against<br />

TB and to source help and contribution<br />

from various stakeholders going forward<br />

in the fight as the department of health<br />

said it could not win the battle alone.<br />

Among the challenges that were<br />

highlighted by the department of health<br />

are the high death rate and high failure of<br />

follow up among TB patients.<br />

More than 5% of TB patients either die<br />

or disappear before the end of the<br />

six-month treatment period, Mayaphi said.<br />

Some of the concerns raised by the<br />

various stakeholders include:<br />

ýLack of health education at various<br />

platforms about TB (at schools, on radio<br />

stations, in churches, in the transport<br />

sector, etc);<br />

ýOvercrowding at police cells<br />

conducive for the spread of TB infection<br />

as there is also poor ventilation;<br />

ýCommunity members never want to<br />

disclose their health issues upon arrest<br />

resulting in them not continuing with<br />

t reatment;<br />

ýSubstance abuse one of the serious<br />

issues, alcohol and dagga smoking<br />

(regulatory control absent); and<br />

ýLack of poverty alleviation initiatives<br />

(eg, recycling, etc).<br />

Among the steps taken at the meeting<br />

were that a TB survivor has made herself<br />

available to assist with health education<br />

and stigmatisation of TB in the area free<br />

of charge.<br />

Delegates said people need to indicate<br />

availability for Ndlambe FM every<br />

Thursday from 7 to 9pm to provide health<br />

e d u c at i o n .<br />

“There’s a great need to act, a need to<br />

take ownership,” Mayaphi said.<br />

Delegates also suggested a related<br />

need to regulate tavern operating hours<br />

and the age of people entering the<br />

t av e r n s .<br />

In public healthcare interests, the<br />

meeting agreed that people locked in the<br />

police cells need to be screened upon<br />

arrest to exclude TB patients.<br />

Mayaphi said the department of<br />

education had committed to open doorsto<br />

the department of health for health<br />

education. The Council of Churches will<br />

also open slots for health education, and<br />

politicians present committed to open a<br />

slot about TB at every gathering.

6 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />


Did you<br />

miss the<br />

a c t i o n?<br />

The week-long Royal St Andrews Hotel<br />

Amanzi Challenge is more than<br />

halfway through, and if you didn’t<br />

take part in any of the events or head<br />

down to the beach to watch, you have<br />

been missing out.<br />

There truly was something for everyone,<br />

with anyone able to take part in the<br />

opening event – the 8km trail run. Even if<br />

you’re not a runner, you could walk it and<br />

still win a prize, as this writer proved.<br />

And for the non-athletic, the Anything<br />

that Floats just required a blow-up tube or<br />

something else to float on, in tranquillity<br />

on the river, moving with the outgoing<br />

tide from My Pond Hotel to Kiddies<br />

Beach. Willem Nel of Ndlambe River<br />

Control was on hand to watch over the<br />

par ticipants.<br />

The more strenuous Marina Mile was<br />

also something any person could<br />

participate in, as the goal for most was<br />

the accomplishment of finishing it. Not<br />

everyone who swam was a super-fit<br />

at h l e t e .<br />

Of course, as with any sport there were<br />

also competitive athletes who took part in<br />

those events, running like the wind and<br />

moving like a fish in water.<br />

We salute their accomplishments.<br />

The other events that have taken place<br />

so far were more for those who have<br />

dedicated their lives to competitive<br />

sports, such as the SA Bodyboarding<br />

Champs at West Beach and the World<br />

Surfing League’s Port Alfred Classic at<br />

East Beach.<br />

What is also great for locals, is that<br />

some of our own bodyboarders and<br />

surfers took part in those events, and<br />

made good placings.<br />

The spirit among the bodyboarders on<br />

West Beach was contagious, with teams<br />

from the various provinces rooting from<br />

the shore for their members competing in<br />

their heats, and forming a welcome<br />

tunnel for them when they came out of<br />

the water. It was good to watch.<br />

Also exciting to watch was the beach<br />

handball, a fast-paced sport with lots of<br />

player changes in between goals.<br />

Unfortunately for spectators, the rain<br />

that lasted through the whole of Monday<br />

and Tuesday, and part of Wednesday, put<br />

paid to any idea of watching the surfing<br />

at East Beach. Nonetheless the die-hards<br />

were there, and it certainly did not deter<br />

the competitors themselves, who put in<br />

some stellar performances.<br />

Well done also to the organisers of<br />

WSL Africa for being so on-the-ball with<br />

updates and press releases.<br />

Aside from the weather playing a part,<br />

it is disappointing that few locals<br />

ventured down to the beach to watch the<br />

events. Perhaps more spectators will turn<br />

up to watch the rubber duck races this<br />

w e e ke n d .<br />

Jon Houzet<br />


Letters to PO Box 2871, Port Alfred - or e-mail to houzetj@tisoblackstar.co.za<br />

This is an open forum for readers to express their opinions. However, the publishers reserve the right to shorten letters. Those printed are not necessarily the views of Talk of the Town. Although noms de plume may be used,<br />

letters must be signed and have an authentic contactable address & telephone number. Talk of the Town reserves the right to not publish letters. Please limit letters to <strong>25</strong>0 words or less.<br />

NEW<br />

C A P TA I N<br />

ON BOARD<br />

WHAT A BARGAIN! Piers Oosthuizen was<br />

delighted to purchase a canoe for a very friendly<br />

price of just R100 at the Rotary Club of Port<br />

Alfred’s Bargain Hunt at the Port Alfred Civic<br />

Centre on Saturday. The canoe was one of many<br />

items donated to the club. Proceeds from the<br />

sale will go to worthy causes in the Port Alfred<br />

communit y<br />

F E S T I VA L<br />

TA L K<br />


Mabece, CEO of the Ugu South Coast<br />

Development Agency, was the keynote<br />

speaker at the opening ceremony of the<br />

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi<br />

Challenge last Friday night, and spoke<br />

highly of the town and the festival<br />

Picture: JON HOUZET<br />

SHABBY EXTERIOR: Resident Heather Howard brought attention to the neglected front façade of<br />

the Port Alfred Civic Centre, where lettering has peeled off the municipal signage, and a<br />

dilapidated alcove where concrete has broken, bricks have tumbled and paint is peeling from the<br />

wall. ‘One would imagine there'd be a bit of a budget somewhere for minor facelifting?’ she asked<br />

<strong>25</strong><br />

26<br />

27<br />

28<br />

29<br />

30<br />

1<br />

2<br />

Tide Guide<br />

Kind courtesy-SA Navy<br />

HIGH<br />

1935 0710<br />

2037 0752<br />

2303 0917<br />

---- 1206<br />

0053 1321<br />

0141 1401<br />

0215 1433<br />

0246 1502<br />

L OW<br />

0105 1327<br />

0147 1415<br />

0302 1603<br />

0555 1827<br />

0720 1928<br />

0802 2006<br />

0833 2038<br />

0902 2108<br />

Emergency numbers<br />

Port Alfred hospital – (046) 604-4000<br />

Police station – (046) 604-2001/2<br />

Multi-Security – (046) 624-<strong>25</strong>08<br />

Chubb Security – (046) 624-4810<br />

Sky Alarms – (046) 624-2806<br />

NSRI – 082-990-5971<br />

Electricity (a/h) - (046) 624-1111<br />

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) – 10177<br />

Gardmed –082-759-2134<br />

Holistic EMS – 063-460-0042<br />

Fire Department – (046) 624-1111<br />

Thanks for the ‘Classified Ads’<br />

Thank you Talk of the Town for<br />

your Facebook “Talk of the Town<br />

Classified Ads” page.<br />

As more people become<br />

conscious of the unnecessary<br />

waste pouring into landfills<br />

worldwide, we begin seeing the<br />

value in purchasing “previously<br />

loved” and unused items.<br />

As the economy continues to<br />

dive in SA, many people are also<br />

reducing their footprint and debt<br />

by downsizing.<br />

Talk of the Town has provided<br />

a much-needed tool for the<br />

community to trade their goods<br />

at no cost.<br />

Businesses who advertise in<br />

TotT also get to post free ads on<br />

the FB page.<br />

Personally, I am (and know<br />

many others who also are)<br />

extremely grateful to have this<br />

platform to move personal items<br />

into new homes, thereby giving<br />

us much needed funds to<br />

survive... and for some to move<br />

closer towards better future work<br />

oppor tunities.<br />

Thanks again TotT for your free<br />

service to the community.<br />

For those benefitting . . . let’s<br />

remember to support TotT by<br />

advertising in it when we are on<br />

our feet again.<br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 7<br />

THINK<br />

ABOUT IT<br />

... with Roy Hewett<br />

To u c h i n g<br />

lives<br />

Whether by design or<br />

through our normal,<br />

everyday interactions<br />

with others, we all<br />

touch lives in one way<br />

or another.<br />

Very few of us realise<br />

the extent to which we<br />

affect those around us<br />

and we would do well<br />

to reflect on how we are<br />

influenced by our<br />

family, friends,<br />

acquaintances and<br />

experiences at all<br />

levels.<br />

Family and friends<br />

teach us social skills.<br />

Acquaintances give us<br />

opportunities to grow<br />

our authenticity and<br />

integrity. Lessons about<br />

ways of interacting and<br />

showing respect for the<br />

opinions, strengths and<br />

weaknesses of others<br />

grow us.<br />

But surprisingly often<br />

we don’t pay enough<br />

attention to these<br />

effects and influences<br />

... to the detriment of<br />

meaningful awareness<br />

and informed reactions.<br />

Significant points in<br />

this regard are made in:<br />

“Your success is<br />

directly proportional to<br />

the number of lives you<br />

have touched for the<br />

bet ter.” – V i s h wa s<br />

Chavan (Vishwasut ras:<br />

Universal Principles for<br />

Living: Inspired by<br />

Real-Life Experiences);<br />

and<br />

“In life, we leave a<br />

legacy to our children,<br />

we leave our footprints<br />

wherever we travel, and<br />

we leave our<br />

fingerprints on every<br />

heart we touch.” – Pa t<br />

Patrick, (Awakening the<br />

Dream Within).<br />

With some reflection,<br />

each of us should<br />

readily be able to recall<br />

and appreciate many of<br />

those who have<br />

touched our lives in<br />

positive and uplifting<br />

way s .<br />

Parents, siblings and<br />

teachers surely rank up<br />

there among the most<br />

influential in many lives.<br />

While some of the<br />

academic experiences<br />

in classrooms certainly<br />

had a role to play, it is<br />

the life’s lessons along<br />

the way that often<br />

remain indelibly<br />

imprinted in our<br />

psyches.<br />

Even conflicts, fights<br />

and seemingly unfair<br />

treatment on occasion,<br />

have played their part<br />

in moulding us, and<br />

their perpetrators have<br />

also touched our lives<br />

in ways that only<br />

become apparent upon<br />

reaching maturity and<br />

the wisdom of the<br />

“golden years”.<br />

Many sports coaches<br />

and mentors in the<br />

creative and performing<br />

arts have touched lives<br />

in considerable and<br />

enduring ways. Skills<br />

have been nurtured and<br />

honed, healthy attitudes<br />

and sportsmanship<br />

developed, and the<br />

wonderful values of<br />

support and teamwork<br />

encouraged. Those<br />

involved in teaching in<br />

the broad sense, are<br />

surely entitled to derive<br />

a healthy sense of<br />

wor thwhile<br />

achievement.<br />

This undeniable<br />

influence is captured in:<br />

“When you touch<br />

minds, people are<br />

willing to walk a dozen<br />

miles for you; and when<br />

you touch hearts,<br />

people are willing to<br />

walk a thousand miles<br />

for you; but when you<br />

touch souls, people are<br />

willing to walk a million<br />

miles for you.” –<br />

Matshona Dhliwayo<br />

Many lives are<br />

sublimely touched by<br />

pets – devotion and<br />

loyalty that know no<br />

bounds greatly enhance<br />

the quality of life of<br />

many humans.<br />

The unsurpassable<br />

beauty and awesome<br />

range of nature –<br />

oceans, rivers,<br />

mountains, vegetation<br />

and topography in<br />

general – play a<br />

monumental role.<br />

Of course the<br />

touching of lives is not<br />

the sole preserve of<br />

people, nature and<br />

pets.<br />

Institutions, systems,<br />

literature, social media,<br />

political ideologies and<br />

philosophies of life play<br />

a considerable role too.<br />

Unfortunately, some<br />

fall prey to<br />

brainwashing and other<br />

forms of populist<br />

deception during their<br />

life paths – e f fe c t i v e l y<br />

reflecting the dark side<br />

of touching lives.<br />

Fortunately for most<br />

of us, when we reflect<br />

on how our lives have<br />

been touched, the focus<br />

is usually on the<br />

positive and uplifting<br />

experiences that have<br />

helped to define us.<br />

Those that have led us<br />

to value and live life to<br />

the full.<br />

This sense is<br />

depicted in:<br />

“Life is full of beauty.<br />

Notice it. Notice the<br />

bumble bee, the small<br />

child, and the smiling<br />

faces. Smell the rain,<br />

and feel the wind. Live<br />

your life to the fullest<br />

potential, and fight for<br />

your dreams.” – Ashley<br />

Smith<br />

And then the power<br />

of the message in<br />

literature to guide and<br />

touch lives in<br />

considerable and<br />

far-reaching ways is<br />

conveyed in Ralph<br />

Waldo Emerson’s “Be<br />

not the slave of your<br />

own past. Plunge into<br />

the sublime seas, dive<br />

deep and swim far, so<br />

you shall come back<br />

with self-respect, with<br />

new power, with an<br />

advanced experience<br />

that shall explain and<br />

overlook the old.”<br />

Touching lives is real,<br />

wields much power and<br />

influence, and reflects<br />

the very fabric of our<br />

e x i st e n c e .<br />

WAVE WARRIORS: The eThekwini Bodyboarding Association were the ultimate team winners in the SA Bodyboarding Champs held on West Beach<br />

during the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge. As for EP bodyboarders, Clint Cooper from Port Elizabeth won the grandmasters division, and<br />

Port Alfred’s own Clinton Millard came third in the masters. Fellow EP members Julia Stanford came third and Stephanie Maritz fourth in the ladies<br />

division<br />

Picture: MAUNEEN CHARTER<br />

Question: Tell us about your job.<br />

Answer: Teaching the word and ways of God to<br />

children, is my passion. I do not see it as a job but<br />

a calling and a blessing. Children need guidance<br />

to walk on the good path of life, and being a<br />

teacher I am fortunate to be part of this<br />

experience.<br />

Q: What made you get into that line of work?<br />

A: My enthusiasm for the Lord and the love for<br />

his people.<br />

Q: Describe the most memorable experiences<br />

that you have had.<br />

A: The day when I was 16 years old and accepted<br />

God into my life, and the day that I married my<br />

best friend Arno O’Shea, and the birthdates of all<br />

my grandchildren.<br />

lee’s decor & craft studio<br />

OPENING 3 MAY <strong>2019</strong><br />



Located at The Workshop in Bathurst.<br />

Lee Robertson: 063 032 6491<br />

FA C E 2FA C E<br />

... with Annetjie O’Shea<br />

Q: What do you do to unwind when you are not<br />

working?<br />

A: I enjoy quiet time with my Bible studies,<br />

listening to music and interior decorating.<br />

Q: What is your motto in life?<br />

A: Always strive to be a good person. A better<br />

person than what you were yesterday.<br />

Q: What makes you happy?<br />

A: When children discover the word of God, and<br />

experience how powerful His word is.<br />

Q: What makes you angry?<br />

A: Carelessness.<br />

Q: What do you think about the youth of South<br />

Africa? Do you have any advice for them?<br />

A: Being a diverse country, the youth need to<br />

stand together in good faith. Faith in the Lord, love<br />

for each other and hope for a better future. These<br />

principles will make South Africa a better place.<br />

Q: If you could change one thing about Port<br />

Alfre d…<br />

A: More community projects to support and<br />

uplift the community, projects to teach young<br />

mothers, projects to uplift the fallen and projects<br />

to care for children.<br />

Q: What do you like most about Port Alfred?<br />

A: The wonder of Port Alfred is in its captivating<br />

river banks, beautiful beaches and warm-hearted<br />

people living in it.<br />

Q: What is your favourite music of all time?<br />

A: 60s and 80s music and gospel worship.<br />

Q: Name three people you would like to invite<br />

for dinner (dead or alive).<br />

A: Martin Luther King, my father Mr Lourens who<br />

passed away many years ago, and my sister Rita<br />

who passed away last year.<br />

Q: Three wishes for South Africa.<br />

A: That each heart be filled with love for one<br />

another; from every tongue, the sound of God’s<br />

glory will exclaim; that all hands be stretched out,<br />

to restore those with a broken life.

