May 2019 Foster Care Special Edition



Education Benefits for Youth in

Foster Care and Foster Care Alumni

By Lorraine Wilbur, Chafee Program Administrator

Youth in state’s care are eligible for a

variety of benefits and resources aimed

at supporting their success in high

school and beyond, including:

Foster Youth 16 and over are eligible to

receive $250 for completing the state’s

independent living curriculum. The curriculum

covers such topics as education, life skills,

personal finance, employment,

communication skills, health and healthy


• Youth in state’s care are eligible for $650 to

assist with the cost of their senior expenses,

such as the prom experience, senior pictures,

class ring, class trip, etc.

• Youth who were adopted from the Kentucky

Foster Care system or who were in state’s care

on their 18th birthday, are eligible for the

Tuition Waiver for Foster and Adopted

Children, which waives their tuition at any

public state college or institution. The student

must start using this benefit within 4 years of

graduating from high school. Once applied,

the waiver is good for 5 years.

• Youth who were in foster care on their 18th

birthday, or who were adopted at 16 years old

or older, are eligible for the Education Training

Voucher (ETV) program. The program provides

up to $5000 per year to cover the cost of

attendance at any accredited post-secondary

or job-training program. The student is eligible

for the program for 5 years or until their 26th

birthday, whichever comes first.

• Youth in state’s care are eligible for

education assistance to assist with the cost of

completing a post-secondary program. Eligible

expenses includes books, room & board,

tuition, etc. The student must have completed

the FAFSA form. This benefit applies to foster

youth living on a college campus, or those

seeking to complete a vocational program not

offered through KCTCS.

• Many of the public colleges in Kentucky

waives the cost of the application fee,

orientation and housing fees for foster youth.

Foster youth should contact with the college’s

admissions or housing office for more


• Youth between the ages of 18-23 years old

who aged out Kentucky’s foster care system

are eligible for an assortment of Aftercare

Services including case management, housing

assistance, and funds to cover the cost of

education expenses such as the GED test,

tutoring, vocational training, etc.

• State Independent Living Specialists

facilitate Transition Planning meetings with

youth in Foster care starting at 17 years old.

The purpose of these meetings is to ensure

youth are aware of the benefits available to

them and to support them in making a plan for

their future. Teachers, guidance counselor and

other school personnel are strongly

encouraged to participate in these meetings as

their insight is crucial is assisting the youth in

planning a realistic plan for the future.

For more information on these resources,

please contact the Department for Community

Based Services at


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