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AB 480: Was recently passed and becomes

law on July 1, 2019. It is a far less restrictive

way to care for seniors that would be at risk of

entering guardianship.

To quote a section of this bill; “An adult should receive the

most effective, yet least restrictive and intrusive form of support,

assistance or protection when the adult is unable to manage his or

her affairs alone. The values, beliefs, wishes, cultural norms and

traditions that an adult holds should be respected in managing his

or her affairs.

This act must be interpreted in accordance with the following

principles: An adult should be able to live in the manner in which

he or she wishes and to accept, or refuse support, assistance or

protection as long as the adult does not harm others and is capable

of making decisions about such matters.”

The bottom line: it enables the senior to name someone he/she trusts

to help in making financial, medical and other important decisions.

This allows the senior to remain in their home and in control of their

own lives and estate.

I first found out about Supported Decision Making when I was invited

to a seminar on this topic by Reno District Court Judge Frances Doherty.

The speaker was a New York attorney who had represented a young

woman with Downs Syndrome who had lived independently as an

adult. Under Supported Decision Making, she was able to continue to


Supported Decision Making

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

TV Doesn’t Define Stardom

By: Morris Heldt / A Senior’s P.O.V.

In this era of reality television and its search

for a “star,” the public has seen many

talented people, young and old. I suspect many

of these hopeful stars spend hours in front of their mirror, with their

karaoke, practicing their song or working on their dance moves, or

simply perfecting their killer monologue.

Most of these wannabe stars have heard from their friends and family,

year-after-year, how gifted they are and how their day is coming. And,

unfortunately, some of these families are praying they in fact have the

winning lotto number in their loved ones.

A few of these people, with their financial and emotional lives

balanced, get to perform in big public venues - homing their act and

talent. However, it is the others I address here.

Regardless of how big or small the venue is, they won’t give up their

dream. Lack of luck in their timing will not silence the spirit within

these performers.

I hope most of these performers, with their dream of stardom, realize

the winner of these hyped television shows is only participating in

a network numbers’ game. It is the “hype” of the show and not the

onscreen talent, which generates revenue for the networks.

The performers that appear on these shows are simply in the right

May 2019

do so.

He was so inspiring that I became sold on this method of helping

seniors who may suffer from dementia and other age-related illnesses.

The very thought of robbing someone of their basic rights, like control

of their estate, or where they reside, who they see, where they go; the

very freedoms we all take for granted gives me chills.

I’m gratified we now have a new way to care for our “protected


You can contact Rana by email: Also

check out her blog about life in Sun City Anthem at:

place, at the right time, in front of the right young producer for their

audition. The reality is the majority will not achieve riches and celebrity


Nevertheless, if you have that fire in the gut drive inside you to

perform, do so. Realize regardless of your age and what will be many

rejections you will receive - if you can walk off that stage knowing you

did the best you could do and it puts a smile on your own face, you are

the winner.

Morris Heldt is a retired award winning film and television

producer and published author. He and his wife moved to the Las

Vegas valley from the beach in 2004.

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