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infrastructure, legislating

lower taxes, and boosting our

existing Emissions Reduction

Fund with a further $2 billion

Climate Solutions Fund (bringing

our total investment in the

fund to $4.55 billion), ensuring

we are on track to meet our

obligations under the Paris

Agreement,” he said.

“This campaign, I will be

promoting these achievements

while also highlighting

just how Labor’s policies will

adversely affect residents.”

He said more than 10,000

Mackellar residents would

be hit by Labor’s Retiree Tax

and 8,576 Mackellar residents

would be hit by Labor’s Housing


“Bill Shorten poses the

greatest threat to Australia’s

economy in a generation,

and his ill-conceived policies

threaten our 27 years of consecutive

economic growth.”

On issues external to Mackellar,

Mr Falinski said that for

the first time in over a decade,

Australia was now “back in the


“With a surplus of $7.1 billion,

a reduction in debt, trade

surpluses, record spending,

over one million new jobs created,

and a tightening of the

gender pay gap, everything

that should be up is up... and

The Local Voice Since 1991

everything that should be

down is down.”

He added that a growing

economy enabled government

to guarantee increased

funding for schools, hospitals,

medicines and roads.

“Importantly we have managed

to do this without raising

taxes or raiding the hardearned

savings of retirees,”

he said.

“Our legislated tax cuts will

mean 10 million Australians

will have more money in their

own pockets, with 75,380 taxpayers

in Mackellar benefiting

from tax relief in 2018-19.

“It would be terrible to

see a return to the bad old

days when Labor, the Greens

and Independents governed

together, when debt went up,

waste went up, congestion

went up, promises went up.

“And what did we get for it?

Nothing; they sold transport

corridors, increased development,

and sold two schools

and a TAFE.”

Mr Falinski said Liberal Governments

tended to talk about

the economy a lot “for good


“We understand that strong

economies allow governments

to invest more money into better

services and solutions such

as better services in mental

health and more money to

tackle the challenges of climate

change,” he said.

“I am proud of how much

we have achieved... and I know

we still have more to do.”

Declan Steele


His CV

Although born in Wahroonga,

Mr Steele has lived at Collaroy

his entire life. His early education

was at Collaroy Public

School and he completed his

HSC at Manly Selective campus.

He is currently in his third

year of a Business Administration

degree at Macquarie


His Pitch

Mr Steele said Labor’s positive

policies for the future would,

when fully implemented,

result in a “much fairer Australia”.

“The people of Mackellar

have been neglected because

Mackellar has become such a

safe seat for the Liberals,” he


“I will be campaigning to

take real action on climate

change; to fix our schools,

including more than $14 million

in additional funding for

local public schools; protect

Medicare and invest $2.3

billion to reduce out-pocket

costs for cancer treatment;

reverse Scott Morrison’s cuts

to the ABC and build a strong

economy that works for all.

“I will work to stop cuts to

local schools, TAFEs and universities,

to give our children

the best start in life. And I will

stand up for you to ease the

cost of living for local families,

by putting downward pressure

on electricity prices.”

He said a local issue that

had not been adequately

addressed by the incumbent

government was the apparent

lack of care to ensure that the

Wakehurst Parkway became

a safe and flood-proof road,

providing ready access to the

Northern Beaches Hospital.

“The lack of an improved

East-West public transport

service, from Dee Why to

Chatswood, is another area

of neglect that should be addressed

so that access to the

Northern Beaches Hospital is

enhanced,” he said.

He added that the absence

of an effective energy policy

by the incumbent government

could lead to increased coastal

erosion and exacerbate flooding

in Warriewood Valley.

“The distant future with the

Liberals in charge could mean

we will no longer be able to

live here but merely become

visitors able to view the

flooded landscape.”

Housing affordability was a

big issue in Mackellar, he said.

“This was an affordable

housing area until the 1970s,

but now it is rare for a house

to sell for under $1,000,000.

“An end to negative gearing

on existing dwellings will help

promote the supply of new

dwellings and help improve

the affordability of housing

to first home buyers, levelling

the playing field.”

Mr Steele said broader

campaign issues related to

economic management.

“The Liberals’ plan to cut

taxes to the big banks and big

companies will not help the

average Australians on lower

LABOR: Declan Steele

and middle incomes,” he said.

“Labor’s tax plan, which will

give a bigger and fairer tax

deal to those on lower and

middle incomes, is preferable

to the Liberals’ plan for this


He said rewarding the big

banks and large companies

was not the way to achieve a

fairer Australia.

On economic policy, he said

he favoured the restoration

of penalty rates of pay and a

“reasonable” increase in a living


“This will result in a boost to

our economy and reduce the

economic burden on those of

modest incomes.”

He said Labor’s plan to

deliver real action on climate

change through a strong focus

on renewable energy was far

superior to the Liberals’ lack

of real action in this area.

Additionally, Mr Steele said

a Bill Shorten Labor Government

would blitz hospital

waiting lists.

“We believe in more money

for hospitals, not multinationals,”

he said. “Hospital waiting

lists have increased significantly

since the Liberals were

elected in 2013. During this

time, as Treasurer, Scott Morrison

cut $715 million from

Australia’s hospitals – now as

Prime Minister, he is planning

to cut a further $2.8 billion

from public hospitals if he

wins the next election. ”

Also, Labor would invest

$2.3 billion in Medicare, building

the biggest cancer care

package in Australian history.

“And crucially, as part of

Labor’s $2.8 billion Better Hospitals

Fund we will dedicate

$250 million to help reduce

elective surgery waiting lists

in public hospitals.”

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