8 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Port Alfred<br />


Financial security<br />

Exactly what is financial security? To supply a<br />

correct explanation, I can assure you that we would<br />

need close to a full page of the Talk of the Town.<br />

In one sentence it could be summed up as being<br />

fully prepared for any occurrence that could<br />

probably cross our path during our lifetime. What a<br />

mouthful.<br />

Yes, to provide oneself and one’s family with<br />

complete peace of mind<br />

against any unfortunate<br />

occurrence.<br />

Let us start off with death.<br />

Please remember that there<br />

are two certainties in life and<br />

those are death and taxes.<br />

I can assure you that each<br />

person will come across both<br />

these certainties someday.<br />

Will you be in position to cover all outstanding<br />

debts when you die and further provide your family<br />

with sufficient funds to continue with their lifestyle<br />

that they have become accustomed to?<br />

If the reply is no, I would propose that you make<br />

an urgent appointment with a qualified and<br />

trustworthy financial advisor and insist on a full<br />

financial analysis be done to ensure that<br />

appropriate corrective action is taken.<br />

The next point of importance to discuss is<br />

permanent disability. Can you imagine for only one<br />

moment of how severe the consequences would be<br />

if you become permanently disabled and cannot<br />

continue with your daily profession?<br />

This goes hand in hand and is as important as<br />

being sufficiently covered against death.<br />

Following on quite closely is income replacement<br />

cover. One can temporarily<br />

be prevented from working<br />

for up to a period of two<br />

MONEY<br />

M AT T E R S<br />

... with Nico Human<br />

years or even permanently<br />

due to various unforeseen<br />

reasons, which could be as<br />

a result of an accident or a<br />

serious illness.<br />

By investing in an income<br />

replacement policy, one can be assured of a<br />

tax-free income during the period of incapacity.<br />

There is also cover available against contracting<br />

a serious illness. This would pay out a certain<br />

percentage of the cover amount, depending on<br />

severity of illness.<br />

This pay-out can come in handy if one is<br />

burdened with huge hospital and doctor’s bills.<br />

The argument that you belong to a medical aid<br />

could be rather disappointing when your medical<br />

aid only settles a portion of the bills and you are<br />

directly responsible for the outstanding balances.<br />

You are left with the choice of comprehensive<br />

cover or only being covered for certain illnesses.<br />

As a matter of importance, that I certainly cannot<br />

leave without a reminder, is whether you will have<br />

sufficient funds to carry you and your spouse<br />

through your retirement years.<br />

It would be a rather sad occasion if you find that<br />

you have run out of money at the age of 80 or 85.<br />

What will you do? Let’s leave it as a “point to<br />

ponder” until next time.<br />

For qualified, experienced financial advice,<br />

please feel free to telephone our office number<br />

(087) 805-7712 for a fully confidential appointment.<br />

Our offices are situated at 20 Southwell Road,<br />

corner of Becker Street, Port Alfred.<br />

We have ample free off street parking as well as<br />

a ramp for easy wheelchair access.<br />

Easter is a special time<br />

when Christians<br />

remember that there is<br />

a promise of a new<br />

beginning. It is also a<br />

time for family, friends,<br />

and community to<br />

gather together and<br />

celebrate life.<br />

This year we, those<br />

that live in the<br />

Kenton/Port Alfred<br />

area, were particularly<br />

lucky in that those that<br />

had come from far had<br />

a few days of warm<br />

sunny weather… and<br />

then the rains came! I<br />

don’t know about you<br />

but we got about<br />

Catch up with what’s happening on the PA business front<br />

Cooking the green way with LP Gaz<br />


With electricity cost escalating, LP Gaz is now<br />

the distributor for Greenheat – an inflammable<br />

gel that reduces reliance on expensive electricity<br />

as well as being eco-friendly and not based on<br />

fossil fuels.<br />

There are so many reasons for choosing<br />

Greenheat, but some of the more interesting<br />

advantages to using the system are that your<br />

monthly cooking and lighting costs are cheaper<br />

using the Greenheat stove, gel and lamps and<br />

there is no black soot or smoke emitted, so pots<br />

and pans stay clean and the food is not tainted<br />

with the small of fuel.<br />

A new beginning<br />

MYHOME<br />

... with Simon Oliver<br />

The gel is extinguishable and can be re-lit. In<br />

fact, the gel can be extinguished with water and<br />

burns cleanly and is odourless.<br />

Being in a gel form, it can not spill like liquid<br />

fuels. It does not emit dangerous hydrocarbons<br />

and is made from renewable agricultural<br />

sources rather than fossil fuels.<br />

Household consumption is about 10 litre per<br />

gel per month for a family of five (depending on<br />

the type and size of the meals cooked).<br />

The gel is also non-flare, non-explosive,<br />

non-splash and non-toxic.<br />

So, get to LP Gaz, pick up your gel and start<br />

cooking.<br />

Bathurst Book Fair<br />

speaker programme<br />

Bathurst is the place to be this<br />

Sunday for the annual Bathurst<br />

Book Fair.<br />

From 9am, there will be books<br />

and bargains galore, a “Round<br />

the Bend” poetry event, book<br />

signings, kiddies’ story time with<br />

B at h u r st ’s famous alpacas, food<br />

stalls and more.<br />

Browse seven venues in the<br />

village, from the Village Green to<br />

The Workshop. Be entertained at<br />

Books of Bathurst by local<br />

authors speaking about writing<br />

and giving tips on getting<br />

published.<br />

The venue is the Books of<br />

Bathurst, <strong>25</strong>8 Kowie Road,<br />

Bathurst village.<br />

ý 9.30am: Understanding one<br />

90mm!<br />

I am grateful for the<br />

joy this must have<br />

brought the farmers<br />

that have struggled<br />

with dry weather. I am<br />

grateful for what it has<br />

done for my garden<br />

and for the fact that my<br />

water tanks are almost<br />

full. It reminds me to<br />

be grateful for the<br />

many blessings I have.<br />

Despite having<br />

cleaned out the gutters,<br />

top dressed the lawns<br />

and generally prepared<br />

myself for when the<br />

rains would come,<br />

when it did eventually<br />

arrive, in the volume<br />

a n ot h e r ’s cultures<br />

Eve Clayton, author of T h wa l a ,<br />

a cross-cultural novel<br />

ý 10.30am: Writing a sense of<br />

place Monty Roodt, author of<br />

Dead Man’s Land, set in Lower<br />

Albany<br />

ý 11.30am: Round the Bend<br />

poetry event<br />

Poet Derrick Newson presides<br />

over an open mic poetry reading<br />

ý 12 noon: Kiddies corner<br />

Mary Riley, author of Pablo &<br />

Pe p i t o , reads her book to young<br />

readers and introduces them to<br />

the two alpaca heroes of her<br />

stor y.<br />

ý 12.30pm: The<br />

self-publishing game … or is<br />

your book better as a film?<br />

that it did, it exposed<br />

weaknesses in the<br />

system I hadn’t<br />

a n t i c i p at e d .<br />

Leaks in the roof,<br />

pipes that had broken<br />

and erosion where the<br />

unusual amounts of<br />

water gouged out<br />

sections of the garden.<br />

These tribulations<br />

gave me direction as to<br />

what to focus on to<br />

make our home more<br />

secure, more robust<br />

and more able to<br />

provide us with a sense<br />

of fulfillment, joy, and<br />

love.<br />

This cycle got me<br />

thinking. So often we<br />

are told to be proactive<br />

– be in control.<br />

I believe in this<br />

because it teaches us<br />

what we can do, in our<br />

own time – it sort of<br />

makes us fit and better<br />

Rod McGregor Mann, author of<br />

Librarians and Other Criminals<br />

and founder of The Hornbills<br />

Literary Agency<br />

ý 1.30pm: Should the facts<br />

get in the way when telling a<br />

good story?<br />

Author and raconteur Bartle<br />

Logie in conversation with his<br />

publisher Frank Nunn<br />

ý 2.30pm: Animals in<br />

literature and life – why should<br />

we pay attention to them?<br />

Poet, author and academic<br />

Dan Wylie mulls over some<br />

possible answers<br />

See the Facebook page for the<br />

full programme. Contact (046)<br />

6<strong>25</strong>-0202 or 082-621-1523 for<br />

more information.<br />

able to cope with<br />

unexpected adversity. It<br />

prepares us to be<br />

effectively reactive and<br />

not overwhelmed.<br />

I am grateful for the<br />

rain, for so many<br />

reasons, not least<br />

because it gave my<br />

garden a new<br />

beginning.<br />

I would love to hear<br />

how you reacted to the<br />

arrival of the rain.<br />

Please give me a call<br />

on 082-653-5643 or<br />

contact me on<br />

s i m o n . o l i v e r @ s e e f f. c o m<br />

I look forward to<br />

hearing from you.<br />

Cannon Rocks | R1 600 000<br />


ŵĞĂŝŶŐŵ ŝŶŽĂů<br />





ŝĞďĞĂĐŚ<br />

ALMARE SMITH | 076 217 5873<br />

almare.smith@seeff.com<br />

ŝĞ ď ĂŽŝŶŵĞŶŽ Ăůů ŽĞŶĂů ŶĞĞĚ ůĞĂĞ ĐĂůů<br />

ŝĐŚĞůůĞ<br />








<br />

MIKE BAILEY | 082 899 8103 | mike.bailey@seeff.com<br />

HAYLEY GADD | 083 565 5039 | hayley.gadd@seeff.com<br />

ŝĞ ď ĂŽŝŶŵĞŶŽ Ăůů ŽĞŶĂů ŶĞĞĚ ůĞĂĞ ĐĂůů<br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 9<br />

Song and dance as<br />

Happy Hours get to<br />

celebrate classroom<br />


It was an early evening of<br />

fun and friendship at Happy<br />

Hours Pre-primary School<br />

last Friday when the school<br />

celebrated the opening of its<br />

new classroom as a thank<br />

you to those individuals and<br />

businesses that contributed<br />

to this community project<br />

and making it all happen.<br />

School principal Tracy<br />

Lloyd thanked everyone<br />

involved in the project,<br />

especially Brian Knight from<br />

main construction contractor<br />

CM Heunis who had driven<br />

the project from the<br />

beginning.<br />

“We thank him very much<br />

for all the work he has done<br />

to make this classroom a<br />

realit y,” she told the group<br />

of business people and<br />

individuals who had<br />

contributed to the project.<br />

For Knight this is just one<br />

of the many community<br />

projects that he, as CM<br />

Heunis, has undertaken.<br />

Knight said he was a part of<br />

the community and wants to<br />

give something back.<br />

Other projects<br />

successfully completed in<br />

the past, include the<br />

Kleinemonde Community<br />

Church (with Barry Purdon),<br />

a classroom at the Kenton<br />

Primary School, the<br />

Kleinemonde Recreation<br />

Club and the Port Alfred<br />

Tourism Office on Causeway.<br />

“It is just a matter of a<br />

phone call to suppliers to<br />

get them involved,” said<br />

Knight.<br />

“CM Heunis is always<br />

ready to help the<br />

communit y.”<br />

There is a long list of<br />

people who need to be<br />

thanked, Lloyd said. These<br />

include Makana Brick,<br />

KayJay Bricks, Inso<br />

Aluminium, Buco Main<br />

Street and Albany Road,<br />

Bathurst Co-op, Mooifontein<br />

Quarry, Trelidor, H Venter<br />

Plant Hire, Dulux Paint, and<br />

Viv Dell Transport. Roy<br />

Bowles Construction did the<br />

paving at the school.<br />

There were also private<br />

donations made in order for<br />

the project to be completed.<br />

The classroom is large,<br />

airy and bright and leads<br />

into a private baby section<br />

where teachers or carers can<br />

care for infants.<br />

“Thank you all so much.<br />

None of this would have<br />

been possible without you,”<br />

Lloyd said.<br />

PLAYGROUND JOY: The pre-primary class at Shaw Park Primary pose on their<br />

jungle gym<br />

LOTS OF BUNNIES: Grade 3s at Shaw Park Primary put on their bunny masks<br />

to wish everyone Happy Easter last week<br />

EASTER POSE: The grade 1 class at Shaw Park Primary, with<br />

teacher Ilze Dames, wished everyone a Happy Easter<br />

Isuzu on maximum attack with D-Max<br />

In the Eastern Cape, Isuzu is synonymous with<br />

Ironman, Southern Kings rugby and other macho<br />

international activities.<br />

With its new D-Max pick-up one-tonners and<br />

double cabs, it wants to portray the more than<br />

“t u f fe n u f f ” image for these vehicles throughout<br />

Southern Africa.<br />

Just how tough are these four-wheel ironmen from<br />

Port Elizabeth? Do they keep the driver<br />

and occupants comfortable and happy<br />

as they carry out their strongarm work,<br />

as well as while cruising on the open<br />

road?<br />

We wheeled out the flagship D-Max<br />

300 TD 4x4 LX Double Cab on a test<br />

session via the uncompromising<br />

mountain roads outside Oudtshoorn<br />

and surrounding areas, to get some<br />

answers.<br />

The last time I visited Isuzu in<br />

Japan, I came away convinced that it’s<br />

firstly, strongly, an engine-oriented<br />

motor manufacturer.<br />

Now, one look at the styling of the D-Max tells me<br />

that this ethos has drastically changed.<br />

This new Isuzu is handsome and like no other<br />

pick-up, with a frontal countenance that is forceful of<br />

design. The new Xenon headlights are Bi-LED and do<br />

their bit for the vehicle’s head-on styling, as do the<br />

new, colour-coded radiator grill and front bumper.<br />

Side-on, the rear window line sweeps up almost<br />

immediately after the B-pillar, similar to that of a clubor<br />

crew-cab vehicle. But not so, this is a full-form<br />

fo u r - d o o r.<br />

The 18-inch aluminium wheels stand well clear of<br />

the aggressive arches, enabling more than usual<br />

suspension travel. However, the fancy, but inhibiting<br />

side steps and rear tow hitch on this model will<br />

prevent one from taking on really severe off-road<br />

work. Ground clearance, in spite of this, allows a<br />

wading depth of 600mm.<br />

Much as the D-Max’s styling and cosmetics have<br />

been upped, so the mechanicals have largely been<br />

left unaltered.<br />

LOOKS AND POWER: New name and a new<br />

appearance are key notes of the Isuzu D-Max<br />

pick-up range. Our test D-Max seen here<br />

weighing up a serious challenger in the outback<br />

near the Cango Caves – both in ‘Blue Me Away’<br />

colouring.<br />

You say the Isuzu ‘s four-cylinder turbo-diesel motor<br />

does not match the 3-litre V6 or five-cylinder units of<br />

some of the main opposition? Well, this one has big<br />

piston “p ot s ” for more torque and it comes with<br />

380Nm at a low 1,800r/min and 130kW of power at<br />

3,600r/min.<br />

Not earth-shattering, but I got the impression that<br />

this engine is designed to work at well below tress<br />

levels and should still deliver<br />

optimally way beyond when the<br />

others may have reached the end of<br />

their lives.<br />

Our test pick-up came with a<br />

six-speed manual gearbox with a<br />

suitable ratio for a large variety of<br />

situations – including pukka off-road<br />

work. Four-wheel drive is simply<br />

dialled in on the fly, via a rotary<br />

control on the centre console, just<br />

behind the gear lever.<br />

Active safety features include<br />

Electronic Stability Control, Electronic<br />

Brake Force Distribution, Hill Start Assist and Hill<br />

Descent Control for those whose off-road driving may<br />

not be up to scratch.<br />

Also, this package returns very low fuel<br />

consumption figures compared with the D-Max’s<br />

detractors, averaging out at just 8.2l/100km, for a<br />

variety of driving conditions. Together with an 80-litre<br />

diesel fuel tank, a better range with a 2,999cc chunky<br />

double cab 4x4, would be hard to find.<br />

The occupants of the LX version have the benefit of<br />

leather upholstery, fully electrically-six-way-adjustable<br />

front seats and sumptuous carpeting and cladding.<br />

The cab is 1,860mm wide, offering sufficient shoulder<br />

room for five adults.<br />

The driver has rear parking distance sensors and<br />



imagery that show on a nine-inch infotainment screen<br />

up front on the dash. The electrically adjustable<br />

polished chrome external rear view mirrors are heated<br />

and fold away in tight situations or for bush work.<br />

Those headlights also incorporate integrated LED<br />

daytime running lights on the LX model.<br />

An Alpine integrated touchscreen infotainment<br />

system has an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity,<br />

iPod control, USB ports, WiFi connectivity and<br />

embedded satellite navigation. I found its operation a<br />

bit of a challenge at first, but it was the old story of<br />

having done it just once, it was easy thereafter. Cruise<br />

Control is activated by buttons on the multi-function<br />

steering wheel.<br />

Our D-Max 4x4 LS standard has a price tag of<br />



27 APRIL <strong>2019</strong> AT 10am<br />

<br />

<br />



T: 046 - 624 8070 C: 072 188 2633<br />


OUR SHOP!!<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

À<br />

<br />

À<br />

R600,700 without the optional extras.<br />

Its warranty extends over five years/120,000km,<br />

there is a five-year corrosion warranty and five-year<br />

roadside assistance, while the service plan extends<br />

over five years or 90,000km.<br />

Our test D-Max was clad in a particularly pleasing<br />

bright blue called ‘Blue Me Away’. Someone at Isuzu<br />

has a nice sense of humour, because other colours –<br />

after our last test Isuzu KB’s ‘Saturday White Fever’ –<br />

include ‘Black Meet Kettle and ‘Pull Me Over Red’.<br />

Classics at the Castle<br />

19 Wesley Hill Port Alfred<br />

- presents -<br />


3pm welcome drink 3:30pm start of concert<br />

Tickets @ R90 from KNA Port Alfred (046 624 2036)<br />

includes a drink and programme

10 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

N E I G H B O U R LY NOTES<br />

MAN AT THE TOP: Alan Malan from the Kenton Round Table<br />

was inducted as the new ARTSA president recently. ARTSA is<br />

the Association of Round Tablers in South Africa to which all<br />

Round Table clubs in Namibia and South Africa belong<br />


Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club Museum<br />

opens on the last Saturday of each month – 9am–12<br />

noon – Hawkins Industrial Park, Alfred Road, Port<br />

Alfred.<br />

Alzheimer SA East Cape Support Group meets the<br />

last Thursday of each month at 3pm at Brookshaw<br />

Home at 9 Donkin Street, Grahamstown. The Support<br />

Group is for family, friends and caregivers of those with<br />

Alzheimer’s Disease or any form of Dementia. There is<br />

usually a speaker followed by discussion and tea.<br />

Contact Dr Heather Rauch 081-350-8079 for information<br />

and to get on to our mailing list.<br />

Bathurst Farmers Market – Every Sunday rain or<br />

shine at Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Nursery, Kowie<br />

Road from 9am–12.30pm.<br />

Birdwatching Tours and Three Sisters Saunter. Book<br />

with Anne (046) 675-1976 or 083-719-4950.<br />

w w w. a n n e s b i r d i n g . c o . z a<br />

Bonsai Club meets once a month on a Saturday. For<br />

more information please contact David Brewis on<br />

076-457-3218. Or e–mail d a v i d b re w i s 7 7 @ g m a i l . c o m<br />

Cricket Club – Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at<br />

the Port Alfred Country Club, French Street from 5pm.<br />

Contact Rob Nel on 076-394-4067.<br />

East Cape Shotokan–Ryu Karate, Port Alfred –<br />

Mondays and Thursdays: 4.30pm for beginners. 5.15 for<br />

intermediate class and 6pm for the advanced cl;ass.<br />

Contact Gary Grapentin on 073-346-0059 for more<br />

i n fo r m at i o n .<br />

Healing Horses Therapeutic Riding Centre –<br />

Therapeutic and recreational horse riding activities for<br />

people living with disabilities. Mondays at 09.30am<br />

and 10.30am, Wednesdays at 10am and 11am, To book a<br />

ride, or find out about volunteering, call Jann on<br />

078 - 3 4 6 - 5 41 2 .<br />

Hockey Club – Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays<br />

from 5pm at the Port Alfred Country Club, French<br />

Street. Contact Chris Pike on 082-350-0900.<br />

Kenton Garden Club meeting second Wednesday of<br />

the month at 9.30am. For info visit<br />

w w w. k e n t o n g a r d e n c l u b . c o . z a<br />

Kenton Pub Quiz – 6.30pm – first Sunday of each<br />

month at Kenton Bowls Club. Cash bar available. Cash<br />

and other prizes. Teams of four to six. All welcome.<br />

Kleinemonde Morning Market on the first Saturday of<br />

every month, from 8.30 to 10am. Kleinemonde<br />

Community Hall. Enjoy breakfast and browse the stalls<br />

selling wholesome farm chickens and home produce,<br />

including quality meats, vegetables, pancakes, frozen<br />

meals, quiches, bread, rusks, gingerbread houses,<br />

home baked cakes, doggy treats, candles, gifts and<br />

more.<br />

Knit and Knatter Crafters club at Holly House, every<br />

Wednesday at 9am. All welcome. Contact Kathy on<br />

(046) 624-4452 for further information.<br />

Kowie Auctioneers – monthly auction every last<br />

LET it rain! The clarion call of the people of the<br />

Eastern Cape as drought threatened the area.<br />

However, although we must be grateful that it<br />

is at last raining, there can be too much of a<br />

good thing. The virtually endless rain is a little<br />

reminiscent of the start of the 2012 floods that<br />

ravaged the area, destroying homes in<br />

low-lying areas and leading to many families<br />

seeking shelter in church halls and other<br />

places of safety. Although the forecast is for<br />

an end to the rain by the weekend the damage<br />

the rain as already done must be taken into<br />

account. Be careful when driving along the<br />

coast road between East London and Port<br />

Alfred as this stretch of the R72 has many<br />

water-logged areas as well as rocks on the<br />

road that have been washed there as the rain<br />

water finds its way to the sea.<br />

THE Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge<br />

comes to an end this Sunday after 10 days of<br />

action-packed adrenaline pumping water-sport<br />

entertainment. Sxeaks Nkwinti of BS Sports,<br />

the main organiser of the event, has managed<br />

to bring four major events to the area<br />

including international surfing, bodyboarding,<br />

SA Inflatable racing and SA Championship<br />

beach handball. Added to this we had the 8km<br />

trail run and the Marina Mile swim,<br />

trampolining, an Anything the floats race and<br />

much more entertainment. The weather has<br />

obviously put a bit of damper on spectators<br />

attending the events but, all in all, this year’s<br />

event has certainly helped put the Sunshine<br />

Coast on the beach-sports event calendar.<br />

Well done to all concerned and good luck as<br />

the event nears conclusion on Sunday.<br />

WITH the national and provincial election less<br />

than two weeks away things are already<br />

getting nasty with political parties demanding<br />

court interdicts on others, politicians denying<br />

involvement in state capture enquiries,<br />

state-owned enterprise executives scurrying<br />

for position, Eskom threatening more load<br />

shedding after the elections, oil price<br />

increases and a floundering rand, <strong>2019</strong><br />

doesn’t look as bright as we hoped it would<br />

be. When are our so-called leaders going to<br />

call a halt to the madness of racism and<br />

realise that we are all in this together, and it’s<br />

going to take all of us working together to get<br />

this country right?<br />

E-mail Rob Knowles at knowlesr@tisoblackstar.co.za or fax (046) 624-2293<br />

or drop in at 29 Miles Street from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday<br />


E-mail houzetj@tisoblackstar.co.za or fax (046) 624-2293 or drop in at 29 Miles Street from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday<br />

