Dazzle Issue 6



Our Inspiration

> November 30th marks Small Business

Saturday, so we’re paying homage to this

cherished “mom and pop shop” all month!

Linear Fades &

Color Transitions

Our Inspiration

We like to think of Vintage Rose Floral Boutique as a

> Since Saturday, May 11th marks “National Eat What You Want Day,”

community staple. A beloved floral shop characterized Depicting the spiral groove of a classic record while fading

it’s fitting to feature a gastropub – where unique personalities

by its delicate nature and Bohemian flair. A small into the rich, golden hues indicative of the 1970s – that’s

come together under one roof. Sipping, savoring and enjoying

business with a deep-rooted tradition of excellence. our way of leveraging perfect shapes and divided space.

unforgettable experiences.

The result? A logo with undeniable “throwback” flair for this

classic record company.

> Sunday, February 10th marks the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. As

such, we’re featuring Throwback Records, the perfect brand to echo

a time-honored music industry tradition.

Colorful Monoline

Our Inspiration

Using colorful monoline on the fox’s profile denotes the

cheeky, sleek and modern feeling of this new-age pub,

while the orange circle behind his head symbolizes a

classic copper penny.


Our Inspiration

Managing one’s investments is all

about trust. The tumbled design

of this logo started with the letter

“M”; then, we smoothed it down

and connected its edges to

showcase trust and connectivity

with a chain link look.


Our Inspiration

The weeping willow: Known for its curved boughs,

sweeping size and delicate sways. Featuring

overlapping circles was our nod to the delicate

curvature of amphitheater seating, the sheer size of the

crowds who flood these venues and the perfection of

an evening spent swaying to music under the stars.

> Monday, April 15th marks Tax Day in the > Friday, June 21st marks Music Day, so we‘re paying homage to the

United States – the perfect month to amphitheater this month.

pay homage to a reliable group that’s

committed to one’s financial health.

Duotones & Gradients

Our Inspiration

Tsunamis – they’re caused by immense underwater

changes. They’re bold. Relentless. The perfect

representation for a start-up software company that’s

about to cause some serious market disruption – in a

good way.

Featuring a duotone design in this logo represents the

company’s ability to change with the fluxes of the tech

world and blend seamlessly into any busy lifestyle.

> National Technology Day is Sunday, January 6th – making this

month the ideal time to spotlight a software start-up company

that embraces change and innovation.

Black & White


Our Inspiration

We set out to give Bar 197 a modern

speakeasy look, inspired by mixologists who

craft each martini or cocktail they create

with care. The rounded hipster design was

the perfect way to show that Bar 197 isn’t

your “pint of beer” pit stop – it’s a place where

customers are enveloped in a unique culture

apart from the mainstream. Cue a most

unforgettable experience.

> Saturday, December 7th is World Bartender Day, hence

why we’re featuring Bar 197 this month. Cheers!

This year’s calendar,

Creative Fun: A Year of Inspiring

Logo Trends, features one trend per

month and a corresponding logo.

We also provided a brief explanation about each

trend and shared our inspiration behind the design.

Not to mention, the cards sit atop a beautiful

bamboo stand, which can act as a cell phone

holder at the end of the year!

As for the packaging, the calendar and cell phone holder were placed inside a brightly

colored box and rested atop teal paper shred. Our team wanted to ensure that the

finishing touches were just as eye-catching and exciting as the calendar itself.

The hard work and dedication our team put into our calendar certainly paid off as it

not only received a Gold and the People’s Choice Award at this year’s ADDYs, but also

a Judge’s Choice. Our team would like to send a huge “thank you” to ADDY judge Kim

Dow, owner of Sass Creative Studios, Frederick, MD, for selecting our calendar as her

Judge’s Choice.

“The Ideaworks calendar was one of the entries in which I read every single

component. I thought it was intelligently done. The concept was great, the idea

was great, and I would love to get this in the mail. I loved how Ideaworks featured a

logo trend each month and had a sample to go along with it. Then, they took it one

step further and tied the logo into a holiday that occurs in that particular month. I

thought everything really worked together, and then the packaging was a lot of fun

as well.” - Kim Dow, ADDY judge & owner of Sass Creative Studios

If you’d like an Ideaworks calendar, please email chelseyt@ideaworks.marketing.

We’re happy to send one your way, as it is our hope that it will inspire you to let

creativity rule throughout the remainder of the year.


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