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to Autumn - the time when, in the Southern


at least, we intuitively know it's time to slow down


time to rest, repair, review and get ready to regenerate. The


when night can feel endless is the time to recharge. A


of reflection - what needs to fall away, what have I fallen


what needs to change, what has become complex or


Ancestors are always looking out for us, feeding us


and wisdom and this time of the year is a good time


reflect on how you work with them in daily life. And if you


give them a second thought, perhaps it's time to keep


eyes and ears open and see how they are communicating


you. with

and honouring can be as simple as taking an


meditative walk in Nature near you and collecting a


things to decorate your home or special space; lighting a


in memory of your Ancestors/family members and gently


their names; sharing family stories; making a feast and


it in silence; siting in quiet reflection about the past few


and where you're heading; making a mini-bonfire casting


outdated patterns into it; connecting with a community or


theme of Autumn is it's all about keeping life slow and


In this edition of TN Mag, I've got some ideas to help you


Julia x



or forever fix?





loss is the


of all









that make life




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and start going inward.

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confusing - and of honouring the cycle of life and the Ancestors.

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doing something that you love.


do just that...





making an alter full of special items


reading your favourite book or writing a little


taking an intention walk around your backyard or


and deeply listening on your balcony


closing the blinds, selecting evocative music and just


your body find it's own movement


eating nutritious raw salad


~ creating your own ritual to honour yourself

~ listening to a guided meditation or two

~ creating a circle of candles with you in the middle

~ setting an intention & sleeping and dreaming into it

~ waking to write down what you learned

A Retreat can be this simple and lightly structured, so

your imagination and intuition flow you gently from one

activity to another.

Often Retreats have a specific purpose and you'll want

to take time to plan it out. There may be special items

Kawela Barns, Molokai

specific purpose, take the time to plan it out - even if

or resources you need. If you want to Retreat for a

the plan changes along the way - and get everything

you need beforehand.

IF a spiritual getaway is calling but the numbers just

don't add up, then why not make DIY an option?

Plan an opening and closing ritual - when I'm retreating I

make this simple and very intentional. I reflect deeply

We all have times when we yearn for rest, to dream,

on what I'm retreating for, what I want at the end. I

listen, grieve, celebrate or be. When we simply just

think about where I'll do it - at home, closeby or maybe

want our own company for a while, doing stuff we

somewhere far away and secluded.

like to do, self-caring and nourishing ourselves in a

way that feeds our soul.

I plan my activities to facilitate the outcome I want but

leave enough room for Spirit to guide me as I go. Often

What might a DIY Retreat look like? Well it can be

other opportunities and ideas will present themselves

one hour, two hours, half a day, full day or even

when I'm actually in the Retreat and so I embrace them

several days depending on how much time you've

as gifts from Spirit and go with it.

got and where you are.

In the days leading up to my Retreat, I mindfully gather

Luxury retreats with someone else taking care of

any bits and pieces I'll need: music, journal, books,

you sound exotic and lovely but getting there can

instruments, craft items, food, clothing, crystals,

require exhausting maneuvering.

water. I continually ask "what do I need on this

retreat?" and I let it all come to me.

A DIY retreat can be simple and lovely and designed

completely with you in mind. Structured retreats

My own Retreats always involve Nature at different

rely on a schedule of services, whereas with the DIY

times of the day - from pre-dawn to pre-dawn. I'll bask

option you're completely in charge of how you spend

in the sun and dance under moonlight, even if it's very

your time:

cold. I'll drum, chant, sing, pray and sit, lay or walk

barefoot (and sometimes bare bodied) on the Earth as

~ maybe it starts with a long bath

much as I can. I'll scream, laugh, get mad and cry a lot.

~ taking time to dress slowly and mindfully

~ sipping warm tea

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There are some activities I'll do at certain times each

day of my Retreat because I'm working for something



Mo'oula Falls - Halawa Valley Molokai. Our Ancestor

that's really important to me.

next make it tactile; I might construct mindfulness

activities as I go - how far into the distance can I hear

I usually make an alter or special space - it's here

or how many shades of green can I see.

that I honour who I am, my past, my present, my

The Retreat space is alive with Spirit once you open it

future. It contains my imagining, my dreaming, my

hopes, my desires; those who I love, those who

with your Ritual and Ceremony - and that's another

reason why I'm careful with what I plan to do and what I

have passed and those who are yet to come.

actually do. I want to make sure to what and to whom

My Retreats involve exploring my fears, anger,

I'm opening the spiritual door to. Sensing into the

elements around you, staying mindful and prayerful are

curiosity and the inane thoughts I might have about

this or that. I do whatever I need to do to nourish

essential in any Retreat, even those in luxury locations.

my Spiritual Self and break through anything that

prevents me from being in close and clear

Prayer is our communication with Spirit and the

Ancestors and so praying throughout the day and

communication and relationship with Spirit and the


before and after activities is good practice. It affirms

your Retreat Intention as well as making sure your lines

I'll do whatever occurs to me - hugging a tree,

of communication are clear and open.

annoiting myself, calling out, talking to animals -

Prayer takes you deeper into conversation with your

whatever it takes, however it presents if my inner

guidance calls me to it, I'll engage it with gusto (of

Spiritual family and as you retreat you can feel this

level of conversation opening up as naturally as you

course, I'm also careful on Retreats and don't put

myself in danger or comprising situations and you

would speak with someone in the physical realm.

mustn't either).