Thursday of the month at 35 North Street. Entries for<br />

the auction need to be in on the Tuesday before the<br />

auction. Viewing day prior from 2pm. For more<br />

information call Colin Maclachlan 083-521-3623 or<br />

Peter Charter on 082-569-3478.<br />

The Kowie Camera Club monthly meeting, the last<br />

Monday of every month (except December) at 7pm in<br />

the Settlers Park Retirement Village hall. Contact<br />

Herman Groenewald 078-428-9551.<br />

Kowie History Museum, at The Old Railway Station,<br />

Pascoe Crescent. Open 9.30am–12.30pm<br />

Tu e s d ay –Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday and public<br />

h o l i d ay s .<br />

Kowie Striders time trial – every Tuesday at 5.30pm at<br />

the Port Alfred Country Club. Distances of 3, 5 or 8km.<br />

Runners and walkers welcome. Contact Sticks Stiglingh<br />

on 071-612-7339 or Alan Robb on 082-495-6842<br />

Kowie Striders casual long run from the Duck Pond –<br />

every Sunday at 7am . Runners and walkers welcome.<br />

The route will be determined on the morning of the run.<br />

Lower Albany Historical Society meets 3rd Thursday<br />

of the month – some meetings in Don Powis Hall,<br />

Settlers Park, others, outside trips. Call Avonne on<br />

083-473-6823 for details.<br />

Lower Albany Woodworkers’ Guild, meets first<br />

Tuesday of each month. Call Brian Edwards on (046)<br />

624-2945 for more information.<br />

Memory Book Scrapbook Club meets twice a month<br />

on a Thursday afternoon. All welcome. Contact Cheryl<br />

(046) 624-2733 / 083-556-7562.<br />

MOTHS – Old soldiers never die – Calling all<br />

ex–servicemen “Ou Manne” and their ladies for a<br />

get–together on the first Sunday of every month at 12<br />

noon and the MOTH Hall (next to the Ski–boat Club) for<br />

a light lunch and some memories. RSVP MOTHS at<br />

082-537-9033 for catering purposes.<br />

National Sea Rescue Institute practices every<br />

Wednesday at 5pm. To join the NSRI visit the base in<br />

person to undergo an evaluation.<br />

Port Alfred Art Club welcomes new members, both<br />

experienced or wanting to learn. We meet weekly<br />

offering a monthly DVD from leading artists, giving<br />

excellent tips and guidance on how to draw and paint.<br />

Contact Jenny (083-292-2650) or Paddy<br />

(083–226–5<strong>25</strong>4).<br />

Port Alfred Bowling and Croquet Club invites you to<br />

try your hand at lawn bowls and Croquet,free coaching<br />

and equipment available. Situated next to the Nico<br />

Malan Bridge. Enquiries: Rod Wilson at: 082-375-2968<br />

or (046) 624-5671. Croquet enquiries: Rodger Darkes at<br />

082-373-8181 See our website at: w w w. p a b c c . c o . z a and<br />

our Facebook page.<br />

Port Alfred Bridge Club – Now meets at the Eddie<br />

Grant MOTH Hall (next to the Ski–boat Club) every<br />

Monday and Thursday – 1pm for 1.30pm start. All<br />

bridge enthusiasts and persons wishing to learn to play<br />

bridge are most welcome.<br />

WE know many people don’t like to be<br />

reminded that they are getting older, but there<br />

are others who maintain getting on in years is<br />

just about a number, as they feel just the<br />

same in their hearts. Anyway, here’s to<br />

wishing everyone celebrating a special day in<br />

the week ahead a wonderful birthday and best<br />

wishes for many more, especially to twin<br />

sisters Jean Reed and Joan Mould, Pam Nel,<br />

Tyler Stevenson, Rhodes Tremeer, Danielle<br />

Dugard, Claire Hall, Colleen Shaw, Ginger<br />

Naude, Ray Hicks, Erica Janse van Rensburg,<br />

Norman Levine, Sue Simpkins, Ronin Beetge,<br />

Pieter Pretorius, Hazel Whitham, Glenn<br />

McCreath, Taylor Thorp, Tony Border, Andrew<br />

Marshall, Dries Meyer, Wally Vandermeulen,<br />

Jacoba Maritz, Lauren Brunette, Warren<br />

Currie, Grant Marais, Paul Crous, Jed<br />

Thurgood, Graham Webber, Steve Lambert,<br />

Timothy Riddin, Monty Colville-Reeves, Lindsay<br />

van der Schyff, Mercia van der Westhuizen,<br />

Kyle Henning, Natasha Kenny, Cecile<br />

Oosthuizen, Thulani Makinza, Cecile Nelson<br />

and Rowena Collin.<br />

OUR heartiest congratulations to Darryl and<br />

Jolanta Hanstein and big sister Amelia on the<br />

arrival of their beautiful baby boy Tobias. We<br />

know he will bring heaps of joy and happiness<br />

to the entire family.<br />

CONTINUED good luck and success to all<br />

businesses celebrating another year in trade.<br />

All the best to C’est la Vie (Stewart Road), and<br />

Home Essentials (Rosehill Mall).<br />

S O R RY, but it’s not good news on the financial<br />

front. Although very little South Africa does<br />

effects global markets, the artificially-inflated<br />

price of Brent crude oil (the Opec nations<br />

determine, as a collective, what the price<br />

should be – isn’t this a monopoly?) will most<br />

certainly mean hit South Africans and other<br />

developing nations hardest. Because we<br />

depend on oil for our industry and<br />

domestically in the form of petrol, any<br />

variation in the oil price directly takes money<br />

out of our pockets. The sooner we find<br />

alternative, cheap and sustainable forms of<br />

energy we have to live with the consequences<br />

of the decisions of Western and Middle<br />

Eastern countries that are less concerned with<br />

the plight of people than in making a fast<br />

Port Alfred Community Police Forum meets on the<br />

third Tuesday of each month at the Port Alfred Police<br />

Station at 2.30pm.<br />

Port Alfred Floral Art Group (PAFAG) meets on the<br />

third Saturday of the month at Settlers Park hall at<br />

2.30pm. For more information please phone<br />

082–464–4606 (Hennie de Bruin). All welcome.<br />

Port Alfred Park Run, Civic Centre. Every Saturday<br />

8am–9am.<br />

Probus Club of the Kowie meets on the second<br />

Tuesday of each month at 10am at the Port Alfred River<br />

and Ski-boat Club.<br />

Rocky Ridge Farm Market opens every Saturday and<br />

Sunday from 9am with a variety of home made<br />

delights, “egg–cellent” free–range eggs, honey,<br />

biltong, droewors as well as its very popular morning<br />

breakfast. Contact Desia Holmes on 083-589-0765 for<br />

more information.<br />

Rosehill Mall Art and Crafters Market, the first<br />

Saturday of every month, from 9am–4pm. A true art<br />

and craft market. Only handmade items available by<br />

our local crafters. Large selection of goods.<br />

Scottish Country Dancing at Don Powis Hall, Settlers<br />

Park, every Wednesday from 5pm–7pm. All welcome.<br />

For more information please phone Mary (046)<br />

604-0478 or Audrey (046) 624-3179.<br />

Scrapbook workshops and classes: Bcreative offers<br />

monthly workshops, night classes, social classes and a<br />

whole lot more. Call (046) 624-3096 to book or for<br />

more information.<br />

Self Drive Heritage Map: All the historical sites in Port<br />

Alfred, Bathurst and surrounding areas. Available at the<br />

tourism office.<br />

Sunshine Coast Women’s Forum meets every fourth<br />

Tuesday in the Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park at 2.30pm.<br />

Come and join us. Visitors welcome. For more<br />

information contact Tosca Spenceley (046) 624-4339.<br />

U3A – Port Alfred Branch meets on the fourth Thursday<br />

of every month at 9.30 for 10am at the Don Powis Hall,<br />

Settlers Park village. All welcome.<br />

Thursday <strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong> to Sunday <strong>April</strong> 28<br />

The <strong>2019</strong> Amanzi Challenge continues.<br />

Thursday <strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong><br />

PA Art Club– 9am – Catholic Hall. Enjoy a social time.<br />

DVD and book exchanges, tea, coffee and snacks.<br />

Bring paintings for review and inspiration.<br />

U3A meeting – 9.30 for 10am – Don Powis Hall,<br />

Settlers Park. Alan Lubbe will be speaking on Caves<br />

and Caving.<br />

Port Alfred Scrapbook Club – 2pm to 5pm –<br />

Presbyterian Church Port Alfred. All welcome. Contact<br />

Cheryl (046) 624-2733 / 083-556-7562.<br />

Sunshine Coast Tourism and Port Alfred Business<br />

Forum networking evening – 6pm – Royal Port Alfred<br />

Golf Club. Guest presentations on water infrastructure<br />

by Justin Wilmot, alternative electricity supply by<br />

buck. With petrol now almost certainly going<br />

to see another price hike in May, we are left<br />

wondering if the consumer will bear the brunt<br />

of the increase or if the government can<br />

absorb some of it. After all, they are prepared<br />

to bail out Eskom at a moment’s notice,<br />

maybe they can extend the same courtesy to<br />

the south African people? At the time of going<br />

to press (and with last year’s figures in<br />

brackets to compare against), the Rand was<br />

trading at R14.32 to the Dollar (R13.23), R18.52<br />

to the Pound (R16.98) and R16.07 to the Euro<br />

(R14.42). Commodities such as Gold were<br />

trading at $1,273.45 per ounce ($1,264.09)<br />

and platinum at $820.77 per ounce ($958.20).<br />

Brent Crude is trading at $74.29 per barrel<br />

( $ 51 . 8 6 ) .<br />

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all<br />

those folk who are not well, having or have<br />

already had tests, operations and treatments.<br />

‘Sterkte’ to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny<br />

Groenewald, Chris de Wet Steyn, Marian<br />

Eaten, Martin Bekker, Trish Solz, Brenda<br />

Shelton and Theo Snyman.<br />

HERE’S to many more terrific years together<br />

and our heartiest congratulations to everyone<br />

celebrating a wedding anniversary, especially<br />

to Clinton and Lize-Marie Millard, Kudu and<br />

Beryl Pancoust, Dennis and Sue Chandler, Gert<br />

and Jean van der Merwe, Matthew and<br />

Antoinette Buchholz, Jannie and Elsabe<br />

Badenhorst, John and Diana Lardner-Burke,<br />

Des and Tosca Spenceley<br />

CONGRATULATIONS to Eric and Lisa Strydom<br />

(nee Came) who tied the knot on Saturday<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20 in Bedford. We wish you many years<br />

together filled with love and happiness.<br />

F I N A L LY, and unashamedly, don’t forget the<br />

one-man show at Harry B’s at the Ski-boat<br />

Club this Saturday evening, starting at 7pm.<br />

It’s going to be a lot of fun, so don’t miss out.<br />

Tickets from Harry B’s, Laura Kete’s Gallery on<br />

Van der Riet Street or you can WhatsApp me<br />

on 078-391-4701.<br />

THOUGHT for the week: “I have found that if<br />

you love life, life will love you back”.<br />

BEST regards as always,<br />

The Team.<br />

Simon Thesen, and tourism/business forum projects by<br />

Rick Pryce and Wouter Hensens. RSVP to<br />

tourism@sunshinecoasttourism.co.za by <strong>April</strong> 15. Cash bar<br />

ava i l a b l e .<br />

Saturday <strong>April</strong> 27<br />

Freedom Day.<br />

Sunday <strong>April</strong> 28<br />

Diaz Cross Bird Club outing to Mtunzi. We will meet at<br />

Robbies at 6am and Heritage Mall at 6.30am. Visitors<br />

welcome (R10 per person to DCBC). Bring a picnic<br />

brunch. For more details contact Tim Cockbain (046)<br />

624-8483.<br />

Bathurst Book Fair – From 9am, books and bargains<br />

galore, ‘Round the Bend’ poetry event, book signings,<br />

kiddies story time with Bathurst’s famous alpacas, food<br />

stalls and more. Browse seven venues in the village,<br />

from the Village Green to The Workshop. Enter the<br />

poetry competition and at Books of Bathurst, hear local<br />

authors speak about writing and give tips on getting<br />

published. See the Facebook page for the full<br />

programme. Contact (046) 6<strong>25</strong>-0202 or 082-621-1523.<br />

Tuesday <strong>April</strong> 30<br />

Grahamstown Music Society presents “Quintessence”<br />

– 7.30 pm – NELM Auditorium, <strong>25</strong> Worcester Street.<br />

Pianist Joanna Wicherek performing with Dariusz Dinh<br />

Thieu Quang (French horn), David Bester (violin),<br />

Anmari van der Westhuizen (cello) and Piotr Thieu<br />

Quang (clarinet). Ticket prices: R90, R70 (pensioners),<br />

R50 (students in tertiary institutions); no charge for<br />

Music Society members or schoolgoers.<br />

Thursday May 2<br />

PA Art Club – 9.30am – DVD at Settlers Park Hall.<br />

Theme for May: flower or plant study.<br />

Saturday May 4<br />

Port Alfred Sport Shooting Club. Shotgun shoot.<br />

Visitors with licenced firearms welcome. Contact the<br />

chairman on 083–633–1939.<br />

Sunday May 5<br />

Classics at the Castle – The quintet, Quintessence,<br />

will be performing at the Richmond House Museum<br />

Music Room. Featuring internationally–acclaimed<br />

pianist Joanna Wicherek along with clarinet, French<br />

horn, cello and violin. Tickets @ R90 go on sale from<br />

Friday <strong>April</strong> 12 from KNA Port Alfred. Out-of-towners<br />

may phone KNA (046) 624-2036 to reserve their<br />

tickets, but these need to be collected and paid for<br />

soon after.<br />

Saturday May 11<br />

Port Alfred Sport Shooting Club. Handgun shoot.<br />

Visitors with licenced firearms welcome. Contact the<br />

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Saturday May 18<br />

Port Alfred Sport Shooting Club. Sport and Hunting<br />

shoot. Visitors with licenced firearms welcome. Contact<br />

the chairman on 083–633–1939.

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Talk of the Town 11<br />

TINKLING GLASSES: Rotarians, from left, Erna Light, Audrey Barnard and Rob Cross mingling and<br />

chatting before the start of the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea’s 10th birthday celebration at The<br />

Volo conference centre last week<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

TIME TO CHAT: Enjoying some fellowship before the start of the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea’s<br />

10th birthday celebration last week were, from left, Carol Oliver of the Rotary Club of Port Alfred,<br />

Tom McGhee, Maddy Webber and Mike Peter<br />

Marking 10 years’ of<br />

service above self<br />


How 10 years<br />

have flown by,<br />

was a common<br />

refrain at the Rotary<br />

Club of<br />

Kenton-on-Sea’s 10th<br />

birthday celebration at<br />

The Volo conference<br />

centre last week.<br />

After welcomes by<br />

Peter Reed serving as<br />

MC and grace led by<br />

Rev Glen Craig,<br />

everyone enjoyed a<br />

starter of avo cream<br />

cheese and salmon<br />

r o st i .<br />

Charter member,<br />

first president of the<br />

club and past district<br />

governor of Rotary,<br />

Bruce Steele-Gray<br />

related how the club<br />

was formed.<br />

“In July 2008 I was<br />

approached by Dave<br />

Slater and Roger<br />

Carthew to start a<br />

Rotary Club in Kenton.<br />

It was a risk and<br />

extremely brave on<br />

their part, because it<br />

might have offended<br />

the Port Alfred club,”<br />

Steele-Gray said.<br />

“Various meetings<br />

were held and we<br />

were able to<br />

cherrypick 33<br />

members, many of<br />

whom are still<br />

members.”<br />

The first meeting<br />

was held in August<br />

2008, and the first<br />

project the fledgling<br />

club got involved in<br />

was repairing the<br />

seawall in Kenton<br />

before the spring<br />

tides.<br />

The “having fun,<br />

doing good” mant ra<br />

was born.<br />

Injecting some mirth<br />

into the historical<br />

account, Steele-Gray<br />

said at the first board<br />

meeting in September<br />

2008 it was decided<br />

that people only have<br />

one drink before the<br />

meeting started.<br />

The charter dinner<br />

of the club was held in<br />

the Kenton town hall<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 4 2009,<br />

attended by 145<br />

people, including 67<br />

g u e st s .<br />

S t e e l e - G r ay<br />

mentioned the<br />

numerous projects<br />

and activities the club<br />

had been involved in,<br />

from friendship tours<br />

and establishing<br />

Interact Clubs at local<br />

schools, to snare<br />

removal and the<br />

annual garden<br />

competition.<br />

Kenton Rotary<br />

counts past district<br />

governors and<br />

assistant governors<br />

among its ranks, and<br />

has grown from 28<br />

members at its charter<br />

to 44 active members<br />

and six honorary<br />

members.<br />

Steele-Gray also<br />

called a roll of<br />

deceased members:<br />

Brian Bell, Dave Slater,<br />

Mike White, Olive<br />

Wilmot and Joan<br />

Jakins.<br />

It was then time for<br />

the main course – a<br />

buffet of<br />

Mediterranean rolled<br />

pork, beef<br />

bourguignon, mustard<br />

mash, jasmine rice,<br />

roasted butternut feta<br />

and walnut, minted<br />

peas and Big Fat<br />

Greek salad.<br />

While enjoying<br />

dessert of malva<br />

pudding, custard and<br />

ice-cream, Rotarians<br />

and guests could<br />

enjoy a slide show of<br />

photos of Rotary<br />

activities and<br />

memories over the<br />

past 10 years.<br />

A SLICE FOR EVERYONE: Kenton Rotary president Sandi Peter cuts the<br />

cake after the formalities at the club’s 10th birthday celebration last<br />

we e k<br />

SHARING MEMORIES: Bruce Steele-Gray, Tony Swift and Brian Pachonick at the Rotary Club of<br />

Kenton-on-Sea’s 10th birthday celebration at The Volo conference centre last week<br />

Stork Country<br />

Spread Tub 1kg<br />

R28.99 Each<br />

Sunshine D Lite Tub<br />

1kg<br />

R28.99 Each<br />

TALL STORIES: Simon Matthews chatted to High<br />

Wormald at the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea’s<br />

10th birthday celebration, held at The Volo<br />

conference centre last week<br />

Trading Hours Sunshine Coast Spar:<br />

Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 6pm<br />

Sat: 7:30am - 5pm Sun 7:30am - 4pm<br />

Valid: 26 - 28 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong> | E&OE |<br />

Tel: 046 648 1023 | While stocks last<br />

Snowflake Cake<br />

Wheat Flour 2.5kg<br />

2 for R35<br />

Beef Stew<br />

R68.99 Per kg<br />

Bokomo Weet Bix<br />

900gr<br />

R38.99 Each<br />

Potatoes 1.5kg<br />

2 for R20

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advertising feature<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Happy days as Royal Alfred<br />

