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Millis’ Niagara Hall to Celebrate

Grand Re-Opening

Medway to

Weigh “Right to

Farm” Bylaw

Celebration Slated for Saturday, May 25 th , 12 Noon

By J.D. O’Gara

20 years in the making, and it

started with an idea Jeff Hardin had.

That’s how members of the Millis

Historical Commission tell the story

of the restoration of historic Niagara

Hall, at long last about to celebrate its

grand re-opening on Saturday, May

25 th , 2019, at noon, complete with a

color guard, police and fire escorts,


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Shown is Millis’ Niagara Hall

in 1936, following a fire, in a

photo taken by Mr. Chilson.

The building at that time

housed fire and police,

including a jail (see bars in right

photo.) Niagara Hall has been

restored over the last 20 years

and will celebrate a grand reopening

on May 25th, at noon.

By J.D. O’Gara

Agriculture is a very active part of the Medway

community, says blueberry farmer and Medway resident

Paul Atwood. “Our animals here, our produce

here, our education, our community events, they

happen in Medway because of our history and the

people in the community continuing to put forward

to maintain history.” And that’s the idea, says Atwood,

behind the “Right to Farm” bylaw proposed at

the upcoming Medway Town Meeting on May 13 th .

“’Right to Farm’ just reaffirms and clarifies that

Medway wants to maintain its rural and cultural

characteristics and history,” says Allison Dempsey,

Education Coordinator at Medway Community

Farm. “This affirmation makes farmers feel they

have the support of the town and as long as they

follow the practices and the bylaws put in place.”

The bylaw can serve as a handy reminder when

Winthrop Street is backed up due to tractors going

up and down during peak season, when drivers

find themselves behind trailers of manure, and

when the summer heat gets to the compost from

the local pig farm.

“A farm is more than just a picture. A farm is ani-


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Page 2 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019


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and performance by members

of the Greater Boston Firefighters

Pipes and Drums band.

“Jeff started this thing in

1999,” says Millis Historical

Commission chair Nathan Maltinsky.

It all began with a $50K

grant secured by Cheryl Jacques,

Mass. Senator at the time.

“That was enough money to

do the front of the building,”

says Maltinsky. Later, he says, the

Historical Commission sent out

fundraising letters and held a few

fundraisers. “Many local businesses

and townspeople donated

toward the restoration,” he says.

The real restoration, he says,

began in 2010, when the Niagara

Hall project received funding

from the Community Preservation


“The building was picked up,

and a new partial foundation was

poured,” says Maltinsky. That

cost $60K, he says, which was a

bargain for the foundation, the

slab underneath, a new floor and

framing. Later, a hose tower that

had been taken off in 1974 was

recreated and dropped into place

about four or five years ago.

Among the many renovations Niagara has undergone is the replacement of its tower. Photo courtesy of

Charles Vecchi.

As much money that has

gone into it, however, Maltinsky

stresses, the volunteer labor that

has gone into the building easily

matches in monetary value the

CPC funding.

“We have had some very

dedicated and committed Historic

Commission members,”

says Maltinsky. “I’m very proud

of this building and all the effort

that’s been put in,” says Maltinsky.

“This whole corner, the

building, with the library, it sets

the tone for the whole town. It’s

the fabric of Millis, and everyone

recognizes it.”

Millis native Dennis Anderson

is among those who’ve put in

numerous hours to finish up with

a lot of the painting work at Niagara


“I joined the Millis Historical

Society a couple of years ago,”

says Anderson, who explains that

the private society differs from

the town board that is the Millis

Historical Commission. Anderson

is one of four generations of

his family to have worked in the

Niagara building.

“The tradition continues,” he



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Medway & Millis’s own…

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 3


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Maltinsky also credits Mitch

Bobinski as part of the heart

and soul of getting the work finished

at Niagara. “I think we’ll

always be doing little things on

this place,” says Bobinski, Millis

resident of 30 years, who jokes

that he was blackmailed into it,

but feels “very satisfied with it,

now. It was a fun process.”

Maltinsky sends out thanks as

well to Marc Prufer, for donating

his architectural expertise,

Tri-County students, Scott Fuzy,

Jacquie Gracie, Joanne Gannon,

Carol McNiff and Meg Watters

Wilkes for their contributions in

restoring the building. In addition,

whenever possible, local

tradesmen, such as John Hourigan,

were hired to complete

work inside the building.

Charles Vecchi, longtime

member of the Millis Historical

Commission, agrees that restoring

Niagara was a fun process.

“It’s satisfying to preserve something

from the past that we can

pass on to future generations.”

Over the years, says Vecchi,

the building, which survived two

fires and was struck by lightning

in 1939, has been the location

for police and fire, once including

a jail. Just recently, laments

Vecchi, the town lost the last

two firefighters that had been

stationed at the Niagara firehouse,

Lacroix and Volpicelli.

When the Millis Fire Station

was built in 1951, says Vecchi,

Niagara housed ambulances,

and later it was converted to office

space, home of the Board of

Assessors, the Tax Collector, the

Board of Health and the Recreation

Department. These offices

remained at that location until

1997, when the Veterans Memorial

Building became home

to Millis Town Hall.

“After it was Town Hall, it

was set to be torn down. Jeffrey

Hardin, who used to be a Selectman

in town, wanted to save the

building,” says Mark Slayton,

Commission member, who adds

that also preserved are the two

original handtubs that belonged

to the Niagara and Rockville

stations. “After 20 years of planning

and work, I’m excited to

see it finally come to completion,

where we can now have

an official town museum. It was

piecemeal when we started with

Jeffrey, but once we got CPC

funds it really took off.” Growing

the collection of artifacts to

be housed at this museum will

be the next order of business,

says Slayton.

Looking forward, the first

floor will continue to house the

old engines and act as a museum

of sorts. Maltinsky says

the Commission hopes to open

the building to the public at

least once a month and by appointment

for school and other

groups. In addition, the second

floor, which features two

restored historic murals, will

be available for town functions

(and private functions for a fee

that will support the Millis Historical

Commission) and can be

used by town organizations, says

Maltinsky. Those interested in

renting the hall can contact the

Millis Historical Commission at

The Millis Historical Commission

will coordinate Niagara’s

grand re-opening with

Millis Fire Chief Rick Barrett.

Exchange Street will likely be

closed during the presentations.

Medway Friends of Elders

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The Medway Friends of Elders

announced it received a

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2019. Representing the Friends

were Eileene Phillips, President,

and Catherine Perkins, Treasurer.

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mals, and it’s work, and every now

and then you’re going to know it’s

there, but so what?” says Glenn

Trindade, Medway Selectman

and member of the Board of Directors

for Medway Community


“We want everybody to know

there are people who support

agricultural pursuits in town,”

says Atwood. “If we don’t it’s

just to be more grocery stores

and Starbucks.”

Atwood explains that as long

as farmers abide by accepted

farming practices, following rules

and regulations of the town, the

Right to Farm bylaw supports

them. “The onus is on the farmers

to follow accepted practices,”

says Atwood. “They can’t be

doing things that are abhorrent

to those normal practices. There

are guidelines by the state Department

of Agriculture.

“The Right to Farm Bylaw

doesn’t supersede any of our regulations,

but it makes clear that,

look, if someone moves in, and all

of a sudden (they realize) that pastoral

little landscape has odors in

it, or if the tractor coming down

the street holds up traffic, we all

know that this is part of farming,

and we’re reaffirming that right to

do so,” says Trindade.

“We want to show support

to local farmers, to continue to

show how serious we are about

reaffirming agriculture in our

local community,” says Dempsey.

“The longer and more successful

we can keep those farms,

the better,” says Trindade, who

says keeping farms in business

keeps more Medway land from

being sold and developed. The

Medway Agricultural Committee

is also looking to support

farmers by growing its farmers’

market and bringing it back to

Choate Park this June.

If the Right to Farm bylaw

passes at Town Meeting, Medway

will join surrounding towns

Millis and Holliston, as well as

138 other towns in the Commonwealth

with Right to Farm

bylaws, according to the Massachusetts

Agricultural Commission


Trindade says the proposed

bylaw was carefully drafted.

“What it does is it makes it

clear to people who say, well, if

there’s a right to farm, my nextdoor

neighbor could decide he

wants to be in the egg business.

If he meets all the requirements

set by law, then, yeah,” says Trindade.

“I see a real value—in

teaching kids this is where your

food comes from, this is how it all

works, and having that local food

source option.”

Local Poets Featured in

Children’s Poetry Anthology

by Amy Mevorach

A reception, gallery display

and book signing for the children’s

poetry anthology An Assortment

of Animal” will be held

at the Hopkinton Center for the

Arts from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday,

May 18. The anthology includes

poetry by members of the Writers’

Loft, including popular children’s

book author Jane Yolen as

well as Brian Lies whose picture

book The Rough Patch is a Caldecott

Honor Book and ALA Notable

Book for 2019. Among

the illustrated poems are pieces

by two Millis writers, Dave

Pasquantonio and Sally Hinkley.

Hinkley, a children’s book

author and art teacher at the

Danforth Museum and School,

wrote and illustrated two poems,

“Pigeons” and “Tracing the

Lines.” The latter is a poem

about elephants, which she had

experience illustrating while

working on a middle grade

book. “I started with picture

books,” she said. “I love storytelling,

exploring different ways

of doing that, visually or with


Pasquantonio writes primarily

speculative fiction for adults,

but responded to the call for

submissions with two poems, “A

Platypus Looks Like a Platypus

Should” and “Each Is Great,”

a conversation between large

felines. “It’s hard work writing

for children, and hard work writing

poetry,” he said. “I hadn’t

appreciated how difficult it is to

make your 40 words sing.”

Both writers joined the Writers’

Loft soon after its founding

in 2013. Located at 20 North

Main Street in Sherborn, the

Loft offers working space,

workshops, critique groups

and networking opportunities

for writers. “Most of us came

into the Loft very solitary writers,”

Pasquantonio said. “Being

around people who have worked

hard and made it, you see how

it’s done.” For Hinkley, the Loft

helped her in the process of procuring

an agent. “You learn so

much being there. My writing

improved so much.”

Events, workshops and critique

groups are listed on the

Loft calendar at https://www.

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 5

Millis Student among

MetroWest Student Film

Festival First Ever MWSFF

Award Winners

The MetroWest Student

Film Festival (MWSFF), the

premier festival recognizing

young filmmakers between

the ages of 14-19 in the

cities and towns of MetroWest,

wrapped up its

inaugural weekend at The

Center for Arts in Natick

on Sunday April 7, 2019.

The closing ceremonies

recognized the works

of student film makers

named as finalists from

across the MetroWest region including

Hudson, Lincoln, Maynard,

Millis, Natick, Needham,

Newton and Sudbury.

The screening of all finalist

entries was followed by an

awards ceremony announcing

the festival winners in each of

four categories. Winners were

awarded prizes valued at a total

of $2,000 in equipment and services

from B&H Camera and

Video in New York City.

The three-day festival

was a collaborative effort between

Walnut Hill School for the

Arts and The Center for Arts in

Natick that included networking

opportunities with

industry professionals and educators,

informative panel discussions,

and a closing reception to

conclude the festivities.

The following award winners

were selected by a panel of

judges in these categories:

Outstanding Animated

Short: Race for the Breakfast

Sandwich by Max Ludwig,

Liam Caldicott and Tommy

Smith of Maynard, MA

Outstanding Documentary

Short: 80 Pounds by Hadley

McPhee of Millis, MA

Outstanding Live Action

Short: How to: Be a Man by

Ella Friedman, Ben Senior,

Aaron Razi, Emma Fallon,

Alexander Crocker and

Simon Templar of Needham,


Student Choice Award: Seppuku

by Oliver Ciric, Charles

Weinstein, Hedi Skali, Phillip

Baker, Daniel Glickman,

Grace Tourtelotte, Alex Chan,

and Tayo Van Beever of Newton,

MA. The Student Choice

Award winner was selected by

the students of Walnut Hill

School’s Writing, Film & Media

Arts program.

Each of the three festival

screening events were attended

by an audience from across the

MetroWest region.

The full list of finalists and

award-winning films can be

seen at

Medway Memorial

Day Parade

The Medway Memorial Day

Parade will take place on Monday,

May 27 th this year, honoring

Medway Vietnam veteran William

Reardon (U.S. Navy, RET)

as the honorary Grand Marshall.

He will be introduced by Richard

Parrella, member of the

Medway Memorial Committee.

Step off for the parade will

take place at 10 a.m. from the

Medway V.F.W. on Holliston

Street. The parade will feature

two divisions, with two different

bands, the Worcester Kiltie Band

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and the Medway High School

Band, ending at Col. Matondi

Square, where a Memorial Day

service will take place, with invocations

by clergy, the Pledge

of Allegiance, the National Anthem.

Medway Board of Selectmen

will offer a proclamation,

followed by roll call. Parade Marshall

and Master of Ceremonies

will be Mr. Robert Saleski.

