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May 2019

Vol. 1 Issue 1


Memorial Day

Never Forget

Forever Honor

Lance Blais

by Pit

Add a little bit of body


Patriot, I would say thats the understatement of the

year. Meet Lance Blais, a man I met a few years ago at

the Blackthorne Resort in Catskill New York.

Every year since I first met Lance we would speak of

his travels and talk about his beautifully patriotic trike.

This year he added this inspirational trailer custom built

with his own hands. From the onboard media center he

installed to it's deep cycle battery system it has

everything a true patriot could want. The paint job by

Scott McKay of Thin Air Graphics is second to

none and is a perfect tribute for this upcoming

Memorial Day and is why we chose it for our cover this

month. You could say of Lance it's either "Go Big or Go

Home", and guess what this man is never home.

So here's to you Lance Blais your our patriot of the

year. Thank you for your service.




by Momma Iz

So many years freelance writing for different magazines and here we are with

our very own publication. Are you ready to Twist n Throttle, cause we are.

I'm a big fan of Shirley Muldowney, the first female funny car drag racer, and

her winning speech. She said, I want to thank my first husband for building my

first car. I want to thank my second husband for my best car. She was a classy

badass lady, one who I adored since childhood.

So since my mind alway's returns to my childhood hero, I would like to thank

a few people. I want to first thank all magazine's for giving freelance writers

and photographers a platform and for giving me my first shot. Secondly, I

would like to thank Pit who had the same vision as I and giving me my best

shot with my own magazine Twist n Throttle.





Written by Momma Iz

The bike is packed, pre-checklist, and it's as ready as it can be for the road trip. What time are you leaving? To a cager it's 6am, the time to

beat the traffic. To a biker it's sunrise, the deer should be back in the brush.

The ride is beautiful as you ride into daylight. The scents change from city limits to country air. You arrive, grateful and thankful for a safe

ride. It's 10am to a cager, it's I got a great spot for a bike, extra time before event to grab a coffee and fold up chaps to a biker.

The event begins, you begin to mingle with those you know and get to know those you don't. Games, raffles, music, it's always a good

time. It's 4pm to a cager, to a biker it's time to check the weather unroll the chaps, and begin to say goodbye to everyone which could take an


Each goodbye is an entire conversation, you gotta go, nobody wants to ride when the deer are out and as the sun sets it get colder. After

making the rounds you look at the clock, it read's 6pm, to a cager it's getting late, time to go. To a biker it's I only have x amount of sunlight

left, the deer will be out.

You make the decision only a biker would make. You get on the bike and chase the sunset. The biker clock is your gut, it's looking at the

sky, and feeling it in your bones. It's out running clouds and chasing the Sun.

I welcomed them as guests,

but they left as family.

John Lanzione

Lanz's Motel, Cottages & Campground

North Country




June7-9, 2019






Who doesn't love custom tooling. Why wait for the show season to find a custom

tooler. Well now you don't have to, Crafty Bastard is a local East Coast tooler that can

be reached on Facebook at Crafty Bastard. If you think of it, he can tool it.



Ok, you're on your ole man's bike and

its been around three hours and he's

ready for gas and coffee. It's almost my

favorite part of the journey. You hop

off, stretch your legs, unbuckle your

helmet, ya grab two coffees, and he

meets you curbside. You both sit, enjoy

a coffee you won't finish, talk about

how much further ya got, how the

weather looks, take a mental note of

were the sun is, and think if ya need

anything from the saddlebags. You

treasure these moments.

And then the high plains drifter walk's over.

Hey bro, nice bike, my dads brothers second

uncle's cousin had one. You smile, your

polite, a small conversation follows, and who

knows maybe a future biker. I can tell you

for a fact your ole lady wants him to go

away, but it's not how we roll.

Finally he leaves, you start telling the ole

lady come on, hurry we lost time. insert ole

lady eye roll. Coffee cups fly into garbage,

lids back on, ole lady back on, and your back

on the road. All of the sudden the sky opens


Dam that high plains drifter. Never fails.



Filled With Memories



Janet Truax

Campership Fund

Janet Truax was the summer registrar for Camp Pinnacle for many

years. As the person running registration, Miss Janet made sure every

child who wanted to come to camp was able to do just that. She would

call her church and other friends and say, "this child needs help going

to camp. What can you do?" She made sure scholarship money was

available. She passed at the age of 81 and right to the end she kept up

the fight for kids to be able to come to camp.

Every year 10-20 kids are able to experience the beauty and

adventure at Camp Pinnacle. From horses to motorcycles and fishing

ponds to talent show's, along with s'mores, fireside singing, and the

message of God's love for all of us... it's an amazing experience for

these kids. We would like to do that again this year with your help.