Painting, drawing, writing are all necessary for you to be

Phones, outside communication - all of that ceases

able to record your conversations with Spirit and what

you are learning about yourself. Writing in a free and

to exist. For safety, if I'm going out in the bush, I

make sure someone knows where I'm going and

spontaneous way without reading it back to yourself

can often bring you to a depth of insight you didn't

when I'm expecting to be back. It's just good DIY


know you were capable of achieving.

Whether your Retreat is one hour, one day or one week,

Everything in the Retreat space is done with

absolute reverance and mindfullness. Even

plan it out for maximum benefit and always finish with a

simple closing ceremony to close the space. May your

spontaneous "mindless" activities like dancing

Retreat open your heart to your grace.

outdoors have a mindful element to them. I might

make my mindfulness walk silent one day and the

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Hales - Counsellor & Psychotherapist - works extensively with Grief & Loss, Relationships,


Stress, Depression & Anxiety. As a Holistic Counsellor he's interested in helping people be at


best Spiritually, Mentally, Physically. He sees Counselling as a spiritual process where the whole


is acknowledged and cared for. In his work he ensures the Spirit is not left wanting.


often mistake Counselling as a Talk Therapy and not as a Spiritual Healing Practice - but as


of Holistic Counselling both Julia and Mark are examples of how care for the soul can propel


life change. In their understanding and application, Counselling is what you might call


- viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development,


also works with organisations as their specialist Counsellor. He publishes short, insightful, self-help


like this one on Grief & Loss, regularly on his Facebook Page and Website...


more fully understand the experience of loss, it is helpful to understand it’s universality in

life. In a sense, we lose something along each step of life’s journey, from the concrete


of people, places and objects we have come to cherish, to the more immaterial but


significant loss of our youth, dreams or ideals as we navigate life’s twists and turns,


the inescapable transitions we undergo from childhood to old age diminish as well as


us, it is important to recognise that all change involves loss, just as all loss requires


is something we do as a natural response to loss. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to


with grief; everyone experiences it in different ways. Often a person who is grieving will


a wide array of emotions. The process isn’t linear, and doesn’t have a set time limit




grieving process is crucial to future happiness, emotional and social well-being and is part


the human experience, it is a journey through darkness that needs to happen. The pain


vital you prioritise looking after yourself. Give yourself the space to reflect and to explore


thoughts and feelings. Allow time to heal without setting unrealistic goals and deadlines


delay making major life decisions or changes. Being patient with the grieving process and


yourself to feel without the need to “get over it” or “move on” as time will inevitably


your level of distress. Seek support from friends and family, keep a journal or exercise


creativity through painting, story writing. poetry or cooking.


you continue to struggle with grief and loss and the displacement that comes with it, it's


to your wellbeing to work with a Helper so you can find ways to express your grief and




living creatively and in alignment and resonance with your Soul and therefore Spirit.

ups and downs.


subsides and the soul is stronger when you allow grieving to take its course, however painful.

work with your pain. Let Mark help you or visit

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THIS IS HARD WORK...says just about everyone who is

If you are experiencing a life problem or physical ailment,

doing their inner work. Yes, it takes time, patience,

the Spiritual Understanding is that it is already happening

courage, love, self-belief and stamina to go the

at the Spiritual Level. And it is at the Spiritual Level that

distance, but when you do, nothing will be the same

we work first - to bring what is out of Spiritual Alignment


back into Lokahi or Unity with the Higher Being. If

anything is preventing this alignment, it needs to be

The Kupuna, the old people, will tell you that healing is

resolved and removed.

both a spiritual & a mental discipline. We must have the

mental discipline to say 'NO' to the old habits, patterns,

What you do AFTER a healing session is PART of the

hurts and grudges that we've carried for years and

Healing Process. When healing has ocurred at the

sometimes a lifetime.

Spiritual Level it also has to be brought into the physical

level, or realm, because that's where you are right now.

Whenever someone comes to healing it's because

You have to make the healing tangible in your own world

they've reached that point, where intuitively they know

so that you are living the Healing and not the Wounding.

something's got to change. Taking the steps necessary

This is a critical step in the process.

to put an end to it once and for all takes a lot of

courage, that's for sure. None of us know where it will

Often after sessions, like Lomi Lomi or Ho'oponopono, a

take us once we leap of the cliff into the "not knowing".

recommendation is given for exactly this purpose. These

after session tasks are the physical resolution to the

But, even in the "not knowing' there's an inkling of

problem and are designed to fortify your mental

absolutely knowing that this is the thing you need to be

discipline as well as be a container for Spirit and the

doing. It's that level of self-trust that prompts you to

Ancestors to continue guiding and working with you.

follow your inner guidance. And that inner guidance is

Think of it as your homework.

evidence of your willingness to work with Spirit.

Living the Healing takes practice because you have no

Just about all Indigenous Cultures understand the

experience of life without the pain or suffering you've

SPIRIT, MIND, BODY process at great depth. They

healed. And it takes courage as well to action the after

understand how the Universe works and the interplay

session tasks and resolutions, which show you what to

of Universal Factors in the resolution of life problems

do so that you have the greatest chance of success. The

and the evolution of you as a Spiritual Energy - that's

people who experience life change are the ones who do

why all life problems are Spiritual Problems.

the after work consistently and that's why they're the

ones who get the results and rediscover their True Self.

HEALING always occurs on the Spiritual Level first. It's

Spirit and the Ancestors that are doing the healing

So if you're not getting the traction you want after

work. The Healer is the physical connection with them -

healing, are you doing your homework?

like a power cord into a socket.

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