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From my early days in marketing, fresh out of college, I

reported to and enjoyed the guidance, mentorship and

encouragement of female role models. I like to think that

back then those talented ladies saw something in the rougharound-the-edges

kid that I was and had a hunch that I might

make something of myself. Thank you, Estella Killian, Helen

Gattuso, Carol Howell and Gerry Erhlich, for shaping my early

career and showing me the tricks of the trade – many of

which I still use today.

Transitioning from the corporate world to starting a new

venture called Ideaworks Marketing, once again, I was indeed

fortunate to have talented, passionate and dedicated women

standing side-by-side with me as we grew the business

together. Through good days and bad, I never felt I was alone

because of these special people. Patty, thank you for being

one of the most creative individuals I know and for taking a

chance with me over 20 years ago when starting a marketing

agency seemed like the logical path to follow.

And to Donna, you’re far more than the president and CEO

of our company. You are the partner I never had in business,

especially during those times when my “partner on paper”

was everything but that. You are uniquely talented in so many

ways and are “one of the smartest people” I know. The future of

Ideaworks is bright with you at the helm.

Donna Hansbury,

president & CEO,

introduces Peter as

this year’s Silver Medal


Patty Pugh, VP of

operations, gladly

accepts one of our

ADDY awards.

Recently, I was presented the

Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter

of the American Advertising

Federation’s Silver Medal Award in

recognition of my accomplishments

and achievements in the areas

of advertising, marketing and


Peter proudly accepts his Silver Medal Award.

Finally, I owe so much to the two most important women

in my life – my mom, Loretta, and my wife, Judy. Like most

mothers, my mom taught me so much, including the humility

to know that it’s not all about me. I miss her every day as she

died much too young. However, when my mother passed, my

lovely wife Judy entered my world and has been my rock and

my soul mate for more than 34 years. I cannot think of going

through life without her.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, ladies, for

making me who I am. I hope I never disappoint you!

Peter and his

wife Judy, owner,

enjoy the evening’s


Recognition by your peers is one of the highest honors

a person can experience in his or her career.

As I reflected on the significance of this Award, I couldn’t

help but think about the countless people who helped

me throughout my career. Many of these individuals are

slowly fading in my memory as I struggle to recall days

gone by, while others continue to play an important

role every day in defining who I am and what I represent

in our ever-changing world.

Another thing that struck me is that in this day and

age of the Me Too movement and the much-deserved

assent of women to leadership roles in business, politics

and life in general, how truly fortunate I have been

to be surrounded by strong, purpose-driven women

throughout my personal and professional life.

The Ideaworks team is all smiles as we pose with our ADDY Awards.


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