In case of inclement weather,

the ceremony will take place at

Medway Village Church, at 11



15 Yard Dumpster

Not to be combined with any other offer


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10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Page 6 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Exsultet! Sets Sail at the May Concert

Exsultet!, the premiere Metrowest

women’s ensemble,

today announced its upcoming

May concerts entitled “The Sea:

With Ships the Sea was Sprinkled

Far and Nigh.” The concerts

will be held at the Church

of Christ, Congregational (142

Exchange Street, Millis, MA)

on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7:30

p.m. and First Congregational

Church in Holliston, (725 Washington

Street, Holliston, MA) on

Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 7:30


The concert will include

music and poetry about the romance

of the sea performed by

the ensemble. It’s youth chorus,

Jubilate, will join the performance

at the Saturday concert

in Holliston.

Join us for a concert of idyllic

and picturesque pieces of life on

the briny deep. Advance tickets

are $15; students and seniors

(65+) are $12; and children

12 and under are free. Performances

are not suitable for children

under the age of 5. Tickets

can be purchased online at www. or by calling Stacey

Balardini at (508) 395-5600.

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summer program for students

entering high school! The Bridge

Program provides students with

essential success-building skills

and the opportunities to develop

positive relationships with teachers!

The goal of the Summer Bridge

Program is to support a smooth

transition into high school and is

designed to assist students in supporting

their academic growth,

build connections and meaningful

relationships with peers and

program faculty and staff

Students will not want to miss

out on being part of this summer

interactive experience which

includes field trips and team

building activities. Students will

participate in hands-on, small

group learning experiences,

small and large group team

building experiences and advisory

groups. Two exciting field

trips are also scheduled - Boundless

Adventures in Berlin and

Baypath Humane Society of

Hopkinton. A successful transition

from eighth to ninth grade

is critical for student growth and

success deep into their lives. The

social-emotional adjustment can

be difficult for students and we

want to support students with a

comfortable transition. Registration

for this program is available


The program will be held August

5th-8th & August 12th-15th

from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

For more information or

questions please call our office at

(508) 533-3222 ex.4t



Since 1976

Building • Remodeling • Additions

Kitchens • Baths • Replacement Windows • Decks • Garages

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 7

Millis Memorial Day

Parade Monday,

May 27, 2019

The Millis Memorial Day Parade

and Ceremony will be held

on Monday, May 27th, 2019.

The Parade steps off at 9 a.m.

from the 1st Congregational

Church at Memorial Square.

All Marches need to assemble by

8:45 a.m. in the Parking Lot of

the Church. The Parade will proceed

to the Prospect Hill Cemetery,

then to the Millis Town

Hall, and then will proceed to

Memorial Square for the dedication

ceremony, proclamation,

musical performance and conclusion

of the event. Participants

will include the American Legion

Post 208, Amvets Post 495, Millis

Police and Fire Departments,

Millis Selectmen, Millis Boy

Scouts, Cub Scouts, Millis Girl

Medway Town


May 21, 2019

Nomination papers to run for

Town Election were returned

Tues., April 2nd. The following

residents have returned nomination

papers, and they have been



John Foresto

Maryjane White


Mark Cerel



Matthew Hayes

Richard DiIlulio


Diane Borgatti

Lauren Nassiff

Timothy Fagerson


Paving & Masonry

Driveways • Parkings Lots • Brick Pavers • Steps • Patios


fully insured

Scouts, Daisies, Young Marines,

Millis School Band and Charles

River Choral. In the event of

rain, the ceremony will be held

in the Auditorium at the Millis

High School.

The Master of Ceremonies

will be Lawrence J McCarter

, SMsgt ( USAF Ret. ) 1st Vice

Commander of the American

Legion Post 208. Sgt. At Arms:

Robert Yeager, Commander of

the American Legion Post 208.

For more information or if you

would like to volunteer help replacing

Veterans flags at the

Prospect Hill Cemetery, you may

contact: Mark Slayton, American

Legion Post 208 at


Eric Lindstrom



Leo O’Rourke 3 yr.

Mike Callahan 2 yr.

Steve Burke 1 yr.



Susan Alessandri

Gertrude Stefan


Sean Murphy


Linda Donahue



Douglas Downing

Absentee ballots available at

Medway Town Clerk’s office.

Call Mike 508-496-3098

60 Leonard Street, Foxborough

free estimates

Original Isabella’s –

Here to Stay

There’s more to it than making sandwiches.

For the past eight-and-a-half years, Isabella’s,

the Italian deli on Exchange Street has welcomed

and fed the Millis community.

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything different,”

says owner Kim Signore-Colman, who learned

everything she knows from working alongside

her parents, who for years owned the original

Isabella’s and Signore’s Restaurant/North-End

Deli in Medfield. Signore, a deli-turned-restaurant

in Boston’s North End. “I did it with my

family forever,” says Kim, who happened across

the Millis spot years ago, then brought her father

down for his approval. “If you’re doing a job,

you have to do something that has some fulfillment

to it. You can make money doing anything;

you just have to be happy.”

Signore-Colman, who gets her bread, pastries

and pies from Boston each day, is proud

all of her dishes, dressings and mayonnaise are

homemade and use only the finest quality meats.

She and her staff love creating new sandwiches

– so much so that the board is crammed with

29 varieties from which to choose. Some, like

the Soffwaygo (a Mediterranean sandwich with

hummus and grilled chicken suggested by Millis

Police Chief Chris Soffayer), are inspired by

local patrons.

The Original


Italian Deli & Sandwich Shop





20 Exchange St, Millis MA

HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday • 10am-4pm | Friday • 10am-5:30pm

Saturday • 10am-3pm | Closed Sunday & Monday

Kim not only works with her customers, but

she also gets to know them. As her father did,

Kim tries to do a lot of community outreach,

including supporting the Santa Foundation, local

sports teams, and working with the police and

fire departments every year for a Christmas toy


Now part of the Millis community, Isabella’s

has no plans to leave. When Kim’s Mom, who is

living with Alzheimer’s, needed more care, Kim

found a way to keep the location going and still

support her mother by closing the shop a bit earlier

each day.

“Changing my hours made a big difference

– closing at 4 o’clock instead of 5:30 makes a

big difference,” says Kim, who has found her patrons

very supportive in this transitional time for

her own family.

“You get to know people, they share about

themselves and their lives,” says Kim. “You’re

not just here doing this job, you’re here within

the community and part of it and just feel more


Sicilian Pizza


Pies & Pastry

Page 8 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Medway Middle & High School Music Programs Earn

Honors at Statewide Competition

Superintendent Armand Pires

is pleased to announce that the

Medway middle and high school

band and chorus programs took

home several top honors at the

recent Massachusetts Instrumental

and Choral Conductors Association

(MICCA) Choral and

Concert Festivals.

The statewide competitions

were held on April 5-7 at various

high schools across the state.

In total, there were 178 ensembles,

over 8,700 student musicians

who participated in the

Concert Festival and over 4,000

student musicians who took part

in the Choral Festival.

The results for the Medway

ensembles were as follows:

Medway High School

Concert Band - Bronze

Medway High School

Mixed Chorus - Silver

Medway High School

Treble Chorus – Silver

Medway Middle School

8th Grade Concert Band

- Bronze

The 8th Grade Concert

band played under the direction

of Doug Dufrense. The MHS

Mixed and Treble Choruses

The Medway High School Concert Band performs at the Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors

Association Concert Festival at Foxborough High School. (Photo courtesy Medway Public Schools)









TUES @ 5PM, SAT. @ 10 AM



TUES. 9:30 & 10 AM,

FRIDAYS 1:00 & 1:30






One Dean Street, Norfolk MA


Visit our website at

were led by Kendra Nutting.

And the MHS Concert Band

played under the direction of

Chinese Restaurant


Amanda Webster.

“We saw tremendous performances

by our middle and high

All Seasons Roofing and Carpentry


All Types Of Roofing • Framing • Siding


BBB A+ Rating • Bonded, Licensed & Insured

Call Maicon @ 508-613-5903

Ask For Your 5% Discounts

Pleasureable Dining and

Take Out Service

Open Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 11 - 9:30 p.m.

Fri & Sat: 11- 10:30 p.m

Sunday: Noon - 9:30 p.m.




school music programs this past

weekend,” said Assistant Superintendent

Gabrielle Abrams.

“Our student musicians and

singers practice throughout the

year to hone their skills and our

instructors work very hard bring

out the amazing enthusiasm that

we see out of our music department

every year.”

MICCA encourages and

supports the development of

elementary, middle and high

school performing ensembles.

The competitions over last

weekend also included marching

band, solo and ensemble

performances, all of which were

judged by highly qualified adjudicators.



The Purchase of

$35 or more

(one per table)

Not valid with other offers

Valid thru 6-30-19

34 Milliston Road, (Millston Common), Millis MA 02054

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 9

Business Spotlight: Jasper Hill

The Hill is alive with food

and music, Jasper Hill that is.

Owners John and Denise Tracy

opened Jasper Hill in Holliston

and spent the last five years, fine

tuning the concept. As Jasper’s

popularity grew, so did the need

for a larger facility to accommodate

more patrons for dining and

live entertainment. Their search

brought them to an ideal location

for both, at the historic Rocklawn

building in Millis. The 132-yearold

house was originally designed

for Helen Van Kleeck, daughter

of Lansing Millis, for whom the

town was named. The home became

a showplace of the community

in its day. Continuing

that tradition today, Jasper Hill

fireplaces and rich mahogany

paneling in addition to the cocktail

lounge and delightful enclosed


The menu changes frequently

to allow the chef to keep things

interesting and take advantage

of fresh seasonal ingredients,

sambuca sauce. A top selling salad

is the grilled salmon and spinach,

with blueberries, walnuts, avocado

and champagne vinaigrette.

A sampling of favorite entrees include

Red wine braised short ribs,

Papardelle Bolognese, a veal, pork

and tenderloin ragu over pasta

and Cajun shrimp tacos with arugula,

red onion, roasted tomatoes

and sriracha aioli.

Live music is featured every

Tuesday through Sunday including

Chris Fitz’s Back Porch

Acoustic Hoedown every

Thursday night from 8 p.m.-

11 p.m., Children’s Interactive

Music Series with Elijah T.

Grasshopper & Friends every

Saturday morning at 10 a.m.,

Racky Thomas’ Travelin’ Medicine

Show Revival blues/gospel

brunch every Sunday from 1

p.m.-4 p.m., Sunday Blues Jam

with Pete Henderson & Company

every Sunday evening from

7:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m., and our

Young Performers Open Mic

hosted by John McArthur on the

last Sunday of the month from

2 p.m.-4 p.m. The weekends

Dining on the glassed-in porch

feature full band line ups every

Friday and Saturday night.

Jasper Hill is a welcome addition

to the areas dining and

entertainment scene. Come for

the food and stay for the music.

Their full menu is available online


Our gardens & nursery are only open to the public a few days a year.

Please come visit our gardens and shop our nursery on these days,

but please respect the fact that we are only open to the public on these days.

The Hosta Farm of Mendon

52 Bates St., Mendon, MA 01756 Phone: 508-634-1914


Plan now - Open 8 am - 4pm - Only on these dates

* * May 11 th * * May 25 th * * June 1 st * * June 15 th * *

* * July 20 th * * Aug 17 th * * Sept 14 th * *

A great place for drinks or socializing

is establishing itself as a popular

venue, making a name for itself

as one of the area’s best kept secrets

for excellent casual dining

and great live music.

Jasper Hill is a relaxed and

friendly restaurant, bar and function

facility serving delicious fare

including fresh seafood, hand

cut steaks, poultry, pork, homemade

flatbreads, burgers, upscale

salads, homemade soups,

plus beer, wine, and spirits. The

atmosphere is warm and inviting

offering the perfect spot to sit and

relax for lunch, dinner, Sunday

brunch, or to sip a cocktail and

socialize with friends.

The first floor boasts four elegantly

appointed dining rooms

that feature original ceramic tile

buying local whenever possible.

Jasper’s prepares as much as they

can from scratch, using only the

finest ingredients available and

avoiding any preservative or additives.

Experimenting with the

latest trends in dining is essential

to the restaurant’s concept of dining.

The chef takes advantage of

this opportunity with his daily

specials so be sure to try them. He

also features an inventive daily

flatbread creation one recent offering

was roasted tomato, prosciutto,

arugula, goat cheese and

a balsamic drizzle. Some of the

more popular selections from the

current menu include a Mussels

Sambuca appetizer, a full lb. of

fresh mussels, andouille sausage

and baby spinach in a creamy

With 350 varieties to select from, we have Hosta for every taste & need.

Hosta small enough to use in a fairy garden,

Or so large that Adam and Eve would have considered them a one-piece suit.




• Open Daily

• Bakery with Fresh Muffins/Pastries

• Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches

• Best Blueberry Muffins Since Jordan Marsh


with a purchase of a muffin with this coupon



Expire 5-31-2019

Receive 10% off any cake

with this coupon

All our cakes are made from scratch on the premises

Expire 5-31-2019


116 Main Street, Medway

(508) 533-6655

32 Hasting Street, Rte 16. Mendon

(508) 381-0249

Page 10 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Kentucky Derby Gala

Tickets Now on Sale

Get ready to don your best

derby hats, dresses, suits and

bow-ties for the Medway Foundation

for Education’s Kentucky

Derby Party on May 4th

at the Thayer Homestead in

Medway. This fun-filled evening

will include “Run for the

Roses”-themed food and beverages

provided by J & L Catering

and Liquor World of Medway,

a silent auction, photo booth by

Tim Rice Photography, music

from DJ Steve Souza, games

and of course watching of the

Kentucky Derby itself! Tickets

Look your best–

for less

• No Appointments Necessary

• Open 7 Days a Week


for this MFE fundraiser are on

sale NOW and we expect that

they will go quickly.

