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MAY 2019

More rush per hour.

More performance. More technology. More thrill. More sports car. In the

new Macan, there’s only one thing you’ll be left wanting more of: time.

Porsche. There is no substitute.

The new Macan coming soon.

Choose Thrilling.

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MAY 2019


Details. Steve’s Amethyst GT3

Photo by Michael Durovick


6 | Now I have PSE: A more affordable DIY upgrade

8 | Quicktake: One of One GT3

9 | Patriot Paws Tour and Lunch Recap

12 | Stop! Smell the Bluebonnets Tour Recap

15 | Autocross Series Event 2: March Mirrorcross

16 | The Pursuit of Happiness: Part 1

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: 996

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation

26 | Technically speaking…

30 | Hill Country Rallye: 2019


22 | Board Meeting

22 | HPDE Car Control Clinic

22 | Motoring Mavs at Mayo

23 | Maverick Lunch Series

23 | Mavs&Mochas


2 | Sprockets (President’s Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

11 | New Mavericks

11 | Member Moments

14 | Porsche Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at


Board Meeting.......................................................................... (Wed) 1

Mavs & Mochas: Neiman Marcus Fort Worth ............................ (Sat) 11

Tech Session: Autoscope Dallas ...................................................(Sat) 4

Autocross School..........................................................................(Sat) 4

Autocross #4................................................................................(Sun) 5

ABCDE Car Day: White Rock Lake Park.........................................(Sun) 5

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 14

Maverick Happy Hour...............................................................(Thu) 16

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 18

Autocross #5............................................................................. (Sun) 26

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 23


HPDE Car Control Clinic: Motorsport Ranch.................................(Sat) 1

HPDE Tune Up for COTA: Motorsport Ranch ................................(Sun) 2

Board Meeting.......................................................................... (Wed) 5

Tech Session: Autoscope Dallas ...................................................(Sat) 4

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 11

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 15

Maverick Happy Hour...............................................................(Thu) 20

Mavs & Mochas: Stonebriar Community Church....................... (Sat) 22

Revolver Brewery Tour .............................................................. (Sat) 22

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 27

Tech Session: Fifth Gear............................................................ (Sat) 29

On the Cover

Sharing the passion with the next generation

of Porsche faithful.

Photo by Kendall Awtry

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SPROCKETS: First Impressions

by David Robertson, Region President

I always enjoy conversations with our members

about how they became such a fan of Porsche. Of

course, there is the visceral feeling you get when driving

one, whether you are on the road or the track, but

usually when you ask the question, everyone has a great

story, whether it was a memory with a family member

or just simply seeing one for the first time. I am a huge

fan of the latest 911s, and I can’t wait to get behind the

wheel of the new 992, but I do hold a special place for

the first 911 I remember seeing up close.

I am not sure when my love of the Porsche 911

began, but it was at a very young age. Growing up out

in deep East Texas I certainly hardly ever saw one. On

occasion a 911 would be at a stop light or otherwise

heading through town on the way somewhere else, but

would give me a glimpse of what I considered to be one

of the coolest cars in the world.

On one occasion there was a 911 of the era sitting in a

parking lot just inviting me to go over for a closer inspection.

I stood there for probably 10 minutes just

looking at it, taking it all in. I was probably

7 years old at the time but the impression

of the way the that 911 flowed from front

to back curving around the wheels and

through to the tip of that awesome 80’s

whale tail is a memory I still carry today.

That early ‘80s 911 with the glorious whale tail that

I had the chance to experience first-hand that day is

still one of my favorite automobiles of all time. There

are a few of our members who drive the same model

and even color of the Porsche that I saw that day many

years ago, so I see them at some of our events. When

I have the opportunity to spend some time with these

cars and their owners, I feel just like I am seven years

old and seeing that Porsche for the first time.


Renee Hayden

Congratulations to

Renee Hayden, May Mav

of the Month. Renee

stepped into the DE chair

role and went right to work

with the monumental task

of organizing our DE

events. She assembled a

team and through countless

hours of behind the scenes

work our DE events are

getting rave reviews.

Thank you, Renee!

Transfers In to Maverick Region

for March 2019

Mason Leemkuil (SHA)

1977 911

Mark Shores (POT)

2004 911 Turbo



Francis Wong (CHO) Addison

2018 911 Carrera 4

Stephen Phillips (LHN) McKinney

1990 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

Derek Stutsman (GG) Frisco

2014 911 Targa 4S

2 May

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2019 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


David Robertson


Vice President

Jim Falgout


Carey Spreen



Deborah Fike


Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr

Charity Chair

Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chair

Pat Heptig


Club Race Co-Chair

Joel Nannis

Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate


Concours Chair

Mike Mahoney


DE Chair

Renee Hayden

DE Registrar

Jason Brodigan

DE Chief Driving Coach

Craig Janssen

DE Medical Chair

Dr. Jeffery Komenda

Goodie Store

Chris Flaugh


Region Historian

Carey Spreen


Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Bill Orr

Membership Chair

Jim Hirsch


Monthly Social Co-Chair

Claudia Reynolds

Online Calendar


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Sam Bryant

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Brant Worrell

Rally Co-Chair

Don Sebert


Rally Co-Chair

George Luxbacher

Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit

Safety Co-Chair

Bob Kramer

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Social Chair

Debi Kruder

Tech Sessions Chair

Michael Baynton


Time Trial Chair,

(AX/TT Rules)

Travis Howard


TT Registrar, AX/TT

Schools, Swap Meets

Robyn Howard


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo


Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner


Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



Ken Chandler,

2018 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Tuffy von Briesen


Scott Spradley


Eric Costello

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Jason Tollison


Bryan Kerrick


Steve Bukoski


Mikel Matthews


David Robertson


Jim Woolly


Stan Labat


Leonard Zechiedrich


Chuck Bush

(703) 577-0562

4 May
















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Carrollton, Texas 75006

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6 May

Now I have PSE!: A more affordable DIY upgrade

by Bob Kuykendall

photos provided by author

Ok, so when I bought my dream car, a 2013 Carrera

S, a couple years ago, I had searched far and wide for

just the right color (black) and options (7-spd manual,

Sport Chrono, 14-way, Premium Plus, etc). The manual

transmission is becoming a rare bird by the way . . .

Then, on a Sunday night, as I perused Autotrader ads,

I found a car in Houston which belonged to a doctor. I

flew down the next day and we eventually struck a deal,

as the car was mint and still under CPO. Full leather

interior was also a plus.

The only option that

was missing from

my dream car list

was Porsche Sport

Exhaust (PSE).

Now, I knew that

PSE could be added later by the dealer, but as I began

checking prices, I found

that the parts alone were

almost $2600 (Suncoast

Porsche), and installation

might be another $1500.

Four grand for a throatier

exhaust? I quickly

decided that I didn’t

need it that badly. There

are other after-market

exhausts out there, but

they are also pricey. I had

one on my previous 997,

but it was a bit too loud

for my taste. I liked the

idea of simply pushing a

button to go from subtle

to throaty. And keeping it

factory OEM.