Marina celebrates 30 years<br />

Two of the canals named<br />

after the original designers<br />

The Royal Alfred Marina<br />

clubhouse was filled to capacity<br />

last Tuesday evening when<br />

residents, former contractors and<br />

other invited guests attended the<br />

30th birthday celebration of the<br />

completion of the marina.<br />

In honour of the marina’s two<br />

developers who have passed on, the<br />

Royal Alfred Marina Homeowners<br />

Association (Ramhoa) has named<br />

two canals after them – the Keith<br />

Wilmot and Jannie van de Vyver<br />

canals.<br />

After Ramhoa executive committee<br />

member Isobel Meyer made the<br />

introductions, Pamcor’s Justin de<br />

Wet Steyn, the only surviving<br />

developer, took to the podium and<br />

described the building of the marina<br />

from its concept right through to its<br />

final commissioning in 1989.<br />

De Wet Steyn explained how the<br />

marina was designed to achieve the<br />

best possible tidal water quality and<br />

how the University of Natal created a<br />

scale-model to simulate the movement<br />

of the tide through the canals.<br />

“There was concern that the<br />

marina would cause problems in the<br />

quality of the water in the canals, but<br />

the model showed that not to be the<br />

case,” he explained.<br />

“The test indicated that all the<br />

water would be fully replaced with<br />

each tidal cycle and, provided the silt<br />

was removed, this was better than<br />

the international standard.”<br />

The marina has become an iconic<br />

symbol of Port Alfred, photographed<br />

as much to encourage buyers as to<br />

show the aesthetic beauty of the<br />

area. Each plot has a minimum direct<br />

water frontage of 15m and the sea<br />

can be reached directly from each<br />

property by boat.<br />

The design positions most of the<br />

homes in a north-easterly orientation<br />

allowing houses to take good<br />

advantage of the path of the sun.<br />

De Wet Steyn explained that the<br />

final authorisation for the building of<br />

the marina was delayed in Cape<br />

Town where politicians were<br />

reluctant to allow its construction<br />

due to some adverse opinions on its<br />

environmental impact on the river.<br />

“That was when we employed<br />

professor Johan Neethling from the<br />

University of the Western Cape to<br />

carry out extensive studies on the<br />

fish and benthic [river/seabed<br />

Turn to page 13<br />

PROUD HERITAGE: In honour of two original developers of the Royal Alfred Marina who have since passed away, two canals<br />

were renamed after them – the Jannie van de Vyver Canal and the Keith Wilmot Canal. This took place at the 30-year<br />

celebration held at the marina clubhouse on <strong>April</strong> 16. The extended families of the men stood holding plaques that would be<br />

positioned at the entrance of each canal<br />

Pictures: ROB KNOWLES<br />







This holiday book your Offshore Fishing Adventure with us.<br />

Cell: Darren : 082 – 818 8995 or<br />

<br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356<br />

Talk of the Town 13<br />


MARINA: Having a<br />

great time at the 30th<br />

anniversary of the<br />

Royal Port Alfred<br />

Marina last week<br />

were, from left,<br />

Phumla Mlonyeni,<br />

Estelle Jordaan and<br />

husband Jan, Simoné<br />

Adlem and Daniel<br />

Geldenhuys<br />

Picture: ROB KNOWLES<br />

JOB WELL DONE: Those responsible for keeping the Royal Alfred Marina<br />

clean and tidy were also thanked at the marina’s 30th birthday<br />

celebration at the clubhouse. From left are Imelda Oosthuizen and her<br />

husband Graven who is the supervisor at the marina, as well as marina<br />

manager Mike Hosty<br />

Picture: ROB KNOWLES<br />

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advertising feature<br />

PREPARATORY WORK: The West Bank of the Kowie River was being<br />

levelled and retaining walls were constructed in 1988 in preparation for<br />

the construction of the Royal Alfred Marina<br />

Exemplar of<br />

marina design<br />

celebrated<br />

From page 12<br />

creatures] communities of the Kowie Estuary and<br />

concluded that the marina impacted the habitat<br />

and species positively,” he said.<br />

“The silt that built up was identified and a place<br />

on East Beach was designated where it could be<br />

deposited.”<br />

The marina was the first development in Port<br />

Alfred to enjoy full waterborne sanitation and the<br />

development brought about the construction of the<br />

local municipality’s sewerage works in 1988 which<br />

began serving the greater Port Alfred. It has since<br />

been upgraded.<br />

Storm water from the Marina is discharged<br />

directly into the canals and no reticulation is<br />

required. Maintenance is controlled by the<br />

executive committee elected annually by Ramhoa.<br />

This includes management and keeping in good<br />

clean order the canals, the tar roads and bridges<br />

along with residents’ facilities and amenities,<br />

namely the clubhouse and swimming pool, tennis<br />

and squash courts as well as being responsible for<br />

the security of the project.<br />

The Kowie River was canalised early in the 19th<br />

century with semi-permeable, stone-packed walls.<br />

In view of the fact that the marina canals<br />

experience full tidal exchange it makes a<br />

contribution to the ecosystem as it acts as a<br />

breeding grounds for juvenile species, a protected<br />

habitat areas for vulnerable species, and as areas<br />

for the production of plant tissue.<br />

It was a very festive atmosphere at last<br />

Tu e s d ay ’s celebration and local muso Anthony<br />

Caplan kept the atmosphere light with some great<br />

old favourites, as well as new songs. The food was<br />

delicious and plentiful and everyone had a great<br />

time celebrating this exemplar of marina design.<br />

A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT: The course of the Kowie River was<br />

straightened to accommodate the Royal Alfred Marina as could be seen<br />

from the air in 1987<br />

Picture: LYNLEY CLARKE<br />

DUNES’ END: The sandy beach was being levelled to make way for the<br />

construction of the Royal Alfred Marina, as can been seen from this<br />

photograph from 1987<br />

TEL: 043 740 2993<br />

Congratulations to the<br />

Royal Alfred Marina<br />

on your 30th Anniversary!<br />

29 Miles Street, PA | Tel: 046 624 4356 | Fax: 046 624 2293<br />

Congratulations on<br />

your 30th Milestone -<br />

You are truly an<br />

asset to Port Alfred!<br />





AREAS SINCE 1985<br />

CONTACT: RICHARD HENY: 083 633 0113<br />

richard@henbrick.co.za<br />


Congratulations on 30 years -<br />

We wish you many more<br />

milestone years ahead!<br />




Wishing you all<br />

the best on your<br />

30th Anniversary.<br />

We are very proud to<br />

be associated with the<br />

Royal Alfred Marina.

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Talk of the Town 15<br />

advertising feature<br />

TEARING ALONG THE BEACH: Unavoidably, big<br />

machines were brought in 1988 to what was<br />

then East Beach in order to clear away sand<br />

that could hamper the development of the Royal<br />

Alfred Marina<br />

W H AT ’S HAPPENING? In 1988 locals visited the<br />

site where construction was under way to make<br />

way for the Royal Alfred Marina<br />

S A’s watershed<br />

moment on<br />

property rights<br />

IN THE MAKING: A photograph of the construction of the marina taken from a plane in 1987<br />

Picture: LYNLEY CLARKE<br />

Congratulations<br />

to the<br />

Royal Alfred Marina<br />

on their<br />

30th Anniversary!<br />

RE/MAX Kowie - 54 Campbell Street | 046 624 1110<br />

Congratulations to the<br />

Royal Alfred Marina<br />

on your 30th Anniversary!<br />

What a wonderful asset you<br />

are to our town.<br />

C: 082 569 3478<br />

A VIEW FROM THE WEST BANK: The marina development was well under way in 1988<br />

BEFORE THE MARINA: The East Bank of the Kowie River taken before the construction of the Royal<br />

Alfred Marina<br />

AERIAL VIEW: A closer view of the Kowie River<br />

as construction of the Royal Alfred Marina was<br />

under way Picture: LYNLEY CLARKE<br />

Happy 30th Anniversary<br />

to the Royal Alfred Marina -<br />

Wishing you many more<br />

successful years ahead!<br />

MR EGGY’S EASTER SUPRISE: The Feathers Farm mascot, Mr Eggy together with rep, Charlene Vorster,<br />

visited the Port Alfred High School Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase Classes last Thursday and<br />

handed out marshmallow Easter eggs to the delighted children<br />

Marketing is key to<br />

Feathers Farm’s<br />

success story<br />

“Grandpa realised early on that<br />

a good marketing strategy<br />

depends on three factors:<br />

quality, quantity and<br />

reliabilit y,” says Kate Knight,<br />

co-owner of local egg farm,<br />

Feathers Farm.<br />

The egg farm was<br />

established by Knight’s<br />

grandparents, Avro and Pat<br />

Randall in Southwell in 1948<br />

when drought all but wiped out<br />

Randall’s hopes of becoming a<br />

cattle farmer after serving in<br />

the air force as a pilot during<br />

the Second World War.<br />

The farm was purchased by<br />

Paul and Kate Knight from<br />

K at e ’s parents, Joc and George<br />

Guest in 1997 who had<br />

themselves fiercely guarded<br />

this recipe for market success.<br />

Knight remembers special<br />

deliveries being made by her<br />

parents to assist customers<br />

who had underestimated<br />

demand over high days and<br />

holidays such as Easter.<br />

During the Guests’ era, the<br />

brand was solidified under the<br />

name “Feathers Farm” and<br />

new packaging options<br />

explored and adopted.<br />

“Freshness has always been<br />

a cornerstone to the brand’s<br />

promise,” said Knight’s<br />

husband, Paul, who, together<br />

with his wife, has pioneered<br />

various unique selling points<br />

to differentiate their product in<br />

a fiercely competitive market.<br />

“We first began exploring<br />

the idea of a mascot in the<br />

early 2000s and were fortunate<br />

to purchase, via the internet,<br />

the Mr Eggy costume and<br />

import it from China.”<br />

He has been a hit ever since.<br />

The brand continued to<br />

move with the times with both<br />

product diversification and<br />

extension taking place.<br />

For example, Feathers Farm<br />

joined the Top Lay egg<br />

producers co-operative.<br />

“It made sense to band<br />

together with other leading<br />

egg producers to secure<br />

market channels, entrench the<br />

highest production standards<br />

and improve price negotiation<br />

with top retail chains.”<br />

The growing popularity of<br />

free-range eggs saw the<br />

couple move quickly and<br />

establish themselves as the<br />

biggest free range egg<br />

supplier in the Eastern Cape.<br />

On this front the Knights<br />

have brought about a double<br />

brand differentiation.<br />

F i r st , the farm is audited<br />

thus reassuring the consumer<br />

that their eggs are 100% free<br />

range and the laying hens are<br />

treated according to the<br />

highest international animal<br />

husbandary standards.<br />

Second, a delightfully downy<br />

feather is now a feature in<br />

every pack of their Scratch<br />

Patch free range eggs.<br />

“This idea came to me one<br />

day while out in the hen<br />

houses and a feather floated in<br />

a beam of sunlight in front of<br />

me,” explains Knight.<br />

Staff carefully collect the<br />

feathers which are then<br />

washed in a pillow slip in a<br />

washing machine, dried in the<br />

sun and then individually hand<br />

placed in the egg boxes.<br />

Far mers’ fate ‘litmus test’ of what<br />

will happen if state not confronted<br />



South Africans need to speak clearly and<br />

forcefully for their interests if they are to<br />

secure the future of the country as a free and<br />

prosperous society.<br />

This was the message delivered by Institute<br />

of Race Relations (IRR) project manager<br />

Terence Corrigan at the launch of the Southern<br />

African Agricultural Initiative (SAAI) in Pretoria<br />

r e c e n t l y.<br />

SA faces serious challenges, especially the<br />

threat to property rights in the drive towards<br />

Expropriation without Compensation, which is<br />

codified in the Expropriation Bill and<br />

reinforced by the determination of the ruling<br />

ANC to force through an amendment to the<br />

c o n st i t u t i o n .<br />

“Today we are at a watershed moment,” said<br />

Corrigan. “This is a point at which we need to<br />

declare a willingness to confront, however<br />

heretical it seems, the implications of the<br />

ideological currents that shape the decisions<br />

and policies taken by the South African<br />

government.”<br />

The fate of farmers was “the litmus test of<br />

what will happen to us all. Given what is at<br />

stake, in many respects all South Africans are<br />

commercial farmers today”.<br />

Sketching an overview of current<br />

developments, Corrigan cited IRR analysis<br />

showing that many in the ANC and in<br />

government were committed to empowering<br />

the state to intrude ever more deeply into the<br />

lives and property of South Africans. At the<br />

same time, demographic trends and economic<br />

failings were working against the ANC’s<br />

electoral dominance.<br />

“The ANC is rapidly running out of room to<br />

manoeuvre and is trapped in an ideological<br />

prison of its own making. Unable to reform,<br />

the ANC is likely to preside over an economy<br />


TEL: (046) 653 0189<br />





that is unable to grow, and so turns instead to<br />

racial nationalist incitement to detract<br />

attention from its failures, animate its<br />

supporters to vote, and to open the way to the<br />

erosion of civil liberties and the rule of law –<br />

should it in time come to that,” said Corrigan.<br />

Appeasement had not proved to be an<br />

effective response.<br />

Too often organised interests had thrown<br />

away their influence by attempting to cut<br />

deals, or by attempting to win favour by<br />

representing government to their<br />

constituencies, rather than vice versa.<br />

This must stop. South Africans need to<br />

realise the gravity of the situation and push<br />

back. Central to this is for organisations to<br />

challenge these dangerous trends in the realm<br />

of ideas. Objecting to the reckless course of<br />

events, and countering it with solid arguments<br />

– directed not only at government or the<br />

ruling party, but at society as a whole – is<br />

crucial.<br />

The IRR has frequently called on people to<br />

take up this responsibility.<br />

Corrigan noted that the IRR had repeatedly<br />

stated over the past 12 months: “We cannot<br />

guarantee you that we will win because it is<br />

now late in the day, and more apparent than<br />

ever that those who assured you there was<br />

nothing to fear have been wrong all along. But<br />

we can guarantee you that we will fight so<br />

that we know we did all we could.”<br />

ý More than 150,000 South Africans have<br />

given the IRR a mandate to fight Expropriation<br />

without Compensation (EWC) on their behalf.<br />

The IRR has handed to the Office of the<br />

President each individual mandate from every<br />

South African who has supported the IRR in<br />

opposing EWC. See h t t p s : / / i r r. o r g . z a / c a m p a i g n s /<br />

d e f e n d - y o u r - p ro p e r t y - r i g h t s / e n d o r s e - o u r - c h a r t e r

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Sunday Morning Service 9.30am.<br />

Evening Service: 6.30pm.<br />

Friday Junior Youth: 7pm.<br />

Enquiries: (046) 624-1915.<br />


Sunday morning: 10am.<br />

Enquiries: Pastor P Israel 084-582-4607<br />


Eredienste elke Sondag oggend om 9vm in<br />

die “Settlers Church” historiese monument)<br />

h/v Buthurst str and North str. Navrae ds<br />

Aucamp by (046) 654-0106/083-654-9190 of<br />

Bert Venter by (046)<br />

654 -0272/082-451-2426.<br />


Albany Centre, 90 Albany Road.<br />

“For the law was given through Moses, but<br />

grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”<br />

(John 1:17).<br />

Sundays: 9.30am<br />

Contact: Gary Ford 072-761-3417, (046)<br />

624 -4985<br />


Previously Bushmans Family Fellowship meet<br />

in Bushmans Town Hall 9am Sunday<br />

mornings! All welcome!<br />

Contact: Ps Charles Southey 078-650-3694.<br />


Meets at the MyPond Hotel Conference Centre<br />

every Sunday from 10am (intercessory prayer<br />

followed by the service) until 1pm.<br />


Sunday Morning Service and Club Jesus.<br />

(ages 4 to 12) 9am. (Baby cry room).<br />

Sunday Evening Service: 6.30pm. (Praise and<br />

p r ay e r ).<br />

Friday evening “G U TS ” (All Teens Welcome)<br />

6pm-8pm.<br />

Free Bible school – Tuesdays 6.30pm.<br />

Enquiries: PS Leon De Smidt 082-330-6865.<br />


WESLEY (Hards St):<br />

Every Sunday: 8.30am (only).<br />


Sunday service: 10am.<br />

Bible Study : Wednesday 6.15pm<br />

Cell 074-582-0812.<br />

STATION HILL (Windvogel St):<br />

Every Sunday: 11am and 4pm<br />

B AT H U R ST (York Rd):<br />

Every Sunday: 9am<br />

C LU M B E R (Shaw Park Rd from Bathurst then<br />

Martindale turn off):<br />

Monthly services on fourth Sunday of every<br />

month at 11am.<br />

ROKEBY PARK (Opp Halfway Store on<br />

Grahamstown Rd):<br />

Second Sunday: 11am.<br />

KLEINEMONDE ( N at u r e ’s Way):<br />

First, Third and Fifth Sundays: 11am<br />

Enquiries: (046) 624-2420.<br />

K E N TO N :<br />

Every Sunday: 8.30am.<br />

Call 084-319-9634, Rev Rod Burton.<br />



26, Port Alfred, 6170<br />

Kantoorure: Maandag tot Vrydag 8am-12pm.<br />

Tel: (046) 624-3534<br />

PORT ALFRED: (Broadway 26)<br />

Elke Sondag: 9vm.<br />

Kinderkerk and Kategese tydens erediens.<br />

BOESMANSRIVIERMOND: (Mainst reet)<br />

Elke Sondag: 9vm.<br />

Kinderkerk tydens die erediens en 10vm<br />

K at e g e s e .<br />


Dienste elke 4de Sondag van die maand:<br />

11vm.<br />

Leraar: Ds Wikus Venter Sel: 078-800-3353<br />

ALEXANDRIA: (Mainst reet)<br />

Erediens elke Sondag: 09:30am.<br />

Kantoorure: Maandag tot Vrydag 8am- 1pm.<br />

Tel: (046) 653- 0147.<br />

Kontak: Ds Willem Schoeman (046)<br />

653-0010 of 083-607-8790.<br />


St Nicolas, Beachweg, Port Alfred<br />

Eredienste: Elke Sondag om 9vm.<br />

Kategese na erediens.<br />

Kontak Prof John Gericke (046) 624-90<strong>25</strong><br />

of sel 082-565-9534<br />


Port Alfred and Kenton on Sea.<br />

For information on services. Eddie<br />

078-752-2233 or Arnol 082-809-3421.<br />


Honeycombsentrum, 88 Albanyweg, Port<br />

Alfre d.<br />

Sondae: 9.30vm en 6.30nm.<br />

Dinsdae: Vrouebiduur 10vm<br />

Woensdae: Seldiens by kerk 7nm<br />

Vir meer inligting kontak: Pastoor Theo en<br />

Marinda Snyman 084-811-0606 / (046)<br />

624-2265. Almal welkom – All welcome<br />


Perisos (Oorvloed/Abundance) nooi u uit na<br />

samekomste: Alexandria. Elke Sondag om<br />

9.30vm te Maria-saal (agter Caltex-garage).<br />

073 - 586 - 0201 .<br />

Prediker Theunis Pienaar – 082- 895 - 8830 .<br />

Ons verkondig: Oorvloed in Christus.<br />


Corner of Southwell and Becker Street.<br />

Sunday worship and Children’s Church: 9am –<br />

10am<br />

Communion Services: 1st Sunday of the<br />

month<br />

Cell groups: Monday 4pm at the church and<br />

Thursday 7pm at 11 Lambert Road.<br />

Enquiries: Errol Parsons 084-800-3033 /<br />

(046) 624-4471.<br />


Service Times – Saturdays: 9:30am- 12 noon.<br />

Enquiries: Judith on 083-652-5655 or Trevor<br />

082- 492-3789.<br />


Sunday mornings: 10am<br />

Monday and Wednesday: 7pm<br />

Youth on Friday evenings: 7pm.<br />

Enquiries: Dan Hilpert 079-649-8750.<br />



Meets Sunday mornings 9am in Kenton on<br />

Sea Town Hall. The 1st church in South Africa<br />

to be operating on this concept. Called<br />

Student Church as the services are run by the<br />

full time students from Generation Impact<br />

Bible College. Believers of all ages welcome.<br />

Exciting Children’s Church available.A church<br />

that equips Saints of all ages. Contact:<br />

Madelein 084-513-7306.<br />


Sunday morning services: 9am.<br />

All are welcome.<br />

Enquiries: Gavin – 079-211-4675 or Diana –<br />

072-344 -1102<br />



Meets every Sunday for Sacrament Service at<br />

9am followed by Sunday School at 10am.<br />

Priest hood meeting at 11am and Relief<br />

Society meeting at 11am.<br />

New church location is <strong>25</strong> Biscay Road across<br />

the street from Sky Security in Port Alfred.<br />

Visitors welcome.<br />

Phone: 083-452-8801 or 078-132-7336.<br />


Contemporary – Connected – Commit ted.<br />

“Connecting people to people – Connecting<br />

people to God.”<br />

M e et i n g s :<br />

Sunday 9:30am<br />

Wednesday: 6:30pm<br />

“Connect Groups”. Directions: Turn left into<br />

Van Riebeeck Street – Last street on main<br />

road leaving Port Alfred for PE (VW<br />

Showroom on corner) – 800m turn first right<br />

into Green Lane – Go straight up to T-junction<br />

will see roof of church ahead.<br />

Enquiries: 083-444-9380/ 082-373-8181 /<br />

082- 677-78 00 .<br />



Across the road from the BP garage and<br />

fire station open every day 8am-12pm<br />

except Mondays.<br />

Sunday : 9am (Morning Service with Mother’s<br />

room and Children’s Church)<br />

Evening service: 6pm. All are welcome.<br />

Youth: 6.30pm on Friday Evening.<br />

Enquiries: (046) 624-2381, After hours:<br />

072-219 -9065.<br />


Complete this Sudoku and be in line to win a R35 voucher from<br />

Wharf Street Fruit & Veg in Wharf Street.Entries must be in by<br />

3:30pm on Tuesday at the TotT office - 29 Miles St. Winner to<br />

please collect voucher (must show ID) from TotT offices before<br />

Tersia Wienand.<br />

Wharf Street<br />

Name:...................................................................................................<br />