• Tickets can be purchased


• Sponsored by Liquor

World of Medway, Taylor

Family Chiropractic, Russo

Insurance, Exelon, and

Middlesex Savings Bank.

• Be sure to like our Facebook

page to see pictures

of last year and stay up

to date with news on this


The Medway Foundation

for Education has funded over

$300,000 to date and is in the

process of creating a long-term

endowment fund for future

generations to utilize. For more

information please visit www. Like us on

or follow us on

twitter @MFE_Medway

MEDWAY COMMONS 508-533-6800

67 Main St (Rt 109), Medway

ROCHE BROS CENTER 508-376-4555

4 Milliston Rd (Rt 109), Millis

SHAW’S PLAZA 508-881-1175

330 Pond St (Rte 126), Ashland

The National Rifle Association and the

Fin, Fur & Feather Club of Wellesley and Natick

are proud to present our

Annual Women-Only Instructional Shooting Clinic

Saturday, June 1, 2019

(rain date June 8 2019)

8:00 am to 4:15 pm

The Fin Fur and Feather Club

100 Larch Road

Millis, MA 02054

Color & Cut Special

$60 or $70

Mon.-Thurs. only

Retouch roots & cut $60. Full color & cut $70.

Highlights not included. Long/thick hair blowdry or

extra color surcharge. Appointment recommended.

Valid with coupon; one per client. Expires 5/31/19

Facial Waxing Special

$20 Eyebrows & Upper Lip

Mon-Thurs. only

No appointment needed.

Valid with coupon;

one per client.

Expires 5/31/19

20 % OFF

All Major Brands

Excludes special packaging.

Valid with coupon.

Expires 5/31/19




Ladies – have you ever thought about trying your hand at recreational shooting? Ever been curious why

people enjoy the shooting sports? Here is your opportunity to learn! Come join us for a women’s only

instructional shooting clinic on Saturday, June 2(rain date June 9). You will receive hands-on instruction in

firearms safety, shotgun, rifle and pistol by the friendly and knowledgeable folks at the Fin, Fur and

Feather Club in Millis. No previous experience is necessary; just the desire to learn and have fun.

This course will give you the necessary certificates to apply for your Massachusetts Firearms License – if

you choose – at no extra cost. The $50 tuition includes eye and hearing protection, all materials, lunch

and the Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety certificate – a value of over $150! You must complete the

eight-hour course to receive your certificate.

This event is limited to 50 people and you must be at least 16 years old to participate.

To register, contact Julie at 781.363.1772 or email at

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 11

Living Healthy

Decades of Service to the Community

and a New Location in Franklin

By Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.,

Milford Franklin Eye Center

Milford-Franklin Eye Center

has been providing excellent

eye care to the community for

decades. With much pride and

excitement, we are happy to announce

the opening of our stateof-the

art medical office in a new

location in Franklin. Effective

May 1, 2019, we will be relocating

our current East Central St.

office to 750 Union Street, (the

old Boston Sports Club building).

We have worked tirelessly

to bring to our community a new

8,000 square-foot office with

same dedicated physicians and

staff, latest equipment and technology

and a gorgeous facility

to serve the vision needs of the


With offices located in Milford

and Franklin and a support

staff of 35, we are proud to be

the leading medical and surgical

eye care center in the area and

one of the major eye care institutions

in the State. We are also one

of the rare ophthalmology practices

to own and operate our own

surgical center, the Cataract Surgery

Center of Milford. No more

need to travel miles and hours to

have cataract surgery! Four experienced

eye physicians/ surgeons

and two optometrists are here

to provide comprehensive and

excellent eye care for the entire


Dr. Roger Kaldawy is an experienced

eye physician and surgeon

and the area’s only full-time




specialist in corneal diseases.

Having completed his training

in Ophthalmology at University

of Rochester and his fellowship

in Cornea and Refractive Surgery

at the prestigious Department

of Ophthalmology of the

University of Iowa, Dr. Kaldawy

served as Assistant Professor of

Ophthalmology at Boston University

where he was Director of

the Cornea and External Disease

program and trained fellows

and residents in Ophthalmology.

Some of his trainees are now in

academic and private practices

in Massachusetts and around the

world. Dr Kaldawy published research

articles in peer-reviewed

academic journals and has been

invited as a guest speaker to many

prestigious academic programs

in the US and around the world,

including the University of New

York, Stanford University and

the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Kaldawy is proud to

be the first surgeon in central

Massachusetts and among a

handful of surgeons in the State

to have performed DSAEK corneal

transplantation. With special

interest in cataract surgery, Dr

Kaldawy has performed tens of

thousands of procedures and was

the first surgeon in the area to

offer the highly advanced accommodating

implants. Dr Kaldawy

is the first and only surgeon in

the area to offer bladeless laserassisted

Femto cataract surgery.

This laser procedure is offered

locally at the Milford Cataract



Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D. John F. Hatch, M.D.

Kameran A. Lashkari, M.D. Shazia S. Ahmed, M.D.

Michael R. Adams, O.D. Caroline Perriello Consigli, O.D.

Announcing the opening of our new office in Franklin!

Saturday &

After Hours



508-528-3344 YOUR EYES

750 Union Street DESERVE

Franklin, MA 02038 THE BEST


160 South Main St (Rt 140)

Milford, MA 01757

and Laser Surgery Center.

Dr. Hatch is the only fellowship-trained

pediatric ophthalmologist

in the area and

is a skilled surgeon with training

in the latest techniques for

straightening misaligned eyes.

Dr. Hatch earned bachelor’s

and master’s degrees in engineering

from Boston University

and Dartmouth College. He

completed his medical degree at

the University of Massachusetts

Medical School in 1988, followed

by residency in Ophthalmology

at Yale-New Haven Hospital

and fellowship in Pediatric and

Neuro-ophthalmology at Duke

University. Returning to his home

state in 1993, Dr. Hatch joined

the Milford-Franklin Eye Center

where he focuses on comprehensive

pediatric and adult ophthalmology

and adult strabismus.

Dr. Lashkari is our practicing

vitreoretinal specialist as well as a

scientist at the Schepens Eye Research

Institute, Harvard Medical

School. He is also a part-time

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

at the Harvard Medical

School. Dr. Lashkari completed

a Medical-Surgical Fellow in Vitreoretinal

disease at Massachusetts

Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Dr. Ahmed graduated Magna

cum Laude with Honors from

Brown University with a degree

in Mechanical Engineering. She

then pursued her medical degree

at Medical College of Georgia

followed by a medical internship

at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore,

MD. She completed her

residency in Ophthalmology at

Tufts Medical Center in Boston,

MA followed by a Cornea and

Anterior Segment Fellowship

at Baylor College of Medicine

in Houston, TX. Her specific

interests include ocular surface

disease, complex cataracts and

corneal transplantation.

Dr. Perriello Consigli received

her Bachelor of Science degree

from Clark University in 1987.

She went on to earn her Doctor

of Optometry degree from New

England College of Optometry

in 1991. Dr. Consigli has over

25 years of experience, spending

several years in private practice.

In February 2019, Dr. Consigli

joined Milford-Franklin Eye

Center. She enjoys seeing patients

of all ages. She is proficient

in routine eye care, contact lens

fitting, and diagnosing and treating

various eye disease.

Dr. Adams, graduated from

John Carroll University, Bachelors

of Science, summa cum

laude, in 1995. He completed

his Master’s in Biochemistry

from The Ohio State University

in 1997. In 2003 he received his

Doctorate from the New England

College of Optometry. Dr.

Adams has advanced training in

corneal pathology, specialty contact

lenses, ocular disease and

laser refractive surgery.

Milford-Franklin Eye Center

realizes you have choices when

it comes to eye care. We are different.

We focus on excellent and

advanced eye care and treat our

patients as if each and everyone

Start your journey to eating

healthier and feeling great!

Meet one-on-one with a

registered, licensed dietitian,

right here in downtown Holliston.

Most major insurance plans accepted.

Sanford Nutrition Consulting

Leslie Sanford, MS, RD, LDN

838 Washington St, Holliston, MA


FLIP into summer fun at Flipside Gymnastics

• Gym & Swim Program - You pick the days/


6/24-8/23 8:30am-12:30pm, Extended day


Wk 1: Summer Fun!

Wk 2: Flipping Fun & Tumbling

Wk:3 Discovering Dance

Wk 4: Ice Cream Week

Wk 5: Super Hero Week

Wk 6: Amazing Animals

Wk 7: Acrobatics & Ninja Warrior

Wk 8: Wacky Week

• Summer Tumble Tot, Preschool & School age

Classes - 6 weeks runs July 8th –August 16th

• Pre team, Team, off season High School

Program available

• Tumbling classes for gymnasts, dancers &


Flipside is air conditioned, call or stop by for more info

508-533-2353 | 2 Franklin Street, Medway, MA


continued on page 12

Page 12 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Living Healthy


continued from page 11

is family. We are from the community,

most of us live in the

community, and our focus is to

serve the community. You will see

us in the office, at the local supermarket

and in the ER at 1 a.m.

if there is a need for our care.

Our focus is you, your vision and

excellent results. We are proud

to offer world class cataract surgery

closer to home! Our optical

shop has its own lab and can cut

Find Your Balance

First Class Free!


368 Village St, Millis, MA


Treat your




Milliston Common | Millis MA

Open: Tue 9-6, Wed 9-7, Thur 9-6,

Fri 9-5, Sat 9-4

and finish your glasses while you

wait. We offer after-hours, same

day emergency appointments

and Saturday appointments.

We have a new management focused

on quality customer care.

Six providers dedicated to the

best in eye medicine and surgery

and now to even serve you better

a state-of-the-art gorgeous office

at 750 Union Street in Franklin.

Please stop by and say hi! We are

here to serve you!

For more details, see our ad

on page11.






Register O’Donnell Promotes

Homestead Act

Norfolk County Register of

Deeds William P. O’Donnell

today reminded homeowners

about the importance of filing

for Homestead protection.

Under Massachusetts law, a

Homestead recording provides

limited protection against the

forced sale of an individual’s

primary residence to satisfy unsecured

debt up to $500,000.

“For most people, their

home is the most important financial

asset they have,” noted

Register O’Donnell. “If you

own a home, and it is your

primary residence, one way

to protect it is to file a Homestead.

The Homestead law

also allows for the filing of an

Elderly Homestead application,

which defines an elder as

a person who is 62 years of age

or older. This protection can be

increased if the elderly couple

files jointly.”

O’Donnell further stated,

“The Homestead law was significantly

enhanced by an act

of the Massachusetts Legislature

back in 2011. Language

in the new law states a valid

Homestead cannot be terminated

when refinancing a mortgage.

Other changes include

wording which states that a

Homestead can provide protections

for a primary home even

if it is kept in trust. The definition

of a primary residence

has been further expanded to

include a manufactured or mobile


While a Homestead provides

important protections for

homeowners, it is important

to note there are certain debts

that are exempted from protection

under the Homestead Act.

These include federal, state

and local tax liens, as well as

mortgages contracted for the

purchase of a primary home

and nursing home liens. Most

other mortgages, debts, and

encumbrances existing prior to

the filing of the Declaration of

Homestead, along with probate

court executions for spousal

and child support, are also not

covered under the Homestead

protection statute.

Homestead recordings can

be filed at the Registry of Deeds

for a state imposed fee of $36.

To find out more about the

Homestead law, or to get a free

application, please go online to

the Registry’s website at www. or contact the

Registry’s Customer Service

Center at (781) 461-6101.

Make Mom

Make Mom

Make Mom


Make Mom


Feel Make Special! Mom

Feel Special!

Deluxe Pedicure

Feel Special! Feel Special!





Mint Julep Body Deluxe Scrub Pedicure

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90 Minute Mint Massage Julep Body ScrubFOR MOTHER’S DAY



Deluxe Pedicure

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Wash & Blow 90 Minute Dry Make Mom

Purchase a $50 Certificate




90 Minute Massage

a $50 Certificate

Mint Julep Body Scrub

Mint Julep Receive Body Scrub $5

Spray Wash Tan & Blow Purchase Dry

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Wash & Blow Dry

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Deluxe Pedicure

Med Bucks

Order your Gift Certificates today! $50 purchased.

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127 & 137 E. Main

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Schedule an appointment today (508) 478-9888 Ave., Framingham

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Schedule an appointment today 20 Daniels (508) St., Hopedale, 478-9888


$50 purchased.

20 Daniels St., Hopedale, and

Schedule an appointment

Mac MedSpa Mac today (508) 478-9888 MedSpa 242 Union Ave., Framingham

Order your Gift 242 Certificates Union Ave., Framingham today!

Schedule an appointment today We (508) will Schedule

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 13

Living Healthy

Professionals & Volunteers

Offered Free Training on


Mansfield Adult Day Health Center,

a program of Community VNA, invites

you to join us for a free educational program

about how dementia impacts business

clientele in a number of settings. Join

us Monday, May 8th, for “Dementia &

Your Community” presented by Jennifer

Hoadley, CP, Regional Manager Southeastern

MA, Alzheimer’s Association.