Then, I discovered a

little known secret – PSE is already built in!

At least for the 991S models, but not the base (non-S)

991. And there were DIY articles on Rennlist about

installing it yourself. The wiring, the changeover valve,

and the vacuum lines are already there. No pulling of

wires through the body. All that I needed were three

basic ingredients: the sport muffler, a new 3-foot-long

vacuum line (four pieces), and a new console module

with the PSE button. Oh, and dealer programming later.

Armed with the Porsche factory instructions for

adding PSE, and several DIY articles from Rennlist, I

worked up the nerve to attempt this DIY project. As

long as I had clear, slow, step-by-steps (with pictures!), I

felt comfortable with tackling this installation on my own.

The parts were about $1375 total. You’ll need the following:

1. Porsche sport center muffler (Item 1) - $868 w/

gaskets plus shipping from Sunset Porsche

2. Heat shielded vacuum lines, gaskets, and holder

(Items 4, 10, 11, and 12)– about $225 from local dealer

3. New console module with PSE button (not shown) - $220

shipped from Suncoast Porsche (matched to VIN number)

Yes- I could have bought all this from a single source,

but that’s a story for another time.

Rennlist DIY articles guided me through all of the body

parts that you have to remove in order to route the short

vacuum line to the new muffler and behind the bumper.

It sounds and looks a lot scarier than it actually is.

But German engineering made it pretty easy to

navigate removing the bumper cover, tail lights, engine

bay exhaust fans, spoiler, air box, and bumper. Again,

Rennlist pictures showed me the way. Finally, you mount

the new center sport muffler in place of the old one,

and put everything back.

It probably took me over

five hours, because I am

slow, but I never had to

raise the car on jacks or

remove tires.

While you are in there .

. . Yes, this is an excellent

time to replace the two

engine air filters, and

since the serpentine drive

belt is right in front of

you, I changed that also.

One reason why the

PSE “kit” is so expensive

is that it includes new

exhaust tips for about

$900. You don’t need

those, as the factory dual

tips fit perfectly. And the

side mufflers remain unchanged, at least for the S. So, for

about $1375 in parts, I was ready to go. Except that I still

needed a Porsche dealer to program the car and tell it that

it now has Porsche Sport Exhaust. That took one hour.

Now I have PSE! Start-up is louder, but quiets down

in about ten seconds as the engine comes off fast idle.

The sport exhaust is activated either manually, or

whenever the Sport or Sport Plus buttons are activated.

And when I get on it, a throatier pipe-clearing roar that

sounds so glorious in the Addison tunnel, with nice mild

backfire burbles on deceleration.

After diving in and getting everything out of the way, the meat of the upgrade,

the Porsche Sport muffler. All of the necessary connections are already there.

My Dream car is finally complete!

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its own room.

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Contact our sales team at 888.988.8049 or for more information.



Quicktake: One of One GT3

by Michael Durovick

I recently had the privilege of

shooting a truly unique GT3 - a

true 1 of 1. One of our Maverick

members, Steve, recently purchased

a GT3 that was previously owned

and spec’d by race car driver

Graham Rahal. The PTS Amethyst

Metallic color is subtle yet amazing

in changing light.

But it’s the interior that is truly

unique. This was a “wish list” spec

interior of Pebble Stone White with

contrasting stitching covering the

entire dash. From what I am told,

this is the highest spec GT3 ever

made and such a wish list is only

available to true Porsche insiders.

So unique is this car

that Steve was just

accepted into The Quail,

A Motorsports Gathering,

which takes place each

August in Carmel, CA

in conjunction with

Monterey Car Week.

The Quail, being the highlight

of all of the events taking place

during this 10 day motoring

festival, makes Steve’s acceptance

truly an honor where only the ve ry

best are considered.

Steve has followed

Graham Rahal since

Graham was the youngest

driver in IndyCar racing,

and jumped at the chance

to obtain Graham’s car.

The Amethyst color also

has special significance for

Steve as this is a Brazilian

national gemstone and

Steve was born in Brazil.

The obvious question that

arises is that if this is so

unique a car, why did

Graham part with it? The

answer, I am told, is that

he needed to get funding

to open a car dealership in

Pennsylvania, so very

reluctantly parted with

photo provided by Michael Durovick

this car. His loss is our gain. If you

haven’t had a chance to see this car

yet in person, look for it at upcoming

Maverick events and discover why

this is truly a 1 of 1 Porsche.

8 May

Patriot Paws Tour and Lunch Recap

by Harriet Sebert

An early morning thunderstorm on Saturday,

March 9 threatened what turned out to be a beautiful

sunny warm day for the Patriot Paws tour, lunch and

demonstration of how their trained dogs can save a

veteran’s life.

Patriot Paws has become one of Maverick Region’s

non-profit charities. Mavericks, together with Corvette

Legends of Texas, put on a fundraising event that

brought out a total of 200 members from both groups.

We had a parking lot filled with Porsches and Corvettes.

Patriot Paws volunteers and staff gave us a tour

of their complex of kennels, the training facility, and

their ever-expanding Rockwall location. Next door to

the headquarters is a home for veterans to stay during

their two week training period prior to receiving their

service dogs.

Our lunch was donated by Sideways BBQ and Dodie’s

Cajun Diner at The Harbor in Rockwall. Maverick

members Leah & Brent Rodemeyer, owners of Nothing

Bundt Cakes in Rockwall, donated our dessert.

During lunch, Sharon Satterwhite, Director of

Development, gave a brief history of Patriot Paws,

along with a video about the various aspects of the

organization. She also talked about the many ways we

can individually help in addition to donations. Puppyraising

is one of their biggest volunteer needs.

After lunch we were introduced to Aaron Mixell,

Veteran Coordinator, and his dog Chief. Aaron

told us about his military career, which included 15

deployments. He had been wounded several times and

became addicted to pain medication for those injuries.

After kicking his addiction, he received his service

dog. He told us about falling down stairs and his dog

summoning help, along with other incidents in which

the dog literally saved his life. Aaron was an excellent

speaker who held our attention while showing us a few

things that Chief could do.

The day raised $10,746, which included

well over $6,000 from Maverick Region,

which gave our club the right to name a dog

“Porsche” (Porsha).

Thanks to Bill Preston of Corvette Legends,

who introduced Mavericks to Patriot Paws and the

great work they do, and to all who participated and

their generosity.

Go to for information about the

Patriot Paws organization.

Your mind’s been racing.

Catch up.

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The 911 Carrera.

Porsche Plano

5924 W Plano Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75093

(214) 579-1911

©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.