Tel No:...................................................................................................<br />



Name:.........................................................................................................................<br />

Address:....................................................Tel No:......................................................<br />

Entries must be<br />

submitted by 3:30pm<br />

on Tuesday at the<br />

TotT Office -<br />

29 Miles Street.<br />

Winner of last<br />

<br />

Royal St Andrews-<br />

ă<br />

Catherine McNeil<br />

Halyards Sunday<br />

Lunch Buffet<br />

for Two -<br />

Jenny Dalgety<br />

Winner to please<br />

collect voucher<br />

(must show ID) from<br />

TotT offices before<br />

attempting to redeem<br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 17<br />

LOCAL SUPPORT: Fred and Tracy Golombick<br />

socialising after the opening ceremony of the<br />

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge last<br />

Friday night<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

DURBAN BOYS: Bodyboarders from eThekwini, from left, Nowell Buckley, Brad Dames,<br />

Jared Visick and Angelo Ackerman enjoying snacks after the opening ceremony of the<br />

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge last Friday night<br />

ENJOYING THE OCCASION: Hein Claassen and<br />

Liana Hamman attended the opening ceremony<br />

of the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge<br />

last Friday night<br />

OPENING SOCIAL: Attending the opening ceremony of the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi<br />

Challenge last Friday night were, from left, Clinton Millard, Sandy Birch and Justin de Wet<br />

Steyn<br />

YOUTHFUL ENTRANTS: Wermare Verwey and Jonathan<br />

Steck at the end of the parkrun last Saturday<br />

Picture: JON HOUZET<br />

FIRST TIMERS: Maryke and Werner Verwey did<br />

their first Port Alfred parkrun last Saturday<br />

P.A.<br />


TEL: 046 624 1117<br />


R40<br />


R55<br />


R110<br />







R130<br />


18 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

2<br />


2070<br />

Health & Beauty<br />


in Kenton on Sea.<br />

īĞŝŶŐŝŌŽŽŵĞ<br />

ĚĂĚĞŵŝĞŽďůĞ<br />

ŽŶŝĂŽŶŐĞŵŵŵ<br />

ŝĂĐŝĂůĞĞů<br />

ĂĞůůĂŚŽŵĞĐĂĞ<br />

ŽĚĐĞůůĂŝŶĞĚ<br />

ĂīĂĞĂůŝĮĞĚŽŐŝĞ<br />


ĞĐŝĂůŝŝŶŐŝŶŶŐŝŶŐ<br />

ĂĐŝĂůĞŐŝŵĞĞŽīĞ<br />

ŝĐŽďůĂĚŝŶŐĞŵĂŶĞŶ<br />



ĞŶĞĂůĂĐŝĂů<br />

ĂůůĨŽŽĮĨĞĞ<br />



Call 046 648 1139.<br />

Shop 5B, Boardwalk center,<br />

Kenton on Sea.<br />

MARGIE<br />


Physiotherapist<br />

Treating Backache,<br />

Neck-Ache, Headaches,<br />

Joint and Muscle<br />

Problems, Sports<br />

Injuries, Orthopaedic<br />

Rehabilitation,<br />

Bladder Control.<br />

Kenton-on-Sea<br />

Tel: 046 648 1396<br />

2260<br />

Finance<br />

<br />

Žŵ<br />

ŝŶĂŶĐŝĂůĂĞŵĞŶ<br />

ĂĞŶ<br />


Ğůů<br />

ŵĂŝů<br />

ůΛŝŵĂŐŝŶĞĐŽĂ<br />

Finance<br />

2260<br />




Life Cover Quotes<br />

ĞĞŵĞŶůĂŶŶŝŶŐ<br />

ĞĂŶĚŽ<br />

ŶĞŵĞŶĚŝĐĞ<br />

ĞĞŝůů<br />

Theo van der Walt (BCom)<br />

082 784 7212<br />

theo.vanderwalt@<br />

adviceworx.co.za<br />

Ŷ<br />


GUIDE<br />

Plumbing<br />

5<br />

5090<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

5120<br />

Building Services<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Ž<br />

ŽůĨĞĚ<br />

Ğů<br />

Ă<br />

Ğůů<br />

ŝŶĐĂĞĞůŬŽŵ<br />

ůŝŶĞŝĚŽŶ<br />

5122<br />

Home Maintenance<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

5360<br />

Garden Services<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

5570<br />

Removals & Storage<br />

5570<br />

Removals & Storage<br />

15m 2 Unit - R700p.m<br />

20m 2 Unit - R850p.m<br />

Long & Short<br />

Term.<br />


TANYA<br />

082 565 8660<br />

5510<br />

Kennels and Pets<br />

34 Atherstone Road<br />

Port Alfred, EC<br />

Dr L de Bruyn<br />

Dr H Brink<br />

Dr M Van Vuuren<br />

Dr J Krüger<br />

Consulting Hours:<br />

Week days<br />

08:00 -18:00<br />



Saturdays & Public<br />

Holidays 09:00 – 13:00<br />

Sundays 10:00 – 12:00<br />

Contact us:<br />

Tel: 046 624 1092<br />

Fax: 046 624 1092<br />

Emergency No:<br />

082 566 3502<br />



Expanded kennels<br />

& Cattery<br />

5550<br />

Misc. Wanted<br />



Require stock for their<br />

charity shop. We accept<br />

anything including<br />

furniture, crockery, cutlery,<br />

kitchen and electrical<br />

appliances, glassware,<br />


linen, curtains, clothes,<br />

toys, books, bric a brac etc.<br />




ĨŽŵŚŚĂ<br />


ůĨĞĚTel: 046 624 4107<br />

5630<br />

Services Offered<br />

For the hiring of the<br />



TABLES, ETC. at / from<br />



084 607 6174<br />


U-Store<br />

<br />

Clear your garage<br />

or spare room of<br />

ůŝůĞĞĚĐůĞ<br />

ŽĞŝŚŽĞ<br />

Secure, convenient<br />

storage for individuals and<br />

companies in container<br />

ŽĂĞŚŽĞĨĂĐŝůŝĞ <br />

located in Port Alfred’s<br />

prime industrial area.<br />

Also store boats, vehicles<br />

and camper vans.<br />


professional service.<br />

Call Doug on<br />

0832<strong>25</strong>9688 or mail:<br />

ĚĂŶĚŬĞŵΛŐŵĂŝůĐŽŵ<br />

5630<br />

Services Offered<br />

All contents<br />

of Homes.<br />

sunshinecoast@movingon.co.za<br />

www.movingon.co.za<br />

Diane Hosty:<br />

082 775 2777<br />



Kitchens, bedroom<br />

cupboards, decks,<br />

windows, building,<br />

plumbing and electrical,<br />


Lloyd 082-821-7997<br />

woodpeckerjoinery.co.za<br />

STORAGE:<br />

Riversbend Industrial<br />

Park, Bushman’s<br />

River; 15m2 Unit –<br />

R450pm. Various<br />

size units available.<br />

Contact Louis:<br />

082 574 <strong>25</strong>40<br />

6<br />


6150<br />

Employment Wtd.<br />

BONGANI is looking for<br />

general work. He can<br />

paint, build and do carpentry.<br />

PHONE: 062 931<br />

6344<br />

MATILDA is looking for<br />

part-time domestic job for<br />

Thursdays<br />

only.<br />

References available.<br />

Phone: 083 862 0609<br />

6150<br />

Employment Wtd.<br />

PHUMEZA is looking for a<br />

part-time domestic job for<br />

Mondays, Wednesdays<br />

and Fridays. References<br />

available.<br />

Phone:<br />

073 719 4666<br />

Thandeka is looking for a<br />

care-giver job for full or<br />

part-time. References<br />

available.<br />

Phone:<br />

072 970 1520<br />

6170<br />

Estate Agents<br />




All Tenants are screened and<br />

Credit checks are done.<br />

We update payment profile<br />

at the national credit bureau.<br />

Contact us for professional<br />

and Experienced property<br />

management.<br />

Contact Arlene Du Plessis<br />

at Remax Kowie<br />

Tel: 046 624 1110<br />

arlene@remaxkowie.co.za<br />

Harcourts Port Alfred<br />

046 624 5222<br />

rent.pa@harcourts.co.za<br />

We have a number<br />

Ǧ<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


046 624 5222 or<br />

on 082 604 2733<br />



JOHN TREE, Identity Number 370626<br />

5140 086 who was married out of<br />

community of property and died on the<br />

12 th December 2018 and resident at 52<br />

Umdoni Downs, Port Alfred<br />

ESTATE NUMBER 343/<strong>2019</strong><br />

The First and Final Liquidation Account<br />

in the above estate will lie for inspection at<br />



Port Alfred for a period of twenty-one days<br />

from the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this the 4 th<br />

Day of <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />



Neave Stötter Inc<br />



Ref: pk/MAT9407<br />


BEZUIDENHOUT, Identity Number 440502<br />

5085 082, who died on the 8 th <strong>April</strong> 2015<br />


Identity Number 500704 0134 082, to whom<br />

he was married in community of property, of<br />


ESTATE NUMBER 185/<strong>2019</strong><br />




within 30 days of the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this 15 th<br />

Day of <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />



Neave Stötter Inc<br />



Ref: pk/MAT9402<br />


<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

Help<br />

Guide<br />


<br />

<br />



<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

DSTV<br />


<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />



<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

TYRES<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 19<br />









1 JAWS OF LIFE<br />


Bidders Shall Take Note of the Following Bid Conditions:<br />

1. Prices must be valid for at least ninety (90) days from the closing date.<br />

2. Prices quoted must be inclusive of VAT.<br />

3. Ndlambe Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any other bid and<br />

reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the bid.<br />

4. Bids that are late will not be considered, whilst the lowest or only quotation will not<br />

necessarily be accepted. Quotations per fax or E-mail will also not be considered.<br />

5. ¿<br />

6. ¿<br />

a tax reference number and PIN or TCC number must be provided.<br />

7. Bidders must complete Council’s Declaration of Interest form (MBD4).<br />

8. ¿MBD9).<br />

9. Bidders who wish to claim for preferential points in terms of the Preferential Procurement<br />

MBD 6.1 as well as a <br />

of the proof of B-BBEE status level of contribution.<br />

10. ¿ <br />

applicable, directors/owners) must accompany all bids.<br />

11. <br />

<br />

12. <br />

¿<br />

It should be noted that the 80/20 points system will be applied, 80 being for price and 20<br />

¿<br />

<br />

The abovementioned MBD forms are available for download from:<br />

http://www.ndlambe.gov.za/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&Itemid=&gid=46<br />

<br />

<br />

Tenders must be placed in sealed envelope marked “TENDER NUMBER 89/<strong>2019</strong> -<br />


¿<br />

12h00 on 13 MAY <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

NOTICE NUMBER: 89/<strong>2019</strong><br />

DATE: 26/04/<strong>2019</strong><br />



<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

TWO x<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

RAMS:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

ONE xONE x<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


ONE x<br />

<br />

<br />




<strong>2019</strong>/2020 PERIOD<br />

Tenders are hereby invited from suitably accredited Lifeguard companies for the rendering of<br />

¿<br />



1. Fish River beach 14 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

2. Kleinemonde (East) 14 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

3. Port Alfred (East) 06 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

4. Port Alfred (West) 06 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

5. Boesmans River Beach 06 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

6. Boknes Beach 06 Dec – 05 January 2020 3 Lifeguards<br />

7. Boknes Lagoon 06 Dec – 05 January 2020 1 Lifeguard<br />

8. <br />

9. Kelly’s Blue Flag Beach 01 Dec <strong>2019</strong> – 01 May 2020 4 Lifeguards<br />

10. Kariega Blue Flag Beach 01 Dec <strong>2019</strong> – 01 May 2020 4 Lifeguards<br />


1. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in providing lifeguard services along the Eastern Cape<br />

<br />

also be a preference.<br />

2. <br />

3. All equipment to be provided by the successful bidder (includes communication via cell<br />

ÀÀ¿<br />

equipment, duty books, torpedo buoys and other).<br />

4. All transport requirements of the lifeguards are the responsibility of the successful bidder,<br />

including the daily transport of lifeguards and equipment to and from the beaches<br />

concerned.<br />

5. Preference to be given to local lifesavers (lifesavers from the Ndlambe municipal area)<br />

<br />

<br />

6. <br />

supervisors etc. and ensure they are adequately looked after, fed etc.<br />

7. The appointed service provider is required to submit an “End of Season Report” to Ndlambe<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

reports per Blue Flag Beach)<br />

8. <br />

<br />

beaches.<br />

9. -<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

cell phone).<br />

10. <br />

<br />

them to plan effectively.<br />

<br />

¿¿¿<br />

¿<br />

¿¿<br />

<br />

Flag Full Status beach.<br />

<br />

<br />

service<br />

<br />

03 May <strong>2019</strong><br />

at 08h00<br />

<br />

River to Boknes.<br />

15. For further information please contact the Beach manager on 046 604 5527.<br />

-<br />

<br />


a) ¿<br />

b) <br />

<br />

c) Proof of Company registration must be provided<br />

d) ¿<br />

<br />

e) Evidence of registration of company on the Central Supplier Database must be provided (CSD<br />

“MAAA” number).<br />

f) MBD4).<br />

g) ¿MBD9).<br />

h) <br />

Regulations, 2017, must submit a completed form MBD 6.1CERTIFIED COPY<br />

of the proof of B-BBEE status level of contribution.<br />

i) ¿<br />

to be provided.<br />

j) <br />

¿<br />

k) <br />

The abovementioned MBD forms and proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA) are<br />

<br />

<br />

¿¿.<br />

Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked “NOTICE 92/<strong>2019</strong> - LIFEGUARD-<br />

ING TENDER <strong>2019</strong>/2020” and be placed in a tender box in the ¿, <br />

not later than 12:00 <br />

Centre at 12:00 on the same day.<br />

For enquiries contact telephone 046-604 5527 or Ms T Mapekula on 046 604<br />

5606 for Supply Chain related enquiries.<br />

NOTICE NUMBER 92 / <strong>2019</strong><br />


20 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

ENJOYING THE VIBE: From left, Bryan Mentz and Lyle Schentke of EP Bodyboarding with Bernadette<br />

Nel-Naude of Atlas Security at the opening ceremony of the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi<br />

Challenge last Friday night<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />



SURFERS REPRESENT: From left, Richard Heny, Dave Macgregor and his son Kye at the opening<br />

ceremony of the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge last Friday night<br />







Tenders are hereby invited for the transportation of livestock found in Public Open Spaces<br />

throughout the jurisdiction of Ndlambe municipality, to the Alexandria Pound for the <strong>2019</strong>/2020<br />

¿<br />


<br />

The livestock truck to be used needs to meet the requirements of relevant legislation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

The truck, the driver and a team of herders must be available 24 hours per day, 7<br />

days a week so that it can respond to call outs of stray animals when reported by the<br />

¿¿<br />

<br />

All livestock loaded need to be recorded at the nearest South African Police Services<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

A logbook is to be kept of all call outs, kilometers travelled, start and end times, load<br />

carried and be made available for inspection when requested by a duly authorised<br />

¿<br />

Bidding fees should include and specify, the following:<br />

Rate per kilometer for travelling<br />

Rate per hour for call-out<br />

Rate per head of livestock to transport<br />


¿<br />

Ndlambe Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest written quotation or any<br />

<br />

Proof of Company registration must be provided<br />

¿<br />

<br />

Evidence of registration of company on the Central Supplier Database must be provided<br />

<br />

Bidders must complete Council’s Declaration of Interest form (MBD4<br />

¿MBD9<br />

Bidders who wish to claim for preferential points in terms of the Preferential Procurement<br />

Regulations, 2017, must submit a completed form MBD 6.1 as well as a CERTIFIED<br />

COPY<br />

¿<br />

<br />

It should be noted that the 80/20 points system will be applied, 80 being for price and<br />

¿<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

available for download from:<br />

<br />

¿ <br />

¿. Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked “NOTICE<br />

93/<strong>2019</strong> - TRANSPORTATION OF LIVESTOCK” and be placed in a tender box in the<br />

¿, not later than 12:00 <br />

<strong>2019</strong> Tenders will be open at Civic Centre at 12:00<br />

For enquiries contact telephone 046-604 5527 or Ms T Mapekula on 046 604<br />

<br />

NOTICE NUMBER 93/ <strong>2019</strong><br />


<br />




1 JULY <strong>2019</strong> to 30 JUNE 2020<br />

Ndlambe Municipality invites interested parties to submit quotations to be a Service Provider/<br />

Agent for the issuing of boat licences on behalf of the Municipality.<br />

¿<br />

1. Applications are hereby invited for a Service Provider to issue boat licenses in the<br />

Port Alfred area.<br />

2. Successful Bidders will be required to enter into a Service Level Agreement with<br />

Ndlambe Municipality for rendering the service of issuing boat licenses in terms of the<br />

By-law for the Control of Boats and others activities on the rivers within the Ndlambe<br />

area of jurisdiction, 2003.<br />

3. The Service Level Agreement will come into effect once it has been signed by both<br />

parties and will run from the date signed up until 30 June 2020.<br />

4. All personnel appointed must be suitably trained by the Service Provider (assistance<br />

may be given by the municipal representative) to deal with monies received from the<br />

Public and permits issued to them. The person dealing with the Public must be able<br />

to converse in English.<br />

5. It is imperative that the Service Provider makes a card system pay-point available<br />

for payment purposes and costs incurred in this regard will be for the account of the<br />

Service Provider.<br />

6. For convenience purposes, the Service Provider should have premises close to boatlaunching<br />

sites. It will also be necessary for the successful Bidder to work outside of<br />

normal working hours, i.e. weekends and public holidays.<br />

7. The Service Provider and all personnel must have a broad knowledge of the Ndlambe<br />

Municipal By-law: Regulations for the control of boating and other activities along the<br />

Ndlambe rivers, promulgated in 2003.<br />

8. The successful Bidder will be required to have the best interests of the Municipality<br />

at all times in their duties as an Agent of the Municipality.<br />

9. The Service Provider will be responsible for the safekeeping of all cash received until<br />

¿<br />

10. An agreed fee per services will be based on the Ndlambe Municipal Council decision.<br />

It must be noted that the fee is per annual boat registration license / permit from<br />

the 1 st July <strong>2019</strong> to the 30 th June 2020, excluding VAT.<br />

11. All monies received and paid over to the Municipality are to be accompanied by corresponding<br />

and balancing spread-sheets to be given to the Environmental Conservation Unit.<br />

12. The Service Provider shall, on a monthly basis, compile a boat owner database of all<br />

boat registrations issued.<br />

13. Ndlambe Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any other bid<br />

and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the bid.<br />

<br />

a) Bids that are late will not be considered, whilst the lowest or only quotation will not<br />

necessarily be accepted. Quotations per fax or E-mail will also not be considered.<br />

¿<br />

¿<br />

PIN or TCC number must be provided.<br />

d) Bidders must complete Council’s Declaration of Interest form (MBD4).<br />

¿(MBD9).<br />

f) Bidders who wish to claim for preferential points in terms of the Preferential<br />

MBD 6.1 as well as<br />

a of the proof of B-BBEE status level of contribution.<br />

¿<br />

bidder being a company, also in respect of any of its directors).<br />

h) Evidence of registration with National Central Supplier Database (CSD) must be<br />

provided (“MAAA” number).<br />

It should be noted that the 80/20 points system will be applied, 80 being for price and 20 for the<br />

¿<br />

The award will be made in terms of the Municipality’s Supply Chain Management Policy.<br />

The abovementioned MBD forms and proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA) are<br />

available for download from:<br />

http://www.ndlambe.gov.za/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&Itemid=&gid=46<br />

¿ <br />

separately in a sealed envelope marked “NOTICE NUMBER 94/<strong>2019</strong> - PROVISION TO ACT<br />


<br />

later than 12h00 on 13 May <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

For enquiries contact Mr SJ Fouché – telephone 046-604 5527 or Ms T Mapekula<br />

046 604 5606 for Supply Chain related enquiries.<br />

NOTICE NUMBER 94/<strong>2019</strong><br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 21<br />

RIDING THE WAVES: Bodyboarders glide through the waves at the SA Bodyboarding Champs last Friday, which is part of the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />









Tenders are hereby invited for the rendering of shredding (chipping) of garden refuse within<br />

the area of Wards 2,3 and 4 (Cannon Rocks, Boknes, Kenton-on-Sea and Bushmans River<br />

¿ <br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

-<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

¿<br />


a) ¿<br />

b) <br />

<br />

c) Proof of Company registration must be provided<br />

d) ¿<br />

<br />

e) <br />

<br />

f) MBD4<br />

g) ¿MBD9<br />

h) <br />


COPY<br />

i) ¿<br />

<br />

j) <br />

¿<br />

<br />

k) <br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

¿-<br />

¿. “NOTICE 91//<strong>2019</strong><br />


¿, 12:00 Tenders<br />

12:00<br />

<br />

<br />

NOTICE NUMBER 91 / <strong>2019</strong><br />


<br />




Tenders are hereby invited for the supply and delivery of Wheelie Bins as follows:<br />


1. Supply and delivery of 1000 (One Thousand Only) Wheelie Bins to Ndlambe Municipality:<br />

2. ¿<br />

SABS standard;<br />

Heavy-duty plastic;<br />

240 litre capacity;<br />

Green in colour;<br />

1080mm in height; 580mm in width, 640mm in length;<br />

Rubber wheels and galvanised steel axles.<br />

3. Bidder to produce a sample of offered bin during the Bid Evaluation process.<br />

4. Delivery must be to the Port Alfred Municipal Stores and take place within 14 days of<br />

receiving the award.<br />


a) ¿<br />

b) Ndlambe Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest written quotation or<br />

any other quotations and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the formal<br />

request.<br />

c) Proof of Company registration must be provided<br />

d) ¿<br />

a tax reference number and PIN or TCC number must be provided.<br />

e) Evidence of registration of company on the Central Supplier Database must be provided<br />

(CSD “MAAA” number).<br />

f) Bidders must complete Council’s Declaration of Interest form (MBD4).<br />

g) ¿MBD9).<br />

h) Bidders who wish to claim for preferential points in terms of the Preferential Procurement<br />

Regulations, 2017, must submit a completed form MBD 6.1 as well as a CERTIFIED<br />

COPY of the proof of B-BBEE status level of contribution.<br />

i) ¿<br />

are to be provided.<br />

j) ¿MBD<br />

6.2). The minimum local production content threshold in respect of the required goods,<br />

as determined by the DTI, is 100%.<br />

k) <br />

¿<br />

2017.<br />

l) The award will be made in terms of the Municipality’s Supply Chain Management Policy.<br />

The abovementioned MBD forms are available for download from: <br />

<br />

¿-<br />

¿. Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked “NOTICE 90/<strong>2019</strong><br />

- WHEELIE BINS” and be placed in a tender box in the ¿, <br />

not later than 12:00 <br />

For enquiries contact telephone 046-604 5527 or Ms T Mapekula for Supply<br />

Chain related enquiries.<br />

NOTICE NUMBER 90 / <strong>2019</strong><br />


22 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Trail run fitting start to Challenge<br />

The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi<br />

Challenge kicked off with an 8km<br />

Trail Run organised by the Kowie<br />

Striders last Friday morning.<br />

Just under 100 participants set off<br />

across the Royal Port Alfred Golf Course<br />

at 7.30am. Most were keenly competitive<br />

runners, with walkers bringing up the<br />

rear. Jon Houzet and Adele Steck from<br />

Talk of the Town joined the throng.<br />

On the other side of the golf course,<br />

marshals handed out much appreciated<br />

Easter eggs to give runners an energy<br />

b o o st .<br />

From there the route followed a stretch<br />

of road and then onto the beach at<br />

Saltvlei. It was tough going on the<br />

beach as the sand was soft. Opting to<br />

walk over the rocky areas was tricky in<br />

case of a fall.<br />

There was much relief when the route<br />

moved off the beach at Kelly’s Blue Flag<br />

Beach. From there it was an interesting<br />

little loop on tar and dirt roads just<br />

behind the beach until we groaned at the<br />

prospect of another stretch of beach at<br />

West Beach. But here the sand was much<br />

firmer and a pleasure to walk on in the<br />

beautiful morning weather, observing the<br />

start of the SA Bodyboarding Champs<br />

taking place at the beach.<br />

Marshals directed us to a short stretch<br />

on the Kowie River towpath just past<br />

Guido’s, then along Beach Road and up<br />

the notorious old concrete staircase that<br />

caused a number of participants to slow<br />

down and take a breather.<br />

The staircase leads to Grand Street and<br />

from there we went down Muller Drive<br />

and entered the final stretch on a trail<br />

through dune bush behind Medolino<br />

Caravan Park, before coming out a<br />

st o n e ’s throw from the finish at the Royal<br />

St Andrew’s Hotel.<br />

The winner of the race was Vusi Zondo<br />

in a spectacular time of 26:51, with Nikelo<br />

Lolwana second in 27:48 and Sinethemba<br />

Jilingisi third in 28:07.<br />

First woman home was Asanda Zamisa<br />

in 36:16, with Roxi Smith second in 36:33<br />

and Jene Banfield third in 38:45.<br />

Among the walkers, and coming in<br />

ahead of a couple of runners, Jon Houzet<br />

was proudly first in one hour 11 minutes<br />

and 18 seconds.<br />

Cash prizes were awarded to the<br />

winners, including in age categories.<br />

WINNERS ALL: The top five male finishers in the 8km<br />

Trail Run, back from left, Nikelo Lolwana (second), Vusi<br />

Zondo (first), Sinethemba Jilingisi (third), Sizakele<br />

Dayimani (fourth) and Ndoda Jekana (fifth), with, in<br />

front, BS Sports CEO Sxeaks Nkwinti, the man behind<br />

the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge<br />

INSPIRING FINISH: The oldest entrant in the 8km Trail Run and winning a<br />

prize for her efforts was Glenda Hicks, 81, pictured with Linda Bekker of<br />

the sponsor, the Royal St Andrews Hotel<br />

Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

Hoërskool P.J. Olivier<br />

Grahamstad<br />

Waar kinders gelukkig is!<br />

AANSOEKE VIR 2020<br />


Tel 046-6223322<br />

admin@hspjolivier.co.za<br />

Respek Integriteit Omgee<br />

TOP WOMEN: The first<br />

five women across the<br />

finish line in the 8km<br />

Trail Run were, from<br />

left, Roxi Smith<br />

(second), Asanda<br />

Zamisa (first), Jene<br />

Banfield (third), Jacky<br />

Kobokana (fourth) and<br />

Caroline (no surname<br />

provided) in fifth place<br />


WILLEM JACOBUS NEL, Identity Number<br />

360910 5053 081 who died on the 28 th<br />

January 2018 and CHRISTINA ALLETA<br />

NEL, Identity Number 420423 0031 084<br />

to whom he was married in community of<br />

property, of 20 Lancing Street, Port Alfred<br />

ESTATE NUMBER 609/2018<br />

The First and Final Liquidation Account in<br />

the above estate will lie for inspection at<br />

¿ <br />

Grahamstown and at the Magistrate’s Court,<br />

Port Alfred for a period of twenty-one days<br />

from the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this 5 th Day<br />

of <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />


Agent for the Executor<br />

Neave Stötter Inc<br />

37 Campbell Street<br />


Ref: pk/MAT8747<br />


MARIE STIRK, Identity Number 341223<br />

0010 088, of Damant Lodge, Port Alfred,<br />

who died on the 16 th February <strong>2019</strong> and<br />

who was married out of community of<br />

property<br />

ESTATE NUMBER 960/<strong>2019</strong><br />

Creditors and Debtors of the above<br />

deceased are hereby requested to<br />

lodge their claims with and pay their<br />

debts to the undersigned within 30 days<br />

of the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this the<br />

8 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

N S<strong>TOTT</strong>ER<br />

Executor<br />

Neave Stotter Inc<br />

37 Campbell Street<br />


Ref. pk/MAT9518<br />


MARY KITKAT, Identity Number 400106<br />

0045 089 who was a widow and died on the<br />

10 th February 2016 and resident at Dolphin<br />

Coast Nursing Home, Kenton on Sea<br />

ESTATE NUMBER 1841/2016<br />

The First and Final Liquidation Account<br />

in the above estate will lie for inspection at<br />

¿<br />

¿<br />

Port Alfred for a period of twenty-one days<br />

from the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this the<br />

10 th Day of <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

JS NEAVE<br />

Co-Executor<br />

Neave Stötter Inc<br />

37 Campbell Street<br />


Ref: pk/MAT7583<br />


WHITFIELD TURNER, Identity Number<br />

300603 5010 085 who was a widower and<br />

died on the 6 th October 2018 and resident<br />

at Damant Lodge Frail Care, Port Alfred.<br />

ESTATE NUMBER 3475/2018<br />

The First and Final Liquidation Account in<br />

the above estate will lie for inspection at<br />

¿<br />

¿<br />

Port Alfred for a period of twenty-one days<br />

from the 26 th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

DATED at PORT ALFRED on this 4 th Day<br />

of <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />


Executor<br />

Neave Stötter Inc<br />

37 Campbell Street<br />


Ref.: pk/MAT9<strong>25</strong>9

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 23<br />

ANOTHER BEAUTY: William Duncan, from the<br />

same boat as Wayne Macintosh, with his<br />

8.<strong>25</strong>kg dorado<br />

KOB WAS PLENTIFUL: Joe Lee with a 3.5kg kob<br />

at the weigh-in of the Port Alfred Ski-boat<br />

Club’s annual Easter fishing competition<br />

DEEP-SEA TREASURE: Wayne Macintosh with an<br />

enviable 8.75kg dorado<br />

Excellent Easter fishing competition<br />


Though not part of the Amanzi Challenge, the<br />

Port Alfred River and Ski-boat Club (PARSC)<br />

held their annual Easter fishing competition<br />

last weekend, opting to finish on Good Friday<br />

because of predicted deteriorating conditions<br />

over the weekend.<br />

PARSC chair Keith Fryer said it was a very<br />

successful competition with 18 boats taking<br />

part, including a lot of out-of-towners.<br />

Two boats – No Fear and Sunfish – shared<br />

first place in the bottom fishing section of the<br />

competition, splitting the R12,000 cash prize.<br />

COLOURFUL CATCH: Kallie Ludicke from the boat<br />

Duimpie with his 4.4kg Miss Lucy<br />

Dave Duncan on Tintin won the game<br />

fishing section, getting R7,500.<br />

The best angler was Flakkie de Villiers from<br />

Kenton-on-Sea, who caught four species,<br />

winning himself R3,000 and a rod and reel.<br />

“It was a species competition, and anglers<br />

were only allowed to weigh in one fish per<br />

SLIPPERY ONE: Albert Kolver had to get a grip on<br />

his 5.05kg kob at weigh-in Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

species. We don’t want to purge the ocean,”<br />

Fryer said.<br />

“A few guys didn’t get it and we had to<br />

explain the rules to them, but the bulk of the<br />

guys went for species.<br />

“There were 12 species that could be<br />

caught and there were minimum weights.”<br />

NEW VENUE FOR FUNCTIONS: The Volo Function<br />

and Conference Venue in Kenton-on-Sea offers a<br />

fully equipped intimate venue for small to<br />

medium sizes groups of 70 to 100 people<br />

New development at The Volo<br />

Since Eugene and Ruleen de Witt started<br />

refurbishing The Volo in June 2018, a lot has been<br />

achieved in the interest of enhancing the customer<br />

experience.<br />

This includes a total makeover of the bar area,<br />

new air-conditioning, and smoke extraction in the<br />

smoking areas, and refurbishment in the gaming<br />

area. The new Volo Pizzeria with a wood-fire pizza<br />

oven has a regular following of locals and visitors to<br />

Kenton-on-Sea.<br />

The Shipwreck Gin and Cocktail bar is open every<br />

Friday and Saturday out of season, where the theme<br />

is “chill to chill music” while sipping a great gin or<br />

and exotic cocktail after work or before dinner. The<br />

cocktail bar is available for private functions such<br />

as book clubs and bachelorettes parties.<br />

The latest development, The Volo Function and<br />

Conference Venue, recently opened. This venue<br />

offers a fully equipped intimate venue for small to<br />

medium sizes groups of 70 to 100 people.<br />

The Volo Function and Conference Venue is the<br />

upstairs area above Continental Restaurant,<br />

equipped with a stage, mobile podium, permanent<br />

quality sound, drop down screen for projection<br />

including a proxima. It is also fully air-conditioned.<br />

There is a bar area that can be provided with<br />

service and stock for functions. Catering for every<br />

taste can be done on site from Continental<br />

Restaurant and or the pizzeria. The Shipwreck Gin<br />

and Cocktail bar downstairs can be used for<br />

pre-function drinks if required.<br />

OPTIONAL SERVICE: The bar area of the Volo<br />

Function and Conference Venue, located above<br />

the Continental Restaurant in Kenton-on-Sea<br />


Results for Thursday, 18 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Red Section (7tables)<br />

N-S 1st C Fletcher & A Osinski 58.9%<br />

2nd C Hill & H Webber 54.3%<br />

E-W 1st H Clohessy & G Wallace 60.8%<br />

2nd N Wood & R Wood 58.8%<br />

Green Section (9 tables)<br />

N-S 1st L Inglis & L Lombard 66.3%<br />

2nd L Stephens & J Rogers 65.8%<br />

E-W 1st B Osborne & S Shaw 64.2%<br />

2nd W Jurgensen & L Wisener 56.3%<br />

Board 7 (from <strong>April</strong> 15th): Dealer S,<br />

both vulnerable<br />

¹ Exclusive bid (excludes Spades and clubs), showing the two red suits.<br />

The table shows two possibilities (there are more) for bidding Board 7.<br />

Although North has a hand powerful enough to double, the shortage in<br />

clubs, taken together with the shortage in spades, is likely to result in a<br />

club response from South; possibly after a pre-emptive raise in spades<br />

from East. The 3C bid in 1 shows a ‘red two suiter’ and the hand is powerful enough to make a<br />

further bid, even if South passes initially and East raises spades.<br />

À<br />

with a potentially useful distribution, plus no defensive values.<br />

If N-S bid to 5H, West should not double, because it will alert declarer to play for a 4:1 heart<br />

ÀÀ<br />

will reveal the heart position to North; who may decide to bid (and make) 6D by playing for the<br />

revealed heart position.<br />

Results by section<br />

Red Section 4H+1; 5D+1; 5H=; 5H*= (2); 5S*-1; 5S**-1<br />

Green Section 4H=; 4H+1; 5H-1; 5H=; 5H*= (2); 5S*-1; 5S*-2; 6H-2<br />

Full results at: www.pabridge.co.za, including details of all the hands.<br />

Results for Monday, 22 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Red Section (5 tables)<br />

N-S 1st T Paterson & A Ridderhof 61.0%<br />

2nd H Clohessy & G Wallace 50.8%<br />

E-W 1st C Fletcher & A Osinski 62.4%<br />

2nd Patricia & David Townsend 50.4%<br />

Green Section (5 tables)<br />

N-S 1st T Versfeld & J Gie 53.0%<br />

2nd C Bennet & P Bailes 52.0%<br />

E-W 1st L Stephens & J Rogers 62.5%<br />

2nd A Corrans & C Hill 58.5 %<br />

Board 9: Dealer N, E-W vulnerable<br />

Alert listeners can often elucidate information concerning relative strengths<br />

from bids and absence of bids!<br />

This sequence is easy to read by South in that North has made a minimum<br />

opening; East has made a minimum double, presumably holding both majors. Therefore assume<br />

À<br />

suit to justify a bid. You have good diamonds and a potentially useful club suit, so bid 4D.<br />

À<br />

lead. From the bidding East is sure to have a maximum of one diamond; so lead the diamond 2.<br />

This will, or should be. Interpreted by partner as a suit preference signal, to win the trick and lead<br />

back a club. South obliges by leading back the club Queen, and the contract goes down.<br />

When South wins the trick with the diamond Queen it is obvious that North holds the diamond Ace,<br />

so must have reason for not playing it, after noting from the bidding that the defenders are likely to<br />

À<br />

Results by section<br />

Red Section Pass, 3D+1; 3D+3; 3H=; 4S+1<br />

Green Section 3H-2; 3H=; 4D=; 5D=; 5C-1<br />

Full results at: www.pabridge.co.za, including details of all the hands.

24 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />


There was a good turnout of all ages for the Marina Mile on Saturday, one of the events of the Royal St<br />

Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge. Swimmers had a wet start at the entrance to the first marina canal<br />

after jumping in the water from the Halyards Hotel jetty. According to the rules, wetsuits were optional<br />

as the water temperature was between 18 and 20°C, but anyone using a wetsuit was not eligible for a<br />

prize. Prizes were awarded in various age categories, and there were also lucky draws.<br />

OLD MEN OF THE RIVER: Rod Allin, left, and<br />

Eddie Wepener were two of the oldest<br />

participants in the Marina Mile last Saturday,<br />

and both were bloodied for their efforts when<br />

they encountered some rocks<br />

Picture: JON HOUZET<br />

LIKE FISH IN WATER: The two top spots in the<br />

Marina Mile went to Hannah Counihan, who<br />

was the first woman finisher in 23:12, and<br />

Jordan Denyer, who was first overall in 23:01<br />


<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town <strong>25</strong><br />


Brace yourselves, residents of Makhanda<br />

(Grahamstown). The latest information available to the<br />

Grahamstown Residents’ Association is that Settlers<br />

dam is now too empty to pump water from it.<br />

Neighbouring dam Howiesonspoort – much smaller<br />

than Settlers – still has water but is likely to be too<br />

empty to use by the end of <strong>April</strong>.<br />

The good news is that there has been some<br />

improvement to the infrastructure at James Kleynhans<br />

water works, and this will result in a continued flow of<br />

water into Makhanda.<br />

In the meantime, residents should reduce water<br />

usage as much as possible.<br />

There may have been jubilation in the wet streets of<br />

Makhanda following the Easter weekend rain, but<br />

much more is needed, particularly in the Settlers dam<br />

catchment area.<br />

Meanwhile, in a statement issued on Monday,<br />

residents of Makhanda West were earnestly requested<br />

by Makana Municipality to reduce water usage.<br />

The statement read, in part: “Instead of 50 litres per<br />

person per day, the municipality appeals to residents<br />

to reduce usage to <strong>25</strong> litres per person per day until<br />

Wednesday (<strong>April</strong> 24).”<br />

It appears that the pump at Howiesonspoort<br />

developed a fault and no water was being pumped to<br />

Waainek waterworks.<br />

The statement continued by saying the municipality<br />

was managing the supply of water through reducing<br />

outflow from the reservoirs. It was expected that<br />

service providers would attend to the second pump on<br />

Tuesday, and pumping would resume thereafter.<br />


I noticed last week that The Knock Shop, owned by<br />

Craig Fourie, has moved from premises in Cobden<br />

Street to 2A Cawood Street, home of Bentwoods<br />

Antiques up to now.<br />

A little bit of research later and I discovered that<br />

owner Sue Drake has decided to retire, and she closed<br />

Bentwoods mid-<strong>April</strong> after 15 years of trading.<br />

Regular customers were dismayed.<br />

Older Grahamstonians, and former Grahamstonians<br />

who have retired to the coast, may remember that<br />

back in the 1960s Reg Wesson operated Wesson’s<br />

Service Station from 2A Cawood Street.<br />

Thereafter Neville and Susan Koch owned Wesson’s<br />

at the same address before moving to 23/<strong>25</strong> Beaufort<br />

Street, and then to 39 High Street, adjacent to<br />

Commem Methodist Church where they continue to<br />

operate to this day.<br />

Readers may also remember that The Knock Shop<br />

traded in upper New Street for many years under the<br />

ownership of Knockie and Di Wakeford, before their<br />

retirement.<br />


There was dismay among Makhanda<br />

(Grahamstown) citizens on Monday last week when<br />

the traffic lights in front of the Cathedral were<br />

switched on again, quite suddenly, it seems.<br />

For several months the lights were not in operation<br />

due to technical issues, and local motorists rejoiced at<br />

the newly found ‘freedom of movement’ at that busy<br />

intersection.<br />

“It used to be bliss until they switched the lights<br />

back on,” said one unhappy motorist. “Now, that is<br />

gone once again, and we are forced to wait several<br />

minutes for the lights to turn in our favour.”<br />

The past 10 days have seen much congestion on the<br />

western side of the Cathedral since the lights have<br />

been back in operation.<br />

Yes, the traffic situation without traffic lights<br />

appeared to work rather well, in my opinion. Only<br />

problem, I witnessed on occasion, were nervous<br />

pedestrians dodging traffic, and taxis not waiting their<br />

turn.<br />

MOVING<br />

The layout and design of the Makhanda<br />

(Grahamstown) column you are presently reading in<br />

Talk of the Town will be the last to be undertaken in<br />

the offices of Newspaper House at 19 Baakens Street<br />

in Port Elizabeth.<br />

It was announced last week that The Herald and<br />

Weekend Post newspapers would be moving their<br />

editorial functions from Baakens Street, where they<br />

have been for 66 years, to Greenacres this week.<br />

The move includes the group’s community<br />

newspapers, Talk of the Town included.<br />

One of the staff members who will be moving a few<br />

kilometres up the road is Helen Claassens, who is<br />

responsible for the editorial layout of Talk of the Town,<br />

who has been with the group for 21 years.<br />

Helen has been designing the<br />

Grahamstown/Makhanda page for the past six or<br />

seven years, and I am pleased to say she has been<br />

doing a jolly fine job. We may have been working<br />

together for so long, as it were, but we have not met<br />

each other face-to-face yet – just phone calls and<br />

e-mails.<br />

Helen told me this week she’s “looking forward to<br />

the move”.<br />

All the newspapers in the group will continue to be<br />

printed at its plant at Hunters Retreat.<br />


The Makhanda-based (Grahamstown) SA Library for<br />

the Blind, which celebrates its centenary this year, will<br />

showcase the work of blind and visually impaired<br />

artists in a unique exhibition during this year’s<br />

National Arts Festival.<br />

Interested artists are invited to submit photos or<br />

CELEBRATING: Last Saturday saw the 50th staging of the Two Oceans ultra-marathon over 56<br />

kilometres in Cape Town, and special medals were handed to finishers to mark the occasion.<br />