This presentation takes place from 5 to

6:30 p.m. at Mansfield Adult Day Health

Center, 300 Branch Street, Mansfield,

MA 02048.

There are approximately 5.8 million

Americans living with Alzheimer’s. By

2050, this number is projected to rise to

nearly 14 million.

Participants in this program will learn

helpful strategies for working successfully

with customers who have memory

impairment, and will receive a free “We

are in the business of becoming dementia

friendly” decal to display at their place of


The training is open to municipal employees,

business professionals, healthcare

practitioners, religious and educational

organizations and volunteers, as well as

non-profit community partners.

All guests are asked to pre-register by

Monday, May 6th. To register, or request

additional information, please call (800)

272-3900 or visit

Milford Regional Earns

AABB Accreditation

Milford Regional Medical Center has

been granted AABB accreditation for

transfusion services.

The accreditation bestowed by the

AABB (formerly known as the American

Association of Blood Banks) follows an

intensive on-site assessment by specially

trained AABB assessors and establishes

that the level of technical and administrative

performance within the facility meets

or exceeds the standards set by AABB.

Milford Regional now joins similar facilities

located throughout the United States

and the world that have AABB accreditation.

“The AABB’s accreditation procedures

are voluntary and Milford Regional

has sought AABB accreditation because

this program assists facilities around the

world in achieving excellence by promoting

a level of professional and technical

expertise that contributes to quality

performance and patient safety,” says

Edward J. Kelly, president and CEO of

Milford Regional.

The AABB is an international notfor-profit

association dedicated to the advancement

of science and the practice of

transfusion medicine and related biological

therapies. The accreditation program

assesses the quality and operational systems

in place within a facility. The basis

for assessment is compliance with AABB

standards, Code of Federal Regulations and

other federal guidance documents.

On Tuesday, May 14th

from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m., Community

VNA Hospice and

Palliative Care, 10 Emory

Street, Attleboro MA is hosting

a children’s grief program.

Kids’ Club is designed

to help children ages 5 - 13

to deal with the loss of a significant

person in their life. In

Help for Children

Who Are Grieving

a supportive and understanding

atmosphere, experienced

grief specialists guide the

children to explore and express

their feelings through

crafts and sharing. The group

is free and open to children

from all towns. Pre-registration

is required; please call

Glen Rounseville, Spiritual

and Bereavement Care Coordinator

at (508) 222-0118 or

800-220-0110, ext. 1372. For

more information about this

program and other grief support

and services, visitwww., or Like

Us on Facebook.

Friends &

Family Day

May 2, 2019

25% Off

Gift Certificates

One-on-One treatment

The Franklin location will ship

gift certificates for FREE!


130 Franklin Village Drive | Franklin MA 02038

Page 14 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Millis Beautification Day

May 4 th , 2019

Free Water Bottles to

First 100 Volunteers

Be one of the first 100 volunteers to check in at

Registration Desk for Millis Beautification Day on

May 4th and receive a FREE 20-ounce aluminum

water bottle. 9 a.m.-Noon. Registration starts at

Town Hall at 8:30 a.m. Rain or Shine.

This year, in our effort to reduce plastics in the

environment, we will not be giving out plastic bottles

of water at MBD as was done in past years. Instead,

we ask that you bring your own filled water bottles.

Coolers with water will be available for refilling your


May Events at the

Millis Public Library

Wednesday, May 1st at 6:30

p.m. -- Organic Gardening for

Everyone presented by John

Root and sponsored by the Millis

Library with a grant from the

Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Thursday, May 9 --the Bird

Mancini Band from 6-8 p.m. --

The Bird Mancini Band will present

a concert in the Roche Bros.

Community Room at the Millis

Public Library. The performance

is sponsored by the Friends of the

Millis Public Library. Boston’s

acclaimed Bird Mancini Band,

features eclectic and at times a

bit psychedelic acoustic/electric

rock pop style with lush vocal arrangements,

blues-tinged guitar,

accordion, harmonica, and a

variety of percussion, bells and

whistles. In recent years, they’ve

toured the West Coast and performed

for the International Pop

Overthrow Festival in Boston,

New York City and in Liverpool

UK at The Cavern Club, and

have opened for such well-known

artists as Leon Russell, David

Crosby, Joan Osborne, and many


The library is located at 961

Main St (Route 109) in Millis.

Please call (508) 376-8282 for

more information.

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 15

Tri-County Education Foundation

Presents Its 1 st Grant Awards

The Tri-County Education

Foundation is pleased to announce

it has awarded its first

grant awards since its inception

to two Tri-County Regional

Vocational Technical High

School clubs. The Robotics

club has been awarded $500

and the SkillsUSA club has

been awarded $500.

The funds associated with

the awards will be used to fund

participation in competitions

including travel expenses allowing

both clubs to compete at a

national level.

Foundation Board President

Christopher Ward said, “The

grants were awarded to help

defray the cost of the transportation

and incidentals needed

for students to compete, which

falls outside the normal scope

of school budget funding.”

The Foundation is currently

seeking sponsorships within the

community for financial support

and commitment to the

Tri-County community. Those

organizations who would like to

inquire about becoming a Tri-

County Education Foundation

sponsor, please go to the website


The Foundation is a 501(c)

(3) non-profit organization administered

by a 10-member

From L-R: Christopher Ward, President of The Tri-County Education Foundation; Kristen Magas, Robotics

Advisor; Stephen Dockray, Superintendent of Tri-County RVTHS; Colin Donahue a junior from Walpole;

Michael Garland, Robotics Advisor; Hannah Davis, a junior from Franklin; Jack George, a junior from North

Attleboro, Sam Fontecchio, a junior from Medway; Bill Robin, Robotics Advisor; Kyle Hughes, a freshman

from North Attleboro; Colby Jones, a junior from Millis; Holly Wheeler, Tri-County Education Foundation; and

Jack Lank, Tri-County Education Foundation.

Board of Directors comprised

of area business, finance, and

education leaders with a vested

interest in sustaining quality

vocational-technical education

programs and growing a capable


Tri-County RVTHS, located

at 147 Pond Street in

Franklin, is a recipient of the

High Schools That Work Gold

Achievement Award and serves

the communities of Franklin,

Medfield, Medway, Millis,

Norfolk, North Attleboro,

Plainville, Seekonk, Sherborn,

Walpole, and Wrentham.

From L-R, first row: Christopher Ward, President of The Tri-County Education Foundation; Adrianna Celeste,

a senior from North Attleboro; Anna Weidman, a sophomore from Franklin; Mark Chauvin, SkillsUSA

Advisor; Holly Wheeler, Tri-County Education Foundation. Second row: Stephen Dockray, Superintendent

of Tri-County RVTHS; John McNulty, a sophomore from Franklin; Alina Coffey, a senior from Medway; Kyler

Beke, a senior from Plainville; and Jack Lank, Tri-County Education Foundation.


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Fish & Chips

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Breakfast • Lunch • Daily Specials

320 Village Street, Medway • 508-533-4473 •

Page 16 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

A Book Bonanza at Medway Library Book Sale

If you are looking for a great

deal on books, CDs and DVDs,

puzzles and toys, head to the

Friends of the Medway Library

Book Sale. This highly anticipated

Mega Spring Sale has

always been a popular event.

There are fifteen thousand

newly donated, gently used

books representing a wide variety

of interests, for adults and

children. In the Cole Room,

also, will be a large selection of

media including DVD’s, CD’s,

Vinyl Records. Books on Tape,

and Computer Games. The

room will also include an assortment

of artwork, household

items, puzzles, games, and toys.

The event begins with the

“Friends-Only Sale” on Friday

evening, May 10, from 6 to 8

p.m. Members get first chance

to preview and buy books.

Memberships may be bought

at the door or dues paid ahead

of time at the library. A year’s

individual membership is only

$10 for individuals and $15 for


The Public Sale is Saturday,

May 11 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Most books and media will be

available at bargain prices, between

25 cents and 2 dollars.

The following Saturday, May

18 is the Bag Sale in which buyers

may fill up a brown paper

grocery bag for only $5. Friends

will provide the bags. However,

this year, so everyone has an opportunity

to get media at the

Bag Sale, buyers will be limited

to 10 DVD’s.

Books are carefully sorted

on shelves and on tables in the

Cole Room, in over 50 categories.

Fiction is easy to search by

genre: science fiction, mystery,

romance, as well as popular

literature and classics. Nonfiction

has numerous categories,

including sections on sports, history,

politics, travel, finance, inspiration,

biography, nature, art,

music, crafts, health, religion,

gardening and cooking. There

is also a special section of antiquarian

books. Shoppers are

bound to find something of interest.

The sale is especially the

place to go for children’s and YA

books, most which are priced between

25 cents and $1. Co-president

of Friends, Meg Hamilton,

recalls, “I always bought my

children’s books at the library

sales. For the price of one book

at a retail store, I could get 20

almost-new ones. Also, it’s a terrific

way to support the library.

The $19,000 Friends raised last

year supplemented the library’s

operating budget, helping to pay

For all your Automotive Needs Both Import & Domestic

1461 Main Street, Millis, MA 02054

508-376-2557 • 800-894-2557 •

Steve Bullock

for family programs, museum

passes and new books.”

The Friends accepts book donations

year-round; a collection

box is located at the bottom entrance

of the library. For more

information about donating,

membership, and volunteering,

view their website:



Milford • 508-217-4447

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 17

Calendar of Events

May 1

Medway ArtWeek event,

Reading with the Orchestra,

4 p.m., Story Room, Medway

Public Library, ages 5+, sponsored

by the Medway Cultural

Council, visit https://www.

or https://

Organic Gardening for Everyone,

6:30 p.m., with John

Root, sponsored by Millis Library

with grant from Massachusetts

Cultural Council,

Millis Public Library, 961 Main

St., Millis

May 2

Medway ArtWeek event,

Music in the Makerspace,

3:30-5 p.m., Medway Public

Library, combine engineering

and design skills to create your

own instruments and play, visit



May 3

Rep. Jeff Roy Office Hours,

8:30 -9:30 a.m. at Galante’s

Restaurant, 320 Village St.

Medway, MA

Medway ArtWeek events

at the Thayer House:

Zentangle with Jane Curran,

3-5 p.m., Thayer House, Payment

of $35 to Jane at 18 Park

Road, Franklin, includes materials

and a take home packet to


WINGS Project, 5:30-9

p.m., Thayer House, Medway

HS project of Canvas Wings,

where visitors can write or draw

what art means to them.

The Lipstick Artist, Laura

Osterweis, 5:30-6:30 p.m.,

Thayer House, painting with

lipstick, materials provided

but feel free to bring old


Rena & Friends Craft Activity,

5:30-6 p.m., Thayer

House, stress balls made of

corn starch and balloons

Jennifer Kendall – Tessellations

– M.C. Escherstyle

(FREE) 5:30-6 p.m.,

Thayer House, Tessellations

are shapes that cover a plane

without leaving gaps or creating

overlap. They are found

everywhere .

Ice cream making with TC

Scoops ($5), 6:30-7:30 p.m.,

Thayer House

Med Farm Fiber Dyeing

(FREE), 7-7:30 p.m., Thayer

House, hosted by Medway

Community Farm’s Allison


Tim Rice Photo - Travel

Photography (FREE), 8-9 p.m.

Tim Rice is a photographer

based in Medway. Join him for

a discussion on travel photography.

Pangea Food Truck (Food

for purchase), 4-8 p.m. visit



May 4

Millis Beautification Day,

9 a.m. – noon, town cleanup,

registration starts at 8:30 a.m.

at Millis Town Hall, rain or

shine, water bottles to first 100

volunteers, for info. contact Bill

Lawson (781) 718-3342 or,

rain or


Clip and save this coupon


50 OFF

Your next plumbing

or heating repair*

Medway Foundation for

Education Kentucky Derby,

4:30 p.m., Thayer Homestead,

2B Oak St., Medway, for information

and tickets,

Dress up in derby

gear, includes food & beverage,

auction, photo booth, music

and derby watching.

Medway ArtWeek events

at Medway Public Library

Reading with Orchestra,

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, ages 5+,

11 a.m.- 12 p.m.

Live Animation in the

Makerspace, 12-2 p.m., CGI

Character Animation demonstration

visit https://www.

or https://

May 6

Millis Town Election, 7 a.m.

– 8 p.m., Millis Town Hall, 900

Main St., Millis

May 7

Medway Democratic Town

Committee meeting, 7 p.m.,

T.C. Scoops

May 8

Tri-County Stamp Collectors

Club, 6-8, Medway Public

Library, 26 High St., Medway,

teens and adults

May 9

Bird Mancini Band, 6-8

p.m., Millis Public Library, 961

Main St., Millis

May 11

Medway Public Library

Book Sale, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

May 13

Medway Town Meeting, 7

p.m., Medway High School, 88

Summer St., Medway

Millis Town Meeting, 7:30

p.m., Millis High School/Middle

School, 245 Plain St., Millis

May 18

Medway Pride Day, Summer

St., Medway, 10 a.m. – 4

p.m., Medway Middle School

parking lot, see schedule in this

paper and updates at Medway

Pride Day on Facebook

Medway Library Bag Sale,

Medway Household Hazardous

Waste Day, 9 a.m. – 1

p.m., Recycling Center, 46

Broad Street, Medway, MED-


limit 25 items or 25 pounds,

More information: https:// & full list of

acceptable items: https://bit.