10 May

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

by Jim Hirsch, Region Membership Chair

New Members March 2019

Thomas Abraham Rockwall 2009 911 Carrera 4S

Yusuf Baiani Garland 2002 Boxster

Jason Barber Carrollton 2007 911 Turbo

Derek Bohne Keller 2014 Boxster S

Trang Bui Fort Worth 2014 Boxster

Bernie Clement Highland Village 2016 911 Turbo

Michelle Cook Arp 2011 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Charles Craven Dallas 2012 Cayman

David Cupp Bedford 2003 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Mike Daniel Dallas 2018 718 Cayman

Anne Davidson Dallas 2018 Panamera 4S Turismo

Jim Epperson Coppell 2015 Boxster

John Falco Dallas 2010 Cayman

Dwight Fegley Grapevine 2008 Boxster S

Robert Ferguson McKinney 2012 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Greg Fernandez Flower Mound 2003 911 Carrera 4S

Andrew Freeman Frisco 1991 911 Carrera 4

Gary Giles Dallas 2016 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Sergio Gonzalez Ardmore, OK 1996 911 Carrera

Mark Hansen


Adam Hicks Euless 2016 Cayman GTS

Todd Hiles Tyler 2006 911 Carrera

David Hubbard Granbury 2015 Cayenne Diesel

Cory Huffman Lewisville 2011 911 Carrera S

Sam Hung Southlake 2019 911 Carrera GTS

David Jahan McKinney 2007 Cayman S

Bryan Kalil (Shannon) Sherman 2014 911 Carrera

Gary Lindsey Prosper 2016 Cayman

Sabita Maharaj Dallas 2018 Macan S

Rob McGregor (Lucia) Irving 2006 Cayman S

Joe McIvor Allen 2011 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Peter Mclarty Dallas 2015 Cayman S

John Meek Addison 2018 718 Cayman

Brandon Meyer (Bethany) McKinney 2010 Cayman

David Murrin Fort Worth 2015 Cayman S

Brett Petit Southlake 2015 911 Carrera GTS Cab

Phillip Petrazio Fort Worth 2014 Cayman

Bradden Pyron Arlington 2010 Panamera 4S

Charles Rahm Dallas 1981 911 SC

Duerk Reimer Crowley 2014 Boxster S

Ettore Settembre Hickory Creek 1972 911S Targa

Blake Simmons Fort Worth 2018 Macan Turbo

Adam Smith (Hank) Dallas 1989 944 Turbo

Steven Sparks Fort Worth 2019 911 Carrera 4S Cab

Stefanie Toppel Plano 2019 Cayenne

Michael Urban (Parisa) Dallas 2017 718 Boxster S

Michael Vitale Fort Worth 1988 928 S4

Tanja Wahl Dallas 2015 Cayman

Kenny West Dallas 1986 944 Turbo

Michael Zagami Dallas 2009 Cayenne GTS

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them!

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Jim

Hirsch at

Member Moment

Michael (& Cheryl) Helms

(joined 1/2019)


Wastewater Training Manager,

North Texas Municipal Water District

Primary reason for joining PCA

A resource for information about our new

car and the community.

Current Porsche(s)

2004 Targa 911

Favorite Porsche

Anything 993

Best thing about Porsche ownership

Driving a Porsche, of course!

Hobby interests

We love experiencing different cultures

and especially their food and wine!

Member Moment

Frank Briggs

(joined 9/2002)


Retired Banker

First Porsche

1976 912E purchased December 12, 1989

Current Porsche(s)

1995 Aventurine Green 993 Carrera Coupe

Favorite Porsche

That is a tough one. They were all special

in their own way. My 912E was special because

it introduced me to so many friends

and Maverick activities. My ‘79 911 SC

was special because it mirrored the ones

featured in posters. That leaves the ‘95

993. With the creature comforts in a classic

model, I will keep that car forever.

Favorite Maverick or PCA event

Any event that allows me to enjoy the

company of so many cherished friendships

I have made - from small coffee gatherings

on Friday mornings to PCA Parades.

Best thing about owning a Porsche

Porsches come with great friends.

Maverick Membership Statistics as of April 1

Members: 2013 Affiliate Members: 965 Total Membership: 2978


Stop! Smell the Bluebonnets Recap

by Sam Bryant, Tours Co-Chair

photos provided by Bahman Moghadam and John Hamilton

This tour was the second one of 2019. It is one of our

most popular tours. Bluebonnets were in full bloom!

The tour was 71.2 miles and took place about 30

minutes southeast of Dallas. Temperatures were in

the low 60s, with the streets wet from the mist that

morning (April 7) as people started to arrive. Even with

the cooler temp and rain, 102 Porsches and 177 people

attended the tour. We also had 38 first-timers registered

that had never attended a tour before!

The streets were still wet when we got underway.

Attendees traveled through the towns of Red Oak,

Pecan Hill, Palmer, Chatfield, Rice, and Ennis.

Special thanks to our tours volunteer team! Driving

Tours of this size could not be managed without them!

The group leaders were Mark Pitarresi, Young Slack,

Tom Martin, Ted Martin, Ed Martelle, Paul Ozmer,

Derrick Tate, Scott Garwood, Jay Lynch, Brant Worrell,

and Tim Schutze. Sign-in attendants were Bill Elliot,

Jennifer Gerbode, Ed Martelle, Scott Garwood, Brant

Worrell, Mark Pittarresi, Tim Schutze, and myself.

We’ll give

you an

assist on

your future


Contact me to learn how you can get

the most out of retirement.

Lisa D. Ward, MBA

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

777 Mains Street Suite 3800

Fort Worth, TX 76102


SMRU1710429 (Exp.10/21/2018)

©2018 New York Life Insurance Company,

51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Insure. Prepare. Retire.

12 May

We Buy, Sell & Tradethe

World’s Finest Timepieces

Precise, sleek, distinctive and exceptional. de Boulle is a family-owned business

established in 1983. Along with de Boulle Motorsports, both are a living and moving

illustration of the passion for excellence for jewelry, watches and racing. de Boulle is an

uthorized Dealer for major brands including: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Bell & Ross, Blancpain,

Corum, Girard Perregaux, Greubel Forsey and Tudor. de Boulle also provides the options

of pre-owned timepieces, which includes vintage watches of notable brands.

Visit to view our extensive collection.

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400


Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?

Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

You can test your

knowledge (or Google search

ability) of all things Porsche

by participating in the

monthly trivia contest posted

online at

trivia. Answers are due by

the last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia

contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case of ties, a random

drawing determines the winner.

Here are the questions for the March Trivia, dealing with all kinds of items

about both newer and older Porsches. The winner this month, getting all 5

of 5 correct, was Cyril Reif, who was the only entrant to get all five correct.

1. Porsche does all it can to have defect-free vehicles, but every now

and then they have a major problem. This one affects all 75,000

of the 2017 and 2018 Panameras. The power steering can fail

while going straight or while in a turn, or be intermittent in the

turn. About how many of these 75,000 are

in the USA?

a. 12k b. 18k c. 24k d. 30k


Answers: 1)b, 2)d, 3)a, 4)b, 5)c

2. While Porsche will fix the cars for free, what is causing the problem?

a. Faulty PS pumps b. PS hoses collapse when they get hot c.

