May 2019 Foster Care Special Edition



Each day after the students had learned about their primate for the day, they would take a

zoo walk to observe that animal, with the exception of chimpanzees which unfortunately are

not housed at the Louisville Zoo. Zoos have to compete for them because there are so few of


The students also got to see the rest of the zoo and received information on the other

animals as they saw them. The zoo walks were broken down over all five days so that the

students were able to experience the entire zoo and all of the animals. The students loved

finding out the names of the animals. Their favorite was Lebron the Jaguar! They also got

the privilege of being some of the first visitors to ever see the zoo’s two newest exhibits: the

colobus monkeys and a new snow leopard exhibit. The students were able to tour the

private classroom looking into the snow leopard exhibit. In addition to learning about the

different primates and the informative zoo walks, the students also had animal contact each

day. They got to see and touch two or three animals each day from the MetaZoo. The

students were able to interact with a bearded dragon, hedgehog, rabbit, turtle, snake,

armadillo, chinchilla, ferret, opossum, hissing cockroach, gecko, tegu, and owl.

The JCPS DEP Zoo Camp provided students with an opportunity they may not have

otherwise had. For a group of students who often have so many worries, transitions, and

uncertainties, this was a time for them to just be kids and enjoy themselves! They made new

friends, interacted with animals, and demonstrated overall growth in both knowledge and

social emotional skills. It was an awesome week, indeed!


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