Visit our website for

more coupons and

special offers on heating

system installations.


*Not valid on trip or diagnostic fees. This offer expires April 30, 2019. Offer code OT-A-50

Garden Club of Norfolk

Annual Plant & Bake Sale, 9

a.m. – noon, Norfolk Town Hill

& Gazebo, parking at Norfolk

Public Library, 139 Main St.,


May 19

Medway Youth Baseball and

Medway Trail Club 3rd Annual

Family 5K, 9 a.m., Cassidy

Field, Medway, $30 adults;

$15 age 16 and under, register


May 21

Medway Town Election, 7

a.m. – 8 p.m.

May 25

Niagara Hall Grand Re-

Opening Celebration, 12 p.m.,

will feature Boston Firefighter

Pipes and Drums Band, local

dignitaries, official police/fire

escort, light refreshments, words

by Millis Historical Commission,


May 27

Millis Memorial Day Parade,

steps off 9 a.m. from Memorial


Medway Memorial Day

Parade, steps off 10 a.m. from

Holliston VFW


Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us! Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608

Page 18 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Medway’s Burke-Memorial Elementary School

Officially Opens In-School Food Pantry

Superintendent Armand

Pires is pleased to announce

that a ribbon cutting ceremony

was held today to officially open

the Burke-Memorial Elementary

School’s new in-school

food pantry for students in


“Now that the pantry is

open, we hope we can begin to

offer assistance to some of our

students in need and provide

them with food to bring home

over the weekend,” Superintendent

Pires said. “We are

thrilled to be working alongside

the folks at the Medway Village

Church Food Pantry and will be

relying on their expertise as we

move forward.”

Superintendent Pires, Burke-

Memorial Principal Amanda

Luizzi, Medway Public Schools

Wellness Director Ryan Sherman

and Medway Village

Church Food Pantry Director

Susan Dietrich gathered at

the pantry Friday morning to

launch the new program.

The pantry will be staffed

by parents, students and community

volunteers working

alongside volunteers from

the Medway Village Church

Food Pantry.

This past summer, Medway

Public Schools officials partnered

with representatives of

the YMCA and the Medway

Village Church Food Pantry to

create a program that would

supply students in need with

food for the weekend.

In January, Stop and Shop

awarded Medway Public

Schools a $1,600 grant to help

build shelves, purchase backpacks

and buy food for the new


The optional program will

start by serving a group of

about 15 students. Those students

will be among 50 to 70

children who are eligible for

free and reduced lunches at the


Each week, volunteer staff

will put backpacks full of food

together for the select students

who will benefit the most from

From left to right: Medway Public Schools Superintendent Armand Pires, Medway Village Church Food

Pantry Director Susan Dietrich, Medway Public Schools Director of Wellness Ryan Sherman and Burke-

Memorial Elementary School Principal Amanda Luizzi. (Photo courtesy Medway Public Schools)

the program. Those students will

go to the pantry before the end

of the school day on Friday and

will receive backpacks filled with

simple foods that students can eat

on their own, like granola bars

and apple sauce, as well as meals

they can prepare with an adult,

like a pasta dinner.

Those interested in volunteering

can email Ryan

Sherman at

Those interested in donating

food items to support the new

program can do so by leaving

bags marked “Food Pantry” at

the church office of Medway

Village Church at 170 Village


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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 19


Roy Announces

Upcoming Office


State Representative

Jeffrey Roy (D-Franklin)

announced today that

constituent office hours

will be held in Medway and

Franklin on the following


Medway –Friday May 3rd,

8:30 -9:30 a.m. at

Galante’s Restaurant

320 Village St. Medway, MA

Franklin – Thursday, May

16 th , 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the

Franklin Senior Center

10 Daniel McCahill Street

Franklin, MA

Representative Roy stated

that all office hours are open

to any residents of Franklin

and Medway who may have

questions or concerns that

they wish to bring to his attention.

Walk-ins are welcome;

no appointment necessary. He

looks forward to hearing from


He also invites all constituents

to call him at his State

House office at (617) 722-

2030, to stop by Room 43 in

the State House, or to email

him at

Summer Programs at Medway

Community Education

Medway Community Education

is happy to offer a

summer of fun with exciting

programs for children and

adults. For Preschool, Youth

& Teens, a wide variety of

arts and science programs

are available, such as sewing,

painting, dance, drama, and

STEM programs. If your children

love sports and fitness, our

golf, tennis, volleyball, track,

flag football, field hockey, basketball

and F.A.S.T. Athletics

programs are sure to put a

smile on their faces! Programs

for High School students include

driver’s education, SAT

prep, golf and the popular College

Essay Workshop for rising

seniors. We also offer enjoyable

programming for Adults in

both fitness and enrichment.

Please visit our website,, for

more information and to register

for summer fun.

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Buy local. It’s good

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Local businesses invest locally, create jobs & keep Medway vibrant.

Show your support by patronizing these MBC members. Plus, our

#ShopMedway initiative gives you even more reasons to buy locally!

Visit and our Facebook page for discount opportunities.

ASK Real Estate Associates

Benchmark Advisory Group

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty

Bisinet Technologies

Charles River Bank

Classic Properties Realtors

CMIT Solutions of MA Metrowest

Damon Financial, LLC

Dennehy Public Relations

Direct Tire & Auto Service

Enchanted Memories Travel — Ellen Hillary

Exelon Generation

Hogan Tire & Auto Services

Jennifer Powell Art

Kenney & Kenney Attorneys at Law

Liscombe & Parrella, PC

Local Town Pages — Our Town Publishing

Medway Block Co.

Medway Oil & Propane

Medway Veterans Building Assoc.

Middlesex Savings Bank

Muffin House Café

Murphy Insurance Agency

Neighborhood Wrench

Paramount Industries

Proposals, Etc.

R. P. Marzilli & Co.

Reardon HVAC

Reardon Properties

Rodenhiser Plumbing & Heating

Russo Insurance Agency

Shear Magic and Co.


Smiles and More

Spencer Technologies

T. C. Scoops

The Balanced Path Wellness Center

Tim Rice Photo

Town of Medway

Trolley Computers

Tumble Beans Indoor Playground

Vigiboss Inc.

If you own a business and want to join #ShopMedway, contact us today!

Page 20 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

25 th Medway Pride Day May 18 th !

By J.D. O’Gara

Medway Pride Day will take

place this year on Saturday, May

18, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4: p.m. at

the Medway Middle School (45

Holliston Street). In the event of

severe weather, Medway Pride

Day will be cancelled. Each year,

over 2,000 attend the event.

“This is our 25th year of

Medway Pride day, it’s kind of

a big deal,” says Sarah Stone, in

her fourth year on the 5-member

Medway Pride Day Committee,

comprised of volunteers.

“We’re adding a bunch of different

activities and bringing a lot

of other businesses. (About 60

booths are expected, and there’s

still time to sign up for a booth at

$60.) There’s going to be a fitness

class on the field, we’re bringing



401-500-1930 •

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New England

back the Frisbee dogs, and we’re

bringing back Henry the Juggler.

He was such a good sport, we

had to relocate him under a tent

last year in the rain.”

Something new this year will

be an indoor arts expo.

“We wanted to bring in more

of the community spirit and really

celebrate all the artists in

town,” says Stone. Artists and

other community members,

such as Girl Scouts, will not only

display their crafts, but will also

demonstrate them.

Stone says Medway Pride

will also feature a cornhole

tournament this year, and the

Hockomock YMCA will join

the festivities with their inflatable

Gaga ball pit. Starr and

Glick Orthodontics will sponsor

a free photo booth, and Boston


Ballistic Services

Instant cash paid for

your valuable firearms.

Call today for a confidential consultation

508-381-0230 •

Children’s Hospital will bring

their bloodmobile to host a blood


Medway residents will also

work together to create a flower

pot garden.

“We’re asking residents to

decorate a flower pot, and then

we’ll do a flower pot garden of

decorated flower pots to be displayed

at Pride Day,” says Stone.

Of course, Medway Pride

Day wouldn’t be the same without

starting with the Bike Parade,

in which kids can show off their

decorated bikes on the track. If

your elementary school child

would like to participate in the

bike parade, please email Shannon


by May 12th

with your child›s name, age,

grade and t-shirt size. The first

50 participants will receive a t-


Activities on the field

will include:

• Training for Warriors fitness

class 11 a.m.

• Frisbee Dog Show 12 p.m.

• Henry the Juggler 1 p.m.,

• While activities on the

stage feature:

• Kevin Horan, acoustic

rock, 10:30 a.m.

• Oui Dance, 11 a.m.

• One Night Love Affair,

Bryan Adams Tribute

band, 11:30 a.m.

• Step by Step Studio of

Dance, 12:30 p.m.

• Seishin Karate 1 p.m.

• Keri and the Shugga

Daddies, blues/rock band,

1:30 p.m., and

Flower Pot Art Garden

at the 25 th Annual Medway Pride Day

Saturday, May 18, 2019

10 a.m.-4 p.m.

• Leeds Band, classic rock,

3 p.m.

Some old standby’s will be

there, including Medway Democratic

Town Committee grilling

up food, Tina from T.C. Scoops,

Palumbo Kettle Corn, and J&L

Catering. In addition, four food

trucks will be there, including,

Trolley Dogs, serving gourmet

hot dogs, Say Pao, serving Brazilian

sandwiches, Travelin Bones,

serving BBQ, and Sabor Latino,

serving Cuban food.

For families, the trackless train

will run all day, and the Touch-atruck

area will feature fire, DPW

and other town vehicles. A variety

of inflatables will put some

final touches on the fun, including

a traditional bouncy for the


continued on page 21


Propane Open Sat & Sun

Gas Grill Tanks Filled

Neil Lazzaro

ASE Technician

1292 Washington Street,


Tires & Alignment

Suspension & Steering

Exhaust & Brake

Air Conditioning

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Mass. State Inspection Station

You are invited to create your own Flower Pot masterpiece to

be included in the Medway Pride Day Flower Pot Art Garden.

Entries can be any size and use any number of flower pots.

Please drop off at the Medway Middle School by the DPS

entrance (Door 9) between Friday 5/17 and 9 a.m. on 5/18. You

may pick up after 4 p.m. Please label with your name. This

event is open to all ages! We are so excited to see your


May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 21


continued from page 20

youngest set as well as a 22-foot

slide, a bungee run and a large

rugged warrior obstacle course.

Activities at the children’s tent

and the inflatables cost tickets

that will be $1, with discounts for

buying several at a time. All children’s

activities, however, do offer

a prize for participating.

At press time, Six Major sponsors

of Medway Pride Day this

year included Charles River

Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Exelon

Generation, Medway Country

Manor, Middlesex Savings Bank

and Reliant Medical Group.

Medway Pride Day is supported

solely by donations and

the sale of raffle buttons. All

funds raised are donated directly

back to the community.

Find out more about Medway

Pride Day on its Facebook Page.

Strawberry Stroll Registration Open

Deadline to Register without

Late Fee May 24

The Franklin Downtown

Partnership is organizing

the 17th annual Strawberry

Stroll, set for Friday, June 14,

from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in downtown

Franklin with a rain date

of Saturday, June 15. The

Strawberry Stroll is the largest

event of the season with

more than 100 vendors, food

booths, entertainment and activities.

The Partnership is excited

to announce that Dean

Bank is the Platinum Sponsor

of the Strawberry Stroll and

will once again host Dancing

on Dean, featuring two local

bands at the corner of Dean

Avenue and Main Street.

Businesses, crafters and

community groups are all

welcome to participate. Booth

spaces are free to Partnership

members; fees start at $75 for

non-members. The deadline

to participate in the event

without a $25 late fee is May

24. No registrations will be accepted

after May 30. To register

for a booth space, go to

or visit the Partnership’s website,

For questions,

please email Strawberry Stroll

Chair Scott Martin,

The Franklin Downtown

Partnership is a non-profit,

501©3 organization that supports

downtown revitalization

and streetscape efforts, and

organizes events such as the

Strawberry Stroll, Harvest

Festival and beautification efforts.

For more information,





SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019

Decorate your bike prior to arrival - get creative!

Check in at 10am at the Middle School track.

We ride at 10:15am!

To register for the bike parade,

email Shannon Warfield by May 15th at:

Please include your child's name, age, grade and shirt size

Marine Corps League

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

Norfolk County Detachment

Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of each month (except July and August)

7PM Norwood V.F.W., 193 Dean Street, Norwood, MA 02062

For Membership Info contact Bill Maguire


Attention Homeowners

Add some CoLor to your Home!

We know colors!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished


2 Old Fuddy Duddy Painters with 30+ years experience


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Page 22 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Millis Student - Leader at

Mass. Youth in Government Conference

Davis Tuan of Millis,

a sophomore at Boston College

High School, was one of

the twenty-five BC High

students who participated

at the annual YMCA Youth

in Government Conference

from March 20 to 22 at the

Massachusetts State House

on Beacon Hill. The young

men were delighted that

they were able to meet BC

High graduate 4th Plymouth

Representative Patrick

Kearney ‘13 of Scituate.