Shimming tolerances in the rack & pinion d. Faulty software


3. Every production 911 has had a flat-six engine, as well as the 914/6,

and, until recently, the Boxster and Cayman. But did you know they

also made a flat-eight in different displacements including 2.0L and

2.2L? What was the first Porsche to get a flat-eight?

a. 904 b. 906 c. 908 d. 910


4. Cost-cutting development sharing is becoming mandatory under

the VW umbrella. Porsche says they are working with Audi to

develop a premium electric car platform more intensively than

ever, and can cut its development costs by ______ by pooling

resources on vehicle architectures, modules, and components.

a. 20% b. 30% c. 40% d. 50%

Source: Porsche Panorama, Dec 2018, p 42

5. A/C on air-cooled Porsches was always a challenge, but usually

successful. There is an inherent common issue in the 964s and

the 993s that causes the refrigerant to leak out. The system is

pretty bulletproof except for the ________ in both models.

a. Compressor b. Freon/Refrigerant flex lines c. Evaporator

core d. Freon/ref connections

Source: Porsche Panorama, Dec 2018, p 126

14 May

Autocross Series Event 2: March Mirrorcross

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

Our March event was held at the Mineral Wells Airport,

on the 55-acre super-site. The format of this event was the

exciting dual side-by-side drag race-style start, where two

mirror-image courses peel off in opposite directions for the

usual multi-turn race to the finish. After running one side, the

cars swap sides and repeat. Each driver got a total of six runs

on each side. The single best times on each side are added

together to determine official run times.

Fourteen (18%) of the 78 drivers at this event were in

Porsches. Igor Tulandin, driving his Cayenne GTS, was first in

class P0 and third overall in Porsche Class Performance Index

(PAX). Class P1 had a nice mix of cars (a 914, a 911S, and a

924S) with a total of five drivers. The Schnoerr 914 eked out

the top positions, followed closely by the Ed Mayo 911S, and

Mark was second in Porsche PAX Performance Index at this

event. Amir El-Baghdady hurled his 944 S2 Cabriolet around

for the win in class P2. Mas Watanabe and Carolle Liu placed

their Boxsters in that order in class P3. Doug Edney (996) and

P0 - 'PCA Zero'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 1

Left Right

1 P0 958 Igor Tulandin Silver Cayenne GTS 46.693 48.766

P1 - 'PCA 1'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 6

Left Right

1T P1 915 Mark Schnoerr Lime Green 914 44.863 45.962

2T P1 914 Sigrid schnoerr Lime Green 914 46.367 47.456

3 P1 5 Edward Mayo Blue/Orange 911S 45.42 48.678

4 P1 906 Carey Spreen Red 924S 47.304 49.118

5 P1 9 Julia Underwood Silver 911S 52.219 54.297

P2 - 'PCA 2'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 2

Left Right

1T P2 7 Amir El-Baghdady Maroon 944 S2 48.818 50.511

P3 - 'PCA 3'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 2

Left Right

1T P3 7 Mas Watanabe Red Boxster-S 45.985 47.967

2 P3 168 Carolle Liu White Boxster 987 50.198 52.543

P4 - 'PCA 4'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 2

Left Right

1T P4 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 46.615 49.53

2 P4 13 Yasha Avshalumov White Cayman S 48.992 50.745

P5 - 'PCA 5'

Fastest Run Fastest Run

Total Entries: 3

Left Right

1T P5 428 Owen Coulman Guards Red Porsche 911 GT3 42.817 45.153

2 P5 98 Dawn Marie Gray Racing Yellow GT4 47.428 48.839

3 P5 429 Holli Coulman Carrara White Porsche Turbo 48.902 52.125

photos by Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images

new participant Yasha Avshalumov (Cayman S) finished in

that order in class P4.

Class P5, the “supercar” class, had Owen Coulman

in his GT3, Dawn Marie Gray in her GT4, and Holli

Coulman in her beautiful white 996 Turbo Cabriolet. They

all had good 0.50- to 0.60-second reaction times

at the lights, and 1.9- to 2.1-second 60-foot times

out of the start, which looked like shots out of

a cannon. Owen pulled first and also first quick

Porsche PAX index, Dawn split them for second,

and Holli, a newcomer to Maverick PCA AX

from San Diego, promises to come more often to

hone her skills again.

All the ladies entrants compete for overall ladies’

PAX and cash payouts. At this event, three of our

Porsche ladies took home cash: Sigrid Schnoerr in

1st, Dawn Marie Gray in 4th, and Holli Coulman

in 5th. Congratulations to our Porsche driving girls!

The season schedule is published elsewhere in

the newsletter and online. There is an autocross

car control clinic scheduled for May 4, followed

by an autocross on May 5, again at Mineral Wells.

Contact Mark Schnoerr for details or go to the

Equipe Rapide website at



The Pursuit of Happiness: Part 1

by Jeff Mindrup

Obsession. What are the limits of an obsession? Sooner

or later, most people face up to the reality that there are

compromises, limits, and disappointments in life. More often

than not, even in the life of “winners,” there are unrealized

goals and outright failures. By his own account, Michael

Jordan missed the basket over 9,000 times and missed gamewinning

shots 26 times.

We learn this lesson early in life: the fable of the Fox and

the Grapes, the moral being that we learn to accept and even

reject those things we once wanted but could not have. But

every now and then, the stars align, and that thing you’ve

desired is now within reach. Good luck, good timing, and

preparation all converge at a moment in time. This is a story

of one such lucky confluence of events.

My first Porsche obsession was an early silver 911 that I

would see walking home from junior high school. The car

seemed so pure and clean and simple. The vision stuck with

me for decades. With that early ‘70s 911 stuck in my mind,

my search for the perfect silver-colored Porsche began.

After being beat to the punch on a few occasions, I finally

found a silver Porsche locally that checked all of my boxes. A

short test drive, a fresh over-rev report that passed with flying

colors, and the car was mine -- a 2011 Carrera 4S cabriolet. It

was configured exactly as if I had ordered it from the factory:

full leather, Sport Chrono, and heated and ventilated seats.

Most importantly, the car had been well taken care of by the

previous two owners. I learned early on that you’re buying

the previous owner as much as you’re buying the car.

photos provided by author

My father always told me “never go shopping once

you’ve bought,” but in the need to validate my purchase in

that first week, I kept looking to see if I got a good deal or

if I could have done better. That first few days of continued

searching confirmed my purchase. I got curious though, and

expanded the search criteria by turning off my color filter

from silver only. I also turned off the trim level and began

seeing a much wider universe of

911s. By the end of that week, the

unexpected and unthinkable had

occurred -- something better had

come along.

After holding my version of

desire for over four decades, I was

now abandoning it for something

I didn’t even know existed a week

ago. Obsession had done a 180 and

could no longer be denied.