Displaying their medals at the finish on the University of Cape Town campus are Stephen Penney<br />

(Kowie Striders) and Terri-Lynn Penney (Nedbank Athletics Club). Between them they have 42 Two<br />

Oceans ultra-marathon medals, Stephen 27 and Terri-Lynn 15<br />

videos of their work, along with personal details, to<br />

Natasha.agnew@salb.org.za by May 15.<br />

In the book “Grahamstown Reflected” published in<br />

1995, author Emily O’Meara wrote of the library’s<br />

founder, Miss Josie Wood: “In 1962 she became the<br />

first Freeman of the City of Grahamstown. Nearing 90,<br />

frail and beautiful, at the civic ceremony she sat<br />

beneath the portrait of her father, who had been first<br />

mayor of the city exactly one hundred years before.”<br />

O’Meara also wrote of the library buildings: “Even<br />

the lift – a rarity in low-rise Grahamstown – has a set<br />

of braille buttons.”<br />


A ‘local’ feature of this year’s Old Mutual Two<br />

Oceans ultra-marathon and half-marathon in Cape<br />

Town on Saturday is that one Makhanda<br />

(Grahamstown) couple finished together in the<br />

ultra-marathon and another couple finished together in<br />

the half-marathon.<br />

Stephen Penney (Kowie Striders) and Terri-Lynn<br />

Penney (Nedbank Athletics Club) finished the 56km<br />

ultra together, Stephen credited with the time of 5<br />

hours 17 minutes <strong>25</strong> seconds and Terri-Lynn one<br />

second later. They completed their 27th and 15th Two<br />

Oceans ultras respectively.<br />

Richard Foss of Albany Saints & Sinners Multi-Sport<br />

Club completed his 14th Two Oceans ultra in 6 hrs 50<br />

mins 18 secs, while clubmate Ryan Bruton was clocked<br />

in at 5 hrs 59 mins 50 secs.<br />

Colin and Karen Meyer of Albany finished the Two<br />

Oceans half-marathon (21km) together in 2 hrs 33<br />

mins 41 secs and 2 hrs 33 mins 43 secs respectively.<br />

Karen Meyer completed her ninth Two Oceans half on<br />

the day and Colin Meyer his fifth.<br />

Clubmate Colin Price-Smith finished his 14th Two<br />

Oceans half-marathon in 2 hrs 20 mins 16 secs.<br />


Victoria Girls’ High School has awarded cultural<br />

Half-Colours to Onke Sentile, Hlonela Yamiso,<br />

Bathandwa Mgquba, Catherine Frost and Sixolile<br />

Mafani, while tennis Half-Colours have been awarded<br />

to Nthabiseng Mohapi.<br />

Meanwhile, the swimming victrix trophy winners are<br />

Ellie Amner (U19), Catherine Frost (U16) and Alyson<br />

van der Merwe (U14).<br />


The First XVs of Graeme College, Kingswood College<br />

and St Andrew’s College spent the Easter weekend<br />

taking part in rugby tournaments up north, Gauteng to<br />

be exact.<br />

At the St John’s College rugby festival, Graeme was<br />

defeated by Windhoek Gym 24-37, went on to beat St<br />

Charles College 19-10, and lost 7-15 to Daniel Pienaar<br />

Technical High on the final day.<br />

Kingswood lost 10-20 to SACS at the St Stithian’s<br />

Easter festival, and lost 7-28 to Maritzburg College.<br />

At the same festival, St Andrew’s went down 10-17 to<br />

Rondebosch Boys’ High, beat Michaelhouse College<br />


STARS: Among<br />

the sports and<br />

cultural awards<br />

made recently<br />

to pupils by<br />

Victoria Girls’<br />

High School<br />

(VGHS) were<br />

the trophies to<br />

the swimming<br />

victrix winners.<br />

They are, from<br />

left, Alyson van<br />

der Merwe<br />

(U14),<br />

Catherine Frost<br />

(U16) and Ellie<br />

Amner (U19)<br />

THE BEAT: Aswyn Classen (above) is a member<br />

of the Graeme College steelband, and he is seen<br />

playing the pan at the Rhodes University<br />

graduation garden party, with the clock tower<br />

looming in the background. He and the other<br />

members of the band are currently preparing<br />

for the Port Rex Lions Eisteddfod in East London<br />

at the beginning of May Picture: SID PENNEY<br />

40-19, and beat Parktown Boys’ High 68-5.<br />


Entries close on Friday, <strong>April</strong> 26 for the Eastern<br />

Province Small-Bore Rifle Association championships<br />

to be shot on the Rhodes University rifle range on<br />

Saturday May 4 (from 9am).<br />

The prone championships will be shot in A, B, C and<br />

F classes. Entry details and further info can be<br />

obtained from Gerrit Vlok at 082 362 2916 or via<br />

e-mail at gerritvlok@hotmail.com<br />


Makhanda (Grahamstown) road runner Jene<br />

Banfield went off-road last Friday and was third lady at<br />

the 8km trail run held as part of the Royal St Andrew’s<br />

Hotel Amanzi Challenge in Port Alfred. Banfield was<br />

17th overall in 38 minutes 45 seconds.<br />

Other Makhanda athletes to finish were Jeanne du<br />

Toit (57th in 50 mins 47 secs), Paul Caiger (59th in 51<br />

mins 12 secs) and Peter du Toit (60th in 51 mins 50<br />

secs).<br />

Oh, and very well done to Talk of the Town staffers<br />

Jon Houzet and Adele Steck who entered as walkers.<br />

Houzet was first walker to finish.<br />


Scoring 34 points, Paul Davies won last Friday’s<br />

individual stableford at Belmont Golf Club, with Gulio<br />

Marabini runner-up on 33. Two-clubs were recorded by<br />

John Williamson (11th) and Gavin Dugmore (15th),<br />

while Sean McCallum was nearest the pin on the 8th.<br />

Then, on Saturday, Cyril Tarr won the individual<br />

stableford with 35 points, with Pieter Oosthuizen<br />

second on 33.<br />


With many of the usual participants away for the<br />

long weekend, 105 runners, joggers and walkers took<br />

to Makana botanical gardens for the Easter Saturday<br />

edition of parkrun.<br />

First finisher Jonathan Benjamin completed the 5km<br />

course in 18 minutes 48 seconds, with Cee-Jay<br />

Porthen second in 20 mins 56 secs and Rodney<br />

Westgate third in 21 mins 33 secs.<br />

Benjamin’s time is a new course record set by a<br />

registered parkrun participant.<br />

In the ladies’ division, Elisa Kirigin was first in 27<br />

mins 22 secs, Tosca Stoloff was second in 27 mins 56<br />

secs and Tamzin Griffith third in 28 mins 28 secs.<br />

Well done to Erika Human on completing her 50th<br />

parkrun.<br />

Parkruns are held at 8am each Saturday from the<br />

entrance to the botanical gardens in Lucas Avenue.<br />

G LO W I N G<br />

A ‘Glow in the Dark’ fun run and walk (2km or 5km),<br />

convened and organised by Grahamstown SPCA, takes<br />

to local streets on Tuesday, May 7, and convenors are<br />

encouraging participants to dress as brightly as they<br />

can.<br />

The fund-raising event starts at the Grahamstown<br />

Bowling Club in African Street at 5.30pm. Entry fee is<br />

R20 for adults, R10 for children under-12 and R10 for<br />

dogs.<br />

For more info e-mail glowingmay@gmail.com<br />


What a jolly fine idea the convenors have come up<br />

with. They’re going to block off parts of Cross Street<br />

and Bartholomew Street from 1pm to 6pm on<br />

Wednesday, May 1 to hold the ‘Sunnyside Street<br />

Fe st i va l ’ in the area of Artificers Square.<br />

The event, aimed at creating a festival atmosphere<br />

and community building, will have live music, food<br />

stalls, various performances, plus arts and crafts<br />

st a l l s .<br />


Well, that’s another graduation ceremony done and<br />

dusted, and a year’s wait for the next one, an annual<br />

‘pomp and ceremony’ event that turns the 1820<br />

Settlers National Monument into a sea of colour<br />

(mainly red, it seems), much like arts festival shows in<br />

the same auditorium.<br />

In the coffee-table book “Grahamstown Reflected”<br />

published in 1995, author Emily O’Meara describes<br />

Rhodes University’s graduation ceremonies in her<br />

inimitable, flowery style.<br />

She wrote, way back in the 1990s, when most of this<br />

year’s graduates were babes in arms, or not born yet:<br />

“The gowning glory of the Rhodes graduation<br />

ceremonies every <strong>April</strong> – an unforgettable experience<br />

for everyone from the blushing BA to the greying<br />

dignitary receiving an honorary doctorate in<br />

recognition of a lifetime’s work.<br />

“The weekend when the university unites to see its<br />

ongoing purpose fulfilled by different degrees in an<br />

all-pervading glow of success.<br />

“The young batting about in basic black; the<br />

professors hardly recognisable in the medieval<br />

richness of their robes, some sporting mortar boards<br />

and floppy velvet bonnets at rather rakish angles.<br />

“Education is Grahamstown’s main industry and<br />

Rhodes the main producer. Not assembly line<br />

think-alikes but individuals encouraged to shine in<br />

their own special way.”<br />


The Grahamstown Cathedral welcomed its new<br />

Director of Music, Cameron Luke, at the Good Friday<br />

service. Luke served as Director of Music at All Saints<br />

Church in Cheltenham, UK from 2007 to 2018.<br />


A full programme of events awaits visitors to the<br />

National English Literary Museum (NELM) when it<br />

celebrates Freedom Day on Friday, <strong>April</strong> 26.<br />

The programme includes: story reading and writing<br />

for children (9am, 11am and 3.30pm); instrument<br />

making workshops (9.30am and 2.30pm); exhibition<br />

tours (10am and 1pm); garden tours (10.30am and<br />

1.30pm); writing workshop for children (10am); and<br />

writing workshop for adults (1pm).<br />

The lunch hour concert at 1pm will feature Indian<br />

music, Kora music, Uhadi music and Chinese zither<br />

music.<br />


The Grahamstown Music Society welcomes pianist<br />

Joanna Wicherek back to Makhanda (Grahamstown)<br />

when she performs with Dariusz Dinh Thieu Quang<br />

(French horn), David Bester (violin), Anmari van der<br />

Westhuizen (cello) and Piotr Thieu Quang (clarinet).<br />

The “Quintessence” concert takes place at the<br />

National English Literary Museum (NELM) at <strong>25</strong><br />

Worcester Street on Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 30.<br />

Ticket prices are R90, R70 (pensioners) and R50<br />

(students). There is no charge for society members<br />

and school pupils.

26 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Good fishing in icy water<br />

TOP U16: Liam Miller with a 47cm bronze bream caught<br />

during the latest Port Alfred Rock and Surf round robin<br />

The 8th round of the Claude Pittaway<br />

Round Robin sponsored by<br />

Hillscapes took place on <strong>April</strong> 13<br />

between Fish River and Kleinemonde<br />

East in awesome weather conditions.<br />

“We could not have asked for a better<br />

day, except for the icy cold water,” Por t<br />

Alfred Rock and Surf spokeswoman<br />

Jo-Anne Hilliar said.<br />

“Most anglers enjoyed the long walk<br />

to fish and to reap the benefits. It was a<br />

great walk to introduce some new<br />

anglers into the club.<br />

“We had a 46% turnout from our<br />

members for the day with a total of 87<br />

fish being caught and a total weight of<br />

118.78kg was recorded.<br />

“With this being said, we had a 100%<br />

release rate and I must congratulate the<br />

anglers on this. Nine different species<br />

were caught on the day.”<br />

Prize-giving was handled by club<br />

chairman Gary du Randt. The following<br />

achievements were recognised: Biggest<br />

in the species are as follows: bronze<br />

bream – 3.23kg Darryl Olivier; poenskop<br />

– 2.29kg Luke Erasmus; steenbras –<br />

4.54kg Terry Stewart; zebra – 0.55kg<br />

Darryl Olivier; blacktail – 1.19kg Darryl<br />

Olivier; banded galjoen –<br />

0.55kg Rod Yendall;<br />

Cape stumpnose<br />

– 0.89 kg<br />

Brendan<br />

Marais; kob –<br />

3.89kg Paul<br />

Knight; and a<br />

spot ted<br />

grunter –<br />

0.69kg Brendan<br />

Marais.<br />

The top International<br />

Game Fishing Association<br />

team (weight converted to points) for<br />

the day was Team 1 Macnabs consisting<br />

of Paul Knight, Terry Stewart, Rod<br />

Yendall and Bruce Amos on 243 points.<br />

Second place with 188 points went to<br />

Gary du Randt’s Team 4, the Lost<br />

Seaman, comprising Gary and is<br />

daughter Melissa du Randt, Joshua de<br />

Vos and Brendan Marias. In 3rd position<br />

was Team 9 Fantasea consisting of Dave<br />

Kemp, Karen Kemp, Faan de Klerk and<br />

Mark Coetzee.<br />

The sealed weight was won by Terry<br />

Stewart with his 4.54kg steenie as well<br />

as the Buckland’s heaviest fish<br />

released. Jack’s Paint and Hardware<br />

catch of the day was won by Darryl<br />

Olivier for a JB of 3.23kg.<br />

Best U16 was Liam Miller on 8.4kg of<br />

fish. Top master was Terry Stewart with<br />

8.36 kg, top lady angler was Melissa du<br />

Randt (8.07kg), top senior David Kemp<br />

(227.19kg) and top U21 Luke Erasmus<br />

on 15.71kg fish.<br />

“Thanks to Don Fryer, for all his<br />

efforts in making the fire after the<br />

compo and to Round Table 177 for the<br />

venue. It’s awesome to see the different<br />

clubs working together,” Hilliar said.<br />

The club thanked their sponsors: Aloe<br />

Oils, Bucklands Private Reserve, GBS<br />

Mutual Bank, Leach Pharmacy, Kowie<br />

Toyota, McCullum Brokers,<br />

MultiSecurity, Ocean Basket, Pick n Pay,<br />

BUCO Albany Road, Rosehill SuperSpar,<br />

Sirac, Settler City Toyota, Sotheby’s,<br />

Supa Quick, Sports & All, Wimpy,<br />

Andy’s Service Centre, The Bed Store,<br />

Wharf Street Bew Pub, The Little<br />

Brewery on the Wharf, Bruce Amos,<br />

Palms Video, Jack’s Paint, Buco Main<br />

Street, Chelsea Veg, Penny Farthing,<br />

Hillscapes, Specsavers<br />

Pietermaritzburg, Country Meat Market,<br />

Corrosion Block, Don Fryer, Feathers<br />

Farm, Kekkel en Kraai, John Kew,<br />

Peddie Build it, The Tab and Gidana<br />

Arms.<br />

Should you wish to become a sponsor<br />

or a member, contact Gary du Randt on<br />

082-324-9448 to arrange a meeting, or<br />

e-mail supercybizpc@telkomsa.net.<br />

The next fixture takes place on May 4<br />

and it is the GBS Team of 3,<br />

commencing at 7am. Also see the<br />

Facebook page, Port Alfred Rock & Surf<br />

for more details.<br />

RETURNED TO THE SEA: Brendan Marais with a blacktail<br />

he caught in the latest Port Alfred Rock and Surf round<br />

robin<br />

Port Alfred Bowling Club<br />

The Guido’s competition on Tuesday<br />

afternoon was won by the John Hodges<br />

team of Richard Henshaw and Bulla<br />

Burger. Well played and thank you to<br />

Guido’s for their vouchers.<br />

The Doris Ford and Les Clarke<br />

competition was cancelled on Thursday<br />

afternoon due to welcome rains and will<br />

be scheduled for a later date.<br />

The finals of the Eastern Areas (EA)<br />

Mixed Pairs will be played at Kowie on<br />

Saturday and Sunday. The winners will<br />

play in Port Elizabeth the weekend of May<br />

<strong>25</strong> and 26.<br />

The Colleen Timm/Moore Shield will<br />

also be played at Kowie Bowling club on<br />

Saturday afternoon.<br />

We welcome all the participants to our<br />

club who are playing in the Alan Wilson<br />

croquet tournament.<br />

The tournament starts on Sunday <strong>April</strong><br />

28 and will continue throughout the week.<br />

There is an EA executive meeting at the<br />

Kowie Bowling Club on Monday <strong>April</strong> 29 at<br />

6pm for those committee members<br />

involved.<br />


Should you wish to enter the EA Men’s<br />

and Ladies Novice and Senior Singles to<br />

be played at Kenton Bowling Club on May<br />

4, please ensure that you enter your<br />

names on the board timorously. The<br />

closing date is Friday <strong>April</strong> 26. Late entries<br />

will not be accepted.<br />

Marcel Renaud turned 90 on Tuesday<br />

<strong>April</strong> 23 and was celebrated in style.<br />

Marcel keeps an eye on all the players and<br />

will always be able to give you a rundown<br />

on the standard of anybody’s play in the<br />

club.<br />

We have ringed this date for 10 years<br />

time, Marcel.<br />

Duties for the week <strong>April</strong> 30 – May 4:<br />

Tabs – Ron Orford and Sandra Wiblin, Bar<br />

– Gordon Goff and Warren Woza Williams.<br />

Kowie Bowling Club<br />

Last week I mentioned the fact that the<br />

majority of our newer bowlers tend to play<br />

their first bowl narrow.<br />

The important thing is what they do<br />

with their second bowl. Do they adjust or<br />

do they deliver along the same path<br />

again?<br />

The strange part about it all is that the<br />

player who goes wide with his first bowl<br />

immediately adjusts his line with the<br />

second bowl. The first priority is to<br />

establish very early in the game what the<br />

grass is and to have a fixed spot on the<br />

green or the bank the player can use as a<br />

r e fe r e n c e .<br />

As green keepers inspecting a green we<br />

will always describe the draw in relation to<br />

the boundary peg or strap. Our first<br />

delivery is to the boundary peg.<br />

Depending on where the bowl comes to<br />

rest in relation to the middle line we can<br />

say that the draw on that rink was on the<br />

peg or say half a metre inside the peg.<br />

When we communicate with each other<br />

the official description of the draw will<br />

always be in relation to the peg.<br />

... what’s happening<br />

The older bowlers always played their<br />

trial ends by delivering each bowl to the<br />

peg so that when they started the game<br />

they knew which side was wider than the<br />

peg and which draw was narrower than<br />

the peg.<br />

When you see a player delivering three<br />

bowls a metre narrow on say the 17 end<br />

you know he has not taken note of the<br />

grass throughout the game.<br />

When you deliver a bowl you must take<br />

note of the path and when the bowl comes<br />

to rest you must decide whether you need<br />

to adjust your line or not.<br />

You can only be successful with your<br />

second bowl if you remember precisely<br />

what you did with your first bowl.<br />

Taking a mark to a fixed object on the<br />

bank is not always so dependable. If you<br />

have moved the mat up your angle to that<br />

mark has changed and you must make the<br />

necessary adjustment.<br />

Last Tuesday’s turnout was very good<br />

and there were some tight games, but, as<br />

always one crowd had a runaway. Tony<br />

Brown, Dennis Wicks, Margaret Stegman,<br />

and Piet Coetzee claimed the boodle.<br />

Misty rain all day on Thursday put paid<br />

to any aspirations our players might have<br />

had of seeing the Easter weekend in with<br />

some bowls.<br />

By Saturday our members were<br />

suffering from withdrawal symptoms and<br />

there was a good turnout.<br />

Because of the numbers we had a<br />

mega-bucks competition which was won<br />

by Dick Schuurman, Bryan Burger, Gerald<br />

Mills, and Louise Fleming. They combined<br />

very well and were just too strong for their<br />

opposition.<br />

Once again rain put paid to the holiday<br />

bowls and braai on Monday and looking at<br />

the forecast it would seem as if Tuesday<br />

will also be written off.<br />

Those who have lived here long enough<br />

realise that any sacrifice which brings with<br />

it two days of rain is worth it.<br />

Duties: Roll – Siegie Rorhs, Mark – Rob<br />

Turner and Howard Oates, Tabs – Mirelle<br />

Macphee, Bar – Pieter Stegman.

<strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong> ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook<br />

Talk of the Town 27<br />

Purdons take medals at<br />

Two Oceans Marathon<br />

While TV viewers may have been disappointed<br />

at not being able to watch the Two Oceans<br />

from the comfort of their own homes last<br />

Saturday, locals will be happy to know the<br />

Purdon sisters and their mom – originally all<br />

from Cannon Rocks – ran the race and won<br />

medals to boot.<br />

Taryn and Tegan both matriculated at Port<br />

Alfred High School, with Kyla finishing grade<br />

10 at PAHS before moving to Port Elizabeth.<br />

Two of the sisters are Rhodes graduates, Taryn<br />

(BCom) and Tegan (LLB). Kyla has just<br />

graduated from Nelson Mandela University<br />

with a BEng (Mechatronics) degree.<br />

PURDON’S PRIDE: Competing in the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town on Saturday were, si st e r s<br />

and mom, from left, Kyla van Rensburg (nee Purdon), with sister Tegan Purdon, their mom Shirley<br />

Purdon, and sister Taryn Purdon, who were all awarded medals having completed the event<br />

GOLFW E E K LY<br />

... the results<br />

L ADIES’ R E S U LTS<br />

<strong>April</strong> 15: Really uncomfortable<br />

westerly winds gusting up to<br />

45km/h made the going difficult<br />

for the 26 players who entered the<br />

better-ball Stableford competition<br />

on Tuesday afternoon sponsored<br />

by the Ocean Basket.<br />

Liz Gatenby and Shirley Heny<br />

combined well in the difficult<br />

conditions to card 39 points and<br />

win the afternoon’s competition.<br />

They narrowly pipped runners-up<br />

Ingrid Griffiths and Gaby<br />

H a u s m a n n - Ta r p a n i ’s 38 points<br />

who counted out Pogs Smith and<br />

Helen Lockyear into third on the<br />

same score.<br />

Ingrid Griffiths holed the only<br />

two-club of the afternoon (11th).<br />

Bridget McNelis’s drive was<br />

closest to the pin on Top Carpets’<br />

sixth, as was Andrea Key’s on<br />

Rosehill Driving Range’s eighth<br />

and Ingrid Griffiths’ on Wimpy’s<br />

11th. Bridget was also<br />

“closest-or-t wo” on River Spa’s<br />

13th.<br />

The longest drive competitions<br />

were held on the 18th fairway and<br />

struck by Yvonne Hill and Verene<br />

Burger in the lower and higher<br />

handicap sections respectively.<br />

There is no women’s golf<br />

competition on <strong>April</strong> 29 as the<br />

Mad Hatter tournament will be<br />

underway at this time.<br />


Tuesday <strong>April</strong> 16: A really chilly<br />

start to Tuesday morning told all<br />

that winter is not too far away, but<br />

did not limit the turnout unduly<br />

with no fewer than 46 players<br />

making their appearance to be<br />

drawn into 10 four-balls and two<br />

three-balls to play the usual<br />

two-to-count Stableford alliance.<br />

The wind did come up early on<br />

slowly turning from off-shore<br />

northerly to a gusty westerly<br />

making playing conditions a<br />

challenge and the majority of<br />

individual performances reflected<br />

this.<br />

Nevertheless they did not seem<br />

to affect Neil Loundar, Nick<br />

Oosthuizen, John Abbott and<br />

Derick van Harmelen as they won<br />

the morning’s competition with 91<br />

points. Sharing the runners-up slot<br />

on 89 were (1) Mark Warren, Arnie<br />

Schultz, Russell Warren and David<br />

Groenewald and (2) visitor from<br />

Hong Kong Ian Gardner, Steve<br />

Annadale, Bob Shaw and Tom<br />

Tagg. Not one other covey<br />

managed an above 80 point<br />

submission, the lowest, and<br />

consequently the day’s recipients<br />

of the notorious Hamer en Sukkel<br />

trophy, being John Muggeridge,<br />

Martin Lambrechts, Dave Rose and<br />

Eugene Erasmus on 66 points.<br />

Tom Tagg made the only<br />

two-clubs of the morning doing so<br />

twice, one on the 11th and the<br />

other on the 13th.<br />

The best individual nett round<br />

was shot by John Abbott (65) with<br />

Ian Gardner (67) and Mark Warren<br />

(70) both enjoying better than<br />

average rounds. Ian’s gross of 79<br />

was also the best gross recorded.<br />

Friday <strong>April</strong> 19: A return to<br />

traditional <strong>April</strong> weather saw a<br />

calm temperate morning greet the<br />

47 golfers that participated in the<br />

early morning draw to play a<br />

two-to-count Stableford Alliance in<br />

11 four-balls and one three-ball.<br />

A light easterly developed as<br />

the morning unfolded but scores<br />

were not reflective of seemingly<br />

ideal golfing conditions with Bob<br />

Shaw, Norman Bester, John<br />

Crandon and Andy Stembridge’s<br />

87 points being sufficient to win<br />

leaving Bryan Robinson, David<br />

Rose, Maureen McGarvie and<br />

Donald McGarvie just one behind<br />

on 86 points in second position.<br />

Scrapping at the rear Neil<br />

Loundar, Chris Niebieszczanski,<br />

Cliff Roberts and Theresa Loundar<br />

posted 72 points to lay claim to<br />

the Hamer en Sukkel.<br />

Sandy Fryer and Neil both<br />

recorded two-clubs on the par<br />

three 8th and being the only<br />

two-clubs ensured a carry-over of<br />

the pool. Len Bohnen’s individual<br />

nett of 67 was the best of the<br />

morning whilst Bryan with a nett<br />

68 and Johnny Johnston with 70<br />

nett also posted good scores.<br />


<strong>April</strong> 20: Easter Saturday saw a<br />

field of 12 ladies and 14 men<br />

drawn in three- and four-balls to<br />

play in the weekly Mixed<br />

Stableford Alliance competition.<br />

The spouses Danny and Gaby<br />

Tarpani along with Rick and<br />

Yvonne Hill combined to win on 84<br />

points followed in second position<br />

by Wendy Slabbert, Kirstin Dale,<br />

Rob Immelman and Len Bohnen<br />

on 80 points.<br />

Not so happy were the three-ball<br />

of Russel Warren, Margie Reid and<br />

Heather van Harmelen with 75<br />

points to provide a base that the<br />

rest of the field looked down on.<br />

Wendy was closest the pin on<br />

the par three eighth.<br />

No sub 80 grosses were<br />

recorded or sub 70 nett rounds.<br />

This past Easter weekend<br />

was the Two Oceans<br />

Marathon. Due to some<br />

issues between SABC<br />

and Athletics SA it was<br />

unfortunately not<br />

televised.<br />

Well done to our two<br />

athletes who competed.<br />

Stephen Penny ran a<br />

great time of five hours<br />

17 minutes to complete<br />

his 24th consecutive run.<br />

Marianne Stiglingh<br />

completed the race in a<br />

comfortable 06:28.<br />

Husband Sticks Stiglingh<br />

competed in the 21km<br />

event, coming home in<br />

01:38. Well done to the<br />

three of you.<br />

The Amanzi Challenge<br />

8km Trail Run was held<br />

on Good Friday from the<br />

Royal St Andrews Golf<br />

Course and our athletes<br />

took five of the top-10<br />

places.<br />

Sinethemba Jilingisi<br />

was third in 28:07,<br />

Sizakele Dayimani fourth<br />

in 29:42, Ndoda Jekana<br />

fifth in 30:22, Ayabonga<br />

Saul sixth in 31:53 and<br />

Zamile Xanti seventh in<br />

32:32. Well done, guys.<br />

Looking forward to a<br />

great cross country<br />

season for you all.<br />

The Marina Mile was<br />

held on Saturday with a<br />

record entry. A great<br />


swim by Billy Futter saw<br />

him finish 3rd in the over<br />

50s. Billy is in his 70s.<br />

Also there braving the<br />

cool, choppy and windy<br />

conditions, were Sharon<br />

Hanson, Mike Nelson and<br />

Eddie Hattingh.<br />

Let’s see if we can get a<br />

lot more of our runners<br />

swimming there next time.<br />

This Saturday is the<br />

10km Freedom Challenge<br />

which is also the Eastern<br />

Province Champs.<br />

About 20 of our<br />

athletes will be running.<br />

We wish them all the<br />

b e st .<br />

Finally, a huge big<br />

thank you to all helpers<br />

who made the Amanzi<br />

Challenge 8km Trail Run<br />

such a big success.<br />

We have had nothing<br />

but compliments for the<br />

event.<br />

Time Trial: <strong>April</strong> 16<br />

8km Run<br />

Sinethemba Jilingisi<br />

28:26<br />

Sizakele Dayimani<br />

29:27<br />

Ayabonga Saul 30:23<br />

Wandele Funda 31:56<br />

Zamile Xanti 31:58<br />

Mpho Nzambazi 32:09<br />

Simon Nobebe 33:40<br />

Asakhe Solwadle 33:45<br />

Bradley Betts 33:48<br />

Sean Knight 33:51<br />

Rick Betts 34:23<br />

Richard Legg 34:50<br />

Labobolo Sali 37:55<br />

Leah Shanks 41:26<br />

Petra Hattingh 47:38<br />

Eddie Hattingh 47:43<br />

5km Run<br />

Lethemba Jekana<br />

18:02<br />

Sticks Stiglingh 21:54<br />

Kevin Lee 22:55<br />

Zee Jiji 23:<strong>25</strong><br />

Phumela Memani <strong>25</strong>:19<br />

Shanon Kethro <strong>25</strong>:52<br />

Petrie Koodtzen <strong>25</strong>:52<br />

Zanel Venter 26:20<br />

Matthew Woods 26:38<br />

Alan Robb 26:53<br />

Marianne Stiglingh<br />

26:56<br />

Wendy Jardine 28:57<br />

Lulu Mceka 29:27<br />

Chris Roberts 30:18<br />

Marietjie Robb 33:31<br />

Clare Wood 33:36<br />

Sharon Hanson 33:36<br />

3km Run<br />

Kazilemla Mboso 17:08<br />

Rob Nel 17:08<br />

Nelly Phiri 18:51<br />

Jo-Anne Betts 19:24<br />

Dinky Davenport 19:48<br />

Nomande Helele <strong>25</strong>:10<br />

8km Walk<br />

Pauline Weed 1:29:18<br />

Sue Robertson 1:29:18<br />

Billy Futter 1:29:18<br />

5km Walk<br />

Leslie Futter 54:43<br />

Shaun Harper 54:43<br />

3km Walk<br />

Sally Blake n/t<br />

Alistair Blake n/t<br />

Ray Basson 37:48<br />

We were hoping for a larger field due to the<br />

influx of visitors, but sadly not. Well done<br />

to all those who attended the trial.<br />

Time Trial: <strong>April</strong> 18<br />

3.8km<br />

No runners<br />


5km<br />

1. Roxy Smith 23:09<br />

2. Athikhosi James 23:37<br />

3. Uthimna Tana 27:32<br />

4. Siphosetle Torwe 28:24<br />

5. Lisakhanya Dumezwe 29:20<br />

6. Thabo Klaas 31:37<br />

7. Nicolas Mlamla 31:39<br />

8. Mandoza Tana 33:11<br />

9. Sima Smoors 33:55<br />

10. Isasa Gidwa 33:57<br />

8km<br />

No runners

Sp ort<br />

Contact us with any sports news: (046) 624-4356 (Jon Houzet) Thursday, <strong>April</strong> <strong>25</strong>, <strong>2019</strong><br />

TWIST AND SHOOT: Nemato’s own Lihle Nxobo, playing for Eastern Province, was the top goal<br />

scorer in the SA Beach Handball Champs played on West Beach over Saturday and Sunday. Nxobo<br />

was renowned for his spin and shoot at goals, which earn double points. EP lost narrowly to<br />

Western Province in the final<br />

WAVE ACTION: One of the participants in the SA Bodyboarding Champs on the first day of the Royal<br />

St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge last Friday. There was a festive atmosphere on the beach with<br />

teams rooting for their members in the surf<br />

Amanzi action all the way<br />


It was an action-packed weekend for the start of<br />

the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge,<br />

which began on Good Friday and continues<br />

through this week until Sunday <strong>April</strong> 28.<br />

LEAGUES AHEAD: Although he was ineligible for<br />

a prize because he swam in a wetsuit, Travis<br />

McGrath was the first to the finish in the<br />

Marina Mile last Saturday Pictures: JON HOUZET<br />

There was something for everyone, from the<br />

diverse array of athletic prowess on display in the<br />

sea, on the beach, in the Kowie River and on the<br />

trail run which kicked off the event last Friday<br />

morning.<br />

The 8km trail run, organised by the Kowie<br />

Striders, started at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club<br />

just next to the Royal St Andrews Hotel (see results<br />

inside) with runners and walkers passing by the SA<br />

Bodyboarding Champs at West Beach – which also<br />

started that day and continued over the weekend,<br />

concluding on Tuesday.<br />

For the less athletic there was a fun option on<br />

Saturday morning, when children and some adults<br />

took part in the Anything that Floats on the Kowie<br />

River, starting at My Pond Hotel and ending at<br />

Kiddies Beach. Most opted for blow-up tubes or<br />

boards, but there were a couple of stand-up<br />

paddlers too.<br />

At noon the more serious swimmers took part in<br />

the Marina Mile, jumping in from the Halyards Hotel<br />

jetty and starting at the entrance to the first canal,<br />

swimming the length of the first island and then<br />

back up the Kowie River to the finish at the small<br />

boat harbour slipway.<br />

The SA Handball Championships were held at<br />

West Beach on Saturday and Sunday, offering<br />

spectators unfamiliar with the sport a good view of<br />

the fast-paced and thrilling game.<br />

The World Surfing League’s Port Alfred Classic<br />

began on Monday at East Beach, overlapping with<br />

the bodyboarding still going on at West Beach.<br />

Although the rain – which carried on for the whole<br />

day on Monday and Tuesday – kept spectators away,<br />

SA’s top surfing talent showed their skills in the<br />

wav e s .<br />

At the opening ceremony of the Amanzi Challenge<br />

at the Royal St Andrews Hotel on Friday night, the<br />

mayor of Sarah Baartman District Municipality,<br />

Eunice Kekana, welcomed all participants and said<br />

the week-long sports festival could rival the National<br />

Arts Festival in Makhanda.<br />

Martin Bekker, the owner of title sponsor the<br />

Royal St Andrews Hotel, was emotional at the<br />

opening, saying he had prepared a speech but that<br />

Kekana had “messed it up for me”.<br />

“My dream for Port Alfred is to expose as many<br />

people as possible, nationally and internationally, to<br />

Port Alfred, so that it’s not only a place to drive<br />

through and place on the map,” Bekker said.<br />

“I’m extremely overwhelmed by the growth this<br />

event has achieved since the start. From the first<br />

event, which was very local, we now have national<br />

and international participation – who would have<br />

thought it possible?”<br />

Both he and Sunshine Coast Tourism chairman<br />

Rick Pryce said the event had been a boon for local<br />

accommodation providers.<br />

“We wish all competitors a fantastic and safe<br />

event, and please experience the fantastic<br />

hospitality our town offers,” Bekker said.<br />

The keynote address was given by Mandla<br />

Mabece, CEO of the Ugu South Coast Development<br />

Agency, who said: “Port Alfred, you’ve done very<br />

good in a short space of time.”<br />

He said his dream was to see such coastal events<br />

taking place “from Kowie to Kosi Bay”.<br />

“If Port Alfred can do it, Margate can do it,”<br />

Mabece said.<br />

“Mr Bekker, you committed for five years. Now I<br />

hear you committed for another three years. If you<br />

go beyond from your business to doing social good,<br />

I can understand you become emotional about it –<br />

you’re invested in it.”<br />

In his closing remarks, BS Sports CEO and Amanzi<br />

Challenge founder Sxeaks Nkwinti said the Amanzi<br />

Challenge was the only event in South Africa where<br />

one would find the World Surfing League, the<br />

national rubber duck races, SA Bodyboarding<br />

Champs, an open water one-mile swim and an 8km<br />

trail run taking place at the same event.<br />

The semi-finalists in the men’s and women’s<br />

events and the finalists in the junior men’s and<br />

women’s events at the Royal St Andrews Hotel Port<br />

Alfred Surf Classic were decided in wild conditions<br />

at East Beach on Tuesday.<br />

Kommetjie-based teenager Eli Beukes relegated<br />

Beyrick de Vries of uMhlanga, the standout<br />

PSIRA: 1241091 SAIDSA: 890<br />

performer on day one of the competition, to the<br />

runner-up spot. Both competitors advanced to the<br />

semifinals while third and fourth placed Shane<br />

Sykes (Salt Rock) and Saxton Randall (Durban) were<br />

eliminated from the event.<br />

Beukes went on to reach the final of the Junior<br />

Men’s event later in the day when he finished<br />

second behind Thomas Lindhorst (East London) in<br />

the first of the Men’s JQS semifinals.<br />

Slade Prestwich (Durban) produced arguably the<br />

d ay ’s best performance in the second quarter-final,<br />

advancing to a matchup with Beukes, De Vries and<br />

the runner-up in the second quarter-final, 2018 WSL<br />

Africa Junior Men’s champion Luke Slijpen (Hout<br />

B ay ) .<br />

Zoe Steyn (East London) put on a spectacular<br />

performance to advance in both the Women’s and<br />

Junior Women’s events. The goofy-footer is the lone<br />

South African in the Women’s semifinals and faced<br />

strong competition from the international contingent<br />

including Lucy Campbell (UK), Sol Aguirre (Peru)<br />

and Ariane Ochoa (Spain).<br />

Japan’s Minami Nonaka, fresh off her double<br />

victory in PE last Saturday, was joined by<br />

compatriots Shino Matsuda, Ren Hashimoto and<br />

Julie Nishimoto in the Women’s semifinals.<br />

Ceara Knight (Kommetjie) solidified the form she<br />

displayed when reaching her maiden Women’s JQS<br />

final in PE by edging out Nishimoto in the semis on<br />

Tuesday to book her spot in a second consecutive<br />

final on Wednesday. She took on fellow countrywoman<br />

Steyn, and Japan’s Matsuda and Nonaka.<br />

The Thunder Cat Rubber Duck racing begins with<br />

time trials today and tomorrow, with the actual races<br />

taking place on Saturday and Sunday.<br />

Other attractions include fencing, tumbling and<br />

gymnastics displays at the beach.<br />

24 Hours : (046) 624 <strong>25</strong>08<br />

Office Hours : (046) 624 3708

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