The Youth in Government

Club, moderated by faculty

member Elise Wilson, is part

of a Greater Boston YMCA

program which allows high

school students to learn about

state government and participate

in the process of the State

House with other students from

throughout Massachusetts. Students

take on various roles in

the state government including

the legislative, executive,

and judicial branches as well as

lobbyists and the press corps.

Youth & Government is one of

the YMCA’s oldest programs

established in 1936. The program

teaches young people

about state government, while

at the same time helps them

to develop their own character

through learning values stressed

by the YMCA - caring, respect,

honesty, and responsibility.


May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 23

Medway Middle School Students Honored

Medway Middle School

Principal Craig Juelis and the

Medway School Committee are

pleased to announce that the

committee recognized five students

for their accomplishments

throughout the school year.

At the Medway School Committee

meeting on Thursday

night, April 11, eighth graders

Lile Simmons, Mia Hsieh, Isabelle

Basso, and seventh graders

Alexandra Montana and Sinead

Bergeron were all given an

Award of Excellence certificate

and were recognized by the committee

members for their work.

“We were thrilled to be able

to honor these outstanding students

for their great work, both

in and out of school,” Medway

School Committee Chair Diane

Borgatti said. “Each one of them

is a shining example of the type

of education our students receive

at Medway Public Schools and it

was a pleasure to host the kids

at our meeting last night, along

with their families and Principal


Simmons was nominated as

the school’s Project 351 Ambassador

by the 8th grade teachers.

This year’s Project 351 community

service project was a Cradles

to Crayons clothing drive to

gather clothing for children in

need. Simmons organized the

drive at Medway Middle School

and, with the help of her friends,

successfully publicized the drive

throughout the school.

Lile is also involved in community

service projects outside of

school, helping to care for seeing

eye dogs.

Hsieh organized a fundraiser

for Type 1 diabetes research for

the second year in row.

This year’s fundraiser was a

March Madness 3-on-3 basketball

tournament for students.

Hsieh and her supporters organized

the tournament into two

brackets (Grades 5-6 and Grades

7-8), as well as recruited students

to help sell concessions and referee

each game. A total of 26

Holliston Historical

Society Harvest Fair

Call for Vendors

Vendors, you are invited to

submit an application to the

Holliston Historical Society

Harvest Fair, taking place on

September 22, 2019. (rain date

– Sept 29) and located at 547

Washington Street in Holliston,

Mass. This very popular and

well-attended fair features hand

made items such as textiles,

bags, pottery, jewelry and many

other examples of New England

crafts. Artists may display their

works, and antiques and collectibles

will be offered along Antiques


Food and beverages are sold

in the barn along with baked

goods and the sought after Pie

Night Apple Pies. There is also

a silent auction with goods and

services provided from local

businesses, and special children’s

activities and a tour of the Asa

Whiting House.

Please download and return

the completed application found

on our web site as soon as possible.

The fee is $80 for a 10’X10’

space. If you have any questions,

please contact Pat Pereira at

Millis Town Election

May 6

Millis Town Meeting

May 13

From left to right: Medway Middle School Principal Craig Juelis, 7th

grader Alexandra Montana, 8th grader Mia Hsieh, 7th grader Sinead

Bergeron, 8th grader Lile Simmons and 8th grader Isabelle Basso.

(Photo courtesy of Medway Public Schools)

• Great for Sports

with 7 HD Televisions

• KENO – Lottery

• Pool Table


• Juke Box

• Gift Cards/Apparel

teams signed up to compete in

this year’s tournament. About

$700 was raised with the proceeds

going to JDRF, a diabetes

research organization.

Mia has worked with School

Nurse Colleen Langille on educating

students about Type 1 diabetes

by providing information

on bulletin boards around the

middle school.

In addition, last year she organized

a bake sale at the school.

Montana earned first place at

this year’s science fair with her

project entitled: The Meaning of

See Daily Specials on Facebook

Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week


Monday: 11:30am - 12:00am

Tuesday: 11:30am - 12:00am

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Friday: 11:30am - 01:00am

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Sunday: 12:00pm - 12:00am

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• Weekend Specials of

Prime Rib and Seafood

• Saturday night order a

Boots Steak and get a

FREE dozen farm fresh

Boots Eggs

Like us on Facebook: VLMillis |

Meow: How Cats Communicate.

Bergeron tied for second place

in the science fair for her project

entitled: If You Build It, Will It


Basso’s science fair project tied

for second place with her project

called, Can the Brain Feel Pain?

Students who participated

in the Science Fair worked with

advisor and 8th Grade science

teacher Larry Brown to identify

a topic of interest and pursue

either a research or experimental

project. Over the ensuing 10

weeks, they continued to meet to

conduct research and gain advice

from Brown in order to compete

their projects. The Science Fair

was held on Jan. 24 and the students’

projects were judged with

Montana, Bergeron and Basso

receiving top honors.

“What a nice evening for

these hard-working students to

be recognized and honored by

the school committee,” Principal

Juelis said. “These five students

represent just a small sample of

the amazing work being done by

our students at Medway Middle

School each and every day.”

Monday Nights* - 1/2 Price “Boots” 1/2 lb all natural Cheeseburger $4.49

Tuesday Nights* - 1/2 Price Cheese Pizza $4.49

Wednesday - Opinion Nation 8:00 pm

Thursday - Musical Bingo 8:30 pm

Friday and Saturday - Prime Rib and Fresh Seafood

*eat in only

32 Exchange Street, Millis, MA 02504 | (508) 376-2595

Page 24 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Artist Spotlight: Eileen Nelson

By J.D. O’Gara

“Photography makes me

happy. If I could, I’d do it fulltime.”

Eileen Nelson, Millis photographer,

is also a nurse, and a

mother of three. A shy seventh

child among eight children,

with a Mom who was an artist

herself, Eileen has always been

more comfortable behind than

in front of the camera, and she

has always able to see through

an artist’s eye.

“I see things people walk by

every day and not even notice

the light, sunrise, sunset, and I

see the colors. I just see things

differently. Maybe that’s why I

do what I do,” says Nelson.

Self-taught save for one

course she took in college, the

artist first picked up a Pentex

ME Super at age 15 in ninth

grade. “I also had a Pentex

K1000,” she says. In 2006, Nelson

would trade in her Pentex

for a digital camera, a Canon

50D, but in hindsight, she says,

it would still be nice to have a

film camera.

Digital photography made it

easier for her to share shots with

friends and family, she says, but

“when you used film, you had

to know exactly what you were

doing in order for it to come out.

You had to learn to adjust your

f-stop and shutter speed,” says

Eileen. Although she could use

Photoshop, the photographer

prefers to “take the image to be

the image. I don’t enhance it at

all, or add,” she says, and she

learns from each mistake.

“I can laugh at myself,” she

says. “It makes me better.” Nelson’s

work has won some local

awards, and she’s been a featured

artist at Mass General

Hospital show entitled “Illuminations.”

Nelson says when she looks

at landscapes, she’s drawn to the

“lines, things that draw your attention

to the center. You might

never ever look at a picture the

same way, you just see the patterns,

the way the grass goes, the

way the road turns. Also, shadows

are different depending on

the time of day. Late afternoon

is very nice, or when the light is

softer in morning, before the sun

gets too high in the sky.”

Eileen Nelson

Nelson especially loves taking portraits, and she loves to zoom in,

especially on eyes.


continued on page 25

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A lifestyle photographer, Nelson takes artistic images without

enhancing them.

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 25

Nelson is drawn

to the lines of

landscape and

different shadows

depending on the

time of day.


continued from page 24

The artist says how the photo

comes out also depends on “the

way you frame it – compose is

another word for it, whether you

zoom in or zoom out creates a

whole new look.”

A lover of details, Nelson prefers

to zoom in, especially with

her preferred subject – people.

“I always like more of a

close-up. I love eyes. Eyes sparkle;

they tell you about people,”

she says. Portrait photography,

then, is her passion. Nelson describes

herself as a lifestyle photographer,

meaning she prefers

to document events and milestones

in an artistic and candid

way from behind her camera

lens. She enjoys finding great

locations that are unique, and

she likes it when her subjects are


Nelson plans to never stop

taking pictures or working with

people. “I feel like I take pictures

to tell a story.”

You can find out more about Eileen

and see more of her work at


Stamp Collectors

to Meet May 8 th

The next monthly meeting

of the Tri-County Stamp

Collectors Club will be held

on Wednesday, May 8 th ,

2019 at the Medway Public

Library, on High St. Please

use the front entrance.

The meeting will run

from 6-8 p.m. Teenage as

well as adult collectors of

United States and foreign

subjects are welcome to attend.

The meeting is free

to all.

Page 26 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Egg-celent Easter Celebration in Millis

Millis Recreation had a great turnout for the Annual

Easter Egg Hunt despite the weather. The event was

moved indoors at the Town Hall, and all went off without

a hitch!

Thank you to Millis Dental Care for sponsoring the



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quality care, delivered with warmth,

Post-Acute & Long-Term Care

Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

Joint Replacement / Surgical Rehabilitation

Hospice & Respite Care

dignity, and respect.

Private & Semi-Private Rooms

Call today to schedule a tour.

Air Conditioned for Your Comfort

Complimentary Wireless Internet Access



I n making your choice, choose LONG-TERM wisely. CARE

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508.533.9893 | medicare/insurance certified




May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 27

Local Cultural Councils Looking for Volunteers

By J.D. O’Gara

Attention Medway and Millis

residents! How would you

like to help decide where valuable

funding for arts in your

community will land? Each

year, the Massachusetts Cultural

Council awards funding to local

Cultural Councils in each of the

Commonwealth’s 351 cities and

towns, including yours. What

they don’t provide is the volunteers

who choose where that

money goes—and your Cultural

Council needs your help!

Members of the Millis and

Medway Cultural Councils have

limits to their terms. That means

that volunteers are often needed

to fill the shoes of those at the

end of their terms. Each group

is expected to have a quorum

of five members, but in small

towns, that number can be hard

to reach.

Carla Cataldo, Chair of the

Medway Cultural Council,

chose to get involved in 2017. “It

was a natural fit for me, because

I’m a professional development

consultant – I help nonprofits

raise more money. I felt I had

the skills to offer, and stepped in

to help.”

Winnie Nayak got involved

around 2017 in the Medway

Call for Artists!

The Millis Cultural Council is hosting its 3rd Annual

Millis Community Art Show on Sunday June 9,

from 1- 3 p.m. at the Historic Niagara Hallg, on Exchange

Street in Millis. The show is non-juried and

artwork of all mediums is welcome. Artists may drop

off their work between 1-3 pm. on Saturday June 8,

or the morning of June 9th, starting at 11 a.m. Questions

can be directed to the council at

Our Ad & Editorial Deadline

is the 15th of the month, for the

following month’s issue

Cultural Council as well. “I saw

it as an opportunity to get involved

in the community,” says

Nayak, who wanted to contribute.

“I’m also from India, so I

wanted to bring that culture into

the community, and I thought

this was a good way to start. “

In Millis, Cultural Council

Chair Stephanie Copice got involved

“because I was looking

for a way to be involved in local

government but in a way that

embraced my love of the arts.”

Dove Grace, who’s been a

regular member of the Millis

Cultural Council since 2016,

joined, she says, because the

members just seemed like fun

people.” The commitment, she

says, is not a big one. The group

meets just once a month, “and it

contributes to the arts in Millis,

which is a lovely thing. Being an

artist myself and a writer, it’s a

nice fit. I really enjoy it and I really

enjoy the people.”

Each cultural council receives

appropriation from the Massachusetts

Cultural Council each

year and accepts grant proposals

once a year, which they review.

The committees decide which

proposals promote access, education,

diversity and excellence

in the arts, humanities, and interpretive

sciences; directly affect

their local residents and;

achieve the greatest community

benefit; and cultivate the arts

through participation and appreciation—and

they grant the

money accordingly.

“We got a lot of grant proposals

this year,” says Cataldo,

“more than we usually do.”

Some of her favorites that the

Council funded include “Ballooniverse,”

a play that took

place at the Jacob Eide House

about early abolitionist Abby

Kelly Foster, and this year, “Introduction

to Bollywood Dancing.”

Currently this month, the

Medway Cultural Council is

promoting Medway Art Week,

a local celebration that is part of

an annual statewide celebration

of culture, filled with free and

affordable arts-related activities.

See the calendar for details.

In Millis, Stephanie Copice

is excited about some of the

funding proposals this year, especially

the “Mini Comicon” to

take place at Millis High School.

Other items funded were the

several music programs and an

Art in Bloom program at the

Millis Public Library, a theatre

group production of Annie,

and more. The Millis Cultural

Council itself is promoting a

local art show to be held at Niagara

Hall in Millis on June 9th.

Both Medway and Millis

Cultural Councils agree volunteers

are key.

“We’re at the absolute barest

minimum in terms of the number

of people on the council,”

says Copice. “We really need

more people to be involved to

become a more effective organization.”

You can find out more information

about local cultural

councils and details on your own

cultural council at https://www. Both Medway

and Millis have information

about their cultural councils on

their town websites, and each

has its own Facebook page.