The 997.2 Mexico Blue Turbo S.

OMG. I’ve never seen such a

car, such a color, and such a perfect

set of photographs showing every

angle of the 911’s inherent pure

clean lines and Teutonic simplicity

in a way I never considered or even

knew possible. Across the internet

and onto my screen, 110 photos

of pure Porsche porn all seemingly

were targeted directly at me and

were becoming my new obsession.

The photographer that took those photos knows his

art. Not only in light and contrast but in imagery and

symbolism that highlights the refinement of this vehicle,

while subtly suggesting its raw power on scale with a

locomotive. True on both counts.

I treated the car like I would any bottle of wine. I started

with the assumption that it was a perfect 100-point wine

and began looking for flaws. With 110 photos to find sour

grapes, I looked over and over but could not find any.

My recent purchase of the C4S had made this car and

auction out of reach for me, but that didn’t stop me from

commenting during the auction, “Wow. Wow. Wow!

I love this car.”

Six months after the auction had ended, my obsession

had not. I can’t say for sure when or to whom I first said

“one day that car will be mine,” but I did begin to believe,

expect, and plan for it. By November, I was both mentally

and financially ready. I appended the auction comments, “I

want to buy this car. Maybe the owner is bored with it by

now.” Like many prayers, mine was only answered with

silence. Days and months would pass.

16 May

As more time passed I got a little more aggressive. I sent

PMs to the auction winner, but never heard back. I found

an article that thoroughly documented the car’s paint

correction and film protection

and offered them a generous

finder’s fee for any contact that

would end up with me owning

the car. No response from them

either. Radio silence all around,

but something in that article

added extra fuel to my fire in

pursuit of this car.

So here’s the thing. I am not

a born and raised Texan but I have lived here for two

decades, and consider Texas my home. There were a few

things in that article that seemed to challenge me on this

car. Number one: this car came from Mavericks country.

That’s right. This car was delivered to Porsche of Plano and

spent its young life here. At some point, she was traded in,

and with the silver rims and clear taillights, sat longer than

is normally allowed by AutoNation policy on the PoP lot.

Number two: the paint correction shop was throwing

the gauntlet directly at me with this line: “This particular

Porsche is ready to resume reign over the lanes in the great

state of Washington. Hopefully it won’t relocate again

any time soon!”

From this Texan’s standpoint, they placed a giant blue

star on the roof of this car and Terrell Owens was now

strutting on top of it.

My mind was set. If that car is going to reign anywhere it’s

going to be right back here in Mavericks territory as God

and Stuttgart intended. So how did this 1 of 1 PTS Mexico

Blue Turbo S ever leave North Texas in the first place?

The second owner, a corporate insider at AutoNation,

used all of his connections to get the car from PoP to

Portland. He had a clear vision for taking this car from

its 95-point score to the 100-point perfection of a 2000

Chateau Margaux. After having the paint corrected and

all front facing surfaces protected with XPEL Ultimate, he

switched the clear taillights out, had the rims professionally

painted all black, and rebadged the Turbo S script on to

the car. With only just a few thousand miles more on the

odometer, this is the car that exists today.

The car then went to a third owner, who traded a

Lamborghini Gallardo for it. He held on to the Porsche for

a brief period, then put it up for auction on Bring a Trailer

using the incredible photography and marketing skills of

Portland’s Josh Bryan.

The fourth owner’s alias, “FordGT,” turned out to be

prophetic. Sadly, he only has a six-car garage, and when a

new Ford GT became available to him, something had to

go, and that is where my good fortune and timing come in.

I had just returned from a 10-day trip to Zurich, the

Black Forest, Paris, and Stuttgart, where I took in the

Porsche factory tour and museum. I wasn’t really looking

Like many other Porschephiles with the

disease, I was just looking to vicariously

and temporarily satisfy my addiction.

But there it was, in my honed down new

search for blue 997.2s, my great whale

had surfaced for air. Call me Ishmael.

for anything in particular and I wasn’t looking to spend any

money that Saturday morning.

I couldn’t believe it. Was this a joke -- a stuck ad -- a

mistake? Who cares! The

seller, Avant Garde, had two

numbers listed in the ad, and

in a few minutes I had called

them both. As I was leaving

a message on the second

number, the first number was

calling me back. I dropped

my call and picked up the

incoming call. “My name is

Jeff and I want to buy this car.”

It’s just the way Tony Robbins tells you how these things

work. You believe, you expect, you plan, you do the work,

and you can live your dream. How did I get so lucky this

time? I can’t say with any certainty; these questions are almost

always answered above my paygrade. What I did know was

that my obsession would be mine and early Tuesday morning,

I’d fly to Portland to ensure this dream was realized.

Driving across the country was never my ideal solution.

I’d much rather have the car loaded into a covered carrier

and brought to my front door. However, an imminent trip to

Europe limited the window to impossible that the car would

arrive in time. There was no choice; I was going to have to

drive the car back to Texas and karmically unwind one mile

at a time the Universal imbalance of it ever having ever left

Mavericks country in the first place. Two thousand miles in

two days? If any car could do it, this would be the one.

Sunday was mainly spent in disbelief, like a lottery winner

that keeps rechecking his numbers. Monday was spent

herding cats, and by late that evening, I was ready to make

the early Tuesday morning flight.

The Portland area and much of Northern California,

Oregon, and Washington are truly beautiful places. In the

past few years, I’ve made several trips to the area to take in

the coastal roads and beaches as well as the mountains and

forests. For me, the 101 from Port Angeles to Bodega Bay is

about as good as it gets when it comes to a driving adventure.

Josh from Avant Garde picked me up at the airport and

took me to their shop and showroom floor. Seeing the car

now for the first time in real life gives me a slight chill as I

write about it now. They told me that over a dozen people

tried to buy the car out from under me since I first got hold of

them Saturday morning. They explained how several insiders

could have had the car before it was even advertised but had

dragged their feet and then committed too late. The fact that

they held the car and kept their end of the deal helped me

validate my lack of “shrewd negotiating.” Besides, I went

in all in, knowing that the regret of buying the car would

always be less than the regret of not buying the car. Another

of life’s great lessons repeated; regrets in life are seldom about

the things we’ve done, but about those things we didn’t do.

Paperwork, signatures, a quick tour of the shop, and there


wasn’t any time to waste. My goal was to be back in Dallas

late Wednesday night, and that meant leaving right away. Josh

pulled the car out of the garage and onto the street. I adjusted

the seat, the mirrors, strapped on the seatbelt, put my radar

detector up and headed into the heartland.

That first 80 miles were both life-changing and life-affirming

for me. Here I was in the car of my dreams and I was now

driving on one of the most beautiful sections of Interstate

in America. On the left, the Columbia River, with its large

choppy waves, were lacking the summer’s wind surfers on this

blustery winter day. On the right, a string of powerful freight

trains were speeding west toward Portland. Underneath lay

warm dry roads that defied the light snow flurries above me.