Camperships go to children in single parent homes, families in

trauma, and larger families with financial need. If you would like to

donate to the fund or apply for a scholarship, please contact Kayla

Trianni at (528)872-9100 or e-mail


A Reflection On

This Coming Riding


The riding season is beginning. If you are a member of a club, you may have an "up and

running" date. Even if your club does not have a date or you are not a member of a club,

we all have a time frame in mind on when we want our bikes ready to go ride for the

season. Do my tires have enough tread and are they properly inflated? Have I changed my

fluids and are they topped off? Are all of the lights functioning properly? How is my helmet

and boots? Is the rest of my riding gear serviceable or do I need to get new stuff? All of

these questions are important, but I would suggest that we also do a spiritual "up and

running" assessment. We need to look inside and see how we are doing. Not just am I a

good person but do I really know the one who created the beautiful scenery that I will be

riding in this year? Have I reached a point where I looked at my life and said it's time to

change my habits? Do I have the proper gear to live my life the way God has intended? If

you do not or you are not sure, then I pray that God will reveal himself to you in a very real

way so that your life can be "up and running" in the best way possible. If you have any

questions, please reach out to either the Melchizedeks MC or any of the other Christian

clubs or groups that will be riding with you this season.

Dear Heavenly Father, as we look at this new riding season, we pray that You

would protect us. We pray a blessing over everyone this season. We also pray that You

would reveal Yourself more to us every day. That as we are preparing our bikes, You would

be preparing our hearts. Open us up and and make us more like You. In Jesus' name.





Cornerstone MM

Sons of God MC

Twist n Throttle


Will Be In The House


State Fair's

by Momma Iz & Pit

Who said Time Machine's didn't exist. Some of the sights and sounds of

summer are motorcycles, swimming, birds, boating, etc. The Sun is out longer

and the carnivals start rolling in with their neon lights and endless smell of

fried treats you could only get there.

With all that fairs have to offer always be prepared to attend multiple days

since theres so much to do. Horse shows, demolition derby's, monster truck

rides, 4h club exhibits, zip lines, and more there is just about something for

everyone. Of course there is old school rides like the Himalaya, Ferris Wheel,

and Gravitron which are always crowd pleasers and we know we will scream

but we get on anyway.

Sure we can ride our motorcycles forever, but face it we will always stop for

a fair and a corndog. The smells, the food, the happy screams and the laughter

of children take us back to a time when we were all children because Time

Machine's do exist, they're called Fairs.

Wed- Wing Night

Thursday- Live Trivia

Friday-$4.95 Dz Clam/$5.99 10pc

Shrimp Cocktail

Friday & Saturday

Live Music

Daily Special Too



by Momma Iz

April Mayhem weekend motorcycle event is held at the

Blackthorne Resort each year. This year the weather was

perfect at almost 80 degrees. It was perfect for the 1pm

annual bike run. The event has a full itinerary that starts on

friday and ends on Sunday. Rooms are available along with

dining and entertainment all weekend. Friday night was Mike

and the Monsters and on Saturday Shovelhead, both bands

rocked the house each night.

Blackthorne resort offers people something much more

than music and spirits. Long after the music stops theres

mountain views, walking trails, fire pits, whimsical

steampunk decor, and plenty of bike parking. You'll find

people talking till 4am, friendships founded on this little

carved out piece of motorcycle land sustained through the

love of riding and all things motorcycle. The Handels reunite

us all several times a year to rekindle, get caught up, and to

let our hair down and dance like no one is watching.

Next event is the Spring in June so stay tuned.


by Momma Iz

No good story ever started out with I had to work, but this one did. As soon as work ended Saturday we

headed up to Ravena, NY. There we met up with Brian and Michelle our friends. Brian is the owner of

Satan Cycles and Southend Choppers in Ravena. Many know him as a hardcore biker and master bike

builder. Momma Iz sees something very different, and important enough to share with the motorcycle


Brian and Michelle are together for 32 years, married I believe for 26. Three kids, two full time jobs

between them, and both with enough love and respect for each other to work hard, ride hard, and meet

back at the same house they call home.

After many years of being at his motorcycle shop on many late evenings, an oppurtunity came about.

The warehouse facility next door was on the market listed for sale. His vision was bigger than all the

square footage he just attained. A bigger shop, a motorcycle museum, outdoor entertainment, and a

Brooklyn style deli to be run by his wife. The love of his life, a woman he met 32 years ago, who raised

their children and whom spent many night over the years supporting her husband who worked all hours

providing for the family would now be next door. It wasn't let's do this because we can, when you talk to

them both it's family, friends, each other and time for Michelle to stop working for others and finally run

her own business. It just so happens to be next door to her husband who now gets to show support for

his wife and best friend.

Endless nights renovating, planning, and decor have brought us here to the grand re-opening of Carol

Marie's Brooklyn Style Import Deli & Cafe, Southend Choppers Motorcycle Museum and Shop. But it

doesn't end there, the vision includes giving back to the community, and how they are doing that is by

certified trade school teachers and apprenticeship. Brian's business and also the cabinet maker on the

corner will be offering training in carpentry, motorcycle repair, and cooking, to high school students in the

community. I don't have all the details as of yet, but will be letting you know more as it unfolds so stay


For now add Southend Choppers and Carol Marie's to your destination list. And if you've never been to

Ravena check it out, you just might find you're a wee bit impressed.

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