Your Vision;

Our Mission

Michael T. Damon

Financial Adviser*

Damon Financial, LLC**

45 Milford Street, Suite 3

Medway, MA 02053

(508) 321-2101

Michael is a Registered Representative

offering securities through NYLIFE

Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A

licensed Insurance Agency & Agent, New

York Life Ins. Co.

*Financial Adviser offering investment

advisory Services through Eagle Strategies

LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.

** Damon Financial, LLC is not owned or

operated by NYLIFE Securities LLC or its


Eagle Strategies LLC and NYLIFE

Securities LLC are New York Life


Page 28 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019


Milford’s Loss a Huge Gain for Medway with Ava Vasile

By Christopher Tremblay,

Staff Sports Writer

When she was in the firstgrade,

her father came home with

two lacrosse sticks from a huge

sale at a sporting goods store, and

from there Ava Vasile found a

passion for the sport.

“We went out back to play

catch, but I was so bad, I dropped

every single ball. I felt so bad for

him, it must have been frustrating

as I was so god awful,” Vasile

said. “Growing up, I was a tom

boy and was always interested in

trying new things.”

Living in Milford, she joined

the Milford Youth Lacrosse

League and began her ascent

upon the lacrosse ladder. Vasile

would play in the Milford league

up until the sixth grade; the following

year, Milford didn’t have

enough kids, so they formed a

co-op with Medway.

When it came time for high

school, Vasile applied for an open

spot at Medway through School

Choice and was chosen to attend

the school. It was tough for her

mother at first, because she was

the one driving her daughter to

school every day.

“I decided on Medway as I

was looking for a more of an academic

challenge as well as taking

part in a better sports program,”

she said. “I knew that I wanted to

play college sports and thought

Milford resident Ava Vasile picked Medway High School through school

choice, and Medway High got a great student and phenomenal athlete

in lacrosse and track out of the arrangement.

that Medway gave me a better

chance to accomplish that.”

Although she knew a lot of the

girls from her youth team as well

as her club team (Storm Lax),

Vasile was still rather nervous

during the Medway High School

lacrosse tryouts.

“I was very nervous at first,”

she said. “Meeting a new team,

trying to fit in and have the other

girls like you.”

It wasn’t long before the Mustang

athletes had accepted the


“Ava takes the draws for us,

and is so fast that she can take it

right down the field and score,”

Medway Coach Cassandra Mc-

Gill said. “I’m glad that I don’t

have to defend her as an opposing

coach. Her biggest strength is

her speed, as well as being a very

versatile athlete.”

The senior has been playing

for the Medway varsity team

for four years, the last three for

Coach McGill. During her first

three years, Vasile has had 625

draw controls, including 134

alone last year. The next closest

athlete to her had 25. Vasile has

also racked up 160 goals and 52

assists with her 100th goal coming

in the tournament during her

sophomore campaign.

Vasile gravitated toward midfielder

,because she enjoys running

and the position allowed her

to do just that, run.

“I love playing attack and

scoring, but I also love the ability

to play defense as well. I’m

an aggressive person on the field

and love pushing people around;

it’s like beating someone up

without the consequences,” she

said. “Running allows me to get

my energy out. If I’m at home,

I can’t sit still and need to run

around the house.”

With all that pent-up energy,

Vasile decided to join the track

team to work on her speed to

make her that much more dangerous

on the field. Having never

run in an organized fashion, the

Milford native soon found out she

was successful on the track level

as well as on the lacrosse field.

“She is something else,” Medway

Track Coach Andrew Nassiff

said. “By the end of her freshman

year, she had taken four seconds

off her 300-meter time, and

through the years she just keeps

getting better. Her junior year,

she won everything and helped

us to our first (Tri Valley) League

Championship in decades.”

This past season, she participated

in the Nationals running

the 300, 400 (finished 8th), 800

and Sprint Medley. She has also

won the State pentathlon and is

10th in Massachusetts. Last year,

she was the New England Champion

in the 55 meter hurdles and

was second in the states in the

300. Not bad for a sport she took

up to help her speed in lacrosse.

Not to be outdone on the lacrosse

field, Vasile was named a

top ten All Star in the TVL and

last year was the Small Division’s

Player of the Year in the TVL.

While Vasile seems to have a

grasp on just about everything,

McGill wants her star midfielder

to do more.

“She’s a phenomenal athlete,

but I’m looking for her to know

when to take it to the goal and

when to dish it,” the lacrosse

coach said. “I think she puts a lot

of pressure on herself as the go

to person. If you tell her to take

the ball and score nine out of 10

times she will; one on one she can

beat anyone.”

As she enters her final season

with Medway, Vassile has already

committed to play at the University

of Vermont next year. The senior

had looked into a couple of

schools that included the likes of

the University of Albany, UNH,

UMASS and UCONN as well as


“It was down to Vermont and

UCONN,” she said. “I loved the

Vermont campus and the girls on

the team. It felt warm and welcoming,

unlike some of the other


Vasile is hoping that in her

final season with the Mustangs

that she can help lead the team

into the Division 2 East Tournament

and get past that dreaded

second round. Each of the past

two seasons, Medway was sent

home in the Quarter Finals. Last

year Groton Dunstable ended

Medway’s season and the year

before it was the eventual Division

2 East Champion Walpole.

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 29


Mazzola Selected as Medway High’s

New Football Coach


Staff Sports Writer

Anthony Mazzola, who

guided Tri County Vocational to

three Super Bowl appearances,

is Medway High’s new football


The 41-year-old Mazzola was

the Cougars head coach for nine

years and during that span his

teams played in two vocational

Super Bowls and was a South Sectional

semi-finalist in Division 8.

The native of Townsend replaces

Chris Baker, who resigned earlier

this year and now is the offensive

coordinator at Hopkinton High.

Last season, Baker led the Mustangs

to the Tri Valley League’s

Small Division championship.

A resident of Medway for 6½

years, Mazzola says his new position

is “a great opportunity’’ and

he’s acutely aware he’ll be leading

a traditionally strong program in

a league that’s very challenging.

“My goals are to build on last

year’s success, turn out top-notch

student-athletes and work with

the town’s youth program,’’ Mazzola

said. “I won’t be someone

I’m not. I’ll be me and do what’s

best for the school, the kids and

the community. We want to win,

but we also want to be a respected

program throughout the state.’’

Mazzola, who’s married and

has three sons, has been coaching

football for 17 years. Before arriving

at Tri County, he coached

two minor league teams — the

Bay State Renegades and the

North East Knights. His first

coaching job was at his high

school alma mater (North Middlesex

Regional in Townsend)

where he served as offensive coordinator

for two years.

Tri County, however, is where

Mazzola got results. His Cougars

advanced to a pair of vocational

super bowls, losing to North

Shore Tech and Lynn Tech.

Last year in the MIAA Division

8 semifinals, Tri County bowed

to West Bridgewater. During

his tenure with the Cougars, his

teams won six consecutive Mayflower

Conference sportsmanship

awards and last season he

was named the circuit’s coach of

the year. “Getting the coach of

Anthony Mazzola has been successful in the past and there are plenty of hints suggesting that Medway’s new

coach will be adding to his success.

the year award was an honor,’’ he

said. “To be recognized by your

peers shows respect.’’

Mazzola firmly believes that

to be a high-caliber coach, it’s

imperative to be a teacher first.

“My philosophy has always

been to be a teacher first,’’ he

said. “I’ll strive to develop a winning

attitude and focus on the

importance of overcoming adversity.

We want our players to be

positive role models, not only on

the field but also in the classroom

and in the community. Valuable

life lessons can be learned in athletics.

And, I enjoy seeing players

be disciplined, respectful, unselfish,

able to handle adversity and

knowing how to persevere.’’

The official announcement

of Mazzola’s selection at Medway

came on April 10 and a day

earlier he met his Tri County

players, informing them of his

departure. “That was the toughest

thing I’ve had to do in my 17

years of coaching,’’ he emphasized.

“It was emotional and sad.

My greatest thrill at Tri County

was the relationship I built with

my players.’’

Mazzola, who is a special education

teacher and team chair at

Tri County, relies on a coaching

style that’s analytical, consistent,

organized, logical and emotional.

“I love breaking down film,’’ he

said. “And, when I ask the kids to

do something, they’ll know what

my reasoning is. I’m also emotional

to a point where I care for

the kids. I’d like to think I’m a

good motivator and that I’m consistent

in everything I do.’’

Mazzola played football at

North Middlesex Regional and

competed for a year at Fitchburg

State where he was a running

back and safety. He transferred to

Westfield State where he graduated

in 2001. He earned his master’s

degree in special education

and has an advanced degree in

educational leadership.

At Tri County, Mazzola faced

two major challenges in football

— no youth program and

his players resided in 13 different

towns because it’s a regional

school. Nevertheless, bonding

occurred, fundamentals were

learned and games were won.

“We faced challenges at Tri

County,’’ Mazzola noted. “Now,

they’ll be different challenges.

To compete in the Tri Valley

League will definitely present

some challenges. There were very

good coaches in the Mayflower

League, and I know there are excellent

coaches in the TVL. It’s

go above

and beyond.

a league that features speed and

physicality. It’s a matter of adapting

and adjusting.’’

Medway Athletic Director

Jeff Parcells is pleased with the

addition of Mazzola. “We’re

very excited to have coach Mazzola

leading our football program,’’

Parcells said. “He has

many years of coaching experience

and proven success. Being

an educator makes him a great

fit for us. He’s a man of sound

character and I believe he’ll be

a great role model for the young

men in his program.’’

Mazzola hopes to assemble a

team of quality assistants, and

he’ll focus on that priority immediately.

He also said he wants

his squads to be balanced, but

he doesn’t use that term the way

other coaches do.

“Being balanced is really about

adjusting and adapting when your

opponent takes the lead or takes

away what you do best,’’ Mazzola

noted. “Balance isn’t about throwing

50 percent of the time or running

50 percent of the time. It’s

about being resilient.’’

Check out our selection of above ground pools

and get ready for a Summer of family fun!



95 Mechanic Street (Rte. 140) • Bellingham, MA 02019

CALL TODAY! (508) 966-1322

Page 30 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Mass Audubon Stony Brook Announces

Its May Programming!

Early Morning Birds: Tuesdays

in May, 7 – 8:30 a.m.

Spring brings a variety of birds

to Stony Brook as migrants

begin their journey back from

the south. Take a morning stroll

with Doug Williams and/or Jack

Lash in search of migrants and

the other wonderful creatures

of the area. Nature lovers of all

levels are welcome! We will focus

on identifying birds by habitat,

behavior, color and call. Fee:

$8m/ $10nm per session

Beginning Birding: Wednesdays,

May 1st, 8th, 15th from 6:45

- 7:45 p.m. and field trip May 25th

from 6:45 - 7:45 p.m. from 6:45 -

7:45 p.m. Birding is one of the

fastest growing pastimes in the

U.S. Birds are spectacularly

beautiful and very interesting

subjects to study. Our objectives

will be to learn the skills

to identify the birds on sight,

to recognize the association between

birds and their preferred

habitat, to hone our skills of observation

and finally to learn to

recognize birds by their calls and

songs. No experience necessary,

just a bit of interest and enthusiasm.

Each class will start with

a 30 - 40 minute birding session

outside in various habitats.

A portion of the final class will

focus on optics, guidebooks, and

some reliable birding destinations.

Fee: $65m/ $78nm


Scout Night Hike: Friday, May

3rd, 7:30 – 9 p.m. This is a special

Stony Brook night hike designed

just for you! We’ll play games as

our eyes adjust to the dark, then

head out on the trails to see

“whooo” we might find. Along

the way we’ll explore how animals

adapt to the nightlife. Fee:


Tiny Trekkers: Saturday, May

4th and 18th, from 10:30 a.m. - 12

p.m. Start your weekend off right

with a fun and knowledgeable

Stony Brook teacher on the trails.

Each day will have a special topic

created to excite your child about

the natural world. There will be

crafts, activities and lots of laughter.

This month’s themes: Backyard

Birds/ Around the Pond.

Ages 2.9 to 6 with a parent. Fee:

$6m/$7nm per person per session

Warblers and More at Swan

Point, Saturday, May 4th, 7 a.m. –

12 p.m. No “confusing fall warblers”

here. The birds we will

see at one of Rhode Island’s

oldest and most fantastic birding

spots will be in their vivid breeding

plumage! During spring

migration, the Swan Point Cemetery

in Providence is one of the

best places to see species such

Great Rebates & Financing*

Call today and beat the rush!

Air Conditioning • Sales & Service

as the Wilson’s warbler, blackburnian

warbler, Cape May

warbler, blue-winged warbler,

bay-breasted warbler, northern

parula, and many others. Fee:

$46m/ $56nm

Sunday Bird and Plant Walk,

Sunday, May 5th – 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Join naturalist and friend of

Stony Brook, Jonathan Glover,

for a morning walk. We will look

for any warblers and other migrants

that may have returned

or are passing through. Also, we

will scan the marsh for waterfowl

including Green-Winged

Teal and Wood Ducks. Purple

Martins, a Stony Brook specialty,

should be in as well. We

will also keep an eye out for any

early wildflowers or animals we

happen upon. Free!