This was a moment of awe that lasted an entire hour.

Inside the Porsche cocoon I was warm and coddled; the

sound of the engine and turbos were music to my ears. My

sensory inputs aligned and persuaded me that all of my

decisions up to until now had led to this. I was marked with

a stamp of approval that only I could issue and that only I

could accept. In a world with no spectators this would still

be the choice I would make. I wanted to stop and photograph

the car in this beautiful setting, but a stubborn adherence to

my unrealistic schedule wouldn’t allow for it.

The temps were in the low 40s and there were light snow

flurries. It was time for my first fill-up. I pulled off at a Love’s

in Boardman, Oregon. While the car was filling up, I ran

inside to get a coffee. What happened next, I never expected

or experienced before.

The weather was such that the windows of the truck stop

were fogged over on the inside. As I approached the cashier,

I noticed about a half dozen people had cleared little ovals

on the windows so they could look out towards the gas

pumps. The cashier turned from the window and addressed

me. “Is that your car?” A customer behind me asked “What

year is it?” and another asked whether it was a manual or

an automatic. I answered every question politely, thanked

every compliment, and then went out to the pump, where

another small crowd had gathered with many of the same

questions repeated. I wasn’t really ready for this, and perhaps

like Norma Desmond, I will one day miss it when it no longer

happens, but I realized later, at each successive stop, that this

was going to be my experience from now on.

What I also realized and didn’t expect was that there was

something about the car that brings happiness to others.

Maybe they were mirroring the happiness I was projecting,

or maybe the color reminded them of the last time they spent

the day at a beach, Mexico Blue being so close to the cerulean

sky over the Pacific.

Happiness like this is an incredible thing because it doesn’t

matter who experiences it. Me? Them? Us? Once again,

questions and answers above my paygrade, but without

reservation I knew something about the car made others happy.

In the next 100 miles after that stop I abandoned the list

of names I was considering for the car (Max, Frau Blau,

and Lorelei among the frontrunners) and decided to name

her “Happiness.”

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18 May

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: 996

by Peter Wen

On, if you search for sports cars under

$25,000 and 50,000 miles, you will drown in a sea of

Camaros and Mustangs. However, hidden in the ocean of

American Muscles, you will also find a few 911s. Yes, clean,

modern-era 911s can be had for less than $25,000!

The 5th generation 911 (aka 996) was produced from

1999-2005. With more than 175,000 examples sold, it

was a highly successful generation. Sure, it had its share of

1-year Only

2004 911 4S Cab

2004 40th Anniversary

2005 Turbo S

detractors. The dreaded IMS bearing issue and the unusual

headlight design unfairly suppressed its resale value. Lately,

people have finally started to recognize what a great value

996 represents. Over the last two to three years, the 996 has

steadily increased in value.

’02-’05: 996 had a new headlight design, the attractive

factory aerokit was available, and a few 1-year-only or short

production run models were offered.

Limited Production Run

’02-’05 GT2

’04-’05 GT3





Hagerty Valuation Tool:

1999 911

$21,500 average value


Sep 2013 May 2015 Jan 2017 Sep 2018

Excellence’s magazine’s Porsche Buyer’s Guide offered these

price ranges for the 996:

‘99-’01 Coupe, Cab, C4, C4 Cab $18k-$27k

’02-’04 Coupe, Cab, C4 Cab $21k-$32k

’02-’05 4S, Targa $20k-$35k

’04 4S Cab $30k-40k

’01-’04 Turbo $35k-$55k

’05 Turbo S $50k-$60k

’02-’05 GT2 $90k-$120k

’04-’05 GT3 $65k-$75k

1999 911

Sold for $25000 + $1,250 buyer fee

82k miles


3.4L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, IMS fixed, Factory Aerokit,

Gundo Hack exhaust

2001 911 Turbo

$62,000 plus $3,100 buyer fee

13k miles

Arctic Silver/Black

3.6L Flat-Six Twin Turbo

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, all wheel drive

2005 GT3

Sold for $61,000 + $3,050 buyer fee

98k miles

Arctic Silver/Black

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, rebuilt engine ’16,

aftermarket shocks, exhaust & splitter

2003 911 Cabriolet

Sold for $26,800 + $1,340 buyer fee

28k miles


3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, IMS & Clutch replaced

2002 911 4S

Sold for $32,000 + $1,600 buyer fee

60k miles

Arctic Silver/Black

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, IMS & Clutch replaced ‘17

2001 911

Sold for $20,300 + $1,015 buyer fee

104k miles

Arctic Silver/Black

3.4L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Clean CarFax, IMS replaced,

coilovers, Fabspeed Exhaust

With over 50 years of experience, Dallas Motorsports

offers a unique blend of inventory including some of the

most desirable performance and exotic vehicles available.


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

by Bill Kruder

photos provided by author

So about a year and half ago,

to kick off Founders’ Day, we

began the morning with Mavs &

Mochas at Highland Park Village

in Dallas, followed by our first Toy

Drive. Once the nearly 100 cars had

emptied their toys, everyone was

free to go do their own thing. A

bunch of us decided to grab a quick

bite, so we headed over to the Fish

Shack in downtown Plano. Debi and

I were seated waiting on our food,

when this young woman walked up

to our table and we invited her to

join us at the table. Little did I know

this was the same person I had been

hearing about that had recently

bought a Boxster and was tearing

up the Autocross course.

So here is the next in my series

of “conversations” I would like to

share with you:

Carolle Liu, member since 2017,

owner, 2005 Boxster

Bill Kruder: So I know you are not

originally from here, where again?

Carolle Liu: Oh no. I was born and

raised in Guangzhou, China. It’s in

the south about 80 miles northwest

of Hong Kong.

BK: So what brought you here?

CL: I came here in 2007; I was 21 and

just wanted a change. Funny thing

was, I didn’t speak any English at

all; I mean none (laughing).

BK: So what about school? Did you

wait and attend here?

CL: I went to Sun Yat-Sen University in

China and received by undergraduate

and MBA in Supply Chain/Logistics.

Upon graduating, I worked for UPS

for about six months, then decided I

needed more.

BK: So that’s when you made the

move, but why Texas?

CL: Yes. I have an uncle that lives in

Richardson, so when we first got

here, we lived with him.

BK: You say WE?

CL: Well yes. In order to get my

Immigration Visa, it had to include

my parents, so my parents came

here for about three months. I’m

actually an only child.

Carrolle with the goods, 1st place P1 Autocross

BK: Once you were here, what was

your plan?

CL: Like I said, I didn’t speak

any English at all, so I enrolled

at Richland College to take ESL

(English as a Second Language)

classes. I ended up getting an

Associate Degree.

BK: I understand though you were

not finished with school?