Bobolinks in Norfolk, Saturday,

May 18th – 7:30 – 9 a.m. Join

naturalist and friend of Stony

Brook, Jonathan Glover, for a

walk at the old Norfolk airstrip.

*Rebates and financing provided by and subject

to Mass Save restrictions and limitations

This beautiful grassland is a

less-birded area and a reliable

breeding ground for Bobolink,

swallows, and Eastern Bluebirds.

A variety of other birds are possible

during the walk including

Blue-Winged Warbler, American

Kestrel, various sparrows,

and raptors. Free!

Bird Migration Walk at Birchwold

Farm, Sunday, May 19th – 10

a.m. – 12 p.m. Spring migration

is in full swing and the varied

habitats at Birchwold Farm provide

the perfect spot to find and

enjoy the annual migration of

birds back from their southern

wintering grounds. Free!

High Ledges – Rare Wildflowers,

Birds, Views, Sunday, May 26th

– 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. One of the most

spectacular habitats that Mass

Audubon protects in central

MA is a property called High

Ledges. This beautiful 616 acre

site provides spectacular views

of the town of Shelburne Falls,

the Deerfield River valley and

Mount Graylock. In addition

to the scenery, there are ample

opportunities to view a great

variety of unusual and beautiful

ferns, orchids, and other wild

flowers including foamflower,

miterwort, painted trillium, and

jack in the pulpit. This area

is also home to a great variety

of interior forest birds such as

black-throated green warblers

and scarlet tanagers, as well as

species such as chestnut sided

warbler and indigo buntings

that tend to be associated with

more open habitats. Fee: $85m/


Sunday Stroll on the Sanctuary:

4th Sunday of each month

(this month May 26th), from 4

-5:30 p.m. Join our Teacher Naturalist

for a walk through Stony

Brook. We will see what is happening

on the sanctuary and

stop to enjoy any interesting and

unusual sights we come upon.

Fee: Free for members only

Join Bonnie Dittrich’s gentle

yoga class! Most Tuesday evenings

in our Program Room. It’s

calming, centering, stimulating

and very affordable with a $10

donation per session. Come one

day or as many as you like. No

commitment necessary. Call to

confirm class and time.

Pre-registration is required for all

programs (except as noted). For more

details, visit the Mass Audubon webpage

at or

contact us at (508) 528-3140. Register

by phone, email (stonybrook@, fax (508-553-

3864) or in person. Stony Brook is located

at 108 North Street in Norfolk.

May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 31


Let Our Award Winning Team Help You!

Carl Kristen Ellie Adam

Showcasing our Luxury Listings on the

most visited Real Estate franchise





179 Larch Road, Cambridge


62 Adams Street, Medway $775,000 2 Hickory Drive, Medway $699,900





5 Cloverleaf Ln, Franklin $729,900

11 Paddock Lane, Medway

5 Kings Lane, Medway

9 Iarussi Way, Medway





20 Saddle Hill Road, Medway 47 Gorwin Drive, Medway

73 Prospect Street, Sherborn 14 Sanford Street, U36, Medway

Buying or Selling? Give Medway’s #1 Team a Call Today!

For over a decade we have helped more people buy & sell in Medway

than anyone else. Thank you for your trust & support.

Experience Real Estate As It Should Be.

(508) 330 4535

Page 32 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

6 Options for Funding your Next

Home Improvement Project

Before starting a home improvement

project, either on

one’s own or with the assistance

of a professional contractor,

homeowners must first consider

the costs involved. According to

the home improvement resource

HomeAdvisor, more than onethird

of homeowners do not

understand what hiring a professional

will cost, and then cannot

successfully budget and secure financing

once they have set their

sights on a renovation project.

HomeAdvisor says that some

of the more popular projects,

such as remodeling a kitchen or

bathroom or building a deck, can

cost, on average, $19,920, $9,274

and $6,919, respectively.

Homeowners may find that

the more expensive renovations

require them to secure some type

of financing. Those who have

never before sought such financing

may want to consider these


1. Cash-out refinancing: With

cash-out refinancing, a person

will begin the mortgage process

anew with the intention of paying

off the current mortgage

balance, and then taking out additional

funds for other purposes.

Berkshire Hathaway


Page Realty

We have been a market

leader in the area since

we opened in 1963.

We sold more than $235

million in 2018. Call us to

find out why we were the

#1 choice for repeat

customers in 2018.

Cash-out refinancing is a way to

tap into a home’s existing equity

for use on improvements or other

expenses, such as college tuition.

2. Home equity line of credit:

The financial experts at Bankrate

indicate that a HELOC works

like a credit card, with the house

as collateral. There is a credit

limit, and borrowers can spend

up to that limit. The interest rate


may or may not be


fixed. However,

the interest may be tax-deductible

if the financing is used


Page to improve, Realty buy or build a home.

3. Home equity loan: Individuals

also can borrow against

equity in their homes with a fixed

interest rate through a home equity

loan. Most lenders will calculate

80 percent of the home

value and subtract a homeowner’s

mortgage balance to figure

out how much can be borrowed,

according to the financial advisory

site The Simple Dollar.

4. Personal loan: Homeowners

can shop around at various

financial institutions for competi-

5 Barber Street, Medway

tive personal loans to be used for

home improvement purposes.

Funds may be approved within

one business day, which can be

ideal for those who want to begin

their improvements soon.

5. Personal line of credit: A personal

line of credit allows borrowers

to borrow only the money

needed at the time, and offers a

339 Main Street, Medfield

50 Rocky Lane, Medfield 162 Union Street, Norfolk

variable interest 216 Orchard rate Street, that Millis is gen-

24 Mohegan Street, Norfolk

erally lower than fixed loan rates.

Text “PageRealty” to 67299 for

Information on all of our listings

Again, like a credit card, PLOC

gives a person a maximum borrowing

amount and is ideal for

ongoing purchases.

6. Credit cards: In a pinch,

credit cards can be used to finance

improvements, but they do

come with the cost of very high

interest rates if the balance is not

paid in full by the time the bill

comes due. However, for funding

smaller projects and maximizing

rewards points through home

improvement retailers or specific

credit card company promotions,

credit cards can be a way to earn

various perks in addition to the

benefit of improving a home.

Homeowners looking to finance

their next improvements

should speak to a financial advisor

and shop around for the best

types of funding for them.

82 Holliston St., Medway

(508) 533-5122

Land Wanted

Pleaes call Jacob Kravitz

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty


or email:

Here to brighten your day!


82 Holliston St., Medway

(508) 533-5122


New Construction • Remodeling • Renewable Energy • Generators


May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 33

when you list with Linda Dumouchel, Medway’s #1 Agent | over $11 million sold in 2018





For a free market analysis, visit


Thinking about selling? My custom marketing plan uses state of the

art technology to ensure my listings are exposed to every potential

buyer & showcased at its finest. Call me today for a custom market

analysis on your home.

"You would be hard pressed to find

another agent that knows the

market and Medway better

than Linda. She was always

available and responsive to our

needs and questions . . .and to top

it off her marketing strategies

exceed expectations and

will sell your house!"

-owners of 8 Laurelwood, Medway

Linda Dumouchel, REALTOR®

& Mark Dumouchel

Luxury Marketing Specialist

Linda: 508.254.7406 Mark: 508.450.9414


*#1 in sales individual agent in Sales Volume in Medway for 2016, 2017 & 2018 YTD per MLSpin

Page 34 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019

Carolyn Chodat


Classic Properties Realtors ®

Summer is around the corner!

Let us help you find the perfect home!

Patty Betro, Deb Costa, Donna Durrance

Olga Guerrero, Debbi Mosher, JoAn O’Rourke,

Beth Rossi, Cheryl Smith & Kathy Querusio

74 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053

Direct: 508-533-6060 • Cell: 508-341-7652

Run Your Ads

& Inserts With Us!

Call Lori Koller

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May 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 35

Jodi Johnson

Real Estate Group

Associate Broker

Non-Intrusive Staging



4 Kensington Place



14 Leopold Street


Walpole Colonial

Contact us today for your free

complimentary market analysis

and non-intrusive staging consult,

contact your local specialist today!


FIND US ON Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube

Register O’Donnell Promotes

Foreclosure Assistance Programs

Norfolk County Register of

Deeds William P. O’Donnell reminds

homeowners who are in

the midst of struggling to pay

their mortgage or facing foreclosure

that there are consumer

programs available to assist

them during these trying times.

Register O’Donnell stated,

“While the eastern Massachusetts

economy has been robust,

some of our neighbors have

faced economic hardship. Foreclosures

can result from a number

of reasons including an

illness, a job loss or being on a

fixed income.”

To help consumers, the Registry

of Deeds has partnered with

several reputable agencies by

promoting their services when it

comes to mortgage modification

and foreclosure programs. Consumers

can either contact the

Quincy Community Action Programs

at (617) 479-8181 x-376

or NeighborWorks Southern

Mass at (508) 587-0950 x-46.

Another option would be the



57 West Central St

Natick, Unit 2 - $699K


80 Adams St

Holliston - $710,500


Massachusetts Attorney General’s

Consumer Advocacy and

Response Division (CARD) at


“These agencies,” noted

O’Donnell, “provide a range of

assistance from helping with the

mortgage modification process

to providing legal services, to

staving off a foreclosure, and to

offering several forms of credit

counseling. Additional resource

options can be found on the

Registry’s website,

under the Support


The Register also provided a

cautionary note to consumers.

“Unfortunately, foreclosure rescue

and mortgage modification

relief is becoming a growing

business scam. Some of these

unscrupulous companies look

to charge consumers outrageous

prices for services by making

unrealistic promises to them. If

what they are telling you seems

too good to be true, it probably

is. Please check out any mortgage

modification or foreclosure

relief company before entering

into a contract with them.”

Norfolk County Registry of

Deeds statistics show that during

the past several months, a

mostly downward trend has occurred

when it comes to Notice

to Foreclose Mortgage filings,

the first step in the foreclosure

process. “With that said,”

noted O’Donnell, “we realize

that while Norfolk County is a

destination location to both live

and work, one foreclosure in the

county is one too many.”

Register O’Donnell concluded,

“The Registry is always

glad to help those facing a mortgage

delinquency or foreclosure

crisis by directing them to the

appropriate agency. These organizations

are there to serve your

needs in the most professional

and honorable ways.”

To learn more about these

and other Registry of Deeds

events and initiatives, like us at


or follow us on

and/or Instagram.


The Norfolk County Registry

of Deeds is located at 649 High


43 Rybury Hillway

Needham - $1.499 million


85 Indian Ridge

Sudbury - $890K



New Construction -

Ava Marie Model $444,900

Street in Dedham. The Registry

is a resource for homeowners,

title examiners, mortgage lenders,

municipalities and others

with a need for secure, accurate,

accessible land record information.

All land record research

information can be found on the

Registry’s website

Residents in need of

assistance can contact the Registry

of Deeds Customer Service

Center via telephone at (781)

461-6101, or email us at


50 Railroad Ave

Millis - $499K


133 Woodland St

Sherborn - $ 999k


20 Cochituate St - 2 Family

Natick - $649,900

222 Curve Street

Millis - $409K





4 bedrooms, 2 Baths! - $405,000

Joleen Rose, Realtor®


Call Me Today to Preview!

Cell: (508) 951-5909



51 South Main St

Milford - $274,900

75 Norfolk Road

Millis - $440K

16 Kingsbury Drive

Hollistion - 1.2 mil

Let my 20 years experience of

selling homes help you with your next move.

15 Baltimore St, Millis & 10 Speen St, Framingham Offices

20 Heron Lane

Hopedale - $559,900

Page 36 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages May 2019


(#1 in Total Homes Sold in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Source MLSpin)

Robin Spangenberg

Realtor ® , ABR, Prof. Stager, SRS

DIRECT: 508-277-4144



4 Tracy Terrace, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


Jennifer Colella McMahon

Realtor®, Broker, ABR, CBR, LMC,


DIRECT: 774-210-0898



Laina Regan Kaplan

Realtor®, CBR

DIRECT: 508-577-3538



179 Main Street, Medway

Laina Kaplan

Calling all Antique Lovers! Charming

Custom Built-in’s, Moldings, Oversized

Windows & Detached Carriage House.

Over 2900 sq ft of living area. Renovated

Kitchen & Updated Gas Heating System!

Joyce Verna

Realtor ® , Associate Broker, CHS

DIRECT: 508-259-2496



6 Massachusetts Ave, Norfolk

Laina Kaplan



286 Lowland Street, Holliston

Robin Spangenberg


5 Carriage House Lane, Wrentham

Jennifer McMahon

$ 379,000

10 Oakland St., Medway

Robin Spangenberg


93 Acorn Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg






15 Old Mill Road, Norfolk

Robin Spangenberg



180 Village Street, Medway

Laina Kaplan



32 Key Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg



5 Clayton Street, Medfield

Laina Kaplan



19 Oakland Street, Medway

Laina Kaplan


23 Farm Street, Medway

Robin Spangenberg


6 Key Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


235 Plain Street, Millis

Joyce Verna


16 Fairway Lane

12 Vernon St

26 Oakview

6 Hillview

2 Delmar

4 Hemlock

14 Sanford #41


1 Bogastow Circle

7 Rose Road

84 Village St

2 Bayberry Circle

19 Bogastow Cir

107 Village St

208 Orchard St

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