CL: I knew I didn’t like Supply

Chain, so I thought I might like

to do something at the college

level, research or something. So I

earned a Mathematics Degree from

Baylor -- Sic’ em, Bears! But once I

was ready to graduate, I realized I

still had two to five years more of

school, and that was not what I was

willing to do.

BK: Then what?

CL: I decided it was time to get out

of Waco, so I moved back up to

DFW, moved to Allen, and started

looking for a job. I like people and

stuff, so I thought retail might be

a good place. I actually interviewed

with JCPenney to be an Allocator

-- the person who determines

what store gets how many -- but

I couldn’t see myself stuck in a

cubicle eight to ten hours a day. So

I interviewed with Kohl’s and they

offered me a position in the stores as

an Assistant Store Manager. I ended

up having several positions over the

last eight years, and I’m now the

Store Manager of the Wylie store.

BK: Wait a second -- I don’t think

most people know this; I thought

you were into fitness?

CL: I know right (laughing)? I am a

part time fitness instructor at 24 Hour

and Fitness Connection which is why

people think that’s my profession.

BK: So let’s talk cars. What was

your first car?

CL: That was a 2004 VW Jetta; well,

it was actually my dad’s car.

BK: So I forgot you learned to drive

in China; how was that compared

to here?

CL: Oh, it’s very different from here.

It starts out with a very intense

three to four months of driving

instruction. We learned on what is

basically a pickup truck with a stick

and no power steering, so when you

made a turn, it took like three turns

of the wheel, and I’m not that big

(laughing). Then once you do your

driving, you take a 100-question

exam and you have to get 90 correct.

After that the fun part starts! You

and three or four others, with the

instructor, take a 16-hour drive;

eight hours out, stay the night, then

next day, eight hours back.

20 May

BK: Wow! Let’s get back to cars. So what was your first

car here?

CL: That was a 2006 Toyota Camry. I know, kind of

boring, but I just wanted something reliable to get me

from point A to B.

Carrolle and her Boxster on the course

BK: How did your

interest change

then from a Camry

to a Porsche?

CL: Well I didn’t

make that giant

of a leap, as I was

driving a 2012 Jag

XKR coupe. What

I really wanted was

a convertible, and

I always admired

Porsches on the

road, so one day

I was reading an

article about cars

you think you

can’t afford. So

then I looked in

AutoTrader, and

there was this Boxster that was in The Colony. This

gentleman who was selling it said had been his wife’s

car for the last 11 or 12 years. It had a great history,

including the IMS being replaced, so I said, “what the

heck I want it!” I bought the Boxster in 2017.

BK: I hear from people you are pretty quick around the

cones -- how did that happen?

CL: After I bought the Boxster, one of the Wong brothers

(Ronald & Hubert, who are fast autocrossers), Ronald

Wong, told me that I had the perfect Autocross car, so I

read in Slipstream that there was an Autocross coming

and up, and went to check it out. I entered, and once I

understood all it took, I fell in love with it. I think last

year I went to eight or so events and even won a trophy

for my class.

BK: Last question: what is your dream car?

CL: That’s easy! It would be a Carrera GT.

Every month as I write the interview, I think the same

thing, what if . . . . What if I had not sat down for

lunch after the Founders’ Day Toy Parade, what if I had

not had the chance to strike up that conversation with

someone I really didn’t know?

So if and when you meet someone new, don’t miss out

on “Driving Friendships!”


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

22 May


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

3 Dallas Locations:

Porsche Specialists with over

35 years experience in DFW

Park Cities

6134 Denton Dr

Dallas, Tx 75235



601 Coit Rd

Plano, Tx 75075


White Rock

9796 Ferguson Rd

Dallas, Tx 75228


The Art of Paint Protection


Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Full Detailing

Window Tinting

24 May

When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

Impact Resistant Roofing Options Including:

Metal, Tile, and even COMPOSITION shingles.

SAVE up to 28% on insurance premiums


Showroom by Appointment

5500 Meandering Road Fort Worth 76114


Technically speaking…

by Michael Baynton, Tech Sessions Chair

photos provided by Bill Orr

It is more than a little ironic that the weather

forecast for the morning of Saturday, March 23

threatened rain and thunderstorms. Yet over

60 Mavs gathered at Concorso Detailing in

Plano for our first tech session of the year, with

discussions about ceramic coating, paint prep

and water spot treatment on the agenda. Good

thing arriving to a tech session in a Porsche

vehicle not yet mandatory! ☺

Detailing guru Tony Varvel did a fantastic job

describing the intricacies of ceramic coating applications,

breaking down complex chemical concepts into easyto-understand

language. He touched on the need for

extensive paint prep prior to the coating application

as well as what to expect regarding longevity and

protective abilities of the coatings. Mav member Olga

Stain Taylor had her shiny 997 available as a demo

vehicle, and the recently-coated black paint really

popped under the lights.

At the end of a lengthy and interactive Q&A session,

Tony graciously raffled off a free ceramic wheel coating

for one lucky Mav member. I know the winner is

looking forward to having a shiny and protected set of

wheels soon!

Just two short weeks later, our second tech session

of the year again had to contend with less-than-ideal

weather conditions. Heavy rains loomed again, but

undeterred attendees were treated to a fantastic session

on all things tires hosted by Chris Macarak, owner and

chief tire guy at On-Site Tires. As the only mobile tire

delivery and installation business around, On-Site Tires is

a great option for those who prefer to have tires replaced

at a time and place of their choosing instead of visiting a

typical tire store. Their trucks are equipped with state-ofthe-art

mounting and balancing machines and can handle

virtually all tire needs, including track-side support and

other specialty applications.

Chris and his Dallas-area team brought out one of

their trucks and invited everyone to walk through to

and check out their equipment and tools.

That was followed by an informative slide

presentation on current tire technology

and Porsche-appropriate applications,

and prompted a great Q&A session with

our members. To conclude the session,

members were given a coupon for free

installation of certain tires through On-Site

Tires. Thank you, Chris!

It must be said (again) that these tech

sessions are immensely popular and fill up

quickly. To accommodate the large number

of attendees, dedicated volunteers give their

time and efforts to help with event marketing,

parking, sign-in, and other support functions.

We couldn’t do this without them, so thank

you for always stepping up to help out!

26 May | 972.951.1932 |






All PCA Members Get FREE INSTALL on Michelin & BFGoodrich Tires




MAY 31 - JUNE 2



Order your tires now for this event!

JUNE 7 - 9


Order your tires now for this event!

Don’t forget to order your tires early

for SCHNELL FEST at COTA in June!

28 May

Engine Restoration

• Restore, Rebuild to OEM Original

or Modified Spec

• Partial or Complete Car

Preservation Restoration

• We Manufacture NLA Parts to

OEM Original Condition

• Specializing in 911 930 928

Visit us on Facebook - Randall Kara Techniques


RKT 817-624-1322



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Hill Country Rallye: 2019

by Roberto Anderson

photos provided by author

This year’s Hill Country Rallye was another success!

Tickets to register sold out in seven minutes. While not a

Porsche Club of America event, it still brings many members

together. There were 270 attendees from 17 different states

and three countries. I am not sure how many cars actually

pulled into the parking lot, but I do know that 21 cars came

from Mexico this year.

Above: Roberto with his parents and brother, enjoying the day.

My first Hill Country Rallye was back in 2009. I attended

with my father and he was driving the car he shares with

my brother: a 1967 912. I drove down there in 2009 in

my 2004 Boxster S. This year they made some minimum

requirements as to what car you had to own in order to

register. The event was getting pretty large from what I was

told, so the event is now limited to air-cooled Porsches from

1949-1989 (torsion-bar cars only).

My father would be driving (1967 912) with my mom

from Houston and I would be driving (1963 356B) from

Dallas with my brother. My brother and I hooked up with

the group leaving Dallas on Thursday; well actually we met

in Euless at Mayo Performance. In total (if memory serves

me correctly) there were 15 cars that departed Mayo’s.

Like all events dealing with our older Porsches, there are

bound to be some issues, some minor, others not so. Of the

15, only 13 arrived in Kerrville under their own power. One

was trailered back to Dallas and the other one was trailered

to Kerrville. As the PCA says “IT’S NOT JUST THE CARS,

IT’S THE PEOPLE.” We were sitting on the side of the road

with one of the cars that lost power, not being able to restart

the car, and trying to figure out what to do. Along comes

another attendee from Tulsa, Oklahoma trailering his 911.

He stops and asks if he can help. Once it was determined

that we were not going to be able to fix the car right there,

he offers to take his car off the trailer and we could push the

other car onto the trailer. He drove his car to Kerrville and

our group member drove his truck and trailer to Kerrville.

We completed 295 miles that included swinging by

Enchanted Rock. Once we arrived in Kerrville, our

headquarters for

the event was the

YO Ranch, a nice

place with plenty

of parking and a

great place to catch

up with old friends

and make new

ones. Dinner was

brought in, which

consisted of pizza

and beer; basically

a large social hour

to eat and look at

the cars. In some

cases, it was more

than just looking

at cars, as many

cars needed minor repairs or tweaking. This was a nightly

occurrence. The amount of Porsche knowledge within this

group is amazing.

The next day there were 4 different rides to select from.

We knew we would be heading towards the Twisted

Sisters on Saturday, so we decided to go on the ride that

headed north. This ride would include a stop for lunch

up by Marble Falls at On the Rocks Café, plus plenty of

roads that were filled with Bluebonnets, with plenty of

opportunities for picture taking.

One of the things that you soon get used to during the

Hill Country Rallye is crossing cattle guards. On today’s

ride, as we crossed over some, we came around a corner,

and standing on either side of the road were about 30

cows. Always be on the lookout for animals crossing the

roads (cows, deer, and turkeys are a common sight). Hitting

any one of these animals can have serious implications to

your vehicle.

The ride covered around 212 miles. Thankfully during

our ride there were no issues with any of the cars that we

drove with. After the ride it was back to the YO Ranch to

clean the cars for the Hagerty car show held in the Kerr

County Courthouse parking lot. This year they even had

free BBQ for the attendees! There were a total of fifteen

356s that showed up for the car show. In attendance we saw

30 May

plenty of 911s, 912s and even a 914 (I can’t recall if there

was more than one). Then back to the Hotel for more social

activities in the parking lot; did I mention there was beer?

Saturday arrived and thankfully my father had prepurchased

tickets for lunch at The Laurel Tree, as this ride

was completely sold out before the event even began. Today’s

ride would take us 177 miles; that being said, we modified

the route and ended up with about a 240-mile route. The

Laurel Tree is really a neat little restaurant with very tasty

food, more of a foodie (gourmet) place than your typical

Hill Country restaurant. Had my wife gone she would have

enjoyed this place; they even have a tree house dining room

designed by Treehouse Master Pete Nelson.

More important than lunch were the roads:

we hit Ranch Roads 336 and 337, which are

two of the three Twisted Sisters, and some

of the best roads in our state.

Today the weather provided some interesting situations,

although it was not a full on rain, just enough mist and rain

to make the roads slick. Plus, on some of the roads higher

up in elevation we felt like we were driving through the

clouds. Driving the 356 in these conditions feels like driving

an upside down bathtub on bicycle tires.

The ride was fun, and everyone in our group made it back

with no incidents. Afterwards it was again back to the YO

Ranch for the Banquet Dinner and Raffle. My family actually

won two prizes: a 911 engine model, which I have always

wanted, and some cleaning products from Dr. Beasley’s.

After the banquet it was back out to the parking lot for more

socializing, and have I mentioned there was beer?

All good things must come to an end. Sunday rolled around

and it was breakfast with the family, on to church, and then

planning the trip back to Dallas. Today’s route would end up

a little over 320 miles. We drove with my parents towards San

Marcos where we parted ways: they headed to Houston and

we headed to Dallas. Over the four-day event we drove our

356 around 1,070+ miles and she performed flawlessly this

year. Already looking forward to next year!


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Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

As Mr. Rogers once said “Look for the helpers. You will

always find people who are helping.” So today boys and

girls we’re going to talk about helpers.

In his article this month Roberto wrote about this year’s

Hill Country Rallye in Kerrville and the helpers we met

along the way. While heading to the bustling town of

Goldthwaite, Texas for chicken fried

steak at Peabody’s, we had our first

unscheduled stop. There we met Jackie

Boyken who lived on the far corner and

offered us a jack and directions to the

garage in town. Jackie mentioned that

she used to do rallies in her 944 years

ago. I told you Porsche people were the

best. She stayed with us until we were

under way and waved a fond farewell.

But word travels fast in small Texas

towns and we saw her again. It seems

our very own helper, Ed Mayo, has fans far and wide and

he took some time out of his lunch to give his advice to

Jackie on how to get her old girl up and running again.

After posing for pictures for The Goldthwaite Eagle, we

were on our way once again.

The RS Werks team, helping out into the night.

The next unscheduled stop happened an hour or so outside

of Kerrville and brought with it another helper, Tony Ducato.

We weren’t stopped fifteen minutes and a truck and trailer

pulled off in front of us. Driving down from Oklahoma, Tony

saw a fellow Porsche on the side of the road and couldn’t pass

without checking in and offering assistance. He immediately

offered to unload his uber-cool long hood

911, drive it to the hotel and hand over

the keys to his truck and trailer. That’s a

quality gent.

Stories like this are too numerous to

fully document. The parking lot was full

of them, and full of helpers too. Each

night the truck from RS Werks had a

full crew working on cars to keep them

on the rallye. Pretty darn cool.

One final quote from Mr. Rogers to

ponder on your way out the door

tomorrow morning: “If you could only sense how important

you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you

can be to the people you may never even dream of.

There is something of yourself that you leave at every

meeting with another person.” Yup. Be good y’all.

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